(By COLT 45)

Dot had been going to the Hair Place for several months now to have her dark brown hair taken care of by a friend named Vicki.  Vicki was a mature lady in her mid-forties with shoulder length brown hair and a 5'2" frame, large round and heavy breasts and a shapely ass and thighs.

Dot's appointments had been getting later and later each time she went, and Vicki would try to hurry any other customers out, so far, to no avail.  Dot noticed Vicki often wore hose and low cut tops with short skirts.  There were also tanning beds in the back of the shop but, so far, Dot had not been able to use them.

On this day, her appointment was for 6:00pm.  She arrived and found Vicki working on a lady for a rush job. Vicki said, "Dot, I really would like to talk to you about something and I know I'm going to be tied up for a time. Do you have time to wait or must we reschedule?"

"I don't have anything going tonight so I can wait but if your going to be awhile....", Dot answered.

"No No No! I want to do you tonight.  Say, why don't you go tan for a few minutes, on the house so to speak, then when I'm done I'll have time to do you and we can talk. O.K.?" Vicki said with a strange little something in her voice that caught Dot's attention.

"O.K., I'll tan then you can come get me when you're through." was Dot's only reply.

Dot made her way to the back of the shop, noticing a large open area with what looked like moving van wraps on the soft floor in the corner.  The tanning room was not occupied so Dot entered, closed the door and began to undress.  First her skirt and blouse hit the floor, then she removed her flat heeled shoes and her jewellery.  She was just reaching back to remove her bra when the door opened and in stepped Vicki.

Vicki inhaled sharply but instead of the usually tenured, "Oh, I'm Sorry" she just stared at Dot's 42DD boobs and 40 inch womanly hips and licked her lips.  Vicki said, "I just finished the old lady and thought I could maybe talk to you while you tanned but I see I am too early."

Dot asked, "What do you want to talk about and why are you looking at me that way?"

Instead of answering directly, Vicki slowly removed her own scoop top and shorts, revealing boobs easily as large as Dot's and hips and thighs of equal size.  She wore no bra and no panties, just tan stockings and a garterbelt.  She then said, "I've been looking at those tits of yours for months wondering what they would feel like matched up against mine in a big tit boxing match and maybe a sex wrestle as well.  I know your reputation and I would just love to try you, sleazy bitch."

Knowing it all made sense, Dot removed her bra and stepped out of her panties and slowly turned to face Vicki in her black stockings and garterbelt.  Vicki had a hairy pussy and Dot wanted a handful of her pubic hair as well as a crack at her big tits.

"You want to fight me with your tits?  That's just fine, but I like to pull twat hair as well.  How about that?" Dot asked.

"I'm neither tender pussied nor tender titted, so let's fight.  Winner gets her twat licked." was Vicki's reply.

Both women went to the open area that Dot had seen to find the mats laid out and all but the overhead lights turned off.  Neither woman spoke as each took her corner.  Both kicked off her shoes and slowly began to advance.  First Vicki, then Dot, shook her shoulders making her heavy tits dance.  Then they both grasped their breasts and lifted them up each licking her own nipples until they were like small bullets.  Each could smell the musky odour of aroused pussy as they had both begun to sweat just a little.

Both women lowered her tits and tucked her hands into the back of her garterbelt.  Vicki growled, "Let's tit fight!!!"

Four heavy breasts impacted together as the women slammed their chests into each other.  Over and over they smacked their 42DD tits together.  This lasted for 5-10 minutes until finally they both backed up, gasping for breath, neither a winner but both women literally dripping with desire.

Dot moved to the center of the mats and lifted her right tit while slowly spreading her legs and thrusting her pelvis forward, opening up her twat.  She stood with her left hand resting on the top of her nylon covered thigh, next to the hairy juncture of her pelvis. "C'mon slut, TITS and TWATS to the finish!!" Dot challenged.

Vicki said not a word.  She joined Dot in the middle of the mat and matched her posture.  Each lady offered her right tit for the other's hand.  Each got her grip and then moved her left hand over the hairy twat of her opponent until she was satisfied with the grip she wanted.  Each woman watched her opponent's hands as they found their grips.  Each could read the desire to fight in the other's eyes.

Both women nodded and then gasped as each began to squeeze the tit and pull the twat hairs of her rival.  Two pelvises were yanked forwards and back.  Each woman went to her toes until she couldn't take it and fell flat footed in her stockinged feet.  Each tit bulged in the hands of the two women and each nipple tried to poke thru the hand surrounding it.

After many eternities and several small explosions between their legs, both combatants began to slide to her knees and the rush of an orgasm only a fighting woman can experience.  First one, then the other, grunted and gasped, each straining to hold out longer than her rival, but alas, Dot screamed out her orgasm, sliding the rest of the way down to the floor.  Vicki slid her wet pussy up Dot's torso until finally she squatted over Dot's tongue and she received her due.

In her mind Dot said, "Just wait until next time, bitch!!!"