Linda was an attractive and recently divorced young woman of 23. The marriage had lasted less than one year, and although the majority of the blame for this had to be laid firmly at her feet, Linda was nevertheless extremely glad to be free now, and unattached. The final step in her “liberation,” as she thought of it, was taking place today. She was moving to a new apartment complex to start her life over again. The brunette squeezed one last pink balloon out of her gum and then threw it out the car window as she pulled into the parking garage. The movers she had hired would be here in less than 15 minutes with her things, but she wanted to take a look at her new place as it was right now: bare and, after 9 months of marriage, blissfully empty.

Linda might well have been the poster girl for the local top 40 R&B radio station. She was a little less than 5’11” in the plastic platform heels she wore today, with carefully permed dark brown hair, and a pair of gorgeous breasts prominently displayed by a fashionably snug tee-shirt. The brunette’s attractive features, seldom seen without the benefit of scrupulously applied make-up, had alternately been called “vivacious,” “perky,” and “slutty” by people who met her. Linda was intelligent enough to realize that she rubbed some people, especially women, the wrong way, but too self-involved to be particularly concerned about it. The brunette took a great deal of pleasure in dressing the way she did, in fact; she exulted in the power her body had over both men and women. She had even pulled hair with other girls at clubs, on occasion, all in order to claim her rightful place at the top of the female hierarchy as the alpha bitch.

The apartment complex she was moving into was a new development. A lot of people were still moving in; she had already seen a few other moving trucks parked along the street in front of the building. Her apartment was on the second floor; as she climbed up the steps, she could literally feel the bass emanating from her floor. This was all right with her -- she was a party girl, herself. The music grew louder as she walked down the hallway to her room, and she soon realized that it was coming from the apartment right next to hers -- the doorway was open, and from the look of things inside, its occupant had picked the same day to move in as she had. Linda was about to leave and head into her own place when she sensed someone inside the apartment; she turned and was suddenly confronted with one of the sexiest redheads she had ever seen. The girl might have been her twin from the neck down. The redhead was wearing a tight low-cut black top which allowed Linda and everyone else an incredible view of her luscious, milky cleavage, and a brief glimpse of bare midriff. A pair of short denim cut-offs exposed nearly the entire length of the other girl’s achingly long legs. Linda made a mention to herself of the redhead’s strong calves and the overall excellent muscle tone that her legs displayed; she also noticed jealously that the redhead was as tall as she was.

There were only two different reactions Linda ever had to meeting girls who possessed looks that rivaled her own: instant affinity and affection, or more often, extreme and violent loathing. The redhead inspired the second reaction. From the look on the other girl’s face, it was clear that Linda had made a similarly poor impression on the redhead, in turn. The redhead was chewing some bubblegum. “Hi,” she said finally. “I’m Angela.”

“Linda,” the brunette replied reluctantly. “Are you living here?” she said after an awkward silence.

“What does it look like?” Angela said. The redhead’s green eyes were contemptuous; they immediately brought an angry flush to Linda’s face. “Are you living over there?” she indicated Linda’s apartment with a little motion of her head.

“Yes I am,” the brunette shot back. She struggled to hold down the rising irritation she felt. “Could you at least turn down the music?”

The redhead looked irritated. “Is this going to be a problem?”

The two gorgeous women stared at each other for several tense seconds. “I think it will turn out to be,” Linda said finally.

“Fine,” the redhead snapped. The door suddenly, and very firmly, shut in Linda’s face.

The brunette’s first indignant impulse was to immediately begin pounding on the door, but then the music abruptly stopped, and Linda reminded herself that she was starting her new life today, and antagonizing the neighbors wasn’t something she particularly wanted to do. The image of the bountiful redhead remained in her head for the rest of the day, however, and she had a difficult time getting to sleep that night.

The two women met each other several times over the next few weeks, and each side made a few half-hearted overtures of friendship, but it soon became abundantly clear to Linda that she would never be able to stand the sight of the redhead, and she had a feeling Angela felt the same way about her. This mutual suspicion of dislike soon blossomed into a smoldering animosity between the beautiful neighbors.

Angela’s face with its full red lips and fine cheekbones was soon burned into Linda’s imagination. The brunette found herself lying awake at night, fingering herself slowly through her underwear, thinking about her neighbor in the next room. Linda couldn’t remember ever meeting any woman who had had this kind of effect on her, and it angered her. She found herself distracted by the dance music that seemed to be continually playing next door. In a fit of irritation, she moved her stereo system into her bedroom, shoved the speakers up against the wall, and began playing her own music at the oddest times in the middle of the night. Surprisingly, neither woman complained to the landlord about this; it seemed as if the women didn’t want a third party to decide any dispute between them. For her part, Linda had never needed anyone to intercede on her behalf in any argument between herself and another girl, and she was determined not to let the redhead become the first.

In a strange way, Linda felt herself becoming excited by the growing enmity between the two women. The brunette craved competition; she had played several sports in high school and the thrill she received in winning, in destroying a rival, and establishing dominance gave her an almost sexual rush. The few fights that she had been in with other girls had been broken up fairly quickly, but not before Linda recognized the adrenaline surge and terrible excitement that coming together with another woman with her nails outstretched and red lips bared gave her. It was an almost perverse side of her personality, and one which Linda was afraid to indulge in. Even now, as she stroked her mound through the lace of her panties, and dreamed violent thoughts about the redhead lying in the next room, she was afraid and feeling slightly guilty, even as she heard herself moaning softly.

The brunette froze suddenly, her long pink fingernail just underneath the elastic of her wet panties. It was faint, but Linda was certain she had heard...yes, soft moaning from the bedroom next door. Was the redhead with a man? Linda slid her sweaty body over to the wall and placed her ear up against it, concentrating intently. No, it sounded like the redhead was alone.

Linda felt her groin constricting excitedly as a new suspicion entered her mind. Was the redhead also doing what Linda had been doing for the past several weeks? The thought alone pushed the brunette into a tremendous orgasm; her long bare legs twisted on her sweaty sheets, as Linda gritted her teeth to prevent herself from screaming out loud. The rivalry that had developed between the two women suddenly took an even darker turn in the brunette’s mind, as she considered the possibilities.

It was the middle of July and the city was in the grip of a nasty heat wave. This is not to say that, even if it had not been, Linda would have been dressed any differently, though. The long-legged brunette was wearing a pair of black short shorts and matching spike heels that displayed her devastating legs to full effect; a tee-shirt two sizes too small for her hugged the brunette’s womanly chest. Linda had arranged to leave her apartment at the exact time when Angela usually returned home. The women met in the hallway with their customary glare, but then Linda sprang her surprise.

The brunette held her rival’s green-eyed glare with a cruel smile on her lips. With deliberate slowness, Linda brought one pink nail to the crotch of her tight black shorts. Her full red lips then maliciously slid around a little ‘O’ of mock ecstasy, as she watched Angela’s face intently with her dark brown eyes in delicious anticipation of the redhead’s response.

Angela’s first reaction was, predictably, surprise; the redhead’s beautiful green eyes widened slightly and she almost stumbled on the high green heels she was wearing. The brunette’s delight was short-lived, however, because her sexy neighbor recovered almost immediately. The green eyes went from wide-eyed surprise to a look that was almost...predatory. Calculating. Without taking her eyes off of the brunette, Angela smoothly copied her rival’s gesture, sliding one long red nail down between her rounded breasts and stopping at her skirted bush. Without a word, and before the surprised brunette could react, Angela stalked past her on her long legs and slammed closed the door of her apartment.

From that moment on, Linda became completely obsessed with the redhead and Angela similarly seemed to fixate on her gorgeous brunette neighbor. In a very real sense, the meeting in the hallway had been a declaration of a strange, secret, and dirty war between the two women. Linda stopped dating; all of her erotic energy was directed toward the redhead and the confrontation she felt was coming. All of a sudden, her life seemed to melt away and become something surreal. She found it almost impossible to concentrate. Everything around her was muted noise and annoying intrusions on her obsession. All that mattered to her was Angela.

Angela. The brunette fingered herself into an explosive orgasm every single night now, conjuring up the shapely image of the bitchy redhead as she twisted and groaned on the white sheets of her bed. Her manicured red nails were the color of blood in Linda’s dreams, and her long legs had the strength of corded steel. Even more exciting to the brunette was the fact that she could now distinctly hear her rival echoing her sounds of frustrated arousal in the bedroom next door. It became a perverse form of competition between the rivals as they traded groans and gasps and sometimes even animal-like snarls as they masturbated in the darkness of their rooms.

All of this was entirely new and strange to Linda, and every reasonable impulse she had told her that she should stop...that something very terrible was going to happen if she did not. But the frightening chemistry between the two women was too powerful for the brunette to resist, and a feeling of sick excitement drove her forward.

Linda had no idea of what was going to happen between them, or even what, if anything, she was going to do next. It was as if the brunette was waiting for a signal...something to tell her how to escalate the conflict between the two rivals. This signal came one Friday evening.

The laundry room was deserted on this night except for Linda. The brunette’s social life had virtually disappeared since she had moved into the building and met Angela. She had been reduced to this...doing laundry on a Friday night, but this fact registered only dimly in the back of her mind. As she gathered her clothes from the dryer and put them in her basket, however, she saw something that sent a volcanic wave of excitement through her body and almost buckled her legs. With her thumb and forefinger, she gingerly pulled out the unfamiliar black panty from her laundry and closed her fist around it. Slowly, and with a little trepidation, she brought it to her nose, but the underwear seemed like it was freshly laundered. The redhead must have seen Linda coming out of the laundry room and slipped in behind her. A thought suddenly occurred to the brunette, and she furiously tore through her laundry, searching through all of her underwear, and trying to determine if Angela had pilfered one, but it was impossible to remember every pair.

Linda noticed something else in the load that wasn’t hers. A silky black wrap that looked like it was designed to be tied around the waist. The brunette’s hands started to tremble slightly, as an image took shape dimly in her mind. Almost hesitantly, after looking around the empty room nervously, she slid off her sweatpants and pulled on the unfamiliar pair of panties. Linda closed her eyes as she traced the curve of her hip along the lace of the underwear, and trembled. The black wrap came next; she tied it around her waist with a simple knot, hiding the foreign underwear from sight.

As if on cue, Linda heard footsteps behind her, and she spun around. There, in the doorway, stood Angela. The redhead was dressed in a tight t-shirt and athletic slippers which left her red toenails exposed. An identical wrap to Linda’s, but red in color, was tied around the redhead’s waist. Linda was certain she knew what was underneath.

The door closed behind Angela ominously. The rivals stared wordlessly for a minute. Each woman saw the object of her obsession in front of her, and even dressed as plainly as they were, each woman saw a creature of incredible sexuality in front of her. Linda felt a feeling, now familiar, of aroused hatred beginning to consume her as she stalked toward her rival with her hips swaying from side to side slowly, and her own slippers marking each step with a sound that rang forbiddingly in the empty room.

Brown eyes glared into green eyes with laser-like intensity as the two women closed. Shapely hips moving in rhythm, the two neighbors refused to stop until they were literally chest to chest. Linda could feel Angela’s sweet breath on her face as the women pushed their gorgeous boobs together threateningly. The nipples of both women stiffened and began to lengthen underneath their tight tee-shirts, until they could clearly be seen -- and felt -- underneath the fabric.

“Bitch,” Linda whispered hoarsely. “What if someone comes down here and finds us like this?”

Angela answered by drawing her nipple across her rival’s and turning her shoulder to drive her right tit into Linda’s meanly. “You started this, you little slut.” The redhead continued to slap her boobs into Linda’s aggressively. “You shouldn’t start what you can’t finish, pussy.”

The feeling of hard titflesh sliding and grinding together was unlike anything Linda had ever known. From the look of absolute concentration on Angela’s face, however, Linda guessed that the redhead was not terribly experienced at this kind of fighting either. She swiveled her shoulders and drove her own quivering meat into Angela’s waiting globes. “I’ll finish you, tramp,” she rasped.

“How?” Angela demanded, her green eyes sparkling with hatred and lust. “What are you gonna do, bitch?”

“Whatever I need to do,” Linda said firmly. And the brunette suddenly realized that she meant this.

The two rivals continued to push their tits together hotly. Each woman was now perspiring freely, and their tee-shirts soon were plastered to their chests with sweat, emphasizing the size and shape of their dark nipples even more prominently, as the rivals fenced with each other using their angry sex points. The sensation was muted by the intervening fabric, but each woman was still gasping and moaning softly from the contact. A part of this was psychological, at least for Linda; the almost sexual rush she had received from little catfights at clubs was nothing compared to the orgasmic surge this test of womanly prowess was giving her. She would beat this redhead with her femininity and her body; her sexuality would devour her rival and leave the redhead in tears.

Linda suddenly remembered the foreign pair of panties hugging her hips; she could feel her cunt chafing underneath the enemy fabric. “I’m wearing your underwear, bitch,” the brunette whispered. The words felt so dirty escaping her mouth. She licked her lips.

“I’m wearing your dirty underwear, too, slut,” Angela breathed.

The women continued grinding their breasts together wordlessly for a moment. Then, with a slightly trembling hand, Linda grasped the initiative, untying the knot around her waist, and revealing her pantied crotch to her rival.

The other girl hesitated only slightly before untying her own wrap, showing Linda her own crotch, dressed in a pair of Linda’s red underwear. The redhead, whose brazenness had finally forced this confrontation, suddenly seemed as unsure as the brunette.

The girls had not let their wraps fall to the ground, but still held them spread behind them, and now they closed their hands together, forming a silky arena in which their pussies might tangle. Their crotches were hidden from sight, although there was no one around who could possibly see, as if the women were afraid of exposing their most private parts openly. The silk wraps would hide their dirty struggle.

“Bitch,” Linda growled. “My cunt wants its underwear back.” The two crotches were centimeters apart, hot with anticipation and excitement.

“Come over here and take it, if you’re woman enough,” Angela snarled in reply.

With little snarls of hatred, the two rivals brought their pantied crotches together with a loud slap. Linda found herself baring her teeth as she moved her shapely hips furiously and ground her covered cunt obscenely against the redhead’s. Her cunt was electric with arousal and anger, and the snarls from her equally frenzied rival only incited her to grind faster. The brunette swore she could feel Angela’s cunt even through the red panties she was wearing; it was a naked sexual predator. Hot and hairy and viciously trying to get at Linda’s own cunt. The friction of lace against her violently gyrating crotch was almost enough to send Linda into an orgasm by itself, but the brunette resolutely fought down this treacherous urge, and continued to hump her rival murderously.

“Whore,” Linda snarled. “Pull down your panties,” she ordered.

“You pull down yours, bitch,” Angela spat.

The girls glared at each other as they continued to grind. Both women were already thoroughly wet and aroused from the fight. Linda’s vulva felt scratched and raw from the rough grinding, but the brunette hardly felt the discomfort as she stared into her rival’s fierce green eyes.

She screamed in surprise as she suddenly felt Angela move forward with her body and grab a hold of her soft brown hair with one hand, while the nails of her other hand crept behind the elastic of her borrowed underwear. The furious brunette immediately moved to retaliate with her own hands. The redhead’s curly locks were soon firmly in hand, and her hot pink nails secured a hold of Angela’s lace panties.

It was then that the girls heard the door begin to swing open.

Their reaction was born of intense embarrassment and fear, and it was lightning quick. The girls separated with one last spiteful shove of their angry breasts; stumbling backward, they hastily re-fastened their silk wraps around their waists, tying them with unsteady hands.

Linda turned her head worriedly to look at the new arrival, but it didn’t seem like the young man who had just entered noticed anything unusual about the scene, besides the presence of two beautiful women doing laundry together on a Friday night. A set of headphones leaking loud rock music was clamped around his ears, and he was casting surreptitious glances at the two rivals from the cover of the laundry basket he held in his arms. The jerk probably wouldn’t have heard a thing, even if they had been screaming like two angry alley cats, Linda decided. The brunette shot one last white-hot glare of hatred at the redhead, and gifted the young man with an irritated glance, before picking up her basket and stalking out of the laundry room.

When she was safely back in her apartment, Linda locked the door behind her with trembling hands, and stumbled over to her liquor cabinet on legs that felt dangerously weak. The brunette poured herself a glass of wine, spilling a few drops on the white carpet in her haste, and threw it down without pausing. She finished it, gasping for air, and poured herself another glass, more slowly this time, and then collapsed on the sofa with her legs splayed open.

Linda closed her eyes, playing with the stem of the wine glass with one hand absently, while her other hand slipped underneath the silk wrap around her waist. What had happened down there in that laundry room? The brunette stroked her now quiescent cunt through Angela’s black panties. She had been prepared -- even eager -- to bare herself to the redhead. Tipping her glass of wine slightly, Linda watched as a few drops of red wine splashed onto her borrowed underwear, forming an almost invisible stain on the dark panties. She slipped her right hand underneath the elastic band of the panties, and spread herself, lightly running her pink fingernails through her dark fur. Angela was the hottest bitch she had ever run into, but she was the better woman, Linda told herself. The redhead thought she was so dirty, stealing a pair of Linda’s soiled underwear...she would show the bitch how dirty she was willing to get, though.

The wine was having its desired effect. The strangeness of the encounter in the laundry room below was losing its edge; all that remained was the sizzling heat of the other girl’s crotch against hers, and the painful hardness of the redhead’s titflesh pressed challengingly against her breasts. The brunette set down her wine glass and stood up resolutely, although a little unsteadily, all set to demand entrance to Angela’s apartment to finish off the redhead, once and for all.

A high-pitched moan from her bedroom stopped her instantly, however. The redhead was masturbating again...and in Linda’s underwear. The brunette, flushed with revived sex anger, hurriedly entered her bedroom and kicked off her slippers. The wall separating the rivals was soon shaking with bass, as Linda turned on her stereo. It probably wouldn’t completely mask the squeals and cries she would soon be making, but if any of the neighbors were around to hear, Linda realized in a surprising moment of clarity, they would probably just assume she was with a man, anyway. The relentless bass from the music served to drive her masturbation, however. Faster. The brunette imagined she was thrusting her burning cunt into the screaming redhead. Harder. She tightened the muscles in her cunt as her long legs tensed, wrapping around the gorgeous legs she imagined were tangled with hers on the smooth white sheets.

“Cunt!!!” she suddenly screamed recklessly, and even through the fog of the alcohol in her system, Linda felt her face flush with embarrassment at the thought of one of her neighbors catching that. This thought was instantly swept away, however, on a tide of white-hot hatred, when she heard an answering scream of “Whore!!!” tear through the wall.

“Bitch...bitch...BITCH!!” Linda growled into her pillow. The brunette had turned over onto her stomach, now; her abdomen was pressed flat against the bed, and her tight ass in Angela’s black underwear was moving up and down rhythmically to the bass pumping from her speakers, as if she were a man fucking a woman.

“I’m gonna fuck you, Angela,” Linda swore. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard...”

The wine she had consumed, and the animal-like rage she could feel burning in her stomach held it off for a time, but eventually, the beautiful brunette’s growls softened to pained cries of pleasure that came faster and faster, until she buried her head in her pillow and screamed her titanic orgasm.

The orgasm was unlike any the brunette had ever known. It ripped through her body with a frightening violence; her legs twisted spasmodically on the sweaty sheets, and she felt tears dripping down her flushed cheeks, as her cunt exploded, saturating the enemy underwear with its sweet fluids in an awesome display of feminine carnality. When it was finally over, Linda collapsed to the sheets exhaustedly, and lost consciousness with a soft whimper.

The brunette awakened with a light headache, and a dim recollection of the violently sexual dreams she had suffered in her sleep. The events of last night were still fresh in her mind, however. Linda felt the lace of the foreign underwear hugging her hips, now stained with wine and her come. The events of Friday night had been burned into her mind, in fact; she wasn’t sure whether she was grateful for that, or not.

The stereo was still playing its industrial dance music from last night; she walked over and turned it off. Linda slid Angela’s soiled panties off and left them on the floor, while she dressed to leave and get some breakfast. The brunette realized she had to see someone else’s face quickly. The obsession she felt with Angela was still with her, and stronger than ever. The redhead’s panties felt like they were alive on the floor; she stepped on them with her heel. The intensity of the encounter with Angela had frightened her, Linda admitted to herself, and this realization brought a blush of anger to her beautiful face. There was no chance of forgetting last night’s fight, not if she wanted to remain in the apartment complex right next to Angela. And she was determined not to let the redheaded bitch drive her off.

The phone rang suddenly, and Linda froze. The fierce determination she had felt just a moment earlier suddenly wavered, and she felt beset with fear again. She let the phone ring, and then the answering machine clicked on.

“Hello?” Linda recognized the redhead’s voice instantly with a flash of hatred. “Are you there, pussy?” Angela whispered. “Pick up,” the redhead demanded. Linda didn’t move. The line was silent for several seconds except for the sound of the other girl’s ragged breathing.

Finally, the redhead spoke again. “I’m gonna be the one that fucks YOU, you little whore,” she said with a hiss. More silence. “I hope you had a nice time last night fantasizing about fucking my hot body, because you’re NEVER gonna be able to do that when our cunts meet for real...” The line went silent again, with Linda straining to pick up her rival’s heavy breathing, and then the answering machine clicked off.

Linda stood with her foot still on the black panties, scarcely breathing. The brunette felt overcome with anger and painful desire. She curled her pink toenails around the underwear underneath her foot and swore. Up until now, the redhead had been the one to take the initiative in their rivalry, but that was about to change.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard, bitch,” the brunette said, repeating her words of last night. And suddenly, she knew how she wanted to do it, as well.

Ten minutes later, Linda was downstairs with a newly wrapped package in hand. She left the package with the manager, and then ran out the door to make her preparations for the night’s festivities.

When Linda returned to the apartment complex later in the afternoon, the package she was expecting was waiting for her in the manager’s office. She ignored the quizzical look the manager gave her, and flew up the stairs to her room, where she tore it open with a racing heartbeat.

The brunette’s panties were inside, along with a crumpled note. Linda brought the underwear up to her nose and inhaled hesitantly; she could still smell the redhead on them. She licked her lips and worked the moisture back into her suddenly dry mouth. Linda slid her wet tongue through her lips nervously, and quickly touched it against the front of the underwear, right where Angela’s crotch would have been, before pulling it back into her mouth hurriedly. She swallowed; it was all right to be nervous. The redheaded slut next door probably didn’t have any more experience at this kind of thing than she did. In the end, the better woman would win, she told herself.

The brunette smoothed out the crumpled note. The words had been scrawled with a large black marker, and written boldly, but definitely by a hand that looked like it was shaking slightly, Linda assured herself. She slid off her jeans and tightened her cunt muscles, as she slithered on the stained underwear onto her crotch, closing her eyes tightly. The panties had long since dried, but she still imagined Angela’s wetness pervading them, lying uneasily against her cunt. Tonight, when the two rivals met again, she would really feel the redhead’s dampness against her crotch as they engaged in their...pussy fight. Yes; the words had a nice resonance to them. Maybe she would whisper them tonight into her rival’s ear when she fulfilled her promise to the redhead.

Linda pulled out the new bra she had just bought for her meeting with Angela. It was a simple red Lycra bikini top, but a few sizes too small; her creamy globes spilled out over the top of the cups when she fastened it on. The brunette looked at herself in a wall mirror approvingly; the red bra made her breasts look even larger than they already were which was large enough to intimidate most women. Linda massaged her boobs, already anticipating the fight she would have tonight with the redhead’s equally large chest.

The brunette sat down on the edge of the bed, pulling on a pair of matching red stockings. The lace top of the nylons ended in the middle of her smooth thighs. She exercised her strong leg muscles by bicycling her long legs in the air for a moment, imagining the red nylon rubbing against the black stockings Angela would be wearing. The image was enough to set her excited cunt twitching, and she patted it lightly. Her cunt would get its fill of its counterpart tonight.

Standing up, Linda made her way over to her closet, where she stepped into a pair of shiny red spikes, and pulled on a slick jacket of the same color. The jacket was thankfully long enough to cover the lacy tops of her stockings. Linda belted it, and then moved to the living room where she poured herself another glass of wine, and sat down on the sofa, crossing her long legs and feeling her body temperature rise, as she stared at the clock and waited for the showdown with Angela.

The subway station was relatively deserted on this Saturday night. Linda ignored several of the scruffier characters who were giving her lecherous looks. The can of mace sitting in her purse provided slight reassurance, but the brunette was really only focused on one thing tonight, and that was the coming conflict with her redheaded rival. She took a deep breath as the subway train pulled into the station, and stepped inside.

It was a little awkward making her way on board the moving train in her high stilettos. Licking her lips nervously, Linda surveyed the compartment she was in, but the redhead was not in sight. Relaxing slightly, the brunette unbelted her coat, keeping it closed with her right hand, and made her way toward the back of the train.

Linda’s dark brown eyes swiftly searched each compartment on entry. There weren’t many people riding the subway this night, but she did see several women showing a lot of skin who looked like hookers to her. Their hostile glares and pale flesh only quickened her pulse further, and heightened the erotic energy she already felt burning up her body.

There. In this compartment, near the back, Linda spotted the redhead, sitting with her long legs crossed, and the lace tops of her black stockings just barely visible underneath the leather of her jacket. There were a few other women sitting near the front of the compartment, but none of them spared her a glance, as she stalked toward her glaring rival.

Angela stared at her dangerously with her intense green eyes. The redhead had also unbelted her jacket, and now, as the tall brunette loomed over her seated rival, Angela opened it, giving her rival a brief glimpse of her large breasts in their black lycra cups, and her steamy lace-covered cunt, before closing her jacket with a sultry glare and belting it again. The redhead then uncrossed her shapely legs and recrossed them in front of her rival conspicuously, as she waited for Linda’s response.

The brunette let her jacket fall open just as her rival had done, and even squeezed her firm breasts together in front of Angela’s narrowed eyes. Instead of belting it again immediately, however, Linda leaned down in front of her rival’s gorgeous face and, feeling the redhead’s hot breath on her face, softly pressed her newly lipsticked lips down onto Angela’s stiff lips.

Angela sat very still as Linda’s glossy lips brushed hers, but then her lips seemed to melt, and the brunette felt her rival’s tongue sliding against her lips wetly. It was cold and sloppy, and when Linda pulled her mouth away from her rival’s, the redhead’s glare grew even colder. Holding Angela’s green-eyed stare with a steady glower, the brunette withdrew to the seat right across from her, closing her jacket again, and firmly belting it.
As it happened, there was a metal pole right in front of Linda’s seat, which presented her with another opportunity to further increase the already explosive sexual tension between the rivals. Without once taking her eyes off of the unsmiling redhead, Linda reached out and gripped the pole with both hands; positioning her stockinged legs around the pole deliberately, Linda licked her lips significantly, and then started to thrust her crotch against the metal shaft slowly. In and out; her red nylons slid against the cold metal, as her red lips moved soundlessly.

The redhead uncrossed her legs angrily, her long legs almost seeming to take a swing at her rival, as high as she swung them. In moments, the other girl was riding the pole in front of her seat exactly as Linda was doing. The movements of both girls were extremely slow, almost invisible to anyone just passing by on the train, but they seemed painfully exaggerated to the rivals, and full of threat.

The train was nearing the downtown area, now, and more people were starting to enter the compartment. Too many to risk continuing their leggy display. Linda finally slid away from the pole, and crossed her legs, smoothing her jacket down around her thighs, as she saw Angela doing the same.

The note the brunette had left for her rival had only told her to meet her here on this subway train; it didn’t mention the final destination. Linda was therefore in complete control of the situation; this was part of the reason for the redhead’s dark scowl across from her. The brunette allowed a small smile to cross her lips, while her rival prominently tapped her long red nails on her leather-covered lap.

The train screeched to a stop. A lot of the passengers started to get up and leave. Linda uncrossed her legs and also stood, leaning over to her rival and, placing her lips right next to her rival’s ear, whispered the first words of the night.

“Follow me, bitch,” said the brunette.

And with that, Linda hastily straightened, and without looking back, began to shoulder her way through the press of bodies exiting the train. She heard the redhead give a sharp cry of surprise and outrage, and then she was outside and heading up the stairway into the night air of the city’s downtown area.

The city was alive with the sounds of cars honking and street musicians plying their trade, but Linda was still able to hear the angry redhead’s black spikes striking the sidewalk pavement behind her. The tunnel vision from which she had suffered these last several weeks returned with a vengeance; the black spikes rang like a hammer on an anvil as they fought to keep up with the brunette, and the other people on the streets seemed to melt around her.

She somehow made her way to the hotel where she had placed a reservation earlier that day without looking back at the enraged girl following her. The brunette slammed through the rotating doors out in front, and reaching into one of the pockets in her jacket, pulled out a piece of paper on which she had scribbled the room number. Slapping it onto the front desk along with a five dollar bill, she turned her head, pointed at the redhead just now entering the building, and told the startled attendant to give her the note, before spinning on her heel and hurrying toward the elevators. The ride up was torturous and delicious at the same time. The brunette squeezed her legs together excitedly, as she tried to control her ragged breathing, and gain control of herself for the long struggle with Angela that lay just minutes before her.

With a trembling hand, the brunette unlocked the door of their room, and switched on the light. It was exactly as she had left it. The curtains overlooking the plaza below were drawn tight; a little bucket filled with ice and holding two bottles of chilled wine was sitting at the foot of a queen-sized circular bed which had been moved to the center of the room; the bed’s surface had been swept clear of everything but the clean white bed sheet, and the pillows arranged around the perimeter of the bed in two separate groups -- one red, the other black -- facing each other.

The red pillows faced the doorway. Angela hurriedly shed her leather jacket, and dressed now in only her too-small bra, stained panties, nylons, and shiny red heels, crawled onto the bed. She reclined against the pillows, spreading her long legs wide on the bed, digging the spikes of her heels into the bed sheet. Her long pink nails she placed on either side of her pantied crotch, stroking it lightly through the lace. With a final defiant toss of her dark brown hair, Linda assumed a sultry glare, and waited for her rival.

The brunette didn’t have to wait long. The door suddenly swung open, and the angry redhead swept into the room imperiously. Angela’s green eyes sparked at the sight of her lingerie-clad rival resting against the red pillows, calmly stroking her cunt, glaring at the redhead. Angela backed into the door, closing it securely and slowly turned the deadbolt. There was an ominous silence and then “CLICK.” A black jacket was soon lying on the carpet next to Linda’s, as Angela crawled onto the sheets to join her dark-haired neighbor, assuming an identical position across from her on the bed.

With their incredibly long legs, the polished heels on the feet of Linda and Angela were almost touching, even as the two rivals reclined against their pillows, with their knees slightly bent. The brunette and redhead stared steadily at each other, wordlessly stroking her respective cunt through stained underwear. The fight both women had hungered for was finally here. The unfamiliar eroticism which had consumed their lives would find explosive release here on this bed tonight, and the rivalry between these beautiful women would at last be consummated.

Linda was the first to break the silence. “I rented this suite for three days, bitch,” the brunette said softly. “We aren’t going anywhere.”

“I’ll have you screaming and coming like the whore that you are before this night is over,” Angela promised her rival.

Linda snarled as she continued to stroke her cunt, sliding forward on her ass almost imperceptibly. The redhead noticed, however, and moved forward to meet her. Red heels slid past black on the bed, and the girls shivered from the first trembling contact of their bodies, as their nylon-covered ankles rubbed against each other.

“There’s no way a weak bitch like you will ever get me off,” Linda assured the redhead. “I only come when I want to, pussy.”

“I’ll fuck you dry, slut,” Angela swore. “My cunt is going to use up your little dark pussy.” The redhead quickly pulled down the front of her panties to give her rival a glimpse of her thick auburn fur.

“Fuck your weak cunt, bitch,” Linda growled, flashing her rival a glimpse of her own jungle of dark pubic hair. The brunette had felt her cunt seem to react angrily when Angela exposed her sex, tightening painfully with the erotic anticipation of sexual combat.

The girls’ long legs were now firmly entangled. Linda slid her right leg underneath her rival’s left, and Angela slid her right leg beneath the brunette’s left leg, as well. The lacy tops of their stockings were virtually on top of one another; Linda could feel the heat from Angela’s bare thigh on her naked skin. The girls rubbed their nylons together roughly for over a minute, the friction between their long legs generating a dry heat that balanced the wetness in their loins.

“Are you ready to pussy fight with me, whore?” Linda asked her rival.

“My hairy cunt is ready whenever yours is, pussy,” Angela replied.

The brunette’s cunt was twitching wildly in its fervor to meet its auburn rival. Linda felt an animal-like snarl escape her throat, and was dimly aware of a corresponding cry from her rival, as her scream of “Fight me, bitch!!!” tore through the air, and the cunt fight was finally joined.

The first few minutes after the two beautiful rivals finally locked their long legs together to begin their erotic war were wild, frenzied, and unimaginably sexy. As sexually experienced as both women were, neither Linda nor Angela was prepared for the incredible carnal thrill of a hot pussy fight with a hated rival. Piercing squeals and strangled screams filled the hotel room even before the stained underwear protecting the women’s crotches were ripped apart by sharp painted nails, and the two wild vixens slammed their steamy snatches together in dirty conflict. Linda felt her slender legs, planted firmly on the bed to provide her with leverage against the redhead, already beginning to cramp from tension; every muscle in her body was alive and screaming for a chance to contend with the redhead’s hot body. Their brief skirmish inside the laundry room last night had been nothing compared to this. The knowledge that she was all alone inside a locked room with this girl she had obsessed on for months, and would stay that way, locked with her in heated erotic conflict until the alpha bitch emerged victorious, was exhilarating, and almost enough to push the brunette over the edge.

“Fight me, bitch!” Linda growled at the redhead again. “Fight me with that slutty body, whore!”

“I’ll fight you, cunt,” Angela snarled in reply. “I’ll give you all you want tonight!”

The girls were locked scissor-style in the center of the bed, and humping each other with frenzied growls of hatred. Their nylon-covered legs, tightly entwined and hopelessly tangled now, slid back and forth against one another maddeningly, as the girls punched at each other’s cunts with their sex meat relentlessly. Linda leaned backward, thrusting her globes of titflesh toward the ceiling, and planted her hands on top of the red pillows behind her. The next time the brunette’s tight ass skimmed the sweaty white sheets of the bed, she pushed off with her arms and literally launched her excited cunt into her rival’s waiting crotch with a wild scream of inarticulate fury.

The brunette was rewarded with a sharp hiss of inhaled breath from Angela. The redhead closed her eyes, a pained expression of rapture on her beautiful face, but her hips continued to move against Linda’s, and soon the rivals’ cunts were trembling mere inches off of the sheets, in a motionless stalemate.

Angela grunted as she tried to push herself forward, meeting resistance from the brunette’s hot cunt; ass muscles trembled with effort as they lent their support to their locked pussies. Linda’s sculpted body struggled sexily to force the redhead’s ass to the sheets, but she was similarly denied by her rival’s straining body. The screams and high-pitched shrieks that had marked the beginning of their sexfight had now been replaced by low guttural grunts, as the women struggled primitively with their sexual organs in this dirty contest of femininity. It was a contrast of light and dark as the two rival cunts trembled against one another; Linda growled as her dark pussy fur tangled with Angela’s auburn bush, the two girls swiveling their hips minutely, causing their pubic hair to scratch against sensitive vulva painfully.

Several tense minutes passed in this position. Neither woman was willing to cede one centimeter to her rival in this struggle. The deliberate and cautious gyrations of the twitching cunts against one another continued, bringing the body temperatures of the struggling neighbors to a slow boil. Small droplets of perspiration had formed on the foreheads of both straining women; Linda watched as one particularly intrepid bead slithered its way down Angela’s cheek and between her lycra-covered breasts. Still, the cunt war went on, steaming crotches pressed tightly together in a filthy clinch of aroused womanhood, leg muscles clamped firmly around their counterparts.

The gasps from the locked rivals were unmistakable, as each woman felt her cunt opening to her hated rival. Linda clenched her teeth tight and hissed as she sensed the presence of the redhead’s searching clit inside her pussy, pushing its way through the soft folds of her moist labia. The brunette closed her eyes as she felt her own sex emerging to confront its rival; lengthening, hardening with an arousal so powerful that it almost managed to obscure the panic that Linda suddenly felt threatening to swallow her. It was one thing to tell herself that she had the stronger cunt while she masturbated by herself in the safety of her darkened bedroom. It was an entirely different matter to retain her self-confidence and womanly composure, however, in the face of Angela’s leggy embrace and the sexy intruder making its way inside her wet cunt.

“I feel your dirty clit inside me, bitch” the brunette hissed at her rival.

“I feel yours too, tramp,” Angela growled.

The two rivals breathed raggedly through clenched teeth as they explored one another’s overheated snatches. Each time their little clits made momentary contact, the girls would hiss sharply from the treacherous stimulation, and withdraw with hot glares for each other. It took just a few of these torturous feints to have Linda’s clit feeling impossibly erect inside her cunt, and unbelievably hard. The sex organ was twitching wildly with desire, and Linda knew that she couldn’t deny it much longer.

“C’mon, slut,” she pleaded, her stiff clitoris moving inside the minefield of sensation that was the redhead’s cunt. “Let me feel your stiff little clit.”

“You want to go clit to clit, bitch?” Angela demanded. A low moan escaped her lips as Linda slashed in with her clit, before withdrawing again. The redhead’s green eyes were blazing as she held Linda’s dark glare defiantly. The pussy movements of the rivals began to slow down, and their moans grew longer and more tortured, as the brunette and the redhead tried to brace themselves for the orgasmic clash of their sex organs.
“Fuck me, bitch,” Angela whispered.

The girls screamed. The first terrifying contact of clit directly on clit was enough to send both Linda and Angela into an explosive, shrieking orgasm. Neither girl had ever had a sexual experience with another female before, and the hot, angry contact between their painfully erect clitorises was too much for them to contain on top of all the suppressed eroticism of the previous months. It might have been different if Angela had been her first female lover instead of her first sexual rival, and the contact between their clits soft and caressing, but as it was, the redhead’s snatch was vicious, her stiff clit slashing against the brunette’s sex spitefully. Even in the throes of her orgasm, however, Linda matched her rival stroke for stroke, pulling the redhead over the edge of reason to join her in screaming orgasms. The women’s entwined legs jerked spasmodically, but as tightly as they were locked, neither pair of limbs could find the release they needed. Linda felt her leg muscles twitch painfully, and her screams of ecstatic pleasure were strangled by the pain of the muscle cramps spiking through her long legs.

The women sobbed desperately as they came together again and again for the next several minutes, scratching long ugly runs in each other’s nylon stockings in their sex frenzy, and slapping at the bare expanse of flesh above, as they managed to exhaust even their prodigious snatches. Entirely spent, the two rivals collapsed against the sweaty sheets, with their long legs draped across each other’s depleted body, and drifted off to an exhausted sleep together.

As she lay completely spent on the bed, and struggling to fight her way to consciousness, the brunette was suddenly aware that something had changed; the pressure against her body had been lifted. Linda struggled to lift her heavy eyelids and return to wakefulness. The sight the brunette glimpsed through her half-opened eyes startled her fully awake. Angela was on her knees and looking down on her brunette rival through her soaking wet curls. The redhead’s green eyes were bright with hatred, but her breathing seemed shallow and labored. The realization that the other girl had recovered more quickly from their cunt fight reddened her face with dismay, but then she realized Angela must have only gotten up a few moments before she did, and the redhead looked like she was still entirely spent.

The sex fight had only just begun. The rivals were almost perfectly matched in every important aspect. Their physical dimensions, strength, passion, and beauty were nearly all equivalent, Linda admitted grudgingly. All that was left has hatred. “I will fight you for as long as it takes, whore,” Linda hissed softly in the redhead’s ear, intercepting her rival’s hands with her own after they had plunged in slow-motion toward the brunette’s heaving chest. The girls were rolling slowly around the entire circumference of the bed, their hands held tight, and their long legs in their ruined nylons entwined sensuously.

Neither woman had the strength to scream or even growl, now. Instead, they lightly pressed their red lips into the other’s ear, and whispered obscenities and dirty threats as they continued their slow turn around the mattress.

“Fuckin’ whore,” Angela whispered. “How does my come feel inside your dirty cunt?”

“It feels nice and sweet, bitch,” the brunette replied softly. “I want more.”

“You first, tramp,” Angela said. The redhead sneered nastily. “Or are you already dry?”

“I’ll fuck you dry long before I stop coming,” Linda promised her rival.

“Never,” the other girl said.

As weak as the rivals felt, neither girl was able to manage much without the cooperation of the other. The obscenities and threats the girls had been giving each other soon turned into whispered taunts and challenges.

“Slide your thigh up against my cunt, bitch,” Angela demanded. The redhead groaned softly into Linda’s ear, as the brunette slid the warm flesh of her bare right thigh against her rival’s crotch delicately. “Feel how hot I am?”

Linda slipped her tongue around the outside of the redhead’s ear, eliciting another shiver. “I’ve taken all you can give, slut, and I’m still here.”

“So am I, bitch,” Angela hissed.

“Cunt,” the brunette whispered. “I want to pull hair with you, red.”

Angela groaned again as the brunette briefly engaged her crotch with her dark snatch, tangling their pubic fur together momentarily, before resuming her work on Angela’s cunt with her smooth thigh. “Bitch, I want to feel your tits pressed tight against mine.”

“They’ll crush your weak tits, whore,” Linda warned.

The rivals continued to slowly roll together, locked in each other’s arms, groaning softly and feeling their exhausted cunts beginning to stir again. With her dark eyes intent on the redhead’s green-eyed glare, the brunette gradually released her painful grip on her rival’s hands, and slid her nails along the other girl’s sweaty back, reaching for the clasp of the redhead’s brassiere. Wincing from the feel of Angela’s sharp claws against her own backside, Linda unfastened the brassiere, hissing into the redhead’s ear and crushing her flat stomach against her rival’s smooth belly. In a few moments, the women’s large creamy breasts were spilling free of their Lycra garments.

Linda hissed as she felt the redhead’s hands pulling at her dark hair; her own pink nails were soon tangled in her rival’s brilliant red curls, jerking Angela’s head slowly from side to side. The women’s movements were agonizingly slow; the entire scene on the mattress looked as if it might have been shot underwater. Even their expressions seemed slow to change, the rivals’ beautiful faces almost motionless masks of desire and hatred, animated only by periodic growls of pain. Muscled thighs slid against rival crotches, and the women snuggled their gorgeous breasts together, shivering as their heated breast flesh made angry contact.

“Your tits are shit, bitch,” Angela whispered into her rival’s ear. The redhead was on her rival now, and grinding her hard globes into the groaning girl beneath her.

“They’re hot enough to smash your soft tits, tramp,” Linda said. The smooth muscles in the brunette’s flat stomach flexed suddenly, as she smashed her powerful chest into her enemy’s breasts with a little growl.

The girls traded grunts as each woman struggled to control the sexy crush of abundant titflesh between them. Using her grip on Angela’s wet curls as a rein of sorts, the brunette guided her swearing rival off of her, wrestling the big redhead to the mattress, where the rivals lay side by side, their heaving breasts still pressed tightly together. Each ragged breath forced their tits even tighter together, stiff nipples bowing painfully against unyielding breast flesh. The girls had long ago lost their heels in the struggle; the shoes lay discarded on the floor around the bed, leaving the women dressed in only their tattered nylons, soaked with sweat and their rival’s womanly fluids. The smell of aroused womanhood inside the room was overpowering. The women breathed it in deeply, as they pulled hair spitefully, and smashed their hot breasts together on the mattress, trapped in each other’s merciless grip.

The redhead was so hot and angry against her body. Angela was an intoxicating blend of soft femininity and vicious bestiality in her arms, growling softly as the women slid their warm thighs together, and hissing with hatred as the girls tit-fought with the single-mindedness of animals in heat.

“Yeeessss, bitch,” the brunette gasped, pulling on the other girl’s hair, and goading the redhead on. “I want it all! Everything your slutty body can give me.”

“I will give you everything you can handle, and more, whore,” Angela swore.

The tit crush was murderously tight, airless, suffocating. In the middle of all of this hotly contending breast flesh, however, the extended nipples of the rivals managed to find each other. Linda hissed through her painfully clenched teeth, as her dark brown nipples twisted against the redhead’s pink sex prongs in a sizzling showdown. It took almost all of her depleted strength to fight off the temptation to yield to the wickedly sensual flesh drawing across her long nipples, but the brunette managed to respond with a slow grind of her own, dragging her dark sex points over their lighter counterparts in slow, torturous circles. Salty tears started to pour down each girl’s soft cheeks from the incredible sensations of pain and pleasure their touching nipples were giving them, but neither girl allowed herself the weakness of crying openly in front of her rival.

As their breasts made war above the waist, Linda felt her cunt slowly awaken. Apparently, Angela’s cunt was experiencing a similar recovery, because the brunette soon felt the press of the redhead’s auburn bush against her crotch again. The girls started a slow grind, opening themselves to one another, spreading their strong thighs wide, and inviting the rival crotch inside for a second battle. Linda finally let a sob escape her lips as her sensitive clitoris tangled with her rival’s sex again, the girls easily finding each other inside the steamy confines of their joined crotches this time.

The rivals managed to hold off their orgasms for a full ten minutes this time. Freely weeping in each other’s arms, the girls filled one another up with their warm come, their gorgeous breasts trembling against one another as their bodies were lost to a long, lingering orgasm. The girls rolled over and over on the mattress, long limbs clasped desperately together in a sexy embrace, weathering the aftermath of the mutual orgasm. When it was all over, the two rivals lay near the edge of the bed, still tightly locked, and completely drained again. Sleep came to both girls a few minutes later.

Linda’s eyelids fluttered open, blinking against the harsh lighting. The brunette took a deep breath to calm herself; the rivals must have slept in each other’s arms for hours totally exhausted. The redhead, feeling her rival stirring against her prone form, was groggily trying to regain consciousness, as well. The dark-haired girl was the first to fight her way onto her knees, however. She could feel the redhead’s body tensing underneath her, but instead of resuming her war with Angela immediately, the brunette rolled away from her rival and lay with her legs draped over the side of the bed, breathing raggedly. She stripped the remains of her tattered nylon stockings from her legs, peeling them off of her sweaty limbs.

Linda felt incredibly dirty. She was covered in dried perspiration, both hers and Angela’s, and her crotch still felt sticky with the come the women had exchanged. She glimpsed her torn underwear lying a few feet away next to Angela’s discarded panties, suddenly aware of how abraded and exhausted her cunt felt. Still, despite all of this, Linda wanted more of the redhead. She wanted to hurt the redhead with her sex. She wanted to completely dominate her rival on this bed. She needed to own the bitch.

The bottle of chilled wine felt incredibly welcome against her flaming skin, as she hugged it tightly between her pendulous breasts. The ice inside the bucket had long since melted, leaving the bottle dripping wet. Linda let the water drip between her breasts, past her flat stomach, to splash against her tangled cunt fur. There was a corkscrew lying next to the ice bucket, which Linda used to open the bottle, handing it to the sullen redhead watching her a few feet away, knees tucked away underneath her. Then, the brunette uncorked the other bottle of wine, and sat with the open bottle between her legs, regarding her rival.

Angela looked as disheveled as the brunette felt. The redhead’s bright curls, normally vibrant and bouncy, lay in flat wet rings on top of her head. Angela’s beautiful face was wild with hatred, her green eyes burning into her rival’s with a terrible lust, soft cheeks streaked with makeup that their battle had put into disarray. Wordlessly, the women drank deeply from their bottles, wiping their lipsticked mouths with their hands when they were done, crawling forward on their knees to meet in the center of the bed, wine bottles still resting in their hands.

The rivals came to a halt a few inches away from each other’s naked body, breathing heavily. Their equally matched breasts moved up and down in rhythm, long nipples lengthening and stiffening already. Tilting her bottle up, Linda filled her mouth with the cold wine. The brunette let a few drops drip off of her red lips and onto her cleavage, but she held the rest inside her mouth, staring intently into Angela’s dangerous green eyes.

The redhead hissed at her rival, and swiftly filled her own mouth with wine from her own bottle, letting a few drops dribble down her naked torso just as her rival had done. The rivals’ eyes were electric as they inched forward on their knees, letting the wine bottles slip from their hands to spill out onto the bed needlessly, soaking the now filthy sheets. Full, lipsticked lips met viciously in the center of the bed, as the brunette and the redhead kissed, squeezing each other’s cheeks together roughly with their hands. The pressure from their hands forced the liquid inside their mouths to flood outward with explosive force. A little part of the wine escaped their fused mouths, dribbling down between the women’s tightly locked lips and onto the bed, but the rest the women swallowed thirstily, sucking the liquid from each other’s mouth fiercely. Wet tongues met inside the sea of liquid inside their mouths and tangled moistly, slipping around and around each other, while glossy lips brushed against each other roughly. The wine felt cool sliding down the women’s throats, but it seemed to catch fire as soon as it reached their empty stomachs.

The kiss went on for minutes, all yielding softness and wet flesh, and when it ended, the women were gasping for breath, and intoxicated with desire. The wine she had so hastily consumed was beginning to make Linda’s head spin dizzily, and she threw her body on top of the redhead’s form to keep herself from falling. Her face was suddenly pressed against Angela’s wet curls. She inhaled the redhead’s aroma drunkenly, her crotch sliding against the other girl’s cunt as she fumbled for the sex anger she needed to beat Angela.

Afterwards, neither girl could remember clearly the events which took place after their sloppy kiss. The women were almost delirious from lust and alcohol, humping each other relentlessly with their steaming cunts, tearing at sweat-soaked hair, growling with hatred, and drunk on their sex war. The girls collapsed in each other’s arms after terrible devastating orgasms, only to awaken hours later to continue their fuck war on the bed, now completely ruined by wine stains, sweat, and prodigious amounts of female come.

It was purely a contest of sexual stamina, now. Each girl had only her hatred for the other to drive her on. The tears flowed freely near the end, as each girl neared the limits of her incredible sexual endurance. Finally, after the women had long since lost track of the hours or days they had been trapped inside this room with one another, the girls were lying side by side on the ruined bed sheet. Their long legs were tangled together in sheer exhaustion, as the brunette and the redhead bit at each other’s lips, whispering almost unintelligibly into each other’s ears.

“You’re finished, bitch,” Angela said softly. “I can barely feel your cunt against mine.”

“I’m inside you, whore,” Linda managed to hiss into her rival’s ear. “I don’t think you have anything left.”

“I have enough to finish you, you dirty bitch,” Angela growled, her words trailing off as she was forced to give her entire attention to the brunette’s last fuck assault.

The girls groaned with one voice as Linda’s pussy clamped around Angela’s cunt, and the brunette’s clitoris invaded the rival snatch. With strength born of desperation, the girls tightened their long legs around one another, the muscles leaping and flexing in one last rush of adrenaline. Clit met clit head on for this, the last time, and Angela screamed, her bright red nails flashing in the dim light of the room, both of her hands opening and closing helplessly as her dark-haired rival pushed her over the edge. Linda sobbed her exhaustion and relief, as she wrestled with Angela’s climax, finally forcing the screaming Angela flat onto the dirty mattress for her final, triumphant fuck. The sex war was over, and she had won…for now.

To Be Continued