SIBLING RIVALRY: The Third Encounter (Cathy’s Visit)

 (By Andrea)

A little over two months has past since I started my freshman year at Boston College.  Everything about college life was wonderful.  I was enjoying my classes, my teachers, my classmates, and my new friends.

My relationship with my roommate Nina was steadily blossoming.  Nina still had her girlfriend Tess who was going to another college, but I have yet to meet her.  There have been a few times when Nina was on the phone talking to Tess; I would lick and kiss Nina’s neck while she tried to carry on a phone conversation.  Nina would try to shove me away, but I knew she secretly enjoyed it.  Almost every time Nina hung up the phone, we would make love.

A few times I have answered the phone and had a few light conversations with Tess before handing the phone to Nina.  Sometimes Tess would tell me how she misses being with Nina and I would feel a slight jealously stir inside of me.  I would cover these emotions as I pretended to give Tess pity towards her loneliness.

This one time, Nina and Tess were practically having phone sex.  My jealously was pretty obvious since Nina hung up the phone and said, “You knew from the start I was with Tess.”

I just replied, “Doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

Nina quickly walked over to me, “You have someone also, and I don’t like it either.”  Nina reached out with both of her hands, latching onto my hair, and pulled my face close to hers.  We kissed very deeply.

Nina only knows I have someone back home.  Nina has never asked me her name, and never pushed the topic.  I was unsure as to how Nina would react if she ever found out it was my sorority sister, Cathy.  I didn’t think she would be able to understand.

Cathy and I never kissed, or made love.  We have fought as most sorority sisters do, but we always ended humping one another.  We would grind our hips against one another, but there was always fabric between us.  There have been plenty of times where I did desire to kiss Cathy, but I always controlled it.

There was a bond Cathy and I have, but it was a different type of bond Nina shared with Tess.  Cathy and I are not lovers; however, not being around her has given me a type of emptiness that couldn’t be filled.


Nina closed her large suitcase and placed it next to the opened door leading out to the hallway of the dormitory, “Are you sure you don’t want to spend winter break with me?”

I gave Nina a smile for her constant effort, “My sorority sister will be staying with me here for a few days, so I won’t be too lonely.”

“Your sorority sister can come also, there is plenty of room at my parent’s house, and they wouldn’t mind.  There is no reason for you two to spend the holiday season alone at school.”

“Cathy and I will be fine, and it won’t be for the entire holiday season.  My parents will be back before New Years, so we will only be here for a few days.”  I walked over to Nina and held her hand.

“Then stay with me for the few days, and your sorority sister could sleep in the guest room.”

“Nina, we will be fine…..  Besides, how am I supposed to act around Tess?”

Nina smiled, “Okay, good point.” Nina reached out with her free hand, both of our hands were holding as we gazed into one another’s eyes.

We were suddenly distracted from a knock at the door.  I looked over to see Cathy standing in the doorway, “Sorry.” Cathy said, “I guess I should have called first.”

Nina immediately walked up to Cathy and gave her a hug, “Not at all, you are always welcome here!  It is so good to finally meet you; Andrea has spoken quite highly of you.”

I walked over to Cathy, gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  Deep in my mind I wondered if Cathy knew Nina and I were about to kiss.

Before I could welcome Cathy verbally, Nina said, “I still got about two hours, why don’t we have dinner before I leave?”

“That is a good idea, because I’m pretty hungry.”  Cathy answered.


Cathy, Nina and I had dinner at Applebee’s, along with several drinks.  The waiter had an instant attraction for Nina and didn’t bother to check our identifications.  I’m sure he knew and didn’t care we were all under the legal drinking age.

Nina didn’t drink as much as Cathy and I did, which was good since she still had a long drive ahead of her.  Cathy and Nina seemed to get along quite well.  Our conversations were serious at times as they were on the light side.

It was about 9PM when we got back to the dormitory.  It was practically empty.  Mostly everyone had already left for the winter break.  Cathy and I helped Nina pack her suit cases into her car, and then we returned to the dorm room to make sure Nina had everything.

Nina gave Cathy a hug goodbye and then walked over to me as I stood next to the door.  Nina and I hugged tightly for almost a minute saying goodbye to one another.  I was going to give Nina a kiss on her cheek when Nina turned her head and our lips touched.

Nina’s mouth opened.  I began to pull my head away, suddenly feeling awkward knowing my sorority sister Cathy was in the same room watching us.  Nina felt my retreat, she grabbed onto my hair, keeping me from pulling away.  Nina and I began to kiss deeply.  I quickly forgot where I was as we kissed.  Our kiss lasted minutes, as our hands slid up and down each other’s back.

Finally our kiss ended, Nina walked out the door and closed it shut behind her.  I turned to see Cathy, still in the same place and staring at me.  The awkward feeling suddenly rushed back to me.  I had a lost for words.

Cathy grabbed one of her bags, walked by me and said, “You two are a lot more serious then you made it sound.”  Before I could say anything, Cathy walked into the bathroom, shut the door, and locked it.  I don’t know why I felt I had to hide my relationship with Nina from Cathy, but I did.

I stood by the bathroom, waiting for Cathy to come out.  Then I heard the shower start.  I knew Cathy would be in there for a while.

I grabbed two bath towels, sleep ware, and headed for the public showers on the first floor of the dormitory.


The shower was long and hot, which seemed to increase some of the affects from the alcohol.

After drying myself and my hair, I slid on dark grey panties and my favorite oversized red t-shirt, which reached mid thighs.  My bare feet felt cold on the hallway floor as I walked back to my room.

Cathy sat on Nina’s bed holding a wine cooler she took from our mini refrigerator.  She finished off her last gulp as I walked into the room and shut the door.  Cathy wore a large flannel night shirt; the top three buttons were undone.

I sat next to Cathy, “I’m sorry, I should have…..”

The phone rang.  I picked it up to hear Nina’s voice, “I'm on a payphone, so I only have a few seconds.  I just wanted to let you know that I’m missing you already, and will be counting the days.”

I smiled and said softly, “I miss you too.”

Cathy rolled her eyes as she could hear the conversation.

Nina then said, “I’m going to keep you inside with me for two days straight when I get back.”  She then made a kissing sound and hung up the phone.

After I hung up the phone I heard Cathy say under her breath, “Spanish slut.”

My smile faded, “What did you say?”

Cathy said loud and sarcastically, “SPANISH SLUT!”

I stood up and moved in front of her as she still sat on Nina’s bed.  “She is not a slut Cathy!”

Cathy stood up also, “You standing don’t scare me.  Does that work on your Spanish slut?”

My eyes narrowed at Cathy, “What is your problem?”

“Nina practically has her tongue down your throat in front of me, and you welcome it with eagerness.” Cathy placed both of her hands on my shoulders, giving me a slight push away from her.  “Nina is with you, telling you she misses you, but by tonight Nina will have her tongue inside Tess….  She’s a fucking Spanish slut Andrea….  And you’re nothing but Nina’s weekend bitch!”

The image in my mind of Nina tasting Tess got me building up with a jealous rage.  Cathy gave me another slight push and said, “Open your eyes and see that Nina is using you as her weekend whore.”  Another slight push from Cathy, “Wake up bitch!”

I knew Cathy was just trying to talk sense into me since she could obviously see how deep my feelings were for Nina.  I knew Cathy was giving me ‘tough love’ because she didn’t want to see me get hurt.  However, Cathy’s tact and tone was making me angrier.  The jealously, the anger, and the affects of the alcohol finally took a toll on me.  “Don’t you call me a bitch, you BITCH!”  My right hand slapped Cathy’s left side of her face.

Cathy’s head turned sharply to the right from the impact of my slap, her brown hair whirled around her face.  For a second, Cathy was silent.  She turned her head, her eyes narrowed as she looked at me.  Cathy’s left hand brushed away her hair from her face.  My breathing intensified as I watched Cathy.  Both of her hands suddenly hit my chest, as she pushed forward with force.

I stumbled away backwards, trying to regain control, but my back slammed into the wall with a loud thump.  A framed poster of The Police fell to the floor.  “Fucking bitch!”  I screamed out as I pushed myself away from the wall, charging at Cathy with my hands out stretched.  As I collided into her, Cathy stumbled backwards a few steps, but managed to maintain her stance.  My hands were both in Cathy’s hair, giving a sharp pull.

Cathy’s hands were instantly in my hair, pulling sharply as she snarled at me.

I grunted with each tug at my hair.  I gripped onto Cathy’s hair tightly as I began to shake her head from side to side.  Our bodies would move backward and forward as our bare feet tried to maintain balance.  We stumbled clumsily around the room, like an awkward dance.

“Cunt!” Cathy cried out in a harsh whisper as she freed her left hand from my hair, and delivered several slaps to the right side of my face.

Keeping my grip in her hair, I hunched my body down, burying my face into her chest, trying to avoid more slaps.  I pushed forward hard, trying to make Cathy fall backwards.  After a few steps and with a loud thump, Cathy’s back hit the same wall as I did before.

“Oooof!” escaped Cathy, my right hand quickly placed on Cathy’s chest.  I grabbed a handful of her flannel nightshirt, trying to pull her down to the floor.

Cathy gripped my hair with both of her hands again, pulling sharply and shaking my head from side to side.

After several hard tugs at Cathy’s nightshirt, buttons flew off, her right breast suddenly fully exposed, as the left remained covered.  My right hand landed on top of Cathy’s bare left breast with a slap.

Cathy let out a yelp.

My right hand then closed on Cathy’s breast, squeezing at it.

Cathy continued her attack on my hair, I winced at the pain but kept up with my attack.  My left hand landed on top of Cathy’s right breast and squeezed.  Even though the fabric of Cathy’s nightshirt was between my left hand and Cathy’s bare breast, I knew I had a good grip.  Both of my hands gave a long steady squeeze.

Cathy looked up at the ceiling, her mouth opened in agony but no sound escaped her.  Both of her hands let go of my hair and she suddenly began to slap at my back wildly with force.  Several slaps were even delivered to the right side of my head.

Suddenly all went black.  I went blind.  It took me a few seconds to realize Cathy had grabbed onto the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it over my head.  I couldn’t see and I struggled to get away as Cathy attacked me with multiple slaps.  For a second I felt my stomach drop, and then with a thump; my body landed on the floor.  More slaps landed on me.  As I finally managed to free myself, pulling my long t-shirt completely off of me, I found myself on the floor, looking up at Cathy who was straddled over me.  Cathy instantly leaned forward, both of her hands quickly landing on top of my bare breasts where she began to squeeze.

I winced at the sudden rush of pain.  Both of my hands reached up, around Cathy’s arms, where I began my own assault on her breasts.  Cathy exhaled loudly through gritted teeth; she pushed herself forward, trying to give her attack more force.  We both refused to scream out our agony as the stalemate attack continued.

My left hand quickly left Cathy’s breast, landing on the right side of her hair.  I grabbed a fistful of her hair, steadily pulling hard, trying to guide Cathy off of me.

Although my right hand kept squeezing on Cathy’s breast; Cathy almost grinned at my feeble attempt in getting her off of me by pulling on her hair.   My left hand released its grip on Cathy’s hair and then landed with a hard slap on Cathy’s right side of her nightshirts buttocks where I squeezed hard.

Cathy’s hips moved slightly forward.  Her hands slightly opened and closed on my breasts, the pain would come and go each time she tightened her grip.

I mimicked Cathy’s actions, opening and closing my right hand which was attacking her buttocks. With each squeeze, Cathy would slightly move forward and back again.  I suddenly realized my attack wasn’t making her uncomfortable, it was arousing her.   My right hand slid down slightly to the end of Cathy’s nightshirt.  My fingers pried under the fabric and glided back up, under Cathy’s panties, to grip her bare buttocks.  It felt smooth and firm.

Cathy’s attack on my breasts changed, she would still squeeze at them, but she used her thumbs to rub my nipples.  Cathy gazed into my eyes with a slight grin as her hips very slowly moved against me.

My right hand opened wide, fully gripping her tight ass cheek, my finger tips gripping the edge of her inner ass, my middle finger almost touches her asshole.  Cathy pushes herself slightly backwards, trying to guide my hand to touch her, where I have never touched a woman before.  I stare up at Cathy, suddenly making sense of it all and I say, “You are jealous of Nina.”

Cathy confesses to me in a whisper, “Yes.”

Shivers go through me as I admit to my sorority sister, “I want you so bad.”

Cathy smiles greatly and leans forward as her hands release my breasts and slide up into my hair.  Our lips touch and instantly our mouths open where we deeply kiss one another.

We kissed very deeply and passionately for about five minutes, as if trying to make up for all the times in the past when we desired to, but never did.  My hands finally reached into Cathy’s hair, and I sharply pulled at it.  Our kiss was suddenly broken off as I guided Cathy to sit up by pulling on her hair.

Cathy yelped, looking at me in shock by my sudden actions.

Before Cathy could react, my hands quickly landed on her nightshirt.  I pulled hard in opposite directions.  The nightshirt’s remaining secured buttons went flying off, exposing the full beauty of her bare breasts.

Cathy quickly pulled off her nightshirt that was loosely draped over her like a blanket.  She suddenly slapped the right side of my face with her left hand, “You slut!”  Then she dropped down on top of me, our bare breasts making contact for the first time, and she kissed me deeply once again.

Cathy then began to kiss and lick my neck.  Her head sliding lower as her back arched upwards.  Shivers went through me as she began to kiss, lick and suck on my breasts.  Her right hand then slid down to my grey panties.  Cathy continued to suck on my breast as her right hand pulled at my panties, sliding them down my legs.

Cathy looked up into my eyes as she threw my panties away from us.  She then refocused her gaze on my breasts where her right hand gave my breasts a few quick slaps.

“Ungh!” I cried out as both of my hands pulled sharply at Cathy’s hair once again; this time pulling Cathy off of me.  I rolled myself on top of her, kissed her deeply.  I then broke off the kiss to give Cathy a quick slap in her face.  Cathy’s yelp was quickly cut off by my deep kiss.

I slid off of Cathy, reached down to her panties, and pulled them off.  I quickly mounted myself of top of Cathy once again.  Cathy’s legs spread out as I slid my hips up between her legs.  Our moist, overheated, bare womanhoods made contact.

I pressed my body against hers, our breasts pancaked together as we kissed.  My whole body quivered as I began to grind my hips against my sorority sister's.  Cathy wrapped her arms around my back.

My hands glided up into Cathy’s hair.  I began to give her hair a steady long pull as I continued to hump her womanhood.

Cathy began to thrust upwards against my thrusts, her hands lightly scratching up my back.  Her nostrils flared as she exhaled deeply.

My motion quickened as my humping became more aggressive.  Our womanhoods smacked together, filling the room with a loud, wet, clapping sound.  Cathy’s body began to spasm, as her thrusts became very fast and hard.  She broke off our steady kiss to gasp for air.  In between deep breaths and moaning, Cathy would kiss and lick my neck.

Cathy squirmed as her womanhood began to reach its peak.  Her heavy breathing turned to panting.  Cathy began to suck and nibble on my right earlobe.

“Oh Andrea” she cried out as both of her hands slapped down on each side of my ass cheeks.   Her hands kneaded by buttocks as she pushed on them, causing me to grind against her womanhood with more force.

I felt Cathy’s left hand slide inward, her middle finger just slightly pressing against my rosebud.  Cathy’s left hand gripped with a little extra force as she moaned in sexual delight while her orgasm finally reached her.

I shortly followed, my body quivering uncontrollably, my thrusts becoming unrhythmic.  Cathy pushed her middle finger against me more, pressure and very slight entry caused me to moan loudly with my final thrusts against her.

My body suddenly wildly spasmed as I quickly kissed Cathy deeply, our tongues wildly dancing.  I broke off our kiss to weakly collapse on top of her, exhausted from our struggle and passion.

We stayed motionless, still breathing deeply, but steadily, both of us drenched in sweat.  Finally I rolled to Cathy’s left side where we both kissed deeply, but softly, as lovers would.  My right hand lightly placed on her bare right breast.

I slowly pulled my face away, breaking off our kiss.  Cathy and I silently smiled at one another as we looked into each other’s eyes.

Cathy then asked softly, “So where am I sleeping tonight?”

I answered, “In my bed, with me.”

Cathy leaned in and kissed me deeply for a few seconds, then said, “I’ve wanted this to happen for the longest time.”

I confessed, “And I as well.”

Cathy playfully reached over to my hair, giving it a tug, “We should have done this sooner.”

My right hand left Cathy’s breast.  I then placed it on the right side of her scalp; I grabbed a handful of her hair, returning the tug she gave me, “We will make up for lost time.”

We kissed deeply again, our hands still giving slight tugs at each other’s hair.  We kissed for several minutes when Cathy finally said, “I want to stay in tomorrow.”

“Sounds good to me.”  I then gave Cathy a quick kiss on her cheek, pressed my naked body against hers, snuggling up to her and we both quickly fell off to sleep.


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