It was 3pm on a Friday afternoon; the bar was almost empty except for a few men playing a game of pool in the corner, and a lovely redhead sitting by herself at the bar, long nylon-clad legs crossed enticingly in front of her, while she sipped at her drink. The dark expression on the redhead's face was sufficient to discourage all but the most oblivious or stubborn of men, despite the slinky dress she wore and the generous amount of cleavage it displayed. Ever since Angela had lost the sexfight with her brunette rival Linda, the redhead had made it a habit to drop into this trashy bar in the afternoon, just as it was opening, order a few drinks, and leave before hardly anyone else arrived. After a few dismal attempts to approach the gorgeous redhead, the other patrons of the bar soon learned that she was not interested in them. In fact, the redhead seemed disinterested in everything, and even lifeless, until an admirer managed to get close enough to see the vicious anger present in her green eyes as she glared darkly into her drink. This one look was enough to deter even the most confident of men.

That was all right with Angela, though. She wasn't very interested in the majority of men now, anyway. But she still enjoyed fucking; a number of her ex-boyfriends had been surprised to hear from the redhead in the past two or three weeks and afterward a little frightened by the intensity of the sex; Angela had developed an insatiable sexual appetite. But as hard and as long as she fucked these incredulous men, nothing came close to matching what she had done with Linda.

It had been over a month since Angela had met Linda in that hotel, when the brunette's cunt had beaten her own after almost three days of delirious fuckfighting. The memory of their fight was bitter and still very fresh in Angela's mind. The brunette thought she had won their sex war. "Bitch," Angela snarled softly. "The sex war between us isn't over." She drew one long red nail over the top of her lightly freckled cleavage. "It's just getting started, slut."

Angela blushed with embarrassment as she recalled how she had left the apartment, after realizing there was no way she would be able to bring herself to stay next door to her triumphant dark-haired rival. The bitch had watched her from the doorway the entire time, dressed in a sexy little nightgown and slippers, coolly filing her long pink nails to a point. The redhead had been entirely unable to meet Linda's dark eyes. She had cried desperately into her pillow that night, and for several nights afterward, until the tears had been exhausted, and all that was left was a fierce hatred in the pit of her stomach for the brunette.

And fear. Angela still remembered the feel of the other girl's burning cunt grinding mercilessly against her defeated snatch, the pain the brunette's sharp nails were capable of inflicting on her pretty cleavage, and the terrifying experience of dueling with the other girl's hard clit. But above all else, Angela remembered Linda's beautiful face as it loomed over her after she had awakened after passing out from the brunette's last and decisive sex assault; her rival's face had been terrible in its savage delight. Make-up streaked and tear-stained, with a few scratches on it from Angela's nails, Linda's face had nevertheless held a completely contemptuous sneer on it that shattered the last of Angela's womanly pride. The malicious expression on her rival's red lips had held everything there was to say about the last three days the two women had spent together in the hotel room. The two rivals had put everything on the line against each other; their strong asses, bright nails, firm tits, long legs, and sexy cunts had been locked in feminine war with each other for three long days, and at the end of it, the better woman had been found.

Linda. Angela silently cursed the brunette again as she sipped from her drink. The redhead had been too intimidated to challenge her dark-haired rival again right after being forced to crawl home shoeless; her naked body wrapped in just her leather coat, after Linda had seized her black heels, and deposited her torn bra and stockings in the trash can in the lobby. That particular humiliation was just one more thing Angela intended to pay Linda back for.

Even though she had been too intimidated to meet her rival again so soon after their fight, this did not stop the redhead from obsessing on the other girl. Angela found herself following the brunette as she left her apartment building, silently shadowing the other woman as she traveled around the city. She soon learned that Linda worked at a small shop downtown that specialized in trashy lingerie. The brunette fit right in with her firm cleavage, rounded hips, and large bedroom eyes; a lot of women might hate the brunette for the aggressive way she paraded her beauty and the slightly arrogant tilt of her chin, but they all wanted to look like her.

Angela dreamed of Linda nightly, but she still needed to steal at least a glimpse of the bitchy brunette daily, without exception. The redhead worked in a small accounting firm which also had its offices downtown, but located a little less than 10 blocks from Linda's store. Angela adjusted the path she took to work, parking her car a little farther from work than desirable in order to sneak a glimpse of her brunette enemy every morning through the front window of the lingerie shop. It was perverse, but seeing Linda this way on a daily basis helped steel her for the next dirty encounter between the two rivals that the redhead relentlessly plotted in her mind. Angela was not the type of woman to forget or forgive, particularly when it applied to other women. The brunette would pay for what she did. The score would be settled between them.

But despite Angela's strengthening resolve, something held her back. Another month passed, and still the redhead did not do anything. Angela had been working out steadily since her fight with Linda, visiting her health club on a nightly basis, and working for hours on the machines there, until her tight body glistened with perspiration and her spandex was thoroughly soaked with her efforts. At night, before going to sleep, the redhead examined herself critically in the full length mirror in her bedroom, and she was pleased to see that her long legs had grown even shapelier thanks to her exertions Their appearance was now undeniably devastating in even the conservative heels the redhead wore to work, and when she strapped on her 5" stilettos to go clubbing, even other women were forced to turn their heads.

Angela was in prime club-hopping form tonight, dressed in a clingy black nylon mini-dress with a plunging neckline, and a pair of dangerous spike heels. The redhead was heavily made-up, with dark mascara and eye shadow outlining her bright green eyes, and a hint of blush on her white cheeks. She fairly reeked of perfume, which her date inhaled greedily as he nuzzled her bare neck.

The showdown with Linda was getting closer, Angela was sure of it. The brunette didn't seem like she had forgotten about her battle with her redheaded rival, either. In the course of trailing Linda around on her daily routine, the redhead had discovered the health club the brunette frequented; lately, she had been visiting the club every night after work, sometimes not leaving until closing time. Linda's long legs also seemed to have grown even stronger and sexier with her workouts; they were twin columns of carnal perfection in the micro-skirts the brunette wore to work every day. Every time Angela saw them, she couldn't resist the urge to drag her painted nails up her nyloned thighs and squeeze them, reassuring herself of their strength and that they were every bit the match of Linda's sculpted thighs.

The club was already packed when Angela and her date arrived. The dance floor was jammed with people, and the party was in full swing. The redhead smiled at her date as he pulled her into the crowd, but her true attention was not reserved for him. Linda was here tonight. The brunette had a date with a manager in Angela's company. The man had been more than willing to describe his hot date to the other men in the office; it was almost immediately obvious to Angela with her heightened sensitivity in this area that the woman he was describing was none other than her brunette enemy.

And so now she was here, absently dancing with her partner, while she relentlessly searched the club for any sign of her dark-haired rival. The redhead's heart suddenly stopped for a moment when she saw a tall striking woman in the corner of the club, but it wasn't Linda, although her tall athletic body and generous cleavage reminded her of the brunette. This girl was a redhead like Angela herself. In fact, she looked amazingly similar to Angela, down to the bright red nail polish she wore on her fingernails; the only difference Angela could make out between herself and this woman from this distance was that the other girl was slightly heavier, and her hair was straight and shoulder length, instead of curled like Angela's.

Angela almost stumbled on the spike heels she wore as the other redhead suddenly turned her head and seemed to direct a white hot glare right at her. Then she realized that the other girl's glare was leveled at another woman almost directly behind her. Angela turned her head curiously to see this other woman, and lost her breath for the second time that night.

It was Linda. The brunette was a vision of bitchy loveliness in a pair of skin tight Lycra tights and a matching halter top. Her long legged strides across the dance floor were exaggerated by the blood red spikes that she wore on her feet, and Angela swore she could hear their thin heels striking angrily on the hard floor as the brunette made her way toward the other redhead. Angela stepped behind a pair of other dancers as Linda passed, hardly breathing, but the brunette seemed to be entirely focused on the other girl. Linda's date was nowhere in sight.

Angela felt her cunt growing moist as she watched the two long legged vixens make a beeline for each other, striding through the crowd on their titanic heels, oblivious to the other dancers around them. They met with two bitchy snarls, their cleavage crushing up against one another in the press of the crowd, eyes locked on one another in a glare of pure hatred that made Angela's pulse skip crazily and her cunt grow even wetter. Along with this purely bodily response, however, Angela felt a twinge of something else: jealousy. What the hell was Linda doing with that bitch? Angela raked the other redhead's body with a contemptuous glare, and felt her lips forming a jealous snarl as the two girls slithered against one another on the dance floor, their foreheads almost pressed together as their bodies grinded. Even observing the two women from this distance was almost enough to send Angela into a sexual frenzy. Her date gasped as the redhead's body slammed into him, and the two began to grind their bodies together themselves. Angela pressed her nylon covered cunt against the crotch of her partner, almost snarling at him as she ground her hips into his and pulled her bright red curls away from her face.

The redhead was keeping a careful watch on the other two women. After a few minutes of observing Linda and the other redhead interacting with each other on the dance floor, circling one another warily, and then coming together in tight full-body clinches, only to separate and begin circling one another on their spike heels again, Angela was certain that the brunette was the more dominant of the pair. The redhead almost seemed to stumble a few times as their breasts pressed together through the stretchy fabric of their tops, and her crotch seemed to shy away from Linda's aggressive thrusts of her womanly hips. The brunette suddenly leaned down and seemed to give the other girl a little bite on her ear, whispering something quickly, and then slipping away through the crowd toward the darkened hallway in the back that led to the ladies restroom.

The redhead hesitated, looking a little undecided, but finally she went after Linda, clattering across the dance floor in her heels. Angela's heart was racing. "Be right back, lover," she told her date, disentangling herself from him, and setting out after the other two women.

Angela watched from the shadow of the entrance to the hallway and saw her brunette rival slow to let the redhead overtake her, and then spin on her heel, driving herself into the other girl. The redhead screamed in surprise as the brunette's tits slammed into hers, driving the other girl's back into the wall. The redhead made a grab for Linda's long brown hair, but her claws suddenly stiffened and clutched at the air futilely as the brunette's crotch in her black tights began a dirty rub against the other girl's skirted cunt. Angela watched in growing arousal as Linda mashed her tits into the redhead's cleavage, imagining her rival's dark nipples poking through the Lycra of her top to press into the sheer fabric of the redhead's dress; she sneered nastily as she saw the other redhead begin to moan, her mouth-watering frame squirming beneath the more dominant girl. Angela slipped one finger up her skirt to touch the dampness in her panties as she watched Linda pull at the other girl's long red hair, sneering as the redhead seemed to melt in the face of her attack, slowly sliding down the wall helplessly, until her ass was flat against the cold floor, her long legs spread out wide in front of her. The brunette was straddling her rival's crotch with her own at this point, squatting in front of the redhead on her spikes, hissing something into the other girl's tear-stained face. Linda drove her cunt into the other girl's one last time for emphasis, driving the crying redhead's ass into the floor with her crotch. Angela slowly withdrew her finger from her panties, wiping it nervously on her thigh, when she saw the brunette turn her head to stare directly at her!

Linda did not seem to be surprised at all to see the redhead standing there at the entranceway. Instead, the brunette's lipsticked mouth slowly and menacingly curled around a smile of utter depravity. Angela shivered in spite of herself, staring at her dark-haired enemy's malignant smile and the spectacle before her: the gorgeous brunette, dressed all in skin-tight black lycra, crouching over the fallen body of a redhead who might have been Angela's double, whose pallid breasts were racked with sobs and were jiggling all over the place. The brunette's darkly made-up face looked wild and savage underneath the florescent lighting of the hallway, and suddenly all the redhead wanted to do was throw herself snarling at Linda and grapple with the brunette's lycra-clad body on the cold tiles of the hallway. Linda straightened, stepping over the redhead's prone body. The brunette stood with her left hand on the swell of her hip, staring hungrily at Angela. Then, she extended her right hand toward the redhead, palm up, and crooked one pink fingernail in a "Come ON, bitch!" gesture to her rival that immediately sent Angela flying into a sexual rage.

The redhead was leaning forward, ready to abandon all caution and fly down the hallway toward her waiting rival, when she heard her date behind her calling her name, and involuntarily turned her head. When she immediately turned back to look for Linda, the brunette had already disappeared, presumably slipping into the ladies room. Angela quickly moved to block her date's view of the hallway and the redhead lying prone on the floor. "I'm sorry I took so long," the redhead said. "Let's go," she said firmly, taking her date's arm and leading them back to the dance floor. Although she looked for Linda throughout the rest of the night, she didn't see the brunette again.

The next day, Angela wore a tight black miniskirt to work, along with a pair of 4" spike heels. All Angela could think of after she got home last night was the knowing smile the brunette had given her as she stood squatting over the crying redhead, and the sheer impression of carnal threat her glossy lips had embodied. What did it mean? It had now been two months since Angela had met Linda in that hotel and lost their sex duel. The wait was over. Today, she would confront the brunette bitch again, and their sex war would be renewed.

When she passed by Linda's lingerie shop in the morning, however, the brunette was nowhere to be seen.

Now, Angela was at her cubicle, trying to concentrate on her work, while at the same time seething with a barely contained sexual rage. Where the hell had the brunette gone? The redhead flashed back to the subway ride that her rival had planned, in which only the dark-haired bitch had known where they were going, and this only fed her rage. Her phone range suddenly, but the brooding redhead was feeling too sullen to answer it. The company she worked at was a small one; as a consequence, they didn't have voice mail, and still used old-fashioned answering machines to take messages.

"Hello?" the voice on the other end said. Angela gasped as she recognized Linda's sultry voice. She grabbed for the receiver desperately, cursing the brunette. "Angela, you slutty redheaded whore," Linda finished. "I hope this isn't an inconvenient time for you, bitch." The brunette's voice was flinty.

"You stupid little whore," Angela hissed furiously into the phone, covering the receiver with her hands to try to prevent the sound from traveling farther than her cubicle. "Don't you EVER call me here, slut! How did you get this number?" she demanded.

"You're the stupid little bitch, Angela," Linda hissed at her rival. "Did you really think you could stalk me around the city all this time and not have me notice, you stupid slut?" she demanded. Angela tried to suppress a gasp of shock at the brunette's words. Linda's voice grew harder, and was now definitely tinged with an edge of real malice. "I know where you work, bitch, and what's more, I know where you LIVE."

Angela's shame at being caught following the brunette was rapidly disappearing as she sat and listened to Linda. "Oh yeah? Well, just remember, I know where YOU work, and where YOU live, too, slut!"

There was nothing more said by either woman for a few seconds; the line was silent except for the sound of their ragged breathing. Then, Linda said, "That's right. We know too much about each other, don't we, bitch?"

"Yeah," Angela grunted. "In fact, I might be waiting for your tight ass when you get home tonight, tramp," she said maliciously. "I hope you don't do your laundry all alone on Friday nights anymore. That might be…dangerous."

"Fuck you bitch," Linda growled. "I'm not afraid of your slutty ass. You just better watch yourself around town, whore. I wouldn't want you to end up like the other redheaded slut you saw flat on her ass crying last night."

"Don't worry about me, cunt," Angela said. "I know how to take care of myself." The redhead took a deep breath. "And if you think our cunt war is over, Linda…well, you just better think again, big bitch."

"Bring it on, you fucking whore," Linda growled. "I'm ready for your dirty cunt. It wasn't enough to satisfy mine last time, though, was it?"

Angela flushed. "It's total war between us this time, slut. Tell your cunt to get ready for a showdown." The obsession and hatred between the two rivals had grown so large by now that no words were too dirty or fantastic to pass between them.

"My cunt is ready for the nastiest duel yours can give it, bitch," Linda snarled. "And like I said, you just better watch yourself, and that goes for your dirty cunt, too."

Angela was getting more and more nervous about having this conversation in the middle of the office. "Why don't we continue this conversation someplace more private, bitch?" she asked.

"Where?" Linda demanded.

"I'll find you," Angela promised her rival.

"You bitch!" Linda screamed at her. "Don't you dare hang up!"

The redhead smiled, set down the receiver, and turned off the ringer.

Notwithstanding the fact that she had succeeded in provoking the beautiful brunette on the phone, Angela was well aware that she was by no means in control of their conflict. Not yet, anyway. On her way home, the redhead dropped by the lingerie shop and inquired about the brunette. The clerk at the store told her that Linda had taken the rest of the week off, and wouldn't be in again until next Monday.

Angela's pulse quickened with excitement at these words. Surely the brunette wasn't running away from her after the way the two had threatened each other on the phone? No, the bitch was planning something. The redhead felt her blood begin to boil and her body temperature rise with arousal and anger. "Not this time, bitch," Angela swore to herself. This time, SHE would control their encounter.

It was almost a mirror of how Linda had set up their first showdown. After hearing the news about the brunette, Angela hastily bought two sets of outfits from the lingerie shop, relying on the fact that he two rivals were almost identical in their dimensions, even down to their shoe size. Angela had them wrap up Linda's presents, and then she was off, tearing through the streets…

The landlord was a little surprised to see Angela again, and he frowned with suspicion when the redhead gave him the package to give to Linda, but a little pat on the arm from the beautiful redhead and some sweet talking reassured him, and he agreed to deliver Angela's gift. The redhead thanked him and left, returning to her car on slightly unbalanced legs. Her cunt was already dripping wet with anticipation; she knew that her panties were already hopelessly soaked with her juices.

When she got back inside of her car, the redhead stripped off her skirt and panties, throwing them onto the backseat, leaving her cunt bare and angry. She took out her compact from her purse, applying layer after layer of make-up, coating her pouty lips thickly with crimson lip-gloss, and darkening her eyes with so much eye shadow that she almost looked like a different person. The redhead closed her thighs and squeezed them together deliciously; she would show Linda who the better whore was. Angela pulled out of the apartment's parking lot and headed for the lot on the other side of the street to wait for Linda. After killing the engine, the redhead sat with her legs spread, absently running her bright red nails through her auburn bush, grooming it for the showdown with Linda's darker fur that she knew was coming.

Half an hour later, the brunette's black sedan pulled into the apartment's parking lot. Angela watched, scarcely breathing, as Linda got out her car, all long legs and tight ass in the thigh-length skirt she wore, stepping her way delicately to the entrance on her 5" platforms. Two minutes later, the brunette slammed open the door, looking furious, casting her glance around the parking lot wildly, and looking for Angela.

That was her cue. The redhead keyed on her engine and switched on her headlights. The twin beams of light caught the brunette bitch squarely, illuminating her tall figure in their harsh glare. The other girl threw up a hand to shield her eyes and squinted, fighting to make out Angela's car. As the brunette attempted to stumble out of the crosshairs of Angela's headlights, the redhead backed her car out, crossing the street and pulling into the apartment's parking lot again. A smile of malign satisfaction crossed her lips as she saw Linda glaring at her car as it passed her literally shaking with rage, clutching Angela's package to her fulsome chest. In the rear view mirror, Angela saw the brunette stalk over to her own car and back out silently to follow her as she pulled out into traffic, lowering her car window to let the night air cool her flushed cheeks.

The redhead felt reckless, driving through the streets of the city bare-legged, with her wet crotch open to the night's cold air. Angela glanced in the rear mirror again to make sure that the brunette was still following her; sure enough, Linda was right behind her, tailing the redhead at a dangerously close distance. The girls came to a stoplight, and Angela tapped her red nails on her steering wheel tensely as she caught Linda's dark eyes boring into the back of her head.

Angela slowly made her way toward the edge of the city. The number of cars on the streets dwindled, along with the noise of the city. Eventually, the two rivals were almost alone with each other on silent streets, driving past rows of lonely deserted cars and abandoned houses, until they left the city entirely, following a rough, winding rural road. The only light on this cloudy night was provided by the headlights of the two women's vehicles as they silently made their way to a little known motel several miles from the heart of the city. Angela pulled her car into the deserted parking lot, slipping around to the side that lay in the shadow of the dilapidated building, and made a sharp turn, spinning her car around so that it faced her brunette enemy's vehicle as Linda followed the redhead into the alleyway. When the brunette's car came to a stop, Angela dimmed her headlights, and the other girl followed suit, so that the girls sat face to face in their cars, regarding each other threateningly, their lovely, cruel features illuminated by the harsh lighting.

With a slightly trembling hand, Angela reached over to the seat beside her and untangled the set of red fishnet stockings she had bought earlier. She slipped off the black heels she had worn to work, and with a gymnast's flexibility, leaned back in her seat and raised her strong right leg into the air, draping it across the steering wheel. As Linda regarded her steadily through narrow eyes, the redhead pivoted in place, her pantied ass sliding damply on the vinyl of her car seat, until her long shapely limbs were stretched out in front of her, poised in the air tensely and visible to the brunette through the windshield of her car. Linda immediately caught the idea, quickly shedding her skirt and nylons; her bare legs were soon in an identical pose to Angela's, mirroring them through the windshields of their cars in every aspect, fully as strong and lovely as the redhead's shapely limbs. Pulling her legs in close to her body, Angela now slowly slid on her pair of fishnet stockings onto the legs she had worked so hard on these last two months, bicycling her strong limbs in the air as she wiggled the netting on, watching with arousal as her rival copied her motion in the other car, the two rivals dressing for the private sex battle that was imminent in the outfits that the redhead had picked out. Angela unbuttoned her blouse, ripping it off, leaving her bare-breasted and visibly aroused. Next, she pulled on the short leather jacket she had bought, leaving it open so that half of her naked breasts remained exposed, perfectly round hemispheres of taut breast flesh. The redhead killed her headlights and opened the car door, slipping on a pair of red platform mules as she stepped out to face her dark-haired rival in the now pitch dark parking lot.

The two women stood before each other wordlessly, their faces hidden by the darkness. Angela felt her cunt twitching with excitement and anticipation as she regarded the tall, leather-clad shadow in spike heels before her. The last time the two rivals had fought, it had been in a posh hotel in the middle of downtown; now, they were practically in the middle of nowhere, facing each other in an empty alleyway, dressed like two common street sluts. The situation was a little frightening, in fact, but that only served to heighten the redhead's arousal. She could feel her nipples hardening underneath her jacket, scraping against the cold leather fabric, sending a shiver down her back. The redhead extended her right arm toward Linda, and repeated the gesture the brunette had given her the other night at the club, crooking one long fingernail challengingly at her rival, bracing her long legs against the surface of the parking lot and tensing for the brunette's reaction.

To Be Continued