Thirty-Five Years Brings Dťjŗ vu to Reality

By H.G. Hunt

Chapter 6

Jean arrived home from work that Thursday pleased with her new job and work environment. The people she had met all seemed pleasant and professional. She got home before Brent and grabbed the newspaper and a cup of tea to relax. Her mind lingered on the dayís events, returning to the hospital and noting how flushed with excitement she felt. The authority and responsibilities of her new job surged in her like an aphrodisiac. She shivered briefly as she recalled her day and the realization that she would be a superior to quite a few people in the hierarchy of the organization, especially a lot of women. Such a dreamy thought always made her a little bit horny, and speculating on using her power over women in the workplace did nothing to hinder her long-held bi-curiosity and feminine competitiveness.

She sipped her tea and kicked off her shoes; crossing her legs and feeling the soft brush of pantyhose-covered-legs create a tingling sensation that traveled up to her crotch. Her daydreaming included intimate recall of the sights, sounds, and smells of her day at work. As her mind flowed forward from her early part of the day, through lunch, and her tour of the building, she recalled the 2nd floor waiting room, patientís rooms, nursesí station, doctors and nursesí lounges, and offices. Why her memories lingered on that walk down the hallway she couldnít comprehend, nor did she even try. She just found herself drifting away from thoughts of the hospital to thoughts of her sensual lust for power over other women, and ways to bring that lust to fulfilled reality.

It must have been the aroma. Lisaís pheromones permeated the air and Jeanís sensitive nose and brain, so overpowered that May afternoon years before by her intimacies with Lisa, must have captured the faintest whiff of Lisaís natural scent wafting through the corridor, sexy and powerful, that reached deep into her brain, and reignited that lust, so long held at bay, but now aching to escape.

She didnít recognize it as Lisaís aroma, but the effects were there, and powerful they were, regardless. She pulled her skirt up high and with deft skill teased her fabric covered mound with slow circles with her right index finger. Her legs opened a bit and she pressed the fabric into her crevice, feeling a growing urgency and the evidence found in the warmth and moisture wicking through the fabric to her fingers. In moments she had come, a long and almost lingeringly lazy orgasm, as visions of supine and satiated women, satisfied by Jeanís own ministrations, danced through her head.

As the last shiver of pleasure drained away she stood up and went about the rest of her evening, unaware of the implications of todayís events.