by SoeOrm

A single, flickering Jasmine candle lit the dark, cavernous hotel room. Heavy curtains were drawn across the broad French doors, and a plush towel was jammed against the bottom of the entrance to muffle sound. The room was spacious and on its king size bed two naked women were curled together side-by-side, their lovely faces buried between each other's legs. They lay limp, gasping for breath; their lithe forms heaving. The mingled sexual odors of the two women permeated the air and they inhaled its bouquet deeply.

Debbie still felt the shudders of her last orgasm with Michelle trembling inside her. It had been one of four they had together, satiating their most urgent passions. Blonde Michelle had proven to be her equal in bed so far. Debbie felt the goosebumps on her skin as she thought of what they would do next. It aroused her with anticipation and fear of what might happen to her. Finally she stirred, lifting her head from between Michelle's smooth thighs, licking one last time at the silky skin. She rolled onto her back and ran her hands through her glossy reddish-brown hair, sticky with Michelle's copious sex juices. Debbie's dark mane was such a contrast to her pale skin and ethereal green eyes. It bushed densely on her mons, and between her legs if she allowed it; but for what Debbie intended to do tonight she had removed it from her labia, leaving those thick, fleshy folds bare.

When Debbie rose and leaned on one arm Michelle sat up too. Their eyes seemed to glow passionately in the near dark as they focused on each other. Their faces were smeared with each other's sex juices but they paid no heed. Knowing grins spread on their lovely countenances as they tacitly agreed, with their telling eyes, to finally fulfill the violent desires that had drawn them to each other. Michelle lay back again, slightly on her right side. She opened her long legs wide, her eyes still fixed on Debbie's. Her rust-tressed rival smiled again and slid around, opened her lithe legs and the two randy nymphs slid gently, carefully, into each other until their soft, fleshy labia mashed and mingled. Both beautiful women arched and stiffened with delight at that fleshy inosculation. They moaned softly together and began, ever so slowly and deftly, to rub their slick genitals together. Each woman felt herself split open by her rival; felt their crotches spread and mash as tightly as two women could; and they eagerly rubbed the seats of their most secret, treasured places. They stiffened, arched and gasped at the sensation that finally united them in the most intimate way. They silently reveled in the mingling of their fleshy cunts. This was beyond mere sex. This was the wildest act these two women could commit. They were going to fight with their sex; fight to the brutal finish.

Their movements were careful and skillful; their hips churned together in small circles. They pushed together and kept their legs open wide to each other. Their nerve-rich clits throbbed with utter ecstasy as they aggressively caressed. Their labia tingled as they tightly caressed. The two daring women writhed together, moaning with delight. This was the sex that each loved so much; naked, rough, open legged and pushing into another gorgeous, sexy, and equally bold partner; rubbing their fleshy genitals together with total abandon. But this was more than sex. Their green eyes gleamed with jealousy and dark, selfish desires. Now that they had mashed their treasured sex organs together they would rub them as rivals until one perverse woman could not rub any more and folded her legs in defeat. When two such beautiful, insecure and determined sexual rivals as Debbie and Michelle mashed their fleshy genitals in comparative friction, each was most likely to sustain considerable damage before she would stop. They love the sexual pain and love to fight in the secret way; to live the secret life.

An observer would have hardly perceived that the two beautiful women were fighting a most intense and personal sexual battle. Their hips undulated smoothly and their lithe naked bodies arched in constant ecstasy as they deftly rubbed their fleshy genitals together. They moaned with delight and eagerly wriggled skillfully to obtain maximum contact and friction between their lush, moist cunts. Only when two beautiful women are totally willing and desirous can they so fully match and rub those treasured patches of sex together.

But this was a slow sensual battle of attrition between two wildly jealous beauties; each of who's ultimate desire was to see her rival clamp her legs shut, sobbing in humiliating defeat. The sensations of matching and rubbing their adipose cunts together were so overwhelming and wonderful that neither beauty cared to hurry the process. The sex, the orgasms, and the long, slow transition from pure ecstasy, through thrilling and mutual sexual pain, to the brutality of the agonizing finale, were all desires and sensations that the two beauties sought together. The sight of her rival lying opposite her with her legs open wide, desiring, allowing total access to her treasured genitals urged Debbie and Michelle to revel in their naked coupling. Each bold and confident young woman intended to prevail. Their supple, nude forms writhed in cooperative rhythm on the huge bed. This deft tangle of gorgeous bodies was a deliberate, calculating sexual duel between determined erotic rivals.

Time seemed to stand still for so long as the two naked, sweating femmes writhed together. They skillfully mashed and rubbed their throbbing genitals together in constant friction. For so long, their hot wet juices lubricated their labia, allowing them to slide and mesh with slippery easy strokes. This was the heady, orgasmic and timeless part of their duel. It seemed to go on forever; indeed they rubbed almost two hours in this orgasmic state, and both randy beauties enjoyed every moment. They stopped only briefly, to pee and recover their energy. Each girl loved the firm pressure of her rival's crotch against her own, the slick friction of their fleshy genitals and the throbbing that the friction produced. She craved the sensations that she felt and looked to them as a means to the final end of victory and elation. But she also knew that the dark specter of defeat lay between her rival's legs too. When their eyes met, all of that understanding passed between them and both women shuddered with doubt and fear. But for now the sensations of sex and struggle overwhelmed all else and they eagerly plied their swollen, throbbing cunts together with wild abandon.

As with all sensation, time and effort forced them from their reveries. Their determined, mutual rubbing finally forced a change between those intimately twined sex organs. Gradually they began to dry; the delicate skin chafed and began to send different signals; incipient pangs of true pain. The two perverse beauties recognized the change but responded only by slightly increasing the intensity of their genital friction.

Debbie and Michelle both loved this time too; this so brief transition, when their struggling pudenda swelled and chafed and began to really hurt. Each naked, writhing woman felt more than ever, her rival's lips sliding against her own; clinging, sticking, jerking through each other with more naturally violent sensation. So heady and desirous were the feelings that both women had small internal orgasms; each felt the other surge briefly and knew that they were still struggling equally. Gradually their true intentions surfaced through their erotic passions, and they rubbed their tightly mashed cunts more vigorously until, without warning, they were struggling together in full-blown sexual contention.

Now their gleaming eyes were alive with pain, anger, and incipient fear. They glanced angrily at each other, or watched their churning crotches grind into each other; the blonde and reddish-brown hairs of their mons tangling at the margins where they met. Both grunting, squirming beauties seemed fascinated to view what they were feeling inside their churning cunts. They stared for long moments at their writhing crotches, combining the sensations of touch and the imagination of sight.

The pain became intense. Debbie seemed immersed in her sensations. She felt every inch, every wrinkle of Michelle's fleshy labia smearing into her own. The sebaceous folds curled and sandwiched in their constant caresses, sliding together roughly, but still mingling as only those unique, soft folds can do. Those sensations became Debbie's entire world. She glanced frequently at Michelle, whose lovely face mirrored her own inner agony. But saw Michelle's eyes closed. So Debbie closed her eyes and sank into that dark region of interior vision coupled with the most sensitive, intimate and focused of sensations. She could both feel and see, it seemed, her fleshy folds rubbing through Michelle's curling labia. In her minds eye she saw them together. She seemed to be inside with them; indeed she seemed to be them. This was a time of hypersensitivity and Debbie felt every caress of every fold of her labia with Michelle's.

The agony and burning in their crotches constantly increased until they reached the final level together. The two naked women, their long smooth legs still open wide to each other in their willingness to fight, mashed their cunts and rubbed them together viciously and with the maximum violence which each could sustain. They cried and squealed, gripping each other's wrists to pull them together, flailing their lovely heads in sheer agony as they thrust together in brutal, frantic rhythms. Sexual pride, feminine ego, were now totally at risk. The two determined women mashed and ground their burning, throbbing cunts in the final throes of their lewd, genital duel. Each beauty knew that this was THE climax, the anti-orgasm that they both sought but only one would experience. Dark frantic fears surged into their desperate minds as the pain became virtually unbearable. Their long sleek legs kicked out in agony but both women kept them open wide.

Debbie sought with all of her powers to keep feeling the sensations of her labia smearing against Michelle's. She tried to focus completely on their mashed, grinding lips so violently fighting and comparing. She tried to blot out everything else, including pain, the burning, pulsing agony which Michelle's cunt was forcing up on her own. But she was so sore. The flame between her legs seemed to be consuming her will. She felt her legs flailing in desperate agony; her naked sweating body rising and falling violently as she pushed and thrust against Michelle. The blonde seemed to be exerting ever more pressure against her and Debbie almost despaired of continuing. But her pride drove her forward now. She met every violent thrust of the blonde beauty and sought to exceed them with her own. She was determined to rub and thrust and jam her damaged cunt against Michelle's until she either prevailed or fainted from the pain.

They angrily pounded and smashed their damaged cunts together, ripping them through each other as they struck. The hollow rhythmic slaps of cunt against cunt resounded in the big room, echoed by the guttural screams of the two desperate women. They were now driven not by sex or even their mutual desires to fight sexually; but by jealousy and fear. Neither vain, gorgeous woman could let herself imagine mashing and grinding her precious cunt with another beauty who had made her so envious and insecure, and losing! Michelle and Debbie endured incredible agony to continue rubbing their pulpy, swollen genitals together. Neither would surrender until she broke. And neither woman intended to let herself be broken.

The two frantic, naked nymphs ground their cunts together; thrusting, screaming, sobbing; holding each others' wrists in frantic grips; smashing together, pounding and ripping their burning, throbbing genitals. Then it was over. Debbie felt, through the red haze in which she struggled, Michelle's legs clamp down desperately on her own. The blonde tore loose her grip on Debbie's wrists as she scrambled to pull away. For one brief moment she looked over at the victorious reddish-brown haired woman, then realizing the immensity of her loss she fell limply and cried, her body wracked with her sobbing. She had finally met her match in this sexual arena of genital friction and pain. She was stunned and humiliated. She had opened her legs to her rival, baring all and risking all, and she had lost. Her rival's cunt had beaten hers in violent personal comparison. In her grief she could conceive of nothing worse; and the worst had happened.

Debbie was so shaken by the closeness of the contest that she could only fall back, trembling in relief. However, as she lay weak but happy, her interior sexual confidence grew another quantum leap. The next time she rubbed it would take someone stronger than Michelle to possibly defeat her. At this moment she believed that no one could beat her. She laughed softly and arched with exultation. Debbie loved the secret life.

To be continued?