A Match to Remember - Rusty versus Patsy
By Duuwee

I guess I always knew she was competitive with other women.  Maybe it was her flaming auburn hair and crystal blue eyes or her flawless complexion and silky legs that intimidated other women.  Maybe it was those gorgeous double “D” cups or those beautiful hips and tushie that just made you want to squeeze it.  Anyway, Rusty was naturally competitive with other women and the feeling was almost always mutual.

It was predictable like clockwork that wherever we went she could find a woman to dislike.  Sometimes she would make remarks like, “I just don’t like her” or “Look at that Bitch.  She keeps giving me the bad eye” or “I’d love to slap that look off her face.”  Most of the time when she made those kinds of remarks it was about women she did not know.

Often Rusty would make comments about the women she did know, like “Who do you think would win if she and I got into a fight?”  It did not matter who she was talking about.  I always would say, “Baby, it would not even be fair.  You would kick her ass!”  I have to admit I always got a little charge out of hearing Rusty make those remarks.  It was fun to hear her talk about what she would do to the other woman while they were fighting or wrestling.  I never wanted her to actually fight with another woman because I didn’t want anyone to get hurt, but I must admit it was a thrill to hear the details about her wrestling with other women.

Sometimes after we had been out together when we were in bed having foreplay or during sex, we would talk about her fantasy fight with another woman.  It was fun and exciting.  She would describe the entire encounter from how she would approach the other woman and pick a fight or argument to make her want to wrestle or catfight.  Then she would describe the struggle to take the other woman down to the ground as they fought for control.  She would always describe the clothing that they were wearing and how quickly the clothing was ripped as they fought.

Rusty loved to talk about pulling hair and ripping the clothes off her rival.  Eventually she and her rival would end up nude in a mutual “Bear Hug” as their tits had a little nipple competition of their own.  I loved to hear her describe the struggle when she and her opponent interlocked their legs until they were crotch to crotch.  She was expressive as she told me what she and her opponent would be saying to each other in the clinches.

“Let’s fight!” “Come on Bitch is that all you got?” “Open your legs and fight me like a real woman not a pussy!”

Rusty would carefully describe in detail how she and her opponent would tear each others panties off to reveal their thick natural bushes with full lush pussy lips.  They would open their legs wide so their bare pussies would face each other.  Sometimes they would play with themselves until one or both pussies squirted at each other in sort of a preliminary lubrication competition.  There was always a deliberate stare down as each woman anticipated the initial brush of pubic hair just before their twats could touch each other.

They would slowly inch their pussies into position and scissor their legs so that their twats interlocked lip to lip.  Sometimes this required both women to reach between their pussies and spread their lips wide apart so they were as open to each other as possible.  Then their pussie lips would sort of slide between each pair.  As they became more aroused their swollen clits would have a wrestling match together.  The girls loved to fight like this until one or both had an orgasm or they were just too tired to continue.

Rusty and I would make love as we shared this fantasy story until she had a G spot orgasm and squirted.  Occasionally, if I came too quickly, Rusty would continue the sexfight fantasy until I was hard again and we would continue to make love until we just could not make love anymore.

Honestly, we thought we were the only couple on the face of the earth who shared this fantasy during sex.  It was wonderful and very fulfilling.  Rusty was truly my champion as she always won.  It was just a fantasy and nothing more.  It was never meant to be real.  I never wanted Rusty to really fight.  It was never my desire to see an actual fight because I never wanted anyone to get hurt for real.  It was our fantasy that we shared together.  I loved her deeply and still do.

We were always trying to find new women for her to fight in our fantasy sexfights.  We loved to find new opponents for her and we would vary the settings or apparel to add variety to the matches.  Little did we know that there were other couples who had similar interests.  That is until we met Patsy and John.

Patsy and I worked at the same complex and we often had reasons to discuss business throughout the normal business day.  I noticed right off that she too appeared to be competitive with other women and rightfully so.  She was about the same height, weight, age and size as Rusty.  They were both beautiful and a little wary of other women.

I could not help but notice the similarities between Rusty and Patsy.  Sometimes when I was talking business with Patsy she would remark, “I would like to just slap her face” or “That Bitch and I would go round and round.”

I would sometimes antagonize Patsy by saying, “It would not even be a fair fight if you and that Bitch ever got into it.”  She would get really stirred up and act like she really wanted to fight the other woman.  It was fun and exciting, almost as much fun as with Rusty, only I was not in love with Patsy nor did I have any desire to be with her.

I guess the first mistake I made was to mention Patsy’s name to Rusty as a possible opponent when she and I were having sex.  Rusty did not know Patsy and since Rusty always liked to pick the women she wanted to fight, not me, she got mad and immediately wanted to know about this “New Bitch.”  Rusty was really upset so I explained that Patsy was just a name I made up.

Rusty continued to ask about Patsy for weeks during our love making sessions.  I would always stick to my guns and say I had made up the name.  Sometimes I would suggest she fight someone else during our sessions.  Mostly names of women that we had used before.  It was so much fun to hear her get excited because she loves to catfight or sexfight and win.

Several months passed since I had mentioned Patsy’s name during our love making sessions.  I must admit the thought of Rusty and Patsy fighting really got me hot.  But I was concerned that if Rusty ever met Patsy for real I would have some serious explaining to do.  So I was very careful not to mention Patsy’s name.

I found other women that Rusty preferred to battle.  But sometimes I would imagine Rusty and Patsy in tight high cut panties with an abundance of thick brown pubic hair sticking out from around the crotch of their panties as they postured for position during a heated crotch fight.  I never let Rusty know about my fantasy match with Patsy.

Summer rolled around and we were spending more time outside.  People from my office were having barbeques, dinners, and pool parties and we were often invited to these events.  We received an invitation to a pool party and both Rusty and I were excited as we knew many of our friends would be attending.  I was completely unaware that Patsy and John were invited to the same party until we arrived and I saw them sitting at poolside each sporting a Margarita.  It suddenly occurred to me that sooner or later Rusty and Patsy would meet and I would have some explaining to do.

I very carefully steered Rusty away from the pool even though she was anxious to show off her high cut bikini.  I was concerned that she and Patsy might have a little discussion that could be very awkward for me.  When I was sure that Rusty was occupied I approached Patsy and John (Patsy’s Husband).  Patsy looked radiant in her yellow high cut French bikini.  I was very careful to not let Rusty see me with Patsy.  What I did not know was Rusty had gone to high school with John, Patsy’s husband.  They had been good friends and as soon as they saw each other they quickly approached each other to renew old memories.

I kept Patsy busy but watched carefully to keep Patsy and Rusty apart.  I hoped things would just settle down and maybe they would not even meet each other.  Patsy busied herself with some other guests and I soon lost sight of her.  After speaking to a few other friends I pulled John aside and he told me how Rusty and he had met.  He then asked me if Rusty still liked to catfight and wrestle.  I nearly crapped myself when he told me that he and Patsy often make love while she tells him about wrestling and sex fighting other women.  He even asked me if I had ever heard of anyone with that fantasy.  I did not have the nerve to answer truthfully.  I should have noticed his excitement as he shared his information about Patsy.  Little did I know that this error would greatly change the events of the evening.

John asked me if the thought of our two ladies wrestling was hot.  I agreed that it would be interesting but that it might be too much for this party.  Since I had met John before, I was fairly confident that he would help me keep our girls from having too much “girl talk.”  I returned to Rusty carrying a Margarita and we danced and partied for about an hour.

After a few more margaritas, Rusty began to make comments about several of the other women at the party.  She was getting a little loud and several of the other guests heard Rusty talking about possibly wrestling with several of the other women.

Obviously some of these guests were aware that Patsy loved to wrestle and began to circulate the rumor that there was another woman at this pool party that might be Patsy’s match.  Throughout the evening different guests would come over and ask me if Rusty and Patsy were really going to wrestle each other.  I said, “Where did you hear that idea?”

I thought I was doing a pretty good job of keeping the girls apart until Rusty excused herself to use the rest room.  I noticed that she was gone an unusually long time.  I began to look for her when I saw John sitting by himself in a lounge chair by the pool.  I approached him and asked, “Have you seen Rusty?” and
“Where is Patsy?”

John said, “Patsy just went to the ladies room but she will be back soon.  I don’t know where Rusty is.”

I said, “John, I told you that we needed to keep the girls apart and who has been circulating the rumor that our girls are going to wrestle each other tonight?”

John said, “What are you afraid that Patsy might kick Rusty’s ass in front of all these people?”

I said, “Actually, I was afraid that Rusty might make a scene and humiliate Patsy that is why I asked you to help me keep them apart.  I don’t want a real catfight here in front of our friends where someone might get hurt!”

John said, “Let’s let them fight, it will be fun and maybe they might get naked.  Everyone here knows Patsy loves to wrestle and she often has catfights at these parties.  You are not afraid that Patsy will beat up your girl friend, are you?  Let’s let them fight it out, that is, if you are not chicken?”

John continued by saying, “Look, you go find Patsy and I’ll go talk with Rusty.  You tell Patsy that Rusty is looking for her because she likes to wrestle and I’ll tell Rusty that Patsy loves to wrestle.  Maybe we can talk them into a little match?  We'll break it up if it gets too rough.  Who knows, maybe they will have a little pussy to pussy wrestling match and we can watch?”

I was shocked and embarrassed that I had not thought of the idea before John had suggested it.  I would love to see Patsy and Rusty wrestle each other.  If they got naked during the match so much the better.  Now I was really concerned because what if I got Rusty and Patsy to fight each other and someone got hurt?  I felt like I had gotten Rusty and Patsy in a situation that neither wanted or was even aware of.

I heard myself tell John, "OK, I’ll talk with Patsy and you talk with Rusty."

Several other guests heard us talking and were excited about the possibility of our two ladies wrestling for their enjoyment.  Some even were making bets.

Suddenly I saw Patsy approaching and to my surprise Rusty was walking with her and the two of them were chatting just like old friends.  I felt a little relieved to see them peacefully carrying on a conversation.  As they reached me, I heard Patsy say, “Let’s see if our guys would like to see us fight each other.”

Rusty said, “I love to fight and would love for us to fight right now.”

I looked at John and we both knew that Rusty and Patsy had already decided to fight with each other.  I was excited and a little concerned that they might hurt each other, especially after Rusty said, "So this is the Patsy you suggested.”

I was embarrassed to the bone.  But I was sporting plenty of “wood” as was John and several other male guests.

The excitement in the air was electric as the other guests anticipated the catfight that was about to happen.  Patsy and Rusty faced each other as the guests gathered around them to form a circle.  Patsy in her yellow French high cut bikini and Rusty in her white high cut bikini.  Each had an ample amount of pubic hair escaping the tight confines of their bikini bottoms.  Neither appeared angry, just focused, as they circled each other.

The guests cheered, encouraging them to fight.  I was concerned that somebody might notice the wood I was sporting as the girls struggled for position, interlocking their fingers in a test of strength.  I could not help noticing how well they matched up.  They had the same height, weight, and nearly identical measurements.

Patsy has brown hair and brown eyes and Rusty has auburn hair and blue eyes.  The girls had nice tans and gorgeous legs.  You could see their tan lines as their suits inched up during the struggle.

They were so evenly matched.  Rusty got Patsy in a head lock and took her down.  Rusty tried to control Patsy as they struggled in the grass for top position.  Patsy grabbed Rusty’s crotch and Rusty released the headlock.  I heard Rusty say, “So you wanna fight like that? OK, Bitch, let’s fight!”

Patsy said, “That’s what it’s all about.  Let’s fight!”

The crowd was really getting into their struggle and frankly I was surprised at the amounts of money being wagered on this fight.  Each girl had guests who were betting on them.  The match was evenly fought for about 15 minutes with neither girl really dominating the fight.

Suddenly Patsy pulled Rusty’s top off to reveal her delicious tits.  The crowd went nuts when Rusty returned the favor.  They immediately went for a mutual bear hug as their tits mushroomed together.  They struggled until they fell to the ground and interlocked their legs.  The fabric of their bikini bottoms struggled to contain their thick wet pussies.  They were crotch to crotch and seemed to like this position.

Someone noticed the bumping that was going on between their crotches and yelled, “Look!  They are pussy fighting!”

The crowd started chanting, “Pussy fight! Pussy fight! Pussy fight!”

I heard Patsy say to Rusty, “You wanna pussy fight Bitch?  Or are you woman enough to face a real woman?”

Rusty said, “You’re on, Bitch!”

Then they rolled off each other and ripped their bikini bottoms off and threw them towards John and I.  The crowd was completely silent at the sight of these two beautiful naked women.  During the pause each of them wanted something to drink to cool them down a little before they continued their match.  Both girls looked at John and me and said, “Leave us alone!  No matter what happens do not break us up!  Even if we lock up!  Just let us finish!”

John and I agreed to let them finish no matter what happened.  I had never seen anything like this before.  Hell, I had never ever imagined anything like this before.  So far no one had gotten hurt and neither girl had been able to dominate the other.  I was looking forward to the finish.

The girls looked very serious as they approached each other.  They took a bottle of baby oil and lubricated their already moist pussies.  They lay down on their sides and scissored their legs.  They each reached down between their legs and spread their pussy lips apart exposing their already swollen clits.  Carefully and slowly they inched their twats together until their pubic hair lightly brushed each other.  Then Patsy said, “I wanna fight with you pussy to pussy until the better pussy wins."

Rusty said, “I wanna fight with your pussy too.  Let’s pussy fight!”

Then it was on.  The girls each grabbed two hands full of the other’s ass and rammed their pussies into each other.  Each grunted as her pussy punched the other pussy.  There was mutual, “Ahh that feels good! Come on, bitch, let’s fight” and they did.

For about fifteen minutes they struggled in this epic battle of the twats.  I loved it and so did everyone else.  They were so beautiful as they fought.  There were several mutual orgasms and as many individual orgasms.
Everything was perfect!  That is until the cops showed up.

The crowd kept the police from seeing the actual fight until the girls by mutual agreement separated and quickly pulled their suits up and threw a towel around them and then dived into the pool before the cops could actually determine what had happened.  For all they knew, it was just a party that got a little too loud.  After a warning to “Keep it down a little” they left about as quickly as they had come.

The girls were exhausted and had had enough for the evening.  They got their tops back on and were content to call it a draw at least for the time being.  Except for a few small bruises and a little soreness neither Patsy nor Rusty was any worse for wear.

The guests enjoyed the fight immensely.  Of course John and I could not wait to get our lovers home and give them the tender pampering they deserved.  Rusty and I had the finest love making session we had ever experienced that night.

I am not sure if the girls got everything settled or not but I am sure the next time we see John and Patsy it will be very interesting.  Rusty and I are already planning a camping trip with Patsy and John.  You know some place nice and quiet.  Some place where there are no cops.