(by A. Penman)

They rolled around on the soft rug in front of the fireplace. Sexy music was playing on the sound system. The mood was intimate, with just the right amount of aggression. This encounter was something they both felt might eventually happen between them. Certainly, an erotic tension had existed between them since they first met. Over time it just grew and was most intense whenever they were in close quarters. They mostly disguised it well, but a couple of their more perceptive mutual female friends recognized the body language between the two women. One of them even commented on it.  

“You know, it’s only a matter of time before you two hot honeys hook up intimately with each other. I’d love to be there to see it, but I know it will be a very private encounter.”

“I’ll be sure to get it on video tape for you, and for posterity.” replied the blonde, sardonically.

Even though she was reluctant to admit it, her friend was on to something. The body language between her and the big breasted brunette was subtle, but appreciable to those with a keen eye for interactions between women. Indeed, all it took was a casual invitation to meet privately for a glass of wine and some girl chatter and, without a second thought, she was there. After a few glasses of properly aged white Zinfandel the mood was set and a sexy, non verbal challenge was proffered. Now, they were rolling around in a full body embrace, feeling each other’s softness, noting in their minds how evenly matched they were and wondering to themselves just how far this might go.

They paused briefly and looked into each other’s eyes as they absorbed the sensation of breathing chest to chest with each other. Even through their t-shirts and bras, the long held suspicion that their breasts were evenly matched in size and fullness was proving to be true. And by the way they were entangled it was just as obvious that they were both willing and even eager to engage each other body to body. 
They were friends. Still, in the heat of the moment...

“Bitch!” said the blonde, who was on the bottom.

“Slut!” Replied the brunette on top. Then came another ten minutes of rolling around, replete with grunts, groans and invectives as each tried to dominate the other. Once again they paused as the dark haired beauty regained the top position. They glared at each other, breathing hard.  

“We’re not getting anywhere like this.” said the brunette.

“Do you have something else in mind?” asked the blonde.

The brunette said nothing, but gave her blonde friend a mischievous smile. Then, just before disengaging herself from the blonde, she emphatically rubbed and rolled her breasts into the blonde’s wondrously full tits, causing her to moan with pleasure. Then she untangled herself and rose to her feet. The blonde reached out for extended hands and allowed herself to be helped up.  

“What now, brown eyes?”

Again the brunette said nothing. The blonde watched as she eased the neck of her tee over her head, then removed it. As each article of her clothing fell to the floor, the blonde became more aroused. In a matter of seconds her olive skinned friend stood before her, gloriously naked. She took time to evaluate the wondrous curves of this nude body. Her eyes were eventually drawn to the crotch where tan lines pointed the way to a full lipped, shaved pussy. She was not entirely surprised by this. She knew what she had to do. There was no backing down now. They had been building up to this for months, and she was glad that this moment had finally arrived. Her own clothes came off in short order. She allowed her dark haired hostess equal time to assess her, the “opposition,” so to speak. All four breasts were noticeably heaving.  

“I’m impressed.” said the brunette.

“Me too.”

“Nice pussy, blondie.”

"Well now." An acknowledgment by the brunette that both pussies were equal, the blonde thought to herself.  

“Likewise. I like the way your tan lines draw attention to your pussy.”  

“And I like. the fact that we’re both shaved.” said the brunette.

It was at that point that both women knew the ultimate duel would bring both pussies together. It would no doubt be a confrontation for the ages.  The stunning blonde paused to compose her thoughts, then moved in close to her dark haired rival.

“I get the feeling we both hoped it would play out like this...no clothes, woman to woman.”

“As soon as we hit the floor I knew.” the brunette responded.

Still a bit overwhelmed by how turned on she was, the blonde asked the obvious question. “Now what?”

“You said it yourself. Woman to woman. That means bodies pressed together. Can you handle all this?” the brunette asked as she gestured to her naked body. The blonde smiled seductively at her brown eyed hostess and returned the question. "Are YOU woman enough for all this?”

They posed for each other, hands on hips, breasts out in an obvious challenge. No further words were needed. But both understood they were in for a long night of woman to woman sex fighting and both were hot for the match to commence.  “Enough foreplay.” Said the brunette.  

They clasped hands and moved to the middle of the rug. As their nipples lightly scraped into each other, they absorbed the sensation of first intimate contact. With their eyes locked, the two women moved closer, mashing their breasts fully into each other, in a long awaited encounter. Each woman marveled at the fullness of each other’s tits and at how evenly matched they were. How soft the sensation was!Next, bellies pressed together then crotches met in intimate contact. At long last the two women were united the way they wanted to be. Smooth naked flesh pressed together as they went slowly down to the floor, locking themselves in a sensual body wrestle. They rolled around together in a test of strength, wills and bodies. It took about fifteen minutes, but the brunette eventually overpowered the blonde and took the top position for the fuck fight that was coming. She felt the blonde’s silky legs entwine with hers. With their bellies and crotches lined up and pressing tightly together, the brunette rolled and pressed her tits fully with her opponent’s breasts. The blonde moaned in obvious pleasure. She responded by tightly wrapping her arms around the brunette’s back, holding her as tightly as she could, forcing her own tits into a tight crush with the brunette’s breasts. Both women groaned at the indescribable pleasure.  

“I’ve got home chest advantage, bitch.” The brunette boasted.

“That don’t make your tits any better than mine you slut. Besides, I know my way around the mat. My body can handle your body and my tits can certainly handle yours.”

The verbal jousting continued. “Then you'd better be ready for a long night, because I know how to handle myself too, body to body.” replied the brunette.

“I’m up for the challenge. I’ll lock up with you all night long, if that’s what it’s gonna take.” the blond sneered.

“Bitch, that is what it’s going to take.” There was a pause as the brunette gave the blonde an odd look.

“What!?” the blonde asked.

“I was just thinking about how desperately we’ve needed to do this. This was inevitable.”

“You’re right. There’s always heat between us.” the blonde agreed. 

They groaned and the intimate body roll around continued. It lasted for twenty more minutes before the brunette took charge once again. The busty blonde no longer cared who was on top. Although she would never admit to it, she could feel her resistance slowly dissipate. She wanted to get down to the business between their thighs. There was so much heat between them that all that mattered was how much pleasure their bodies gave each other in this intense sexual battle. Even if she lost this one, she was definitely going to demand a rematch, perhaps several rematches. As their breathing slowed, the blonde pulled the brunette’s face to hers and the two women engaged in an open mouth tongue kiss. Their lips locked and the tongues wrestled as each woman’s passion grew. But, the real battle had not yet been joined. Their bellies were tightly pressed together and they had made certain to bump their crotches into each other repeatedly during the match, but their two swollen, wet pussies had not yet connected with each other. The cunt to cunt challenge had not yet been issued. But it was only a matter of time.  

As the long kiss became more heated, the brunette could no longer contain herself. Still pressed tightly, belly to belly with the blonde. Her cunt was on fire for the sweet meat of the blonde’s pussy. She seemed now unable to control her pelvis and pushed it down softly, bumping her sweaty crotch into the blonde’s hairless mound. The blonde reacted instantly. She grabbed the dark haired beauty’s ass and squeezed, pulling it down as she thrust upward. The brunette challenged, the blonde accepted. It was time.

They shifted their hips and angled their naked, aroused cunts toward each other, then thrust them forward. After almost an hour of build up came the most anticipated encounter as their two wet pussies collided with each other. They had both wrestled with other women before, but neither of them had ever taken on another woman at this level of naked intimacy. Their bodies trembled at the first contact and the two women found ways to achieve intimate flesh on flesh contact. Their labia wrestled and rolled and slid together. The brunette could feel her rival’s moist cunt softening up to hers as her juices moistened the blonde’s thick cunt lips. Forcing the weight of her hips downward, the brunette intensified the challenge, and the two wet pussies squished together, making juicy sounds as they tangled. The blonde angled her pelvis to allow better access. Then she felt something she had never felt before. The brunette’s fully aroused clitoris sunk down into her inner labia, penetrating her pussy as it instantly met up with her own engorged clitoris. The two clits battled with each other instantly, bumping and sliding against each other. The blonde dug her fingers painfully into the brunette’s ass as the two women humped sensuously together, grinding vulva and rolling tits as two undulating bodies began to sweat, heading full bore toward mutual orgasm.  

The blonde screamed first as her body stiffened against her rival’s body. Ten seconds later, the brunette slammed hard and stiffened, kissing the blonde hard as she climaxed with an intensity she had never felt before, her cunt against the blonde’s cunt. They squealed and groaned and cussed each other for having the ability to force such powerful orgasms from each other, as they crushed their sweat soaked bodies so tightly together that it was difficult to determine where one stopped and the other began. In a breathy slow down they continued to rub pussies together, as they whispered into each other’s ear and rolled their breasts into each other.

“You fucking bitch! How could you make me do that?” asked the blonde.

As they caught their breath, both women had to begrudgingly admit to each other that this was, by far, the most ardent and satisfying sexual encounter they had ever experienced.

“Wanna do it again?” asked the brunette. 

The blonde then found the reserve strength to overpower the brunette and then, from the top position, she looked at her squarely and announced, “This is NOT over, Monica.”

“Not by a long shot, Hillary!”