My name is Ashley. My last name doesn't matter because we will probably never meet. However, I think it's safe to say you will remember my story. I'll warn you ahead of time it’s a fairly long story so get nice and comfortable before you begin. For you, it is an odyssey through more than ten years of my life.

First, let me tell you a little bit about myself. This story starts in 1991 when I am 28 years old, and have been married to a guy named Michael for three years. It's a good marriage, although not great (I'll discuss that part later), and I have a nice job as an interior designer working out of an office in our home. On the personal side I can say without any exaggeration that a number of people consider me a very beautiful woman. I have shoulder length wavy honey blonde hair, am tall at a little over 6’2” in heels, and part of my past includes a little modeling.

My husband Michael has a theory about attractive women which I am sure is shared by many men. He says if a very attractive woman is completely naked she is beautiful, and if she does sensuous things with her body she can drive a man crazy with lust and desire. However, he thinks a woman is only sexy if she has clothes on, and he will admit he has a fondness for sexy women. Toward that end he has a rather unusual fetish for this day and age. He is really turned on by a woman wearing a slip. I guess I should be thankful. He could go nuts over something really expensive, and he does like other lingerie and sexy dresses. But his big thing is a woman's slip, and sexy stockings.

In the beginning I was a little surprised at his choice. Many women today don't even wear a full slip, and only occasionally wear a half-slip. However, I quickly learned how to please him with a steady supply of many different styles and colors of slips and stockings, and ended up really pleasing myself because I like the way the nylon or satin feels against my body. It's a real turn on for both of us.

Earlier I mentioned we did not have a great marriage. Now let me explain. Early on in our relationship before it got very serious we both indicated a belief that our connection with each other could only improve if we occasionally had intimate contact with other people. We carried that lifestyle into our marriage, and although we agreed never to discuss with each other any relationship we had with anyone else, this idea of achieving satisfaction with other partners had continued during our marriage. We weren’t swingers who got involved with other couples or became part a swinger’s club. What we did was done on an individual basis, and always away from each other. Still I was sure that in our own way we really loved one another.

The problem was I was no longer sure I wanted to continue our marriage that way. There were any number of reasons for that. Michael, in developing his new computer related security business, was away quite often on trips ranging from 2 days to a week, and I was sure that's when he was having his one-night stands or brief affairs. In the beginning I went on many of his trips with him, and of course, when we traveled together he was always very attentive to me. However, I was trying to develop my own business, and really needed to stay home to work on it. As a result I went on fewer and fewer trips with him. I guess I should have been happy he never seemed to fool around with anyone locally. He as much as told me he would never do anything near our home in suburban Chicago. Michael also had an office in our home, and since he did a lot of his work twenty feet away from me where I could see him most of the time I guess I believed him about not fooling around with anyone else near home.

My problem with my personal approach to this lifestyle was twofold. First, no matter where I went the only men who I seemed to appeal to were short guys who came across as if having sex with a tall beautiful woman was a right of passage. I know this sounds petty, but I've gotten to the point where short guys just automatically turned me off. Fortunately Michael, at 6’3”, never had that problem with me. The other problem was Michael himself. When he was home we had a great life together and I was actually falling more in love with the bum. I didn't want to share him, but didn't know how to try to change what we were both doing.

I was very discrete with my own adventures, quite often going to exclusive clubs many miles away to show I would also follow Michael's rule about not doing anything close to home. I got to the point where I started looking exclusively for women. I guess I figured if I wasn't with a man I really wasn't cheating. I didn't have much more luck with the gentle sex so I guess it was my sometimes half-hearted approach. I did enjoy one particular escapade. One time when Michael was away I took a friend late in the day to catch a plane at O'Hare airport. After she left I went to one of the small bars in the airport to have a drink. I met a beautiful stewardess from somewhere in Europe. After a few drinks loosened her up she told me she usually did not fly to the States. She usually flew from her base in Germany to Asia because, as she put it, she loved the taste of Asian women. I told her I tasted just as good as any woman she ever had. She gave me a look of pure lust, and told me to come up to her room and prove it. I did, and enjoyed it more than I ever expected. After she fell asleep I left, knowing even if I wanted to, I'd never see her again.

I was feeling pretty good the next day when Michael came home. I picked him up at the airport, and then took him home where we had great sex. One thing I always enjoyed about Michael's homecomings was whether he was gone for one day or a week we had very passionate reunions.

A month later Michael discussed something with me which would change both of our lives forever. He had been spending most of his time in the Chicago area working on getting a contract for computer security with a large firm. So when he was gone it was usually for only part of one day. The problem was I had a feeling that not all of his time was being spent on business. I couldn't prove it, but I had a sixth sense Michael had found someone he enjoyed being with.

In the early '90s most people in Michael's line of business had to write their own computer security programs to fit a client’s needs. Late one Monday night I walked past Michael's office, and saw that he was working on a project due to be presented the following day in another city. Normally when he is working like that I will leave him alone, and just keep going. However, Michael stopped what he was doing, and asked me to come in and sit down. He said he had something he wanted to talk to me about.

When I was seated he told me he had been seeing someone who lived locally, and he wanted to describe the situation so I would fully understand. I looked at him to see if he was serious, and when I decided he was I asked him, "Are you in love with this person?"

He quickly answered, "Not at all, but I'd really like to tell you about her."

Michael had never lied to me, and so for the time being I believed him when he said he was not in love with her. I went from being greatly relieved to very angry in the blink of an eye. I said, "You broke two rules we've always had. First, neither of us was to ever be involved with anyone who lived close to us. Secondly, we agreed a long time ago never to discuss with each other anything we did outside our marriage. Now you not only break your word, but you expect me to sit here and listen while you talk about her. How flexible do you think I am?"

He responded, "I know what I have done disregards all the parameters we set for ourselves in the past. I'll tell you more about the first part later, but I did not set out to have a fling with a woman who lived so close. For now just take my word for it that it is very unusual, but nothing I set out to do. As far as my discussing with you what she is like I would never do it unless there was something very unusual about her."

"Michael," I said, "We have known each other for a long time. What makes you think I want to sit here, and listen to you describe a woman you've been sleeping with? I don't care how unusual you think she is. This is really ridiculous on your part, and I'm not sure I want to discuss it any further."

I got up to leave the room, and on the way out I heard Michael's words, "Okay, but remember I know you. Whether you'll admit it or not your curiosity will get the best of you. I was not going to give you a blow-by-blow account of the way things happened. I would not insult you that way. I just thought you would find it interesting if I told you that she not only looks a lot like you, but likes to dress the same way with an emphasis on slips."

I answered, "Maybe you're right. On the other hand maybe this is your idea of getting to do one of your fantasies. I know you've had a fantasy for long time about a threesome. This wouldn't be what you're trying to do is it?"

Michael shook his head. "I never thought of that, believe it or not," he said, and continued "Just think about it while I'm away. I still think you'd like to meet her."

Well he was right. I went back to my office to do some more work, and ended up wondering what she was like. I thought she must be special for Michael to even bring her up. Than I did something I had never done before. After Michael went to sleep I went into his wallet, and sure enough there was a piece of paper in there. It had her name (Rachel), address, phone number, and e-mail address listed. Back in the early '90s the Internet was not yet well developed, but e-mail was working almost everywhere. I copied the note, put it back, and then climbed into bed with Michael.

The next morning, as usual, I took him to the airport to make his flight. He seemed to sense I didn't want to talk about it, and so he didn't bring it up. After I got home, and thought about it for a while I sent Rachel an e-mail. It said, "Dear Rachel: My name is Ashley, and I believe you know who I am. It is my understanding that you have been fucking my husband, and for some reason he believes we should get to know each other. I'd be interested in knowing your opinion about that."

About two hours later I got an answer. It read, "Dear Ashley: In a way I'm both surprised, and not surprised to hear from you, but knowing how Michael thinks I guess it's not unexpected. I believe I would enjoy meeting you for a number of reasons. I think you'll agree we would both like to see what the opposition looks like."

We spent the rest of the day trading e-mails, and ended up agreeing to meet for lunch the following day at 1:00. We also agreed on a few details which would more clearly satisfy both of our curiosities. I spent the rest of the day working on designs, but couldn't help thinking about her, and Michael more and more.

The next day while getting ready to meet her I very carefully selected what I was going to wear. I knew she was going to dress to the teeth, and I made sure I would be up to that challenge. We had agreed whoever got there first would ask for the table in my name, and as it turned out I arrived before she did. A few minutes later I saw her come in, and from across the room I knew why Michael made the comments he had. As I stood up to greet her I saw she was just as tall as I am. She had long golden blond hair which was in a lot of tiny little curls, and as I extended my hand I could see Michael had not exaggerated when he said we had a lot in common -- at least physically. When she got closer to me, and reached to take my hand we both unashamedly looked each other up-and-down as if we were picking out meat at the local market. She had done the same thing I had, and wore a very sexy skintight outfit. We probably stood there a little longer then we should have, and I finally motioned her to sit down.

She told me she was delighted to meet me because Michael had spoken a lot to her about me. "Before we get started," she said, "I want you to know something. Michael loves you very much, but I think he enjoys my being part of his life too."

I replied, "I'm glad to know you think my husband loves me, but the question is will I ever accept you and what you represent. I'm not sure we will get that settled today."

We then, as we had agreed, exchanged some details about each other. It turned out we were not only the same height, but within two pounds of the same weight, had almost the same measurements (including a 34D bust), and were the same age with birthdays only one month apart.

After ordering lunch she looked at me, and questioned, "Is the reason we are here today to set up a place and time to catfight over Michael?"

I quickly answered, "Of course not, for two reasons. First of all I am not a violent person. I'm not sure I would even know how to fight. Secondly, I'm not sure this is entirely about Michael, as much as it is about the two of us."

Rachel seemed to be relieved, and answered, "I'm glad you're not violent because I'm the same way. I think the last time I was in a fight was one I had when I was ten years old with my brother. My mother broke it up, and taught me never to fight."

She also agreed with my thought about the situation being more about us then Michael. I then told her about the agreement Michael and I had concerning any extramarital activities, and the fact we had agreed never to be intimate with anyone who lived close to us. I wondered how she became involved with Michael when she only lived a half-hour away. She told me she had actually met Michael at a convention in New York, and it wasn't until the last day she told him where she lived. It was not something she did on purpose. It had just worked out that way. She said he was a little upset when he found out, but eventually he stopped being angry about the situation. She went on to say they had been seeing each other for a little over a month.

I thanked her for being honest, and then we were quiet for a while as we finished lunch. She then referred to the one thing we both seemed to have in common during our intimate times with Michael. That, of course, was the way we both liked to arouse him with various slip and stocking combinations. She said, "Lets be honest about it. We are each wondering what the other looks like using this approach to getting Michael aroused."

I nodded my head in agreement, and wondered aloud how she happened to take that approach. She told me she had done some modeling to help herself through college, and much of that modeling involved lingerie. She didn't use slips very much, but happened to take a few on her trip to New York. When Michael saw her put one on one night it turned him on, and everything went from there. Understanding how his mind works I told Rachel I could picture that happening just a she described it.

We stared at each other for a few moments, and then she got a kind of evil grin on her face, and said, "I have an idea if you're up to it. Why don't you pick out some of Michael's favorite outfits, and bring them over to my place tomorrow. I'll do the same thing, and then we can do what we would really like to do, model them for each other, and get as catty as we'd like. Who knows how things will turn out?"

I smiled right back, and replied, "I'll be more than happy to take that challenge. I'd love to."

We negotiated for a while, and settled on 3 as the number of outfits we would wear. This would include two full slip combinations along with one half-slip. We agreed to model Michael's favorite outfits. We agreed on a few other details, and finished up. Neither one of us had any illusions about what was really going to happen. We were going to go beyond just modeling sexy slips for each other. We both knew this was going to be a test that would determine which one of us was the better woman. As we left Rachel surprised me, and leaned over and lightly brushed her lips against mine. She smiled and told me she was looking forward to our little "friendly" competition. I agreed, and we both left for home.

After I got home I tried to do some design work. However, I couldn't think about anything except Rachel, and what was going to happen tomorrow. I finally gave up the pretense, and gave my total concentration to Rachel. I had to admit she was a very beautiful woman, and I knew why Michael made the comments about her to me. From the neck down she was my clone, and I knew we even resembled each other facially. The resemblance was so strong we could have been closely related, and I knew what attracted her to Michael. In many ways she was me.

The next day I spent a lot of time picking out the outfits I would wear. Obviously I wanted to look my best. It took a little willpower on my part, but I was purposely a little late when I arrived at Rachel's apartment. I was wearing a pair of shorts, and a tank top when I rang her doorbell a few minutes after four p.m. I was carrying everything I would need in a small overnight bag. When she answered the door she was dressed just as casually as I was, wearing shorts and a halter-top. She greeted me just as if I were an old friend who she had known for years. She stepped back to let me in, and as I passed her reached over and lightly brushed my lips with hers. That was twice within twenty-four hours she had lightly kissed me, and I briefly wondered if it was an attempt to intimidate me. It seemed as though she were taking the whole situation a little too casually.

She gave me a brief tour of her apartment, and then took me by the hand and led me down a hallway to her bedroom. She indicated I could get changed in the bathroom right next to the bedroom while she would use the bathroom which was part of the bedroom suite. According to the rules we had set up the first outfit each of us would wear would be our third favorite combination. She went over, and turned on some music which came from her stereo system. She then turned to me, asked me if I was ready, and indicated it was time to get started.

As I went to get changed she made the comment, "I have to be honest. I didn't get much sleep last night thinking about this. You have no idea how much I have been looking forward to this. I have been looking forward to seeing the woman who seems to excite Michael as much as you do."

I replied, "I guess great minds do really think alike because you just echoed my last twenty-four hours."

We then proceeded to get changed. I selected an emerald green full slip with sexy black mesh stockings, black high heels, and walked back into the bedroom. Rachel was already there waiting for me. She was wearing a powder blue slip with nude stockings, and high heels. We slowly walked toward each other, and did the same things we had done as models years before. Neither of us made any comment while we slowly spun around, and gave each other a full view. She smiled, and said, "I can see both of us exciting Michael looking like this. The question is which one of us would excite him more?"

I smiled, and replied, "My guess is each one of us is sure we are the one. How would you choose?"

"Maybe,” she said, "The mirror will tell us."

She had a wide floor-length mirror. We both walked over to it, and stood back-to-back, all the while looking at our silhouette, and looking each other up-and-down. We moved slightly so our asses touched, and leaned back a little so that we were in full body contact back-to-back. I resisted the temptation to grind my ass a little against hers. I was beginning to feel very aroused, and I could tell by the look on her face she was feeling the same way. "Perhaps we can make a decision after we change." I said.

She nodded her agreement, and we reluctantly moved apart to get changed into ensemble number two. I was proud of my self-control as I started to change into the full slip that Michael liked best. It was rose colored with a black lace bottom, and designs in black across the top. I put on nude silk stockings, and even higher spiked heels. This time I got back to the bedroom first, and waited for Rachel to appear. When she did she was wearing a red body hugging slip which combined with her nude colored stockings, and red heels made her really look hot. We slowly walked closer together until we were only a few feet apart. We stared at each other with a look of pure lust and jealousy all rolled into one, and then she surprised me by beckoning me to come closer.

She said, "I think we have reached a point where we should really get better acquainted. There is nothing like close personal contact between two people. You can learn a lot that way. Dance with me."

We quickly closed the short distance between us, and slid our arms around each other. There was no question about what was going on. Our little contest had graduated to the next level. As we drew each other closer our breasts mashed together, and even through the material of two slips I could feel her firm nipples, and I was sure she could feel mine. I slipped my right leg between both of her legs, and she did the same. We were moving slowly to the music, and grinding our bodies together. All this time we were staring intently into each other's eyes. This went on for about five minutes, and I was beginning to feel very erotic. I knew she was too, and I and asked her, "Are you learning everything you wanted to?"

She smiled, and replied, "Yes, but there is so much more to learn. Don't you agree?"

I nodded my agreement, and moved so we were cheek to cheek. I whispered to her that we could keep dancing or put on outfit number three, and give each other the excitement we really wanted. "After all," I said, "We are really here to test each other, aren't we?"

She nodded her agreement, and after we pressed even tighter against each other for a few seconds we broke apart. We moved to our respective changing rooms, and put on our third and last outfit. We had agreed the third combination would include a half-slip. My half-slip was black satin, and looked more like a mini-skirt than a slip. It flared out, and went less than half way to my knees. The only thing which told you it was a slip, and not a skirt was there were several stripes running vertically which were transparent. I added my sexiest thigh-top black silk stockings, and black spiked heels. Before going out I added a fresh coat of lipstick, and ran a comb through my hair. I was ready, and walked in.

As I walked into the room I stopped, and looked at Rachel in shock. She looked at me, and had the same surprised look on her face. We were totally and completely dressed exactly alike. We stood and looked at each other in silence for a few moments. I spoke first, "Well, I guess we both use the same catalog don't we?

She nodded, and replied, "I guess it’s only fitting that we dress alike. It's the fairest way to compare. I would be lying if I said anything other than how really hot and sexy you look. Besides, if I criticized you I’d be criticizing myself.”

I replied, “Thank you. I feel the same way about how you look. As I said yesterday this isn’t about Michael as much as it is about us. You are going to be a very beautiful love slave for me.”

Rachael responded, “That’s funny. I had the same thought about you.”

We moved slowly toward each other, and stopped a few feet apart near the bottom of the bed. The sexual tension was building, and was about to boil over. I felt this would be a sexual confrontation we would both remember for a long time. I could see her nipples were very firm and erect, and I knew mine were too without even looking at them. This time when our breasts came together there would not be anything between them.

I moved to close the distance between us, and so did she. We slowly brought our breasts together, with first our nipples touching, and then our full breasts. We both slightly gasped at the contact. Then we stopped, and looked deeply into each other's blue eyes. I slowly brought both hands up, and locked them into her hair, saying, "I'm sure you know Michael believes if you pull a woman's hair a little while becoming passionate it heightens her senses, and she becomes even more aroused."

Rachel locked her hands in my hair, and answered, "Of course I do. Lets find out how right he is."

If this had been a catfight we would have immediately started pulling each other's hair. But it wasn't, and we both pulled just hard enough to bring our faces together and started to passionately kiss each other. Our mouths melted into each other, and our tongues danced together. Our first kiss was going to be one to remember. It felt like a shot of electricity ran through my body, and took my senses to a whole new level.

When we finally broke apart we were both gasping, and I knew it affected her the same way it had me. We let go of each other’s hair. Then I slowly pushed my right breast into her left one, and she pushed back. I then swung my other breast into hers, and in a few moments we were swiveling the upper part of our bodies so our tits could have their own private little battle. Then I wrapped my arms around her, and pulled her close to me. She did the same, and we found ourselves in a mutual bear hug. As we squeezed our breasts together we once again started to kiss. We became more aggressive with our kissing, biting each other's lips, and lightly clamping down our teeth on each other's tongue. When we broke the kiss we stepped back a little, and we each cupped our own breasts, and started to rub back and forth just touching our nipples. As we had our own nipple fight we gazed deeply into each other's eyes.

We moved closer again, and apparently both had the same idea. I put all my weight on my left leg, and tried to move my right thigh up under her slip to push against her pussy. For a few seconds it worked until she tried doing the same thing. We started to lose our balance, and I pushed until she fell back on the bed. As she was going down she grabbed me, and took me down with her. With both of our bodies completely on the bed we took a few seconds to kick off our shoes. You can do a lot of damage with spiked heels, and neither one of us wanted that. In a couple of seconds we grappled with each other, and wrestled back and forth trying to control one another. Eventually we ended up side-by-side with our legs thoroughly entwined, and we pushed each other's slip up and out of the way.

I'm not sure I can describe how aroused I felt, but as I looked in Rachel’s eyes I saw the same statement of pure lust that I'm sure I had. With our arms around each other, and our legs wrapped up together we started to grind and thrust our pussies into each other. We started to come, and clutched each other even tighter. As we went off we kissed each other deeply. We held onto each other until the sensations passed. I knew we were just getting started.

Up until that point neither of us had said a word to the other. The only sounds were the gasping, moaning, and squealing from the two of us. That was about to change. She pulled back a little, looked at me and said, "I hope you're not too tired from that. I'm just getting started with you."

I smiled, and replied, "I'd be very disappointed if we were finished. After all, a good test has many parts, especially if you know exactly what you want."

"Oh, I know exactly what I want," she said, "I want to possess you."

I responded, "Lover, in order to do that you will have to win, and I don't think you can."

Having said that I reached around her with both hands, grabbed her ass, and pulled her into me. I kissed her, and then got to my knees. I pulled her up to face me, and when we both had our balance I started to grind my body against hers. She took the challenge, and answered with her body the same way. "My, my” she said, "Somebody's pussy is all wet. Who could that be?"

I replied, "That's just my love honey you feel. I hope you like it because soon it'll be all over you. Besides, don't talk about me. You're gushing."

"In that case," she said, "We should put them together to see who the wettest will be."

I nodded in agreement, and let go of her. We both sat back on the bed, pulled our slips up, and moved toward each other. Each of us slid our right leg over the other's left, moved closer, and got into a perfect scissors position. When our pussies came in full contact with each other we both gasped at the pleasure. We slowly started to grind our wet pussies together. At this point we taunted each other as to who was going to go off first. It got wild, and we moved our bodies closer together while we pussy-fucked each other. First, we kissed. Then we separated a little so we could pull each other's nipples. As we got closer to coming we even pulled each other's hair a little. It must have looked wild with two women pulling each other's hair at the same time they were fucking each other. I have no idea who went off first, but within a few seconds of each other we both had a screaming, moaning, and gasping orgasm. We collapsed, and lay there waiting for the tremors and sensations to pass.

When they passed, and we settled down a little she swung her body around moving on top of me. She looked into my eyes and said, "That was wild, but why don't we make it really interesting. I believe I can take anything you do to me as long as I get to try the same thing with you. Do you accept my challenge?"

I nodded my head, and we began a sexual version of ‘can you top this’. It was a throwback to the old hit song "Hit me with your best shot." The idea was no matter what each of us did to the other no one would resist. I had never done anything like that before, but I felt I could outdo her with anything sexual, and I'm sure she felt the same way.

I began by rolling over so I was on top of her. I sat up, and sat on top of her resting in a straddle on her stomach. I reached down, and began to play with her breasts. I squeezed, jiggled, and pulled on them while at the same time lightly pinching her nipples. She reached up, and did the same thing to my breasts. We did this for a while, and when it began to turn us on I leaned forward, bent down, and kissed her. I brought my legs together behind me until I was laying flat on top of her. She opened her legs, and wrapped them around my waist. She began to moan as I started to lick her lips, and slide my tongue into her mouth while at the same time grinding my pussy into hers.

She began to taunt me by saying, "Come on lover. Is that the best you can do?"

I responded by quickly wiggling my body from side to side so my pubic bone was grinding into her pussy. She began to moan, and I could tell by the way she was wiggling her legs around my waist she was getting ready to come. I went a little faster, while at the same time licking and kissing her throat. That did it. With a loud squeal, along with some bucking and thrashing she went off. She held me even more tightly until the sensations passed.

She pushed me away, and rolled over on top of me. Just as we had it scripted I wrapped my legs around her waist, and said, "All right baby let's see if you fuck as well as I do."

She smiled, and mashed her breasts into mine. Then she started rubbing my bush with hers. She seemed to sense going bush to bush would really turn me on. We began to tongue kiss, and she started slowly grinding into my pussy the same way I had done hers. It didn't take long before I went off the same way she had.

By way of taking a break we lay side-by-side, and talked dirty to each other. Each of us tried to convince the other we were the best woman, and continued to taunt each other saying we would dominate each other sexually. Then we grabbed one another by the hair, and pulled each other close so we could have a kissing duel. For a few minutes I kissed her as passionately as I had ever kissed anyone, and she kissed back the same way. It wasn't long before we were both aroused, and were ready for the next round.

I turned her over on her stomach, and with one hand pulled her hair while with the other I pushed her slip up over her ass. I mounted her ass, and started to grind my pussy into one of her cheeks. As I rubbed against her I whispered loudly, "How does it feel to have another woman rub her wet pussy all over your ass?"

She smiled and replied, "I guess it just shows how much you love my ass. Let me help."

With that she arched, and pushed her ass up into my pussy. Between her pushing, and my grinding it didn't take long for me to go off. I can't even describe the feeling as I grabbed her around the waist, and went off with a squeal, and series of long moans. I felt as though I were dominating her sexually, and used her body to satisfy my deepest desires. When I could catch my breath I told her so in no uncertain terms.

She said, "That's nice, but it's my turn now baby."

With that she grabbed me, and rolled me over putting me in the same position I had put her. She pushed my slip out of the way, grabbed my hair, and mounted me. When she started grinding her pussy into my ass I could feel how wet she was. She whispered into my ear, "You are going to enjoy being whipped by my pussy."

To try and get it over with a little faster I tried the same thing she did. I arched my ass up into her pussy, and started to wiggle. I had to admit it felt very erotic, and I could hear her gasping with pleasure as she was getting ready to go off. When she did she quickly grabbed me, then turned me over so she could kiss me as she was coming. I pulled her in as tightly as I could, and kissed her back as she was bucking and thrashing. We lay there for a while without moving, and gazed intently into each other's eyes as if we were trying to read something.

I tried to move, and she wouldn't let me. She grabbed me by the hair with both hands, and shook her head as if she were telling me to be still. I wondered what was coming next, but didn't have long to wait. She began to kiss me and lick my lips. She told me to stick out my tongue, and when I did she started sliding her lips back and forth as though she were jerking off my tongue with her mouth. I did the same thing to her, and we started sliding our lips back and forth over each other's tongue in a perfect rhythm. It was really starting to turn me on when she lowered her head, and began to trail kisses down my body toward my pussy. I thought she was going to start to suck my pussy, and I thought we would end up in a 69 contest. Instead she surprised me by spreading my legs apart, cupping one of her breasts, and sliding it nipple first into my very wet pussy. She was tit-fucking me, and I loved it. It turned me on so much that it didn't take long for me to explode in ecstasy. After the tremors had passed she brought her tit up to my mouth, and told me to lick all my love honey off which I eagerly did.

I grabbed her by the hair, kissed her, and told her that now it was my turn. I rolled her over, and kissed her all the way down to her pussy. I didn't even have to spread open her legs. With a smile on her face she did it for me, and challenged me to be as good a she was. I took my breast with its firm nipple, and slid it into her waiting pussy. As I slid it back and forth I told her how much better I was going to make her feel. She dug in her heels, and pushed up with her pussy to meet my breast pushing down. As I slid it back and forth she began to moan, and in a few minutes it was all over as she came with a loud squeal. I repeated what she had done to me, and moved my tit up so she could suck it off.

This had become a contest of endurance, as well as lovemaking skills, and I decided in order to get the upper hand I had to control her. She must have felt the same way, and we grappled with each other trying to get control. We began to wrestle all over the bed, but it was just as much sexual wrestling as anything else. We would kiss, squeeze each other's breasts, and slide our thighs into each other's pussies while we rolled around. It got so wild we slid off the bed onto the thickly carpeted floor. As we hit the floor we rolled apart. As I sat up I could see my slip was halfway off. So I reached down, and completely removed it. Seeing what I did Rachel also removed hers.

As we got on all fours to push off, and stand up we bumped into each other. Somehow we got into a position where we were ass to ass. She bumped her ass into mine, and I returned the favor. We started to grind our asses into each other, and we pushed harder and harder. It wasn't all that erotic by itself, but the idea of competing this way started to really arouse me. I don't know which one of us did it first, but we both extended one leg backward until and we each came in contact with the other's pussy. We started to rub back and forth, and I had to admit it was erotic as hell even though I had never been in this position before. As though we were on the same wavelength after a few minutes we both stopped rubbing at the same time.

While we were still on all fours we turned and faced each other. We brought our heads close together, and started to tongue-kiss each other. When we broke our kiss I noticed her breasts made beautiful targets hanging down as they were. I reached over, grabbed one and started to squeeze and pull down on it. I forgot that mine were in the same position, and she reached over to do the same thing to me. For a while we were sliding our hands up and down each other's breast as if we were milking a cow. Then we grabbed each other's nipples, and pulled down. It really felt erotic, and we did it for quite awhile before we finally stopped.

We stood up, and faced each other, now completely naked except for our black thigh top stockings. I looked at her, spread my legs apart, and thrust my pussy at her in an obvious challenge. She accepted the challenge, moved toward me, and opened her legs. We came together with our right leg extended foreword in a position to push it against each other's open pussy. We grabbed each other's ass with both hands to pull even closer and harder. The best way to describe what we were doing would be to call it a sex dance. We both started to moan, and at the same time brought our open mouths together in one of our passion kisses.

When we broke our kiss I surprised her by pushing her slightly away from me, grabbing one of her wrists, and spinning her around. She was now facing the large wall mirror, and I slid both hands around her, placed them on her breasts, and began to squeeze them and pull her nipples. At first she was surprised, but looked at me in the mirror and said, "Is that all you have?"

I replied, "Of course not." I then reached down with my right hand, inserted two fingers into her pussy, and started to stroke her.

She squealed, rose up on her toes, and quickly reached down and back with one hand, finding my pussy, inserted her fingers and started to stroke. We watched each other in the mirror for a few minutes, and then she turned part way around to face me. With our free hand we reached behind each other's back, and grabbed each other's hair. We would alternately kiss passionately, pull hair, and exchange insults using terms such as whore, pussy, and cunt, all the while going deeper into each other's very wet pussy. We began to stroke faster and faster. I could feel myself getting ready to explode, and I could tell by the look in her eyes she was getting close too. When we went off we both screamed, and hugged each other with both arms. The tremors and shaking ran through both of our bodies, and as our knees buckled we held each other up. I don't know about her, but I had never had an orgasm standing up, and it seemed we held on to each other to keep from falling.

When most of the feelings had passed I pulled Rachel back to the bed, and dragged her down with me. We rolled over, lay side-by-side, and looked at each other. It suddenly occurred to me I was starting to feel exhausted. We had been going at each other for more than an hour and a half, and I was feeling drained. Our legs were somewhat entwined while the upper part of our bodies lay slightly apart. As we watched each other we slowly put our heads down on the pillows, and the last thing I remembered before I closed my eyes was the sight of her eyes also closing.

I don't know how long I slept, but as I awoke, for a few seconds I was confused as to where I was. I looked through the window, and saw darkness. The only light came from the lamp next to the bed. I later found out it was after 10:00, and we had slept for more than four hours. As my eyes focused I saw Rachel propped up on one elbow looking at me. As if she anticipated my question on how long she had been staring at me she said, "Ten minutes," and then continued, "Are we finished fighting?"

I nodded my head and she said, "Good, I really need a shower." She untangled her legs from mine, and started to get out of bed. She looked back, and said, "Feel free to use the other shower. There are plenty of towels in there."

After about 20 minutes I came back into the bedroom feeling refreshed from a long shower. As I walked in I saw Rachel already back in the room, laying on the bed looking fresh-faced and naked. I thought to myself she looked almost as good without makeup as I thought I did. I was carrying my overnight bag, and started to pick up some of my things. She asked, "What are you doing?"

I responded, "I think it's time to go home."

I had my back to her when I heard her voice, sounding like a little girl, "I don't want you to go. Please don't leave."

I was a little surprised, but I turned around and asked, "Why should I stay?"

She replied, "Michael won't be home until Friday night. You really don't have anything to go home to. If you stay we can get to know each other better."

I smiled, and said, "Honey, if we get to know each other any better we'll be inside each other's skin."

She laughed, and I couldn't resist. I dropped the overnight bag, jumped on the bed, and crawled over to her. She held out her arms, and I moved my body into hers. I wrapped my arms around her, and we started a gentle tender kiss. At least it started out that way, but after a few moments it started to become passionate. We broke the kiss, and she said, "God, we can't even share a tender kiss without getting hot for each other."

I agreed, and replied, "Maybe that's because we wanted to take each other on before we even met."

She nodded her agreement, and said, "We could cool off with a little wine. Would you like some?"

I nodded yes, and she left to get some. By the time she got back I had moved to a comfortable sitting position. She handed me a glass, and sat down next to me facing in the opposite direction. We began to talk, and told each other a great many things about our individual lives. I found out that at one time she had been married, and was currently spending her life as a writer of short stories. She recently had two stories published, and so she was beginning to feel like a success.

For the next three hours we were more like sisters or best friends telling each other things we had probably never told anyone else. It got a little weird when we were able to finish each other's sentences. At one point she said, "You did things to me that no one else, man or woman, has ever done. It was fantastic, and so erotic it was almost scary."

I replied, "I can echo all the thoughts you just expressed."

We talked some more, and then she looked at me very seriously, saying, "It's funny. Neither of us has brought up Michael. I enjoy being with him, but I will give him up under one condition." She paused, and continued, "I will not see him again if you and I become lovers."

I thought about it for a few seconds, and then replied, "I don't think that will work."

She got a very disappointed look on her face, and her head dropped. I quickly reached over, put my hand under her chin, and lifted her head up so she was looking at me. I said, "I'm not talking about the second part of what you said. I'd become lovers with you in a heartbeat."

She smiled, and I continued, "I was talking about the first part. If you told Michael you wouldn't see him again I'm sure he would figure everything out. Neither Michael nor I have ever told each other what to do in anything regarding our love life."

We sat there silently for a while. Then with an evil grin on her face she asked, "What if Michael came home Friday night, walked in, and found his wife and his mistress wearing something very sexy, and fighting for him on the bed? Do you think it would blow his mind?"

I told her, "I'm sure it would blow his mind, and it would probably blow ours too. Close your eyes, and picture in your mind the scene you just described."

She did, and I did it along with her. When we opened our eyes we just looked at each other for a time. I guess our minds were on the same wavelength because we both leaned to the right a little, and kissed each other. We leaned back, looked at each other for a few seconds, and kissed some more. Rachel, her voice shaking a little, said, "We have some kind of chemistry when we kiss each other. A few lip locks, and our thermostats are way up there."

I smiled, and answered, "Yeah, isn't it great? Let’s do it some more."

We really ground our open mouths together. After a few minutes when we were both aroused she stopped, reached back, grabbed a pillow, put it behind me, and gently pushed my head down on it. I knew what was coming. She moved her body around, straddled me, and slowly lowered her head to my pussy. We were now going to make love the only way we hadn't done it that afternoon. It was going to be a luscious-tasting 69 love fest. We went slow, and made it last for quite some time. When we both went off it was a feeling unlike any I had that afternoon. I couldn't say it was better, just different. When all the sensations had passed Rachel swung around, and brought her face near mine. Our mouths were covered with our love honey, and we licked each other's lips clean. We kissed each other tenderly, wrapped ourselves up together, and went to sleep. Just before I closed my eyes, and thought that less than 12 hours before we were trying to destroy each other sexually. I had to admit it ended in a most happy fashion.

The next morning when I awoke I heard sounds coming from the kitchen. When I padded in Rachel was making breakfast. She was wearing nothing except an apron, and looked both cute and sexy. After we began eating I said to her, "You know if we become lovers there are going to be times when things will get very competitive. You can't put two sexy blondes in the same bed together without one trying to outdo the other."

She smiled, and replied, "I know that, but all that's going to do is make us better lovers, and besides, it'll be fun."

After we finished eating, and got dressed we agreed that since we both had things to do that day we would meet late in the afternoon at a mall so we could find a lingerie shop. We wanted to buy something very sexy to greet Michael with when he came home late Friday. I told Rachel to bring some things with her because it was her turn to stay over Thursday night at my place.

Later that day we met at a mall which was not too far from my house. We went into a lingerie shop, and started looking around. It didn't take long to find just what we were looking for. It was a two-piece outfit which was perfect for what we were going to do. It was white, and had a short wide satin skirt which was a skirt in name only. It was not something you could wear out in public, but was perfect for what we were going to do. It was accompanied by a white halter-top which had no straps, and was semi transparent. With no straps it was basically a band which went around your body and covered your breasts. We both loved it, and knew it would go perfectly with our white thigh-top stockings.

While we were there we ate dinner, and then Rachel followed me home. As I showed her around the house she commented on the two bedrooms with very large beds. She said, "I'll bet you have fun on those."

I answered with a smile, "If you brought something sexy to sleep in I'll show you just how much fun those beds provide."

Because Michael always calls the night before he flies home Rachel and I just sat and talked until the phone rang. Michael and I spoke for a few minutes, and then he told me what time his flight would be in. I told him I was going to be busy, and asked him to take an airport limousine home instead of my picking him up. I told him if he did I would have a pleasant surprise for him when he got home. I indicated that when he came in he should go directly to our bedroom because the surprise was there. We expressed our love for each other, and then hung up.

I took Rachel by the hand, led her to the guest bedroom, and told her to get changed and meet me in my room where we would sleep together. She came back less than a minute later, and announced to me she was all changed. She wasn't wearing anything, and when I asked her if that's the way she wanted to sleep she just nodded her head. That made it easy for me since I didn't need to find anything to wear. She licked her lips, and told me if it was too cool we could wear each other. I stood next to the bed, and reached out to her. She slowly walked toward me, and when we came together we put our arms around each other, and hugged. Our firm nipples pushed into each other's breasts as our lips met in a long, tender kiss. We slowly rolled our tongues around each other's lips. When we broke the kiss we started to nibble at each other's necks, and ears. When she got to my ear she whispered a question, "Are we fighting tonight?"

I whispered back, "Not tonight. Tonight we are just driving each other crazy."

We began to kiss more passionately, and our tongues did a little dance together. We started to rock our bodies into each other, and each of us slid our right thigh between the other's legs up against a pussy which was starting to become very wet. We grabbed each other's ass to pull us even closer, and we both started to moan. After a few minutes of this Rachel moved slightly away from me, and with her right hand she grabbed my left wrist and pushed my left hand back into my own pussy. She said to me, "You know what I've never seen in person? I've never seen a beautiful sexy woman get herself off."

I smiled, and replied, "Honey, I’d be more than happy to do that for you, but I'd like to watch too. I think you should keep me company."

So I reached for her left wrist, and pushed her hand back into her pussy. We were only standing about a foot apart, and each of us watched the other start to stroke her own pussy. It was erotic as hell, and I loved it. I took my free hand, and squeezed and pulled one of her breasts. She did the same to me, and by now we were both gasping at the pleasure. Both of us were stroking our own pussies while pulling on each other's breasts or nipples. We closed the space between us, and started to open-mouth kiss each other. I was beginning to feel so aroused I became a little weak in the knees. Rachel leaned over, and whispered in my ear, "Maybe we should have a different kind of competition. We'll see who can get herself off first."

I answered in a shaky voice, "I don't care who gets off first. I love watching you. Come with me baby."

With our lips locked together we both went off and squealed into each other's mouth. We stood there holding each other tightly until the sensations passed. Then I moved my wet hand up to her mouth. She did the same thing, and we were licking our love juice from each other's hand. I pulled her over to the bed, and dragged her onto the mattress so we were facing each other on all fours. I said to her, "You have been a bad girl. You made me do myself right in front of you. You need to be spanked for such bad behavior."

I crawled down to where her ass was, and began too lightly spank her. Of course this put her head in exactly the same position, and she began to spank me. As I slapped her I started to slide my hand into her pussy. I stopped spanking, and began sliding 2 fingers in and out of her pussy. She did the same thing to me, and we were on all fours fingering each other's pussy. We both knew where this was going, and after a few minutes we each rolled to the side. We found each other's pussy with our tongue, and started to kiss and suck. It didn't take long. She screamed out in ecstasy first, and I followed close behind.

We lay back for a few minutes to catch our breath, and then she turned and joined me where I was laying. I then pulled up the sheet from the bottom of the bed to cover both of us. We wiggled together, and entwined our legs. There was no conversation necessary, as I knew both of us were still aroused. She whispered, "I'm still hot for you. I can't seem to get enough. It doesn't help when we kiss the way we do. I want you again."

I whispered back, "That's okay. You do the same things to me that I do to you. I want you again too. I don't care if we go all-night."

We started grinding our tits together, and slowly thrusting our pussies into each other. We developed a nice rhythm, and then started to tongue kiss each other. I don't know how many times we got each other off during the night, but it seemed like hours until we finally fell asleep.

We awoke late the next morning, and after breakfast we split up for the day because we both had things to do. Rachel promised she would be back before 9 p.m. which is when I expected Michael. She was back in plenty of time, and we both got changed into the outfits we had purchased especially for the evening. As I put on a coat of fresh lipstick I was thinking about how much I was looking forward to what was going to unfold.

We were waiting in the master bedroom when I heard Michael come in the front door. I wondered if he would remember to come straight to the bedroom, but as I heard his footsteps I could hear him approaching. When he opened the bedroom door, and entered the room his mouth dropped open at what he saw. Michael’s wife and his mistress were standing at the foot of the bed side-by-side with one arm around each other facing him.

I said to him, "Michael, sit down in that chair." I was referring to a chair I had placed a few steps from the bed. I continued, "We have a little surprise for you. Rachel and I are going to fight for you. We are not going to fight over you. I hope you understand the difference. Now we have a couple of rules for you. First, no matter what happens you are not to get up from the chair. If you come over to the bed for any reason before you are asked you will be sleeping alone tonight while Rachel and I enjoy each other in the other bedroom. Do you understand?

Michael still had his mouth open, but he had enough of his wits about him to nod his head. At breakfast that morning Rachel and I had discussed enough about what we were going to do, at least to get us started. After that each of us was on our own, and it would be a matter of make it up as you go along. We decided we would start off the way opponents did in a boxing match, except instead of a handshake we would start off with a kiss.

We turned and faced each other with a look of anticipation on our faces. We came together, put our arms around each other, and as our open mouths came together we started to grind our lips and tongues into each other. It was a long kiss, and when we finally broke apart we were gasping slightly at our beginning. We let go of each other, and each of us moved around to opposite sides of the bed. We kicked off our white heels, got on the bed, and moved toward each other. She said, "You think that was a kiss? I'll teach you how to kiss, slut."

I replied, "You cunt. You can't teach me anything. Let's see how good you are."

We moved together in what was going to be a kissing fight. As our bodies met we locked our hands in each other's hair, then pulled toward each other so we could begin kissing. First, our tongues started their dance together. They stabbed at each other, and then we took turns licking each other's lips. By the time our open mouths locked together we both started to gasp. We took turns tongue-fucking each other’s mouth. Our kisses became animal-like as we attacked each other trying to see who could kiss more passionately. We were both getting very turned on, and we were just getting started.

After five minutes we finally stopped our kissing, and stared intently at each other for a few seconds. I took advantage of the slight break, and reached behind her to undo her halter-top. As it fell away she reached behind me to unhook mine. When we were both topless we started to bring our breasts together for a little of what we would later call breastling. As we moved closer together Rachel said, "I always thought my tits were better than yours, and now we're going to find out."

I smiled, replying, "In your dreams sweetie. Let's do it."

As we made contact we both put our hands on our hips, and started stabbing each other's breasts with our nipples. We began a nipple duel moving from side to side, and bending each other's nipples as we rubbed them together. After a few minutes of this we moved even closer and allowed our breasts to come in full contact with each other. I snuck a quick look at Michael, and I couldn't even describe his look. Let's just say he was happy, and leave it that.

We started swiveling our bodies so first one of our breasts would bang together, and then the other. We increased our speed, and both of us seemed to enjoy the harder-than-usual contact. After a while we stopped hitting our tits together, and started to rub from side to side. At this point we were gasping, and moaning and I decided to take it to a new level. I grabbed her breasts with both hands, and started to squeeze and pull on them. Naturally she did the same to me. After a few nipple pulls she changed tactics, and wrapped both arms around me. I accepted the challenge, and in a few moments we were in a bear hug. Neither of us squeezed so hard that it would be painful, but just hard enough so it was very erotic.

Rachel's next move took me a little by surprise. For some reason I thought we had gone beyond the catfight part of our encounter when she suddenly exclaimed, "I know how a little hair pulling gets you wet. Now let's see how wet you get."

"Oh, I love to pull hair with you lover." I replied, and continued, "We'll see who gets who wet."