Thirty-Five Years Brings Déjà vu to Reality

By H.G. Hunt

Chapter 5

That is until today, more than 35 years later.

Jean had finished her studies at the college and moved out into the workplace, moving up in her career, raising a family, and now obtaining this job in the same metropolitan hospital where Lisa worked. She was confident in her career and driven to succeed and do well at whatever she tackled. The lifelong transformation of Jean’s personality, like most peoples, is sparked by many influences. Surely as the sun sets in the western sky at night, that May afternoon’s events had their impact on her. While only occasionally at the forefront of her mind over the intervening years, the physical confrontation with Lisa had helped mold her into a very competitive person, while never losing her overall sweetness and good nature. Her intuition had rewarded her well in all her jobs, including occasional inferences about other women’s weaknesses which she used to her advantage as she worked her way up the ladder of success.

A mature woman in her early fifties now, Lisa retained the delightful aura of confidence and attractiveness that made her such a desirable woman. The afternoon wore on at a snail’s pace as Lisa found herself twisted in knots deep inside her belly. The ancient spark of hatred for Jean had found its fuel. The spark turned into glowing embers and the churning emotions almost overcame her. She managed to finish her day’s work, but not without numerous time-outs insider her cubby-hole office, where she could digest the situation. Her mind was torn between multiplicities of options, but her body was not torn at all. Her body responded in total unanimity: desire and lust and nervous anticipation. Her nipples involuntarily poked at her clothing. Her panties became damp from both the modest secretions of her pussy as well as the perspiration generated by the excess heat trying to escape her loins. “Shit! How could this happen? I haven’t seen her in 35 years.” Lisa regurgitated her feelings form that May afternoon back in ’71 and the clear message she had shared with Jean upon their departure. She remembered their parting words indelibly. Had she really meant it? You bet she did. Did she want to confront Jean? Intimately? She sure did! All of that! Her emotions raged within her, her body quivering and shaking with the powerful anticipation of confronting Jean once again.

But how? Should she find a way to ambush her at work? Should she just wait for the next happenstance meeting and see how Jean would react? She even wondered if Jean would remember her and their encounter from so long ago. (She needn’t have worried about that.) Her relationship with Wanda had faded into her background memories, replaced almost completely by the memories of her minutes-long encounter with Jean. All that seemed to matter from that freshman semester now was the brief interlude with Jean and the overpowering feeling that there was some unfinished business that needed attending to. She sat at her desk, alone, her thoughts racing along, trying to plan what she would say to Jean when they met. She considered things to say if the meeting came about among co-workers and also if they happened to meet alone. What did she want to say in the event she could surprise Jean somehow? She squeezed her legs together, feeling the pressure on her labia, an ache growing down there that demanded attention. She desperately wanted to rub herself, but the threat of getting caught was too great and she was forced to suffer unfulfilled for the remaining hours at work.

As she drove home that evening she debated whether to tell her husband about the encounter. Sam and she both had come to enjoy fantasies of Lisa involved in intimate woman-versus-woman challenges. There had even been a few instances of real-life encounters that had occurred with pleasant consequences. Lisa’s libido had taken a decidedly exciting turn, both for her and for Sam, a number of years earlier, when she was in her late thirties. A community organization was holding a fund-raising dance that she and Sam attended together. The women were dressed to kill and Lisa looked stunning. She spied another woman, Debbie, with her husband Don, whose looks were quite similar to her own, and whose acquaintance with Lisa and Sam was pleasant, if not close. As they danced together Lisa felt compelled to bump her butt with her own round ass. At first Debbie didn’t respond, but after the second thump, Lisa saw Debbie glance over her shoulder and smile a devilishly delightful smile as if to say, “Ok girl. Whatever!” Debbie’s ass smashed back into Lisa and the two of them finished the dance, dueling asses with thumps, pushes, sliding pressure, and tiny gasps. They parted at the end of the dance and smiled sweetly at each other, each woman confident she had ‘bested’ her rival. The evening lovemaking between Lisa and Sam was one of several “pinnacles of pleasure” they shared, thanks to the events of the night and the retelling.

A New Year’s Eve party several years later culminated with an intense catfight caused by one of Lisa’s co-workers taking liberties and making advances towards Sam. Fortunately for Lisa she had managed to eek out a hellish victory at the end of that fight. Tops were torn off and the snarling women had to be pulled apart by a group of onlookers as Lisa slapped her rival silly.

Sam had admitted how horny it made him when Lisa described, over and over, and in minute detail, everything that had happened. He had ached for years to see Lisa involved in an encounter like that. Such thoughts were only fantasy for the next 15 years, but they were wonderful fantasy. Lisa, during that time, had admitted to Sam her initiation with Jean, way back in her college days. It fueled his desire as much as it did hers.