PERFECT PAIR by Catharsis - Part 2 - Symmetrical Figures

Holly held the dining hall door for Michelle, and then strode beside her along the sidewalk that led to the dorms. On the way, Michelle casually mentioned how she admired her roommate's virtually boundless energy, and how it allowed Gina to attend classes, party in the evenings, and still be able to work as a waitress part time on the weekends from ten o'clock to two thirty. Michelle let this nugget of information float into the air to see if Holly would be able to catch what it meant. She did catch the meaning, and anticipated and matched the left turn that Michelle made towards the residence hall that housed her and Gina's room. Michelle held the door open when they got there, and they shared a quiet trip up the stairs to the second floor. Michelle waved and smiled at her neighbors as if nothing out of the ordinary was about to happen. They commented on how cute Michelle and Holly looked together. Holly blushed shyly, thinking all the while how oblivious they were to what her true feelings were about being near Michelle.

Michelle unlocked the door to her room, and motioned Holly inside. She then followed Holly in, and locked the door behind her. Holly nonchalantly checked out the room, trying to calm her nerves. Here they were, alone and with no one to interrupt them for the next hour and a half. All of the tension, and all of the animosity churning inside of her was bubbling to the surface. She willed herself to be calm, and turned to face the girl whose room she was now in.

Michelle wasn't looking at her. She casually dropped her keys into her purse, and began a slow, sassy walk towards the center of the room where Holly was. As she did so, she watched her index finger trace along the edge of the dresser her purse was on top of and spoke, as if addressing nobody in particular.

"Ever have a problem suddenly appear, unavoidably, right in front of you?" she wondered aloud.

Holly played along. "Not often. But I know that I can push it out of my way without too much difficulty."

"Gotta be careful, of course. It's easy to underestimate problems, and dangerous, too." Michelle raised her head and gazed challengingly into Holly's eyes. "Sometimes, they push back." Michelle continued her lazy steps towards Holly, swaying her hips as she did.

"That's why it pays to be firm, and outlast them," Holly responded. At this, Holly put her hands on her sides, and took a single stride forward. The two young women were now tantalizingly close, almost touching.

"Still, the pressure can get to be too much to bear," Michelle said, in a mockingly condescending tone. She stood up straight, and placed her hands on her hips. The two were face to face, staring defiantly into each other's eyes. Their full, rounded breasts expanded as both drew in deep breaths.

"That's why the best tactic is always to meet them head-on," said Holly, and leaned forward.

She let the front of her fuzzy sweater touch Michelle's sweater, and then gently pushed her chest down onto Michelle's. She expected the other girl to reel back in shock, and was preparing a snide comment for that exact occasion. Michelle didn't, however. A slight blush bloomed on her cheeks and she pushed back, rocking Holly back onto her heels and driving the pair apart. Michelle casually tossed a lock of hair back over one ear.

"Head on, you say?" she said in a fake inquisitive voice. "Oh, you mean like this?" Michelle stepped forward directly into Holly, mashing her boobs lightly into her rival's. Their twin bosoms swelled as they pressed together. Quiet gasps leaped from the girls' mouths at the feel of each other's supple breasts touching through the soft fabric of their sweaters. Their heads swam with emotion, and they struggled to maintain control, even as their primal instincts urged them drop all decorum and set at each other. Neither wanted to be the one to lose control first, however, and thus appear less civilized. Again and again, the two took turns rocking forward on their toes and gently pushing each other with the front of their chests.

After the first few collisions, the coeds settled into a contest where each applied pressure to the other's chest gradually using only her own upper body and held it for as long as they could. Their sweaters bulged outwards from the boobs that were mushrooming beneath them. Their conflict was a silent one. Only the nearly imperceptible sound of their ever more labored breathing exhaling through their noses could be heard in the room. Neither girl gave any ground, and continued matching her opponent bump for bump and push for push with her gorgeous breasts. Two minutes passed, then five. Without a break, the battle went on and on. Tit mashing evolved into tit rubbing, as the two began sliding the front of their sweaters slowly but firmly across each other. Up and down, and then side to side they bashed each other for what seemed like forever. They never sped the pace of their attacks up. Instead, they focused on gradually bearing down with the most force they could, trying to break the other's will to continue through a painful flattening of her boobs.

Holly could scarcely believe what was happening. Here she was, grinding her boobs against another girl. It was filthy. It was dirty. But Michelle was giving as good as she got, and refused to back down. Holly knew she would never tell anyone about this. The battle they were involved in would remain private, a secret kept from everyone else. The thought dawned on her that she could be as nasty as she dared. Whatever it took to make the blond copycat in front of her break down in defeat was all right; nothing was forbidden. A feeling of wide-open freedom rushed through her blood, and spurred her on.

Fifteen minutes went by without either one moving her feet. Both had opened their mouths and were breathing heavily. Their cheeks were flush from the exertion and from the twinges of excitement caused by the sensual treatment their nipples were getting. Each was frustrated at the other's lack of capitulation, and they redoubled their efforts to push the other backwards. The fronts of their sweaters met roughly as the pair leaned hard into each other's body. Their foreheads came together, and their noses almost touched. Gritting their teeth, they waged a strenuous war, each beginning to feel more and more stressed from the weight being applied to her bosom. Higher and higher pitched whimpers escaped their lips from the combination of force and pleasantly erotic shivers each were feeling.

With a sudden exhale, Holly and Michelle pushed off from each other. Grim determination set on their faces, and the two nineteen year olds went back at it immediately. The shock of contact elicited groans from the duo, but soon they pursed their lips and concentrated on their heated skirmish. Each girl had made up her mind to keep going until she emerged victorious, even as a quiet astonishment crept into her thoughts at how long and strenuous the battle had become and how unyielding her opponent was.

Their hands met at their waists, and their fingers intertwined and squeezed. Both lowered their heads and tilted them to one side. Their noses caressed each other's shoulder and their rosy cheeks touched as the panting females fought and strained. They could smell each other's sweet, flowery perfume, which mingled in the air around their tightly united bodies. Moaning despite themselves, both girls traded soft tit blows again and again. They pounded their chests together until neither felt she could stand straight. Both were getting uncomfortably warm and slightly aroused from being in such close proximity. All in all, their slow, strenuous duel lasted nearly thirty minutes without a pause. Michelle was preparing to slam herself into Holly with a loud grunt when she heard a familiar voice outside the door.

"Oh, dear," she exclaimed, and stopped herself. Holly, figuring out what was about to happen, brought herself back to reality. The two girls separated, and quickly began primping themselves as a key could be heard slipping into the lock on the door. When Gina, who was running one hand idly through her short, boyishly-cut brown hair, walked in, she was pleasantly surprised to find Holly visiting her roommate. The two girls were blushing adorably, and they greeted her warmly.

"Jeez, you two look so alike. Did you call each other and plan out what you were wearing?" Gina asked, chuckling. This bothered the two, but their expressions didn't show it. They smiled shyly instead.

"Michelle and I had lunch, and she was just showing me what she's got in her room," Holly said. Gina was oblivious to the double meaning of 'showing me what she's got', but Michelle wasn't.

"Uh huh," said Michelle, "and then she'll show me her stuff."

"That sounds cool," Gina remarked.

"You're back a little earlier than usual," Michelle said without a hint of irritation.

"Yeah, once the lunch rush died down, the manager said I could go. I was only in today to cover for Carla, who caught a cold."

"Oh, I didn't know that," said Michelle, her heart pounding fast from how close she and Holly had been to being discovered.

"I hope she gets better," offered Holly.

"Me, too," said Gina. "This is the second 'cold' in a month she's come down with on a Saturday morning."

Holly and Michelle just grinned. Gina flopped down in her desk chair. Pointing at the room, she asked Holly, "So, how do you like it?"

"It's very nice. Michelle's been quite a generous hostess."

"I bet she has," chuckled Gina. "And I'm sure you're going to return the favor."

"Of course," Holly said, stifling a mischievous smirk.

"Shall we go, then?" prodded Michelle politely.

Holly nodded, and then waved at Gina. "Nice meeting you again."

"Enjoy yourselves." Gina waved back, and turned to the laptop that sat on her desk, unaware that the other meaning of her words had just sent a thrill through both girls.

Out in the brisk October wind, the two quickly cooled off and composed their demeanors. Each felt a slight trepidation about what lay ahead as they watched the large residence hall that Holly and Rachel lived in come into view. Their minds still reeled from the intense sensations of the weight of the other's breasts on her own. Something powerful and unspoken was building between the two of them, and they knew it. In spite of their initial misgivings about wanting to crush the other's pride and see her humiliated, they both felt more and more certain that that was exactly what they most desired to do. They glanced at each other as they went inside the building and headed to Holly's room. Their looks told them clear as day how strong their wills were to see this contest through to the end.

Michelle entered the cramped dorm room first, and scanned her eyes around it. Holly shut the door, and turned the bolt. Warily examining her foe, the corner of her vision caught sight of a bundle of keys next to Rachel's laptop. "She's so forgetful," Holly thought. She soon figured out that her roommate's carelessness was actually a blessing. I meant that she couldn't barge in and disturb her and Michelle. As a devilish grin curled Holly's lips, Michelle began checking out the assortment of makeup paraphernalia on Holly's dresser.

"Flavored lipstick?" Michelle remarked. "What a coincidence. I use it myself. Cherry, of course."

"Cherry's nice, but strawberry's much sweeter."

Michelle's pulse quickened. She relished the bitchy repartee that the two were engaged in. "Strawberry IS such a great flavor. Kids love it." She let the comment hang in the air for a moment. "Cherry is a more mature flavor, don't you think?"

"It has a slightly bitter taste, doesn't it?"

"Well, perhaps if you tried what I've got, you'd change your mind," Michelle said, moistening her pouting lips.

"How kind of you," said Holly. "Although you might find that strawberry is just as strong and succulent."

"Are you offering to share?" Michelle asked, her voice slightly lowered. She took a step towards Holly.

"Certainly," replied Holly, quieting herself as well. She opened her arms with her palms facing up. "Take as much as you want. I've got plenty."

"Too much generosity can be dangerous," warned Michelle, slowly narrowing the distance between her and the other blond.

Holly brought her lips together and drew them into her mouth as she inhaled a deep breath. She stepped forward, bringing her and Michelle's faces so close they almost touched.

In a delicate whisper, she exhaled, "Prove it."

For a few seconds, neither girl moved. Each breathed in the other's sweet scent, and gazed deep into each other's eyes. The room fell silent and still, as if time itself had paused, waiting in anticipation for the girls to begin. Michelle felt slightly dizzy. She had hardly ever kissed a guy, and even then it was on the cheek as a sign of friendship. The idea of bringing her lips together with another girl's was slutty. And sleazy. And oh, so deliciously naughty. Her challenging words had revealed the naked truth that dwelled within her. She wanted to let go of all of her inhibitions, and direct all of the wickedness she had pent up inside of herself at Holly. The other girl's expression told Michelle that she wasn't alone in that, either.

Michelle leaned forward, but just barely. She felt their two sweaters touch. The fuzzy material caught and meshed. Holly tilted her head slightly to one side, and brought her nose close to Michelle's cheek. The two girls' warm and soft chests came into contact, and their hands reached out for each other's hips.

Their lips brushed tantalizingly, and then separated. A delirious sensation danced where they had touched, inviting their owners to continue. Again, they gently came together, lingering a bit longer before disengaging. Holly swallowed. Her heart beat loudly in her chest. Michelle, her eyes half-closed now, tugged on Holly's sweater and pressed her mouth onto the other blonde’s. Their cherry and strawberry lipsticks mingled, swirling the two succulent flavors together. Michelle parted her lips, and caressed Holly's mouth with light, teasing pecks. Holly soon responded in kind. Saliva moistened their lips as the two girls slowly kissed. Their fingers arched, grasping more and more firmly as the emotions that coursed through them increased in intensity.

Eyes fully closed now, the pair continued their slow, sensuous assault upon each other's mouths. Both were beginning to feel an embarrassing desire building inside of them. Each fought to control it, hoping that the other would be the one to break away first, unable to take any more. Moans purred in their throats despite their best efforts to stifle them. Their lips sucked and tugged on each other more and more fervently. After nearly ten minutes, the two were near their limit. Simultaneously, they halted their languid but passionate battle, and opened their eyes.

Their faces were flush with heat, and their mouths were smeared with what remained of their lipstick. They each burned with a strong will to conquer the other, but each was becoming frustrated with her foe's lack of weakness. Not wanting to show any dent in their resolve, they joined their lips together again. A barely audible whimper rose from both of them. The pause had made the powerful feelings generated by their sensual duel all that more noticeable once they resumed it.

Tongues wrestled erotically, bringing new sensations into the fray. Their hands sought out each other's backs, and their arms drew them tighter together. On and on the two coeds made out, each striving to overwhelm the other. The room echoed with the wet sounds of the girls kissing, sucking, licking and moaning ceaselessly. As the afternoon went on, their bodies became more and more uncomfortable underneath the sweaters that they wore. The soft, thick clothing was making their torsos hotter than they could bear. The two took more frequent breaks, where they panted heavily face to face. These rests never lasted long, as their mutual animosity drove them together again and again, with greater force each subsequent time.

For the better part of an hour, the two teens remained locked in a battle of lips and tongues. Their arms wrapped around each other's bodies, and their hands began to knead and massage each other through their fluffy sweaters. As they did this, Michelle's fingers eventually discovered the satin slip beneath Holly's sweater. Her fingertips rubbed the fabric, and she felt how thin a barrier it was between them and Holly's bare skin. Unconsciously, Holly lifted the back of Michelle's sweater, and ran her hands across the satin camisole she found below it.

"So," Michelle said during another pause, "you're a fan of silky unmentionables, as well."

"Only the best."

"You don't say. Care to show me?"

"Be my guest. As long as you don't mind me asking the same of you."

"Of course not."

The two girls were more than eager to cool off by removing their sweaters and have at each other with less clothing between their struggling bodies. They separated, and began lifting the fuzzy material over their heads.

Suddenly, the doorknob rattled. One second later someone pounded on the door.

Rachel's voice called out from the hallway, "Ho--lly! You in there?"

It took Holly a little bit to compose herself. "Yes."

"Open the door, I forgot my keys. Stupid me."

Holly and Michelle raced to fix their clothing. "Just a minute." The two grabbed tissues and wiped their mouths as spotless as they could. Michelle turned her back to the door and pretended to look at the stuff on Holly's dresser when Holly let Rachel in.

"Hey, look who's here," the redhead announced upon seeing Michelle. "Gina said you two might be together."

"Hi, Rachel," Michelle said pleasantly. Rachel stopped in her tracks and looked back and forth between the two girls. For a moment, the two blonds thought that she had seen through their hasty job of cleaning up. A sense of dread welled up in them.

"Gawd," Rachel said at last, "aren't you two the perfect pair."

Holly giggled, hiding her nervousness. "Thanks."

"Is that eye shadow you're wearing?" Rachel squinted at Holly's face. "You two going out somewhere?"

Holly opened her mouth, not quite sure what to say. Michelle answered for her.

"No, nothing like that. We've just been putting makeup on each other."

Holly stifled a hiccup. Rachel looked over at her, and Holly fought to keep a calm expression on her face. "Uh huh, and talking about things," she added, acting like she hadn't just recalled the feel of Michelle's body and lips against her own.

"Like what?" Rachel asked, feigning interest. She put her satchel down next to her desk and picked up her keys.

"Sort of a continuation of getting to know each other," Holly said, smiling at Michelle. "You know, just chewing the fat." Michelle's blood boiled at that last line. The urge to continue her duel with the other blond rose uncontrollably inside of her.

"Oh." Rachel yawned. "Well, don't mind me. You all can keep going. I'm going to take a nap for a bit. Gina's going to be here at five after her bike ride and we're going to play volleyball. You're invited, too, if you want."

"That's very kind."

Rachel plopped herself down on her bed and curled up, facing the wall. Holly glared at Michelle. Her roommate's interruption had irked her. She wanted nothing more than to stride over to Michelle and get back into it with her. She wasn't quite sure what she would do, however, and she searched for a way to turn the unexpected suspension of their battle to her favor.

"Michelle, do you want to rest now, too?" she asked with mock concern.

"Oh, I'm perfectly fine," the blond replied. "But don't let me stop you if you'd like to take a break."

"I'm OK."

"Well, then, how about I give you that blush we were talking about?"

Holly inhaled sharply. "Let's go."

To Be Continued