Tylene vs Tina

Unlike men, women reach maximum sexual power well above 30. Former stripper and current pro sex-fighter Tylene was aware she was enjoying those 6 or 7 years where everything worked fine, endurance, experience and physiological plenitude. With explosive teens she used selfcontrol to hold back and vicious finger techniques to break them down. With mature seasoned bitches she engaged in a cum per cum trib routine setting a pace only her prodigious physical conditioning could take. She was the classic lust bomb. It was said she had made a man cum just performing before his eyes. Of the three disciplines of sex wrestling, first-to-cum, power cumming and sex marathon, she had reached top shape and had beaten specialists in the three of them. Her body worked like a panther, and her mind enjoyed the challenges, the tougher the better.

Tina, a former fitness contestant with huge silicone tits, was her age, her size and her strength, but she knew from the posing event that the fierce lioness lacked her imposing, alluring charisma. Destroying Tina was a way to make her fame grow even larger. Tina was powerful and vicious, and screamed like an ape. She was used to impressing her rivals with her physical conditioning and intimidating them with her muscles.

Tylene paid back blow by blow, and enjoyed studying the increasing strain in Tinaís sparking face, as she absorbed her moves and produced back lethal holds that unexpectedly exposed sensitive parts of Tina's anatomy to her cunning strokes. Tylene managed to hold herself until Tina had cum twice, and kept the edge disregarding the sort of move the lioness attempted. The advantage took a psychological toll on the muscled blonde and the match became one-sided, with Tylene controlling the pace and intensity of the climaxes of both boiling bodies. She could have enlarged the distance, but preferred to show off she could outlast Tina in the endurance field also. With a humiliating schoolgirl pin she prompted Tina to submit and the brave lioness broke down in tears like a little child.

The first two rounds lasted 20 min and took place in upstanding position, with the girls wearing tight fitting see-through panties. The match is won by one girl if she manages to make her rivalís panties wet. A fighter is given a warning if she clinches or covers her sensitive parts or refuses contact anyhow, and can be disqualified by the ref if she persists in that attitude.

The final third round has no time limit and no move barred, starts with the girls face to face on all four and ends only when the ref verifies that one of the girls has cum, or verbally gives up. The girls must be naked with their sensitive parts fully exposed, but laces, rings or belts are allowed as long as they are not used in the strokes.

Round 1
Hands-only top
The girls meet in the centre of the mat in embroidered underwear and pick out the top. They massage one another's tits with their hands only and the first to make the other's panties wet wins. Only contact with hands is allowed. If after the 20 min limit no girl has wet her panties a 2 min breather is called before 2nd round begins.

Round 2
Free top
The girls try to make each other wet again by touching, licking, sucking or biting her rival from hips up. The girls can use their hands, mouth or any other part of their body, but only the upper body of her rival can be targeted. If the 20 min limit is expired a 2 min breather is called, girls strip off and meet on all fours for the final round.

Round 3
Free sex wrestling. No rules, everything is allowed as long as the move is not aimed to prevent the rival from reaching the sensitive parts. If the position of the girls does not allow the ref to determine whether one of them has cum he is allowed to call a ref break for inspection and a decision is made.

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