Pat was an adult probation officer with the local court and county probation departments. She was twenty-seven years old and had been working since she graduated from college. She was very tall and slender, standing six feet even in bare feet. She was athletic and swam laps daily. This exercise routine resulted in long slender legs with firm muscles. Her hips were slim and her waist measured twenty-four inches. Her bust was firm and not overly large for her size. She had thick short curly hair which was reddish brown in color. Her face was not overly attractive but she had a nice personality to compliment her figure.

Pat lived alone in an apartment. At twenty-seven, she still had not found Mr. Right. Like most people she had her secret fantasies and desires. Hers was a little more unusual than most. As a little girl, she had been exposed to wrestling matches on TV. Over the years she had continued to watch the sport when no one else was around. She was rather embarrassed to admit she liked it. Her secret passion was to some day have a wrestling match with another female.

As she grew older, this passion was becoming all consuming. Watching females wrestle and fight was becoming a fetish. She had begun to purchase films and videotapes of female matches. More recently these films and tapes contained explicit footage of semi-nude and nude women grappling. Some of these fights contained x-rated materials which showed the contestants grabbing and pummeling each others private parts in an effort to inflict pain and humiliation.

For some time now she had been masturbating while these films were shown. She experienced huge multiple orgasms which came in waves depending on what one female was doing to another on the screen. These films went far to satisfy her erotic fantasies and her sexual appetite. However, films and tapes of other women wrestling would not quench the burning desire to actually participate in a match with another aggressive female. Her opportunity for such a conflict was about to materialize.

Across her desk one day came a file on a young woman who had recently been arrested on a disturbing the peace charge. This was a client she had inherited from another probation officer. The young woman was on probation from an earlier prostitution arrest. The police had been called to a house in an older neighborhood to investigate a disturbance. When they arrived, they had to break down a door and found a fight in progress between two women. It had evidently been going on for some time because the room was a shambles and the participants were totally nude. The officers had difficulty separating them but finally did so.

Just reading about this seemed to mesmerize Pat. Immediately she fantasized about the fight and she could feel her nipples stiffen significantly inside her bra and her crotch area seemed to be more moist than normal. As she stared at the file, she found herself daydreaming about participating in the fight. Unknowingly she moved her right hand up to her breasts and began lightly rubbing the protruding nipples in a circular motion. She just barely caught herself as her hand began to slip to her crotch area.

As she shook the daydream off, she found her heart thumping in her chest. A buzz on her desk phone startled her. A secretary announced that the girl whose file she had in front of her was in the front office for her appointment. Pat could not answer for a moment and the secretary repeated herself. Pat told her to let the girl come in. She fumbled with the file and looked down to see if her protruding nipples were very visible through her outfit. Fortunately, it was not too noticeable.

She heard a light but firm knock on her door and told the girl to come in. The door opened and in walked Diana. Their eyes met for an instant as Diana moved over to a chair beside Pat's desk. Pat told her to sit and she did in a languish motion crossing her legs. From where she sat, Pat could see that Diana was very tall and thin. In fact, she was as tall as Pat but wore a pair of three inch open-toed spike heels which made her seem taller.

Diana was young, just barely twenty years old. However, in her youth she had experienced aspects of life that most women twice her age had not. She was a product of a broken home and had just barely finished high school. She was very streetwise and could handle herself in any given situation. She possessed a rather smug and very self confident demeanor. She looked directly at Pat with no fear of her position and no fear of her physically. She had an air about her that seemed to challenge Pat.

Pat sensed it as only another female could. Her ultimate fantasy would be realized with this girl. Pat noticed immediately how thin Diana was. She guessed her weight to be around one hundred fifteen pounds. In sizing Diana up she could see that she would have over ten pounds in weight advantage were they to wrestle. That meant nothing when women fought. Diana's hair was dark brown with blond highlights and worn full around her face. She usually wore it tied in a short full ponytail. Diana's eyes were big, dark and wide. Her look was piercing. Her other features were very feminine. She had high cheekbones and a pert nose. Her lips were full and outlined darkly in red lipstick. She wore a lot of makeup as a lot of streetwalkers usually did. Nevertheless, she was a pretty girl in the face. Her shoulders were slim and she was not overly large in the chest. However, her breasts were full and rounded. Her ample bust was one of her best assets and though she did not flaunt it, her bust size was easily noticeable. Her breasts were obvious to Pat and she could almost feel what it would be like to duel Diana's erect nipples with her own. Diana had a very small waist and nearly nonexistent hips. Her behind was of the bubble variety and very firm. Her legs were very long and slender. This girl would never be known as one who had thunder thighs.

Pat attempted to discuss Diana's violation and to advise her of the consequences. Diana listened in silence. She informed Pat that she did not care how much jail time she did; she would do the same thing to any other woman that got in her way. Pat tried to counsel the young woman but Diana would have none of it. Pat leaned back in her chair. The look that passed between them was smoldering. If Pat wanted to, she could recommend revocation of probation for Diana which would send her back to jail for up to thirty days.

In an instant, she decided to do something unethical. She decided to use her position to satisfy her overwhelming desire for a wrestling match with another female. She wrote out her address on the back of a business card and handed it to Diana. She told her to be at her place around seven that evening and she would have a decision for her. Diana knew this was out of the ordinary and that if she wanted she could really get Pat in trouble. But, she also knew Pat could make trouble for her. Gazing at Pat she sensed that the probation officer wanted something from her. She was unafraid and nodded that she would be at Pat's place that evening.

The rest of the day dragged by for Pat. She was nervous and excited at the same time. She found it difficult to concentrate on much of anything related to business. She finally decided to leave work early telling her supervisor she was not feeling real well. She hurried home about three in the afternoon.

In her mailbox she found a package from a supplier of the wrestling videos she had been purchasing. It had taken over a month to arrive and she had all but forgotten she had ordered it. Trembling and fumbling with her keys she let herself in her apartment. She quickly threw off her street clothes and clad only in bra and panties she closed her living room drapes and inserted the video tape in her VCR. She put a pillow on the floor and stretched out in front of her TV set to view the tape. She was doubly excited because she had not remembered what would be shown on this video. She would not be disappointed.

It was one of the most exciting tapes she had seen to date. It had a five minute lead which explained what was to follow and gave descriptions of the participants. She became very aroused as she read the information rolling by on her screen. This was to be a special match with special rules for the participants. It was to be conducted totally in the nude.

The first fall was to feature only manipulation of the breasts. Both women were well endowed and this part of the tape saw them rubbing their breasts together as well as pulling, pinching and squeezing the firm flesh. The camera caught close-up shots of their chests and faces while this took place. There were shots of their erect nipples dueling, a mutual bearhug with breasts mashing together and startling scenes of each one scissoring the others breasts with their legs. The final few moments in the fall found them pinning each other with full frontal body presses.

The second fall was devoted to manipulation of the pubic region. It contained explicit scenes of them rubbing together, pulling pubic hair and scissoring each others waist from a position of one sitting in front of the other. This fall too would end with a mutual full frontal body press.

The third and final fall lasted roughly for half of the tape. It contained good wrestling action with both using lots of professional holds. It also contained scenes of them manipulating the breast and pubic region in a feverish fashion.

Finally the match concluded with each girl sweating profusely and locked together with her opponent trying to force one or the other to have an orgasm. When the tape finally ended, Pat`s right hand was deep in her crotch moving rapidly and she was moaning loudly. She reached an explosive climax. She lay on the floor breathing heavily, her body shaking in spasms of orgasm. She was emotionally and physically drained.

After about a half an hour, she had completely recuperated and put on her bathrobe. She ate a light supper, took a shower, and applied light makeup. By six fifteen she was clad in jeans and a tee shirt sitting barefoot on her couch staring at the floor. She had decided to show Diana the film and try to get her to wrestle as the two women on the tape. She felt fairly certain that Diana would go for it. The final fall was the ultimate in domination and humiliation and she did not think Diana would turn down the chance to get back at a member of the establishment. Pat would offer Diana immunity from any charge for the recent altercation.

For Pat, the time until she heard Diana's knock at her door passed too slowly. She daydreamed about their match and nearly reached inside her pants more than once. Diana's knock at the door startled her and she slowly unwound her long legs from underneath her. She opened the door and saw Diana standing there in a rather sultry provocative pose leaning in the door frame with a cigarette in her hand. She looked smugly at Pat and walked past her into the living room without saying a word. Diana was wearing the same spike heeled shoes, tight slacks that ended mid-calf and short sleeved blouse which was unbuttoned nearly down to the navel. To say she was provocatively dressed was an understatement.

Pat looked Diana up and down and slowly closed her apartment door by leaning back against it. Her hands were behind her and she slowly turned the deadbolt. Diana heard the click but did not break her gaze into Pat's eyes. Pat stood by the door and folded her arms across her chest, she accused Diana of thinking and acting like she was pretty hot stuff. Diana flicked a cigarette ash on Pat's plush carpeting and asked her what difference that made to anything.

They looked at each other in smoldering silence for several moments. Diana cocked her head to one side and asked what it was that Pat really wanted. Pat walked over to the young woman and stood in front of her with hands on hips. Pat said she had decided not to revoke Diana's probation. With a smug look on her face, Diana wanted to know what it would cost her.

Pat waived her hand toward the couch saying she would show Diana what she wanted. Diana walked over to the couch and sat down crossing her legs. Pat walked over to Diana and handed her an ash tray indicating she wanted her to put out the cigarette. Diana looked up at her defiantly and took one long last drag on the cigarette and blew it up at Pat's face. Pat looked coldly at the younger woman and withdrew the ashtray after Diana had put out the butt. She was angry with Diana by now and she sat down on the couch at the opposite end facing Diana. After looking at Diana for a few moments in silence, she said she had a tape she wanted Diana to watch with her. Diana told her to play it.

Pat turned out the lamp next to her and the room darkened considerably with only a little of the late summer daylight filtering in under her drawn living room drapes. Pat was nervous and excited again as she flicked on the VCR. It was the first and only time she had shared a wrestling video with anyone. Diana was attentive as the film's explanation rolled by. Pat glance over at her to get a reaction but Diana's face was expressionless.

Diana stared at the screen. She was fascinated by the subject of this tape. She had seen pornographic films before but nothing like this. As she watched the films participants struggle with each other, she began to become sexually aroused. Her nipples stood erect inside her bra and her crotch area began to feel moist. Physical combat with another female always seemed to arouse her. This film heightened her arousal system to new dimensions.

Pat became engrossed in the tape again and finally began to rub her stiffened nipples through her shirt and bra. Diana caught her doing this at one point. It was easy to see that Pat wanted Diana to wrestle with her as the two women were doing on the tape. As the tape progressed, she could see that there was a very strong sexual aspect to it. She began to realize that her experience in delivering sexual pleasures to men would be to her advantage. She knew what turned her on as well as men and she would use a combination of those tactics and the wrestling to beat Pat.

The two women were glued to the screen during the last fifteen minutes. As the tape ran out, they both continued to sit in the darkness, saying nothing. Finally, Pat switched on the light next to her.

Diana blinked as if awaking and Pat wondered if she watched the whole thing. Diana turned to Pat and asked Pat where Pat wanted to do it. It was such a direct question that it caught Pat off guard for a moment. She waved her hand out in front of her indicating the living room area would be the place. Diana observed that they would need to move some furniture. Pat agreed and fifteen minutes later all breakables and several sticks of furniture had been moved into Pat's bedroom or the hallway leading into it. The couch remained and they stripped it of its padding and pillows stacking them around the couch to prevent injury.

As they finished, Diana asked Pat if she wanted it to be exactly as on the tape. Pat nervously nodded yes. Diana asked which side of the room she was to take and Pat pointed over by the door. Pat had one favor to ask and that was that they both agree to do it as silently as possible so as not to arouse the curiosity of the other tenants. Diana said she was not a screamer. With that, they turned away from each other and began to remove their clothes.

A million things were racing through Pat's mind. A nervous queasiness filtered through her belly and she felt like she had to urinate. Her heart was pounding rapidly and suddenly her hands seemed ice cold. It was hard to believe she was on the threshold of realizing her greatest fantasy and suddenly she was unsure whether she could go through with it.

The next thing she knew she was unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans. She rolled them down her legs and leaning over she slid her bare feet out of the legs. Without knowing why, she neatly folded her jeans and laid them in front of her. She straightened and crisscrossing her arms in front of her she took hold of her T-shirt and fluidly pulled it up over her head and off. She shook her head to straighten up any hair that might have gotten out of place. Even though her hair was short it was very bushy and tightly permed. The T-shirt had been an older one and the opening for her head had stretched a lot. No hair had been disturbed. She turned the shirt right-side-in and also folded it and laid it on top of her jeans.  She straightened and again took a deep breath while closing her eyes and tilting her head back slightly. With one motion, she reached up behind herself and unhooked her bra. She brushed the shoulder straps down and dropped the bra on the stack of other clothes. Straightening once more, she looked down at herself and reddened slightly at the sight of her exposed breasts. Fleetingly she worried how she would compare her opponent's breasts which she could tell through Diana's clothing were a bit better shaped as well as larger. She ran her hands, palms flat against her sides, down her slim waist and hips and moved her hip-hugger panties down her legs, stepped out of them in a single motion and dropped them on the pile. She removed two rings from her fingers and two small gold ball pierced earrings from her ears. She stood erect again and closing her eyes she took three more deep breaths. Lithely she swirled around to face Diana.

Diana was already facing in Pat's direction with hands on her hips, her long nailed fingers spread inward from where her hands rested on her hips. She stood with her head slightly cocked to the side and a sultry, smug look on her pretty face. Pat had seen her share of exposed female flesh in her time. But, she had never displayed nor seen another female fully displayed in the nude within feet of her. Their eyes roamed over each others exposed flesh. Pat fought the embarrassed reddening of her face. Pat noted that Diana was even thinner than she appeared with her clothes on. She possessed thin shoulders but a well developed bust. She was not top heavy by any means but her breasts, for her size and weight, were full and rounded and stood firmly out from her chest. She possessed a large reddish brown tinged areola and nipple on each breast. As Pat moved down Diana's body her stomach butterflies seemed to multiply. Diana's waist was super thin and her hips were slim. There did not seem to be an ounce of fat on this girl. Her stomach was flat and her navel pressed inward. Below her waist she had an enormous amount of thick, curly and very dark pubic hair. Pat swallowed hard at that point. Diana's legs were very slim but proportioned and her toenails were painted the same dark crimson as her fingernails. She had let her thick dark hair fall loose around her face. She was proud of her body and the power it commanded and held over men. She would put it up against any woman and Pat was no exception. She had a rather intimidating air about her when it came to other women.

Pat sensed this and felt a little intimidated as Diana's eyes searched over her body. She noted that Pat wore no nail polish on either her hands or feet. Pat had long slender legs that reflected her passion for swimming as an exercise program. Her hips were not as narrow as Diana's and Pat's thighs were a bit meatier. As Diana approached Pat's crotch area, she began to tingle with excitement. Pat possessed an overabundance of bushy, thick, reddish brown pubic hair. Just right for good pulling action thought Diana. Pat's stomach was also flat and her navel also pressed inwards. Her waist was slim but not as slim as Diana's.

Diana lingered on Pat's breasts. She guessed them to be a full two inches and a cup size less than her own. In a battle of measurements, she would win. But, Pat's breasts were firm mounds which stood proudly out from her chest. Her areola and nipples were not as pronounced as Diana's but overall Diana felt Pat had plenty to pull, squeeze and twist. She noted Pat's shoulders were a bit bigger than her own but that her arms did not appear much different. Pat's neck was long and Diana noted the plentiful amount of curly reddish-brown hair piled on top of her head.

Just as they seemed ready to step toward each other, Pat heard herself weakly ask Diana to remove her jewelry. Diana looked defiantly at her soon-to-be opponent and slowly removed her long dangling earrings and five finger rings. As she straightened up, she resumed the sultry intimidating look in Pat's direction. In her final estimation she thought Pat would put up a good fight for a little while but she felt she could eventually overpower her even though she estimated Pat had a fifteen pound weight advantage.

Diana slowly stepped forward, her eyes locked on Pat's. Pat swallowed hard and had to find saliva to moisten her dry lips. She also stepped forward lightly and haltingly. Pat tried to look directly into Diana's eyes but her gaze kept slipping to the breasts. She noticed a definite jiggle as Diana padded forward. She was tempted to look down to see if her own breasts jiggled but did not do it. She seemed mesmerized by Diana's naked chest. Diana looked cool and confident as she approached. Pat felt nervous as a cat and the giant butterflies in her stomach were fluttering fitfully. Her hands still felt icy cold to her and she wondered if Diana would notice this obvious example of nerves when she touched her.

Diana's gaze never left Pat's eyes as she stopped just two feet in front of her. She kind of enjoyed the fact that Pat kept staring at her breasts. She knew they were good and she liked flaunting them. Pat had stopped automatically as Diana had. Diana parted her red lips and a sexually inviting look came across her face. Her hands quietly and seductively came up to her own breasts and she began to fondle them slowly.

Pat's gaze never left Diana's chest. Diana was attempting to stimulate Pat and arouse her, but more importantly she was sexually challenging her as only a woman could do. With the tactile stimulation, Diana's nipples stiffened and the areola appeared to widen and spread across the front of her breasts. Cupping the underside of each breast with her hands she moved slowly forward. Her nipples stood fully erect and her breasts tingled with the anticipation of contact with Pat's breasts. Their nipples touched as Diana stared deeply into Pat's eyes. Pat was breathing through her mouth and she tilted her head back closing her eyes. The sensation of the erect nipples dueling was the most erotic Pat had felt in her adult life. Her own nipples were stiff and hard and as the four super sensitive areas of flesh came together it seemed to send electrical impulses pulsating throughout her body.

Diana was also conscious of the stimulation and noticed her mouth had gone dry. Though the nipples were hardened, the overall feeling was of feminine softness. Pat's hands were still on her hips but her arms were limp. Diana let her hands fall away from her breasts and she put them behind her. She moved even closer to Pat and began to turn from side to side rubbing her breasts against Pat's.

Pat nearly had an orgasm with the added stimulation. Her head was still tilted back and mouth open. Her eyes were closed and her hands now hung loose at her side. Diana continued the breast-to-breast rubbing a few moments longer and then Pat also began to move slowly side to side. Pat lost track of how long they did this maneuver but she thought it was several minutes. All during this time, their lower extremities did not touch. Their large expanses of pubic hair were scant inches apart. However, as close as they were, they very definitely felt the heat generated in that area.

Diana finally stepped back a little so that their breasts did not touch. This movement brought Pat's head down and she opened her eyes in time to look down and see Diana's hands coming up to her breasts. Diana placed her hands palm down on top of Pat's breasts. Her fingers were spread. Pat swallowed hard and the tingling sensation increased. Diana's hands and fingers were soft and gentle at least at this time. Diana was looking into Pat's eyes once again. Pat's eyes raised and she looked into Diana's eyes. Slowly she brought her own hands up and placed them on Diana's breasts in the same fashion. Diana began to manipulate Pat's breasts. Her fingers and hands began to work their sexually stimulating magic. Lightly her fingers rubbed and fondled the sensitive mounds of Pat's bosom and once again Pat closed her eyes.

Pat began, clumsily at first, to do the same to Diana. Slowly she learned the most sensitive areas of her breasts as Diana moved her hands and fingers deftly. From her own strong feelings of arousal she performed the same movements on Diana and Diana's eyes slowly closed. They panted a bit and moaned lightly.

Diana began to feel strong sensual things for the first time. As the moments slide by, Diana began to increase the pressure on her grip and she squeezed, pulled and kneaded Pat's sensitive mounds. Pat returned the favor and the pleasurable feelings began to mix with pressure and pain. But, even that was an arousing pleasing sensation to her. Soon both women began to bare their lips away from their teeth and their moans increased in pitch.

Diana began to sink to her knees and as she did so she pulled Pat down with her. As Pat sank to her knees, she barely suppressed a squeal as Diana pulled and squeezed her nipples between thumb and forefinger. Pat quickly returned the favor and heard a gasp escape from between Diana's lips. Their hands and fingers roamed feverishly over the exposed flesh for several more minutes. Finally, Pat asked Diana if she wanted to let go. Diana did not answer at first. She grunted in the affirmative and slowly they disengaged.

They sat back on their heels breathing heavily and beginning to perspire. They looked at each other blinking their eyes. They both noted red marks on each other's breasts from their hands. In a fluid, rather sexy motion, Diana moved to her side laying on the plush carpet. Pat followed suit and with their bodies still not touching they again reached for each others bosoms. They attempted to inflict more pain from this position but it was awkward for them and not too advantageous for a good grip.

After a few more minutes, Diana asked if Pat wanted to quit phase two of the first fall. Pat agreed but as she did so she gave Diana a particularly hard twist on the right bosom nipple. Diana glared and pushed Pat away.

They glared at each other for a few moments. Then, slowly, Pat rolled on to her stomach with her long legs stretched out behind her and spread apart. With a look of disdain, Diana got to all fours and crawled over to Pat's legs. She positioned herself so that her hands were on one side of Pat's legs and her knees on the other. Pat twisted up and looked around at Diana. Diana returned the look and slowly lowered her swaying breasts between her opponent's legs. She stopped lowering herself as her nipples pressed into the carpet. Pat again swallowed hard as she moved her legs together and crossed her ankles. This maneuver wrapped her legs around Diana's breasts in the ultimate hold of breast-to-breast wrestling. Pat put her head down on the carpet and began to squeeze Diana's firm mounds. Diana gasped and moaned at the pressure and pain on her breasts. She leaned forward grimacing horribly and rested her forehead on the carpet. Her hair had fallen around her face and her fingers and nails dug into the plush pile of the carpet. Pat was realizing a portion of her greatest fantasy as she ground her legs together squeezing Diana's breast flesh.

After a few moments of this torture, Diana had wanted to give in but she clenched her teeth and with air hissing between her lips she bore the pain. Pat was tingling all over with excitement and her level of sexual arousal was heightened. She flexed her thigh muscles and caused Diana to gasp. She desperately wanted Diana to voice her surrender but Diana would not. Finally, she eased back on the pressure and slowly untangled her legs. She heard a deep sigh of relief emanate from Diana's lips. Pat lay on her stomach with legs apart waiting for Diana to pull away. Panting heavily Diana finally lifted her reddened breasts from between Pat's legs. Pat looked around and saw Diana hold and massage her breasts with a look of relief on her face. Pat knew it would be her turn to endure the torture next.

Slowly and deliberately Diana took her time to roll over on to her stomach. As she did so, she hugged the carpet and closed her eyes for a second. Pat wet her dry lips and crawled over to position her breasts between Diana's legs. Diana finally twisted her upper body around to look at Pat with smoldering eyes. The scissors had definitely made the perspiration pop out on her body, especially her chest. Pat closed her eyes and lowered herself down between Diana's legs. Diana waited a moment and then quickly closed her legs and cinched up the scissors as she crossed her ankles. Diana squeezed as she flexed her thigh muscles and she clenched her teeth as she began to gain revenge for her own breast squeezing.

Pat also grimaced horribly as Diana closed her legs in a vice-like scissors. Pat panted and closed her hands into fists. The pain was excruciating to her and Diana seemed to delight in grinding her legs around Pat's breasts whereas Pat had not done much of that feeling that it would be too painful for Diana to endure. Diana did not care and she derived a kind of perverse sexual pleasure from causing Pat a lot of pain. Pat was unable to go as long as Diana and after about forty-five seconds she gasped out her surrender. Diana smiled and squeezed hard one last time. This caused Pat to emit a small cry of pain. Diana untangled her legs and pulled them rather roughly from around Pat's breasts. She lay on her side as she watched Pat collapse on the carpet. Smiling smugly, she got to her hands and knees and crawled over to Pat. She took her by the shoulders and pulled her slowly toward her and onto her back. Pat had a pained look on her face and her breasts were reddened from the pressure of Diana's legs. Still on all fours, Diana crawled over and straddled Pat. Slowly, methodically, she lowered her breasts on to Pat's heaving chest. She touched Pat's nipples with her own and felt Pat tremble as their stiffened nipples dueled.

Pat's eyes were shut tightly and she turned her face away to attempt to hide from the humiliation and domination Diana was inflicting. Diana finally counted slowly to ten and crawled off of Pat. She stood up in one motion and glancing distastefully over her shoulder at Pat's prone body, she made her way back to her side of the room. As she sat down cross legged, she looked over and saw Pat starting to crawl back to her side. Pat's head was hanging and she crawled unsteadily. Diana smiled as she heard Pat emit a low sobbing sound. Her domination of the probation officer was complete, at least for the first fall.

Pat crawled slowly to her side of the room. She had been defeated physically and sexually in the first fall. Tears welled up in her eyes and spilled onto her cheeks. She made every effort to choke back the sobs but was not entirely successful. As she reached her side of the room where her clothes were piled neatly, she reached out and swiped at the pile, scattering her clothes in anger. She would not face Diana and instead faced the wall as she too sat cross legged. Both women had exerted themselves a bit and as a result of her loss, Pat lingered to recuperate more fully. Diana waited impatiently as the minutes dragged by.

Finally she saw Pat began to stir and she stood up, again with hands on hips. Pat turned to face her opponent and she began to smolder inside as she noted the smug look Diana had on her face.

Once again Diana stepped forward first. Pat approached rather timidly. This time she found herself staring at the large expanse of Diana's pubic hair. Diana again concentrated on looking into Pat's eyes as they stopped just short of touching each other. Diana let her hands fall behind her and clasped them there. Pat looked up to see the sensuous look on Diana's face. It was a supremely satisfied expression. She was enjoying the body contact and the physical and sexual domination of this woman standing in front of her. Pat slowly let her hands move behind her and also clasped them there. Diana inched forward and the first curls of their pubic mounds began to come together. Slowly they closed in being careful at this point not to let their breasts touch. They were both surprised at how much they could feel down below. Their thick mounds of hair seemed somewhat spongy and as their vaginal openings began to match up both experienced electric charges pulsating through their bodies. Leaning their upper bodies back, they thrust their hips together tightly.

They could feel the fleshy lips of their vaginas and they noticed the sticky moistness that was always present. Diana lolled her head back opening her mouth and closing her eyes. As she slowly ground her hips together with Pat's, she moaned softly.

Pat's breathing rate increased dramatically as she pushed and slowly swiveled her hips against Diana's. As she tilted her head back, she was as close to a sexual orgasm as she had ever been. Their vaginal lips kissed and kissed again. Their pubic hair twined together as if to link their exposed private areas forever. To Pat, this was as close to ecstasy as she had been since viewing her most recent video. Diana was reveling in the sensual stimulation and wanted more of the same. She unclasped her hands and slowly reached for Pat's hips. She let them roam down them and around behind Pat. She cupped the buttocks in her hands and straightening, she thrust her breasts at Pat's. Pat responded in like fashion and in a moment they were standing with the front of their bodies covering each other. Their breasts pressed and mashed together and their vaginal areas were locked tightly. They squeezed each other in a modified bearhug. This maneuver continued for several moments. Neither woman gained an advantage.

Both became aroused to new heights of sexual pleasure. They were not looking at each other. Their heads were close but side to side. They were breathing hard and sweating from the exertion and stimulation. Finally, in a husky voice, Diane asked if Pat wanted to go to the next phase of the second fall. Pat did not answer at first and continued squeezing on her opponent's buttocks and pressing the pubic mound deep into Diana's. Diana responded until Pat finally said she was ready to disengage.

Slowly they released their holds on the cheeks of their behinds and began to step away. They looked down at each other and noticed sweat droplets on their pubic mounds. In addition, near the vaginal openings, they also noticed the hair was matted from the fluid discharged from the stimulation of close contact. Their buttocks bore the imprint of fingers and hands. They looked at each other. Sweat streaked down the sides of their faces.

Diana locked onto Pat's eyes and slowly sank to her knees. She swiveled onto her buttocks and leaned back on her right elbow. She lifted her left leg. As she did so, Pat got a good look at Diana's crotch and could see the fleshy pink vaginal lips clearly through the mass of pubic hair. With her left hand, she pointed to a spot in the middle of her thighs not far from the beginning of her pubic hair. Diana's eyes followed Pat as she sank to her knees and slowly turned with her back to Diana.

Pat scooted forward a little and leaned back until her head and the nape of her neck rested on Diana's thigh. She closed her eyes tightly and lay with her body, flat on the carpet. Diana wasted no time and brought her left leg down and across Pat's chin and neck. She intertwined her bare feet completing the head scissors. A mixture of exotic odors filled Pat's nostrils. The strongest was perspiration but it was followed closely by the dense muskiness associated with the female crotch only inches away.

Mixed with these scents was a strong sweet smell of a cheap perfume which Diana favored and sprinkled liberally all over her body. Diana began squeezing on the scissors immediately and Pat gasped as her body reacted to the pressure around her head and neck. Diana was able to sit up and she began to run the fingers of her left hand through Pat's hair. Suddenly she yanked vigorously causing Pat to bare her lips away from clenched teeth. Diana bared her own lips and watched eagerly the expressions of pain and agony which began to crisscross Pat's face. With her right hand, she reached into Pat's pubic region and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled hard. Pat shook and kicked her legs at this new torture and humiliation. The pressure on her head was great but Diana was nearly cutting off her wind with the way her legs were positioned across her neck.

Pat choked out a plea to ease up on the scissors. Diana did so but grudgingly and she pulled hard on Pat's head and pubic mound. After a minute of this torture, Pat squealed out a surrender. Gloating, Diane yanked hard one last time on both areas of hair and unlocked her legs.

Pat, gasping, grabbed her throat and sat up quickly. She rubbed her pubic mound vigorously hoping to relieve the pain. Diana lay there watching her and laughing to herself. Pat heard her and looked around glaring at Diana. Diana glared back and sat up. Pat recovered and assumed the same position waiting for Diana to put her head in the vice-like grip of a leg scissors. Diana lowered her head and taking a deep breath she prepared to let Pat do the same to her.

Pat lowered her left leg and intertwined her feet. She began squeezing hard and noticed the grimace which immediately crossed Diana's face. Sitting up, Pat pulled viciously at her foe's hair on the head. Hesitantly she reached for the pubic hair. It was a slightly different texture and seemed wet and a little sticky. She pulled lightly at first but increased the pressure as Diana kicked out her long legs and dug her long nails into the deep pile of the carpet. Though Pat pulled mightily, she could not pull surrender from Diana's lips sooner than she had said it. Diana did give in but it was not in time and Pat lost the second phase of the second fall.

She let go of Diana's hair and unlocked her legs. She pulled her right leg out from under Diana roughly and Diana's head hit the floor a little hard. Diana looked at Pat in anger and Pat sat up pulling her legs up against her breasts and clasping her hands around her ankles.

Diana sat up with her legs spread and rubbed her pubic region lightly. She twisted around and came up to her knees facing Pat. They stared at each other, breathing heavily. After a few more moments, Pat unclasped her hands and straightened her long legs out in front of her. She supported herself with her hands palm down, positioned a few inches behind her. She was nearly sitting straight up. She spread her legs to a forty-five degree angle. Diana got an excellent view of her foe's pubic region. The pink fleshy vaginal lips were open and appeared wet.

Pat watched Diana approach on all fours. Slowly she knelt up directly in front of Pat. She fondled her breasts inches away from Pat's face. With a knowing smile, she positioned herself directly in front of Pat. She sat and opened her legs. She draped them across Pat's thighs at the joint where Pat's thigh joined her upper torso. She scooted forward looking down at the pubic mounds closing together. She looped her legs behind Pat and locked feet and ankles tightly together. Pat licked her lips and looked down to see her reddish brown pubic hair mingling with the dark brunette hair of Diana's pubic area. She gasped and had a mild orgasm which was not apparent right away to Diana.

Diana scooted as close as possible, both to thrust her vaginal lips against Pat's and to get as much leverage as possible to squeeze Pat's waist in the scissors. Their fleshy lips of the pubic mound were less than a half inch apart and both felt the intense heat in the area from being so close. Diana began flexing her thigh muscles and straining so that the small bones in her entwined toes stood out. The pressure on Pat's waist was great and Pat's head snapped back, her lips peeling away from her teeth. She emitted low guttural moans.

Diana reached into Pat's pubic region and pulled her hair. Pat squealed. She next placed both hands on Pat's breasts and began squeezing and pulling and twisting. Pat cried out and Diana shushed her telling her to give in if she could not take it. Pat would not give up even though the pain was great. Diana leaned forward and circled her arms around Pat's back. She pulled Pat even closed to where their bosoms met and slid over one another. Also, now their vaginal lips pressed together and Diana let out a short sigh. She too reached a mild orgasm. Pat would not give in even with the added pressure from the bearhug.

After nearly three minutes, Diana untangled her legs and pushing Pat onto her back roughly she yanked one more time on Pat's pubic hair and rolled up and over her right thigh. She moved a few feet away and, panting, she waited for Pat to recover enough to put the scissors on her. She was peeved that she had not been able to force Pat to submit. If she was to win this fall, she would have to outlast Pat in this phase.

Pat lay on her back for several moments. Her breathing was heavy at first just after Diana rolled off of her. But, slowly she was recovering. She was drained from the scissors and from the mild orgasm she experienced when their vaginal areas locked together. She lay there with her bare feet flat on the carpet and her knees in the air. Her legs were spread unashamedly affording Diana a clear view of her pink vaginal opening. Her inhibitions were gone at this point. As her fantasy unrolled into reality, she felt it was becoming not only a test of strength and stamina but also a highly charged duel of their sexual organs.

Although she was highly aroused by the body contact involved in the wrestling, she was experiencing a lot of enjoyment from the sexual wrestling and fondling. She never thought this would be as big of a turn-on as it was turning out to be. She felt Diana also was enjoying it but from a different perspective. She began to see that Diana would make every effort possible to sexually arouse and abuse her in her quest for total domination and humiliation. At this stage of their match, Pat did not think her offer of clemency on the probation issue was relevant. Diana was enjoying this too much to be concerned about the clemency issue.

Slowly Pat sat up and looked over at Diana. Their faces and bodies showed the strain of their conflict. Their faces were sweat streaked. Their hair and makeup were askew. Their bodies glistened with perspiration. Neither was a particularly attractive sight at this point but then neither of them cared much about looks right now. Pat looked over at Diana who was resting her chin on her knees.

Diana looked back with a brooding, icy stare. She lifted her chin and stretched out her legs. In a slowly undulating movement, she got to her knees and started over toward Pat. A sultry, sexually inviting look crossed her face and again she fondled her breasts in front of Pat. She sat back on her haunches and pulled one leg and then the other out from under her. She spread her legs in the forty-five degree arc and blatantly began to taunt Pat by rubbing her crotch.

Pat seemed mesmerized by all this as she moved over toward Diana to apply the front body scissors. As Pat knelt up in front of Diana, she reached for and began fondling her own breasts in an effort to return Diana's sexually explicit challenge.

Diana seemed surprised at this move and she began to experience a more heightened version of sexual arousal. The sultry almost mocking look faded from her face and was replaced by a serious almost hungry look as Pat gave her a little of her own medicine.

Slowly Pat sat back, still fondling herself. She was beginning to turn herself on and the look on Diana's face verified that she too was becoming more aroused. Pat lithely sat on her buttocks and removing her hands from her breasts she placed them palm down on the carpet and used them to support herself and scoot forward to tangle her legs around Diana. She inched forward, lifting her legs and sliding them up and over Diana's thighs. She worked them around and behind Diana as their nude frontal anatomy inched closer and closer. Pat looked down and saw their pubic hair mesh together. An additional movement forward brought their fleshy vaginal lips together. The mucous discharge mingled from one to the other and Diana felt the rhythmic pulse of a moderate orgasm move through her lower extremities. Pat was breathing through her mouth and her respiration rate picked up as she felt Diana cum. She closed her eyes and moved her hands in position to run her fingers through Diana's pubic hair. Their breasts were pressing together and sliding over and around one another.

After a few moments, both girls began to breath heavily. Pat moved her sticky fingers up to Diana's sweat slick breasts and began fondling her. Diana's head lolled back and she moaned softly. She brought her own hands up to Pat's breasts and began fondling them. Pat crossed her ankles behind Diana but was not squeezing on the scissors. As the women sat front-to-front fondling their breasts, Pat partially opened her eyes to see where Diana's face was in relation to her own. Slowly, with lips parted, she moved her face toward Diana's.

Their lips touched lightly and Diana felt an electric charge pass through her body. She tilted her head to return the kiss and for the next several minutes their lips moved slowly over one another and their hands did the same to their breasts. Slowly their tongues dueled in just one mouth and then the other.

Pat began to let her hands slip from Diana's breasts and move them around behind her foe's back. She gripped the left wrist in her right hand and began to squeeze forward mashing their breasts together. This maneuver forced Diane to release her hold on Pat's breasts. She let them drop back to the carpet. They still had not broken off the kiss. They were enjoying it too much to quit. But Pat kept increasing the pressure on the bearhug and slowly their lips parted. Pat squeezed hard trying to force surrender from Diana. The bearhug was not enough and she increased the pressure on the scissors by flexing her thigh muscles.

A look of pain passed across Diana's face and Pat enjoyed watching it. They continued locked together sweating and panting. Pat just could not finish Diana. She thought of one last maneuver to try. She slowly released the bearhug grip and lowered her hands to Diana's sides. Pat had untangled her feet and crossed her legs behind Diana to where the fleshy calf muscle pressed against Diana's back. She then gripped her bare feet at the instep and pulled towards herself. Diane squealed as this added pressure proved to be more than she could handle. Diana gave up after about twenty seconds.

Pat sighed with relief and let go of her feet. She sat back and tilted her head back gulping in air. She slowly untangled herself from her beaten foe.

Diana sank onto her back, her breathing very labored. She lay flat with her legs still spread.

Pat mustered the strength to crawl over and lay down on top of Diana. Their private parts matched up and Pat finally realized the ultimate pindown. She savored every digit she counted up to ten. They were physically and emotionally drained and were unable to get up from each other. Finally, Pat pushed up and rolled off of Diana. She crawled back to her side of the room and collapsed on her stomach.

Diana finally got up and slowly made her way back to her side. She hung her head as a woman would do after she had truly been dominated and humiliated by another woman.

Both women began to come around simultaneously. As they did, their senses were filled with the dense musky odor of their pubic regions. This smell combined with the sweet-sour odor of perspiration into a steamy atmosphere of erotica in which the final fall of their match would take place. Both women were turned on by the odors and they wanted to get at each other desperately.

They got to their feet and slowly started toward one another. Their wary eyes looked for the slightest movement to indicate an attack. As they got closer, Diana lunged and grabbed one of Pat's breasts in each hand. Immediately she squeezed, pulled and dug in her nails.

Pat's head snapped back and she groped with her hands for anything she could get her hands on of Diana's. She grabbed two handfuls of hair and yanked.

Diana squealed as she was jerked this way and that. Diana maintained her hold on Pat's breasts and it took all Pat had to keep from screaming at the top of her lungs in pain. As they twisted about, Diana lost her balance and fell. She let go of Pat's breasts to catch herself and Pat lost her grip on her hair.

Pat was panting as she backed away clutching her breasts.

Diana fixed her gaze on Pat and stood up. She went for Pat and Pat put her arms up to defend herself. They fought with hands and arms, grunting and groaning as they stumbled about. Diana reached down, grabbing her foe's leg and tripped Pat. She was on Pat like a cat straddling her at the midriff. Diana reached for Pat's right breast with her left hand and into Pat's pubic hair with her right hand. Gritting her teeth, she pulled viciously on the pubic hair and squeezed and twisted the breast.

Pat kicked her legs and squealed in pain. Her hands and arms writhed out behind her and she turned her head side-to-side.

Diana enjoyed torturing Pat in this way.

Pat reached into Diana's hair and pulled hard. At the same time, she bucked her hips and began to pull Diana off to one side. They were both straining hard and Diana released her hold on Pat's pubic hair to grab Pat's left breast.

Diana ground away at Pat's exposed tender breasts and Pat nearly passed out from the pain.

Pat finally forced Diana over but found herself tied tightly in a side waist scissors. She grabbed for Diana's wrists to pull her hands away from her breasts.

Diana fought to maintain her hold on Pat's breasts and to squeeze her with the scissors. They gasped and grunted as they writhed on the carpet.

After what seemed like an eternity to Pat, she was finally able to force Diana's hands from her breasts. They both lay back panting heavily and perspiring.

Diana maintained the waist scissors but was not squeezing hard while she recuperated from the intense physical effort.

Pat moaned and rubbed her breasts. She struggled to bring her mind back into focus. She knew she had to get free of the scissors of she would be worn down fast and then Diana would be able to do what she wanted with her. Leaning up on her right elbow she reached for Diana's pubic hair.

Diana tried to slap her hand away but missed.

Pat grabbed a good handful and pulled hard.

Diana squealed and sank back grabbing her head and face with her hands. Diana squeezed hard on the scissors but could not regain the leverage she originally had while her pubic region was being violated. Suddenly her body jerked as Pat shoved a finger between her vaginal lips. She yelled and scrambled to grab Pat's hand away from her. She parted her legs and was able to force Pat's hand and finger out of her vagina. She rolled away, gasping and holding herself down below.

Pat rolled away too but more slowly as the scissors had taken some of her breath away. They got up slowly and warily approached each other.

Diana lunged for Pat but missed.

Pat was able to slip behind her and grabbed her up underneath her arms to secure a full nelson hold. She straightened up and forced Diana to straighten up also.

Diana groaned in pain.

Pat clenched her teeth and laced her fingers together tightly behind the nape of Diana's neck. It was a painful hold. They stumbled about slowly.

Diana tried to trip Pat but missed.

Pat pressed her breasts into Diana's back and squeezed on the full nelson. Slowly she began to sink to her knees.

Diana was forced down also.

Pat was enjoying the control she had over the other woman and though she could not see it, she knew she was causing great looks of pain to cross Diana's pretty face. Pat sat back and pulling Diana with her she tangled her legs around Diana's waist and crossed her feet and ankles in front for a perfect waist scissors applied from behind. Now Diana was in real trouble with this combination hold. Pat was in complete control and squeezed viciously on the nelson and scissors.

Diana cried out as her neck and waist were being severely tortured.

After a few moments of squeezing, Pat switched tactics. She was unable to force Diana to submit so she slipped her hands away from her neck and brought them down to cup Diana's naked breasts. She locked on and squeezed and pinched.

Diana's arms fell to her sides and immediately her hands came up to cover Pat's and attempt to force them away from her breasts. She groaned as Pat seemed to have a death grip on her breasts. It seemed hopeless for Diana. But there was plenty of fight left in her. Screaming, she reached back for Pat's hair and buried her hands in it. She pulled viciously and Pat now yelled in pain.

Pat squeezed on the scissors and Diana gasped.

Diana left one hand in Pat's hair and grabbed for Pat's bare feet with the other. She twisted and pulled on Pat's toes to try and break the scissors.

Pat continued the breast torture for a moment longer and then slid her right hand down to Diana's crotch for some serious hair pulling in that area.

Diana yelled again at this new violation and with her free hand she grabbed for the hand buried in her pubic hair. Struggling hard, Diana forced Pat's hand away from her crotch and up to her mouth where she bit her on the wrist.

Pat yelped and let go of Diana's breast. She pulled Diana's hair but could not force her to quit biting. She let go of the scissors and at that time Diana let go of her wrist. Pat fell backwards and in a split second Diana had turned and dived between her legs. Her face was up near Pat's and her hands all over Pat's breasts. Pat was taken back by Diana's swift move and though Diana was situated between her legs she was unable to scissor her because Diana was blocking her with her own legs.

Diana pummeled Pat's breasts and Pat squealed in pain. She buried her hands in Diana's hair and screaming they rolled over and over with their legs thrashing about. Diana buried her face on Pat's right breast and bit her.

Pat yelped and pulled viciously on Diana's hair. They broke apart, rolling in opposite directions. They got to their hands and knees, panting heavily and glaring at each other. Pat looked down to see if Diana had drawn blood. She had not but the imprint of her teeth was clearly visible on the exposed right breast. They had fought each other hard and they were fast becoming drained from their exertions. They stood up and circled. Grunting, they clashed together trading mutual headlocks and very sexually arousing bearhugs.

Diana managed to trap Pat in a hammerlock. With her free hand, she reached around in front and went after Pat's pubic hair.

Pat howled and tore at Diana's hand to pull it out of her pubic hair.

Diana inserted her middle finger between the sticky wet vaginal lips of Pat and probed.

Pat's body shook and her head snapped back. She bared her teeth and emitted a harsh hissing noise. She began to feel less and less like fighting back and more and more like enjoying the unbelievable stimulation Diana was performing on her.

Diana loosened her grip on the hammerlock and reached down to Pat's vaginal area with her other hand. She began to experience an extreme amount of sexual arousal herself as her hands moved about the pubic region. Her face was close to Pat's and her breath was hot on Pat's neck.

Pat's head lolled back and her tongue moved back and forth over her parched lips.

Diana continued the manipulation in Pat's groin area. She ran her hands up and down Pat's thighs.

Pat shivered and moaned.

Slowly she turned Pat toward her and pulled her in so that their frontal anatomy matched together. She reached around and cupped Pat's buttocks and began to grind her hips against Pat's. Their vaginal lips pressed together as their pubic hair intertwined. Their breasts mashed together and slithered over one another. Diana's eyes were slits as she opened her mouth and brushed her lips against Pat's.

Pat attempted to pull away but she was too weak and she had already begun the long slide to a huge orgasm.

Diana covered Pat's mouth with her own and slowly kissed her. They stood together like this for some time.

Pat's arms hung limply at her sides. She returned the kisses with fervor and slowly moved her hands up to Diana's breasts. She began fondling her and lightly rubbing the nipples.

Diana began to respond and moved her hands up to Pat's breasts. Their lips were still glued together and their tongues dueled in their mouths. Slowly the sank to their knees and over on to their sides.  Looping a leg over Pat's waist, Diana started to mount her.

Pat resisted by pinching Diana's nipples but it was to no avail.

Diana rolled up on top of Pat and forced legs apart with her own. She pressed her vaginal lips tightly against Pat's and began a rhythmic rocking motion back and forth. She pinned Pat's arms out behind her head and moved her lips and searching tongue to Pat's nipples and breasts.

Pat bridged her hips but not to resist. Their bodies were sweat soaked and slid over one another as if oiled. Pat moaned softly at first and built to a high pitched shriek as she climaxed.

Diana kept up the rhythmic motion until she stiffened and moaned out her own gigantic orgasm. She collapsed on top of Pat and they lay together unable to move for over twenty minutes. Diana was finally able to get up and crawl over to her clothing. As she did, she heard Pat whimpering and as she turned she saw her run into her bathroom and slam the door. Slowly and painfully, Diana pulled on her clothes. She was exhausted but unlocked the deadbolt and left Pat's apartment. She was tired but satisfied that she had humiliated and dominated yet another female.