PERFECT PAIR by Catharsis - Part 3 - Identical Match

The two practically flew back to Michelle's dorm. In the common room, three girls were loudly gossiping. One of them called out, "Hey, Michelle. What's up?"

"I gotta go grab something in my room," she replied. A thrilling shiver ran up Holly's spine.

"And I'm going to help you get it," murmured Holly, just loud enough for Michelle to hear it. Michelle's hands tensed and she shot a look back at Holly.

When they got to the room, they found that Gina had left a note on the door about being gone for a while. Michelle paused, and a small smirk crept across her lips as she read it. She calculated that the pair had the next hour or so to themselves.

Holly noticed the same thing, and it thrilled her. Defeating this copycat shouldn't take that much longer, she thought, and it was going to be sinfully rewarding indeed. Michelle had pushed her into unfamiliar territory, but Holly had done just as much to ramp up the intensity of their contest. The urge she felt to dominate the other blond was stronger than ever, and she was ready to outdo Michelle in anything the other girl could come up with.

"Well," Holly chirped politely, "aren't you going to show me in?"

Michelle glared at her, with a cheery smile still on her face. She unlocked the door and motioned Holly inside. "I'd be perfectly happy to." The door closed behind them. Out in the hallway, the sound of the lock clicking firmly shut rang with a hint of finality.

Once inside, the two girls were immediately in each other's faces. All pretense of civility was gone from their expressions. They huffed at each other, driven by anger, adrenaline, and the excitement of the coming conflict.

Holly pulled her pink fuzzy sweater over her head and shook her hair back into place. Her bosom heaved beneath her creamy slip that was embroidered with delicate lace. The sleek satin shone in the afternoon light coming through the window. "Is this what you needed to grab?"

"No," muttered Michelle, a slight growl creeping into her voice. "Something more impressive, like this." She, too, removed her sweater, unashamedly revealing the expensive, silky camisole she wore. It had thin shoulder straps, and was decorated with an intricate pattern of lace at the top.

Each girl glanced furtively at the sizable cleavage adorning the other's curvy figure. Envy filled them both, and fueled the hatred each was nurturing toward the other. They knew that their duel was about to reach a new level, and they braced themselves for an all-out war.

"I hate to break it to you, Michelle, but your eyesight must be off."

"Oh, I don't think so, Holly."

"You don't? Somehow that doesn't surprise me."

Michelle said through clenched teeth, "I guess there's only one way to find out for sure."

At that, the two collided together. Their tits ballooned beneath the thin undergarments they wore, threatening to send them erupting out of their bras. Both moaned from the abrupt contact their bodies had made. Instead of backing off, they wrapped their arms around each other and gazed into each other's eyes.

"I promise to stop when you get tired," Holly said. "Wouldn't want to overstay my welcome."

"Don't worry. I've got more than enough energy left. But, I promise to be a good hostess and let you recuperate when you get exhausted."

"I seriously doubt I'll need to impose on you like that."

"Then please allow me to show you the full extent of my hospitality." Michelle tightened her grip on Holly's midsection. She raised herself up onto her toes, causing the two girls' bosoms to slide against each other. A flush ran to both of their cheeks. They held their breaths for a moment, savoring the sensations emanating from their chests. Michelle dropped back down onto her heels, her quiet exhale harmonizing with the delicate sound of satin rubbing against satin.

Not to be outdone, Holly retaliated by gyrating her torso, forcing her supple breasts in a circular motion around her rival's pair. The girls felt their nipples grow and harden underneath the fabric of their lingerie, yearning for ever greater stimulation. Michelle reciprocated Holly's maneuver, squeezing the other blond closer whenever their boobs stopped touching. Their stomachs met, and ripples of pleasure shot through them both. Panting and letting out high-pitched whimpers, the two dueled this way for some time. Though neither wanted to admit it, each was becoming more and more aroused as the test of wills went on. They scattered those thoughts from their minds, vowing to use the pleasant feelings they knew they were generating in each other as a means of making the other give up.

After one too many overzealous hugs from Michelle, Holly grew frustrated and drew her arms tight. Michelle groaned, crushed by the sudden, strong embrace.

"Oh, excuse me," Holly said. "I forgot how fragile cheap imitations can sometimes be."

Michelle squeezed back, eliciting a rough grunt from Holly. "You just realized that about yourself?"

Holly grimaced. "Hmm, how should I break this to you kindly?"

"Give it your best shot," Michelle said, in between gasps.

Holly answered by locking her fingers around her wrists and wrenching her arms tighter than ever. A tortured moan came from Michelle's mouth. The blond felt her breasts being crushed, but she knew that Holly's were taking just as much punishment. Her muscles tensed, increasing the pressure on Holly's rib cage.

A long, loud groan emanated from the entwined pair. Neither was particularly strong, but the bear hug they found themselves in was more intense than they could have imagined. The feel of their sensitive boobs being driven together with nothing more than a few layers of thin material between them sent thrills up and down their spines. Those emotions were now tempered, though, with the pain their fierce embrace was generating. The powerful mixture was unlike anything either had experienced before. They welcomed it, casting aside all of their apprehensions.

Again and again the two young women gripped each other with all of their might, let out agonizing moans, and then relaxed. Their breathing became more and more labored. Their bodies were warm, and the heat from their close contact was getting uncomfortable. Even so, they carried on in their fearsome struggle, squeezing and crushing each other, for quite some time. Their palms began to get sweaty, and perspiration formed on their skin beneath the silky tops they wore. As their restraint melted away, their groans turned into frustrated growls. Their fingers clawed at each other's backs, sending sharp nails poking at soft flesh.

On and on, the battle raged higher and ever more wildly. Each girl could scarcely believe how out of control things had gotten, but was determined to come out the winner. Grunting like animals, they smashed their bodies into each other without pause. Their hands slid about their upper bodies, searching for purchase. Breasts pounded breasts in a rough tit fight.

Each slithered a knee between her rival's legs, slowly lifting her hem up onto her thighs. Michelle noticed this, and grabbed a big handful of Holly's behind through her skirt. Her knee worked its way further upwards than before, sending a shock through Holly's system. The muscles in the two coeds' nylon-covered legs flexed, holding them in position for a brief second. Holly exhaled, and clasped both of her hands on Michelle's round ass. With a growl, she drove her knee up at Michelle's crotch, parting the other blonde’s thighs and causing their hose to make a distinct noise as it rubbed swiftly. Michelle made a noise that was half angry grunt and half erotic shriek. Not to be outdone, she responded by massaging her fingers up and down the rear of Holly's skirt, causing her to gasp in arousal.

Heads on each other's shoulders, the girls continued grinding their tits as they pulled and tugged at the back of each other's skirt. For several minutes, the torrid duel went on. Each strove to pour on more sensation than her opponent could handle. Breathing heavily, they grasped each other firmly and rubbed their bodies lewdly together.

Eventually, Michelle's hands hiked Holly's skirt all the way up to where she could feel the bottom of her foe's slip. She stroked it with one finger, forcing Holly to inhale sharply.

"Looking for something?" Holly asked.

"I think I found it, thanks." Michelle teased at Holly's thigh through the satin, and Holly's panting increased in pitch. "Oh, I'm sorry. Is that too much for you?"

Holly swallowed, determined not to be intimidated. "Of course not. Here, let me make it easier for you." She moved one hand towards her own skirt, but Michelle stopped her.

"That's all right. I'll do it myself. You sound like you're getting winded." Michelle found the zipper on Holly's skirt, and began undoing it.

"Not at all," snapped Holly. The tone in her voice told Michelle that the blonde’s temper was near its limit. Michelle took some solace in it. She wasn't sure how much more of Holly's assault she could take before she begged her to stop. She knew that she only had to last longer than Holly did, and prayed that the blond would blow her top soon.

Holly, for her part, was fighting two urges at once. One wanted to push Michelle away and call an end to their conflict. The other wanted to let Michelle touch her, please her, and satisfy her in a most intimate way. The former, she knew, wouldn't solve the problem between the two of them, and the latter was something she'd rather not think about. Through sheer force of will, she focused on doing everything she could to make Michelle break down in defeat. She tugged on the zipper on Michelle's skirt, and loosened it to the point where she could remove it.

The two girls soon stood face to face only half dressed. Holly's full-length slip contrasted with Michelle's camisole and half-slip combo. Despite themselves, they scanned each other's bodies, taking in every curve, and marveling at how similar they were.

"Like what you see?" taunted Holly.

"It's no better than what I see in the mirror each morning." Michelle returned the hate-filled stare that Holly was giving her.

Holly frowned. "Come over here and I'll show you what you overlooked."

At that, the two females collided with a loud yell. Their arms wrapped completely around each other. Their tits mushroomed upward, deepening their cleavage. Their hands slid about their partially-clothed bodies, bunching up the silky fabric that covered their bodies. Fingers caressed their backs and rear ends, firmly drawing lines with their manicured nails. Tighter and tighter they squeezed, forcing the air from each other's lungs. Grunting and groaning, the pair danced about the room, locked in a writhing mass of satin and skin, perfume and sweat.

All at once, they heard girls' voices on the other side of the door. They broke apart, fearful of being discovered.

"What do you suppose is going on in there?" one voice mumbled.

"I dunno. You think we should check it out?" said another.

Holly and Michelle quickly gathered up their sweaters and skirts as a knock came at the door. Michelle's heart leaped into her throat at the thought of Gina or the hall's Resident Adviser unlocking the door and seeing her and Holly. She quickly motioned Holly toward the small closet on one wall where she kept her clothes. The knob rattled, and the two darted into the tiny space and shut the narrow door behind them. There, in the dark, they listened as the girls outside knocked again. They were both breathing heavily from exertion and excitement, and trying hard to quiet themselves down.

For a couple minutes, Holly and Michelle kept an ear out for trouble. They couldn't tell if the girls had gone away or not. Holly's eyes adjusted to the dim light leaking in around the door frame, and she examined the various dresses that hung around her. She took particular note of a beautiful silk nightgown that was hanging on a hook by itself on the wall just behind her.

"Enjoying this part of the tour?" Michelle said at last in a low whisper.

Holly whispered back, "It's no better than what I see every morning."

The two girls stood there clutching their clothes for a moment, their blood beginning to boil again. They wanted nothing more than to drop what they had and tear into each other, but, as the recent interruption proved, they had to be careful if they wanted to keep their fight a secret. Holly felt a little claustrophobic in the cramped space, and took a step toward the door. Michelle reached out her hand and blocked the way. Her face was barely an inch from Holly's.

"Going so soon?" she said softly.

Holly looked right into Michelle's eyes. "Is there anything worth staying here for?" she asked snidely.

"Stick around and you might be surprised." Michelle's voice contained an overtly challenging tone. "But, if you really think you've had enough..."

A silent tension filled the air. Holly's breathing sped up. Michelle chuckled lightly, thinking that Holly was hesitating because she didn't want to continue. She was wrong. Michelle's laughter was cut short as Holly let her clothes fall to the floor.

"I could keep going all day," Holly snapped. She drew one arm around Michelle's head, and planted a deep, probing kiss upon her lips. Michelle let out a muffled moan, and brought her hands up in a feeble defense. Her fingers ran up the front of Holly's slip, stopping only when they reached the underside of the girl's boobs. Now it was Holly's turn to emit a high-pitched, but gentle whimper. Michelle's hands kept rising, pushing the pliant flesh of Holly's breasts upwards and curling around them. Holly retaliated, taking her free hand and cupping one of Michelle's tits. Her lips parted suddenly with an erotic gasp, and the two girls panted into each other's mouths.

"Remember, we need to be quiet now," Holly whispered.

"Best take heed of your own advice." Michelle grinned devilishly, and gave Holly's boobs a solid squeeze. A growl grew in Holly's throat, and she stifled it by pressing her body into the other blonde’s, flattening her against the closet wall, and resuming her attack upon her rival's mouth. Her tongue flicked and darted, dueling with Michelle's. Her hand explored Michelle's feminine flesh, rubbing Michelle's camisole against the lacy brassiere underneath of it. She felt Michelle squirm as she did so, and that fueled her assault.

Holly's confidence fled in the next instant, however, as Michelle's grasping fingers found her nipples. Her thin slip hid a simple, satin bra, and the combination wasn't enough to protect her sensitive nubs. Holly grunted softly, her mouth still locked with her foe's. Michelle purred, and her fingertips circled Holly's aureoles. Holly redoubled her efforts, and soon the pair was heatedly making out and groping each other in the small, darkened closet, growing more and more aroused as time went on.

Holly discovered that, although Michelle was reacting well to her ministrations, her own body was rapidly losing control over itself. Michelle's tender caresses of her boobs were sending shock waves of pleasure straight to her most private area. Eager to prevent Michelle from overwhelming her, Holly pushed herself further into Michelle, pinning her against one wall of the closet.

"Mind your manners," Michelle chided.

"You mind yours," Holly retorted. She removed her hand from behind Michelle's head and let her nails trace down her back. The blond arched her back and moaned in response.

Michelle freed her trapped hands and grabbed Holly's ass. She wrapped one leg around Holly, mounting the blonde’s thigh. Holly felt the other girl's satin slip slide up her leg, and felt the heat from Michelle's burning crotch. She understood what it meant, and wasn't blind to the erotic twinges coming from her own intimate region. This fight was getting filthier and nastier by the minute, but she knew she couldn't show any sign of weakness, or she'd never be able to face Michelle again without shame. Still, her suppression of the urge to break off the battle in disgust was allowing entirely opposite emotions to build inside her. Holly had never experienced such powerful feelings, and found it more and more difficult to stop.

With only the sound of their rapid breathing marring the stillness, the coeds fought on towards exhaustion, sliding their satin-covered tits against one another and grinding their nylon-clad thighs together. After quite some time had passed, Michelle closed her eyes in anguish. A fervent desire had arisen in her, and cried out to be fulfilled. Desperate to maintain control, she whispered a mild curse.

Holly slowed down, thinking that Michelle had finally reached her limit. Not wanting the pleasure to stop, Michelle yanked on Holly's slip and drove her knee upward into Holly's groin. Holly inhaled suddenly, and then whispered a curse of her own and resumed the undulating battle their bodies were engaged in. As the minutes ticked by, they continued writhing together and cussing at each other in soft whispers. Neither had ever spoken these foul words aloud before, and the thrill of being able to speak such awful language brought their contest to a new level. Each took turns mouthing ruder and more disgusting phrases into each other's ears, tickling their lobes with the soft force of their breath.

It was getting hot inside the enclosed closet, and the closeness of their bodies had made sweat form beneath their satin undergarments, causing them to stick uncomfortably. Despite this, the two girls continued grappling and bashing their boobs with complete disregard for everything except outlasting her opponent.

Having lost all track of time, they were quite surprised when the lock to the dorm room clicked and the door swung open. The two froze in place, embracing each other and feeling the other's heart pound heavily in her chest. They heard the door shut.

Gina's voice rang through the closet door. "Well, they're not here either."

"Odd. I wonder what they're up to," the entwined coeds heard Rachel say.

"I dunno. Let me refill my water bottle, and we'll head out."

Holly and Michelle remained as still as statues for the next few minutes, listening to Gina and Rachel gather stuff in preparation for going to the gym. The passion that had built up inside of them dissipated as they waited. All that was left behind was a strong animosity. Holly was ticked off that Michelle had made her experience such sexual feelings. Michelle was, too, and she resolved to crush Holly and humiliate her as soon as the chance presented itself.

"OK," said Gina at last, "you ready?"

"Almost. I need one more thing."


In the closet, Holly and Michelle heard someone take a few steps towards them. The footsteps stopped, and then they could hear nothing. Both were imagining the door to the closet opening suddenly, and prayed that that would not happen. Instead, silence reigned for a few seconds. Then, they heard Gina speak, her voice gently chuckling.

"That can wait until later, OK?"

"OK," said Rachel.

The two blonds heard their roommates pick up their gear, and then leave the room, locking the door behind them. There was a long pause in the small dorm room, during which everything was silent and still.

To Be Continued