Any resemblance to persons living or dead (say for example, former first ladies and/or the women who sucked their husbands dicks) is purely coincidental.

by A. Penman

Shower water descended on Monica’s full, tender breasts. Stinging hot water. Gloriously hot water! It drenched her neck, shoulders and chest, lovingly working its way down her body. An involuntary moan escaped from her throat as she felt it slowly alleviating the painfully sexy remnants of a long, hard fought body to body match with her blonde friend and rival Hillary. Her private time lasted only for a couple of minutes. The buxom blonde opened the translucent shower door, then stepped into the stall with her, wordlessly requesting a share of the water spray. Monica acquiesced.

“Damn! You like your water really hot!” Hillary exclaimed as the searing, rapid fire droplets pounded her naked flesh.
Monica paused thoughtfully, then spoke.
“I find that it helps to ease the physical and emotional pangs of the day. It soothes and relaxes the soul and the mind. It gets me back in touch with myself and indeed, back in touch with the cosmos.”

Hillary paused thoughtfully, then responded.
“Oh, shut the fuck up and move over a little, you pompous bitch!”
She then reached up to adjust the flow from “pulsate” to a more benevolent setting.

Monica laughed heartily, then took a shower sponge and some scented body wash and proceeded to lather Hillary down from top to bottom, front and back, giving a little extra care and attention to those sensitive female parts.

Hillary thought to herself that this was quite an unexpected gesture. It was also very erotic. She moaned softly as Monica expertly worked the sponge, with peach scented body wash, into her appreciative flesh. Next the brunette gently guided her under the full spray of the hot shower for a rinse, and damned if she didn’t feel her physical pangs slowly dissipate! Looking down, Hillary watched as the soreness from her body circled the drain in a scented froth. Squeaky clean, invigorated and quite aroused, she then turned to face her brunette shower pal.

“That was really nice! Thank you!”
“We’re a full service operation, ma’am.”

The busty brunette smiled as she squeezed in under the shower water with her, as though body contact was now casually accepted. Their luscious breasts came together once again as water cascaded (you knew that word would show up eventually) down off of them.

Hillary absorbed the sensation as though she was experiencing it for the first time. Perhaps she was. Previously, in “Power Struggle-One,” the four prodigious mounds met in a dry encounter, becoming moist with perspiration only after a lengthy breast to breast struggle. This time they were cleansed with fragrant body wash and drenched with hot water. It felt even more amazing than their first meeting.

Monica then felt herself being gathered gently into the blonde’s full embrace. The two Rubenesque bodies were once again pressed together. This time it was in the form of a passionate kiss. As their hungry mouths pressed together in unabashed desire, their tongues snaked each other. The heat in their loins intensified as the long kiss became increasingly fervent.

Feeling intimate feelings, not to mention lust like she had never known before, Hillary finally had to break it off. She separated herself then stepped out of the shower, needing time to let some intense thoughts ruminate in her head. The earth shattering climax that Monica had fucked out of her earlier had altered some pre conceived notions about herself. No one had ever made her cum like that before! Feeling Monica’s body pressed against hers in the shower made her hungry for satisfaction once again. She needed to sexually battle with this woman again. Whether it was her female pride or deep sexual desire that was driving her, she could not say. Perhaps it was a little of both. She needed this rematch. In her mind was the framework of a plan, but she sensed that it wouldn’t take much to coerce her brunette rival.

Finding towels that had been placed for her, she began to dry herself. Monica then stepped out of the shower and mimicked her activity. There was an uneasy silence. Finally, the brunette spoke out.

“Give it up blondie. It feels like something’s bothering you.”
The blonde paused, knowing what she was about to say would elicit an impassioned response.
“I was just reliving our earlier session in my mind.”
“Well, I’m just not certain that you won.”

Monica sighed. “You’re still not convinced that I’m the better woman, are you?”
“Listen, sweetie. You were on top. And from what I’ve read about that type of match, whoever is on top always has the advantage.”
“And you read this where?”
“It says exactly that in Postulations 3:17, when Martha anointed her body with consecrated oil in order to wrestle her female demons. ‘Regarding woman to woman rubbing; who shalt be on top shalt fucketh better.’ Clearly, that means the woman on top has the advantage.” Hillary stated, smugly.

But as it turned out, she was barking up the wrong olive tree because Monica knew the Sanctimonious Fictions quite well.
“Try reading Speculations 9:19.” she responded. “As the two unclothed Sabine women wrestled, a highly aroused Paul astutely observed, ‘Regarding two naked women: who gaineth the top, wineth the battle of the bodies.’ The meaning here is obvious. The whole object is to be on top, in order to win...eth.”
Monica paused to gloat, then continued.
“Also, I might add, in Ostentations 4:16, when the two large breasted Erudite women resolve their dispute over a sheep in body to body combat, it is clearly delineated that the winner had the best skills.”

Hillary was flustered.
“Therefore, it should become apparent that I was on top because my body to body skills are superior to yours.” Monica encapsulated, with a chest full of womanly pride.
With their towels now bunched up around their ankles, they squared off naked once again, not quite nipple to nipple. The tension was so thick, you could have cut it with a miracle knife.
“My body to body skills are just as good as yours.”
“Then how is that you were on the bottom most of the time?” Monica snapped.
“I don’t know. But all I can say is I’m glad there were no sheep involved.”
“We’re not getting anywhere with this discussion.”
“No shit!”

Hillary continued to prod Monica’s brain with antagonistic statements.
“Look, we both know that what happened out there was just too close to call.”
“Oh bullshit! By my clock, you went off at least ten seconds before me.”
“Well then, you must be on bimbo central time. Because I recall it being a dead heat.” responded Hillary, belligerently.
“Have you lost your mind? What we BOTH KNOW is that you went off before I did. I fucked the shit out of that cunt of yours.”
“That’s not true.” Hillary weakly disagreed.
“It IS true! You KNOW it’s true!”
“No, it’s not.” Hillary insisted.

Monica was right, of course. Hillary did know that she reached her climax first. But...
“Unless you’re trying to provoke me into a rematch. Is that what you’re up to?”
“It is. And I am.”
“In that case, I’ll be more than happy to accommodate you.”
Hillary got what she wanted. Now, to destroy this bitch sex to sex. Hopefully.

Monica’s machismo had been challenged. In a gesture of acceptance, she pushed and rolled her full casabas into the blonde’s lush cantaloupes. Hillary pushed back, melon to melon.
Within seconds, they casually walked hand in hand to the bedroom. Both women could feel their loins stirring with desire once again. Juices of anticipation moistened their lush, eager cunts as they stood alongside Monica’s bed. Hillary looked around the room, assessing the decor. She found it to be pleasing, but certainly nothing out of a designer catalogue. The aroused nipples that were now scraping against hers made her tits tingle, returning her to the moment.

“I told you that this wasn’t over. Remember?”
“I do. And I agreed. Remember?”
“I do.”
“So. What exactly do you have in mind, blondie?”
“A real woman to woman match up.”
Monica almost gasped.
“You mean...?”
“Yes...I mean...”
“So it’s gonna be pussy...”
“To pussy...”
“Sounds intense...”

The brunette then asked, “Just one thing. Why are we using so many of those...?”
“It adds a bit of...dramatic pause.”
“It’s a little...tacky.” Monica opined.
“You’re right.” Hillary agreed.
“So. How do we go about this? First one to climax looses?” Monica asked.
“Oh no. You’re not getting off that easy.”
“Then how?”
“Here’s the deal, sweet cheeks. No orgasm limit. We engage our pussies totally, in a sex fight to the finish.”

Just hearing the blonde say those words caused Monica’s pussy to quiver with anticipation.
“And how will we know the finish?” she asked, with breath of suspense filling her lungs.
“When one of us can’t continue. That will of course, be you.”
“Listen blondie, if we lock pussies you’re gonna loose!” Monica scorned.
“I guess we’ll just have to see about that now, won’t we?”

Fixing her glare to Monica’s, Hillary responded using confidence as intimidation. It worked. Now Monica began to wonder to herself. She’s so willing, so confident. Maybe this isn’t going to be as easy as I think.

She decided to try a little intimidation of her own with another tit to tit slam. It didn’t work. Hillary stood her ground, forcing her tits back into Monica’s. Again Monica tried to intimidate. As their arms encircled each other’s body, she moved in tight and pressed her naked pubes tightly into Hillary’s naked, ready to rumble mound. Hillary pressed back just as firmly. There would be no intimidation. It felt like the two pussies were almost ready to explode as the crotch on crotch thumping intensified. Their eyes were locked. They glared at each other with a fifty-fifty mix of disdain and desire. Monica could not believe how turned on she was. She broke the silence.

“My cunt is going to eat your cunt for breakfast, bitch.”
Hillary shot back quickly.
“Oh yeah? Well my pussy will devour your pussy for lunch, dinner and between meal snacks, you slut!”
Out of repasts, Monica could only respond with “Tramp!”
“Tart!” replied H.
“Whore!” responded M.
“Floozy!” scoffed H.
“Jezebel!” countered M.
“Hussy!” answered H.
“Trollop!” M retorted.
“Harlot!” H reciprocated.
“Strumpet!” retaliated M.
“Bimbo!” retorted H.
“Promiscuous bitch!” said M.

Then there was a protracted silence until Hillary spoke.
“Well, I’m flat out of insults.” she noted, casually.
“Me too.”
“Then the time for words is past. It’s time for action.”
“Oh yeah.”

Still in a tight embrace, they engaged in yet another passionate, lengthy kiss. The buildup was almost excruciating. Monica wrestled the blonde into her bed and the two naked tigresses grappled breast to breast, body to body for five minutes, rolling over and over with an urgency that exceeded their first naked embrace. Then Hillary took the top position. She paused and gave the brunette a look that sent shivers down her spine. Monica knew what was coming.

Wordlessly the two women separated and then worked themselves into a leg over leg scissor position. Propping themselves up with their arms behind their backs, they slowly glided their thighs into each other, forming opposing Vs with less than a foot of space separating their succulent pudenda. They glared at each other.
“I’ll teach you to mess with a powerful woman, bitch.” said Hillary.
“What are you talking about? You’re a switchboard operator at the mall!”
“That’s ‘Information Flow Coordinator,’ if you don’t mind.”
“Oh spare me, please!” Monica replied derisively.
“Oh, I suppose you think you’re better than me, miss ‘plain clothes security officer.’ Couldn’t they afford a uniform for you?” Hillary scoffed.
“Yes, they can. But I chose to work undercover assignments.”
“Wow! You must be in constant peril!” The cynicism spewed forth.
“I’ll have you know that I’m considered the first line of defense against terrorist activity.” Monica stated, as her fulsome American breasts swelled with patriotism.
“Oh yes, I forgot. There’s a lot of subterfuge in the ladies lingerie department.”
“Go ahead and mock me. But you’d be shocked by the number of women who go into a dressing booth with two pairs of panty hose and come out with only one.”
“Wow! If that’s not a plot to bring down America, I don’t know what is.”
“You got it, sister!”
Hillary just shook her head and smiled wryly. Then, before Monica could say anything else, she was jolted by the full force of the blonde’s cunt as it made its initial thrust into her own tumescent twat.

A juicy squish came forth from the two conjoined cunts. The flesh on flesh impact made Monica shudder as both cunts, devoid of pubic hair were, at long last, entangled in a sexual struggle with each other. Her response was instinctive and immediate. Not wanting to give up an early advantage, she moved her well endowed pussy into a full lipped lock up with her blonde rival. The connection was phenomenal! Like nothing she’d ever felt before. She recalled the previous encounter, and how amazing it felt as they battled with their nude bodies, breasts crushed against each other, legs entwined as bellies slapped and pubes pounded. A total turn on! But this cunt on cunt joining was so intimate, so heated that it could easily become incendiary! The two hungry, combatant cunts were now the focal point of everything. Nothing else mattered except the fleshy embroilment between their thighs. They locked the two perfectly matched vulvas in a slow, wet, undulating pelvis grind. Two naked pussies fused together in a sopping, womanly duel. As the cunt on cunt skirmish evolved, Hillary looked deeply into Monica’s eyes, giving her a chill. Shivers went down both their spines as they now understood, despite their rivalry, how turned on they were by each other. Desperate to win this intimate female confrontation the blonde poured it on, forcing her thick cunt deep into the brunette’s full, wet labia. Cunt sucking cunt sounds and womanly fragrances filled the air, creating a heady atmosphere. Monica forced back, trying to match or exceed Hilary’s pressure. But the two swollen cunts were so tightly locked and so even in every way that they both knew this was going take a while. Grinding their pelvises slowly the two beauties scowled at each other. The only verbal exchange came in the form of groans and grunts. The groans became more pronounced the longer the the two pussies sexually accosted each other.

As the labia slid against each other, a bond of flesh was formed and they parted slightly, sinking into each other. Clit met clit head on, and a war of projectiles began. Each woman could feel her swollen clit fight the other’s. It was sexual congress heretofore unknown by either woman. Both women struggled to form a more perfect union, ejaculating wave after wave of wet, sticky cum into each other’s cunts. Nearly thirty minutes and an unknown number orgasms passed, and neither of them showed any sign of capitulation. They struggled to match the other’s thrusts and rolls while their wet labia clung to each other, and their clitorises engaged in heated battle. Another fifteen minutes passed with the two women still in a sex fight deadlock. Their eyes would regularly search each other for signs of fatigue. Neither of them was ready to give. Alternately, they would clasp hands for greater leverage, or lie back and pull on each other’s top leg as the two pussies battled for purchase. Still no sign of concession from either of the sweat soaked women.

“I can feel you weakening, you blonde cunt.” Monica said, in an attempt to gain a psychological advantage.
“Not a chance, you dark haired slut!” Hillary shot back. “Your pussy’s the one that’s getting weaker. I can feel it.”
“You’re hallucinating, bitch. Clearly, my cunt is slowly sucking the fight out of your puny pussy.” Monica answered as she rolled her full labia and squashed them into Hillary’s thick, not so puny cunt lips.
“You’re the one who’s been snorting LDS, whore. It’s pretty obvious my cunt is fucking and sucking your cunt into submission.”

Monica almost snarled. “Yeah, well I’ve got something for you, bitch!”
“Bring it, slut!”
Thrusting her pelvis and rotating her hips sensuously, Monica turned up the heat.
“It’s coming for you! Here it is!”

With an amazingly sexy thrust and roll that she had been saving, Monica once again tried to take control. The move shook Hillary to her foundations. But it didn’t break her.
It was then that the blonde hatched a plan. She decided to let the brunette think that she was wearing down. She wanted to give her a false sense of security. Then, when the timing was right, she would make her move and destroy her.
“Woa! Where in the hell did you get that move?” asked a seemingly impressed Hillary.
“It’s from ‘Slutty Girl fitness.’”
“Very impressive!”

Monica took a couple of seconds to gloat.
A conniving Hillary now activated her plan. She knew what she had to do. For the next ten minutes she let Monica be the aggressor, letting her spend herself with repeated use of this and other “Slutty Girl” moves. She feigned getting weaker, bending but not breaking. The flesh lock between their thighs was starting to tell. She sensed her plan was working. For all of her aggressiveness, Monica was starting to tire. The moment was at hand. Hillary took charge, forcing her pussy into Monica’s cunt with a move that shook her deeply. She poured it on with a relentless series of hip rolls and thrusts that made the brunette cum in excruciating pleasure as she flattened herself on her back, squealing and moaning. The powerful blonde cunt attacked her cunt with renewed vigor. Screaming in ecstasy, Monica stiffened, then went limp and tapped out, just like the vanquished warriors of Ultimate Cunt Fights.

“Enough!!! I give up! Stop fucking my cunt!!!” Monica wailed.

But just to rub salt into an open pussy, Hillary cranked up her attack until Monica pounded her fists into the mattress, begging her to stop.
“I give up! I can’t come any more. Stop!” Monica repeated.
Hillary then eased up, allowing her pussy to gently glide against Monica’s, feeling pride swell her chest. A grin of satisfaction adorned her face as her eyes beheld a decimated rival splayed helpless before her. It was a plan well executed, a job well done. An amazing sexual duel with a formidable opponent. With her cunt still well lubricated with Monica’s cum, the two wet pussies still clung together. She could think of no valid reason to separate them.

When thoughts returned to Monica’s short circuited brain, she cussed the blonde for making her surrender to her.
“I’ve never been fucked to an orgasm like that, so many times! Your pussy is truly amazing Hillary.”
“I told you you would be the first give in. I told you that it would be YOU who would be unable to continue.”
“Go ahead and gloat you bitch. But I seem to recall you having a number of orgasms too.”
“True. But I defeated you. Admit it.”
“You did what you said. You beat me soundly and honorably.”
“I’m an honorable woman.”

Monica found the strength to sit up and face the buxom blonde. Their hands clasped and then they pulled each other into a sitting up embrace. Breast to breast once again, they kissed briefly, with their pussies still moistly clinging to each other.
“An honorable woman would grant the vanquished a rematch.” Monica noted.
“Oh my about tomorrow night?” a spent Hillary asked.
“Same cunt time, same cunt channel?”
“You got it.”
“Just curious. What were those moves you used on me?”
“Hardcore Rhythms.”
The two depleted women then collapsed into each other’s embrace and slept through the night.