By Palmtree

Kelly has just moved from an apartment in the big city to a nice house in the suburbs with her parents. She is a beautiful blonde, 19 years old and has a nice firm body with very muscular legs and luscious 36c breasts. She is well known for her good looks, both by the boys and girls of her school, sometimes arousing jealousy among the latter.

Anyway, she always tries to look her best, giving lots of attention to her make-up, what she does with her hair and by working out regularly in the gym. She was really excited about moving into her new house, because it even had a swimming pool.

With the beginning of the summer holidays she didn't have to worry about school anymore and she could invite all of her friends over for a barbecue and a party at the swimming pool. They had a great time and Kelly spent the first week of the holidays partying and hanging around with her friends, celebrating the fact that they were free to do what they wanted for 2 months.

After the first week she really started to settle into her new neighborhood. Every morning she went jogging in the park right behind their house. It was at this time on a really hot day that Kelly, as she returned from her run, noticed an incredibly beautiful girl with long black thick curly hair and a body much like that of her own coming out of the house next to hers. She immediately felt intrigued by this girls presence.

Kelly was wearing Nike tennis shoes, cut-off jean shorts and a small T-shirt, exposing her flat belly, still perspiring from the effort she had made in the intense heat. The dark-haired girl was wearing a short black leather skirt and a tight fitting white T-shirt, showing off her firm breasts. The two girls glared at each other from head-to-toe while Kelly approached her drive way and the other girl got in her car and drove off. Kelly felt a little bit jealous because of this girl's good looks. While she herself was more of the "blonde Swedish bombshell type," this other girl looked kind of Spanish. They were quite each other's opposites but both of them were absolutely gorgeous.

Kelly decided to take a dip in the pool in order to cool herself off. She entered her big beautiful green garden with the swimming pool located in the centre. The clear-blue water really looked inviting and with an elegant jump Kelly dove into the pool. After her swim, feeling refreshed, she spent the rest of the afternoon basking in the sunshine.

In the evening when she was brushing her teeth in the bathroom she looked out on the other girl's house. She was still impressed by this girl's physical appearance. In school and while working out in the gym Kelly would always carefully examine the other girls bodies and size herself up to them and she had to admit that the dark-haired girl was in her own league. After these thoughts she went to her bedroom and immediately fell asleep.

The next day Kelly played tennis with her best friend Jill. She had always loved to compete with other girls. After a very close match that Kelly won, Jill told her about going to the opening of a new gym in the neighborhood and since Kelly's old gym was in the city, she agreed to go with her.

The following afternoon Kelly and Jill went to the new gym. It turned out to be a very big complex with lots of squash courts, an aerobics room and the very large locker rooms all on the ground floor. The gym itself was on the first floor. When Jill and Kelly entered the gym they saw a room filled with bikes and running platforms and a desk with a very muscular man, obviously the instructor, sitting behind it.

Since it was their first time both girls could fitness for free to see if they liked it there. Kelly was wearing biker shorts and a sports bra. She and Jill decided to start with a ride on the bikes. Both girls were peddling away when Kelly noticed somebody entering the room, she immediately recognized the dark-haired girl from next door. The girl was wearing a similar attire as Kelly and had also recognized her. She gave Kelly a cold long stare, arousing a flush of excitement in Kelly's face and making her heart beat faster.

Her neighbor started jogging on the running platform in front of Kelly at the other side of the room. While both girls started to sweat quite heavily because of the intense summer heat, they continued glaring at each other. Kelly and Jill had finished their bike ride and went into the next room, where the rest of the fitness equipment was. Kelly went on the leg press machine and worked out her long lovely legs. When she went to do the lat pull for her shoulders she saw the dark-haired girl going straight to the leg press and adding 5 kg. to the weight that Kelly had pushed. Seeing this made Kelly very mad, "Who does this bitch think she is, thinking her legs are stronger than mine?" She thought.

She pulled the maximum of weight she could behind her back several times. When she was done she gave a cocky look at the other girl, who immediately responded to the challenge and went to the machine. It was now very clear that the two girls were having their own little test of strength, which hadn't gone unnoticed to Jill. "Do you know her?" She asked.

"Yeah, she's my neighbor and it looks as though she thinks she's quite something." The dark-haired girl had some trouble with the exercise, but in the end she managed to pull the lat behind her an equal amount of times as Kelly. She smiled menacingly to Kelly, who got even more irritated after this.

Now the blonde mounted the chest press machine, while her neighbor was going on the machine to train her thighs, that was right in front of Kelly's, with only a few metres separating them. Kelly grabbed the handles of the machine and pushed them in front of her, when she let them come back the weight pushed her bent arms behind her back, causing her breasts to stick out. This hadn't gone unnoticed to the other girl, who was sizing Kelly up. Kelly on her turn saw the dark-haired beauty sitting in front of her with her legs spread and pushing the counterparts of the machine to the side. Kelly couldn't help but notice the sweat glistening on the girl's exposed belly and her well pronounced pubic region through her very tight fitting shorts.

When they were done they changed machines, while they walked by each other their shoulders brushed together, because neither girl would give way to the other. Kelly could smell the other girl's sweet perfume. They continued showing off their assets to each other. After that they went into the last room with a large mirror, that was meant for the free weights. There were quite a few people working out here, so the two girls couldn't really continue their close comparison of their bodies and they kind of lost track of each other.

After completing their work-out Jill and Kelly were sitting at the juice bar drinking when they saw the dark-haired girl leaving the fitness centre. Half an hour later they took a shower and Jill dropped Kelly of at her home. When Kelly got in the house, she could hear her mother talking to someone. Her father was at work so who could it be? It definitely was a womanish voice.

When she entered the kitchen she saw her mother sitting at the kitchen table with another woman and the dark-haired girl. Kelly was very surprised and excited to find her here but quickly told herself to calm down. "Ha, there you are!" Kelly's mother said. "Honey, I want you to meet our new neighbors, they have just gotten back from their vacation. This is Ms. Spencer and her daughter Yasmine.

"It's very nice to meet you!" Kelly said while shaking hands with the mother and Yasmine, giving her a false friendly face and squeezing her hand a little bit harder.

"We just thought we'd come over and introduce ourselves, and now seeing that Wendy is your age, the two of you might get to know each other a little bit better?" Ms. Spencer said.

"Yes, we might?" Kelly replied.

"Honey, why don't you ask Yasmine over for a swim?" Kelly's mother asked.

"Oh, I wouldn't want to impose!" Yasmine said.

"Nonsense, you go and get your bikini and come over for a swim, in the meantime Wendy," referring to Ms. Spencer, "is going to show me how to bake a blueberry cake so I can surprise your father!" Kelly's mother said.

Yasmine left to go get her swimming outfit and Kelly went upstairs to get hers. She was excited because she knew she was going to confront the other girl and they would have some relative privacy.

Kelly was waiting by the pool dressed in a white bikini when she heard footsteps coming from behind her. She turned around and saw Yasmine in a black bikini. "Ah, there you are!" Kelly said while she looked teasingly at Yasmine.

"Yeah, we are finally alone so you can tell me what you were trying to do there back at the gym. I'd better tell you right away that I am the fitter and the stronger of us two." Yasmine stated.

"Don't make me laugh, there is nothing you can think of at which you can beat me!" Kelly spat out angrily at Yasmine. Things were heating up between the two girls and you could see from the intensity on both their faces that they meant business and were not about to back down.

"You think you are pretty hot, don't you, little slut? That's probably because you've never met a girl like me before!" Yasmine now said with a smile on her face. Kelly couldn't believe what she was hearing but she was now really excited and felt a tingling sensation between her legs. She wanted to show this bitch just what she was up against.

Both girls were standing in front of each other with their hands on their hips and their chests thrust out basking in the sunshine. "So, just what are you planning on doing, huh?'' Kelly asked threateningly.

"Why don't you cool off and take a dip, bitch?" Yasmine said and she moved forward with her arms reaching out to push Kelly in the pool. Kelly had anticipated this and jumped aside. Kelly launched herself onto Yasmine and both girls tightly grabbed each other by their forearms and pushed and pulled each other back and forward in order to make the other lose balance. Then Yasmine stretched out her right leg and put it behind Kelly's left leg, who fell to the ground, but not without tightening her grip on the other girl's arms and pulling her down with her. She ended up flat on her back with Yasmine's upper body smashing against hers. Kelly put her arms around Yasmine's back and squeezed as hard as she possibly could, forcing a grunt of pain out of the other girl and making her legs squirm around. Both girl's breasts were mashed together and bulged out. Kelly had never had this kind of contest before and she was surprised by the feeling of another girl's body pressing hard into her own, it kind of aroused her in a way and it made her want to control Yasmine, who by now retaliated and put both her hands in Kelly's blonde hair pulling it hard. This made Kelly experience an unbelievable pain. She spread her legs apart and then wrapped them around Yasmine's.

Now releasing her hold around the other girl's back, she put both her hands on Yasmine's shoulders and using all of her strength in her arms and legs, she pushed her away from her body to the left and both entangled girls rolled in the swimming pool creating a huge splash of water. This fall had forced them to release their grips and both of them surfaced with some distance between them. The girls were a little bit rattled by what had just happened and just stood still, looking at each other.

"How is the water?" They suddenly heard. Surprised, they saw the two moms approaching.

"It's great!" Yasmine said.

"We are going to wait here in the sunshine while our cake is baking." Kelly's mother said.

Some 10 minutes later both girls came out of the pool. Kelly said she was going inside to change clothes.

"Why don't you show Yasmine your room, honey?" Her mother asked.

"Sure, come on." Kelly replied. The two girls went inside and Yasmine followed Kelly upstairs to her room. Once inside Yasmine carefully examined Kelly's room, from the posters on her wall to her desk and bed.

"There, you've seen my room, now get the hell out!" Kelly said angrily. She didn't really want Yasmine to leave, their brief encounter earlier had really excited her and left her with the feeling of wanting to totally dominate the other girl's body.

"You were very lucky that our mothers interrupted us, because I was ready to kick your ass!" Yasmine replied.

"I wouldn't count on it, Yasmine!" Kelly said calmly. Both girls stood very close in front of each other with their chests thrust out forward to intimidate the other. They looked at each other from head to toe and couldn't resist finding the other girl attractive and the situation in which they somehow ended up to be very exciting. As a matter of fact, this female face-off gave Kelly the same feeling as earlier in the day by the pool, she could feel her heart pounding in her chest with a steady pace, a feeling of nervousness ran through her chest and belly, she felt aroused and her vagina was getting moist. Both girls were still in their bikinis, their bodies had dried up in the sun, but their slips and tops were still wet, so Kelly couldn't see if Yasmine was experiencing the same feelings. However, she didn't want to let this show to Yasmine, she wanted to make this cunt know that she was the better of the two.

Then they heard Yasmine's mom shouting upstairs that she was finished with the cake and that they were going to a restaurant for dinner. Yasmine said she'd be down in a second.

"So, I propose that you come over to my place tomorrow, since my parents will be away all day, in order to finish what we started, that is if you think you are up to it?" She asked, eagerly anticipating Kelly's answer.

"I accept your challenge, don't you worry I'll be there!" Kelly said. Yasmine smiled menacingly at Kelly, turned around and left the room.

With Yasmine gone Kelly had lots of time to think of all that had happened and more importantly of what was going to happen tomorrow. She had never been in a situation like this with another girl before and she wasn't quite sure of what was going to happen next, but she knew she was at the point of no return, backing down now would mean that she would let this bitch come out on top.

She stretched herself out on her bed and thought back of the confrontation with Yasmine, having this girl standing provocatively in front of her and their brief struggle by the pool had given her a thrill of sensations she had never experienced before. The wetness between her legs hadn't gone unnoticed to her and the feeling of Yasmine's body pressing against her own, made her feel an urge to control.

As far back as she could remember Kelly had always been very fascinated by the fact of two women fighting each other. When she was little she had read a comic book in which a beautiful blonde faerie with pale skin and completely dressed in white battled with a woman demon in human disguise. This woman had purple hair, brown skin and wore a green dress, they represented good and evil. Kelly, just being a little girl, was not only impressed by their beauty, but also by the fact that they were willing to fight each other. The images of these vixens rolling around with their legs tightly interlocked and pulling each other's hair while their bodies pressed together and especially the intensity of this battle showing on both woman's faces now clearly wandered in Kelly's mind.

Female fighting scenes in soaps and movies also didn't escape her attention. Most of the time there would be an obvious rivalry between the glamorous women, building up the tension until they finally were alone and then locked horns as two cave woman, letting go of all their façades. Kelly had always found this very interesting and stimulating. She also remembered her aunt playing in an adventure game show on television, one of her tests was entering a room in order to get a key attached to a piece of cord dangling from the ceiling. The room, however, was filled with mud and in it was a strong muscular woman that the aunt had to battle in order to get the key. She didn't succeed. Her aunt later told Kelly what a special feeling it was to wrestle another woman and that it felt quite sensual rolling around in the mud while their bodies slithered together.

Kelly had never fought with another girl before. She had disagreements with other girls before, but they never got beyond insults and threats. However, now it looked as if this was going to change very soon. All these thoughts made her real hot and she couldn't resist the warm, tingling feeling of her swollen pussy anymore and started masturbating until she reached an orgasm, draining her and then she fell asleep.

Kelly awoke early the next morning and it was another beautiful warm summer day. She felt rather nervous about confronting Yasmine but she was very much looking forward to it. She washed and got dressed, wearing a short skirt and a sporting bra, she put on her tennis shoes, had breakfast and then immediately went over to her neighbors house.

She rang the doorbell and found Yasmine opening the door. "Well, well, I didn't think you would have the balls to come over here, looks like I was wrong?" Said Yasmine.

Kelly smiled and entered the house, that was very similar to her own and to that of the rest of the neighborhood. "You showed me your room, so now it is my turn to show you mine." Yasmine stated.

"Fine by me." Replied Kelly and she followed the dark-haired girl upstairs. Yasmine had a very large bedroom, much bigger than that of Kelly's with a soft carpet spread all over the floor of the room and a king-size bed in the middle. There was a little desk at the left of the room and some posters on the walls. "So, just what are you planning on doing now?" Kelly asked, knowing damn well what was going to happen.

"Yesterday you said you thought that you were stronger than me, so now you will just have to prove it!" Yasmine said angrily. She pushed Kelly, who fell onto the bed. Kelly immediately got back to her feet, and now both girls were in a stand ready to fight.

They locked their hands together in a test of strength and applied pressure with all their might. Moans of exertion escaped both girl's mouths. They then raised their arms above their heads, forcing their bodies to mash together. Both girls could feel the other's hard body press against their own, now lowering their arms and wrapping them tightly around each other's back, resulting in a crushing bear hug. This move made their faces practically come together nose to nose, they looked deep into each other's eyes.

"I am going to crush you!" Yelled out Yasmine.

"Oh yeah? You'd better try a little harder!" Kelly replied.

Because of the intense heat outside and their efforts, both girls now had sweat glistening on their foreheads. The intensity showed on their faces. Kelly was struggling, but she enjoyed every minute of this for her new experience. Now having their heads next to each other, cheek to cheek in order to squeeze even harder they could feel each other's sweet breath blowing in their ears.

Suddenly, Yasmine released one arm and clawed her hand in Kelly's blonde hair. This forced her to release her grip, but not without getting one hand onto Yasmine's T-shirt, even though they were now separating she didn't let go of the T-shirt and as Yasmine pulled herself back, the sound of ripping cotton filled the room. This manoeuvre almost completely shredded the shirt from her body. She wasn't wearing a bra, so Kelly could see her impressive breasts already drenched with sweat. Both girls stood still for a few moments, staring each other down, surprised by what had just happened, feeling a little bit awkward. Yasmine then tore the rest of the shirt from her body and put her hands on her hips pushing her chest forward in Kelly's direction.

"So, are you willing to fight me bare breasted, or are you just a little prude?" Yasmine asked.

"You can count on it, slut!" Kelly spat out. She wasn't going to be out-bluffed by this challenge. She removed her sporting bra and took on the same stance as her rival. They looked at each other's breasts and firm young bodies for about a minute and then slammed together once more. Their bare breasts mashed together and bulged out side-wards, they wrapped their arms around each other's backs. Both of them were sweating quite heavily by now and their hands slithered across on their backs trying to out-crush each other. Each could feel the other's nipple, which had hardened considerably since the fight had begun, poking into her own breasts as their tits continued their own sloppy duel. This went on for about five minutes with neither girl willing to slow things down. As they locked eyes, they noticed the grimace of pain and effort on their pretty faces. This made them squeeze even harder, as their sweaty embrace became tighter.

Suddenly Kelly put her right leg behind Yasmine's left, who immediately retaliated by putting her right leg behind Kelly's left. Their legs were now tightly intertwined. With their upper bodies hugging and their tangled legs, both girl's crotches were pressed hard together. Kelly wore a skirt and Yasmine wore shorts. They had trouble keeping their balance as they stumbled across the bedroom. Kelly felt absolutely ecstatic with this somewhat strange event so far. This long anticipated fight with another girl exceeded her expectations. The feeling of another beautiful girl's body in tight contact and struggling with her own gave her great pleasure. This would be an experience she would never forget.

However, right now, she just concentrated on the battle and it wasn't enough for her to just fight, she wanted to physically totally conquer the dark-haired girl. Finally, they tripped and with a little yell they landed on their side on the soft carpet.

Both girls simultaneously put their hands in each other's hair and jerked their heads from left to right. Kelly released her hands from Yasmine's head and grabbed her by her wrists, then swayed her right leg over that of Yasmine's. Using all of her weight, she managed to turn her opponent on her back. She was now sitting on top of her adversary and tried to force her arms behind her head, sweat now rolling from Kelly's cheeks and dripping onto Yasmine's breasts, who forced her pelvis upwards in order to bounce Kelly off.

However Kelly managed to hold her straddling position by forcing her own pelvis down on her opponent. Yasmine gave Kelly a really hard push, forcing the blonde to lose some of her dominance and seized this opportunity to lift her right leg and force it up Kelly's body, her foot travelling from her neighbors sweaty belly, past her breasts, finally reaching Kelly's face and giving a brutal shove, that made Kelly fall backwards. Both girls were now sitting on their buttocks on the soft carpet. Feeling their efforts, they rested for a while, sitting in front of each other. Their eyes were fixated on each other, observing their opponent thoroughly. They were breathing heavily and this forced their chests to go up and down in a rapid tempo. Neither of them had ever thought the fight would last this long, be so intense and have them both facing each other bare breasted. Both of them knew however that this was far from being over.

"Why don't you just give it up, you'll never be able to beat me?" Yasmine said.

"We'll just see about that!" Kelly replied.

Both girls got to their knees and shuffled towards each other. They locked hands and spread their arms wide, trying to out-manoeuvre their opponent. During this action their erected nipples made contact several times, giving the girls a pleasant electric sensation. Yasmine and Kelly looked at each other and saw that this contact had a similar effect on their rival. They released their locked fingers and without saying a word to each other, as if silently agreeing, they put their hands under their boobs, forcing them upwards to take on a beautiful round shape and started to slowly rub their nipples against one another.

A sexual grunt of pleasure was released from both women's lips. They continued rubbing their nipples together in every possible way. Jabbing each other head on, then directing them in a movement from left to right and finally slowly rubbing them around in circles. This made them experience a light tingling sensation all over their chest, that even forced its way down to their bellies and crotches.

For the first time during this encounter Kelly didn't look her adversary straight in the face. She had her eyes closed, as had Yasmine, and was completely consumed by this breast duel. Their eyebrows were frowned and both of them had a lovely smirk of pleasure on their faces. As this contest continued, both girls bodies weren't able to settle for this soft tender caress any longer and an unresisting internal force told them to speed things up and get rougher. Securing a vice-like grip on one anthers shoulders, they slammed their upper bodies together ferociously several times. Just when their chests mashed together once more, they lost their balance and fell to the side. Immediately their legs tangled together and they pressed tight together, trying to pull hair if they had the opportunity. Their completely sweaty bodies rolled around on the carpet from side to side in a strong embrace.

Now both girls got one hand free and started pulling and shredding what clothes they had left. In this tussle Kelly tried to rip off Yasmine's shorts with her hand travelling down her hips and bottom, Yasmine on her turn went for Kelly's skirt. They continued rolling around body to body, not giving their rival one moment of rest or some space. This went on for about six minutes until they finally released their grip. There was not much left of the skirt nor the shorts, they were completely shredded to pieces and the only reason that some parts of it were still wrapped around their waists was because they clung on by the sweat.

Both combatants were now standing in front of each other once again, in order to move more freely, they started peeling off the remains of their clothing at the same time, without ever taking their eyes off one another. The only thing they still had on were their panties, Kelly a white one and Yasmine a red one, and white tennis socks. Both of them knew that things were about to reach a climax. Looking at each other carefully once more, they were now eager to continue.

"Do you think your legs are powerful enough to face mine?" Kelly asked with a snarl on her face.

"Of course, honey!" Yasmine replied cocky.

They approached each other slowly and then wrapped their arms around each other, pressed their crotches hard against one another. They could feel the other girl's wet panties squishing against her own. Since the fight had begun their panties had become wet not only with sweat but also with a flood of their womanhood caused by their excitement and various physical contact. Kelly wrapped her left leg behind Yasmine's right, who on her turn wrapped her left leg around Kelly's right. The smooth feel of the skin of their legs rubbing together made them sigh with content. Kelly now moved her left leg upwards, her inner thigh pressing against Yasmine. She brushed against the back of her rival's right leg with her sock.

"Oh yes!" Yasmine shot out and returned the favour by doing the very same thing to Kelly. Now both girls rubbed legs in turn, their crotches tightly pressed against one another. This crotch-press aroused them even more (as if this still was possible!) and they stopped the leg rubbing and began grinding their wet panties together.

"Ooooooh!'' They both grunted.

It gave their bodies an unbelievable joy, but they knew that taking it one step further would be absolute bliss. They stopped their pussy pumping action, released their hug, stepped back and faced each other.

"Why don't you take off your panties, so we can really see who of us is the hottest bitch?" Yasmine said.

"My pussy is ready for yours!" Kelly replied.

At the same time they removed their panties and threw them in a corner of the room. The eyes of both girls widened and sparkled when they saw each other's lovely pussies. Menacingly they approached one another throwing themselves at each other. Their breasts bashed together, they wrapped their arms around their backs and squeezed hard. Their bare pussies made contact for the first time. The blonde bush of Kelly's pubic hair mingled with the dark patch of fur of Yasmine. This alone sent a shock wave of pleasure through their bodies. Their wet pussies now invaded one another as their vulva got better acquainted.

The girls widened their stance, allowing their pussies to make even better contact. Their luscious sex lips were having their own private duel for sexual supremacy. Both girls now were completely intoxicated and were grinding their crotches together furiously. The room was now filled with the odor of their sweat and aroused womanhood. For the fighting girls this was a sweet, satisfactory smell.

With their faces practically nose to nose, they couldn't resist the sight of each other's sexy faces any more and they pressed their mouths together. The cherry red lips of Yasmine's met Kelly's pink as their tongues invaded the other girl's mouth and slithered against one another. Both girls were now having a French-kissing duel. Still pumping their pussies together and forcing them into one another, they lowered their hands from each other's back to their buttocks, where they both grabbed two handfuls of ass meat and clawed it upwards, in order to force their pussies together even harder.

They were letting out sexual grunts and there was no other fighting tactic applied then to end this sexual battle. Suddenly the two girls rolled onto the king size bed, which forced them to let go of their hold on each other. They sat on the bed breathing heavily, sweat pouring down their bodies. Both of them were now so hot that they didn't even feel tired or wanted to rest. They were completely aroused and wouldn't stop until they had enough. Kelly placed herself on her bum in front of Yasmine, opening her legs wide, giving her neighbor a good look of her cunt. She stretched her arms out to the side in a pose as if to say, "let's go!"

Yasmine took on the same position, they placed their legs over one another and then rammed their pussies together once more. Placing their hands next to their shoulders, they lifted their upper bodies as they continued directing their wet swollen pussies into one another.

Kelly moved her hips and legs a little bit more to the left, Yasmine doing the same thing but to the right, in order to force their pussies deeper into that of the other girl. Kelly felt her warm crotch extending sensations of almost unbearable pleasure through her whole body. They continued pumping and grinding, whilst screaming and grunting heavily. Kelly felt as if she was ready to explode and she knew that it wouldn't be long before she would come.

Gathering her last ounce of strength, she put in an extra effort by pushing even harder. The girls now stopped using their hands in order to have their upper bodies stay upright. They lay flat on their backs, just lifting up their necks in order to be able to see the other girl's face as they were about to reach the peak. They were still thrusting their pussies forward, their erect clits now met and were rubbing together, sending almost electric thrills up both girl's backs.

They now put one hand on each other's knee and started raking up and down each other's legs with their fingernails. Their clits continued bouncing and rubbing together at a fast pace.

"You'll cum first, Yasmine!" Kelly yelled out.

"Ooh, no, you first!" The words barely escaping Yasmine's mouth.

What followed was a gigantic orgasm for both girls at the same time. Their muscles contracted and an overwhelming feeling shot out through their bodies. A shiver rode its way up their backs. After a few seconds a warm nice feeling formed in their chests and their whole bodies tingled with pleasure. After lying there with their legs over one another and their pussy fur still touching, they got up and went to their neighbor. The two girls softly kissed each other, hugged one another, laying themselves down on the bed again and slowly caressed each other with their hands, until they both fell asleep.

The end.

To be continued?