(By COLT 45)

If anyone had told Dot this morning that she would be standing in her son's class room watching his teacher prepare to fight her, she would have said they were CRAZY!

Parent/teacher conferences were to be done this day and she had come to the school to see her son's teacher as was required. She had never meet her but had heard that Ms. Thomas was a real bitch. Dot had intended to then stop by her neighbor Jane's house for a little afternoon sex wrestling so she had dressed accordingly.

Just as she was leaving to go to the school, Jane called and said they would have to postpone their match as she was feeling under the weather. This left Dot primed but with no release in sight.

When she walked into the class room she learned she was "late" according to the schedule Ms. Thomas had posted and, therefore, must wait until the end of the other conferences to be seen. This did not please Dot at all and especially not in her present state of arousal with no release available. So, Dot cooled her spiked heels in the corridor for an hour until Ms. Thomas finally came out and said," I'm sorry you had to wait but it would not have been fair to all the parents who were on time if they had to wait because of your tardiness."

Dot's reaction was controlled but decidedly cool when she replied, "I would have been here earlier if I had been told what time we were scheduled, but I never received that time from you or my son."

Ms. Thomas said, "I know. If you had come earlier we could not have had the chat I have planned for us. You see, I happen to know a lot more about you than you know about me. We have mutual friends with very similar hobbies and I have been looking forward to locking up with you, in private, just the two of us."

Dot was stunned, for it sounded like this teacher knew of her sex wrestling hobby. "I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage, Ms. Thomas, because I'm not really sure I know what you are referring." was Dot's reply.

"Oh, you know exactly what I'm "referring" to Mrs. Cat-fighter. I'm challenging you to a sex wrestle right here, right now. Just you-me and our bodies, to see who is the better woman. Do you have the guts or should I say the ovaries, for it?" Ms. Thomas said with a cat-ate-the-canary smile.

Dot replied, "Well, I guess you are talking my language but, how can we get to grips in a class room in a public school building, let alone fight the way I think you want to? I mean I'd be glad to fight you with most any rules you want but, we can't go at it in our clothes very well and I'm sure not going to undress in an open room where anyone can walk right in."

"You underestimate me Dot," replied Ms. Thomas. "We will have all the privacy we need."

Ms. Thomas then brushed past Dot and went to the door, locking it and putting a "IN CONFERENCE-DO NOT DISTURB" sign over the little window in the otherwise solid door. She then walked to an open back corner of the room and unrolled two wrestling mats out over the floor. She then turned to Dot and placed her hands on her hips and said, "Now, the mats will protect us while we fight and NO ONE! can see in. Now lets strip and fight if you dare!"

Dot's only possible answer was, "Okay honey, if you want a sex fight, you've got one. What do you want to take off and what are your rules?"

Ms. Thomas said, "As to the rules, No biting, scratching, hitting with the fist or slapping above the neck.  Breast grabbing and hair pulling as well as any wrestling hold you can think of is allowed. I, of course, mean head and pubic hair pulling."

"Oh, of course you do." said Dot.

"As to attire, I'm wearing garterbelt pantyhose and a bra. I suggest we lose the bras because I want your tits and mine to fight and I want to get my hands on them, too. And don't worry, the clothes I'm wearing are cut to conceal, not reveal."

This answered a big question that had been in Dot's mind.  Ms. Thomas was a brunette like herself, but did not appear to be near as big busted as Dot's own 42DD nor as big hipped as her 39 inches. Boy was surprised when Ms. Thomas began to strip. Her blue loose fitting blouse hit the floor revealing a black minimizer bra filled to over-flowing by her cherry nippled tits. When Ms. Thomas removed her bra, they fairly burst out and seemed to sway aggressively at Dot.  Ms. Thomas's skirt fell revealing dark brown one piece pantyhose cut like a garterbelt, leaving her thick black-haired bush open and waiting.

Ms. Thomas then kicked off her flat shoes and raised both hands, wiggling her fingers and her mammaries at Dot and hissed, "C'mon honey, lets wrestle!!"

Dot quickly went to the opposite side of the mat and kicked off her heels and dropped her purse and coat. When she unbuttoned her own blouse and revealed a demi-bra cupping her own boobs and dropped her skirt to reveal a garterbelt and g-string and black reinforced heal/toe stockings. Quickly Dot shed the bra and g-string and stepped out onto the mat.

Both ladies slowly began to circle and raise their arms and open their legs revealing the hairy pussy each possessed. Both were very excited and moisture began to ooze from the lips concealed in all that pussy fur. Their nipples hardened until they resembled twin pencil erasers only three times thicker. Dot made the first move, grabbing Ms. Thomas by her right arm and dragging her into a side headlock, pressing her face against her right tit.  Both women were bending at the waist and revealing their hairy twats to anyone who might have been watching. Ms Thomas grabbed a handful of Dot's left tit and began to squeeze very hard.

Dot gasped and flipped the teacher to the mat with Dot landing on top and pressing her tits into Ms. Thomas's as well as keeping the headlock. Ms. Thomas began to pull Dot's brunette locks on her head and when that didn't work, she grabbed a handful of Dot's pussy hair and went to work.

Dot hissed, "So you want to get nasty quick, ok let's do it."

She released Ms. Thomas's head and grabbed her hair with her left hand and her right hand grabbed the teachers left tit in a death grip.

It was Ms. Thomas's turn to hiss with pain and she grabbed Dot's right tit again and began to squeeze. She said, "You whore, your wet as a mop in your twat. I'm going to rip out your twat and make you eat it!"

This last "it" was squealed as Dot grabbed her pussy hair and began to yank up and out.

"You and I are both so wet now there's no hope of holding back so lets lock up twat to twat and see who can last, Bitch!!", Dot challenged.

"Yes, slut, let's lock up twat to twat and fight it out and let's tit fight if you can stand it." said Ms. Thomas.

Both ladies, glistening with sweat and with tits heaving, released their grips and separated. Slowly they knelt and moved forward until their legs scissored and their hands were filled with the tit meat of their opponent. They both read the challenge, excitement and fear in the eyes of the other as they inched their wet twats together until, at last, they met and began their meaty grind. Twat lips rubbed and clits became erect and began to fence in their own battle. Four hands squeezed and twisted the heavy tit flesh each claimed was the best.

The battle raged for what seemed an eternity until Ms. Thomas began to quake and moan and finally to cum time after time, finally begging for release from Dot's pussy lock and tit squeeze.

Dot slowly smiled and opened her legs to reveal her swollen pussy and the wet matted hair framing it and said, "To the winner go the spoils, honey. Come on and eat me and I won't keep you after school any longer. Or, much longer anyway."