Debbie and her college roommate, Kathy, had stopped speaking to each other only a few weeks after moving in together. They had been total strangers when they’d entered the dorm and now had become something far worse: enemies.

The second weekend after moving in they had gone to a bar with the intent of getting better acquainted, but both girls got wildly drunk and spent the evening at the bar viciously insulting one another. Debbie had never been so drunk in her life, and she and the blonde had managed to stagger home in a blind fog, barely making it to their room. What had happened after that Debbie could not remember, but it took them both the entire weekend to sleep off their hangovers.

By late Sunday Debbie managed to pull herself together, but her entire body ached and she was covered with bruises, strange marks and scratches. She struggled to put the pieces of late Friday night and Saturday morning together.

The girls’ bunks were arranged in an ‘L’ shape, with Debbie’s protruding from beneath Kathy’s. Debbie thought she remembered the blonde’s body tumbling on top of hers during the night, having probably fallen out of her bunk. She had awakened nude late in the afternoon on Saturday, and Kathy was gone. She caught the reflection of some of the marks on her skin in the dorm room’s full length mirror: long scratches on her stomach, legs, and even across her breasts, plus circular marks in the same areas that looked almost like bite marks. When she checked her back she found even longer, raking scratch marks running from her shoulder blades down to her buttocks. She had similar marks on her face, although they weren’t as pronounced; still, she had to cover them with more makeup than she usually wore. The dorm-issued blankets were coarse, but she couldn’t imagine them abrading her skin like this; a few of the scratches were deep enough to bleed a little. She attributed the bruises to the tortuous journey back from the bars, and she reasoned that she and Kathy might have fallen into some bushes or thorns, but after her horrible evening with Kathy she couldn’t discount the nagging possibility that the little bitch had done something spiteful and vicious to her during the night.

When the blonde finally returned later that evening it took only a quick, furtive look between them to make it clear that they would not be speaking again. Debbie was just marking time until she could find another roommate. But she couldn’t help noticing as Kathy undressed for bed that night that the blonde had some of the same marks on her body, although Debbie only caught a glimpse of her thighs and arms as she was getting ready to shower. She couldn’t help thinking that each of them looked as if they’d been in a fight. Even that was kind of a wild guess; Debbie had never been in a fight in her life, but she’d seen girls scratch and bite each other in catfights a couple of times. Still, she couldn’t imagine or remember herself getting in a fight that evening, and Kathy had been with her the whole time. It made no sense to her but she preferred to put it out of her mind. Only cheap sluts got into fights, and that was the picture she now had of Kathy. The blonde girl used too much mascara and sometimes wore outfits that would have been appropriate for a streetwalker; she even had fishnet stockings she wore at least once a week. Debbie had thought that they would have a great time borrowing each other’s clothes since their builds were almost identical: both girls were around 5’9" with slender, athletic builds, and she thought Kathy’s bust, which the blonde seemed to enjoy showing off, looked about equivalent to her own firm 35" pair. Debbie had sleek, silky straight black hair and dark eyes, while Kathy’s was dyed honey blonde, but it was short and straight like hers, showing off both girls graceful, well-sculpted necks and shoulders. She knew Kathy was involved in some sort of athletics, but she never saw her at the gym when she was at swim team practice, so she didn’t worry about it. All she knew was that Kathy was a bitch. She had started in on Debbie the minute the girls had gotten down a couple of drinks, belittling her in every way imaginable, bragging about her sexual conquests and abilities and generally asserting in no uncertain terms that she considered herself Debbie’s superior as a woman. Debbie had been too shocked at first to respond, despite the alcohol, but as the drinks kept coming she felt herself loosening up and beginning to give tit for tat, assuring the blonde that she thought she was a slutty, cheap-looking tramp who was all mouth. Things had gone downhill from there, with the girls leaning into each other’s faces in the cramped lounge booth, spitting the lowest insults and obscenities at each other for hours. Debbie could only remember the first hour or so of what was said, but that was enough. She knew she had totally fallen to the blonde tramp’s dirty level and she never wanted to be there again. The sooner one of them was out of the dorm room the better. The two girls avoided each other after that, but when Kathy was in the room Debbie could feel the tension, and the blonde would sometimes intentionally bump Debbie out of her way. Debbie had only returned the jab of Kathy’s hip once, and the girls had glared at each other for a moment before backing down. But mostly the small dorm room just crackled with silent tension. Kathy went out at night often, and Debbie had no idea where. She really knew nothing about the blonde, and despite her claims to the contrary, curiosity was getting the better of her. She noted that the blonde spent time writing letters to some friends whenever she was in the room, and since she was gone so often Debbie had taken to glancing at the letters whenever Kathy left them lying around. She caught references to herself in the letters sometimes, Kathy frequently referred to her as ‘the little bitch’, although she never went into much detail about Debbie, instead bragging about whatever man she’d bedded down last.

One Thursday night, however, she noticed the blonde sliding a letter she’d just written into her desk drawer instead of leaving it out. Debbie immediately suspected the letter was about her; Kathy always went out on Thursdays, so she waited until the blonde had left and immediately dug the letter out of her roommate’s drawer. The opening page was irrelevant, but at the bottom of the second page she saw herself referenced in the usual way. She read on:

" remember me telling you about my bitch roommate, don’t you? I hate her so fucking much and I’m finally going to teach her a lesson. I told you about when I took that cunt to the bars and she turned out to be the most stuck-up, prissy bitch. The best part is that after all her prissy attitude she said she wanted to catfight with me when we got back to our dorm room so I gave her exactly what she wanted, and she fights just like any tramp bitch in heat would---she must have bit my tits a dozen times. We went at it just about all night, and we weren’t just catfighting, either. So I’m sure she thinks she’s some real tough pussy since we haven’t said word one to each other since the fight, but I decided I’ve had it with her attitude and I’m going to settle her little hot ass good. I shaved myself last night and by tomorrow I’m going to be nice and rough, and I’m gonna get her naked and scrape her little snatch off."

Debbie slowly placed the unfinished letter back in the drawer and stood in silence for a moment, digesting what she had read. The fact that Kathy was laying a trap for her was secondary at the moment; she had to deal with Kathy’s description of what had happened during their night out. Debbie still couldn’t remember a thing, but from the letter it appeared she and her roommate had been in some brutal confrontation that night, and she herself had initiated it! She had suspected something of this nature since the beginning, but Debbie wasn’t the sort of girl who normally faced such issues consciously. She knew there had been more than just hostility in the air every time Kathy was in the room; there was an extra aggressive element there, a sense that the blonde enjoyed getting in Debbie’s way. And now she was plotting to ambush Debbie and humiliate her in the privacy of this dorm room.

The longer Debbie thought about it the angrier she got, yet she felt something else, too, a hot, sick excitement at the idea of confronting whatever it was she and Kathy had between them. She thought about what Kathy had said about shaving and then beating Debbie on her crotch. For a few moments she didn’t understand the connection between the two actions, or what exactly Kathy had shaved. When she figured it out it was strangely obvious, and the thought of it sent an icy thrill through her body. Kathy planned on beating Debbie with her shaved pussy...she was going to assault Debbie’s sex with her own!

Debbie thought back to the way her body had felt after the night of drinking with Kathy, sore all over, but particularly her breasts and crotch, irrespective of the scratches and what she now knew were bite marks...they were abraded and raw as if something had been grinding into them for hours at a time. Had Kathy already done this to her, violated her with her pale, muscular body while Debbie had been passed out on her bunk?!

Even more disturbing was the thought that it had not been a violation, that maybe Debbie hadn’t been passive during the struggle...she had started it, after all. And now it seemed Kathy planned to finish the conflict on her terms! The more Debbie thought about it the more determined she was that she would not be dominated by the blonde. She hatched a plan and began digging around in her bathroom supplies for what she would need.


Kathy didn’t return until late Saturday evening; the dorm was nearly empty, but she noted with satisfaction that Debbie was still in for the evening, although it appeared she was taking a shower. Kathy planned on taking one herself before she settled her differences with the brunette.

She disrobed and stroked her rough little crotch in anticipation. After a full day her shaved patch had grown as rough as sharkskin, just right to brutalize another girl’s cunt, which was exactly what she planned to do to her roommate. Even Kathy had been a little stunned by the ferocity of her catfight with the brunette their first (and last) night out together, but she had determined since then that Debbie would pay the price for her viciousness that night.

More than once she had tried to goad the other girl into another confrontation, but she’d only bumped and prodded her physically, since the girls now refused to speak to each other. Debbie hadn’t taken the bait, which only reinforced Kathy’s belief that the brunette’s toughness in their first skirmish had been a fluke. Debbie was no catfighter; she had just been drunk and had lost control. She would never dare fight Kathy the way they’d fought that long night if she were sober. After an hour of brutal scratching and biting Debbie had eagerly met Kathy sex to sex, pussy-fighting her to a standstill until both women had passed out.

Kathy was a gymnast, but Debbie’s lithe, tawny body had been just as strong and supple as her own paler, toned one, and the other girl had given her everything she’d have expected from a veteran alley cat. Even though neither girl had really won the fight, Kathy couldn’t handle the idea that such a prissy had fought her so closely.

She passed Debbie on the way to the showers and glared at her sullenly. The brunette looked good wet, she thought; it would be fun to whip her that way. She hurried through her shower, tingling with anticipation as she ran over everything she planned to do Debbie. She knew she would be out of the dorm for good the next day, so whatever transpired between her and Debbie tonight would be final. She wanted the brunette bitch to live with the knowledge that she had been beaten good by Kathy in their final fight.

Finishing her shower, she dried lightly and crept back to the dorm room through the quiet central hall. Debbie was lying on her bed, still wrapped in her towel when Kathy entered the room. She couldn’t wait any longer. Reaching behind her she purposefully locked the dorm room door. Debbie looked up from the book she was reading and the two girls locked eyes.

Kathy licked her lips and in a quick, brazen move whipped off her towel, revealing her nude, wet body. She struck an aggressive pose, thrusting out her hard bust and putting her hands on her sleek, athletic hips to make sure Debbie noticed her battle-ready bush. She allowed herself a smug little smirk as Debbie’s dark eyes drifted down to lock on her crotch, and she cocked a thigh to widen her stance and give the brunette an even better view.

Debbie glanced back up at her coolly, although Kathy wondered if the other girl just didn’t have a clue as to what was coming next. She was wrong. Without removing her eyes from Kathy’s, Debbie flipped open her own towel. The intensely dark bush Kathy had expected was gone, leaving Debbie’s firm vulva fringed by a rough-looking stubble of dark fur.

Kathy stood in a mixture of shocked fury and almost uncontainable excitement as she realized that her enemy was just as ready for this fight as she was. Debbie’s lips parted slightly as if she were about to say something, but both girls knew nothing need be said. Their bodies said it all.

Kathy balanced herself, wondering who would make the first move. From her position she could have launched herself across Debbie’s supine body, but before she could act Debbie slipped off the bed and stood face to face with her, giving her long, well-muscled thighs a slight, inviting spread the same way the blonde had done.

The tight bulges of their two groins were barely a foot apart, their hot, damp bosoms even closer. Kathy looked at Debbie’s tawny, tight body with all the contempt and hatred she could muster, glancing purposefully at the brunette’s raggedly-trimmed bush and strong-looking vulva, then at her pouting, brown-nippled tits and the mix of warm water and sweat droplets gathered in the valley between the two orbs. She arched her back, let her own pale, pink-nippled perfect pair jut out arrogantly, her hips swaying slowly from side to side like a panther’s tail whipping before it struck.

Debbie’s trim, strong hips took up a countermovement, shifting slowly back and forth as if both girls were now winding up for a thrust. Debbie’s dark eyes raked Kathy’s body viciously, and the look on her face almost sent Kathy slamming into her in rage, but the girls still resisted the urge to come together, their breathing becoming deep and quick, chests rising and falling with tension as they began to circle speechlessly, maintaining the cocked stance of their hips.

They circled until Kathy was facing the full length mirror on the locked dorm room door, and Kathy could see the brunette’s buttocks twitching and rippling in anticipation just as her own tight ass flexed behind her, eager to close with the brunette. She refused to be intimidated by the prissy little pussy facing her, and she knew she would dominate once the two girls began their fight for real. She allowed herself a cruel little smile of arrogance at her rival and she let her tits ride a little higher and closer to Debbie’s boobs.

Suddenly she saw a ripple of muscular contraction move through the brunette’s thighs and ass and Debbie’s body met hers, first smacking her wet tits across Kathy’s, then violently jamming her bare cunt between Kathy’s parted thighs, deep in to punch roughly into the blonde sharkskin patch of Kathy’s pussy. She felt the touch of Debbie’s sleek, naked sex lips on her own for just an instant as the brunette’s buns twitched and drove their projectile home into Kathy’s sex, but the shock of the other girl’s rough bush scraping her crotch overrode the delicious feeling of caressing vulva and Kathy grunted in pain, retreating in spite of herself.

Urged on by this first seeming victory, Debbie grunted hungrily, jabbing again and again with her tough pussy, taking shot after shot at Kathy’s abraded bush. Kathy took the assault for a few seconds before pushing Debbie away with her tits, then closing again, this time leading with her own cunt, slamming it deep into the hot cleft of Debbie’s groin once twice, before muscling the brunette back against a wall. She knew her own razor-trimmed bush was a better grinding weapon then the mace-like spikiness of Debbie’s crotch, and she had to hold the other girl fast to work over her cunt, grinding down against the grain of her own fur to scratch and sting the brunette’s pussy.

Debbie growled against her and the two girls grunted and groaned in rhythm as they exchanged pussy blows, but other than that their battle was silent, each still refusing to verbally acknowledge the other. After a few moments of furious grinding body to body Debbie succeeded in bucking her enemy off of her and she wisely planted herself at the center of the room. Kathy followed, and the two girls slammed body to body again, this time in a fight for position, hands still clamped to their own hips, each girl refusing to use her hands to grab hold of the other girl, insisting on keeping this a body-only duel.

They continued to meet and fight pussy to pussy, buttocks beginning to sweat now as they added potent effort to the battle. Kathy knew her well-toned body wouldn’t back down from this kind of fight, but she knew, too, that she was at a disadvantage using her close-cropped cunt as a weapon; Debbie’s was a rougher battering ram than hers at this point, and without using her hands she had to back the other girl into walls in order to do her any damage. She was infuriated at Debbie for out trumping her this way, but she knew the fight was only beginning.


The girls cunt-boxed for several minutes and Kathy refused to show any signs that Debbie was hurting her, even though her crotch burned hotly after the first few rough, intimate encounters. She decided to make up for her handicap by tit fighting, and she was soon glad to discover her own boobs were a little tighter and harder than the brunette’s.

Although Debbie’s big, stiff nipples cut and slashed at Kathy’s tingling tits, the gymnast’s taut hemispheres were harder overall, and she kept jabbing and slapping them deep into Debbie’s soft, hot breasts, eliciting grunts of pain from the dark-haired girl. Debbie wasn’t out of shape in any way, and her brown boobs were still hard and heavy enough to do damage to Kathy’s, but Kathy’s perfectly round globes had just enough muscle tautness to make them ride higher and hit harder.

Kathy could see bruises and welts beginning to rise on the delicate skin of Debbie’s tender breasts, and she knew the same marks must be even more obvious on her pale, China doll skin, but she bet that Debbie’s boobs hurt more than hers, and she pressed her attack while Debbie kept on beating at her crotch, moving with a dancer’s agility as she slapped her hips and crotch into Kathy’s again and again. Though she exulted in the breast beating she was giving Debbie, the other girl’s spiky cunt would not be denied, and Kathy found herself retreating from the brunette’s pussy jabs even as she smacked at the other girl’s tits.

Twice she wrestled the brunette into a corner and their cunts skirmished hotly, forcing hot groans from both fighters as they ground their vulva together, but both times Debbie managed to throw the blonde off. Kathy knew she couldn’t attain the victory she wanted without holding Debbie’s body to her.

After the second corner clinch she stood her ground at the center of the room and Debbie came at her eagerly. Their bodies collided with a wet smack; in the mirror Kathy saw Debbie’s back glisten with sweat as muscles leaped under her shoulder blades while she tit-grappled with the blonde. Kathy’s eyes caught on Debbie’s smooth ass, like two apples topping the long, smooth pillars of her legs; the instant they clenched to deliver another pussy punch Kathy clinched with the brunette, arms smacking down on Debbie’s sweaty strong back to hug her in close. Debbie groaned as their hot tits smashed together in brutally hot, grinding contact, and she gasped herself as she felt her nipples twisted violently against Debbie’s. She slid her hands down to the small of Debbie’s back and pressed her advantage, forcing the girls’ sleek, thrusting hips into close contact.

For a few moments the girls long, lean thighs wrestled for position as each girl sought to use her pussy to best advantage against the other, but soon the wrestling and bucking quieted to minute, intense movements.

Kathy pressed her forehead into Debbie’s and her icy blue eyes met the brunette’s dark brown ones in an electric, threatening stare down, their breaths coming in quick gasps as they each dared to press their most sensitive, delicate body parts into hot battle.

Debbie snarled as Kathy raked her shaved cunt downward across the brunette’s throbbing vulva, and she slashed bared teeth at Kathy’s mouth as the blonde ground her cunt into her rival’s in scratching, side-to-side motions.

Kathy snarled herself and snapped at Debbie’s soft mouth, but neither girl allowed the other’s teeth to fasten and the fight continued to concentrate at their locked crotches. Kathy felt Debbie’s strong fingers and nails digging into the small of her back, neither girl, as yet had used her hands for any reason other than to hold her opponent as close in the intimate clinch as possible. Angered by some quick pussy jabs from the brunette, Kathy finally smacked and slapped several times at Debbie’s sweat-drenched, overheated buns, and she received sharp, answering spanks from the brunette as the two ground their faces together side to side, hugging each other close. Kathy knew she was winning this cunt fight now, and she exulted in Debbie’s low moans as she ravaged the other girl’s pussy with long, slow, torturous grinds; both girls squeezed and kneaded each other’s slick buttocks now, and there was a slickness to their cunt to cunt friction that couldn’t be explained by sweat and shower soap alone. She could feel Debbie trembling and grunting under her hard rubbing, feel her nipples tightening even harder than they had been initially: it was impossible not to get turned on by a fight this close, and part of the challenge was doing the other girl without losing control first. Kathy couldn’t help getting hot at the feel of Debbie’s smooth body against hers, her soft, hot boobs caressing Kathy’s, let alone the clash of clits that was so close to occurring. But she didn’t plan on letting this bitch ride her the way she’d done during their first duel. And Debbie was weakening. Every tangling of their vulva led to louder, more urgent moans from the brunette, and when Kathy forced her face straight ahead to meet the other girl’s gaze she saw a new look of determination and rage. She felt hands in her silky, short hair suddenly as Debbie jerked Kathy’s head back in a vicious hair pull; Kathy retaliated instantly, but although the hair pull forced the girls’ tits into tighter contact it also allowed Debbie to back out of the pussy grind long enough to regain her sexual composure.


Kathy hissed as her advantage slipped through her fingers, and she lunged forward to bite at Debbie’s full lips out of sheer spite. Debbie took the bite and tugged harder at the blonde’s silky hair, but neither girl could get much of a grip on each other’s short hairdos. Kathy let her hands slip out of the other girl’s black locks of hair and rake down Debbie’s slick back before clutching the other girl’s muscular buns again, urging her rival back into hard crotch-rubbing. But Debbie maintained her grip on Kathy’s blonde hair, her body bucking in protest at the blonde’s sexual attack. Her tawny biceps, resting sweatily against Kathy’s shoulders in the hair pull, turned to rock against the blonde as Debbie threw a final burst of violent strength into her grip on Kathy’s hair, wrenching the blonde’s upper body in a twisting motion that threw both women off balance. Kathy strained against the tawny muscle of her enemy, but found herself tumbling onto the brunette’s bed with the other girl’s long body slamming hard across the full, lissome length of hers. Debbie braced her lean, sinewy thighs against Kathy’s and pried them apart in a slow test of strength, and she wasted no time in pressing her advantage, bearing down on Kathy’s exposed sex with her rough mace of a cunt with two, then three sharp blows. Kathy held her by the buttocks, bearing her still-hard breasts and their erect nipples deep into the slightly softer pair that pinned them to Kathy’s chest. She tried to pull Debbie’s cunt back against hers, but the other girl’s toned legs were too strong: she could see down past their two rippling stomachs to the mirror that viewed both girls from behind, Debbie’s legs long and brown, trembling with muscle tension against the smooth, rippling white of Kathy’s thighs meeting them, flexing with equally long and potent girlish muscles while their two trimmed cunts danced inches from one another. Try as she might, Kathy couldn’t bring their pussies together while Debbie rode her like this, and she could see a spiteful, smug sneer taking over the brunette’s stoic features as she showed off the power of her long legs. Kathy sneered back, glancing down at their four fighting tits as she bore her bosom into Debbie’s, hoping the tit torture would draw the brunette’s attention away from her leg wrestling for a moment. She even let her tongue dance temptingly close to the dark-haired girl’s mouth, and just as she’d expected Debbie snarled and tried to bite the pink probe. At that Kathy mounted her counterattack, squeezing her thighs together, tendons cracking as Debbie’s legs bent to her will. She twisted, riding up Debbie’s flank as she forced their bodies onto their sides, and for a moment they were equals, gravity aiding no one as they used pure ass muscle to pound and rub at each other’s cunts. Now Kathy’s stronger tits could help her overturn the brunette, and she smacked at her rival’s breasts hard with her own, added her drenched leg pinioning to the mix. Debbie’s thighs slid and slapped at hers and for a second the girls’ long legs thrashed wildly as their grips slipped and each fought to reapply the strongest leg lock to the other. Now Kathy’s legs slipped between Debbie’s, and with a violent motion of her hips she fucked the other girl’s ass down to the mattress. Debbie growled as Kathy’s cunt bore in hard on hers, and Kathy sneered into the other girl’s bared teeth as she rubbed into the brunette good and hard. She took another look back into the mirror and saw her creamy ass pounding away on top of Debbie while the other girl groaned and tried to escape.


Finally she felt the other girl’s tawny arms grip her hard body with the same ferocity with which she was gripping Debbie. Something in Debbie’s eyes said she no longer wanted to run away: she wanted it all, everything Kathy had against her. Debbie’s cunt met Kathy’s and after several moments of painful skirmishing both girls were aroused enough to smooth any amount of abrasive fur with their own slickness. The ragged texture of Debbie’s fur was just another stimulation now as Kathy felt her clit emerge fully and tangle wetly with Debbie’s equally long, erect sex horn. Once again lissome legs slid and locked and cracked with tension as the girls fought, exchanging positions and violently fighting each other for the honor of mounting the losing girl; Kathy felt herself ridden two more times, reversing her humiliation each time to victoriously mount her opponent and see the hate and lust in Debbie’s dark eyes. The mirror showed the cost of the battle: the girls were marked once again, bruised, scratched and bitten just as they had been that first night. Each girl exchanged long, sucking tit bites whenever an enemy gland quivered in reach of her hungry mouth, and when Debbie bared her teeth in Kathy’s face and offered the blonde her long sweet tongue, Kathy didn’t refuse it. She held the wet pinkness in her mouth, let her teeth fasten into it as she felt the dark-haired girl’s panting hot body finally weaken under hers. Drawing her long clit across Debbie’s with stroke after stroke, she savored her victory deep into the night.

To be continued?