Kindergarten Moms - Part 2
(by EAGLE)

Following their first sexfight Bridget and Shannon didn't see much of each other for awhile.  They both attended the Halloween party, but had to take their daughters home at the end of the day.  A few nights later Shannon remembered she had Bridget's e-mail address, and sent her a message saying she couldn't wait until they tangled again.  Bridget replied and told Shannon she was looking forward to their next battle, and promised to put her in her place.

They traded e-mails at night after their daughters were asleep, and subsequent messages became more graphic.  Shannon told Bridget, "After I make you submit to me I'm going to humiliate you by rubbing my hot wet pussy all over your ass."

Bridget replied, "I will make you cum so many times you’ll lose count, and then I'll turn you into my sex slave."

Shannon took it up a notch by challenging Bridget to a clit fight telling her, "My clit is going to fuck yours into submission."

Bridget quickly replied, "Your puny little clit is no match for mine.  I've never lost a clit fight.  I'm looking forward to adding you to the loser's list."

The two women e-mailed back and forth for a number of nights before finally settling on a date for their next encounter.  They picked the following Thursday mainly because of the unusual school day schedule.  Due to teachers meetings school would not start until 11 a.m.  They agreed that they would drop their daughters off at school, and then proceed to Bridget's house.  The night before they were to meet Bridget sent Shannon one last e-mail which said, "You told me you will accept any challenge I give you.  In that case I want you to wear black thigh top stockings tomorrow.  I have a special competition in mind."

Shannon didn't know what type of competition Bridget was thinking about, but quickly agreed.  The following morning Shannon dressed in one of her sexiest outfits.  In addition to her black stockings she put on high heels, and a gray miniskirt.  She topped it off with a tight low cut red jersey which left no doubt as to how well endowed she was.  Shannon knew that Bridget was going to look as sexy as possible, and wanted to present herself as a very hot woman who wouldn't take a back seat to Bridget or anyone else in the looks department.

As they got in the car and started for school Erin asked Shannon, "Mommy, why are you all dressed up today?"

Shannon answered, "Becky's mom and I are going shopping together."

Erin thought for a moment and then commented, "I'm glad you and Mrs. Kendrick like each other.  Becky and I are best friends."

Shannon thought to herself, "Honey, you should only know what we’re really doing.  Maybe someday, but not today."

When Shannon reached the school she saw that Bridget had already dropped Becky off and was waiting for her.  As soon as Erin disappeared into school Shannon pulled her car behind Bridget’s, and followed her home.  When they reached Bridget's house the two women exited their cars, and walked to the front door.  Bridget held the door open for Shannon, and followed her into the house.  When the two reached the living room they turned to face one another.  Shannon had guessed correctly about Bridget, and how she would be dressed.  Bridget looked incredibly sexy wearing a maroon miniskirt, and a white scoop neck blouse which barely contained her large breasts.  She matched Shannon with black stockings, and high heels.  As they eyed one another from top to bottom the two beauties stood very close together, and each waited for the other to make the first move.

In the end both of them made the first move as each took a step forward so their bodies pressed together.  Without any words they embraced, and locked their open mouths together in a tongue probing kiss.  They were testing one another, and neither would back down.  It's why they were here, and one long passionate kiss wasn't going to prove anything to either one.  They held their kiss for some time, and when they finally broke apart both women were breathing deeply.  Bridget finally spoke saying, ”Today one of us is going to be right.  You promised to rub your pussy all over my ass, and I promised to make you my sex slave.  You don't know how much I have been looking forward to our fight today."

Shannon replied, "I know we have the hots for each other, and we'd love to fuck each other's brains out.  But that's not enough because each of us wants to dominate the other sexually.   There can only be one winner, and I plan on being that person.  Now tell me why we are wearing black thigh top stockings.  I've been curious since you sent me last night's e-mail."

Bridget led Shannon to her bedroom, and indicated both of them would strip everything off except their stockings.  Once they faced each other on the bed Bridget explained, "I learned this game during my college sorority days.  It's called Leg Lust, and the rules are pretty simple.  Two women get down together and entwine their legs.  They have their arms around each other, but there is no kissing or grinding.  They squeeze and rub their legs together.  Sooner or later one of the two will become so aroused she will start kissing and fucking.  It's all about willpower and self-control.  The loser pays a penalty, and you know what that means."

Shannon told Bridget she understood the rules, and was looking forward to their leg duel.  They got down on the bed and carefully wrapped their legs together.  They embraced and each could feel the other's nipples pressing into her own breasts.  When both women were ready they began.  After a few moments the two started bragging.  Bridget said, "My legs are sexier than yours.  Come on baby.  Kiss me and fuck me."

Shannon replied, "You'll be the one kissing and fucking.  My legs are going to make yours melt."

The trash talking eventually stopped and was replaced by light gasps at first and then with heavy breathing.  The leg squeezing and rubbing was getting to both women.  In the blink of an eye it was finished.  The two were suddenly passionately kissing and grinding their pussies into each other.   A short time later they erupted into a wild squealing body shaking orgasm.  Shannon and Bridget both won and lost depending on how you look at it.  It took awhile for them to calm down, but when they did each one claimed victory.  They argued for some time over who won.  Ultimately since there was no way either woman could prove she was the winner they reluctantly called it a tie.  

Oddly enough during their conversation Shannon and Bridget had remained in the same position they were in during their leg to leg competition.  Shannon said, "It's okay for each of us to believe we won, but remember this isn't a sprint.  It's a marathon, and I know I'm going to outlast you because I can out-kiss, outfuck, and out-suck you.  By the time we're finished you'll know I'm the better woman."

Having said that Shannon rolled over on top of Bridget, and forcefully kissed her.  Bridget was taken by surprise for a few seconds, but quickly recovered, and rolled Shannon over so she was on top.  Bridget did some hot kissing of her own, and then it became a sexual wrestling contest.  Whoever was on top was momentarily in control, and would tongue kiss whichever of them was on the bottom.  It was a kissing fight with some rolling back and forth thrown in.  Shannon, however, had a plan, and waited for the right time to make it happen.  While she was on top Bridget decided she would assume control by spreading her legs as wide as possible to keep Shannon from rolling her over.  However, this move played right into Shannon's hands because it made it easy for her to press her thigh into Bridget's pussy.  Bridget was surprised by the unexpected attack, and quickly realized that even though she was on top she would lose control if she stayed in her present position.  She pulled completely away from Shannon saying, "Nice try bitch.  Did you think I was going to make it that easy for you?" 

Shannon laughed and replied, "Honey I didn't put you in that position.  You put yourself there, and all I did was take advantage of it.  I accepted your challenge and did Leg Lust with you.  It's time for you to accept my challenge and have a clit fight with me.

Bridget quickly responded, "Gladly slut.  I told you in my e-mail that I've never lost a clit fight.

Shannon said, "Then this will be a first for you.  If you have that much confidence in yourself let's make it interesting.  I think we should fight with tongues, tits, and clits.

Bridget agreed and they wasted no time getting started.  They faced off on their knees in the middle of the bed.  They held hands down at their sides as they brought their bodies together, leaned into one another, and started kissing.  Each stabbed the other's tongue with her own, and then they slid them together.  Their lip lock became more passionate as each tried to out kiss the other.  Their uninhibited kissing aroused both of them, but it was only the beginning of what they would do to one another.

They stopped kissing and moved to the next phase of their intense competition.  They pressed their tits tightly together, and started grinding them from side to side.  Gasps could be heard from both women as their nipples were bent back and forth from the movement of their breasts.  This part of their sexfight was very erotic because each woman wanted to prove she had the best tits.  After a time Shannon said, "Everything we've been doing up until now is exciting foreplay.  But I think it's time we put our clits to the test.  After all it's what we both want.  Let's do it."

Bridget quickly agreed, and the two sat back to get in position to start.  It looked as though they were going to have a trib fight as they spread their legs apart, overlapped them, and slid closer together.  However, they stopped when their pussies were a few inches apart.  Shannon reached down with one hand and spread her pussy lips apart so Bridget could see her clit.  Bridget did the same, and the two women were able to compare them.  Shannon spoke and taunted Bridget saying, "I don't see anything special.  You say you've never lost a clit fight.  You must have been competing against little girls."

Bridget angrily replied, "Your clit isn't any bigger than mine, and I have competed against better women than you.  You'll be singing a different tune when I get through with you."

Still showing each other their clits Shannon and Bridget brought their pussies together.  There would not be any thrusting or uncontrolled humping because both women wanted their clits to always be in contact.  Therefore this duel would involve slow grinding on their parts.  As their clits came together a sharp intake of breath could be heard coming from both women.  The sensations each was feeling were almost indescribable, and from the outset the sounds coming from both reflected the highest level of eroticism.  Their clits were rubbing together, and each one knew this part of their sexfight wasn't going to last much longer.  They were able to stop their moaning long enough to do some trash talking.  Shannon began by saying, "I can feel how wet you're getting.  That means my clit is winning, and you're getting ready to go off."

Bridget breathlessly answered, "You're the one who's gushing and my clit is outfucking yours.  Get ready to lose"

The exchange of words made the two women change their tactics.  Instead of rubbing clits they began stabbing them together as if they were in a fucking contest. In order to gain more support they leaned back on both hands so they could push harder.  Suddenly it was over as both Shannon and Bridget started screaming from one of the most powerful orgasms either had ever experienced.  Each had tears in her eyes caused by the intensity of the pulsating sensations running through her body.  They clutched each other to keep from collapsing on their backs.  Then they fell to one side, and just looked at one another in silence.  After a few minutes went by they regained their composure, and both felt compelled to say something.  Bridget went first saying, "I have to be honest after all the bragging I did.  No woman has ever done that to me before."

Shannon smiled and responded, "Well, as long as we're being honest with each other, I can say the same thing about you.  That was incredible, and I can't wait to fight like that again.  The more intense it gets the more I want to beat you.  But right now I'd settle for a break so I can get rid of these stockings, and get a drink of water."

Bridget agreed, and both women swung to opposite sides of the bed so they could remove their stockings.  Bridget finished, stood up and walked toward the doorway of the bedroom.  As she moved away from the bed she noticed Shannon's skirt lying on the floor.  She looked back and saw that Shannon hadn't quite finished taking off her stockings.  With an impish look on her face she stepped into Shannon's skirt, and pulled it up around her waist.  Just at that moment Shannon stood up, and saw Bridget wearing her skirt.  She quickly said, "What the hell are you doing in my skirt?"

Rather than replying with words Bridget did a little bump and grind and then said, "I look hotter in your skirt then you do."

Shannon snapped back, "You couldn't look sexier than I do wearing anything.  Take off my skirt."

Instead of taking off Shannon's skirt Bridget wiggled her hips a little more, and added a few sensual moves to her dance.  Shannon, realizing that Bridget wasn't going to take off her skirt, looked around and saw Bridget's skirt lying only a few feet away.  She quickly grabbed the skirt and put it on.  She did her own sexy dance trying to make Bridget jealous.  The two moved closer to one another, and knew their next confrontation was only a few moments away.  They would experience feelings of jealousy, anger, arousal, and lust.  But for the time being arousal and lust would have to wait because jealousy and anger quickly came to the forefront.

By now they were standing only a few feet apart.  Shannon once again demanded that Bridget take off her skirt.  Bridget said, "Okay, but I'd like to give it a personal touch first."

She reached down, grabbed the bottom of Shannon's skirt, and pushed it up into her own pussy.  She started to rub the skirt up and down and gleefully said, "As soon as I get enough pussy juice on it you can have it back."

Shannon, with anger in her voice, replied, "You pig!  Two can play that game."

Shannon grabbed Bridget's skirt, and started to do the same thing.  The two women were now trying to get as much pussy juice as they could on each other's skirt.  The name calling and insults were flying back and forth between the two.  Bridget yelled, "You cunt!  You're just jealous because I look sexier than you do."

Shannon screamed back, "You're nothing but a whore!  You'll never look better than I do in anything."

Anger took the place of jealousy, and the two women quickly moved together.  They locked their hands in each other's hair and started to vigorously pull.  They squealed as they yanked one another around the room.  Then their legs got tangled up together, and they fell to the floor. Without missing a beat they got to their knees, and continued their battle.  However, as they pulled each other's hair Shannon and Bridget began to feel something else.  They were in very close contact, and as a result their breasts and nipples were banging together.  Erotic feelings began to replace some of the anger, and the two women began to focus on something other than their catfight.  Shannon said, "Let's settle this with a fuck fight."

Bridget agreed, but warned Shannon, "This is one you'll never win.  I'm going to make you cum all over your own skirt."

Shannon quickly answered, "You're the one who is going to get her skirt all wet.  Let's fuck."

The two overlapped their legs, and moved into a trib position.  They began thrusting their pussies together, and although their skirts covered up some of the action it was easy to see what they were doing.  They reached forward, and embraced so they could kiss and pussy fight at the same time.  Then it was over as the two cried out into each other's mouth while reaching a pulsating and body shaking orgasm.  Their open mouths remained locked together until the pleasurable sensations started to subside, and then each collapsed on her back.  Minutes later Shannon got to her knees, and crawled over to where Bridget was recovering and asked, "Can we have a truce now?  I'm dying of thirst."

Bridget nodded her head, and the two of them headed for the kitchen still wearing each other's skirt.  When they reached the refrigerator Bridget took out two bottles of water, and handed one to Shannon.  They walked to the living room, and sat down together on the love seat.  For the next 4 or 5 minutes they sipped their cool water, and just looked at each other without saying anything.  Bridget finally broke the silence saying, "I guess even if we wanted to we couldn't have normal sex together.  Every time I get in the same room with you I want to rip off your clothes, and fuck you until you surrender to me."

Shannon replied, "I know how you feel because I feel the same way toward you.  I'm just as competitive as you are, and I always want to win."

Bridget asked, "When did you first know you wanted me this way?"

Shannon thought for a moment and replied, "I think it was the first day of school.  I saw you get out of your car, and bring Becky over to wait with the rest of us.  You were wearing a purple blouse, and a white skirt that was so tight I wondered how you even moved in it.  I knew then I wanted to find out how good you were.  How about you?  When did you know we would take each other on like this?"

Bridget's answer didn't surprise Shannon.  She said, "I saw you the first day of school, but I had so many things to do I didn't think about you then.  It was during the kindergarten open house when we sat down close to one another.  You were wearing a hot pink blouse, and a black miniskirt.  I knew when Mrs. Robinson paired us up together to buy Halloween treats that I wanted to lock up with you.  When you insisted that we weigh ourselves in the nude I knew we both wanted the same thing.  Isn't it amazing that we still remember everything the two of us were wearing more than a month ago?  I guess we made an impression on one another right from the start."

The two fell silent again as they drank what little remained in their water bottles.  Bridget took the empty bottle from Shannon, and put it along with hers on the table next to the loveseat.  Then they looked at one another, and each wondered what was next.  Bridget again broke the silence saying, "You know we're still wearing one another's skirts.  I think we should do something about that."

Shannon asked, "Does that mean the truce is over?  Are we going to fight again?"

Bridget replied, "It depends on what you mean by fight again.  We apparently can't even pull one another's hair without getting turned on.  So that leaves us with only one choice."

The two women slid closer to one another, and each knew what was going to happen next.  They brought their open mouths together in a tender kiss, and their tongues began to play.  After kissing Shannon for awhile Bridget turned her attention elsewhere.  She suddenly lowered her head and started to attack one of Shannon's breasts with her mouth.  Shannon gasped in delight as Bridget first sucked her nipple, and gently pulled on it with their teeth.  As good as it felt Shannon knew she would lose this round to Bridget if she didn't fight back.  Shannon pulled Bridget's head away and then attacked her in the same manner.

The two spent several minutes exchanging nipple bites before Shannon pulled Bridget closer, and aggressively kissed her.  The two resumed their kissing duel, but there was nothing tender about these kisses.  They were kissing one another with wild abandon, and ran their tongues all over each other's face and neck.  While sucking Bridget’s tongue Shannon reached down, found Bridget's pussy, and began stroking it.  As Bridget gasped from the pleasure she reached down and began to caress Shannon's pussy.  Shortly both women were crying out from the sensations which ran through their bodies.  The faster they stroked the more erotic sounds each one made, and both knew they were close to completely losing control.  Each implored the other to cum, and as if both were acting on cue they erupted in a frenzy of uncontrollable cries of passion.

After they recovered from their violent orgasms and calmed down Bridget said to Shannon, "I don't believe it.  We have taken each other on the bed, the floor, and the loveseat and neither of us can win.  Do you think there are two women anywhere in the world who are more evenly matched than we are?"

Shannon replied, "If there are we haven't met them.  Besides, I think we've had one match where I was better than you."  When Bridget asked what she was talking about Shannon continued, "When we were at my house we each lost once, and had to pay the penalty by sucking one another's pussy.  I know I got you off a lot quicker than you did when you were sucking my pussy.  I guess that means I'm better than you are eating pussy."

Bridget protested saying, "That's not fair.  You can't judge it that way.  There was almost an hour between the time I sucked your pussy and you did me.  The only way to decide who is better is to have a 69 fight."

Shannon agreed but said she was so sure she'd win that Bridget could have the advantage of being in the top position.  The two stood up and moved a few feet away from the loveseat.  They decided to compete totally naked, and each removed the skirt she was wearing.  They came together and embraced.  The two had gotten to the point where foreplay was almost as competitive as the sexfight itself.  They started grinding their breasts together, and shared a number of passionate kisses.  Then they took each other down, and got in position to begin their pussy eating contest.  Shannon kept her word by allowing Bridget to have the top position.

By this time both women had very wet pussies, and they wasted no time getting started.  Each attacked the other's pussy aggressively using her mouth and tongue.  Given the erotic feelings running through both of them it was difficult to concentrate on winning this part of their sexfight.  They began to cry out from the sensations, but it didn't slow either of them down.  Shannon began to attack Bridget's clit, and at the same time could feel Bridget doing the same thing to her.  Each had the target she really wanted, and it became a matter of which one could hold out the longest.  In truth neither one could hold out for very long, and in a short time their pussy eating contest was over.  The room was filled with shrieks and cries of ecstasy from both women as they took each other past the point of no return.

In moments Bridget rolled away from Shannon and collapsed on her back.  Shortly thereafter Shannon crawled over to Bridget and lay on top of her.  Almost as a matter of reflex Bridget wrapped her legs around Shannon's waist and pulled her as close as possible.  Each woman had the other’s love juices on her lips and around her mouth.  No words were exchanged as each woman began to lick her own pussy juice from the other's face.  This aroused them all over again, and they began to passionately kiss and suck each other's tongue.  Shannon began to fuck Bridget who returned each thrust with one of her own.  After they fucked each other to yet another pulsating orgasm Shannon said, "I love it when we fuck each other like that.  I enjoy being on top of you, and getting you off."

Bridget replied, "You seem to forget I got you off too.  I want you to know I'll never give up until I've beaten you."

Shannon smiled and said, "On that we agree because I won't stop until I win.  I don't care how long it takes."

The two women had been going at each other for more than three hours.  If nothing else they showed amazing stamina.  Neither would give the other the satisfaction of seeing her back down.  However, both had finally run out of energy.  Shannon and Bridget were finished for the day, and they knew it.  Bridget looked at Shannon and said, "You were right about this being a marathon.  The thing is I've never seen a marathon end in a tie before."

Shannon countered, "Oh, our marathon isn't over.  We'll just cross the finish line another time.  After all I didn't get to pussy fuck your beautiful ass, and you didn't make me your sex slave.  We're not going to be happy until that's decided one way or another.

Bridget posed the question, "When do you think we'll be together again?

Shannon thought for a few moments and replied, "I think I know.  Erin has been asking me when she can invite Becky for a sleepover.  I think you should bring her over next Friday.  After they go to sleep you and I can go to my bedroom.  Over the years I have put together a nice collection of sex toys.  We can spend all night fighting with them."

Bridget quickly agreed, and told Shannon she was already looking forward to it.  In a very short time the two had become addicted to each other, and to their sexfights.  Neither one would be happy until a final conclusion was reached.  Their intense competition would continue long after they were finished being kindergarten moms.