This is a story of how a simple interview resulted in my first sex fight.

My name is Casey LeBeau, and I am a 28-year-old woman with an American mother and a French father. I have spent most of my life in France with occasional visits to the United States to see my mother's family. For the past four years I have worked as a writer/reporter for a French magazine called Clique. It is an adult publication which specializes in cutting-edge articles regarding sex and its kinkier side.

I was summoned to my editor’s office, and given an assignment to interview a woman with vast knowledge about sex fighting which in recent years has become very popular. All I knew about her was at age 32 she had four years on me and she was very wealthy. I arrived at her house late on a Friday afternoon, and sat down to begin what became the most intense interview I have ever conducted. For your benefit I have translated, as closely as I can, the entire process into English.

Clique: Why did you ask specifically for me to do this interview?

Monique: I did not specifically ask for you. I have known Paul, your editor, for many years. When he approached me about doing this interview I requested a woman who was open-minded and had a variety of sexual experiences. I also requested that he send an experienced writer who knew how to conduct an interview. He selected you because he thought you were a good fit.

Clique: Please explain sexfighting to those among our readers who are not familiar with it.

Monique: Sexfighting is when two women physically compete with each other in a sexual manner. The one who reaches an orgasm first is considered the loser. Occasionally the competition will be one of endurance with both of them going at each other until one can no longer continue.

Clique: Why do women sexfight?

Monique: There are a variety of reasons. They are jealous of each other's good looks and sexuality, dislike each other, or are competing over the same lover. They can't or won't catfight, and decide to settle it sexually to see who is the better women. Sometimes it's a friendly competition. I know two lesbians who have lived together for years. They have sexual competitions all the time, and say it spices up their sex life. There are many other reasons two women will take each other on. It may be a friendly competition, but each woman is determined to win.

Clique: What do women do to each other when they are sexfighting?

Monique: To start with there is usually a lot of kissing. That happens for two reasons. First, each woman tries to show she is a better kisser than her rival, and secondly, women use kissing to arouse one another. The quicker a woman is aroused the closer she is to going off. Unless the two really dislike one another they will usually do some kissing. Then they have nipple and breast fighting. They also use their mouth and hands on each other's breasts. At the right moment they will get into some variation of a scissors position so they can compete pussy to pussy. In addition, women stroke each other's pussy with their hands or fingers. There are times they get into a 69 pussy eating contest. There are other parts to a sexfight, but those are the most common.

Clique: Do sexfights contain any violence?

Monique: Generally there is very little or no violence at all during a sexfight. You need to understand that no matter how much the two women dislike each other they are going to become extremely intimate with one another during the competition. If you're going to become very intimate with one another you are probably not going to punch, slap, bite or scratch the other person during a contest of passion. This is different from a catfight which ends in face sitting. It's a contest of lovemaking skills. There may be some wrestling to see who gets top position. Normally however, the closest two women will get to violence is tangling their hands in each other's hair and doing some hair pulling. That actually turns some women on even more.

Clique: What happens to the loser of a sexfight?

Monique: Normally not too much. The winner may taunt the loser. If there was a bet then the loser must pay. That usually does not involve money. An example would be the loser sucking the winner's pussy. If it ends in a tie they'll make a decision to leave it or break the tie at some point. The loser may ask for a rematch.

Clique: Is there a lot of talking during a sexfight?

Monique: It depends. Sometimes there is a lot of talking which includes taunting or name-calling. Other times the only sound heard is moaning or gasping.

Clique: What is the sexual preference of the women who sexfight?

Monique: I would think the majority are either lesbians or bisexual. But I am also aware of women who are basically straight becoming involved. Sometimes it's a matter of curiosity and sexual preference does not play a part.

Clique: Is there any way of knowing how many women sexfight?

Monique: That number is pretty hard to measure. If you pay attention to men's very active imaginations then there are plenty. Whenever some men see two attractive women together they picture them sexfighting. However, if you take a block of 50 million women, and even go so low as to say one-tenth of one percent sexfight you still have a number in the thousands. If a few women will bungee jump, or get involved in a death defying extreme sport then there are women who will sexfight.

Clique: How can you tell if another woman will sexfight?

Monique: That can be tricky. Sometimes women will feel each other out verbally if it's someone they don't know. Sometimes the intervention of a third person will help determine the situation. I have been wrong both ways about some women. Women who I felt would do it wanted no parts of it. On the other hand, I would think that a woman was not interested and she turned out to be very willing.

Clique: Before I came to do this interview I did some research. On the Internet there are sites with sexfight stories, web sites which offer sexfight videotapes for sale, and a few web sites which offer live video downloads when a credit card is used. How accurate are these in portraying what actually happens?

Monique: To begin with most of the stories are written by men with great imaginations, and huge fantasies. Their stories sometimes have women doing things that are anatomically impossible. Most of the videotapes are scripted, but because of time constraints they edit out some of the things which would give a more accurate account. The better videotapes have a scripted storyline, but then let the two women go at it. I've never seen any of the downloads so I can't judge them. I would imagine they are also scripted because of time problems.

Clique: Am I safe in assuming the reason Paul selected you for this subject is that you have some experience with this type of sexual encounter?

Monique: I can't say that my life has included a steady diet of sexfights. However, I have had my share of sexually competitive encounters with women.

Clique: Would you care to share any of your experiences with our readers?

Monique: I will share one only because it was so unusual. I am close friends with a woman who owns a lingerie business. A few years ago she invited me to a lingerie party along with a few of her other friends. I arrived late on Friday night to see everyone else had already arrived, and there were a total of six women. After a few hours of trying on different outfits and drinking wine a friendly argument developed between two of the women about how to passionately kiss someone. It gradually became an argument over which one was the better kisser. The rest of us egged them on, and told them the only way to settle it was to get into a kissing contest. So they did right there in the middle of the room. They started passionately kissing each other, and then it became something else. They were down on the carpet going at each other in a sexfight. The other four of us started yelling and cheering them on. In a couple of minutes we realized that two of the women were cheering for one of the rivals, while the other two of us were encouraging the other woman to win. We suddenly realized that we had accidentally divided ourselves into two teams, and we started taunting each other over who was better. In the blink of an eye the four of us joined the two already down on the floor, and all of a sudden there were three sexfights going on at the same time, and a lingerie party became an orgy of sexfighting women. Now I would like to ask you a couple of questions.

Clique: Sure, go ahead.

Monique: Am I safe in assuming you will write an article to accompany this interview?

Clique: Yes, but I haven't decided what will actually go into the editorial portion.

Monique: Have you ever been involved in sexual competition with another woman?

Clique: No, I have experienced relationships with women on different occasions, but I have never been in a sexfight.

Monique: I don't believe you can write an accurate account of sexfighting without experiencing it first-hand. The depth of your article will only come after you have been part of it.

Clique: Are you suggesting that I find some woman, and invite her to sexfight so I can write a decent article?

Monique: Honey, I'm not only suggesting it, but I'm offering you the experience up close and personal.

At this point the interview was finished, and I looked at her to see if she was serious. By the look on her face I knew she had put me in a position where I had to either go at it with her or back down. I'm rather competitive so I immediately eliminated the thought of backing down. I thought to myself that the possibility was not altogether unpleasant. After all, I had been with women before, and she had basically told me during the interview that it did not involve any violence. So my answer to her came in the form of a smile and a nod of my head.

She stood up, took me by the hand, and led me to the bedroom. While we were walking together I decided the only thing I could do was to do to her whatever she did to me. It was probably the only way I could compete with her. Not that it made any differences at the time, but she looked a hell of a lot sexier than I did. She was wearing a tight black dress which looked like it was straight out of a fashion magazine. I only had on a decent sweater and skirt so I already lost the fashion contest. That didn't matter too much because I knew in a short time our clothes would be on the floor, but I made a mental note to try and dress better in the future.

We reached the bottom of the bed and she asked me if I was ready. I nodded my head, and she quickly slid her arms around me. She pulled me close to her, and closed her mouth to mine. As we started to kiss I thought to myself that kissing was one thing I did well. I put my arms around her, and our embrace became very passionate as our bodies mashed together while we kissed. She broke the kiss, and smiled at me. To show her I was not going to back down I pulled her head close to mine so we could kiss again.

We spent the next ten minutes kissing very passionately. Our tongues had their own little private duel and we took turns licking each other's lips, and sucking each other's tongues. I couldn't tell how she felt, but I was feeling very aroused. I knew if she did everything else as well as she kissed I was probably going to lose, but for some reason I didn't care. It was erotic as hell, and I knew we were just getting started.

We stopped kissing, and she started taking off her clothes. I did the same, and we did a quick inspection of each other. Neither of us was wearing a bra, nor were we wearing stockings. We had on almost identical black bikini briefs, and as we removed them we momentarily stared at each other's breasts. They were about the same size and her nipples were slightly larger than mine. We kicked off our sandals, and got on the bed on our knees facing each other. I noticed our bushes were the same dark color, and I wondered if below her bush her pussy was as wet as mine felt.

We came close together and once again started to kiss. This time it was a little different. She actually meowed at me, tangled her hands in my hair, and started to pull. I joined the battle, and in a few moments we were pulling each other's hair. I noticed she wasn't pulling real hard, and I guess I wasn't either, but I was getting more aroused. I had never been with another woman who pushed her breasts against mine, slid her thigh into my pussy, while at the same time pulling my hair.

She stopped hair pulling so I did too. Then she cupped my breasts, squeezed them and started to pull my nipples. Following my thought that I would do to her whatever she did to me I started pulling on her nipples too. We started grinding our nipples against one another and this went on for a few minutes. We both started to gasp and moan a little. Then the two of us put our arms around each other, and started banging our tits together. After doing this for awhile we started grinding them from side to side. At the same time she grabbed my ass with both hands so she could pull me closer and grind her thigh into my very wet pussy. I did the same and soon we had a rhythm going which I knew was going to take me over the top.

To try to keep this from happening I wrestled her down on the bed and we intertwined our legs. I tried to get the top position, but she was too strong. We started to kiss again, and I knew I was getting close to going off. Then for some reason she stopped and pushed me away. She told me she wanted to sit up and finish it pussy to pussy. So we sat up and placed our legs so we were in a scissors position. When our pussies came together the sensation caused me to moan loudly, and I knew it was only a matter of time. Up to that point she had been relatively quiet, but that changed when she told me she was the better woman and I was going to lose. Then she smiled, and told me that after I lost I was going to please her any way she wanted. I tried to sound confident when I answered, but I think she knew. We started grinding our pussies into each other, and in a few moments it was all over. With a loud squeal I went off, and the sensations racked my body as I fell back.

After a few minutes I had somewhat recovered, and she said to me "To the victor goes the spoils. Now I want you to get on all fours."

When I got on my hands and knees she said, "Now I get to pleasure myself on your beautiful ass." With that she got behind me, and moved her pussy up against my ass. She started to grind, and I could feel how wet her pussy was. She started to gasp and moan, and I realized she was using my ass to get off. It aroused me somewhat and I started to move my ass from side to side to get her off quicker. Our movements got so frenzied that we both fell to one side. However, she never lost her position and was still doing the same thing. Then she reached around with one hand, and started to stroke my pussy as fast as she could. I suddenly realized she might get me off twice before she even erupted once.

It was close. However, with a muffled cry, she reached a very intense orgasm. It couldn't have been more than 10 seconds later that I went off for the second time. As I was going off I turned over on top of her, and kissed her as passionately as I could. By that time we were both sobbing softly as a result of the most intense sexual encounter I could ever imagine.

As we lay side-by-side she said to me, "For someone who has never done this before you are very good. You have to learn to be a little more aggressive, and control your erotic feelings a little better. When you learn to do that you will begin to experience some success."

I looked at her, brushed her lips with mine, and replied, "What I need is a good teacher. Do you know where I can find one?"

She smiled, nodded her head, and said, "I would be more than happy to be your teacher for as long as you'd like."

With that we hugged, and began what I hoped would be a very long teacher-pupil relationship. This was the best interview I had never done.