Thirty-Five Years Brings Déjà vu to Reality

By H.G. Hunt

Chapter 7

Friday morning found Brent and Jean at the breakfast table. They made their usual small talk, and discussed their plan to go for a beach walk and picnic on Saturday. They loved the beach, finding a “special” fun in secluded spots where they could “enjoy” each other’s company in certain very physical ways. Jean wanted to celebrate her joy at the new job with Brent. The forecast for Saturday was warm and muggy, but with a breeze off the lake. Brent loved to visit Great Lakes beaches as much as any man, and more, ever since he discovered Jean’s willingness to get a little daring. His lovely wife provided wonderful company and he could usually find a spot “away from the crowd” and convince her to be “bold” and he would delve deeply into his wife’s private compartments. If that didn’t work out there might at least be some other healthy damsels to view. He always took binoculars, just in case a “ship” went by. At Jean’s suggestion, he planned to bring along their digital camera. The possibilities intrigued him, even though he wasn’t quite sure just why Jean had made the suggestion.

For Lisa, Friday morning brought a smorgasbord of tantalizing thoughts. She had slept fitfully, visions of Jean recurring over and over again as she tossed and turned. Sam was out of town on business and she had not shared her discovery with anyone. With Sam so enthralled by her previous encounters involving other women, he would have loved to have shared in her plans, but Lisa knew he would be preoccupied by his business and she was not prepared to “wait” for Sam when the chance of meeting Jean again was so real and imminent. While not definitively working out a plan to “introduce” herself to Jean she did have some idea of how she’d approach the devil-woman that she had so loved to hate and lust over for the past decades.

It happened early. Lisa’s plan, as such, didn’t come to fruition in exactly the style she had formulated in her pretty head, but the results were just as perfect as she could have imagined.

Just after 9:30 Lisa had some moments between “must-do” duties and she nervously ventured towards the administrative area. Just as she passed the snack room, just off the corridor, she caught site of Jean, filling a cup of coffee. Jean was quartering away from Lisa, but Lisa recognized her instantly. After all, with her feline-like instincts she was “on the hunt”. She quickly stepped inside the open door and leaned back against the frame. Her arms crossed underneath her boobs, squeezing them upward. The pursed-lips smile was just forming on her face as Jean, aware of the “intruder” behind her, turned towards Lisa.

She started to offer a pleasant greeting, getting it half out of her mouth before the realization hit her. “Can I help……………….?” Her voice trailed off. A few drops of hot coffee bounced out of the cup as her hand shook in that moment of recognition; “What the fuck,” she thought. It was Lisa in her sights after more than 35 years. The smirk on Lisa’s face was so reminiscent of the look burned into Jean’s memory that Déjà vu isn’t a strong enough descriptor of what Jean felt at that moment. She had to set the coffee down for fear of another spill.

Lisa, nerves aside, and relishing the moment, answered the question that Jean hadn’t had the composure to finish, but that Lisa intuitively knew. “Oh yes. You can help. You can help me finish what we never got a chance to back in college.” She knew by the twinkle in Jean’s eyes that not a smidgen of meaning was lost on her. A grin crept across Jean’s face as her own arms folded beneath her bosom.

The women took a long, long moment to gauge each other. They examined each other’s faces and bodies, and measured the modifications in appearance brought by the years, as best they could considering their professional wardrobes (Lisa had retained her usual professional appearance, but this day she had purposely worn something that edged towards “sexy”). They stood close, only a couple of feet apart, and Jean scanned Lisa up and down and then up and down again, absorbing the mature woman’s aura and calculating just what kind of transformations had taken place since their parting so many years before. Lisa, for her part, made no attempt to hide her own gaze, as she let her eyes dart all over Jean’s frame and face. Since both had been able to recognize the other so quickly, even after 35 years, it was evident that their basic features and good looks had not vanished. It was remarkably true. Both women were in quite good shape, even if there were a few more pounds spread around than in their youth. Jean’s brown hair now had a few artificial streaks of blonde and it was shorter than in college, not reaching her shoulders, shorter in front than the back. Lisa’s still-dark mane was also shorter in the front than in the back, but did just barely reach her shoulders. Each woman clearly recognized the beauty in front of her. But appreciating that beauty was not the foremost thought in either woman’s mind. Something much deeper had been drawn from the depths back to the surface of their consciousness.

They did manage to remain somewhat dignified, necessary considering their location, but within ten minutes, they had exchanged basic life story information, accounting for the years since their last “acquaintance”. They shared their roles at the hospital, Jean her new one and Lisa’s long history with the hospital. Neither was within a direct “chain of command” with the other, but since both had some supervisory duties, it would be natural for them to come into contact with each other on a regular basis. But that wasn’t all. Each woman assured the other that she was very serious about picking up where they’d left off that warm spring day back in May 1971. The erotic and physical tension was palpable between the two women. Fortunately no other employees bothered their little interlude that Friday morning. It gave them an opportunity to share phone numbers, and some other information that would be very useful. The rest of Friday found both Lisa and Jean barely able to fulfill their duties on the job. They got their work done, minimal as it may have been, but it wasn’t easy. Both were too terribly preoccupied with their new roles. Each demanded of herself the necessity of proving superior to the other, and in the same way they had not quite decided the issue so long ago. It wouldn’t be long before those same issues would get revisited.