(By Brandi)

The sheets and blankets were strewn over the bed, silent witnesses to the wantonness of their night of lovemaking.

Lisa awoke with a start and looked over at the bedside table. The clock read 9:30 A.M. Her gaze drifted over to April’s nudity; April’s beautiful black hair cascaded down her back. Lisa’s eyes were drawn to the perfection of April’s ass cheeks. She shifted her body so that her face hovered over April’s ass and planted a firm kiss upon each cheek. She let her tongue follow her lips and she pretended she was French kissing April. Lisa could feel her nipples hardening as she grasped April’s globes and tenderly squeezed.

“Mmm…, please don’t stop,” April murmured. “That feels so good.” April felt Lisa’s lips move away.

“I’ve got to go to work,” Lisa said. She sat up and April turned to look at her.

“Oh, my,” April whispered, “you’re even beautiful first thing in the morning.” She let her eyes travel over Lisa’s nudeness. Lisa’s breasts stood proudly, her nipples silently betraying her excitement. “You sure you don’t want to finish what you started?”

Lisa smiled. “No, I’m not sure,” she said “especially with your ass up in the air like that.” She glanced over at April’s bottom and ran her fingers over the luscious swell.

“What have we here? Looks like you’re the one who wants me to finish what I started.” Lisa’s middle finger dipped into the wetness that had gathered in April’s abundant hair. Lisa watched as April closed her eyes. Lisa knelt up so that she could more easily reach April’s excitement. Her lips returned to April’s ass cheeks. April moved her hips against Lisa’s finger and felt it enter her completely. April gasped as she began a rhythmic movement, her hips meeting Lisa’s thrust. “Yes, baby, just like that,” April whispered. Lisa matched her finger’s thrust to the movement of April’s hips. The essence of April drifted up to her; she forced her tongue harder against April’s globes. She felt April losing control. Lisa brought her other hand to April’s clitoris and found it hard and extended. Lisa used two fingers to glide over April’s nub as April’s hips moved back and forth. Lisa knew April was about to explode in orgasm. She moved her lips to April’s sweet crevice and flicked her tongue into April’s crack.

April felt her entire being explode. She felt her wetness flow over Lisa’s fingers. She wailed from deep within her throat. Lisa’s tongue was frenching her now and she felt Lisa spit into her ass and follow it with her tongue. April forced her bottom up into Lisa’s lips as she came again. Lisa moved another finger into April’s vagina and started to fuck April fiercely. April felt Lisa’s fingers flick her clitoris again and again. April couldn’t stop coming. She shuddered and begged Lisa, “oh, baby, don’t’ stop, don’t stop…”

The fullness of her orgasms overwhelmed April. She was under Lisa’s total control. Lisa’s hands, lips and tongue were in charge of her now and April surrendered herself to them.

Lisa reveled in her mastery of April. She forced her tongue deeper into April’s hole, her spit lubricating April’s entire ass crack. The sensual feel of April’s ass moving against her and April’s jerking movements against her fingers made her feel as if she was inside of April. April’s wailing and moaning was guttural and was fueling Lisa’s excitement. She felt herself on the edge of orgasm. As she forced her tongue into April again she felt herself quiver, her body shaking. She frenched April’s ass again and held on. April’s hips rose and fell in hard thrusts and Lisa’s tongue rode inside of April’s ass. Lisa’s arms grabbed onto April’s whole backside and brought April to stay against her mouth. Lisa did not want to move. She wanted April to stay against her forever.

April could feel Lisa’s tongue within her. It was an exquisite feeling. Lisa was pressing her tongue deeper and deeper inside and April sighed as she surrendered to the ecstasy of the moment. Lisa heard April’s sighs and Lisa orgasmed. Lisa moaned into April. Slowly she removed her tongue and lips and licked her way over April’s mounds. She savored the taste of April’s ass as she licked.

“You’re lucky I have to go to work, or I’d keep you this way all day.” Lisa said.

“You really have to go to work?” April’s eyes were closed as she enjoyed the sensation of Lisa’s tongue.

Yes, look at the clock. I’ll be lucky to make it to work on time. I’m going to take a shower.” Lisa slapped April’s ass and bounded off of the bed and headed to the bathroom. It took all of April’s willpower to fight what she wanted to do. She wanted to follow Lisa and take a shower with her, but she knew if she did, Lisa would never make it to work.

April’s thoughts turned to their night of lovemaking. Both of them had been enthusiastic and all her fantasies about Lisa had come true. She was glad that she had boldly kissed Lisa at the massage office. It had led to a night of ecstasy and a morning unlike any in her life. Her mind traveled back to Tujaque’s restaurant and the sexy blonde bartender.

She and Lisa had not talked about the bartender anymore and she wondered how Lisa felt about that whole episode. Maybe they could talk about that later.

Thinking about the blonde bartender caused April to shake her head in puzzlement. She had just had her first lesbian experience the previous afternoon, then gone on a date with a beautiful woman who kept her up all night making love, and then made her orgasm with the girl’s tongue in her ass, and here she was thinking about the bartender. But she couldn’t get the beauty out of her mind. After all, Lisa had had two orgasms, one with the bartender and then one when the bartender forced April to pleasure Lisa. Forced is a little strong, April thought, the whole situation had made her wet and she was so turned on, she couldn’t have said no.

April heard the shower stop and she lay back on the bed in what she considered her sexiest pose. Her milky white breasts were lying naturally to the side and she opened her legs, her feet resting on the mattress.

Lisa came out of the bathroom, her hair up in a towel and a large bath towel wrapped around her body. She turned toward the bed and stopped. April gazed up at her, her finger in her mouth. Silence enveloped the room as Lisa’s eyes slowly traveled over April’s body. Unconsciously Lisa licked her lips, the lewdness of April’s pose sending tingles to the most sensitive areas of her body.

“You don’t care if I’m late for work, do you?" Lisa said, her voice raspy.

“No, baby, I don’t. Drop your towel.” April sucked on her finger and spread her legs wider.

All of Lisa’s willpower left her. She slowly loosened her body towel and let it drop to the floor. She put her hands behind her head and said, “Is this what you want, darling?” Lisa reached up to unknot her towel, her breasts displayed in all of their perfection. She threw the towel to the floor, her eyes locking on April’s, and slowly walked over to the bed. She knelt beside April.

April watched the sway of Lisa’s breasts and then reached up and twisted Lisa’s nipples. Lisa closed her eyes, her tongue again wetting her lips. April twisted the nipples harder, wanting to make Lisa beg her to stop.

"Oh, baby…” Lisa moaned. She felt fullness in her core and she let herself go. "Where had the girl learned this?" she wondered. "How did April know that she loved this?" Lisa reached down to brush her hands over April’s breasts.

“Don’t touch me,” April whispered. “You love this, don’t you? I want you to come for me...” April pinched the nipples harder.

Lisa moved her hand down to her sex mound and found her wetness. She drove her finger inside and brought her wetness to her clitoris. It was hard with want.

“That’s it, baby,” April said as she squeezed Lisa’s nipples even harder. “You’re wet. Fuck yourself, go ahead, baby, go…” April’s hands moved to encompass Lisa’s breasts and she pressed her hands into Lisa’s breasts, mashing them against her palms.

Lisa's finger flicked once against her clitoris as her body shook with orgasm. April was now alternately massaging and squeezing Lisa’s breasts, her fingers returning to the nipples to twist. As if in answer, Lisa flicked her clitoris again and again, the sensitivity of it making her hips buck against her hand. Her body shaking with orgasmic waves, she murmured, “Oh, shit, baby…”

April let go of Lisa’s breasts and Lisa collapsed onto her. April found Lisa’s lips and hungrily kissed her. Lisa tasted of jasmine and rose petals. Lisa melded herself into April, her senses wanting nothing else but the feel of this girl. April broke the kiss.

“Now you have something to think about at work all day long,” April said.

“Like I didn’t have anything to think about until now?” Lisa whispered.

Lisa began to climb off of April, but she turned back and brought one of her breasts to April’s lips. “Suck my breast, baby, I want to feel your lips on me.” April opened her mouth as requested and savored the flavor of Lisa’s nipple. As she sucked, she grabbed her breasts with her hands and squeezed. She heard Lisa moaning. She was surprised as she felt Lisa’s nipple grow under her tongue. She sucked harder. She could hear Lisa’s breathing and all at once she knew Lisa was coming. She tweaked Lisa’s other nipple and felt it harden again under her fingers.

Lisa’s breath came in gasps now. April reached down and found Lisa’s clitoris still surrounded by wetness. April rubbed Lisa once and felt Lisa shudder.

Lisa lowered herself onto April, her fingers entwining in April’s hair, her breasts surrounding April’s head. Lisa gasped, “I want to fuck you all day. I don’t want to go to work.”

“Then don’t go. Call in sick.” April’s tongue found Lisa’s stomach.

“I can’t. I like my job. After all, I met you at my job.” Lisa moved down and kissed April lightly on the lips.

She slowly moved off of April and went to get dressed. April’s eyes followed the sway of Lisa’s ass as she walked away.

Lisa emerged a few minutes later dressed in jeans, a long sleeve LSU t-shirt and sneakers, looking like the All-American girl. Her red hair and milky complexion shone. She quickly ran to the bed and pecked April on the lips. “Thank you for a wonderful night and a beautiful start to my day,” she said, her face close to April’s.

“You’re welcome, baby, thank you for making love to me all night. Here is something to take with you.” April dipped her fingers into her vagina and brought her hand up and placed her fingers into Lisa’s mouth. Lisa sucked April’s fingers clean.

“Mmmm….just what I needed.” Lisa smiled and strode out of the apartment.

April lay on the bed, her mind filled with thoughts of Lisa. She reached down to her sex and rubbed her wetness up and down her opening. The slickness of her wetness was a new feeling for her. She had never been sexually aroused by a man and now a woman had kept her wet all night. And left her wet.

The mere thought that another woman could do this to her increased her excitement as images of Lisa flooded her mind. She had to have more of this girl. Her fingers found her clitoris and April let herself go, surrendering to the pleasure she was giving herself. Her hips rose to meet her fingers and she came. Sated, she fell asleep.

The ringing of her telephone awakened her. She looked at the clock on the bedside table. It was noon. She couldn’t believe she had slept another two hours.

Lifting the receiver she heard the voice of her boss. “Good morning, sleepyhead, or should I say ‘good afternoon’” he said. “Just wondering how your current project is coming.”

“It’s fine. I should have the finished product ready to email tomorrow.”

“Good,” he said. “That’ll be in plenty of time for the meeting this weekend. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay, Don. Don’t worry. It’ll be ready and you are going to love it.”

“I know I will. I always do. You’re the best, April.”

“Thanks, Don. Bye.” April replaced the receiver, happy that she was way ahead of schedule on her project. Working from home had been a great decision. Her boss only complained once in a while that he didn’t see her much, but they had lunch a few times a month and talked everyday on the phone and he seemed happy with the decision too.

Knowing she would accomplish nothing if she went back to bed, she headed for the shower. "My God," she thought, "I just talked to my boss in the nude!"

The shower was exhilarating. She got dressed and sliced a banana and some strawberries for breakfast.

Her mind wandered as she ate. She had intended to take her Mustang into the shop for some regular maintenance today, but she liked to do that early in the morning so she would have the rest of the day to work. She was feeling good and wondered what she should do after a night of lesbian lovemaking. She decided to go shopping for some new clothes, something she could wear for Lisa.

As she picked up her purse, she saw a business card lying next to it. She leaned down and picked up the business card Mary France had given her, the one with Mary France’s home phone number. She stared at the card and her heart beat faster. Mary France had brought her to her first orgasm. Hell, her first eight or nine. She had lain entranced as Mary France had worked her magic, massaging her again and again to orgasm. Mary France had never removed her clothes. Mary France had had complete control over April.

April continued looking at the card and thinking about yesterday afternoon. She moved her hand down to touch herself. She could feel that she was wet already.

"What kind of sex maniac am I?" She thought. Yesterday she had wondered if she had lesbian tendencies; today she was getting wet just thinking about another woman. And last night, last night she had spent in the arms of one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen. Was she a confirmed lesbian now? Did she even want to date another man? No, she decided. She didn’t want to date another man. She wanted to call Mary France.

Would that be cheating on Lisa? Would that hurt Lisa? Were she and Lisa exclusive? They hadn’t talked about it; they had had one date. She thought about how she would feel if Lisa made love to another woman. She would be jealous, but could she keep Lisa from dating other women? She didn’t think so.

Her heart racing, her wetness increasing, she crossed the room and picked up the phone.

To April’s surprise, the phone was answered on the first ring. A soft melodious voice welcomed April, “Hello,” Mary France said.

“Mary France? This is April. You gave me a massage yesterday…” April suddenly felt foolish. So what, Mary France had probably had several customers yesterday. From what Lisa had said, they probably had all been women.

“Oh, the raven haired brunette, isn’t it?” Mary France’s voice sounded wonderful to April.

“Yes, you gave me your card. I was going to leave a message on your machine. I thought you would be at work.” April’s nervousness was showing and she felt like a thirteen year old schoolgirl.

“Usually I would, but I decided to take the day off. I had a real busy massage schedule yesterday and I decided to treat myself to some shopping today.”

She must be in complete control over when she works and doesn’t work, thought April.

“Oh, really? I was just walking out the door myself to take a trip over to Lakeside. Are you going to be there?” April loved Lakeside Shopping Center. It was always fun to shop there and the stores were always up to date with new merchandise.

“Well, I was later,” Mary France said. “But first I was going to go uptown on Maple Street and shop for some exotic underwear. You want to meet me somewhere over there? Say at Camellia Grill at about 1:30?”

“That would be great, April said. “Where are you going to shop for your underwear? I could use some myself.” April knew that Madame Claire’s was in the Maple Street area of uptown and had the sexiest stuff around. Victoria Secret had nothing on Madame Claire.

“I’m going to Madame Claire’s,” Mary France said. “Why don’t you meet me there and we can walk on over to Camellia Grill when we are finished? I’ll be over there in fifteen or twenty minutes.”

“Great! That’s not far from where I live. I’ll meet you there!” April’s excitement was palpable. She felt her body tingling with anticipation as she thought back to her massage session with Mary France.

The magnificent old oak trees along St. Charles Avenue provided a shaded tunnel for April’s Mustang as she anxiously drove to her rendezvous with Mary France. Traffic lights were the only thing April did not like about uptown. There was one on almost every block, or so it seemed whenever she was in a hurry. She drove past Loyola and Tulane Universities and Audubon Zoo and finally turned onto Carrollton Avenue. A streetcar clanged as it neared the end of its route. She passed Camellia Grill and made a left onto Maple Street. Madame Claire’s boutique sat halfway down the block, an old shotgun style home that had been renovated and converted into one the most exclusive boutiques in New Orleans. April didn’t shop here often, but she loved the store.

April was greeted by Romona, the store manager. Romona, a dark haired beauty, had been with Madame Claire for five years. Rumors abounded about their relationship, but no one knew for sure if Madame Claire and Romona were lovers.

“I’m supposed to meet a friend of mine here,” April said, her voice low and conspiratorial.

“Oh, yes, my dear, Mary France said you would be meeting her. I should have known. She said to be on the lookout for a stunning brunette, and that you certainly are.”

“Thank you,” April said with a nervous laugh.

“She’s waiting for you over near the lingerie department. You know where it is, don’t you, darling?”

“Oh, sure, thanks,” April replied to Ramona’s back as the woman left to greet another customer.

Mary France was sitting in the luxuriously appointed client section and to April’s surprise a live model was strutting in front of Mary France in a black negligee and panties. The girl was taller than April, about 5’10 and April found herself thinking that the girl had the longest, most beautiful legs she had ever seen. The model wasn’t one of those bony runway models, she was luscious. All of her attention was focused on Mary France as she sensuously posed with her hands above her head. The negligee hid none of the model’s attributes, her firm breasts clearly visible, and her dark patch peaking through the almost invisible panties.

“That’s the type I am looking for,” Mary France said. “How easy is it to take off?”

The model smiled as April watched, her eyes glued to the girl’s magnificent body.

The girl moved closer to Mary France and said, “Why don’t you find out for yourself?”

“No,” Mary France replied. “I want to see you take it off.”

As April stood at the entrance to the client section, she stared, her senses alert, as the girl easily slipped out of the negligee. She let it fall to the floor and stood in front of Mary France with her hands on her hips. April found herself gaping as she realized that the model’s nipples were hard, standing almost as if at attention.

“Now the panties,” Mary France commanded. “But turn around. I want to see your ass, baby.” Mary France lifted her hand and the girl placed her hand in Mary France’s and twirled until she stood with her back to the blonde. The model twisted and looked at Mary France.

“How’s that?,” the girl whispered.

“Take them off,” Mary France said. The girl slowly rolled the panties down her torso. April didn’t think she would ever get them off. April felt her body reacting to this ravishing model and Mary France’s control over her. Her hand traveled down to the crotch of her jeans.

The girl stepped out of the panties, placed her hands on her hips again, and looked over her shoulder at Mary France. Her eyes said everything, their sultriness an invitation. Mary France said, in a voice that seemed surprisingly loud to April, “Now spread your feet and bend over.” April began to get nervous now. She didn’t think the girl was allowed to be naked, much less on display. It was supposed to be about the clothes.

Just as April was thinking this, the girl did as Mary France instructed. She spread her feet and bent over, her hair now touching the floor. She looked through her legs at Mary France and April was stunned to see that the girl had become wet.

Mary France leaned up and sat on the edge of the sofa, her face now just inches from the girl’s globes. Gently, she blew into the girl’s crack. April saw the girl shiver.

“You are wet,” Mary France said.

“Yes,” the girl replied, her voice hoarse.

‘Turn around now,” Mary France said. The girl straightened and turned, the magnificence of her breasts now right in front of Mary France’s face.

“Come, sit on my lap,” Mary France whispered. The girl straddled Mary France and placed her arms around Mary France’s neck.

“That’s it, baby,” Mary France said. April’s eyes were glued to the scene in front of her. She watched as Mary France placed her fingers between the model’s legs and began masturbating the girl. The girl’s hips began to buck and the girl’s face dropped to Mary France’s neck. The wetness of the girl against Mary France’s fingers made a slapping, sucking sound as Mary France fucked her. The girl began whimpering and gasping, her eyes closed. April could see tears coming from the girl’s eyes.

“Yes, yes,” Mary France whispered as the girl bucked harder against her. Mary France’s fingers were buried in the girl’s vagina, her thumb and forefinger massaging the girl’s clit. She felt the girl begin to shake as her hips seemed one with Mary France’s hand. The girl’s arms wrapped around Mary France’s head and the girl held on. Mary France felt the flow of the girl’s orgasm, its slickness an aphrodisiac. The girl continued to buck against her hand and was nearing a second orgasm. The girl’s hips moved faster now and she heard the girl grunting with passion. Mary France moved her free hand to the girl’s hanging breasts and cupped one so that the hardened nipple was centered in her palm. She squeezed the girl’s breast and felt her cry out in orgasm.

The girl kept moving against Mary France’s fingers and finally settled. “Please, don’t’ take your fingers away,” the girl muttered, her face still buried in Mary France’s neck. The girl lifted her face and saw April standing in the doorway, her hand against the crotch of her jeans. “We’ve got company,” she whispered, “but I don’t want to go.”

“Stay like you are until you are ready, baby,” Mary France responded. “Hello, April, “Mary France said.

“Hi…” April muttered. “I….”

"No need to explain, April. Melissa, meet April, a client of mine.” The girl lifted her head and said, “Hi.”

"Melissa was a client of mine, that’s how we met,” Mary France said. “Now when I want to see her, I come over and have her model for me.” April could not believe her eyes. The girl was still in Mary France’s lap! The sexiness of the scene before her made it hard to speak.

“Melissa, tell April how many boyfriends you used to have.”

“A lot,” Melissa whispered.

“And how many do you have now?” Mary France said.

“None,” Melissa looked into April’s eyes and smiled.

“Tell her how many girlfriends you have,” Mary France said.

“Only you, Mary France, you know that.” Melissa leaned back and gazed into Mary France’s eyes.

“I keep telling you to get a girlfriend, Melissa. You need a girlfriend. You can’t wait around for me to come to the store.” Mary France seemed to be scolding the girl.

“It’s worth the wait. I’ve never had orgasms like I have with you.” Melissa said. Melissa closed her eyes as Mary France’s fingers moved within her. Mary France’s lips closed around one of the girl’s breasts and she sucked the hardening nipple into her mouth. Mary France was sucking so hard, it looked to April like she was nursing.

The girl started whimpering and Mary France flicked her clitoris. The groaning noise from deep within the girl shocked April and she thought someone would walk in on this at any moment. The girl came quickly, her orgasm almost a shout.

Mary France let loose of the nipple and whispered, “I’m taking my fingers out of you now.” April saw Mary France wiggle her fingers once more inside the girl’s vagina and saw the girl react. Then Mary France lifted her fingers to the girl’s breast and spread the wetness there. Her lips fastened on the girl’s breast and she licked the wetness from her. Then she kissed the girl. April thought it was the most erotic thing she had ever seen. Mary France put her fingers into the girl’s mouth and the model sucked the remaining wetness away. Mary France slapped the girl’s ass as she got up from her lap.

“See you later, baby,” Mary France said. The girl looked over at April.

“Nice meeting you,” she said.

“Nice meeting you,” April replied. The girl sauntered away and April’s eyes were drawn to the girl’s perfect ass as she left.

“Like what you see?” Mary France said.

“Yes, she’s incredibly beautiful,” April said.

“She was so straight; she was a lot like you. She came and came when she had her first massage. Now she’s a lesbian, just like you.” Mary France stood and motioned for April to come into the salon.

“How do you know I’m a lesbian?”

“You called, didn’t you?”