by A. Penman

I got this from my cousin Toni’s (short for Antoinette) rather detailed account of a recent encounter she had.

Toni and I have always had a very open minded girl/guy rapport, to the point that we felt we could tell each other anything. And if you’re thinking it, the answer is a definite yes. Toni is drop dead gorgeous. If we weren’t related, well you know the rest of that one. But that’s a line I could never cross.

Anyway, Toni called Sunday afternoon to let me know she was going to drop by later that evening for a glass of wine. She had something that she wanted to tell me. Not that this was anything new. We were always kicking the 411. And between us, there never needed to be a reason to uncork a great bottle. But this was different somehow. On the phone I detected very obvious excitement in her voice. I couldn’t wait to hear what she was so eager to tell me.

That evening in my kitchen Toni sniffed the Iberian stew that was simmering to perfection on the stove. And why not? It was our dinner. I took a wooden spoon with some juice and moved it to her lips. First a gentle blow (What lips! Why did we have to be related?) then a taste.

“Umm!” She nodded approvingly. But then she reached up to my spice rack (while I snuck a peak at her amazing rack) for red pepper flakes, then gave me a questioning look as she pointed to the pepper in her hand.

“Sure. Why not?” I said.

Upon my approval she reached into the jar and pulled a large clump of flakes out between her thumb and forefinger.

“Just a pinch.” she said.
“That’s what you call a pinch? Who the fuck have you been pinching?”

She pleaded her case with her eyes.

“Oh go ahead.” I said, a split second before the pepper flakes got tossed into the pot, figuring more pepper couldn’t hurt the stew. The wooden spoon then found it’s way into her hand, whereupon she gently blended the extra heat into the sauce with all the other herbs and spices.

Fifteen minutes later we were at the table, breaking off crusty bread and dipping into the stew while enjoying a great bottle of Italian Red.

“This is delicious! You always make this well. Sometime you’re gonna have to show me how you make it. OK?”

“Like you gotta ask. Of course I will. How’s the wine?”
“Wonderful! It matches up well with the stew, too. I’m glad one of us knows how to cook and pick the right wine.”

I smiled. Who was she bullshitting? Her cooking skills were as good as mine, maybe even better. I did have the edge in wine knowledge, however. She was cool with that and always trusted my judgment when she needed a recommendation for some dish that she was making.

“Too much pepper?” she asked as I felt the heat assert itself.
“More than I normally use, but I’ll survive.” I said, taking my napkin and wiping fake tears from my eyes.
“You’re a weenie!” she chuckled.

Things were relaxed enough now. I felt comfortable asking.

“So, what is that you wanted to tell me?” I asked with obvious anticipation.

She took another mouthful, followed by a sip of wine, then casually dropped a nuclear bomb down my vicarious reality.

“I fucked a really hot woman Friday night.”

In slow motion freeze frame my utensils dropped into my stew, causing a spray of liquid to rise into the air and land both on the table and on my shirt. When normal time resumed, Toni was on paper towel detail instantly. A minute or two passed, things got cleaned up and I had time to gather my scrambled brains into some semblance of rational thought. I took a LARGE gulp of wine and than spoke.

“Excuse me. What the hell did you just say?!!!” I asked in disbelief.
“I went to a wedding reception last week. A girl I work with got married.”
“I meant to ask you how that was.”
“It was great. Rather eventful I should say.” she replied.
Then she gave me the details of what happened at her friend’s reception that led up to her participation in “Friday Night Lesbian Rassling.”

Let me say something right now. I love receptions. Every one I’ve ever attended has been a festival of cleavage. Tits everywhere! Married and single women showing off their assets. And I’m only too glad to take in the view. I remember thinking once that it felt like a kind of sexy, womanly competition was going on. From what Toni told me, my assessment was pretty accurate. Apparently in situations like that, women often check out each other’s boobs. Of course, at that point, all these images popped into my mind of beautiful tits slamming into each other, like I’d occasionally seen in porn.

I surrendered the podium to her. Hanging on every word she said, I remained seated so as not to reveal my burgeoning dick. When she was done, I asked if she would be willing to write down the details of her encounter.

“Because I know a website that publishes stories about this kind of thing.”
“You visit websites like that?” she asked, with some disbelief in her voice.
“Every normal heterosexual male visits them.” I replied, casually.

She was hesitant, but after considerable groveling she agreed. I couldn’t have asked for a hotter account of a woman to woman encounter. So, without further ado, I give you Antoinette’s story...Enjoy!
* * * * *
The reception was cruising along nicely. The dinner was great! And of course the bride, my coworker, looked just beautiful. I didn’t know the groom or any of his family and friends, but he seemed nice enough. They made a handsome couple. Indeed, there were a lot of nice looking folks at this one. Hot guys and hot (very) babes everywhere!

About an hour into it I was feeling pretty good from the alcohol I’d consumed. One of the guys from work got me out on the dance floor, which may not have been the best idea. I could tell this wasn’t going to be my most graceful dance, but I was feeling loose and the music moved me. A few minutes into it I stumbled and bumped butts with someone. A kind of hard, but titillating bump. It was a soft, sexy ass. A woman’s ass for sure. I remember thinking how nice it felt. I turned to apologize for my clumsiness, and was face to face with this incredible brunette. She smiled and apologized in return, but I could tell something wasn’t right. We locked eyes for what seemed like a long time, but in truth was only a few seconds. Things seemed tense, but cordial. Oddly enough, I could feel my chest heaving a little. Then I watched as this bitch’s eyes took a detour to my cleavage. She was checking out my tits! So, in return I checked out hers. Holy shit! What a set of jugs she had! As big and perfect as mine. I watched them gently rise and fall within the confines of her low cut dress, just like mine did. I felt something shoot through me that I never felt before. Our eyes locked up again and the smiles reappeared, like we both understood what just happened. I turned to continue dancing, as did she, being careful to avoid a second ass to ass slam. Oddly enough, I wanted another. And I wondered if she did too.

A while later I was at my table cackling with the girls when I had the sensation that I was being watched. I looked to my right and on the other side of the room, sitting at a table with what had to be her date, was the brunette I bumped into on the dance floor. She smiled at me then raised her glass in an air toast. I returned the smile and the toast. I had to pretend to be really into the chatter at my table so as not to seem excited by the fact that we were noticing each other again. But over the next half hour or so, I would look across the room and there she would be, leaning back in her chair to get a peak at me. It was two brunettes with big tits playing peak-a-boo. I don’t know what I was feeling about her. I thought perhaps it was booze related.

When a slow dance came on, most of the tables cleared. Dateless me decided to take a walk before someone’s big bellied, groping uncle asked me to dance. I needed some fresh air anyway. Maybe some time to clear my head. I thought I’d check that great deck on the upper level. It would be a needed respite. I was a little wobbly on the staircase, but I was able to navigate and found myself outside, alone on the deck on a beautiful August night. After just a couple of minutes I heard a voice.

“You’d think a hot babe like you would be inside, slow dancing.”

I took a deep breath before I turned around, because I knew it was her.

“What about yourself?” I asked. “I’m not the only hot babe here.”

She flashed me a gorgeous smile as she moved in close, a little closer than I was comfortable with. I froze in fear and arousal. What was it about her? Maybe it was just the setting, the booze, the night air, the whole ambiance, but the nerve endings in my body were in hyper-drive. This bitch was hot, and making me hot! This isn’t supposed to happen to me.

“I saw you heading up to the deck. I thought I might join you. Unless you’d rather be alone.”

Then, as if my brain had no control over what came out of my mouth, I blurted out “I’m glad you did.”

Why in hell did I say that? Why encourage her? I don’t know. At this point my brain was quite confused. Besides, I had a feeling that the only thing that would discourage this woman, at this point, was a well placed punch. But this? This was not gonna be a catfight. No hair pulling or bitch slapping. This was something much more profound, no matter how much I didn’t want to admit it. Whatever was going to transpire between myself and this gorgeous woman, I wanted it to happen. I almost felt like there was nothing I could do to prevent it. What she did next was intense, to say the least.

She turned and did a quick visual scan, just to make certain that we were alone. We were off to the side anyway, out of direct light. Nobody walking by could have seen us unless they actually came out onto the deck. My knees suddenly felt weak as her arms encircled my waist.

“I wanted to ask you to dance with me downstairs, but I thought that might be too shocking for the decent folks down there. Know what I mean?”

I nodded yes as her lower body pressed firmly to mine, backing me up against the railing. I was butter, two degrees shy of melting.

“Will you dance with me now, in private? Woman to woman.” she asked, knowing I couldn’t pull away from her.
“What would your date think about this?”
“You mean the guy I was sitting next to at my table? Actually, he’s with the blonde. Just like you, I’m flying solo. It’s you I want to dance with. Your ass felt so nice, I thought it might be nice to feel your body against mine.” she said in a low voice.
“That was a sexy ass bump.” I agreed.

What happened next is forever burned into my consciousness. Confident that she wouldn’t be rejected, she did what I believe she’d wanted to do since we assessed each other’s cleavage on the dance floor. She lined up her tits, then pressed them firmly into mine. I couldn’t believe I was giving in to her! My arms wrapped around her shoulders. She was leading as we slowly started to dance. Our bodies firmly pressed together, breasts crushing into each other. We moved slowly, rhythmically. It was like our bodies knew each other. The boob match up made us both moan softly as we danced. Our low cut dresses, the size of our tits and the pressure we exerted on each other forced plenty of bare tit flesh over the dress lines, causing a good amount of flesh on flesh contact. What a soft sensation! As we continued to slow dance, there seemed to be a sexy competition going on between our bodies. Everywhere we could press together, we did. Eventually we bumped crotches, then slowly rubbed together in pretend dance moves. Damn, I was so hot! I could feel myself getting wet too. I’m a woman, and I knew she was hot too. Our lips were at each other’s necks and earlobes. We then faced each other, eye to eye and nose to nose, stopping just short of locking lips. I’m not sure what I would have done had she tried to kiss me.

“Your tits are even more impressive that your ass.” she commented, letting her sweet warm breath escape into my mouth, while emphatically rolling her two beauties into mine. I wanted every part of me to connect with this woman! But we wound down our dance when the music from downstairs stopped. It was a good thing we separated, because a split second after, another girl came out onto the deck.

“Beautiful night!” the girl observed, oblivious to what we had been doing. As casually as we could, we both agreed with her. A pretend chat lasted a minute more, then we went back to the reception. Downstairs we split up and went to our respective tables. Oh hell! I didn’t get her name!

For the next hour or so, I heard more than I wanted to know about what was going on with friends and family of the bride. Since I didn’t know any of the folks under discussion, I began to plan my graceful exit. I’d switched to coffee a while ago, so I felt safe enough to drive. I’d accosted my mouth with mints and gum, just in case. After a while I realized I hadn’t seen her for almost thirty minutes. As inconspicuously as I could, I kept checking. Nothing. Why did I have this empty feeling in my gut? It must have been time for me to leave, I reasoned.

Out in the lobby, I was on my way to the door when I heard someone call my name. I felt the excitement return. The puzzled look on my face was all the explanation she needed.

“I’m in a Tai Chi class with one of the girls at your table. We’ve been outside gabbing for a while. I finally got around to asking her your name.”
“I wondered where Donna went. And yes, she talks about that class a lot.” I said.

“You should sign up for a class. You might like it. It’s lots of fun. Good exercise, too.”

I gave her one of those non-committal nods.

“Well, I’ve got to run.” she concluded. “I have an early day tomorrow. It was really nice meeting you Toni.” She turned to leave. This put the pressure on me. Damn! What the fuck was I getting myself into? Oh Antoinette, I thought to myself. You know exactly what you could be getting into.
“Wait!” She stopped in her tracks, then turned. “I don’t know your name.”

As we moved toward each other, she reached into her purse for a note pad and pen, then quickly wrote on it. She then tore the sheet off, folded it neatly and handed it to me in a handshake.

“It’s Brenda. These are my home and cell phone numbers. Call me some time this week. I have a fairly busy week, but I’m going to take Friday off. Maybe we could get together?”
“What for?” I asked, foolishly. She wasn’t foiled by this. Instead, she leaned in close and whispered a response that made my nipples tingle.
“Because I’d love to get my boobs together with yours, again.” Then she turned and left.

I looked at the phone numbers, and said to myself “Brenda! You bitch!”

Five days passed, excruciatingly slow. Thursday I told the folks at work that I was taking Friday off. I called her on Friday morning. She teased me about waiting until the last minute, indicating she feared I wouldn’t call. I have to say that out of fear of the unknown, I considered not calling. But deep inside I knew that I had to follow through on this, no matter where it may have led me.

By seven PM Friday night, we were at her place, standing on her deck looking out into the valley. It was a clear warm night, which was good because we were naked. Slow music from her sound system filtered out onto the deck. I felt her hand on my back, gently caressing my skin. I turned to her. The moment was at hand.

“Dance with me, Toni?”
“Woman to woman?” I referenced her comment from the night of the reception. She smiled, then nodded.

I closed my eyes and heard the splat of two soft bodies meeting. My pussy was on fire from the first instant! I knew exactly how this was going to unfold. Oh my God, her tits were so full and so soft! But my two beauties were every bit a match for hers. And what a match up it was! The full softness of naked tit flesh against my own was new to me. Nipple to nipple scraping was exquisite! My boobs had never been so aroused. I pressed my tits into hers enthusiastically, wanting them to experience every bit of this wondrous sensation. Brenda was the first to verbally assess this highly anticipated tryst.

“Toni! Your tits feel so good!”
“As do yours, Brenda.”
“I have to say that all week I’ve been a bit distracted at work, just knowing we were going to lock our tits for real tonight.”
“Pretty sure of yourself, weren’t you?” I said. She just smiled.
“That night we danced on the deck, we both knew that our bodies would meet again. There was just too much heat between us. Especially when our breasts met each other.” she continued.

She was right. I wanted this to happen as much as she did. I never knew my body could be so turned on by a woman’s body. But there I was, locked in a naked embrace with this incredible woman, pretending to lead her in a slow dance while wanting to take it inside so I could fuck her good and proper. I wanted to feel our bodies writhing together, sweating and straining against each other in hot naked female sex. I decided to turn up the heat. Reaching around, I filled my hands with those beautiful butt cheeks that seduced me on the dance floor almost a week ago. I pulled her hips forward, thrusting my sweet pubes into hers, feeling the sensation of grinding for real, without clothing coming between us. She gasped in surprise, then reached for my ass, pulled my hips forward and pumped her hungry crotch into mine, returning the favor.

“My, my. Aren’t we two eager beavers!” I observed.
“Two eager shaved beavers!!! Oh baby!” she groaned.

At her mention I realized both of our cunts were clean shaven. This had to be my fate! Her soft lips moved from my neck to my ear then to my right cheek. My lips were parted and ready for our first kiss, which came swiftly. Her full lips matched mine. Our warm breath moved into each other’s mouths and then my tongue connected with hers, rolling and swirling amorously. Our kiss grew more passionate. We bumped crotches slowly and continued to dance. Then the song was over. She separated herself from me completely. Apparently she wanted to look my body up and down.

“Do you like what you see? Not that you can see much out here.” The illumination on the deck was pleasantly diffuse light from the living room. I noted a trace of a smile on her lips. I’d like to think it was a smile of approval. Then we both noticed the gradual chilling of the night air.

In seconds we were inside, nice and toasty, on a soft rug in front of an unlit fireplace. I know that stories like this always seem much sexier when a fire is crackling in the fireplace, but it was August.

Stretched out on our sides, we caressed each other’s face and moved our aroused bodies into each other. Just before I renewed our kiss, I told her softly how much I wanted to fuck her.

“You and me Toni. Body to body.” she said, just as we locked lips again and pressed our bodies firmly for the main event. I’d never surrendered my body so completely. Her body was out of this world! It was soft and smooth at once. But she was firm in all the right places too. Her taut abs matched up against mine as we adjusted to fit ourselves for maximum body contact, maximum intimacy. As our arms encircled each other in a crushing embrace, I wondered how my body felt to her. She was smooth and graceful and I suddenly realized that I was on the bottom with the full weight of her body pressing down on me. Our bodies felt so good together! I couldn’t get enough. Once again her boobs crushed on mine. Considering that I was on the bottom, I was quite proud of the way my girls stood up to hers. In a telling gesture, I wrapped my legs up with hers, which opened my thighs and left my pussy open and vulnerable. She broke off the kiss, then gave me an odd, imploring look.

“What?” I asked, confused.
“Don’t hold anything back Toni. OK? Promise me?”

Why would she say something like that? I mean I’m lying on my back with my legs spread, my hot naked cunt ready and eager to fuck, and she says something like that!

“What do you mean by that?” I wanted to know.
“I mean that I’ve sensed occasional uncertainty from you. Like you weren’t sure you really wanted to go through with this.” I understood where she was coming from.
“Of course I’ve been a little reticent about this. Haven’t you?”
“I guess I was a little, at first. But you have to know that you turned me on from the first.”
“Same for me, Brenda. Look, lets stop analyzing this. Let’s just let loose and fuck each other into oblivion! OK?” Did I just say that?
“You got it baby!” she replied, excitedly.

She thrust her pelvis downward. Her pussy slammed into mine. Holy fucking Christ, Allah, Jehovah and Buddha!!! I grabbed hold of her ass and pulled down for more leverage.

“Brenda! You fucking bitch! You better fuck me good and hot and wet, because I’m gonna fuck you six ways to Sunday!”

Oh, my goodness! Did such foul, trashy talk come out of a sophisticated gal like me? You bet it did! And what the fuck does “six ways to Sunday” mean anyway?
The off color vocabulary emanating from my mouth got her juices flowing. She bore down hard, lubricating my cunt with her cunt juice, fucking my cunt with hers. SQUISH! SLURP! SMACK! Her cunt was every bit as hot as the rest of her body, but my cunt was every bit as hot as hers. We were two big breasted bitches locked in sexual desire. For the next hour we rolled and rolled, back and forth, struggling to keep our bodies tightly together and keep our pussies grinding, slipping, sliding and fucking. Deep inside me some animal-like instincts were released. It was like that with her too. Through our locked mouths we grunted and slurped. We even snarled at each other a couple of times.

“Fuck me you cunt!” I screamed, thrusting my pussy upward into her.
“Fuck me back, you bitch!” she bellowed, slamming her cunt downward into me.

We spent the better part of the hour body rolling, tit mashing, belly slapping and pussy grinding. She was a great kisser too! I’ve never kissed so passionately. I’ve never fucked with such reckless abandon. I’ve never sweat so profusely. I’ve never climaxed so hard and so often. We were entangled in a sex/fuck war that was only beginning.

Like I said, this went on for almost an hour. I had no clear idea how many orgasms either of us had. Eventually, we arrived at a welcomed slow down, just kissing softly and rubbing body parts, tits especially. Our nipples were scraping and playing softly. I still couldn’t get over how amazing it felt to press and rub our tits together. This soft, gentle stage of the proceedings was really nice, but I knew we weren’t finished. She then separated from me. I felt an empty sensation.

“What’s up?” I wanted to know.
“You’ll see.”

She repositioned herself so that our legs were scissored, then slowly closed the space between our naked cunts. I propped myself up on my hands to watch her cunt close the gap between us. We were able to see each other’s pussy for the first time. I should have known. When we were bumping and grinding body to body I could tell her pussy was thick and lush. It felt great slamming into mine. But now this? Now I could see first hand just how impressive her cunt was. My pussy is as sexy as hers, but I had to wonder how it would do in a match up like this. Lack of experience, you know? Oh fuck it! There was only one way to find out. I was about to see what I was made of, how much of a real woman I was.

“This is going to be intense, Toni. Your cunt is amazing!” she said as she looked at it, then at me.
“Guess we’re pretty evenly matched down there too.” I observed.
“I’m gonna fuck you, cunt to cunt and clit to clit. Are you ready for this?” She was challenging me sexually, and I was down for it.

Her pussy was inches from mine. I looked down to see the two feminine gladiators, both wet and swollen and aroused and eager to be locked in battle with each other. I know I’ve said this a time or two already, but I just could not believe how turned on I was. I decided to answer her in deed, not words. I raised my butt slightly then gave an assertive forward thrust, landing my juiced cunt squarely into the thick meat of her cunt. OH FUCK! FUCK, FUCK FUCK!!! Antoinette, what have you gotten yourself into here? I never felt anything so deliciously nasty before. Who knew that two pussies could fuck each other so righteously? At that point, I understood that I was going to be here all night.

“OH!!! Fuck!!! Antoinette!!!” she groaned loudly, as our engorged pussies engaged each other. Indeed. Sweet Brenda, I thought. I’m gonna fuck you so good!

“I”m gonna make your cunt beg for mercy, Toni!”
“We’ll see about that, Brenda!” Now I knew I was into it.

The battle was joined! We started to slow grind, feeling the intense thrill of our pussies now fully united. They were sucking together, labia locked. Juicy squishing sounds came from our cunts as they fought and fucked each other in a sopping wet womanly skirmish. I’d heard about this from girls I knew, but I always blew it off as just some sick, sorry attempt on their part to get me into bed with them. But now? OH MY GOODNESS! They might have been right!

As for Brenda, she began to slowly regain her composure. We both dropped back on to our elbows trying to force our pussies tighter into each other, each cunt trying to out fuck the other in an exquisite sexual duel. Our outstretched hands clasped each other as we pulled against each other for leverage, forcing our pussies so tightly together that it felt like we were inside each other. I moved my cunt in a side to side motion in order to widen her gap, with the intention of sinking my hard clitoris into her cunt. But this had the unexpected effect of opening my pussy up as well and forced my clit into full on confrontation with her magnificent clit. A tactical error on my part. But, so what?

“Aagghh!!! Clit to clit Toni!” Brenda groaned.
“I know, I know!” I replied excitedly.
“Nice move!” she acknowledged.
“I thought so.” I bragged.
“Let’s go to war, you hot bitch!” she challenged.
“I’m all for it.” I accepted.

My cunt was fucking, but my mind was pondering. I contemplated how I, totally naive, not to mention inexperienced in matters of this nature, could find myself in a situation where I was eagerly accepting the naked carnal challenge of another woman. The only reason I can come up with is simple and straightforward. This person took my breath away the first second I laid eyes on her. It never really mattered that we were both women. I was drawn to her. She oozed sensuality. And she had great breasts! I knew from the first I wanted to match breasts, bodies and yes, cunts with her. Sure, I was a bit hesitant at first. But deep down inside I knew that if it was my tits and my body that this striking beauty wanted, then it was my tits and body that she was going to get.

So, there I was. Every lascivious impulse in my body migrated to my cunt and focused on the fleshy wet cunt with which it was conjoined, about to embark on sexual battle of clitorises.

Flat on our backs now, our bodies angled slightly, we took hold of each other’s right leg and pulled against each other for pressure. Our clits slid in tight, meeting full length, battling each other. It was a royal rumble in a cage of flesh. Our cunts fucked long into the night. At some point we went stuporous and fell asleep, pussy to pussy on her living room floor...

Sunlight breaking through a large window woke me up. I looked around, a bit groggy, in an unfamiliar bedroom. She was lying next to me, apparently watching me sleep.

“What the...?” She stopped me with a soft kiss on the lips.
“We were both pretty exhausted, but I managed to carry you up the stairs.” she explained.
“I’m sorry you had to do that. It was sweet of you.” I said, feeling warm and sexy.
“I didn’t want our first night together to end up with the two of us passed out on the living room floor.”

We were on our sides, facing each other, gently touching. Memories still fresh in our minds of what we had done to each other. The wild, uninhibited fucking, the sometimes gentle lovemaking. Then, what she said hit me.

“Our first night?”

All day Saturday I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. Sunday morning I checked a message on my cell phone.

“Hi Toni! It’s Brenda. I was wondering if you’d like to get together again this Friday. Call me, sweetie. Bye.” CLICK. My pussy was wet. My nipples were aroused.

Oh my goodness, Antoinette. What have you gotten yourself into?