And with that I joined the battle. We locked hands in each other's hair, and began to pull. We didn't pull hard, but we didn't pull easy either. It was a little more spirited than I expected, but we both enjoyed it because it was turning us both on even more. I think the presence of Michael had something to do with it. We were both becoming a little more competitive because he was watching. After a few minutes of hair pulling we managed to kiss at the same time. We showed Michael a little open mouth tongue kissing, and drove each other crazy at the same time.

"Now," Rachel said, "Let's find out how wet all this has gotten you."

With that she reached up under my skirt, and pushed her hand against my pussy. "Oh my," she exclaimed, "Aren’t we nice and wet?"

I moaned at the contact, the depth of her probing fingers slipping too easily into my dripping hole and I responded by going up under her skirt and sliding two fingers in and out of her equally wet love box. She gasped at my touch, and we started stroking in and out of each other's pussy. We matched each other in depth and rhythm. At this point we both sounded like we were in ecstasy, and with one hand still locked in each other's hair we pulled our heads close together so we could kiss. I'm not sure which one of us erupted first, but we both screamed into each other's mouth as we were kissing, and going off at the same time. We clutched each other tightly, and both of us fell to one side.

We lay there in each other's arms, holding tight until the sensations passed. It didn't take long, and as we looked at each other we both knew our night of passion was just beginning. Neither of us attempted to get the top position. We were satisfied with lying side-by-side. We entwined our stockinged legs together, pushed each other's skirt up and out of the way, and slowly began to thrust and push our thigh into each other's pussy. In a competitive display of self-control we lay side-by-side as we were humping each other, and propped ourselves up on one elbow and just looked intently into each other's eyes. It made no difference. After a few minutes we were humping each other so hard we had to clutch one another, and pull each other closer. Once again we started to kiss.

As we were grinding into each other we started to lick and kiss each other's neck, shoulder, and anything else we could reach. What took us over the edge is when our open mouths came together. Never before in my life had I ever run into anyone who produced the sensations I got when Rachel and I kissed, and I knew she felt the same way I did. As our tongues penetrated each other's mouth we could both feel our bodies stiffen, and then begin to shake as we erupted into a tumultuous orgasm. We kept kissing each other until the sensations passed, and then we lay quietly for a time.

Then we both got to our knees, and looked at each other in anticipation of what was going to happen next. Once again I glanced at Michael, and he looked like he died and went to heaven. I looked at Rachel, and said, "Lover, I think it's time we got under each other's skirts, and went pussy to pussy."

With a look of lust and anticipation in her eyes she replied, "I couldn't agree more. It's time we settled this one-way or another."

We sat back, opened our legs, and started to move closer together. We slid our right leg over each other's left, and lifted our skirts just high enough to allow our pussies to come together. We started slowly working our pussies into each other, but quickly increased our speed in a perfect rhythm. We leaned back on one hand so we could push harder, and brought our bodies closer together. With each thrust we moaned loudly at the contact, and the ecstasy having our pussies locked together brought to us. After a few minutes we started to talk to each other. Rachel said, "I love being up under your skirt. Come for me."

I replied, "I'd love to come for you baby as soon as you come for me. I want you to come for me, and put all that love juice in my pussy."

She leaned forward so we were very close together, and said, "You’re coming first, and then I'll come all over you and your skirt."

We were both so intense we locked our hands in each other's hair, and started to pull while at the same time pussy-fucking each other. It turned out we were both wrong. We both squealed loudly at the same time as pleasure sensations racked our bodies. We came all over each other, and clutched each other in our arms until the sensations passed. As they passed we began to tenderly kiss each other. It was a perfect ending to our love duel. We both lay back for a few minutes while we regained some composure.

I finally turned over, looked at Michael, and beckoned him to come over and lay between us. I don’t think I've ever seen a man get rid of his clothes so quickly. In a few moments he was naked, and came over to join us. I told him to lie on his back between us, and I admired his very erect cock. He was as ready as he would ever be, and I took quick advantage. I swung one leg over, and straddled him, gently lowering myself, and taking all of him up my pussy. I began to ride him while Rachel kissed him, and then came up to kiss me. After Michael went off I got off, and Rachel and I got him hard again by licking and kissing his dick. Then it was Rachel's turn, and she took him the same way I had. During the next hour we took turns pleasuring him in various positions.

When we were all through the three of us laid back to rest. Michael was between the two of us when Rachel surprised me by sitting up, and announcing to Michael, "Michael there are a couple of rules you're going to have to accept to make this a happy situation. First, whenever the three of us are together you will always make love to your wife first. Secondly, all three of us are aware of your extra curricular activities when you are on a trip. After all, it's how you hooked up with me. Now, it’s up to you what you do away from home. But, if you ever come home and utter one syllable about your escapades you'll be sleeping alone while Ashley and I enjoy each other's company. Michael looked a little bewildered at what Rachel said, and he turned to look at me. I said, "Don't look at me. After all it was your idea that I get to know Rachel. He smiled, and finally replied, "I can live with that."

After a few minutes of talking Michael laid back, closed his eyes, and went to sleep. I told Rachel that once he closed his eyes a bomb going off would not wake him up. We got up, and walked into the other bedroom. I went into the bathroom, and turned on the shower. We got in together, and let the warm water relax us for a few minutes. After we both soaped up, washed each other's hair, and rinsed off Rachel looked at me, and said, "You were fantastic tonight. Every time I think you can't be more sensual you are. Tonight was magic."

I hugged her, and whispered in her ear, "Lover, if it's magical it's because of the two of us together. And Michael was pretty good too."

She nodded her agreement, and all of a sudden we were doing more then just hugging. After all we had done tonight I don't know where the energy came from, but all of a sudden it was passion all over again. We kissed, grabbed each other’s ass with both hands, pushed a thigh into each other's pussy, and started to rock back and forth. Rachel moaned, and whispered, "You beautiful bitch, fuck me hot and hard."

I pulled her out of the shower, pushed her down on the bed, and did just what she asked. We were like two horny sluts who hadn't had sex in weeks. We attacked each other with wild abandon. When we were through we didn't need towels to dry off. Our incredible heat did it for us. I have no idea what time it was, but we finally fell asleep in each other's arms.

Three days later Rachel moved in with us, and she has been with us ever since. When she first moved in we had some adjusting to do. Michael moved to a small room which became his office, and Rachel and I shared a larger room as our office. We all still had professions we were trying to successfully develop. As time passed Michael was happy to play the part of a man with a small harem, although I must admit he treated us equally and fairly.

Rachel and I developed an uncanny sexual relationship. Without any words we both seemed to know when our lovemaking needed to be gentle and tender. We also knew when to be catty and bitchy, and try to dominate each other sexually.

One night about six months after she moved in Rachel and I took Michael to the airport for a two- night trip. Usually only one of us drove him to the airport. We were both going because we wanted to go to dinner afterward. We both dressed to kill that night. Rachel was wearing a hot purple, form fitting, and low cut dress. I was wearing an equally sexy bright red number. We stopped at a nice restaurant, and could feel everyone’s eyes on us as we walked to our table. After dinner and a few drinks we left for home feeling as though we had given all the men a nice show.

By the time we got home it was late, and we were a little tired. We went into the bedroom, took off our heels and stockings, and laid down to next each other on the bed. All of a sudden Rachel turned over, and got on top of me. I smiled, and asked, "Are you going to ravish me and make me happy?"

She answered, "That comes later. Right now I have something I need to tell you. When I'm finished telling you what I'm going to say you don't have to answer me. I swore after my divorce I would never again say this to anyone. But I've spent all day working up my courage so here goes. I love you. I've been in love with you for a long time, but I could never bring myself to say it. It's more then just the great sex we have. I've never felt this close to anyone in my life. I adore Michael, but I love you. You don't have to answer me. You don't have to say any…"

I stopped her by putting my hand over her mouth. "Are you going to let me talk?" I asked. She nodded her head, and I continued, "I love you too. I've been in love with you since the first day we were together. We had a great sexfight that lasted for hours, but that isn't what I'm talking about. After we woke up that night we talked for hours, and I felt like I had a soul mate. I never told you how I felt because I was afraid I would scare you away, and I was afraid to lose you."

We started to cry, and kiss each other at the same time. I'm not even sure I can describe the kisses. They were tender and gentle, and they were hard and passionate. We knew what kissing each other was going to do. It was always an instant turn on. We reaffirmed our love for each other, and although we never needed a reason to make love we told each other we were going to consummate our feelings since it was the first time we had said them out loud to each other. We kept our dresses on because we loved to take each other on when we were dressed up and sexy. We removed each other's panties, wrapped our legs up together, and started to grind our bodies together.

I said, "I've been hot for you ever since you put on that purple dress today. When you told me you loved me it just made me want you more."

She ran her tongue over my lips, and replied, "When I knew I was going to tell you about my feelings I put on this purple dress just for you. I love your red dress because it turns me on just as much as I turn you on. I want us to go off together, and as it happens we can tell each other how much we are in love."

I started to tease her by saying, "Oh no, we can't go off together. I have to show you how much I love you by getting you off first." She took the bait, and told me, "In that case I’ll show you how much I love you by getting you off first. You are so turned on I think I can get you off just by kissing you a few times."

We began a contest neither one of us wanted to win because we wanted to make it last and last. We started to roll from side to side. Neither of us was trying to get on top but the rolling moved our weight firmly into each other as we partially turned over. We tried to keep from kissing each other because we knew that would get us aroused even further, but it didn't work. We worked our tongues together, and began to passionately kiss. We knew we were going to go off together, and in a trembling voice Rachel said, "Kiss me when we come, and then tell me you love me."

I did as she asked because I wanted the same thing too. As we went over the edge we moaned, and said, "I love you" over and over. I don't remember how much longer we went at it that night, but it was a night to remember.

As months went by Rachel and I expanded Michael's taste in sexy outfits. We still entertained him in sexy slips, but we added many things over a period of time. He loved our catfight/sexfights, and we did too. We didn't do them so often they would become boring, and two or three times a month seemed about right. We competed for him as sexy nurses in white uniforms, as cheerleaders, French maids, lingerie models in baby dolls, harem girls, dominatrix types in vinyl and leather who both wanted Michael as a slave, and that old standby-completely naked. We even spread open a large piece of clear plastic on the floor, covered each other in oil, and did some sexual oil wrestling. The problem with that one was we aroused Michael so much he just couldn't stay away too long.

One of his favorites was to have us go at each other in schoolgirl outfits. We dressed up in short plaid skirts which were worn as part of a uniform by girls in many area schools. We added short sleeve white blouses, white socks, and flat brown shoes. We put our hair up on both sides, and added glasses with clear lenses. We would stand in front of him on the floor and go through the following:

Me: "You bitch! Why are you trying to steal my boyfriend?"

Rachel: "Slut, he isn't your boyfriend. He's with me now."

Me: "You little whore! The only reason he's with you is you let him play with your titties."

Rachel: "You’re just jealous. Mine are bigger and better then yours."

Me: "Like hell they are. Prove it!"

We would then remove our own blouses, and taunt each other over who had the better breasts. At that point we would come together, and start a delicious tit fight. We would have a nipple duel, bang our breasts into each other, and mash them together. All the while this was going on each of us would claim to be sexually superior to the other. To make it a typical schoolgirl fight we would also do a fair share of hair pulling, exchange a few slaps and eventually wrestled each other to the floor. Once on the floor we gave in to our lustful urges and tried to fuck each other into submission.

It was easy to see why our version of a schoolgirl catfight/sexfight turned Michael on. Hell, it really turned the two of us on. But then they all turned us on. Michael would get down on the floor with us and the three of us would have great sex. More often than not after Michael went to bed Rachel and I would continue the competition in the other bedroom. Because of the type of competition, which never contained more than make-believe catfighting, Rachel and I loved to compete sexually. We would get up under each other's skirts, and drive each other crazy. My guess is most schoolgirls never competed with each other the way we did.

Michael was still taking as many trips as he ever did, and while he was away Rachel and I had some sexual encounters we never showed him. After all, women should have some secrets from their men. One I won't tell you about, but I'll tell you what we called them. We called them our dildo love fights. Maybe someday in another story I'll describe them for you, but not today.

The other one I'll describe for you. First of all, you need to understand that very tall beautiful women who at one time were models have some strong thoughts about their legs. They are long, shapely, and very sexy. Rachel and I, in addition to having back-to-back desks with computers in our office had a long narrow table where we could lay out our work if necessary. We were sitting and working at that table one afternoon when I felt her leg rubbing up against mine. We had gone clothes shopping that morning, and were still somewhat dressed up. This meant, among other things, we still had our stockings on.

When she started to rub one leg against mine I looked over at her to see what she wanted. She said, "You know, we get along pretty well, and I hate to be critical, but I have noticed you seem to be wearing your dresses and skirts a little shorter lately. Are you trying to show off your legs?"

I replied, "What if I am? I have great legs. Do you have a problem with that?"

She shook her head, and answered, "Well I think your legs are okay, but I think mine are sexier and stronger.

We spent the next few minutes discussing whose legs were sexier and stronger. I knew where this was going, and I was beginning to get aroused thinking about it. Rachel suggested we go in the bedroom, and settle it one way or another. I was more than up to the challenge. We walked into the bedroom, and stripped down to our stockings. I was wearing black thigh tops and Rachel was wearing white. We got on the bed, and lay down on our sides, and faced each other only a few inches apart. I said, “Baby, if you wanted to wrap your legs around mine all you had to do was ask.”

She answered, “Lover, I’m going to do more than that. My legs are going to make yours melt.

We lightly entwined our legs, and started to rub them together. After rubbing for a few minutes Rachel suggested a little leg wrestling. I agreed, and we moved around so we were lying on our backs ass to ass with our legs straight up in the air. We locked our left legs together, and tried to force one another’s leg down ala arm wrestling only this was with our legs. She won the left leg and I won with the right leg. Then we entwined both legs, and tried to force each other first one way and then the other. We kept this up for a few minutes to no avail. We separated our legs, and sat up facing each other.

I decided on a new tactic, and started to rub my right foot up the inside of her left leg toward her pussy. I rubbed back and forth for a while, and she joined me. We slowly moved our feet closer to each other’s crotch. We looked at each other intently as if we were daring one another to go further. I matched Rachel move for move. As she pushed her stocking covered foot up against my bush I started to rub her bush. She raised her foot, and started to rub it against one of my breasts. I returned the favor and pushed a little harder. We were both starting to get very aroused. We bent our knees and moved a little closer to each other. We had both spread our legs wider apart, and our pussies became inviting targets. At the same moment we slid our big toe as deeply as we could into one another’s wet pussy. Neither of us could stand it any longer, and we each grabbed the other’s foot and pulled it deeper into our own pussy. We worked it back and forth until we both went off gasping and moaning.

We moved forward into each other’s arms, and shared some tender kisses. I told her I had never done that with anyone before, and added, “Lover you were close. You told me you were going to melt my legs. Instead you melted my pussy. I’ll lock legs with you any time.

As we moved forward to share those tender kisses I noticed two things. First, as we moved we had each placed our right leg over one another ones left, and were in a scissors position. I got even closer, and we wrapped our right legs around one another’s back. The second thing I noticed was a look of carnal lust on Rachel's face. In a low voice she said, "I have never done that before either. I love what your legs do to me. We keep inventing something new with each other, but now I want something old."

I knew what she wanted, and I wanted the same thing. We wrapped our arms around each other, and pulled each other as close together as we could. Our pussies were now locked together. We moved our lips so they were almost touching, and started to tongue fight. "I couldn't get you to go off first before, but you're going off first now." I said.

We started to thrust our pussies into each other, and I could feel how wet both of us were. Rachel pushed me down on my back, shifted her position a little, and mounted my pussy with hers. A she started to fuck me she reached down, and pulled on my nipples. That did it. With a scream I erupted into an intense orgasm. As my body was being racked by sensations I pushed my pussy up as hard as I could. That did it, and she went off too. She came down to lie on top of me, and gently kissed me, saying, "I couldn't win the leg fight, but I got you off first this time."

As I said before, our leg fighting was on a short list of sexual competitions we kept to ourselves. We had a number of leg fights, but Michael never saw any of them. We had enough things with which to entertain Michael. Speaking of entertaining Michael I want to note here that our normal sex lives with him never brought on any kind of jealousy. There were nights when only one of us was sleeping with him, and nights we both slept with him. There were also many nights when he slept alone for one reason or another mostly having to do with work. Rachel and I never kept anything from one another, and the three of us were completely open about our relationships. Michael obviously knew how Rachel and I felt about each other.

There were other times when Rachel and I were competitive which bear telling. One night when Michael was away Rachel and I were sitting in the living room, and both of us were reading. She was reading the latest issue of Playboy, and commented to me on a question some guy sent in to the Advisor. This man was married to a woman he could get off just by kissing her, and playing with her breasts. The way he said it made his question sound like he was complaining, and the Advisor gave a ' you've got to be kidding' answer. Rachel read it to me, and then said, "That has to be really stupid. How can a man complain about something like that?” I shrugged my shoulders, and she continued, "You know, we have a hot chemistry when we kiss. I'll bet if one of our kissing fights lasted long enough I could get you off."

I shook my head, and answered, "I know we're hot when we kiss, but I don't think you could get me off just by kissing me. On the other hand I've seen how you react when we kiss, and I think I'd get you off first."

We talked about it for awhile, and naturally decided to try it. But we had to figure out how to do it without any other part of our bodies touching each other.  I thought of a way, and we went into the bedroom to get ready. We agreed to strip, get on the bed, and put a line of pillows between us from our feet up to our shoulders. We also agreed that the only place we could use our hands would be each other's hair, and we could just pull hard enough to keep our mouths locked together.

We each applied a fresh coat of lipstick, and got down and ready to begin. It was a little weird coming together with pillows between us, but I figured if she could do it I could do it too. We brought our hands up to each other's hair, pulled our heads close together, and began to kiss. For the next fifteen minutes we both tried everything we had ever done to each other while we were kissing. We started out gentle, but it didn't take long to get turned on enough to become really passionate in our little duel. We licked each other's lips, sucked on each other's tongue, and had a long tongue fight. We were both very aroused, and breathing hard, but neither one of us could get the other to go off with just our kisses. After about 15 minutes we broke apart, and agreed to rest for a minute. I told Rachel that I didn’t ever remember us kissing that long before and she agreed. I also told her it was a record that needed to be broken soon, and she nodded her head vigorously concurring with that too.

I knew my pussy was wet, and I suspected hers was too. The next step in our passion fight would be to remove the pillows protecting our breasts. We wanted to see if either of us was like the girl described in Playboy, and could go off with a combination of kissing and loving each other's breasts. This was not going to be one of our breastling matches. As much as we loved them we knew we were not going to get each other off with a breast fight. So we sat side-by-side facing opposite directions, leaned to the right and started to kiss again. As we kissed we brought one hand up, and began to squeeze, pull, and pinch one another's breasts. Then, by agreement, we lowered our head, and started to lick, kiss, and suck each other's nipples. We had done this before, but not for very long. Now we were willing to go as long as it to look to have one of us reach an orgasm.

Well, great thoughts don't always produce great results. We were loving what we were doing to each other, but we went for a long time without anyone going off. So, I decided to cheat. I reached down, pushed the last pillow away, and while I was still kissing and sucking Rachel's breasts I quickly inserted two fingers into her wet pussy. As I started to stroke she squealed, and yelled at me for cheating, but she had no choice. She did the same thing to me, but I had a head start. In a very few minutes she moaned loudly, and went off. While she was still feeling the sensations she turned, looked at me, and said, "You cheated you bitch!"

However, she gave herself away because she had a big smile on her face. It took her a split-second to retaliate. She lowered her head, and attacked my pussy with her tongue. I had been pretty hot before that, and her going off got me even hotter. So it didn't take long for me to scream out in ecstasy. We had proved one thing with our little contest. Kissing and breast fighting really turned us on, but to go all the way it looked like we needed to get to each other's pussy.

We stayed where we were for a few minutes, and then Rachel said, "I have an idea. We get so passionate with each other, especially when we're competing, there may be a way we can do this. Hell, even if it doesn't work we'll have fun. First, we have to wait an hour to make sure we are turned off, and starting from scratch. Then we will put on very short tight skirts. This is so you can't cheat again, and reach my pussy."

I agreed, and suggested we pass the time by sharing some wine. I thought it would make us relaxed, and a little mellow. After all, I reasoned, it couldn't hurt. When one-hour had passed we met, as agreed, on Michael's bed wearing short, tight, and very sexy skirts. They made us look hot and sexy. They did, however, accomplish their purpose. We might have looked good, but neither one of us could reach the other's pussy. We both had applied some perfume, and fresh lipstick, so when we met in the middle of the bed our scents mixed. Rachel brought with her a couple of interesting things. She had a container of oil which we applied to each other's breasts. I immediately realized it would make us feel very erotic, the same way we felt when we were oil wrestling. The second item was a long strand of pearls. I had no idea how they were going to be used, but I soon found out.

Rachel purred like a kitten, "Baby, you're going to love this. This will be the best tit fight we've ever had, and the best part is I‘m not only going to get you off without touching your pussy, but you're going to beg me to make you come first."

I whispered my answer in her ear, "Lover, you know how much I love you, but when we compete I always want you to lose and be my love slave. It makes me feel good when I get you to scream first, and tonight when we're through I'm going to make you rip off my skirt, and suck my pussy. You were so good doing that this afternoon that I want it again."

This time there were no preliminaries. There was no such thing as starting slow, and working into a good rhythm. We mashed our breasts together, opened our mouths, and began a tongue fight. The oil made our breasts slide back and forth, and felt so erotic we began to gasp and moan. We each put one hand behind the other's head, and pulled in so our mouths were locked together. This went on for some time, then Rachel stopped, grabbed the string of pearls, and put them on. She then took one part of the string in each hand, and placed both parts between our breasts. This time when we brought our breasts together there were pearls between them. She sighed, and said unevenly, "You always love it when my tits fuck your tits. How does it feel with my oil, and my pearls fucking you at the same time? I think you're getting ready to erupt. Come for me baby!"

I tried to fight it, but I was having trouble controlling myself. I can't even describe what the combination of the oil and the pearls were doing to me. But I thought whatever they were doing to me they had to be doing the same thing to Rachel. When we rubbed our breasts together the pearls were causing wonderful sensations. I decided to stop fighting it, and go with it. Fortunately for me Rachel was feeling as aroused as I was. I screeched out “Oh God!” and started to go off. At the same time Rachel loudly squealed and moaned as she too was erupting. As we clutched each other tightly I remember thinking to myself that we had found a way to get each other off without touching our pussies. Not only that we went off together. It was fantastic.

We fell over on the bed holding each other. We whispered thoughts of love to each other, and told each other how hot and sexy we both were. We shared many tender kisses, and of course after a few minutes the tender kisses turned into something else. We unzipped each other's skirt, pulled it down, and both of us shared in the fruits of victory.

Before I go any further, one thing I want to make clear is how well the three of us got along with one another. This is not to say we never argued. However, we developed a system for settling disagreements. Whenever two of us couldn’t settle an argument, the third person acted as a mediator.

By 1996 all three of us had reached a high level of success within our individual careers. My designs were being used in many home centers and catalogs. Rachel had published a number of short love stories, and had been given the opportunity to write a book of short stories. Michael found that as the Internet grew so did his business. Internet security became extremely important to many businesses. Michael was able to hire some people to place in different parts of the country, and as a result did not have to take quite as many trips. The result of all our success was the building of a custom home in a very nice section outside of Chicago.

Included in our new house were three huge bedrooms which were lined up next to each other, and gave us each a feeling of having our own room. Rachel had a large office next to her bedroom, and I had a similar office next to mine. Michael's bedroom was between ours, and his office was in front of the house. We also had a fully equipped exercise room along with an indoor-outdoor swimming pool. The house was on a huge lot, and Rachel and I found a common interest in flower gardening. We had the latest in computer equipment, and our computers were all networked together within the house. After our neighbors got used to us, and our weird lifestyle they not only accepted us, but some of them became close friends of ours.

As time went by Rachel and I learned to use the computers for a purpose other than that which they were designed. Let me explain. A couple of things happened at the same time. First, Michael was away for six days. On the day he left, Rachel and I both found out we were facing deadlines in our respective businesses, and neither one of us was ready. So we spent four days working our butts off to get our work ready. I needed designs, and she had to finish one of her short stories. As a result we only saw each other at mealtimes, and when one of us was ready to go to sleep at night the other was still up working. Finally on the fourth night we both finished, faxed our work in, and went to sleep exhausted.

The next day I got up, had breakfast, and left to do some shopping before Rachel was up and about. When I got home I went to my bedroom, took off my dress, and was standing in front of my mirror brushing my hair when one of the girls who worked for our cleaning service walked in the room. I had gotten to know her a little since they started, and she was a cute 23-year-old Latino girl named Rita who was soon getting married. I stopped brushing my hair, and we talked for awhile. She really admired the slip I was wearing, and wanted to know where she could buy one like it. Rachel walked by, saw that we were talking, and did not interrupt.

A few minutes later the cleaning service left, and I heard a tone from my computer indicating I had an e-mail. My e-mail was from Rachel, and I had to smile at what she had written, "You slut! I saw you in there trying to seduce that girl. You looked like you wanted her to put her head right up under your slip, and eat your pussy. I wish I was in there wearing my slip. She would have picked me over you in a heartbeat."

I answered, "No one would pick you over me. Why don't you face it? I am much hotter, and sexier in a slip than you'll ever be."

I'm sure you've heard of phone sex. We use our computers to send e-mail sex back and fourth to each other. She challenged me, and I accepted. We spent almost 20 minutes sending messages back and forth. We threatened one another as to what we would do to each other sexually. It really got personal, and I found myself wondering if she was getting as aroused as I was. Both of us had sex with Michael the night before he left, but we hadn't touched each other in almost five days, and my guess was both of us were very horny. I don't think we had ever gone that long without any lovemaking. We agreed to wear nothing else but slips, and meet on Michael's bed.

I got there first, and when Rachel walked in she had a wild look in her eyes. I was kneeling on the bed, and she quickly walked over to join me. Each of us was wearing one of our sexy nylon slips. I was in a silver and black one, and she was in a hot pink one. I promptly found out how aroused and horny we both were. We came together on the bed, and quickly locked our hands in each other's hair. We were screaming like two women in a real catfight, and pulling each other all over the bed. When we weren't screaming we were calling each other names. I don't know who started it, but we both dropped one hand down, and started to pull and rip each other's slip.

We attacked each other’s slip with both hands, and it became a clothes-ripping fight. We ripped and pulled whatever we could reach, and with each new tear we were screaming filthy names at each other. Oddly enough, with all the wild and spirited action neither of us was really hurting the other one, but if you heard the sounds you would have thought we were killing each other. When both of our breasts became exposed we concentrated on attacking them. We grabbed, pulled, squeezed, and pinched nipples. We were still screaming at each other when I decided to stop the yelling. I reached around Rachel, and pulled her hard into me. In a few seconds we were mashing our tits together in an erotic bear hug.

We started to kiss very passionately, and our tongues attacked each other. This went on for almost five minutes. Then I surprised her by throwing her down on the bed. I then attacked her breasts with my mouth by kissing, licking, chewing lightly on her nipple, and then pulling on it with my teeth. She swiveled her body around so she could assault my breasts the same way I was attacking hers. We were starting to gasp and moan at the pleasure we were bringing to each other. We finally pulled apart, and slightly out of breath we sat up side-by-side facing in opposite directions. I took my right hand, put it behind Rachel’s back, and pulled her closer telling her I wanted to tongue fight some more. She nodded her head, and at the same time, put her right hand behind my back, reached up to grab my hair, and pulled me toward her.

We started sucking on each other's tongue, and lightly tugging on each other's hair. I wanted to try something different, but wasn't sure what to do. When we finally moved our mouths apart I stole a glance down, and knew what to do. I grabbed a loose piece of Rachel slip, moved it into her pussy, started stroking, and asked her, "Lover, how does it feel to get fucked by your own slip?"

She squealed, and replied breathlessly, "You bitch! I love it! It feels so damn good. I want you to feel that good."

With that she grabbed part of my slip, and did the same thing to me. I moaned as we each spread our legs further apart to make it easier. I loved the feel of nylon on my body, but it was nothing compared to the way it felt going in and out of my pussy. We were both past the point of no return, and after two or three minutes of intense stroking we started to explode. Rachel erupted first and I soon followed. As we went off we brought our mouths together in an erotic kiss. We held onto each other, and expressed our love over and over until the sensations passed.

We laid back side-by-side, and relaxed. Soon Rachel sat up, looked over at me, and told me how fantastic that felt. "You know," she said, "When I walked past the bedroom today and saw you with that girl I wasn't jealous. I knew nothing was going on, but I was so hot for you I wanted to come in and jump you. Sometimes I don't think you really know how sexy you are. I can't get enough of you. I guess you know we found something else to drive each other crazy with. Maybe we should start buying slips by the dozen."

I looked up at her sitting there with only a few pieces of slip left on her body, and pulled her down on top of me. I teased, "You should have come in to the bedroom today to jump me. We would have given her one hell of a show. I'm glad you think I'm sexy, and it really makes me hot to know you want to jump me. We just competed very passionately. Now I think you should make love to me passionately."

We began to kiss, and I wrapped my legs around her waist so I could pull her closer. She started to grind her breasts into mine, and began a slow rhythmic thrusting into my body. I whispered to her, "Kiss me hard when I come."

She felt so good I went off in just a few minutes. Then I told her to turn over so I could do it to her. We made love for the rest of the afternoon. When we were finished we cleaned everything up, and went out to dinner. After dinner we went to a lingerie shop in the mall, and bought each other slips to replace the ones we ripped up that afternoon. We also purchased some colorful, but inexpensive ones because we knew what one of our new activities was going to be.

As time went by the three of us grew to enjoy our existence together even more. The late 1990s brought a new development into our lives. That new development was Viagra. Michael didn't need it, but like a lot of men he took it from time to time because it made our sexual activities together last longer. Even Rachel and I tried it. We would cut one, and each take half. We enjoyed the effect it had on us.

But our relationship with Viagra almost caused us a large problem. In May 2001 we made plans to celebrate Rachel's 10th anniversary with us. Rachel and I were approaching thirty-nine years of age, and we both prided ourselves in the fact we could still wear the same size we had worn 10 years earlier. The main reason for that was our dedicated use of all the equipment in our exercise room along with watching our diet. With that in mind we went out, and purchased special dresses we were going to use at our 10th anniversary party.

As part of our plan we were going to go to a fancy restaurant to have dinner on a Tuesday night. On the Saturday before that we did our shopping. Our dresses really weren't dresses at all. They were floor-length gowns in a satin-like material. They hugged our bodies, showing every curve, and were almost backless. They were low cut in the front, and were held up by two very thin spaghetti straps which tied behind our necks. In order to give us room to walk there were long slits up the sides. The dresses looked exactly alike with one major difference. My dress was gold in color while Rachel's was silver. We spent almost four hundred dollars apiece on them, which in a way was a shame because at the end of the evening we were going to rip and tear them from each other's body.

On Saturday night both Rachel and I, after a session of catfighting nurses, had great sex with Michael. When we were through I gave him some details of our planned celebration. I told him it would take place over two nights, both Monday and Tuesday. He was already aware of Tuesday night’s dinner, and the activities which would take place after we got home from the restaurant. He was surprised at what I told him about Monday night. I explained to him that Rachel and I would act out any catfight/sexfight of his choosing Monday night. He smiled, and said he would think about which one, and let us know sometime Monday. He didn't smile when I told him there would be no sex of any kind on Sunday night. I explained that I wanted him really horny Monday night, and the best way to ensure that would be to do without sex Sunday or Monday. He grudgingly accepted my terms.

Monday evening came around, and Michael still hadn't said what he would like Rachel and I to do that night. Then after dinner he said something to both of us which was really surprising. He wanted a sexfight we hadn't tried before. He told us he dropped the water level in the indoor pool to slightly below five feet. He wanted us to tangle with each other in the water which he said was now at breast level. He laughed and chidingly said, "Of course you'll have to wait one hour after dinner before you go in the water."

He added a point we had already figured out. There couldn't be a lot of catfighting or we would drown each other. I looked at Rachel, and didn't quite know what to think. Michael had sex with both of us at separate times in the pool, but Rachel and I had done nothing more in the pool than swim together. We didn't use the pool as much as Michael, but we were getting excited at the prospect of doing something entirely new. At 9:00 the three of us went to the pool, and I made sure the vertical blinds were closed so the entire neighborhood wouldn't get a free show. Naturally all three of us were completely naked.

Rachel and I jumped in from opposite sides, and in order to get used to the water we swam from side to side a few times. Michael was right about the depth of the water. Our nipples were right at water level. Rachel and I walked toward her each other. We had both figured out that the buoyancy of the water was going to allow us to do things we couldn't do out of the water. We had already decided before we jumped in not to pull each other's hair. She smiled, and said softly, "I love you, but I'm going to make you come all over the pool."

I replied, "Baby, I love you too, and I don't mind telling you then I don't care if you make me come all over the pool. But you need to understand just that I'm going to be the second one squealing here tonight."

We kind of circled each other trying to fake each other out when I grabbed her by one wrist, and spun her around. When she had her back to me I reached around with both hands, and started to squeeze her breasts. She answered by reaching down and back with one hand, and started to finger my pussy. I let go, and pushed her away. We splashed each other a few times, and then brought our bodies together. We did some nipple rubbing, and started to kiss. We took turns putting our tongues deep into each other's mouth. Water or no water we were both really starting to get turned on. The water allowed us to easily stand on one foot, and slide our other thigh between each other's legs and pressed it into one another's pussy.

We grabbed each other's ass with both hands and pulled each other closer. We started to basically stand there and fuck each other. It didn't take long before it got fast and furious. As we kissed we were moaning into each other's mouth. We seemed to both squeal and erupt at the same time. Later we would have a good-natured argument over who went off first. We shivered against each other until the sensations past.

At one end of the pool we had a Jacuzzi built in, and I took Rachel by the hand leading her to that corner. Before we got there I told her what I wanted. One end of the Jacuzzi had benches facing each other. The two of us sat across from each other on two of the benches which were about two feet under the surface. The buoyancy of the water allowed us to easily push off with both hands, and it was almost like we were floating. We extended our legs around each other, and we were in the same kind of scissors position we would have had on a bed or on the floor. As we pushed with our hands our pussies were grinding into each other.

Since our hands were busy gripping the benches we couldn't reach each other to do anything. We tried to make up for it by taunting each other over who had the best pussy, and who was going to scream in ecstasy first. I looked over at Michael, and he was a very interested spectator. I noticed his cock was standing at attention. Seeing that motivated me, and I moved a little faster against Rachel. She picked up her speed too, and soon we were both feeling so aroused we couldn't talk. Each of us was gasping and moaning loudly. Rachel was close to going off, and pleaded with me to go off with her so we could come together. Happily I did, and we both squealed at the same time. I quickly let go of the bench, and moved over to her so we could hug and kiss.

Michael waited a few minutes, and then jumped into the water with us. He was still following the rule made many years before by Rachel, and grabbed me first. The three of us had great sex that night in the pool. It was a great beginning to our anniversary celebration.

Tuesday morning Rachel and I went to get our hair done. We both had our hair put up so that night when we were dressed up in our gowns we would look very sophisticated and upper crust. We had 8 p.m. reservations at the country club. For business purposes Michael had been a member for a number of years, but for Rachel and I it was our first visit. As we walked across the floor in the main dining room I could feel everyone's eyes on us. For people who didn't know, and that was most of them, it obviously looked unusual for one man to walk in with two gorgeous blondes.

We had a few drinks before dinner, and afterward we had a few more drinks after dessert. Part of our appetizer had been Viagra for all three of us. For the first time Rachel and I did not split one. We each took a whole Viagra. Although we didn't know it at the time we had made a very bad decision. After a three-hour stay at the country club we headed for home. Michael was aware of how we were going to spend the rest of the night. Rachel and I had planned one of the best catfight/sexfights Michael had ever seen. Unfortunately, that's not quite how it all worked out.

We started off normally enough. With Michael watching we began to get catty with each other, and accused one another of being the worst kind of whore. Then, as we pushed each other, the whole complexion changed. The catfight became real as we pulled hair, slapped one another, and started to rip the gowns from each other's body. Michael didn't realize it, but the fight was real. Pulling hair, and ripping clothes we made a real mess out of each other. When we tripped, and went to the floor we got even worse. As we rolled around we were still slapping, tearing at clothes, cursing and screaming.

When it came time for the sexual part of our fight we were just as bad. Our tit fight was anything but gentle. We slammed our breasts together as if we could knock them off each other's body. As we bear-hugged we brought our mouths together in a savage kiss. We rammed our tongues together, and in spite of the real fight I began to feel erotic. Then we got in a scissors position, and started to grind our pussies together. Believe it or not as we were grinding our pussies we were still screaming at each other, and threw in the occasional slap.

After a few minutes we both had a screaming orgasm. It barely slowed us down. We took a few seconds to catch our breath, and went at it again. We were pulling each other's hair when Michael realized we were fighting for real. He came over, and as a result of all his time with weights in the exercise room, picked me up as though I weighed only ten pounds and threw me on the bed. He came toward me to begin having sex, and I screamed at him, "Take me all you want, but don't touch that whore tonight."

Rachel heard that, jumped up, and tried to get at me on the bed. Michael grabbed her, threw her down on the other end of the bed near the headboard, and shook his finger at her telling her not to move. She glared at him, but did as she was told. Michael then came to me, and took me for the first time. When he was finished with me he moved to the other end, and took his turn with Rachel. Michael went back and forth between the two of us for quite some time. When he was finished he told both of us to go to our rooms. Rachel and I glared at each other, but ultimately we went to our own bedrooms.

I took off what was left of my clothes, and lay down on the bed naked. In spite of all the exercise I wasn't sleepy, and it took almost an hour for me to calm down. A little more than an hour had passed, and the hallway door to my bedroom slowly opened. It was Rachel, as naked as I was, and I heard this tiny voice ask, "Are you awake?"

I said that I was, and when she came over to the bed I could see she was in tears. In between her sobs she said, "I am so sorry. I love you. I would never hurt you."

When she was close to the bed, and I could see her in the low light I replied, "It's all right baby. I'm sorry too. I love you, and I would never hurt you either."

I held out my arms, she came to me on the bed, and we embraced. By this time we were both crying. We spent the next few minutes saying over and over again how sorry we were. When we were able to stop crying she asked me what happened, and why we ended up so violent. I told her I thought it was the Viagra, and she said, "But we have used Viagra before."

I answered, "Yes we have, but first of all we only used half a pill before. Tonight we took a whole one which shouldn't have been a problem, except we had five or six drinks with it. In the past the most we've had with our Viagra was a little wine. I'm guessing we learned the hard way you can't drink a lot when you take Viagra. We became two she-cats in heat who both wanted the same thing."

We spent the next few minutes just quietly talking, and examining each other’s bumps and bruises. We had done quite a job on one another, but nothing looked serious. I told her we would probably be okay the next day. After a little while she whispered, “May I kiss you?”

I looked at her, and whispered back, “Lover, since when do you have to ask?” In a halting voice she said, “I didn’t know if you still loved me.”

We both started crying again. A few minutes later we had sufficiently calmed down. She put her arms around me, drew me close, and we shared a long tender open mouth kiss. When we broke apart Rachel smiled and said, “I’ve never tasted you this way before. You’re all salty from the tears. You taste good this way. How do you like it?”

I quietly answered, “I don’t know. I’ll have to try a few more samples before I decide. Can you help me out here?”

She knew what I wanted. We locked our bodies together, put our arms around each other, and started to kiss. A few minutes went by, and our kissing produced the usual effect. We were both getting turned on, and having our tongues do a little dance together aroused us even more. Rachel leaned over, and whispered in my ear, "My pussy would like to kiss and make up with your pussy."

I squeezed her a little harder, and replied in a soft voice, "That sounds like a great idea, and then my titties can kiss and make up with your titties.”

She moved around, and we slid into a scissors position. We brought our bodies together, and started to slowly grind our wet pussies together. We were moving slowly for a couple of reasons. First, we were a little sore in places, and there are times slow passionate love is great for us. I moved even closer to her so each of us could feel our nipples and breasts moving into one another. We began tongue kissing again, and a few moments later Rachel threw back her head, moaned in ecstasy, and exclaimed, ‘Oh God! I can feel my clit rubbing yours.”

I clutched her even tighter, told her how good it felt, and gasped, “I know baby. I feel it too. Make me scream.”

In a few seconds we both erupted in the best orgasm we’d had in a long time. We sat there, and our bodies shook with sensations as we brought our open mouths together and loudly moaned. We shifted around so we were in each other’s arms, and shared expressions of love. As I reached back to turn off the light I saw Michael standing in the doorway between our rooms. He smiled, and quietly closed the door as he left. I told Rachel he had been watching, and she said that we should charge him for putting on a great show. I laughed as we wrapped our arms around each other, and went to sleep.

The next day Rachel and I expected Michael to say something about what happened the night before, but he stayed silent. He left the house for a couple of hours, but even after he got back he said nothing except some conversation about his latest project. Dinner came and went, and he still made no reference to either one of us about last night’s problems. In the meantime Rachel and I used the hot tub extensively to get rid of any remaining aches and pains. Around 9:00 the three of us were sitting and watching TV when Michael got up and left the room for a time.

When he returned Michael asked us to join him in his bedroom. He asked us to sit down on his bed so he could talk to us. He normally didn't say a whole lot about any particular subject so as Rachel and I sat down we did not expect what we heard from him. He looked fairly serious as he got started, and in a soft voice he said, "I can remember the first time I came home from a trip, and saw the two of you waiting together as I walked in the bedroom. Ashley told me you were going to fight for me, not over me, and hoped I knew the difference. And for the last ten years that's the way it's been, except last night there was a big change. Now I know the two of you have a theory why last night turned out the way it did. You think it was a combination of a lot of alcohol and Viagra that made you fight the way you did.

The first thought I have about that is that if either of you knew how to fight you would have inflicted some serious damage on one another. The second thing that comes to mind is I do like the way you two kissed and made up. You know I don't like it when you two fight like that, and I'm sure you're not crazy about it either. In a lot of ways I feel blessed, not only because I have two beautiful women who both love me, but also because you get along so well and love each other. You have a unique balance in your relationship with each other because at times you're very competitive with each other, but until last night I thought either of you would die before trying to hurt one another. Last night was obviously different, and I tend to agree with you that it was the combination of all drinks and the Viagra you took.

However, I'm not 100 percent sure, and I would really like to make sure there won't be any future problems. So I did something tonight I will never do again, but it will answer my questions. You see, tonight at dinner when I got each of us an iced tea there was more in the glass than just ice and tea. We each had a full Viagra pill with our drink. I know it’s sneaky, and you can get mad at me later. However, I did it for a reason, and with a little thought you'll figure it out. I need to know, to coin your phrase, whether you're going to fight for me or over me. I hope it’s the way it has always been.

You will each find on your bed a box. I want you to put on what ever you find, add matching high heels, and lipstick. When you're ready come back in here.”

Rachel and I both knew why Michael was doing this, and neither of us was angry with him. I was really curious what was in the box because Michael very seldom tried to buy either of us anything to wear. When I opened the box I was both pleased and surprised at what I found. To begin with there was a bright red satin miniskirt which was very short. There was also a matching long sleeve top with a very low cut V-shaped design. It was so sheer it was almost transparent. He had included light red thigh top stockings. The outfit proved, if nothing else, Michael had lost none of his imagination. I did as he asked, and put on a fresh coat of lipstick while adding red heels to complete the outfit. On the way out I stopped for a moment, and looked in my mirror. I decided it was the kind of outfit that most women would not wear in public, but I loved it. Neither Rachel nor I had anything like it, and that in itself would make it interesting.

When I walked back into Michael's bedroom Rachel was already there, and as I suspected we were identically dressed. We were all in a quiet frame of mind because, as you probably know, Viagra does not make you feel aroused. However, once anyone becomes aroused Viagra will help in every imaginable way. Michael was sitting on a chair near the bed with a smug look on his face. I teased him about drugging us, and then getting us seductively dressed for his pleasure. Rachel joined in, but her attention seemed to be focused on me. "I like the way you look," she said.

I replied, "I'm glad you like the way I look since we are dressed alike. I like the way you look too, but with the red miniskirt and the red stockings we look like a couple of cheap hookers ready to fight over a trick. I'd love to take you on."

She happily nodded her head, and without any further preliminaries we walked right into each other. As we closed together we locked our hands in each other’s hair. I didn’t look over at Michael, but I had a feeling he was looking closely to see how serious it would get. We tugged vigorously, but not hard and it did what it was supposed to do. We were both very turned on. Rachel stood on one leg, and wrapped the other one around me. She used her weight, and we toppled onto the bed. As soon we were on the bed we started rolling back and forth grinding our bodies together. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and pulled my head down. We started to kiss, and as we nibbled on each other's ear she whispered, "You slut! I love you, but I'm going to make you scream first."

She squealed as I bit her ear, and I whispered back, "I love you too you cunt. I'll be more than happy to scream first if you can make me go off. Fuck me hard."

By this time we had our legs wrapped up together, and we were thrusting our wet pussies into each other. She was right. I screamed first, but she wasn't too far behind me. We kept tongue-kissing each other until the sensations passed. All of a sudden I felt myself being lifted up from the back. Michael had joined us and turned me around so he could kiss me. He told me to make Rachel happy, and I knew what he meant and what he was going to do. I bent over, and spread Rachel's legs apart so I could suck her pussy while Michael took me doggy style. It didn’t take long for all three of us to go off. Then Rachel and I changed places, and we did it all over again.

We were about to rest for a moment when the unthinkable happened. Actually, it was unthinkable for Michael. As I’ve said on many occasions Michael has a successful computer and Internet security business. A security breach can cost a business thousands of dollars. Each one of his customers in the Chicago area has an emergency telephone number to call if a serious problem occurs. This call is received on a beeper Michael always keeps very close to him. At that moment when the three of us were involved with each other sexually his beeper went off. It was the first time his beeper went off that late at night. He had no choice but to answer the call. The result was that he had to go out to a business almost an hour's drive away. Needless to say he was very unhappy, but he was too well paid, and too conscientious to ignore it.

Rachel waited until he was gone and then stated an obvious fact, "I'll bet he's really pissed. He's going to walk around for hours ready for something that's not going to happen. Lover, I hope we're not going to let all this Viagra go to waste?"

I smiled, and shook my head. We stood and looked at each other for a moment. Then we put our arms around each other, and kissed each other like two lovers who hadn't seen each other in months. It lasted a long time, and felt sexy as hell. When we finally broke apart we were breathing heavily. Rachel took a step back, and started to take off her top. She teased, "I'll just leave this little satin miniskirt on. It always gets you hot and wet when you can get up under my skirt."

I stuck my tongue out, slipped off my top. and answered, "Look who's talking. You love being able to push my skirt out of the way so you can take me on. We should play our game ‘Sexual Competition For Women.’ We haven’t done that for a while. Are you up for it?"

She nodded her head, and I took her to my room so we could play. This was another activity which Rachel and I kept from Michael. This wasn't his kind of game anyhow. The game itself was simple to play. Each woman had a deck of cards which only contained aces through tens. Each woman shuffled the other woman's deck. Then it was played just like war. Each woman turned over one card, and the high card won. In addition there were two stacks of penalty cards. There was one stack for the woman who won the turn of the card, and another stack for ties. With only aces through tens there were going to be a lot of ties. There was also a battery-operated timer with settings at five minutes and ten minutes. The penalty cards told the players how long to continue the activity listed on the card. This game was different in that it relied more on luck rather than just sexual prowess.

We set a small table next to the bed to put the game on, and got started. We drew the first card, and Rachel won with a queen against my ten. She drew the penalty card, and a big smile appeared on her face. She handed it to me so I could read it. After setting the timer at five minutes she moved behind me, kissed me on the neck, and began fondling my breasts. She jiggled, squeezed and pulled gently on them. She played with my nipples, and then moved around in front of me. She pushed me down on my back, and started to use her mouth on my tits. She bit me, kissed me, and sucked on my nipples. I was really starting to get turned on when the timer buzzed.

We went back to our starting position on our knees to draw the next card. This time I beat her king to queen. I drew the card, handed it to her, and set the timer at five minutes. I drew the same card she had, and questioned her as to whether she put the used card back on the top instead of the bottom. She said no and I checked only to find she was right. Two consecutive cards were worded the same, and neither of us had picked up on it before. So I spent five minutes doing the same thing to her she had done to me. In a way we were even, and I enjoyed making her squirm the same way I had.

Both of us were getting very aroused. Between the Viagra, what happened before Michael left, and the game we were playing things were heating up. We were at the point where we were kissing before we turned over a card, after we turned over a card, and before we started the penalty. We turned over another card, and I won jack to ten. I loved what I was going to do to Rachel. I had ten minutes to use her beautiful ass to please myself. We decided to do it standing up. She leaned over, and put her hands on the bed. I got behind her, lifted her skirt and mine, and started to grind my pussy against her ass. I said breathlessly, "You're right. I love to get up under your skirt and fuck your ass."

She answered, "Bitch!" It didn't take ten minutes. I don't think it even took five. I started to come, pushed her down on the bed, rolled her over, and kissed her as I was erupting. I don't know how long it took before I calmed down, but I finally opened my eyes and saw Rachel smiling at me. I got up, and pulled her up to her knees so we were looking at each other. We started to tongue kiss, and it went on for some time until she pulled away and told me she wanted a chance to get even.

So we went back to the game. We each turned over a card, and this time she won. After we both read the penalty card she laid on her back, pulled up her skirt and waited for me to get started. I cupped my breast, and pushed it into her waiting pussy. I started to slide it back and forth, and the faster I did it the more she moaned. I didn't need ten minutes for her either. She went off less than half way through, crying out almost as if she were in pain. After a few moments I slid up, and she kissed and sucked the breast which made her happy.

We lay there for a few minutes tenderly kissing and caressing each other. We were probably getting a little tired, but the Viagra kept us at a high level of arousal. We agreed to play one more card before we stopped, at least for a while. This time we both drew an ace. Rachel reached for a penalty card, read it, and threw it away. Before I could stop her she drew three or four more cards before she stopped and handed one to me. It was obviously the one she wanted.

She had a look of pure lust on her face, and I knew why. It said to set the timer at five minutes, and to grind our breasts together for that amount of time. Then, with no time limit, it told the players to get in a scissors position, and stay there until both were satisfied. We locked together and had our five-minute breastling match. Then we got into our very familiar scissors position, and started to pussy fuck each other. Probably at some point in the ten years we were together Rachel and I felt hotter, wetter, or more erotic, but I don't remember when. We were passionately kissing when we both reached a tremendous orgasm which seemed to go on forever.

After we recovered enough to talk she gasped, "I guess we both really do love it under each other's skirt. I love you.” I kissed her and replied. “I love you too, especially when we compete.”

We lay back for a while to relax, and get ourselves together. A few minutes later when we sat up and faced each other I noticed she seemed to have tears in her eyes. What I asked her what was wrong she told me she couldn't get the fight we had last night out of her mind. We were still in a scissors position so we were really close and I put my arms around her, and whispered, "Lover, I don't even think about that. I just remember the two of us crying together later on, and our pussies kissing and making up. Besides, think about it. We had Viagra tonight without all those drinks, and look what happened. We've had one of the greatest nights we've ever had. Now, pull my hair, kiss me, and let's see who has the hottest pussy.”

She did, we did and we’ve been doing it now for more than ten years. So there you have my story. I’ve tried to hit the highlights, and I know there has been some repetition, but I think I’ve given you a good picture of my life to this point. I also, as I told you, left a few things out, but I’ve included an awful lot. I hope you enjoyed reading my personal adventure story.