Dariah leaned back in the padded pilot’s seat of her starship and stretched out her arms, her clenched fists touching the sides of the tiny cockpit. Every powerful muscle tensed, her long legs straightened and tightened, her toes pointed, and her bulging tits strained the front of her tiny t-shirt. She yawned, long and loud, pulled herself out of the chair, checked the autopilot settings, then clumped out of the cockpit and down a short, steel hall to her small cabin. She stripped off the t-shirt, enjoying the sensation as her heavy tits caught in the material, lifted, then fell and bounced as the shirt pulled free. She threw it to the bed, kicked off her heavy boots, peeled off the tight shorts she was wearing, and then wriggled out of her thong. Naked, she padded further down the cold hall to the shower cubicle, turned on the hot water, then stepped in for a long, luxurious shower. Everything on the small ship was recycled. Tomorrow, she would wash with the same water, after it had been purified and filtered in the tanks on the lower deck.

As she washed, Dariah examined herself in the full-length mirror that constituted one wall of the shower stall. She was entirely pleased with what she saw. The image that stared back at her was recognizably Dariah, but it was a Dariah right out of a fantasy, with an idealized and enhanced version of all her physical attributes. Dariah had always been a very beautiful and voluptuous woman, but she was now of a magnitude several times more physically impressive than she had been two years ago. Her swelling hips tapered up into her trim waist, her abdomen was beautifully muscled, her navel narrow and deep. Her long legs were thickly muscled but perfectly proportioned to her body. She especially enjoyed the change in her breasts. She was now several cup sizes larger than she had been, and her new tits were heavy, dense and needed no support to stand proud and firm on her chest. Her nipples were large, dark and deliciously hard. She squeezed her breasts together, letting the hot water run over the sensitive nipples, then sighed with pleasure as she felt the welcoming stir between her legs. Even with all of the enormous changes her body had undergone over the last several months, it was still what was happening between her legs that she found most disturbing and appealing. She ran a teasing finger over the slick lips of her hot pussy, trailing her digit up until it tangled in her thick, auburn pubic hair. She smiled again, enjoying a shiver of anticipation, then finished washing, dried off, and headed back to her cabin.

Dariah sat on her bed and began combing out her long, auburn hair. She watched herself in the mirror, a beautiful, green-eyed woman, with a small, upswept nose and thick, luscious red lips. She admired her body and she rejoiced in the sense of power and vibrancy that rippled through her muscles.

Dariah was about to embark upon a journey for which she had spent the past two years preparing. The mission would last at least the next several years, and maybe the rest of her life. She could not completely suppress the anxieties that were now eating at her. She was only 18 hours away from Planetfall. Then her mission would begin and her life would take a very different course.

Lying naked in her bed, Dariah considered the events that had led her to this point. She was an agent of TGO, the Trans-Galactic Order, and she was very good at her work. She frequently acted in undercover capacities, but when she was called in to the Director’s office more than two years before, she had not expected her new assignment.

************************************************** **********************

The Director was known only by her title. She was a giant of a woman, one of a race of humans who had been genetically engineered to near perfection at some point in the distant past. Dariah was bisexual, but she was more inclined towards lesbianism, and she could not prevent the swell of desire she felt whenever she laid eyes on the Director. The woman was around 2 meters tall, with long, powerful legs, whirls of dark, red hair tied into in a tight bun at the top of her head, and burning blue eyes. Her chest strained the blouse she was wearing, which did little to hide the massive tits beneath. The Director was dressed in a conservative green business jacket and a very unconservative matching green mini-skirt and 3-inch spike heels which made her endless, bare legs even longer and more delectable. Dariah’s eyes lingered on those breasts and the Directors long legs, before she could pull her attention back to her superior’s eyes.

“Agent Dariah,” the Director had said, coming out from behind her desk. She shook Dariah’s hand. Dariah was a tall woman, but she still had to look up to meet the redheaded woman’s gaze. “Please, take a seat.” She gestured toward a sitting area on the far side of the office, which was appointed with facing leather wingback chairs, a table, and various computer consoles. The women seated themselves, and a secretary brought in a tray of hot beverages and sweets. Then the Director got down to business.

“Dariah, I want to send you on a long-term mission to the planet Raddakkar. Have you heard of it?” Dariah admitted she had not. The Director nodded, and then pressed a button on an adjoining console. A giant, 2-meter wide holographic image suddenly came to life in the space above their heads. It showed a verdant planetary sphere, apparently the planet of Raddakkar, and numerous facts and statistics associated with the M-class world.

“This is Raddakkar. It’s a fairly primitive world. It was terra-formed about 6000 years ago. It’s mostly hot, tropical jungle, except for some areas around the poles. It’s about 50% land and 50% water, but the land mass is largely undivided, so that’s led to the development of a fairly coherent planetary society. The people are basically barbarians and they have no real knowledge of the universe beyond their own planet. They are still plagued by religions and various superstitions. However, they have built up a series of fairly sophisticated societies and most of these are matriarchies.”

Dariah nodded. She had heard something about this planet, now that she thought about it.

The Director continued. “We want you to go to Raddakkar, infiltrate the society, establish yourself in a high position in the royal palace of the leading kingdom, and then facilitate the planet’s introduction to the larger galactic community. We also expect you to keep an eye on things for us. We have reason to believe that some illegal intergalactic contacts might already be going on.”

Dariah nodded again. Part of the mandate of TGO was to protect primitive cultures from exploitation by more advanced planets. But she was not so easily convinced. “Pardon me, Director, but I know that we’ve often looked the other way when illegal contacts have occurred in the past. Why are we rushing to facilitate contact with this place now?”

The Director smiled. “I was just getting to that. Raddakkar has a very high concentration of Delium 2, a rather rare and valuable mineral compound. It was only recently discovered on a long-range planetary survey. There is not much, but enough to be very valuable to the Interstellar community. We can’t get at much of it unless we have good relations with the local people, but facilitating the least harmful contact is going to take a long time – the next 50 years, at least. We need to get started on that right away.”

Dariah nodded. She was contemptuous of a policy that called for the protection of primitive cultures, except when they had something that the rest of the galaxy wanted. But she was enough of a realist to know that this was the way the universe worked, and at least TGO tried to minimize the impact of the sudden intrusion of the rest of the galaxy on the many small, isolated worlds that existed on the fringe of space. Most of these worlds had started out as colonies of one of the big, powerful interstellar races, but then had lost contact with the home colony, usually because of war or civil unrest, and eventually became completely autonomous. Raddakkar seemed to be one of these.

“I assume that this place is a former earth colony and that the local people are basically human?” she asked.

“Yes,” the Director replied. “There are some non-human aliens present, but they’ve largely been integrated into the dominant cultures. Raddakkar has lost all sense of its Earth heritage. It was cut off about 3000 years ago. The local people are certainly human, but their use of special herbs, foods and drugs has given them a number of …unique qualities. Our first task will be to prepare you, physically, to pass as one of the local priestesses. Your physical training and adaptation will accompany your cultural and language training.”

Dariah raised her eyebrow curiously. “What are the physical attributes that you are talking about?”

The Director smiled again. “Well, the men and women of this world are very – let’s say - healthy. This is especially the case with the women. Their diet and use of certain ritual drugs have meant that women have very well-developed sexual characteristics. This means that they have really big boobs and pretty impressive hips. They also have very large and sensitive clits. All of this has meant that sexuality has become a fundamental part of social and religious ritual. You will understand more as you study the cultural component. For us, we need to make you as physically impressive as we can. You are the right size and build; you just need to be bulked up a bit in the right places. For this mission to succeed, you are going to need to fight your way to the top.”

Dariah smiled. This assignment had just become much more interesting. “I’m looking forward to finding out a lot more about this place,” she drawled, suddenly both amused and excited.

************************************************** ********************

Over the next two years, Dariah trained her body and ate the Raddakkar diet, even as she learned the language and culture of the main societies. Much of this could have been taught to her through instantaneous neural transfers, and this was often the case. But habituating herself to the ways of Raddakkar required more than just knowledge; it also required training and time. TGO smuggled off-planet the foods and drugs that she would need to undergo the physical transformation into a woman of Raddakkar. Ordinarily, physical alteration could have been done through surgery, but TGO was concerned that Dariah’s scent would not be right if her physical enhancements were not the product of the dietary process. Besides, they were not entirely sure how to medically duplicate the sexual qualities of Raddakkarian women. Dariah soon found her body developing in ways that were both disturbing and delightful. Her muscles hardened, her breasts grew larger and amazingly taut, her sexual sensitivity increased tenfold. When she was aroused, her clit would swell to an amazing size and hardness. Her libido, already very healthy, became ravenous.

At first, she found it difficult to control these new sexual powers and appetites. One of her trainers, Reegar, an Amazonian woman from a heavy gravity planet, was assigned the task of training Dariah in her new sexual and physical skills. Reegar had studied the sexual norms and mores of Raddakkar very closely and she also naturally possessed a very big clit. Reegar and Dariah were soon spending many nights locked together in sexual combat, rubbing clits, practicing sexual rites, and enjoying the slow, delightful process of teaching Dariah the sexual control that she would need to fight her way up to and into the royal palace in Mirt, the capital city of the largest empire on Raddakkar.

Dariah was soon overwhelming her teacher and it became necessary to train her in the arts of sexual combat on a simulator. Besides regular physical training designed to allow her to survive and thrive in a hot jungle environment, she would also spend hours every day in a device designed to simulate sexual intercourse, learning how to master her body’s drives and desires. She learned the sexual rituals and practices of the people of Raddakkar, focusing on the role of priestesses. She would be entering the planet’s society as a travelling priestess. This would be both dangerous and rewarding position, designed to open doors to higher society. But it would also require her to pit her sexual skills and power against many other women in order to establish her place in the matriarchal hierarchy that ran the society of the major power.

Finally, the day came for Dariah to leave for Raddakkar. She boarded a tiny, one person scout craft and spent 4 weeks travelling to the far reaches of the galaxy. And, now, she had finally arrived. After a fitful night, Dariah climbed into her safety suit and opened the main viewport to look out at the planet that she would call home for the next several years.

She located the place that she would make landfall – a dense jungle area about 700 kilometers away from the kingdom of Mirt. She had committed all of the maps of the planet to her memory, with the aid of special memory enhancement chips, and she knew that she would have to travel on foot through dense and dangerous jungle before her mission could really start. But first she needed someplace isolated to hide her ship.

In mid-afternoon, on a hot and humid day, Dariah set her scout ship down on the edge of a deep lake in the center of the Randar forest. The space visitor pulled off her safety suit right after touchdown, opened an external airlock onto the hot, humid jungle, and began to prepare for the mission. Wearing her t-shirt, shorts and heavy boots, she unloaded a few boxes of electronic gear and camouflage materials from the craft. Then, she got back into the cockpit and activated the ship’s maneuvering jets, giving the craft just enough lift to move it out over the center of the lake. She submerged the craft, putting it down on the lakebed, some 40 meters below the surface. She could have done this by remote control, but she wanted the final experience of putting the ship to rest. She did not know when she would see it again.

She sat in the cockpit for a while, looking up into the water, considering the adventure about to begin. There were big animals out there in the lake, and she would now need to walk to shore. She activated a homing and transmission beacon that would allow her to summon the ship later, if and when her mission ended. She closed the protective screen over the viewport. She made a quick scan of the ship, making sure she had not forgotten anything important, and then she put the ship into a suspension mode. She shrugged back into her safety suit, sealed the helmet tight around her head, and exited the craft through the side airlock.

Dariah trudged along the bottom of the lake, heading toward the shoreline. The maneuvering rockets in the suit could get her there quickly if she wanted to use them, but she liked the idea of walking to shore on the bottom of the lake, seeing the underwater world and experiencing life from the perspective of an alien visitor, maybe for the last time. Some of the big marine predators nosed around her, but she was too unfamiliar to be prey (not that anything could have hurt her in her suit) and nothing interfered with her progress. Within an hour she emerged from the lake, just a short distance away from her gear.

When she was safely on shore, she removed the suit carefully, sealed it off and wrapped it in an airtight bag. She took electronic equipment out of the boxes she had unloaded and quickly assembled a transmitting station. This would allow her to send and receive reports from her superiors from remote locations. It would also allow remote access to her ship, if she needed it.

After she assembled the device, she moved on to the next stage of her mission: going undercover. She stripped off all her clothing and stood naked in the heat of the jungle. The heat and humidity had already caused her to start sweating, so she was quite happy to be nude. She wrapped the clothing into an airtight packet and placed it next to her equipment. Then she laid out all the gear she would be using. She had a pair of earrings, a silver armband and a matching band for her thigh. An ornate, golden necklace in the configuration of a crescent moon was included in her adornments. She also had a golden headband, which resembled a tiara, and four golden rings, two for each hand. Her only clothing was a red thong, with spaghetti-thin gold straps for her hips. She put on the jewelry. The necklace was a transmitter which doubled as a compass, the earrings were tracking devices. The tiara could be broken down to serve a number of purposes, including a weapon. The arm and leg bands could act as power sources. The rings she could sell for currency. The knife was a knife, but it could also be reconfigured to serve as a laser gun and its scabbard contained a secret compartment for Melium, the sacred drug that local people used during their celebrations. While exposure to Melium helped to account for some of the Raddakkarian sexual abilities, it was not a drug that they used carelessly. Dariah only had it because, as a priestess, she was expected to carry it.

After putting on her jewelry and testing them, and strapping her knife and scabbard to her right thigh, Dariah finally pulled on her jeweled thong. She smiled, pulling it taut against her pussy. Thick pubic hair tufted up over the top of the thong, and her pussy was clearly outlined by the tight cloth. She pulled tighter on the thong, pulling it into her cunt, watching her thick, juicy pussy lips spread on either side of the tight cloth, feeling the pressure on her labia, trickling up to her clit. After a moment, she stopped and sighed, then let the thong relax, allowing it to ease out of her pussy until it was fit snug around her mound. She smiled, enjoying the heat that rippled in her clit. She spread and raised her arms, enjoyed the feel of her heavy tits rising on her chest, and turned her face to the sky, opening her body to the sun and fire of the Randar jungle. She said a blessing to the goddess; it was important that she live and breathe her new role as a priestess of the moon goddess. Then, she pulled a tarpaulin over all her equipment and clothing. Once they were covered, she touched a button and the tarpaulin hardened and turned into something that looked exactly like a large rock. She would be able to find this later, when she needed it.

Armed only with her knife, wearing only the tiny thong and her jewelry, she walked, barefoot, out into the jungle to begin her new life.

Dariah found the first few days in the jungle to be exhilarating. TGO had prepared her for her mission incredibly well. Her body was resistant to stings and venom of the small insects of the forest, and her body was already adapted to the bacteria in the water. Her endurance was phenomenal. She thrived on the humid heat. She knew how and what to hunt, and where and how to find the fruit of the forest. By the end of her fifth day, she had travelled almost a hundred kilometers and had settled in to a good routine of exploration and travel. More than anything, she enjoyed being naked in this wilderness. She felt wild and untamed, she felt alive in a way she had not for a long time. She enjoyed the rocking weight of her tits, the constant pressure of the thong on her cunt, the heat of the sun on her bare skin. She enjoyed masturbating her enormous clit every night; she loved the feeling of pleasure that poured through her as she contemplated the battles to come. Already, the memories of her previous life were starting to fade, and she marveled at how easily she seemed to be adjusting to her new existence.

On the sixth day of her journey to Mirt, the heat between her legs suddenly started to throb. At first, she did not understand why she was becoming so aroused, though the new sexual appetites and desires of her body had often caught her off guard in the past. Soon, however, she realized what the building tension in her pussy meant. Women who were exposed to the drug Melium sometimes developed sensitivity to the presence of other women who had experienced the same drug. Dariah realized that there was another woman nearby, another priestess. Dariah started looking for this potential rival. After an hour of searching, however, she did not find her target and decided to be found, instead. She located a deep pond near a waterfall and stretched herself out on a large, flat boulder on the bank, her hands interlaced and cushioning her head, her massive breasts turned to the sun. Enjoying the heat of the sun on her body, nude except for the tiny thong, she relaxed and waited for her target to appear.

Dariah was horny, her body was burning with lust, and she smiled as she waited. This was how things were settled on this world. Priestesses were often women of the jungle who occupied and protected one particular piece of land. These women were very territorial and hated having their land intruded upon by another of their kind. Another priestess passing through was required to pay a tribute to the local woman or fight her for the right of passage. Dariah had no intention of paying anything. If the other woman wanted to challenge her for the right of passage, Dariah was more than willing to meet the challenge. Indeed, she wanted nothing more.

Dariah enjoyed her near-nude sunbathing, but was sure to keep her senses alert. After a few minutes, her sensitive nose picked up the scent of a large animal, and she opened her eyes. On the other side of the pond, watching her with burning blue eyes was a fantastically beautiful woman. The woman had raven black hair and her sleek, powerful muscles and voluptuous curves were impossible to ignore. Her skin was a healthy golden brown. Perhaps most remarkably, she was stretched out across the back of a great cat, some kind of tiger. Her bulging breasts pressed firmly to the back of the cat, forming an enticing cushion of compressed, taut flesh. The woman appeared naked, though she was wearing silver bands on her thigh and left bicep and dangling silver earrings. The woman and the cat were both staring hungrily at Dariah, and the space woman felt a shiver run down her spine – whether fear of the cat or anticipation of the sexual struggle to come, she could not say.

She rose easily to her feet and bowed low, giving the other woman a good look at the heft and swing of her naked tits, and cupped her hands, a traditional form of greeting from one priestess to another. The other woman paused, and then slid off the back of the great cat. When she did so, Dariah could see that the other woman was wearing a tiny thong, maybe even smaller than her own, with leather straps the same color as her sun-kissed flesh. The black-haired beauty faced her from across the pond and returned the greeting. Then, without warning, she dived into the pool. A moment later, she bobbed up to the surface of the water, only a few meters from Dariah’s edge of the pool and swam the short distance to where Dariah was standing. The native beauty pulled herself out of the water, reaching behind her head to pull her hair into a tight braid and squeeze out the water. Dariah watched the women’s magnificent tits rise and bounce, their sharp nipples large and erect, and found the heat in her pussy become a wet fever. Her pussy moistened, and she knew it would not be long before cunt juice began to dampen her thong and trickle down her inner thighs.

The women locked eyes, the mutual challenge unspoken but clear. Still, Dariah knew there were other formalities to be observed. She stepped forward until her aching nipples were only about 30 centimeters from those of the native beauty. They looked deep into each other’s eyes. The native beauty licked her red lips, the tension building.

“I am Dariah,” said Dariah. TGO had agreed to let her use her real name, though it would sound a bit unusual for this world. “I am a traveler from Enoch.” This was the distant city that was her supposed birthplace. “I seek safe passage through your territory, priestess of the goddess.”

The other woman smiled. “I am Reena, disciple of the cat goddess. This is my territory. You are welcome to pass through, but you must pay tribute to me, a fellow priestess, or you must claim the right to travel by showing that your power is greater than mine. Which will you choose?”

Reena and Dariah both knew that they wanted to fight. Their voluptuous bodies were aligning themselves, unconsciously, even as the women spoke. Dariah’s nipples were aching and hard with tension and lust. But Dariah decided to play the game a bit longer. “What is the cost of my passage?” she asked.

Reena looked at her closely, examining her jewelry, then said. “I would like the band around your head. That is a fitting offering to my goddess.”

Dariah smiled. “This band is a sacred gift. All of the little I am wearing is sacred and I will not part with anything that I have.”

Reena smiled. “Then you challenge me?”

“Yes,” Dariah replied.

With a hot, tense grin, Reena stepped forward, her blue eyes searching Dariah’s green eyes, her nipples stopping only centimeters away from Dariah’s firm, brown nips. The women contemplated each other for a moment, intense heat and lust passing between them. Then, Reena placed her hands gently on Dariah’s abundant tits, cradling and fondling the massive rack, running her thumbs over Dariah’s aching nipples and pulsing areola. Dariah closed her eyes, biting her lip, almost overwhelmed by the sudden heat pouring through her tits and into her belly, warming her pussy, swelling her clit. With a gasp, she came to a new and startling realization: Reena’s hands were like furnaces and Dariah suddenly understood that her body’s sensitivity to Reena’s sexual presence extended to every aspect of the other woman. Just by touching her, skin to skin, Reena had stimulated Dariah almost beyond a level that she could handle. Suddenly, she was very worried about her ability to sexually defeat this woman. If the fondling of her tits could send such pleasure burning through her body, what would happen when she met this woman pussy to pussy, clit to clit? But she had no choice: she had to battle this woman’s body with her own, and her desire to do so was pounding in her veins like drums. She had never been more aroused in her life, and she could see the same feverish lust reflected back at her in Reena’s eyes.

Dariah reached up to seize Reena’s equally beautiful jugs, to caress and weigh the massive tits in her hands, to rub and squeeze the dark brown nipples, to fill her hands to overflowing with the luscious, sweaty titflesh. Dariah was gratified to see Reena close her eyes and struggle to suppress a moan of arousal. “Bitch…,” the cat priestess groaned, her breath starting to come in panting gasps. She squeezed Dariah’s tits hard. Both beauties continued to fondle the other’s massive melons, squeezing and stroking, kneading and gently scratching, doing everything they could to stimulate the other. Very quickly, Dariah’s breasts were burning, her skin almost feverish with sensitivity, and every stroke and squeeze sending paroxysms of pleasure through her massive tits and down into her loins. Dariah closed her eyes and leaned back, arching her torso toward Reena, offering her meaty tits to the other woman. Reena did the same, and the women’s hot, sweaty bellies touched and rubbed, their thighs pressed tight, even as their backs curved away.

The women continued fondling and working the other’s tits, their heads thrown back, eyes closed, moans of pleasure building. Dariah felt that she could soon experience a nipple orgasm if this kept up. The whole mass of her heavy tits was throbbing and burning with tension and pleasure. Reena suddenly gasped, in response to some particularly delicious stimulation from Dariah’s questing fingers, and the black-haired woman thrust out with her hips. The women’s bellies slapped hard, Dariah felt their pubic hair, tufted over the tops of their thongs, crush tight, and both beauties groaned with pleasure. Dariah lost her footing and stumbled back a few steps, Reena moving with her. Dariah felt the moss-covered rock wall along the side of the pool suddenly pushing into her back.

Reena leaned forward too and, continuing to work each other’s tits, they pressed close enough that their hands became caught between their throbbing mammaries. Neither woman cared. They pushed closer until they were forehead to forehead, gasping and moaning into each other’s face. Their hands were the only things keeping their hot nipples from touching, mating. Reena’s thighs pressed hard to Dariah’s and her sweet breath washed over Dariah’s face. The woman’s tongues touched, gently, but the contact was electric and, in a moment, Reena’s tongue was sliding into Dariah’s mouth and Dariah was sucking eagerly, hungrily at her rival’s thick, wet pink probe. Their hands were pressed back to back, shielding their tits from each other. But Reena suddenly turned her hands, grasped Dariah’s and, leaning back just enough, suddenly pulled their arms apart. Instantly, their heavy tits, nipples sharp and hard as rocks, crushed into one meaty mass. Within their locked mouths, Reena and Dariah shrieked with joy, swallowing each other’s cries, the nova heat of their crushed tits sending burning tension roaring through their bodies. “God, oh God,” Dariah thought. She had felt her pussy gush with hot liquids as her tits had mated with Reena’s. Her thong was now doused with moisture, and clear, pungent fluids trickled down her thighs. For both women, their aching nipples speared each other with pleasure, volcanoes of raw erotic sensations, and Dariah rejoiced in the incredible feeling of her nipples penetrating deep into Reena’s tits, joining her in an unbreakable bond to the other woman. Dariah felt the same pressure in her own tits, where Reena’s nipples pierced her own, tip to tip.

Dariah writhed, rubbing her tits around and around Reena’s glistening orbs, rubbing her taut belly into Reena’s solid abdomen, feeling the suck of her navel to that of the cat priestess. Reena rubbed back, enjoying the feel of their sweat-soaked bodies slipping and sliding, slick flesh to flesh, tits writhing and rolling. The women squeezed their hands, palm to palm their sharp nails digging into the back of the other’s hands. The heat and tension continued to build, Dariah and Reena continued to suck at each other’s mouths, their tongues twisted together, their breathing coming faster and harder as both refused to break the kiss, their moans growing louder and more frantic. Spit flowed, eventually trickling out to moisten each woman’s beautiful face. Finally, they broke the kiss and, cheek to cheek, gasping for breath, moaning with lust, the women continued to writhe and grind their bodies together.

Through the haze of her own pleasure, Dariah knew that she needed to take the offensive. With a flip of her wrists, she freed her hands from Reena’s grasp. She placed one hand on Reena’s thrusting hip, but the other she slid down the black-haired beauty’s taut stomach, her hand coming to rest on Reena’s mound, Reena’s pubic hair soft in her palm. Dariah did not slip her hand inside Reena’s thong. Instead, she placed two fingers over the other woman’s hot slit and began working the material of the tight thong into her enemy’s wet cunt. Reena groaned, then slid her right hand down Dariah’s belly, placed her hand on the soaked red thong, and began masturbating her enemy in retaliation. Reena leaned hard into Dariah, compressing their tits even harder, sending a flash of heat and pleasure through both women. The two women panted nose to nose, mouth to mouth, eyes closed tight as they each fought the intense sensations building in their cunts.

“Nnggh, fucking whore…,” Dariah groaned at Reena, her breath blasting furnace hot.

“Dirty slut,” Reena whispered back. “I will ride you with your cunt as my saddle, bitch…”

Their fingers and hands moved harder and faster, rubbing and pushing, stimulating each other through their soaked thongs, the wet material adding a delicious friction to their sensitive pussy lips, their dripping, yielding labia. Dariah felt herself swaying in the heat, the sweat of her forehead mixing with Reena’s, the heat of their breath becoming one, their cries and choking gasps merging into a single voice. She felt her burning clit unfurl, hard as rock, finally emerging from its hood and more inflamed with need than it had ever been. Oh god, Dariah thought, oh God, I can’t take this… just the very thought of the other woman touching her clit with those fiery fingers made her want to faint with pleasure. The idea of driving her rock-hard clit, over and over, into the equally hard, hot clit of this bitch – the idea of pitting the most sensitive, sexual part of her body into direct contact with that of the cat priestess – god, surely that would kill her. But Dariah knew it had to be done and she wanted it more than she had ever wanted anything. Lust sang in her heart and burned in her blood like acid. She had to have this bitch and she had to have her now.

Reena’s expert fingers suddenly caressed Dariah’s bulging clit through her wet thong. The shockwave of pure pleasure was unbearable. Dariah gritted her teeth, swallowed a sob of ecstasy, and drove her thumb hard into Reena’s swelling clit. Then, before the cat priestess could do more than gasp and open her mouth to scream, her eyes wide with shock, Dariah placed her hands on the other woman’s belly and breast and pushed her away, hard.

Reena flew back, screeching with the shock of the attack on her clit, and landed hard on the opposite wall of the alcove in which they were fighting, leaning her back on the soft, mossy loam. The cat woman writhed uncontrollably into the wall, her body convulsing with the intense sensations rippling through it. She rubbed her voluptuous body into the green; her fingernails digging into the moss, her massive tits rocking with her jerking hips, her eyes closed tight, her head thrown back and her voice coming in growls of pure, aching lust. The sexual convulsion passed. Then, she opened her eyes and fixed her glowing blue eyes to Dariah’s burning green orbs. Panting like an animal, the cat priestess reached down and slid her thong off her hips and down her luscious legs, then threw the soaked garment aside. Bracing herself against the cliff wall, she spread her meaty thighs wide, her raging pussy hot and wet and hungry for Dariah’s aching twat.

Dariah looked down into the sex maw confronting her, the thick pussy lips, and the soft labia. She stared at the enormous, pulsing red clit that reared up like a beckoning finger from Reena’s juicy cunt, and her mind almost exploded with passion. Whatever training she had was lost in a haze of heat and lust. She needed only one thing, and that was to join her body completely and absolutely to Reena’s beautiful form, and fuck endlessly, mindlessly, clits caressing and tangling, crushing and fusing, for as long as she possibly could. Her tits were rock-hard with tension and her pussy gushed uncontrollably. Not taking her green eyes from Reena’s glowing blue gaze, Dariah hooked her thumbs through the straps of her thong and wiggled the tiny, drenched garment down her hips, past her muscled thighs, and down her thick calves. The thong dropped at her feet and she stepped out of it, tangling it on one toe, but then kicking it away. Pussy juice was streaming down her thighs, trickling down her calves. The heat in her pussy was so intense that it felt it was burning her loins; her lower belly was tense with need. She could feel her clit pulsing. She saw Reena stare at the massive sex organ protruding from her nether lips, and she smiled – Reena was clearly impressed by what she saw, but the flash of pure lust that rippled across the cat woman’s face betrayed no fear, just raw desire.

Nude, panting with sex fever, the two priestesses stepped toward each other. Dariah reached out and fixed her hands to Reena’s wide, firm hips. The smooth skin burned beneath her palms. Reena returned the grip. Both beauties squeezed their massive tits between their upper arms, compressing their round, brown and golden orbs, causing them to thrust out even further. Their hard, brown nipples jutted like spears, their taut tits pushed out with even more force. Moving forward, the two women mated their tits once again, spike-shaped nipples caressing and stroking, panting cries of pleasure exploding from both sex-crazed Amazons. Around and around, they worked their nipples, fencing, stimulating each other, enjoying the incredible erotic electricity that poured from the throbbing shafts. Their grips on the other’s hips grew tighter, and both women sank sharp claws into the other’s smooth flesh to hold their enemy in place. They struggled to keep their eyes open; their eyelids heavy with pleasure, their growling pants slowly become erotic moans of greater and greater force. Reena suddenly pushed forward, arching her back, pushing her pussy mound hard and firm into Dariah’s hot, hairy cunt. Slick pussy lips kissed and slid and sucked. Pure, boiling heat and electricity raced through both women, burning up from their sliding cunts. Their hard nipples grew even firmer. Dariah shrieked with the sudden explosion of pleasure; Reena joined her.

Dariah’s hands slid down Reena’s hips and onto the raven-haired beauty’s firm, round ass; Reena immediately returned the grip. Now, holding each other firmly in place, hot tits joined and compressed at the nipples, backs arched away from each other but hips and pelvises jutted forward, knees and inner thighs pressed tight, the two women began to fuck. Their powerful asses bucked and flexed, their womanly hips jerked in rhythm. Dariah closed her eyes, lost in the sheer ecstasy of the sensations roaring through her body. Her body was slick, hot, taut flesh, thrusting and merging, grinding and rubbing into the equally firm, hot, wet body of the bitch she was fighting. She was going to break this bitch, she was going to become one mass of raging flesh with this woman, and emerge at the end with her sex triumphant. But for now, she just wanted, needed, to fuck and be fucked like she never had before. She worked her hips and pelvis, rubbing her slick, aching pussy around and around, penetrating the hot wet hole challenging her own, working into Reena’s labia so her pussy could eat the cat priestess’ cunt, so she could get at the other woman’s engorged clit. Reena worked her own hips and ass in the other direction, grinding, drilling her pussy as deep into Dariah’s welcoming cunt as she could go, the volcanic heat of their matched twats almost too much to take. Their writhing, rubbing bodies slid on the hot sweat and cunt juice that they were both leaking, their deep navels sucked tight, their enflamed tits rolled around and around on the joined spikes of their fused nipples, their areola so sensitive that both women could feel the friction between every bump and ridge. The women glared at each other through half-closed eyes, their snarls and screams of pleasure and hate building, their pants and groans becoming ever more desperate.

Even as they penetrated each other, they both knew the inevitable, unbearable meeting of their massive, throbbing clits was only moments away. Gathering themselves, Reena and Dariah finally smashed their enflamed clits together. An explosion of intense, exquisite pleasure blasted through the mated women like a nova. The women threw back their heads, their bodies frozen in pleasure, their breath coming in hitching gasps as they both fought for air, the breath forced from their bodies by the orgasmic energy of the clit to clit fuck. Their tits swelled up and fused even tighter, their bellies rippled with convulsions, their navels sucking apart and then together as their muscles flexed in sexual agony.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck…” Dariah sobbed, barely able to speak, her eyes glazed and shining with intense pleasure.

“Yes, yes, yes, oh you cuntfucker, yes…” Reena whispered, her mind struggling to hold on.

Dariah could barely stay conscious, even as she kept her exploding clit plastered to the side of Reena’s equally massive sex horn. Their clits were pressed, crushed side to side, fused together from their bases to their tips, equally huge, equally sensitive, squeezed tight within the hard, wet muscle of their flexing pussies. Reena saw stars before her eyes. Even as wave after wave of raw pleasure roared through her body, emanating from her embattled clit, she fought to stay conscious. The cat priestess had fought many, many sex battles in the past, and she had never been beaten, though she had occasionally fought to a draw. But this strange woman, this moon priestess, was a sex demon, a ravenous, wanton whore, with a clit like nothing Reena had ever felt before. Deep in her heart, she was afraid she might finally lose. But, more than anything, she wanted ever drop of cum, every ounce of sexual fury that this bitch could give to her. Reena was consumed with a lust that demanded absolute satisfaction.

Finally, screaming with pleasure, the two women pulled their clits apart, sliding the two engorged sexhorns up each other’s side until they finally separated. Shuddering with pleasure, almost delirious with ecstasy, Reena and Dariah gazed at each other with glazed eyes, the sheer pleasure of their contact almost too much to bear. Then, eyes locked and challenging, they drove their massive clits together head to head, the most sensitive parts of their most sensitive organs smashing tight, struggling to crush each other back. A nova hot blast of orgasmic pleasure roared through them. For a moment, both women blacked out, the sensations simply too much to take. Their clits struggled, the women desperately tried to stay conscious, pure ecstasy filled every atom of their bodies to overflowing. Then, their thick clits slid side by side, and the women fell forward, resting their chins on the other’s shoulder, their tits crushed hard, their claws scoring the other’s hard ass, both sobbing uncontrollably and screaming obscenities at each other.

“Oh, you fucking CUNT!” Dariah screamed, her voice almost collapsing in sobs of pleasure. “Give, you bitch, please give…”

“Never, oh never,” Reena moaned back. “You WHORE, you CUNT!! You give to me, come for me, please, please…”

Gathering themselves, realizing that neither would surrender, realizing that neither wanted to stop, Reena and Dariah began sawing their clits back and forth, rubbing around and around, working the heads of their clits into one throbbing mass. They howled and shrieked, they cursed and moaned, they snarled and screamed. Cunt juice gushed from their inosculated pussies. But on and on their bodies writhed, hot sweat lubricated their thrusting and grinding, their heavy tits became one and their sweat-soaked, cum-coated bellies rubbed and slid. They kept their hands locked to the other’s ass, pulling each other in tight, neither letting go, both wanting to drill through the other. Slowly, agonizingly, the power left their legs and they sank to their knees. Then they slid their legs past each other, scissor-locked, and were soon asses down on the ground, legs interlocked, pussies sealed and throbbing clits working against each other in a continual writhing, bucking motion. They pulled each other forward and, their clits still stroking and struggling, they locked up in a deep, moaning kiss, tongues twisted and merged, straining. The tongues in their mouths mirrored the far harder, more exquisite tongues that licked and fenced between their twined thighs.

Dariah was only semi-conscious at this point, her mind lost to sexual delirium, the pleasure burning through her body more than she could take. It was a testament to her training that she still managed to keep grinding and thrusting, rubbing and twisting, her hips jerking and her ass flexing, her hands squeezing the other woman’s hard ass and her tits pushing, doing everything that she could too inflict more pleasure on the cat priestess than the other woman could take. But Dariah knew she was fading fast. This was just too, too much. Her body was trembling with orgasmic pleasure, her toes were curled and cramped with tension, and her entire body was rolling and rippling with erotic energy. Her tits seemed swollen to such a size that she was melted to Reena’s equally taut, massive boobs. She was going to come in the most intense, inhuman orgasm of her life in just moments.

Then, suddenly, Reena broke the kiss, her mouth pulling away from Dariah’s in a spray of hot saliva, their tongues licking hard, her cry a groan of despair and rage.

“CUNT, you fucking CUNT!” Reena howled. Dariah pushed hard. Reena had not come yet, but she was just a whisper away, just holding out by the last scraps of her will. Whimpering with erotic need, struggling to hold back her own ecstatic release, Dariah pushed the other woman on to her back, mounting her, making sure that their cunts remained sealed and their clits locked. When she was in position, firmly on top of the cat priestess, the other woman spread underneath her, Dariah pulled back her cunt, sucking apart from Reena’s twat with a hard pop, thick cunt juice streaming out, but their pussies still joined by thick strands of pussy juice. Dariah aligned the head of her clit to Reena’s, and then thrust with all of her strength.

Both beauties howled, shrieked with indescribable pleasure as their clits met and strained, merged, and exploded. Then, gasping with passion, almost sick with need and erotic electricity, Dariah pulled back and did it again. Howling with pleasure, the women slammed their wet cunts together again and again, in absolute ecstasy, struggling to crush or bend each other back. Reena held tight to Dariah’s ass, trying to pull the auburn-haired vixen as deep into her as she could.

The women’s bodies writhed and bucked, their limbs twined and strained, their tits slid and slithered against each other in the hot sweat. Their massive clits, swollen and engorged with power and pleasure met again and again in brutal, ecstatic combat. Dariah struggled to hold Reena down and fuck her foe senseless. But she was overwhelmed with the sensations burning out of her monstrous clit and after several delirious minutes of writhing and rubbing, biting and squeezing, Reena succeeded in rolling herself on top of Dariah. For a few minutes, the women locked their limbs, crushed each other tight, and rolled back and forth on the thick moss, each struggling to gain and hold the dominant position. Their bodies burned with sexual heat, their matching tits crushed tight and vibrated with tension and pleasure, their rock-hard abdominals flattened into one. Between their legs, their massive clits protruded from their soaking cunts, reaching and rubbing, driving both beauties insane with lust. They rubbed pussies, pubic hair grating and tangling. Their bodies burned, their peculiar sensitivity to each other turning every slap of bare skin to bare skin into a sexually overloaded experience. Finally, with a snarl, Reena disentangled herself from Dariah and kicked the other woman away.

Sitting up, their backs braced to the moss-covered logs framing the spot in which they battled, panting furiously, Dariah and Reena regarded each other with raw hunger. Legs spread, they faced each other, their hard, hot clits jutting from their enraged pussies, dripping with cunt juice and throbbing with arousal. Their tits heaved with their pants. The women sat with their pussies in confrontation, letting their lust and their levels of arousal slowly fall back to more manageable levels. But Dariah could feel the heat building and burning in her, the raw need to lock up with this bitch and fuck again, clit to clit, harder and harder, until one woman conquered the other.

Reena smiled grimly, and then gestured with her hand. “Come to me, cunt,” she whispered. “Let’s finish this.”

Dariah smiled back, sheer desire burning in her green eyes, and she began to move on her round ass towards Reena’s glistening body, her eyes fixed on the hot, thick slit of her enemy’s juicy cunt and the red, pulsing clit extending from it. Dariah was crazy with lust. She wanted nothing more than to drive her own rock-hard clit into that of Reena and thrust and rub and grind. Her pussy burned with a ravenous hunger that could only be satisfied by devouring Reena’s cunt.

Reena pushed forward to meet her, and the two beautiful women slid their muscled legs past each other, each shuddering with delight as her skin burned with the sexual charge of the flesh-to-flesh contact. They reached for each other, each grasping the other’s tits and squeezing, fondling, weighing the taut flesh. They played with the other’s nipples, even as they pushed closer, their pussies only centimeters apart, the heat from their engorged clits rippling out in waves of erotic power. Reena whimpered as she massaged Dariah’s breasts, as Dariah stroked and teased her nipples and areola, each woman stimulating the other, each tempting her enemy with the unbearable closeness of their enraged clits. Their eyes were locked, each reading in the other the unbearable pleasure that they hoped to inflict on one another.

Finally, Reena squeezed Dariah’s nipples hard, and then leaned back on her arms, offering her aching cunt and her swollen clit to her enemy. Dariah smiled, then leaned back to present her auburn-furred pussy. Her clit was throbbing, burning with intensity she had never felt before, and she realized, for the first time, what it meant to be a woman of this planet.

The women inched forward and gently touched their massive clits, head to head. Ecstasy like nothing she had every felt flashed through her, smashed through the top of her head, and Dariah blacked out. She came to moments later, her body shuddering with pleasure, Reena’s shrieks of naked pleasure matching her own. The women trembled and shook, they convulsed with sexual joy. At some distant point in her mind, Dariah realized that the longer she stayed in contact with her beautiful rival, the more intense the sexual experience caused by the drug working in their systems.

Sobbing and screaming, Dariah and Reena kept their clits pushed hard together. Then, bracing themselves, their hands sunk into the cushion of moss, they thrust hard with their hips and asses, driving at each other. They howled again as their clits crushed, head to head, and struggled to force each other back. The women shrieked and snarled, they gritted their teeth in agony, they panted and howled like animals, but they still kept up the pressure and slowly, agonizingly, their sweat-slicked bodies shaking with pleasure, their tits quivering with tension, forced each other’s massive clits back until their juicy pussy lips touched and kissed and slowly slid together and sucked. Dariah felt like she was dying from the intensity of the pleasure, from the unbearable sensations torturing her body. But she held on until she and Reena were sealed together, cunt to cunt, their massive clits straining against each other but crushed inside their wet, hot pussies. She squeezed with the power of her cunt and felt Reena squeeze back. The pleasure was too great and, shrieking like banshees, the women fell onto their backs, their massive tits bouncing as they landed. Then, they began to writhe, grinding hard into each other, sucked tight, and trying to push as deep and hard into the other woman as possible. Their burning cunts ate at each other like wild animals locked in mortal combat, their powerful clits quivered and exploded with orgasmic sensations. Their hips rocked and asses thrust as they struggled to force each other to a complete sexual surrender. Slowly, and then harder, they began to rock in a powerful rhythm, grinding and rubbing their clits together in a constant wet friction, forcing so much pleasure on each other that they could only lay on their backs, their tits jolting and jumping with the constant thrusting, and grind each other toward sexual oblivion. All the while, the clearing filled with the sound of taut skin slapping, wet pussies sucking, and the animal snarls and screams of two women fuckfighting to the end.

Dariah fucked harder and with more intensity than she ever had in her life. She reached down and grabbed Reena’s powerful thighs and, anchoring herself, poured on the fuck attack, driving herself into the other woman’s fantastic body. Reena grabbed Dariah’s thighs and, interlocked like clothespins, the two Amazons fucked with all of their strength. Their clits rubbed and fenced, moving back and forth, up and down as they flicked each other, sliding side on side, each movement and measure sending excruciating waves of pleasure rippling through the women until they were ready to go at each other head to head yet again.

The clit war became all. Reena and Dariah whimpered at each other, their muscles shaking with orgasmic pleasure, their bodies wet and slick and moving in a brutal rhythm. Dariah could only see Reena’s beautiful blue eyes over her bouncing tits, glowing with heat and lust, glazed with the incredible ecstasy that was being administered to her perfect body. Dariah knew that her own eyes had the same look. She did not know how much more of this she could take. Yet, the pleasure was indescribable and everything she had ever wanted from the moment she had first begun to alter her body for this mission. She knew now what the sexual power of a priestess of Raddakkar could be, and she could not imagine anything better.

The pleasure built inexorably until Reena and Dariah knew that the end was approaching. Taking a firmer grip on the other’s thigh, aligning their raging clits head to head, they began to throw all the power of their bodies into driving their sexhorns together, smashing together hard, each woman struggling to batter her foe into submission through pleasure and pressure. Each impact sent waves of erotic heat blasting through the women’s joined bodies, filling them to overflowing with raging sensations. Cunt juice sprayed with each delicious thrust. Dariah gritted her teeth, swallowed her sobs of joy, and kept ramming her cunt to Reena’s with all her strength, rejoicing in the raging pleasure of feeling the slick skin of her pussy merging with that of the black-haired woman, feeling their labia fuse and their bodies open to each other, feeling the unbearable strength of the other woman’s swollen sex grinding against hers with electric intensity. She felt like she was in paradise even as her body was tortured with erotic need.

Reena and Dariah fucked passionately, mercilessly, their screams and shrieks merging and combining, riding each other to an orgasmic finish, each determined to fuck to the end. Finally, after what seemed like a hundred hard, delicious, unbearable clit to clit thrusts, Dariah felt Reena’s rock hard clit bend, just slightly. The black-haired beauty’s eyes widened and she thrashed and screamed, driving against Dariah even harder. But Dariah held on and thrust and rubbed again and again, pumping herself into Reena’s attacking body until, suddenly, Reena stiffened like a hard board, her eyes flashed with rage and humiliation and pure ecstasy. With a convulsive howl, she came. Her body jerked with sheer roaring pleasure as the climax took her completely. Hot cum jetted out of her pussy, soaking both women, working its way up into Dariah’s sex-enflamed body. Reena bucked hard, her body straining, her limbs straight and hard, her body trembling in orgasmic bliss, her taut tits wobbling with tension.

As Dariah felt her enemy explode, she let go herself. Her boiling cum shot from her twat, adding to the soaking mess between their bodies, mixing and combining with Reena’s offering, jetting up into Reena’s vaginal canal, sealing the women together in a bond of pure sex. Raw pleasure wracked both women and they clamped their legs around each other, fell onto their backs and began to writhe and buck, grinding into each other, struggling to outfuck each other right to the very end. Their erotic moaning grew to fever intensity as they cried their ecstasy to the surrounding jungle.

Slowly, slowly the pleasure subsided until the two beautiful women were left exhausted, their legs twined and their cunts interlocked. A few moments after the final devastating orgasm, Dariah groaned, pulled herself up and threw herself onto Reena’s body. The women gasped, tits crushing and sending spasms of pleasure through their interlocked bodies. They pressed cheek to cheek, gasping, occasionally kissing and sucking at each other’s tongue and licking at each other. After some time, Dariah pulled her aching body off of the woman below her. She rolled to her side and lay there for some time, panting, struggling to recover her energies. Reena lay struggling for breath, her wet, hot brown body heaving with exhaustion and effort. Dariah paused to watch her enemy’s wobbling tits, and smiled. She had won. That gave her other prerogatives in this culture.

“Reena,” Dariah said softly. The cat priestess turned her head and they locked eyes, understanding passing between them. Reena smiled grimly. Dariah reached out and tangled her hand in the other woman’s thick black hair. She pulled Reena towards her, and the two shared a deep, wet kiss. But only for a moment. Then Dariah pushed the other girl’s head down, and spread her legs.

“It’s time for you to kiss and lick my other mouth, bitch,” she snarled. Without protest, Reena buried her face, her teeth and tongue, between Dariah’s widespread legs and began to suck and nibble, her tongue tracing the inside of Dariah’s labia, licking out the cum, ticking her clit, then sucking it, enfolding Dariah’s hot sex in the velvet softness of her tongue and lips. Dariah leaned back and smiled, enjoying this symbol of her victory, rejoicing as her clit stiffened once more and the heat boiled up and rippled away from her cunt into every cell of her aching body. Some time later, she shrieked in ecstasy, and then collapsed in satisfaction. She was dimly aware of Reena moving up her body, of the other woman’s tongue in her mouth, of licking her own cum and exchanging burning kisses and gentle strokes and squeezes with the cat priestess. Then she collapsed in a deep exhaustion and fell asleep.

When Dariah woke hours later, the morning had turned to late afternoon. She and Reena were still curled together, their limbs twined, their beautiful faces touching. Dariah felt her body burning with sexual fever every place where her bare skin was pressed to Reena’s. She knew she needed to fuck this woman again.

She licked Reena’s face and, slowly, the blue-eyed beauty woke. She smiled when she saw Dariah, her look a combination of bliss and fire. Dariah smiled back, feeling the heat between her legs.

“Have I earned my passage?” she asked, kissing Reena gently on the mouth.

“Yes,” the cat priestess replied. Then, “Almost.” She pulled back, and then cupped her own tit, the right one, and offered it to Dariah. Dariah smiled, and then bent her head. She licked the dark, stiff nipple, then covered it in spit and wrapped her lips around the hard shaft to suck. Soon, she had as much of her mouth around the taut titflesh as she could, sucking hard, biting, and leaving teeth marks. Reena groaned and cried out as Dariah forced her over onto her back and continued her ravaging, her devouring of the other woman’s magnificent tits. Dariah was hungry, her body craved Reena’s milk, Reena’s sex, and she attacked the cat woman’s incredible body ravenously.

With a cry, Reena suddenly rolled Dariah off, then threw herself onto the moon priestess and locked her own teeth and lips around Dariah’s equally gorgeous breasts. Dariah cried out in pleasure, suddenly on the receiving end of the vicious, voluptuous ravaging she had subjected Reena to. She loved it, she rejoiced in the glowing pain and pleasure as Reena feasted on her and her body swelled in lust as she knew how much more she wanted. With a cry, she threw Reena off. The cat priestess rolled and hit her head on one of the giant, moss covered logs that thrust out of the end of the pool.

Dariah advanced on the stunned woman and took advantage of the situation. She pulled Reena up, and then threw her across the log, so that the groove of her spine fit along the log and the round globes of her ass were bisected by the moss-softened word. Then, Dariah pulled the other woman’s legs apart by her ankles, spreading her wide. She looked down into the beautiful cunt beneath her for only a moment. Then, ravenous with hunger and lust, she buried her face, her teeth and tongue, deep into her rival’s burning twat. She reveled in the pungent odor, the delicious softness, the miraculous size and sensitivity of the throbbing red clit. She ate Reena, devouring the other woman, sucking on her clit, eating out her labia, feasting on her as though her cunt were a fragrant flower spread on a banquet table. Reena buried her hands in Dariah’s thick auburn hair and held her in place, as she arched her back and shrieked her pleasure to the jungle. Dariah reached up and sank her fingers into Reena’s bouncing, thrusting tits. She worked the other woman, pulling one aching orgasm after another out of the raven-haired beauty, until Reena begged her to stop. “Enough, oh goddess, please enough!” Reena cried. But both women knew that she really did not want Dariah to stop.

Finally, her face and hair covered with Reena’s juices, her own body on fire with pure lust, Dariah pulled herself up from her rival’s cunt and pulling Reena’s legs apart once again, she lowered her own dripping snatch down onto Reena’s burning twat. Thick wet pussy lips met and squashed, vaginal holes opened to each other and sealed with an unbreakable suction, hard clits met and licked. The women howled together and Dariah remembered how Reena had promised to ride her using her cunt as a saddle. Dariah now did this to Reena, driving hard and deep, her rock hard clit smashing and grinding to Reena’s equally engorged member, sawing and fencing, forcing waves of raw, aching pleasure out of both combatants. The women reached out and squeezed hard at the other’s tits, mauling burning nipples, both women arching their backs to sink their cunts as far and as hard into each other as they could, eating at each other, devouring each other cunt to cunt. The soft, wet furnaces of their raging cunts mixed and melted and fused into one and Dariah found herself shrieking at the top of her lungs, shrieking in concert with Reena, as they detonated in a series of raw, rolling shared orgasms that left them both gushing hot juices all over their thighs and bellies, that sealed their joined pussies in an unbreakable bond, that filled their wet, aching sexes with each other’s fragrant cum. Passing out, Dariah finally fell away from the other woman, flat on her back, the holes of their cunts still joined tight even as they both collapsed into unconsciousness.


Dariah slept fitfully throughout the night. At some point, Reena crawled on top of her and the two women slowly and lazily made love through the entire night, kissing and stroking, playing with each other’s swollen clit, occasionally rubbing clits until they passed out in waves of pure ecstasy. At one point during the night, they settled into a blissful 69, eating and licking and feasting on each other, drinking each other’s hot cum as they devoured each other time and again. When Dariah woke, she was still wrapped in Reena’s body. Carefully, she disentangled herself, and then went to the pool to bathe and drink. Refreshed, she pulled herself out of the water to find the cat priestess watching her.

“Where are you going?” Reena asked.

“My final destination is the kingdom of Mirt,” Dariah responded. “I have pressing business there with the court.”

Reena nodded. “It is still another five days walking before you leave my territory. Would you like me to escort you?”

Dariah’s eyes glowed with lust as she turned her gaze on Reena’s fantastic body. “I think I would like that very much,” she replied, her voice a throaty growl.

Reena smiled. “I can get a targ to carry us there.” Dariah knew that a “targ” was a kind of elephant. “We could walk,” Reena continued, “but this will give us more time to – get acquainted. There is a great deal that one can do on the back of a targ, if you know how. Ways you can use the movement of the beast to…,” she paused and grinned, “…rather interesting effect.”

Dariah smiled again, delighting in the feelings of lust and anticipation already building in her body. She could tell that life on Raddakkar was going to be a truly wonderful experience.

The End