PERFECT PAIR by Catharsis - Part 4 - Close Equals

With a sudden crash, the two half-dressed girls burst out of the closet. They pushed one another away, as if disgusted by the other's presence. Holly picked up the clothes from the closet floor, checking to make sure she matched the right sweater to its skirt. She turned to throw Michelle's clothes at her, only to stop when she noticed what the other blond was doing. Michelle had grabbed a desk chair and was jamming it underneath the door knob in an effort to prevent any more interruptions. She turned around when she was done, and confronted Holly, breathing hard and heavy.

Seeing the clothing in Holly's hands, she snorted, "Leaving, are we? Well, don't let me keep from taking a nap. You look exhausted."

In truth, the girls did look like they'd both been manhandled by an overly horny but sexually inexperienced frat pledge that’d passed out drunk before he'd gotten very far. Their hair was mussed, their pantyhose had developed runs on their thighs, and their slips were twisted at odd angles and clung wetly to their skin.

Holly sneered at Michelle's taunt. Right now, her conflict with the blond was the only thing she could think about. There was no way she was going to stop until she made Michelle break down in defeat. "Oh, just a little winded. You look much worse. I hope I didn't overdo things."

"I'm perfectly fine, thank you."

"I'm so happy to hear that," said Holly.

"Then you wouldn't mind if I suggested something to finish things off?"

Holly felt a shiver run up her spine. "Of course not."

"I just realized that we never completed our initial experiment. We got sidetracked by so many other things." At this, Michelle began removing her satin camisole. Holly watched, entranced as the other blond revealed more and more of her bare skin. "You see," Michelle continued after she'd lifted the silky lingerie over her head, "there were factors that were blocking us from conducting the experiment properly. If you're up to it, let's bring our research to its conclusion."

Holly was more than eager. She pulled her slip over her head, showing off the matching satin underwear she wore beneath it. She brushed a few stray strands of hair out of her face, and glanced over at Michelle. The other blond had begun to slip her arms out of the straps that held her lace bra on her shoulders. She glanced at Holly, who was standing motionless.

"Anything wrong?" Michelle asked. Secretly, a part of Michelle hoped that baring her boobs would be too far for Holly to go. Michelle had already allowed herself to go far beyond every limit she knew of, and was a little frightened of the unknown territory she was now in. Few things would have made her happier than to have Holly capitulate right now.

Holly pretended not to be disturbed in the slightest. She, too, began the process of undoing her bra, unwilling to appear scared. With their eyes staring right at each other, the two young women slowly undid the hooks that kept their bras on and discarded them nearby. Their soft, full-figured breasts hung naked on their chests, glowing in the fading afternoon light. Both gazed at the other's exposed boobs, quietly appreciative of the well-formed nipples that tipped each gorgeous orb. They knew exactly what the next stage of the battle was, but hesitated never the less. Doubt crept into their minds as to whether they could withstand such an intimate touch.

Their eyes locked once more. Nervousness and excitement quickened their heartbeats, and sped their breathing. Their heaving tits jiggled as they squared off in the middle of the dorm room. Neither dared to speak or move, despite the adrenaline urging them forward to clash with everything they had.

Gradually, snarls curled up their lips, and their faces changed into masks of anger. Without a sound, they strode toward one another and slammed their chests together. The shock of the impact sent twin gasps echoing off the walls. They remained face to face, flattening their boobs by pushing with their legs for a few seconds before wobbling out of balance. Seeking to steady themselves, they grabbed a hold of each other's blond mane. Twisting and yanking, they bent at the waist and engaged in a fierce hair pulling fight.

Drawing upright again, Holly felt her tits collide with Michelle's and each of her nipples rub against its opposing one on the other blonde’s boobs. The pleasant stimulus aroused her fleshy prods, and they stiffened. She saw Michelle bite her lip to keep from crying out at the enjoyable sensation, and that spurred Holly on. Moving from side to side, Holly slowly swung her breasts against Michelle's. Their feminine globes slapped and pounded again and again, sending erotically charged jolts through their naked skin. Hardened nipples poked and stabbed roughly as the two girls attacked each other's tits with ever greater intensity.

Michelle increased the force of her grasp on Holly's long tresses, and began working the other blonde’s head around in a circle. Holly temporarily forgot about the titfight, and let out a muffled cry. She, too, redoubled her attacks on Michelle's hair. Both girls held their breaths, trying to cause as much pain as they could. When neither could take it anymore, they exhaled sharply. Immediately setting back at their grim task, they sucked a quick breath and held it. Their busts bumped once more, launching undeniably sexual shivers down to their inner thighs. Exhaling again, the warring coeds looked directly into each other's faces and saw the incredible mixture of agony, desire, and determination that neither could hide any longer.

On and on the two half-nude young women continued their heated battle. Powerful emotions of pain and arousal swirled and mingled in their minds like a strong cocktail. Tits smacked again and again, bobbling about the two girls' chests. Their scalps ached from the constant torture their hands meted out, and the excited groans they expelled spiraled higher and higher in pitch. Intoxicated with both lust and hatred, the nearly naked pair kept at it, weaving chaotically around the room. Lost in the struggle, the rest of the world vanished from their minds. Panting and gasping, they fought for what seemed like forever, yanking hair, bashing breasts, and locking arms and legs together.

Careening out of control, the battling beauties crashed at full speed into Michelle's dresser. Thrown apart, Holly fell down onto the floor, and Michelle landed in a heap on her bed. Both were tired and sucking air like fish out of water. Their sweaty bosoms heaved up and down, and their mouths made noises that were a cross between whimpers of pain and moans of arousal. They gazed at each other in near disbelief at how far their duel had taken them. Neither felt she could carry on, but neither wanted to call a halt to the hostilities and thus admit that she was the lesser of the two. And so they sat there, not taking their eyes off of each other, for several minutes.

The phone rang, shocking them back to reality. In a daze, Michelle leaned over to pick up the receiver. She stopped when she realized that she hadn't the breath to talk normally to whoever was on the other end of the line. For a few more seconds, the phone continued to ring, and then the answering machine picked up.

Through its speaker, the two worn out girls heard, "Hi, Michelle. It's Gina. I hope you get this message in time. Rachel and I are playing volleyball here at the gym for a little bit, and wanted to get together with you and Holly for dinner this evening, say, about five-thirty-ish at the dining hall. Hope you two can make it. I'm curious what you've been up to this afternoon. See you then. Bye."

No one said a word for some time. Finally, Holly got up off of the floor and stood up, leaning against the wall for support. Michelle just stared at her, watching Holly's pendulous tits sway in the waning sunlight.

"Well," Holly said at last, "you up to it?"

Michelle swallowed. "Dinner, or beating you?" She wasn't exactly sure what Holly was talking about, but she wasn't about to say "no" to any challenge the other blond threw at her.

Holly grinned weakly. "Our roommates will be waiting for us. We can't let them down, now, can we?" Michelle moved her head in agreement. "Besides, you don't have the energy to keep going, do you?"

Michelle paused, and then stood up. Shaking her tousled hair defiantly, she said, "Step on over here and find out. If you're able."

Holly removed her hand from the wall and turned to face Michelle. The coeds, topless and dressed in nothing but pantyhose and underwear, stood still for several seconds, glowering at each other as they felt a tension building back up between them. Their bodies yearned to be reunited in unbridled sensual combat.

"Gina and Rachel will be coming here to drop off their gym clothes before going to dinner, right?" Holly suddenly spurted.

"You're right." Michelle spun her head this way and that, taking in the mess that lay about the room. "We need to clean up."

As if a magic spell had been cast, both girls immediately went to work picking up discarded clothing and anything else out of place. The pair's shared habit of cleanliness kicked in, driving out all thoughts of aggression. In a flash, the dorm room was spotless, and the two had gotten dressed in their skirts and sweaters again.

All that was left was for them to fix their makeup. Given that there was only one decent-sized mirror in the room for them to use, the hasty truce both had made became in imminent danger of collapsing. Jostling each other with their hips and shoulders, they strained to get a good view of what they were applying to their faces. Pressing harder and harder into each other's bodies, the two found their concentration torn between hurriedly getting presentable for their roommates and holding back a strong desire drop everything and wrap their arms around each other in a fierce, crushing embrace.

They both finished powdering up just as Gina and Rachel arrived, laden down with gym bags. As if nothing had happened, Holly and Michelle greeted them warmly and asked how the volleyball game had gone. Chatting and smiling, the four wandered out into the hallway, picked up a few neighbors, and set out for supper.


Back in her normal social element, Holly reverted to her usual kind and quiet demeanor. Michelle did, too, and kept her eyes away from Holly's for fear that the powerful emotions the other blond stirred in her would erupt from their hiding place deep inside of her.

The gaggle of girls picked up their food and found a big, empty table to eat at. Everyone insisted that Holly and Michelle sit next to each other, and the two didn't dare show their true colors and object. Rachel peppered them with questions as soon as they got situated.

"So, who made the first move?" she asked excitedly. Holly's heart jumped into her throat. She calmed it back down; reminding herself that there was no way Rachel could know what had transpired while the two blonds had been by themselves.

"I guess I did," admitted Michelle, "with some prompting from Gina."

"Hey, I just made a suggestion," blurted Gina, in between bites. "You're the one who picked up the phone."

Michelle smiled. Internally, she sighed in relief that her roommate showed no sign of knowing what she'd been up to all afternoon.

"And now you two are getting along great. That's so cool." Rachel said. "I knew you two would hit it off once we got you together."

Holly nodded. "I just needed a push to get me to come out of my shell. I think Michelle did, too." Michelle shot a glance over at Holly at this. "Once she did, though, she made quite a good impression on me. I must have made a pretty good one on her as well."

Michelle bristled as she caught the double meaning behind Holly's words, but her body language gave no sign of her annoyance. "The nerve of her!" she thought. "If she wants to play like that, I'll give her more than she can handle."

Rachel interrupted her internal dialog. "What'd you two end up talking about all afternoon?"

"Psychology, mainly." Michelle said. "Holly gave me a sneak peek of one of the courses I'll be taking next semester."

"Which one is that?"

"Childhood development," Holly and Michelle said in unison.

"Interesting," Rachel said. "So, stuff like how kids learn new activities and how they build relationships?"

"Well, she's only given me a little taste of what she knows so far," said Michelle, knowing Holly would notice the hidden slight in her choice of words.

She did, and added, "I'm not an expert, of course, but I think I got a firm grasp on the material."

Rachel looked slightly puzzled, and Holly worried that she was catching on to the hidden repartee inside her and Michelle's manner of speaking. Thankfully, she seemed oblivious to it. The conversation turned to other topics, and the two shy blonds ate in silence, studiously ignoring each other.

When it was time to go, Rachel accidentally left her purse at the table. Gina chided Rachel about her always forgetting things. She teasingly wondered aloud how Rachel could have ever gotten into college with such a habit.

"Maybe we should ask someone who's got a firm grasp on things," Michelle spoke, just loud enough for only Holly to hear.

Holly remained calm and smiled at Michelle. With a pleasant look on her face, she responded barely above a whisper, "I'm glad that sneak peek I gave you was enough for you to figure out where you stand."

Holly turned to leave, and Michelle retorted to the back of her head, "I'm not intimately familiar with the subject yet, but I'm confident I'll master it when the time comes."

Both girls fumed all the way back to their dorm rooms.


The evening wore on as dull as the overcast October sky. Holly sat at her desk, leafing through her notes, but not reading a single word. Rachel had gone across the hall to talk with a group of their neighbors in the dorm, leaving Holly to her pantomime of studying. In actuality, Holly could focus on nothing but Michelle. Her mind played an incessant film loop of the blond-haired girl: her bright, shining eyes; her full, pouting lips; her smooth, perfect, bare skin; her round, swelling breasts tipped by two tempting...

Holly shook her head, desperate to clear those thoughts and images from her brain. A sudden yearning grew between her legs, and she felt her pussy begin to moisten. Gritting her teeth, she willed her body to be calm. "That girl is the Devil," Holly thought to herself. She opened one of her books for Literature class and forced her eyes to read it.

Rachel returned to the room, and immediately sat down at her computer to do some instant messaging and school work. Eight o'clock arrived, followed frighteningly fast by nine o'clock and then nine thirty. Holly had flipped through sixty pages of the novel she held in her hands, but if anyone had asked her what it was about, she wouldn't have been able to answer correctly.

A knock on the door broke the two roommates out of their solitary reverie. Gina stood in the doorway holding a plastic grocery bag.

"Hey," Rachel said.

"Hey," Gina replied, lifting the bag up to where the redhead could see. Through the thin, white plastic, the outline of a six-pack of beer was easily visible.

"Hey hey!" said Rachel, grinning.

"You up for a party?" the short-haired brunette asked.

"You know it. Where at?"

"Off campus. Heather's apartment."

"Cool." Rachel turned around in her chair to face Holly.

"It's gonna be just a small group. Probably an all-nighter," said Gina, looking at Rachel. Rachel thought better of the question she was about to ask, and closed her mouth.

Holly smiled weakly. "I'm going to have to beg off on this one, Rachel. I'm probably going to go to sleep pretty soon anyway so I can get up early tomorrow to exercise." She stretched her arms out, as if to emphasize that point.

"Okay, then," her roommate chirped. She made a few clicks with her mouse, shut off her computer monitor, and stood to grab her jacket. "Good night. I'll see you around lunchtime."

"Good night. Have fun." Gina and Rachel merely laughed as they zipped up their coats and headed out the door.

"We will."

Time ticked by. The book Holly had been pretending to read sat unopened on her desk. She could have blamed her difficulty studying on the loud music coming from her next door neighbor's speakers, but that wouldn't have been the whole truth. Visions of Gina's irksome roommate appeared and tormented the young blond. The demonic bitch had wormed her way into her brain, and wouldn't let go. She remembered the call that had begun the day's descent into crazed conflict. Michelle's voice had sounded sweet and sugary in her ear. Several minutes passed, and Holly found that she was staring at the phone.

Frustrated, she got up, intending to get dressed for bed. Opening her dresser drawer, she rummaged through the stack of warm, flannel nightshirts, trying to decide which one to wear. Her fingers stopped abruptly. They felt something that Holly had forgotten was there. Her breathing slowly started to speed up, and her head swiveled around to look once more at the phone. She stood motionless as a statue, attempting to justify to her conscience why she should follow the impulsive plan that had leaped into her mind.

Leaving the drawer open, Holly walked over to the phone. She picked up the receiver, silently mouthing the words, "I must defeat my demons. I must defeat my demons." over and over again.

Michelle answered on the second ring. "Hello?" she said, wondering why Rachel would be calling for Gina, who had left to go over to the redhead's dorm an hour ago.

"Hi, Michelle." said Holly softly, quieter than her usual airy tone. Michelle's body shivered at the sound of her rival's voice.

Willing herself to remain calm, she said, "What can I do for you, Holly?"

"I have a problem. I think you know what it is, because you have a very similar one."

Michelle felt her heart begin to pound harder. She matched the slow cadence of Holly's voice as she replied. "You're thinking that we can find a solution together?"

"Yes. Come on over, so we can discuss it face to face."

"Is there anything I should bring? You know that you only have to ask, and I'll let you have it."

The hidden meaning in Michelle's words didn't affect Holly at all. "Just come..." she said, then paused for a moment, thinking of the best way to phrase her idea.” delicately as you can. This is a private matter."

Michelle was silent for a minute. Only the faint breeze of her excited breathing could be heard. At last, she spoke. "Of course. I'll be sensitive to your needs."

Holly took a long, deep breath, and exhaled. "And I promise to return the favor with equal kindness."

"See you soon."

"I'll be waiting."

The two hung up simultaneously. Giddiness like they had never felt before filled them with energy, and they set to their preparations with total concentration. The nervousness and trepidation both of them would normally feel was completely absent. Their bottled-up pride and egotism had been uncorked, and was now bubbling out as a nasty, catty desire to prove their superiority over each other. Whatever it took. Whatever the consequences.

To Be Continued