Skiliton is a small New England community with a population of less than ten thousand. They had the normal clubs, and activities such as Lions, Chamber of Commerce, Little League sports for both boys and girls, and scouting of all kinds. With so many different activities for kids in the 21st century the number of Scouts had dropped considerably. However, there were enough girls to make up two troops of Girl Scouts. Due to the fact they all went to the same school nearly all of the girls from both troops knew each other. Most scouting activities were done separately by the two troops, but there was one exception.

It was that time of the year for the annual Girl Scout cookie sale. For this the two troops had a joint meeting where they could divide up the community into sections to be covered by each individual scout. Each troop had a new scout leader. The leader of Troop 1 was a 26-year-old legal assistant by the name of Tina Mays. Troop 2’s leader was 25-year-old Colleen Mackly, a teacher in the local elementary school.

Normally at the Friday night meeting to organize the cookie sale a friendly rivalry would develop between the two troops. This year was no different. Prizes were offered to girls who sold the most cookies as well as the leading troop. This year an extra incentive had been added. The leader of the winning troop would be given a $1,000 bond. The only problem was that no one seemed to have past records showing how the town was divided up so each girl had her own territory. This insured there would be no overlapping. So the two leaders tried to fairly organize the map so no one troop received an area with a larger population.

The problem was they couldn't agree where the lines should be drawn. For a while it sounded like ten people were all talking at the same time. Each girl requested her favorite area, one where she felt she could sell a lot of cookies. Finally out of frustration Tina blew her whistle, and when everyone was quiet she announced that she and Colleen would meet privately after the meeting, divide up the town, and let everyone know the results at next week's meeting. With that the meeting was adjourned.

Since this was the first time the two leaders were meeting together they both stood for a moment, and took stock of one another. They had both gone to the local high school, but because they were one year apart they hadn't gotten to know each other at all. In addition they had gone to different colleges, and had only moved back to the community within the past year. When they learned women were needed as Girl Scout leaders they both volunteered.

Both women were wearing the green uniform of a scout leader. While not drop-dead gorgeous both women were quite attractive. Colleen, at 5’6”, had shoulder length chestnut colored hair, and pretty brown eyes. Tina, showing her Italian ancestry, had a dark complexion, long straight black hair, and was the same height as Colleen. While the green uniforms they were wearing did not particularly show off their figures both women had a nice shape.

Tina broke the silence, and asked Colleen if she would like to follow her home in her car. Tina was of the opinion they could get it done in a short time in a relaxed atmosphere without a bunch of girls yelling at them. Colleen agreed, and they both left the building to find their cars. After a short drive they arrived at Tina's house which was located in a quiet section just outside of town.

They entered the house, and Tina showed Colleen around. When they sat on the couch to talk, the dresses they were wearing rode up, and revealed that both women had beautiful and shapely legs. For a while they just sat and talked about things in general so they could become better acquainted. They found they had some things in common including long-term relationships with men that had recently ended.

After almost an hour they decided it was time to get to work. Tina found a large map of the community, and for awhile everything went smoothly. However, as they got near the end it became more difficult to divide up the remaining streets. One of the areas of contention was the development near the edge of town which had a large segment of the community's population. The two of them went back and forth trying to find a solution which would be fair to both troops.

They argued back and forth, and reached a stage where they were just glaring at each other. In exasperation Colleen said, "I just think you want that $1,000 bond for yourself, and will make sure you get it by giving me the short end?!"

Tina angrily replied, "Don't be ridiculous. Any idiot can look at that map and see I've bent over backwards to be fair."

With raised voices the two argued some more, when Tina tried to make a point, and in doing so placed her hand on Colleen’s shoulder. Colleen pushed it away, and told Tina not to touch her. Tina just laughed, and put her hand right back where it was. Colleen angrily pushed Tina, Tina pushed back, and all of a sudden the two went at each other. They locked their hands in each other's hair, and started to pull vigorously. They stumbled all over the room, and neither would let go. Finally, their legs got tangled up, and they fell to the floor. They rolled back and forth with each one trying to gain an advantage.

They were too close to one another to do any real damage. The same could not be said for the green dresses they were wearing. They were slowly starting to rip and tear each other's uniform. There were squeals and other sounds of exertion, but neither would give the other the satisfaction of hearing her scream. They described each other in very unlady-like terms, with words such as "bitch, slut, whore, and cunt" being exchanged. With their arms locked around each other the most either could do was slap each other on the back or the ass.

This hair pulling and rolling around lasted for almost ten minutes with neither woman gaining an advantage. However, they were running out of energy. They finally came to a stop up against the couch with Colleen on top. For a few moments Colleen stared down at Tina, and then something inexplicable happened. Colleen lowered her head, brought her lips to Tina's, and kissed her. In a split second many thoughts ran through her head. She thought to herself, "What the hell am I doing? I'm in a fight with another woman, and I kiss her? I've never kissed another woman. What the hell is wrong with me?"

In shock and embarrassment Colleen tried to get up, and put an end to this ridiculous situation. However, Tina had other ideas. She grabbed Colleen by the hair with both hands, pulled her back down, and returned the kiss. Colleen, for some reason she couldn't put into words, started to pull back, but let her head down to return Tina's kiss. After a few seconds they stopped kissing. Tina looked up at Colleen, and asked, "Is it safe to say you didn't plan that? I could tell by the look on your face it was quite a shock."

Colleen, still looking somewhat stunned, just shook her head, and said, "I don't know what happened? I don't like to kiss women. I usually don't fight either."

Tina smiled and said, "Well, you must have liked something. I just kissed you back out of curiosity, and wanted to see what you'd do. I don't like to kiss women either. I think we're through fighting. Let's get up, sit down on the couch, and see if we can solve this rationally."

The two of them got up, looking very disheveled, and moved to the couch. They talked for a few minutes trying to find common ground. Tina sat in silence for a few moments, and slowly a smile came to her face. Colleen noticed the smile, and gazed at Tina with a questioning look. Tina said, "I think we have three alternatives to pick from here. First, we can finish the fight. Secondly, you can just leave in which case I will make up the map to my advantage. You can call the third choice a sporting contest."

Colleen looked at Tina suspiciously. "What kind of a sporting contest?" she asked.

Tina replied, "We can have a kissing contest. Now hear me out. It's not as crazy as it sounds. After all, we both claim to dislike kissing women. Therefore, it stands to reason it would be distasteful for us to kiss each other. In that case the woman who breaks off the kiss first loses. Think about it, and then tell me whether or not you have the guts to try it. The loser has to take the part of the map she doesn't want."

At first Colleen thought Tina was crazy. Then, in a twisted logic she thought it made sense. She nodded her head, and told Tina she would do it. Tina's response was, "Good we can go into the bedroom and get it on."

Colleen replied angrily, "You're out of your mind if you think I'm going into the bedroom to roll around on the bed, and kiss you. I've never been with a woman that way. "

Tina quickly responded, "Hold on! We have some choices here. If we do this standing up we'll probably stumble around. If we sit on the couch one of us will be around front and in control. The reason I picked the bed is not to roll around, but to be on our knees. It's better than being on our knees on the floor."

The explanation appeased Colleen, and they walked to the bedroom. Once inside the bedroom they walked around to opposite sides of the bed. Tina unfastened her green dress, and let it fall to the floor. Colleen was surprised by this, but after a moment did the same. The two of them looked at the contrast they presented to each other. Tina, with her dark complexion, stood out with a white bra, and white bikini panties. Colleen, with her light complexion, had on a black bra and matching panties.

They slowly approached each other, and looked intently in each other's eyes as they slid their arms around each other. Tina, almost in a whisper, said, "As long as we hold the kiss it's okay. A break for one or two seconds to lick your lips or change position is okay. But if either one of us stops the kiss it's all over. Agreed?"

Colleen nodded her head. She really had mixed feelings about this. On one hand it really turned her off to kiss another woman. On the other hand it felt strangely erotic. The two women brought their lips tentatively together. Neither one was really sure how to do this. Tina had a look of anticipation on her face, and thought to herself that this was really going to be exciting. They worked their lips against each other, and after a few seconds slowly started to open their mouths. Both women got into it by grinding her open mouth against one another. It was starting to feel erotic, and the two women really got into it. Neither would admit it, but both of them were starting to enjoy it, and the sound of their heavy breathing was the only sound in the room. This went on for more than 10 minutes, but neither woman showed any indication of wanting to stop.

Finally, Tina briefly broke the kiss, and asked for a temporary truce. Colleen nodded her head, and for a long moment the two of them gazed into each other's eyes as if they were looking for some type of message. Tina moved away, reached behind her back, and unsnapped her bra. She was obviously telling Colleen she was willing to make the competition a little more personal. Colleen really didn't know how to respond. She did not want to back down, and in order to appear as though she would accept any challenge Colleen removed both her bra and her panties. Tina was surprised, but immediately removed the one item she still had on.

The two of them looked each other over, knowing the competition had reached a much higher level. Seeing each other naked for the first time each woman compared herself to her rival. They both had cone-shaped breasts, while not overly large, were beautifully shaped with large firm nipples. They both had small dark bushes above their pussies. As they moved toward each other Tina licked her lips in anticipation. She smiled at Colleen, and said, "We are both sensual women, and I think we should raise the stakes in our little bet. I think whoever loses should satisfy the winner by sucking her pussy."

Colleen realized that Tina had manipulated her into this situation right from the beginning. But now she had no choice. She couldn't back down, and wasn't sure she wanted to even if she had a choice. She agreed with Tina’s new terms, and was feeling very aroused. She wanted to lock up her body with Tina's even if she lost. The two women met in the middle of the bed. They watched each other’s breasts intently as they slowly moved together. Both of them gasped as first their nipples touched, and then their full breasts came together.

Once again they brought their open mouths together. This time their tongues dueled. They moved their heads slightly apart, and their tongues had their own little fight. Tina pulled Colleen down on the bed, and the two women entwined their legs. Both of them knew this had gone far beyond a kissing contest.

As they kissed the two women started to grind their bodies into each other. Their pussies had gotten very wet, and both Tina and Colleen knew that regardless of the kissing they were very close to getting each other off. They were now laying side by side, and doing a horizontal sex dance. Colleen erupted first as she threw her head back, squealed loudly, grabbed Tina’s ass with both hands, and pulled her as close as she could. When Colleen pulled at Tina to bring her closer it caused Tina to open her legs, and grind her pussy even harder against Colleen. With a cry of pleasure Tina had her own orgasm. The two of them lay there in each other’s arms waiting for the sensations to pass.

Colleen was thinking to herself that she couldn't believe what just happened. Tina, on the other hand, was very pleased at what had taken place. She looked over at Colleen, and said, "For someone who has never been with another woman before you're a hot lover."

Colleen, still breathing heavily from their encounter, replied, "I can't believe we just did that. You really manipulated me to get what you wanted didn't you? I played right into your hands. When did you decide you wanted me this way?"

Tina tried to explain, "First of all I didn't start out with the idea we'd end up in bed together. I'm really not into women the way you think. I've spent most of the last five years with guys. The only time I was with another woman was with my roommate in my senior year of college. But, a little while ago when we were fighting you suddenly kissed me. A moment later when I kissed you back, if you had pulled away it would have stopped right there. But you kissed me back, and I got a little turned on. I guess it's like riding a bicycle. You never forget. I didn't know where the kissing contest would go, but we kept taking off our clothes. You know what happened then. I suppose you know you lost because you broke the kiss first, and I want to collect what you owe me."

Colleen blushed, and stammered, "I've never done that before, at least not to another woman. I guess the closest I've ever come to being with another woman is when I was 13 years old my cousin and I practiced kissing each other so we'd know how to kiss boys."

Tina reached over, and kissed Colleen lightly on the lips. She said, "I'm sure you've had a man do it to you. Just picture what you really like being done to you, and do that to me. It'll be fine. Now come here, and make me happy. If you had won I would have to please you."

Colleen looked at Tina, and saw the desire in her eyes. Remembering what Tina said about doing what pleased herself she moved over, and while looking Tina right in the eyes, she kissed her breasts. Then she trailed kisses down to Tina's pussy, and began to lick and suck. Tina began to gasp and moan. She grabbed Colleen's head, and pushed it more forcefully into her pussy. In ecstasy Tina began to squeeze her own breasts, and in a few minutes she squealed loudly as she went off. While sensations were running through her body Tina grabbed Colleen, and pulled her up so she could kiss her. After a few minutes Colleen rolled away, looked at Tina, and questioned, "Did I meet your approval?"

Tina smiled, and replied, "Lover you sure did. You have talent you're not even aware of."

Colleen said, "That's good because I have a request. To which Tina replied, "Anything within reason."

Colleen exclaimed, "You have really taken advantage of me here tonight. You manipulated me, and used me as an object of pleasure. I would be lying if I said it was horrible, and I never lie. I did enjoy it because it was new, and erotic. But earlier tonight you challenged me to what you said was a sporting contest. I guess, in a way it was. So, having lost, I want a rematch. I'm a fast learner, and I want to see if the student can beat the teacher. So next Friday night after we hand the girls their maps and cookies I would like to come back here, and take you on.”

Tina responded by grabbing Colleen, pulling her close, and kissing her. Colleen gasped as their lips parted, and their tongues pushed together. Tina broke the kiss, and said breathlessly, "Does that answer your question?"

Colleen nodded her head, and they pulled apart so they could get up and get dressed. Before Colleen left they solved the problem which led to their fight, and they exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses in case they needed to contact each other during the coming week.

The next week went quickly. The two women exchanged e-mails, but only concerning Girl Scout business. However, that changed on Thursday night when Colleen called Tina. If Tina had doubts about Colleen taking up where they had left off the previous Friday they were quickly dispelled when Colleen said, “You have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to tomorrow night’s little contest. I hope the idea of losing doesn’t bother you too much?”

Tina’s answer left no doubt as to her mindset, “As a teacher you should recognize when more lessons are necessary before one becomes an ‘A’ student. I’m looking forward to giving you very intense training.” Colleen reacted by making kissing sounds into the phone and hung up. Tina laughed to herself, and then went to bed.

Friday night Colleen and Tina met at the local community center around 7 p.m. to greet the girls and give them their cookies and assignments. It wasn’t a formal meeting so no one was in uniform. As it was a warm evening the two women were wearing shorts and a Girl Scout sweatshirt. As per their arrangement Colleen once again followed Tina home after their scout duties were complete.

Once they got inside Tina's house the two of them looked each other over. Although the shorts were very form fitting one had to admit neither looked very sexy in a sweatshirt and sandals. They walked into the living room, and sat down on the loveseat. Tina asked Colleen if she would like a glass of wine. Colleen nodded her head, and while Tina headed for the kitchen to get some, Colleen asked if she could use the bathroom.

While they were in the kitchen, and bathroom respectively, Tina and Colleen both prepared surprises for one another. When Tina walked back in the living room with two glasses of wine she looked at Colleen in surprise. While in the bathroom Colleen had removed her sweatshirt along with her shorts, and when she walked back in the living room she was wearing a black camisole accompanied by a very tiny black thong. But Colleen looked equally surprised because Tina was wearing a green lace teddy and a green bikini in-place of her sweatshirt and shorts. Both women had applied a fresh coat of lipstick.

Tina handed Colleen her wine as they sat down. "Well," she said. "I guess great minds are sneaky together? I guess you've been doing some studying?"

Colleen replied, as she was taking a sip of wine, "Oh yes! These days one can learn a great deal on the Internet. I managed to find a number of sites which offered stories from women who participated in sexfights or from men who claim to have watched. Even if the stories weren't true they offered an amazing wealth of information."

Tina said excitedly, "I am really anxious to see what you have learned. I guess our type of competition between women isn't all that unusual. You have no idea how much I've been looking forward to tonight. I have to say you really look sexy."

Colleen, sliding closer to Tina in anticipation, whispered, "You look very hot yourself. I have to admit I really want you. But I want to beat you even more. Last week after our contest I had to suck your pussy. Tonight I want you to suck mine. This is more than a kissing contest."

Both women put down their wine glasses, and looked at each other with pure lust in their eyes. They slid their arms around each other, and locked their mouths together in their first kiss. For the next 10 minutes they were like two teenagers on a date. They were on the loveseat kissing passionately. Their tongues were stabbing each other, and doing a dance together. At the same time their hands were also busy. They reached over, grabbed each other's breasts, and squeezed and pulled.

It didn't take long for both women to start moaning and gasping. Still tongue kissing they reached down inside each other's thongs, and began stroking one another's pussy. At one point Tina bent her head down, clamped her teeth on one of Colleen's nipples and gently pulled. Colleen loudly squealed, pulled Tina's head away and did the same thing to her. Both women were getting very wet, and very aroused. They finally broke apart for a moment, and Tina stood up. She took Colleen by the hand, and led her to the bedroom.

Once they got to the bedroom they stood and faced each other for a moment. They took turns bending down and removed each other's stringed thongs. Not quite knowing what to do next each one waited for the other to make the first move. Tina pushed Colleen down on the bed, and then jumped down next to her. They grappled, and rolled back and forth with each one trying to get the top position. Colleen finally stopped, and said, "Lover, I don't want to out-fight you. I want to out-fuck you. If you want to fight I will pussy-fight you."

Tina nodded, and both of them sat up. They faced each other, spread open their legs, and each one slid her left leg over the other woman's right leg. They looked at each other with a combination of anticipation and lust. They came together, and for the first time in either of their encounters their pussies met. Both women moaned and threw their heads back. Their cunts started to jab at each other. Colleen had never experienced anything like it, and she didn't quite know what to expect. Both women laid back so they were flat on the bed. They started a rhythmic thrusting into each other.

Both women were in ecstasy. After a short time Colleen remembered something she had seen in one of her visits to web sites. She slowly sat up, and noticed Tina had her eyes closed. Colleen, while keeping her pussy firmly locked into Tina's, slowly changed her position. She was now sitting up, quickly reached down to grab Tina's breasts, and increased her pussy-fucking. Tina realized what Colleen was doing, but it was too late. She began to lose it, and Colleen would take advantage of her position. Both women were now moaning loudly, but Tina couldn't control herself, and with a loud scream reached a tumultuous orgasm. Her bucking and thrashing was enough to take Colleen over the edge. However, it was too late. Colleen had won this encounter.

When she could catch her breath Tina asked, "Wow, where did you learn that? It sure wasn't from me."

With a smile Colleen answered, "I told you I took some trips on the Internet. You should always keep in mind that I love to try something new. Last week having you the way I did was something new, and I loved it. I think whenever we compete sexually or just make love we should enjoy something new as long as we don't hurt one another. Now I believe you owe me something since I was the winner."

With that Colleen spread open her legs inviting Tina to suck her pussy. Tina got in position between Colleen's legs, and started to bend over to begin pleasing her partner. At that point Colleen gently wrapped both legs around Tina's neck so she could gently pull her in and begin. Colleen was still aroused from their encounter, and it didn't take long to get her to squeal and moan in ecstasy. As she was going off Tina pulled herself up so she could kiss Colleen.

The embrace and kisses went on long after the sensations in Colleen's body ceased. The two of them were turning each other on all over again. They entwined their legs together, and slowly started to grind their pussies into each other's thigh. The grinding soon became wild thrusting and humping. A few minutes later both of them went off with sounds of ecstasy coming from their lips. They rolled apart, and lay on their backs in order to catch their breath.

Colleen got up, and gathered all her things in preparation of leaving. Tina followed her, and when they got near the door, said, "I guess you feel pretty good about winning tonight? I think you were just lucky."

Colleen smiled, replying, "We'll find out next Friday. I think it'll be fun to break the tie. I'll spend all week thinking about how I'm going to beat you. Last week you took me by surprise, and this week I surprised you. Next week there will be no surprises."

The following week time seemed to move quickly. Both women concentrated on their jobs, and before they knew it Thursday night was upon them. Tina sent Colleen an e-mail on Thursday night. She asked Colleen if she would dress for Friday evening according to Tina's wishes. Colleen replied that she would. Tina, happy to see that response, sent another message. She asked Colleen to wear a short, wide skirt with stockings, and high heels. She told Colleen she would be dressed the same way. Colleen replied she would be happy to satisfy Tina's request. They then agreed to meet for dinner at a restaurant some distance away.

Friday night came around, and the two women met for dinner. They acted as if dinner was an afterthought, as both of them really wanted to get the evening activity started. As usual Colleen followed Tina home in her car. Once they got into the house each took notice at what the other was wearing. Colleen was wearing a short dark maroon skirt, white blouse, and high heels. Tina, keeping her word, had on a short black miniskirt, a light sweater, and high heels. Both of them were wearing black thigh top silk stockings.

They wasted little time, and moved close together and shared a quick hug and kiss. Colleen had brought with her a large package, and led Tina to the couch. She looked at Colleen, saying, "I’ve thought a lot about tonight this past week, but before we start I want you to look at what I brought you. As you know I’m an art teacher, and I thought I'd show you what I've been thinking about. You and I are the two people in these pictures. I love to work with chalk, and these drawings, represent our competition now and in the future."

Colleen had brought with her a large sketchpad, and all the drawings were in color. They were caricatures, in some cases body parts were exaggerated, and a few were anatomically impossible. However, there was no question about who they were, and what they were doing. Tina made herself comfortable, and began to look at the pages.

The first picture showed the two women wearing very sexy dresses, along with stockings and high heels. Each was standing on one leg, and had her other leg bent with her knee pushing into her rival’s pussy. Both women had ripped each other’s dress so one breast was exposed. Their hands were locked in each other's hair, and both had very angry looks on her face. The caption at the top read ‘Catfight.’

Tina smiled, and kept going. The second picture had both women in high heels, black stockings, and very short red miniskirts. They were bent over at the waist, and each woman had both hands squeezing the other one’s breasts. They were shown with their heads close together, and tongues extended and locked together. The title at the top of the page read ‘Tongue Fight.’

Picture Number three was even more graphic. It showed both women naked on a bed and in a perfect scissors position with each other. They were grinding into each other so hard their bodies were completely off the bed. The only things touching the bed were their hands which were pushing their pussies into each other, and their feet. The look on the faces of both women was one of pure ecstasy as each one had her eyes closed and sounds of moaning coming from their lips. Right below their pussies Colleen had drawn a number of little droplets which represented their love juices. This picture was entitled ‘Pussy Fight.’

The 4th picture had the two women standing together with their legs entwined. They were both wearing black baby dolls which were open in the front, and their breasts were mashed together. They were engaged in a passionate open-mouth kiss. Colleen called this one ‘Kissing Fight.’

The fifth picture had both women kneeling on the floor wearing a green miniskirt. Each woman was cupping her own breasts, and grinding them into those of her rival. In the picture each woman's breasts and nipples were much larger than real life, but that made it more erotic. Each one also had her right thigh pushed against the other one’s pussy. This was simply called ‘ Breast Battle.’

Tina was starting to get turned on from looking at the pictures. Colleen assured her things were just getting started and she was getting just as turned on as Tina. Tina flipped to page 6, and loved what greeted her. The two women were pictured on the bed facing each other on their knees. They were dressed in a red long sleeve wide-open teddy which was transparent and didn’t even come to their waist. They had on red thigh top stockings and matching heels. Each woman had two fingers inserted in her rival’s pussy, and a stroking motion was shown. With her free hand each woman was pulling on the other’s nipple. The pulled nipples were shown to be way out. Again, droplets of pussy juice were shown. They were locked in an open-mouth kiss with their eyes closed. Moaning sounds were coming from both women. Colleen called this one ‘Stroking Contest.’

Picture No. 7 was erotic for what it didn't show. Both women were dressed in tight, very low cut, transparent floor-length nightgowns. Tina was in a light blue gown, while Colleen was in a bright red one. They had their arms around each other, and were passionately kissing. Their nipples were exposed and locked together, and each one had a thigh pushed into her rival’s pussy. This title was ‘Full Dress Battle.’

The eighth page reached a new level of eroticism. This one pictured the two women in black stockings, and black heels in a perfect 69 position with Tina on top. What made it so erotic was not the idea that each woman had her face buried in her rival's pussy. What took it over the top was that each one had the other woman's clit in her teeth, and showed the clit much longer than it could possibly be. There could only be one title for this one. It was ‘69 Fight.’

The ninth page was in three parts. The picture at the top showed both women laying on their backs ass-to-ass, black stocking covered legs straight up in the air, and thoroughly entwined. The portion in the middle had both of them sitting halfway up and leaning on their elbows while looking at each other. With their legs apart each one was rubbing her right foot up the inside of her rival's thigh. The third, and most erotic, picture showed both Colleen and Tina, each inserting her big toe as far as she could get it into the other one's pussy. Both women had their eyes closed, and a look of ecstasy on their face. The title ‘Leg Fight’ was very appropriate.

Page ten was in two parts. The top half of the page showed both women standing completely naked except for black heels. Tina was pressed up against Colleen from the rear. She was in charge and had one hand around Colleen squeezing one breast. Her other hand was down between Colleen's legs stroking her pussy. Colleen’s head was laying back on Tina’s shoulder and the two were passionately kissing. The bottom half showed exactly the same picture with the two positions reversed, and Colleen in charge. She had named this one ‘ Love Slave.’

The next to last page was one of the most erotic pictures Tina had ever seen. It was in two parts, and showed, in the top picture, Tina totally naked, except for heels, bending over with both hands on the bed. Colleen, also naked with heels, was standing behind Tina, and grinding her pussy into Tina's ass. The picture showed her fucking motion along with droplets falling from Colleen's pussy. The bottom picture was exactly the same, and had the two of them switching positions. The erotic title was ‘Pussy Whipping.’

The 12th, and final page, was Colleen's most erotic effort. It was also in two parts. The two of them were on the floor, and both were wearing very sexy dresses. Except for the fact Tina had black hair, and Colleen was a brunette it was hard to tell the difference between the two women in the picture because they were identically dressed in bright green with black stockings and heels. Colleen was on top, and both women had their dresses pushed up over their hips. Tina had her legs wrapped around Colleen and Colleen was thrusting her pussy down into Tina's. This caricature gave both women large pussy lips which were puckered up and about to come together. There was a very long clit sticking out from these long pussy lips. The two clits were pressed together, and there were many drops of pussy juice drawn. The two women were tongue kissing. The bottom part of the page was exactly the same with Tina on top. Colleen told Tina she had trouble naming this picture. She couldn't decide between ‘Clit Kiss’ or ‘Clit Fight.’ She told Tina she could choose. Tina chose ‘Clit Fight.’

Tina breathlessly said, "These are the most erotic pictures I've ever seen. I love them. You must have spent hours on them. Do you really see us like that?"

Colleen replied, "I want us to do every one of those pictures except, of course, the first one. I don't think we should pull hair and catfight. But I love to compete with you sexually. It's all your fault you know. I'm not complaining, but if you hadn't started this two weeks ago we would have never found each other this way. I'll bet with a little thought I could come up with more pictures."

Tina countered, "Honey, we’ll have to schedule a lot of Friday nights to cover all your pictures, but I'm not sure I agree with you about the hair pulling. I think a little hair pulling can turn a woman on. Remember two weeks ago when we were fighting? When we ran out of breath, and didn't have much energy left we started tugging on each other's hair. Pretty soon we were kissing again and you know what happened after that. I don't think there's anything wrong with a little hair pulling."

Colleen got an evil grin on her face. She got up on the couch on her knees, and challenged Tina to prove it. Tina got up, and in a few seconds the two were facing each other. Because they were already turned on from the pictures there really wasn't much hair pulling. They locked their hands in each other's hair, and started to tug. In less than a minute they brought their bodies together, started grinding, and locked up in a passionate kiss.

After a few minutes of getting each other very aroused Tina broke apart from Colleen, got up and turned on her sound system. She removed her sweater, faced Colleen, and said, "Baby, come here and dance with me."

Colleen stood up, took off her blouse, and joined Tina in the middle of the room. Both women lightly gasped as their breasts came together. Each one placed her right leg forward so they were pressed together. As the two of them put their arms around each other it became clear there was only going to be a pretense of dancing. They drew each other close and started to sway together. Tina whispered, “I love the way you feel. I’m going to really enjoy having you please me before we’re through tonight.”

Colleen licked Tina's ear, and whispered back, "It's amazing how we both think the same way. You'll be the one pleasing me before we're through. I want to tell you one thing though. No matter who wins I don't want to go home tonight."

Tina replied, "I don't want you to go home either, and I'll bet we can do some of those pictures tonight. Of course you realize that as your teacher I expect only your best efforts as my student."

Colleen answered by sticking out her tongue. Tina reacted quickly by gently grabbing it with her teeth and slid her lips back and forth as if she were sucking it. They took turns attacking each other's tongue, and after some time passed they locked their mouths together in a hot passionate kiss. They ground their bodies together, and it looked for awhile as though they were trying to fuck each other standing up.

The two women finally broke apart, and walked together to the bedroom. Once in there they got on the bed, and faced each other on their knees. They continued the passionate kissing they had started while they were dancing. They were so aroused their kissing can only be described as animal like. After one particular long passionate kiss Tina said breathlessly, "There is one way we haven't competed against each other yet. This would be a good time to try picture number 5."

Colleen thought for a moment, and then said smiling, "You have a good memory to recall the numbers. You're right. We haven't done that yet. I'd love to match up my cones against yours."

The two of them moved closer together, and each woman cupped her own breasts as if she were offering them to her rival. First, their nipples made contact, and the two women pressed them together. They did a little nipple banging, and then they moved them from side to side so they bent each other’s back and forth. This nipple duel lasted for a few minutes, and then they pressed their full breasts together. As they rubbed breasts from side to side both women were moaning with pleasure. They began to squeeze each other in a mutual bear hug, and again locked their mouths together in a kissing frenzy. They were like two cats in heat testing each other’s limits.

They broke apart for a moment, and Tina reached behind her under a pillow. What she brought out made Colleen gasp in surprise. It was a large thickly shaped double-headed black dildo. As she brought it out Tina saw the look of surprise on Colleen’s face. She said to Colleen, "What's the matter honey? Haven't you ever seen one of these before? Don't you have one at home? Most single women do."

Colleen answered, "Yes I have one, but it's not double headed. Where did you get that one? Isn't it a little shorter than usual?"

Tina replied, "I saw it on the Internet last Sunday, and ordered it express mail so it would be here on time. You’re not the only one who spends time web browsing. It’s nice and flexible and you’re going to love it. I asked for a shorter length for a very good reason. When we each take half, our pussies will come together and have their own private love match. I think it’s a great way to break our tie, don’t you?"

Colleen was so aroused she probably would have agreed to anything. She said breathlessly, “You’re a shameless slut, but I’ll take you on any way you want to go.”

They didn’t even take the time to remove their skirts. The two aroused women slid closer together, pushed their skirts up and slowly inserted the dildo into their pussies. They were in a scissors position, and loudly moaned as they each took half. The dildo disappeared as their wet pussies joined together. They started to slowly stroke, and each one was sure she could win. As they increased their thrusting Tina spoke first, “Baby, how does it feel to have me under your skirt sliding my cock in and out of your wet pussy?”

Colleen exclaimed, "Lover, it feels good, but it feels even better when I’m in you. Come for me."

Neither of them had ever experienced anything quite like it before. They ground their pussies together; each hoping the other would erupt first. They both won, or lost, depending on your point of view. With loud moans and screams both woman went off. They clutched each other as sensations racked their bodies. Their open mouths joined, and their tongues danced together. They clutched each other tightly until their bodies calmed down. They gazed into each other's eyes waiting to see what came next.

Tina finally moved, and did something completely unexpected to Colleen. She grabbed the dildo to keep it in place, and turned over so she was on all fours. She waited to see if Colleen would do the same. Colleen had never experienced anything like what was happening to her now, but she thought to herself she had nothing to lose. She figured win or lose all she was feeling was a great deal of pleasure. So she turned over on all fours and was ass to ass with Tina. Tina let go of the dildo, and the women started to take short strokes against each other. They were bumping their asses together and almost from the beginning were gasping and moaning loudly from the pleasure. Neither one had experienced anything like it before, and both were almost crying from the heightened pleasure. They couldn't think of winning or losing. All either could think of was how good it felt. They started to slow down hoping to make it last longer, but it was too late. The sensations started to build up, and both of them exploded in a fury of passion. They screamed from the pleasure, and both women collapsed on the bed.

They turned over, and looked at each other. But neither could move for quite a while. After almost 10 minutes Tina got to her knees, grabbed the dildo, and held it out in front of her offering it to Colleen. She was still feeling highly erotic, and said to Colleen, "I think you should lick and suck my pussy juice off my cock."

Colleen, who was feeling just as aroused, got up to her knees, and replied, "I'll do your end while you're doing mine."

The two women moved closer together, and each held on to the middle of the dildo as they started to lick and suck. They stared intently at each other, and each began to slide her mouth back and forth as if she were giving head to a real cock. Tina raised the stakes to a new level by taking her free hand, reaching up under Colleen's skirt, and stroking her pussy. Colleen responded by doing the same thing to Tina. They dropped the dildo, grabbed each other, and started to kiss passionately. They realized they had just reached two intense orgasms with a dildo, and they were going to have to build up their passion again.

Tina pushed Colleen away, and said to her, "I don't care if we were competing or not. Those were the two most intense orgasms I've ever had. You were fantastic. But there's something I've wanted all night. Tonight is the first time I've seen you in stockings. When you walked in with your short skirt and black stockings I wanted to wrap my legs around yours, and squeeze them and rub them.

Colleen lay back, slightly raised her hips, unsnapped her skirt, and quickly slipped it off. She spread her legs a little, and whispered, "I love the way your legs look too baby. Mine are just here waiting for yours. They can have their own little contest "

Tina got up just long enough to take off her skirt, and went down on Colleen. They entwined their legs, and slowly rolled from side to side. For a while the only sound which could be heard was heavy breathing along with silken-covered legs rubbing. They were smiling at each other, and both were getting turned on all over again. Tina whispered in Colleen’s ear, “I think you should squeeze my thighs with yours.”

Colleen excitedly nodded, and both started to squeeze their legs and thighs together even harder. They started to tongue kiss. Colleen passionately spoke, “Darling, come for me. I want your pussy juice all over me.”

Tina shook her head, and answered, “No lover. Let’s have a tie this time and our pussy juice will come together.”

The two thrust into each other for a long time. Then Tina took Colleen’s hand and moved it down to her own wet pussy. She wanted the two of them to stroke each other, and Colleen moved to comply with her wishes. They kissed, squeezed each other’s breasts, and fingered each other’s pussy. They developed a perfect rhythm, and rocked back and forth grinding into each other’s hand. Tina got her wish, and the two of them gasping and squealing went off together. They moved their wet hand to each other's mouth so it could be kissed, licked, and sucked until all the pussy juice was gone. They had driven each other to exhaustion, and went to sleep wrapped up in each other's arms.

The next morning when Colleen awoke she found herself in Tina's arms, and being lightly caressed. Tina kissed her good morning, reached over to the night table, and picked out a mint. She said to Colleen, "I can't stand myself in the morning until I've had one of these. Try one."

Colleen took one, and then indicated she wanted to shower. Tina nodded, and told Colleen she had a big enough shower for both of them. They took off what little they had on, and headed for the shower. When they got in Colleen was happy to see shampoo and many bars of soap. Both women thoroughly shampooed their hair, and then each grabbed a bar of soap. They giggled and laughed as they covered themselves and each other with thick lather. In moving around they came in contact more than once, and found that if they pushed against each other everything felt slippery. They started to slap and slide their breasts together, and it felt like they were covered with oil. They grabbed each other, and squeezed their bodies together. They kissed, and Colleen said, "God, we can't even take a shower together without attacking each other."

Tina kissed Colleen again, and moaned, “I want you now.”

As fast as they could they rinsed off, and jumped out to get a large towel so they could dry off. Colleen finished first, and jumped on the bed on her knees. She turned, faced Tina, spread her knees slightly apart, and thrust her pussy at Tina. Tina finished drying off, moved toward the bed and thrust her pussy back at Colleen. She got on the bed, and they crab-walked toward each other. When they were closer each one lifted her right leg over the other’s left. They came together in a scissors position. Their hair was wet and bedraggled, but neither one cared because everything else was in its proper place.

Their wet pussies mashed together, and neither of them really moved. They just pressed as hard as they could and locked their eyes together. With their gaze locked each one waited for the other to move first. Tina licked her lips, and said, "I want you to fuck me."

Colleen, with a look of pure lust on her face, replied, "I want your wet pussy to grind against mine. Let’s do it together."

They slowly started to thrust their pussies into each other, and each grabbed the other's leg so she could pull harder. They went faster and faster, and were both gasping and moaning loudly. Tina reached for Colleen, and they brought the upper part of their bodies together and started rubbing their tits together. As they screamed in ecstasy they tried to kiss, but the sensations took over and their bodies started to shake.

After a short time Tina got to her knees, and pulled Colleen up to face her. She rubbed Colleen’s pussy and took her wet hand and rubbed it all over Colleen’s breasts, her face and her lips. Soon Colleen joined her and they were rubbing one another’s pussy juice all over each other. Their carnal lust had taken over. They grabbed each other’s hair with one hand and started a tit-rubbing contest with the other hand acting as a guide. They savagely kissed, threw each other down and fucked one another in a frenzy of thrusting and humping. In a few minutes they reached another screaming orgasm and licked each other’s face while they were going off. In a few minutes, when Colleen got her voice back she whispered in Tina’s ear, “I love having a tit fight with you when they’re covered with our pussy juice. Its wild and sexy, and even when we’re through I want more.”

Tina said, “Well you can’t have more you slut. We haven’t had breakfast yet, and I’m starved. This time I get back in the shower alone, and while you’re showering I’ll make breakfast. I can’t trust you in there with me so I’ll shower alone.

Colleen stuck her tongue out, but waited while Tina showered. Tina had given her a short robe to wear, and 15 minutes later when Colleen appeared in the kitchen she saw juice and a large stack of pancakes on her plate. “Colleen made happy sounds, and said, “God, she’s not only a great lover, but she can cook too. Thank you baby.”

After breakfast they started to talk for a while. Colleen spoke first, “Honey, I don’t know where all this is going to go, but I want to tell you I’m so happy with all I’ve learned from you. You have been my teacher, and my lover all rolled up into one.”

Tina leaned over and replied, “Baby, I’m not sure I did all the teaching. I think there were times I learned from you. Then there’s the matter of those beautiful pictures you drew, and the things like last night we both got from the Internet. I feel just as blessed as you do. Now, there are some things I want to talk to you about. Come with me.”

The two of them headed back to the bedroom. They took off their robes, got back into bed, and Tina pulled the sheet up over both of them. She looked at Colleen, and said, "I've thought a lot about this so I want you to take me seriously. We are not going to have sexfights anymore." Colleen's eyes widened in surprise. Tina continued, "We are also not going to have sex or fuck each other." Colleen looked crest fallen, and replied in a quiet voice, "Did I hurt you or are you mad at me?"

Tina pulled her close, and said, "No, instead of sexfights we're going to have love fights or passion fights. When we get passionate we are going to make love instead of having sex."

Colleen looked at her, and whispered, "Tina, do you know you are telling me you're in love with me?" Tina responded, "I know. I know its only been a few weeks, but I love you very much and if you don't love me it’s okay. I'll wear you down." Colleen hugged her, and with tears in her eyes said, "You may wear me out, but you'll never have to wear me down. I love you too.”

The two naked women pulled each other close, and started to tenderly kiss. It didn't take long, and the two of them started to get turned on. Before they went too far Tina asked, "Now that we both have expressed our feelings we should consummate our love. How would you like to do it?"

Colleen thought for a moment, and replied, "I think we should do a lot of kissing. Our tongues should kiss, and then I think we should taste each other. Tina responded, "You are insatiable. Are we going to love fight or just love?"

Colleen thought for a moment, and said, "Sweetheart, our first encounter along with the second and third were beautifully competitive. I think we should match my lust against yours."

Each woman used two hands to grab the other's face so they could better control it. They stuck out their tongues, and began an erotic kissing duel. For a long time they were content to slide and dance their tongues together. They took turns sucking each other's tongue, and became increasingly aroused. After a few minutes of this Colleen pushed Tina down. She reversed her position so each woman was at a point of being able to suck the other’s pussy. A short time later Colleen, who was on top, screamed, "You're going to win, but I don't care. I love you."

She came, but as she went off she drove her tongue deeper into Tina's pussy. She found Tina's clit and lightly pinched it with her teeth. Tina squealed, and joined Colleen in their mutual orgasm. For a few moments each of them had trouble catching her breath. When they did Colleen turned around, and while lying on top of Tina gently kissed her. For a while they gently kissed and caressed each other.

Almost a half-hour went by without too much talking, and finally Colleen expressed some thoughts which showed a mix of question and concern. "You know," she said. "We live in a small New England community which is so conservative they probably don't tear June off the calendar until July 15. They are never going to accept us living together. What can we do about it?"

Tina replied, "I've thought about it and you're right. We can't live together here. We need to move to a bigger community which has more flexible thinking. I can move any time because I can get a job anywhere. However, with only a few months left in the school year it's not feasible to try to find a new job for you right now. I think we need to approach the next few months intelligently. We can probably switch back and forth between your apartment and this house without raising too many eyebrows. If we seem to spend too much time together, and anyone questions us, we can say we're planning Girl Scout activities."

Colleen asked, "When you say we have to approach the next few months intelligently exactly what are you thinking?"

Tina replied, "Well for a while we'll have to be satisfied with our Friday night fights. I'm sure there are times we'll be able to stretch that into a few days together. But for a while we'll just have to be happy with Fridays. Time apart we'll just make things more intense when we get together. Plus we could meet somewhere away from here for a weekend."

Colleen replied, "I guess I can live with that for a few months. If I get too horny I'll just create more artwork, and pretend I’m with you while I make myself happy."

Tina kissed her, and questioned, "I've been wondering. Of all the ways we've been intimate which ones are your favorites?" Colleen thought for a moment, and stated, "Oh God! That's a tough question. I love them all. To start with I really like it when we're spontaneous. Last night we both knew what was going to happen. But even before things got started we were on the couch, and all of a sudden we were on our knees pulling hair and kissing. I also love the way you dance with me. I don’t care if we’re fighting or not it drives me wild when we lock our tits together, and I thought I was going to pass out in ecstasy when we were ass to ass with your dildo. I think the last thing that comes to mind is the way you drove me crazy when you wanted our legs wrapped up together. It was like our legs were kissing and making love to each other. Now it’s your turn. Tell me what you like.”

Tina began her list, "One of the things I like we can never have back. It was our first night and you kissed me by mistake, and when I kissed you it turned into our first love match. We were on the bed daring each other to get naked. You know what happened from there. Another thing I like is the way we tongue kiss, especially when it's a contest. I love the pictures you drew because we can make them last a long time. Another one of my favorites is the way we do each other in a scissors position. You know, I asked you how you would like to consummate our love, but you haven't asked me.”

Colleen replied, “You’re right. I’m sorry. I’ll be more than happy to please you however you wish. What would you like?”

Tina said, “After we rest this afternoon I’d like to take a little trip. About 30 miles from here is a nice mall. We should have dinner and then go to the Victoria’s Secret which is there. I’d like both of us to get something very hot and sexy. Then we can come home and do number 6 from your pictures. After I win I want to do numbers 10, and 11.”

Colleen wrinkled her brow in thought and answered Tina; “We’ve only looked at those pictures once. I’m amazed you have the numbers memorized.” With that she left the bedroom for a minute to go and look at the pictures to see which ones Tina was talking about. She came back with a smile on her face, and said, “So, you want a stroking contest. That’s fine with me, but there’s no way you’re going to win and turn me into a love slave. You’ll be my love slave.”

Tina retorted, “Lover, you forgot number 11. I’m going to love rubbing my hot wet pussy all over your beautiful ass.”

Colleen’s response was to jump on the bed with Tina. They rolled back and forth half wrestling and half trying to out hump one another. Cries of “I’ll win, you’ll come for me, and tonight you’re mine” filled the room. Sports fans; your Friday night fights were never like this!