(By Lover and a Fighter)

Natalie and Rachel stood three feet from each other, naked, with the orange light of sunset warm on their firm C-cup breasts, solid abs, and strong cunts. They had both come to the man’s room with the intent of consuming his cock in their womanhood to their satisfaction. Natalie arriving first and Rachel only three minutes behind. The sight of the hard shaft making both women’s urges intensify.

“I was here first! His cock is mine!” growled Natalie.

“Don’t you think his cock needs a real woman’s pussy?” Rachel said in a low threatening voice.

“I am more woman than you could ever hope to be!”

“My tits would squeeze yours flat!”

“My tits would crush yours through your rib cage and my strong thick nipples would break yours and point them inwards!”

“My nipples would break yours off and my cunt would smash yours!”

“My cunt and clit WILL smash yours!”

“Do you wanna fight!?!”




“and CUNT-to-CUNT!”

Nipples hard and thick. Their clits protruding from their firm pussy lips. Each 5’8 130lbs frame ready to fight, ready to devastate. Then they came together, slowly, toe to toe, their nipples lined up perfectly and as their nipples met head on and forced against each other, both were forced to recede inside their host breast from the power of the bodies behind them. They each gave long, concentrated, grunts as their nipples continued to harden and thicken in their fight of womanhood. They then wrapped their arms behind each others back, rights over lefts, and as they looked into each other’s eyes began to crush each other’s rib cage to fight even harder tit-to-tit with breasts swelling against each other from thoughts of winning the cock and growing pressure from the now furious bear hugs. Each woman now loudly grunting with each breath. Then Natalie screamed;

And both women screamed, drew back their hips and slammed them forward flexing their abs to bring pubic bone against pubic bone and clit against clit. Still crushing their chests fiercely together each woman drew back her hips with her legs spread open and knees bent. Then slammed their cunts together with a unified “UNGH!” Again, again, again, and again their cunts rocked into each other, the women screaming into each others face, their nipples, both at full length and thickness, now burning with pain as they fought to extend through one another. The breasts around those nipples sore as they crushed into each other. “WHUMP!” another pussy punch impacted, the fire in the women’s eyes still flared with the wild hatred that comes as rivals fight for sex. “NAULLLLLLL!” they screamed as another dull impact ran through their strong vaginas. The women drew back their pelvises again and from a half crouch slammed forward, asses and abs flexing; their clits met directly slamming against each other “AAAHHHHHH!” screamed Rachel as Natalie screamed a lower “RRRRLLLLLLLLLL!” in return. Rachel’s legs buckled and Natalie’s momentum carried both women to the wall behind Rachel. Now up against the wall Natalie slammed her clit into her foes once more before Rachel was ready, drawing another short “AHH” from her enemy. Natalie drew her hips back again but this time Rachel was prepared as well and gave a thrust, but the extra room that Natalie had made her cunt that much stronger as Natalie’s cunt slammed Rachel’s cunt into the wall. They rammed their pussy punches into each other another three times, each time both women screaming primal hatred to each other, asses flexing as their womanhood fought for sexual supremacy. The next three intense thrusts saw Natalie start to lift Rachel’s body off the floor as her cunt began to overpower her rival’s sex. On the fourth thrust Natalie’s nipple found relief as her nipple forced Rachel’s to bend slightly inside her tits. Natalie and Rachel slammed together again and again. Natalie lifted her hated enemy off the floor and slammed her gluts into the wall behind her releasing a groaning crack from the wood. Flexing her powerful ass Natalie pinned Rachel above her.

Natalie felt her tits swell into Rachel’s, her thick nipples stabbing into her enemy’s. “OOOUAAA!AAAAALLLLLAKKK!AAAHHHHHACK!” Rachel half screamed half moaned as Natalie’s tits expanded and crushed into her own. Natalie looked over at the throbbing cock now totally wet with precum lying on the bed and the well-toned body tense with the sexually aggressive display. Natalie’s arousal reached its max and she looked down at her chest just in time to see it fully expand and crush Rachel’s tits.

“ My tits are the womanliest. My sex is the strongest.” Natalie said.

Rachel then dropped her bear hug to grab Natalie’s ass. Natalie did the same and they slammed their cunts together, pubic_bone-to-pubic_bone, clitoris-to-clitoris and stood there flexing into each other. Their sex strained into each other and they each screamed furiously as they tried to outlast each other in this test of strength. Then Natalie’s cunt contracted on Rachel’s, and though Rachel then tried to flex back, Natalie’s cunt had Rachel’s clit crushing it from the sides. Natalie growled with the feeling of her sexual strength and then her clit expanded even more and bent Rachel’s clit in on itself. Rachel screamed as Natalie finished her growl.

Natalie flew into fury slamming her cunt into Rachel’s again and again;
“His cock is mine! His cock is mine! HIS COCK IS MINE!”

“Ahh! Ahh! AHH!”

Rachel’s tears began to flow against her control.







Rachel’s eyes widened in the scream, a blood-curdling scream, as her cunt finally lost. Tits flat and to the sides of her chest, clit forced inside her own vagina, and cunt bone crushed. Natalie pushed her to the floor until her womanhood pinned its enemy to the floor. Now, although she was sore, the energy and arousal of winning made her enjoy her prize. His mouth sucked her strong victorious nipples, his penis and hands gently massaged her proud womanhood. She was the womanliest woman.