Brittany Joseph and Dawn Worley, two 18-year-old high school seniors, had a lot going for them. They were A students, and co captains of the cheerleading squad. They went to a small high school, which meant being a cheerleader lasted for the entire year. They cheered for the football team in the fall, the basketball team in the winter, and the girl's soccer team in the spring. They were two of the most popular girls in school, and dated two of the best athletes.

It was a warm fall Saturday afternoon, and the two were walking home following a football game. Anyone passing them on the street would have seen two very attractive young women dressed in cheerleading outfits. The two long-haired brunettes looked great in their red and white uniforms. They had been best friends since they were six years old, and grew up together. Since they lived on the same block they spent a great deal of time at each other's houses. When they reached Brittany's house she asked Dawn to go in with her. Brittany knew her parents wouldn't be home until late in the day because they owned a real estate business, and Saturday was the busiest day of the week.

She and Dawn immediately went up to Brittany's bedroom. They decided to look at a yearbook from their freshman year so they could see how much everyone had changed in almost 4 years. As they looked each one made comments about both guys and girls, and how their looks had changed during that time. They agreed on who had become the tramp of the class, and who turned out to be the best looking guys. Before they started high school Brittany and Dawn made a pact with each other which promised they would remain virgins until after they graduated. As they looked through the yearbook, they noted the girls they knew who had already experienced sex at least once. Dawn made the comment that it was becoming more difficult to remain a virgin because she really liked the guy she was dating.

Brittany agreed with her, but both again promised they would adhere to their pact. Then Dawn said that it was great there had never been any competition between them about dating the same boy. She looked at Brittany and asked, "What do you suppose would have happened if we both wanted the same guy?"

Brittany replied, "That's easy. I would have pinned you down, and held you there until you gave in."

Dawn told her it would be the other way around. They argued back and forth good-naturedly over who would win their wrestling match. Even though neither had ever been in any kind of a fight with anyone each was sure she would win. Then Brittany challenged Dawn to a friendly wrestling match right there on the bed. It was a huge bed which she had inherited from her grandparents so there was plenty of room for both of them. They kicked off their shoes, climbed on the bed, and faced teach other on their knees.

They didn't even know how to start, and for a few moments the two just stared at each other. Finally they grappled together, and each tried to throw the other down on the bed. Neither could gain control mainly because they were giggling and laughing at what was going on. They rolled back and forth a few times, and each tried to control the other with a schoolboy pin. They were both unsuccessful, and as a result spent the next five minutes rolling with first one then the other on top.

As time went by both Brittany and Dawn became silent because something was happening to them that was totally unexpected. Their legs had become entwined, and their thighs were locked together. Their cheerleading skirts were so short each one could feel the other's thigh pressing against her pussy. It aroused both of them, and almost as a reflex action they started to slowly grind into each other. By now they were lying side by side, and cheek to cheek with closed eyes. Both started to gasp from the sensations, and rather than stopping they began to go a little faster.

Their gasps became moans as they hugged each other tighter. In a short time both gave in to the extreme feelings, and enjoyed the release of reaching the first orgasm either had ever experienced with another person. The red briefs each wore under her cheerleading skirt were wet with their love juices. As waves of pleasure ran through their bodies the two girls remained cheek to cheek, and continued to hug each other. After they calmed down they stayed in that position because neither knew what to say. They enjoyed what happened, but at the same time were somewhat embarrassed.

After some time passed Dawn broke the silence saying, "I have to leave because I promised my folks I'd be home by six o'clock to baby sit my little brother while they go out to dinner."

The two girls let go of each other, put on their shoes and walked downstairs. When Dawn reached the front door she stopped, turned around, and brushed Brittany’s lips with her own. The two parted company without any further conversation.

During the following week the two girls behaved as they normally did. They walked to school together; attended classes together, studied together, and went to cheerleading practices. Neither mentioned what happened the preceding Saturday. It was as though it never occurred. The following Saturday another football game took place. This time when they walked home together it was a little later than usual because it was an away game. When they reached Brittany's house they stopped and faced one another. After a few moments of awkward silence Brittany said, "I don't think either one of us won our wrestling match last week. Would you like to break the tie?"

Dawn replied, "I'd love to. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our first wrestling contest."

It was apparent that regardless of how intimate the two girls became they were going to identify all their sexual activities as wrestling matches. That label would appease both of them, and ease their consciences regardless of what happened. They quickly went up to Brittany's room where they faced off on her bed. They made a pretense of wrestling by trying to pull one another down on the bed. However, this part lasted less than a minute, and then they began what both of them wanted to do.

They rolled back and forth while entwining their legs. They pulled one another as close as they could, and even though they were still wearing their long sleeve cheerleading tops each one could feel the other's breasts pressing into her own. They came to rest with Brittany on top looking down at Dawn. Both were wide eyed and staring intently at one another waiting to see what would happen next. Their faces were only a few inches apart when Brittany parted her lips and slowly slid her tongue out toward Dawn's mouth. Dawn quickly reacted by meeting Brittany's tongue with her own. A wave of pleasure ran through both of them as their tongues met for the first time. Their eyes were still open so they could watch what happened as their tongues began to play together.

The two of them may have been virgins, but because of how intimate they had been with their boyfriends they instinctively knew how to arouse one another. After their tongues mingled together for many minutes they shared their first open mouth kiss. While kissing each penetrated the other's mouth with her tongue. They rolled over so Dawn was on top. She began to suck Brittany's tongue, and the two started to moan from the sensations. By now they were grinding their bodies together, and shortly their motions became wild humping. They were side by side when both of them started to go off. The pulsating sensations running through their bodies left them limp. Just as in the previous week both girls had very wet briefs under their cheerleading skirts.

The two girls were drained from their encounter. They told each other over and over how much they loved wrestling together. At no time did either of them bring the word sex into their conversation. They agreed to wrestle every week after football games. They also promised not to talk to each other about what they were doing except on Saturdays. Deep down inside each girl realized there would come a time when they would have to admit to one another what they were really doing. They also knew it was going to come sooner rather than later.

The following Saturday was the last football game of the season. When the girls walked to Brittany's house they talked about how great the season was. They weren't talking about the football team. They were talking about their intimate wrestling matches. After they went to Brittany's bedroom they didn't even make it to the bed to start wrestling. Brittany pulled Dawn close to her, and they began to kiss. When they stopped kissing Dawn pushed Brittany away from her, and posed a question which had been on her mind for many days. She asked, "After what we have been doing to each other do you think we are lesbians?"

Brittany pulled Dawn over to the bed, and the two of them sat down. They started to discuss Dawn's question. After talking for awhile they reached a few conclusions. First, neither of them had ever been attracted to any other girls. Even though they never had sex with any of the boys they went out with both girls enjoyed their relationships with the guys they dated. In the end they decided the sexual relationship they started during their wrestling matches was something they enjoyed with each other, but didn't carry over to other girls.

When they ended their conversation the two girls decided it was time to have a little fun. They climbed on the bed, got on their knees, and were about to begin when Brittany exclaimed, "Oh, wait a minute. I almost forgot I have something to show you on my computer. I found a web site I think you will really like."

Each girl had her own computer, and they e-mailed each other often. They were both savvy enough to know how to cover their tracks in case either of them found web sites their parents wouldn't approve of. In this case Brittany had found an adult web site which she showed to Dawn. She explained, "I don't know what made me do it, but a few days ago I logged on to a search engine and typed in the phrase wrestling cheerleaders. You're going to enjoy what I found."

The site she found was for adults, but she didn't have any problem logging on. It offered a number of DVDs which showed cheerleaders in competition with each other. Brittany clicked on one DVD which offered a short slide show as a preview to entice customers to buy it. It didn't have any sound, but the pictures were self-explanatory. The first slide introduced the two women who were going to compete. One was a Eurasian beauty with long straight black hair. She was wearing a black and silver cheerleading uniform with a very short skirt and a barely there top. Her name was Ginger.

The second woman had on a cheerleading outfit which was identical to Ginger's except it was blue and white. Her name was Amber, and she had shoulder length wavy red hair. Her beauty was equal to that of Ginger, and they appeared to be posing for each other. There wasn't much to choose from between the two as both had great bodies. Although they were standing side by side in the first picture their fight would take place on a huge mat.

The second slide showed the two women with their bodies locked together. With their arms around one another they reached up with both hands, and pulled each other's hair so their heads were bent back as far as they could go. The third slide pictured them on their knees glaring at each other. The next slide had the two women wrapped up together on the mat with Ginger on top. The final slide showed the same picture except this time Amber was on top. Both women had ripped each other's tops off, and they were now naked except for their skirts. After the last slide the offer to buy the DVD appeared on the screen with a price of $40 which included free shipping. Under the offer the site had the words, "Are you curious which cheerleader won their competition, and would you like to see the penalty the loser had to pay then take advantage of this special offer now." Brittany logged off, turned to Dawn and asked her what she thought about what they had just seen. Dawn told her she had never seen anything like it and said, "I take it you saw the slide show the first time you went to that site."

Brittany's reply surprised Dawn. She said, "I went to the web site and saw the DVD title and description but I didn't open it. I wanted us to watch it together. I've been thinking about how we could get that DVD. We can't download it because I'd need a credit card number, and that's not a good idea. I thought I would print the order form, fill it out and take it to the post office. I'd use a money order and just use my first initial along with my last name. I always get the mail first because my folks don't get home until after I do. I'd take the package and put it away before they got home. Then we could watch it together. What do you think?"

Dawn thought it was a great idea, and told Brittany she couldn't wait to see it. She found the slide show they had just watched very erotic, and told Brittany she wanted to wrestle. She surprised Brittany by daring her to wrestle topless just like the women they saw in the slide show. Brittany quickly answered, "I'll do it if you will."

They moved to the bed and removed their tops. All they were wearing were their cheerleading skirts and briefs as they got ready to start. Facing one another they openly gazed at each other's breasts. It was the first time they had seen each other topless. As both girls were fully grown their breasts were more than ample. They moved together very slowly and tentatively. When their nipples touched both felt the same wave of pleasure they got the first time their tongues came together. Looking intently into each other's eyes they slid their arms around one another, and pulled their bodies together. They could feel their naked breasts press together, and both girls gasped in delight.

They started to rub their breasts from side to side, and with each motion their moaning became louder. They took each other down, wrapped their legs together, and began to passionately kiss. The sensations they felt from being almost naked combined with their grinding and kissing soon took them to the highest level of eroticism. They cried out from the feelings of pleasure flowing through their bodies. It was the most intense orgasm either of them had ever felt. They were lying side by side and holding each other tightly as the erotic feelings subsided. Dawn whispered, "That was the best wrestling match we ever had. Our tongues wrestle, our legs wrestle, and now our breasts wrestle. I think we should call that part breastling."

A short time later they visited the same web site, and looked at the slide show once more. By now they were positive about purchasing it, and Dawn gave Brittany $20 as her share. Brittany printed out the order form and filled it in. She promised Dawn she would go to the post office on Monday to get the money order. Then all the two of them could do was wait.

They were in the second week of basketball season before the DVD arrived. As they were walking home together following a Saturday afternoon game Brittany told Dawn she had received the package in the previous day's mail. Dawn was excited, and the two of them couldn't wait to get home to watch it. When they got to Brittany's house they immediately went upstairs to her bedroom. They sat down in front of the computer screen, and Brittany put the DVD in the drive. In spite of the fact they had looked at the preview slides they weren't prepared for what they were about to see.

When the video started the two women on the screen were challenging one another as to their prowess not only as cheerleaders, but also as to who was the better woman. Both looked hot and sexy in their cheerleading outfits. After circling each other for a few seconds they came together body to body, wrapped their arms around one another, reached up and started to pull each other's hair just as they had in the preview slide.

After a couple of minutes of hair pulling the two went to their knees where they continued their assault on each other. When they finally stopped the hair pulling each described the other using the terms whore, cunt, bitch, pussy, and slut. The skimpy tops they were wearing were ripped away exposing large breasts and erect nipples. Both women took advantage of the opportunity by squeezing each other's breasts and nipple pulling. Their cursing was replaced by gasps and moans. As time went by they guided their nipples together, and began a nipple duel. Each wanted to show the other she had the best nipples as they first banged them together, and then tried to bend them from side to side.

When neither could dominate the other with her nipples they started a full breast battle. They smacked their large globes together time after time, but neither could gain an advantage. They glared at each other as they locked up together in a mutual bear hug. The bear hug did not provide an advantage for either woman. Then Ginger challenged Amber to a kissing duel. Amber accepted and the two of them moved to the next stage of their competition.

The two beauties brought their open mouths together as each tried to prove she was the better kisser. They were kissing in an almost animal like fashion, and each invaded the other's mouth with her tongue. They began to tongue fight, and as their tongues started an erotic dance together Amber reached under Ginger's skirt so she could stroke her pussy. In an instant the two were tongue fighting, and stroking each other's pussy. If anyone looked into their eyes they would see expressions of pure lust, and erotic sounds were coming from both women.

At this point Brittany froze the picture so she and Dawn could clearly see what the two women on the screen were doing to each other. Ginger and Amber, the two women who were sexfighting, presented a very erotic picture. Their eyes were closed, and their tongues were pressed together. The two women were clearly seen with two fingers in each other's pussy. Dawn said, "That is so hot. Who do you think is going to win?"

Brittany replied, "I have no idea, but it’s really wild. I didn't even know women competed with each other sexually. I'll bet watching cheerleaders do that to each other would really drive guys out of their minds. I can't wait to see who wins."

Brittany clicked on the play button, and the video continued. Suddenly the two women on the screen shifted gears. Ginger quickly moved her head down to Amber's breast, grabbed her nipple with her teeth, and pulled it out. Amber moaned and uttered, "Oh, you bitch."

She pulled Ginger's head away, and replied in kind. The two women spent a few minutes exchanging nipple bites. Then Amber grabbed Ginger, and pulled her down to the mat. They started rolling back and forth exchanging the top position. Whoever was on top would forcefully kiss the other, and grind her breasts into those of her rival. This went on for quite some time until Ginger and Amber stopped in a side by side position. At this point Ginger said, "It's time we settled this pussy to pussy slut."

Amber replied, "You're right cunt. The winner gets the loser anyway she wants her."

Ginger agreed and the two broke apart so they could get ready. They sat up, faced each other, and got in a trib position to begin their pussy fight. Their cheerleading skirts had gathered around their waists, and wouldn't be in the way as they began the climactic part of their erotic duel. Each woman leaned back on her hands in order to push, and they began to grind their pussies together. As they were thrusting both women realized it wouldn't last too long. It would be a battle of wills and self-control. The sound bytes of pleasure and erotic feelings coming from the two rivals revealed how aroused both of them felt.

Two very wet pussies sliding together created the ultimate level of erotica. The bodies of Ginger and Amber rose up, and they embraced. Their breasts mashed together, and they passionately kissed while their pussies were still grinding together in sexual combat. Suddenly it was all over as Amber started to squeal and cry out in ecstasy. Her body first stiffened and then collapsed as wave after wave of pleasure ran through her seemingly from head to toe. She covered her face with her hands as though she didn't want to have anyone see her losing in such dramatic fashion. The Eurasian beauty had a look of triumph on her face from having defeated the redhead in their sex duel. Love juices from their sexual frenzy were all over each other's pussy and loins. It presented a dramatic sight, but they were not finished. As the winner Ginger had the right to make Amber a love slave, and perform any sex act she wanted. She quickly commanded Amber to turn over on her stomach. As soon as Amber turned over Ginger said, "I love winning when I get to do whatever I want to a bitch like you."

Ginger mounted Amber, and began to grind her pussy into Amber's beautiful ass. Because she hadn't gone off during their sexfight Ginger was still very highly aroused. It didn't take long. Crying out in pleasure Ginger reached her own intense orgasm. Her quest for sexual domination and unbridled lust had been satisfied. She pulled Amber over on her back, looked down at her, and in a triumphant tone asked, "Well tramp! How does it feel to be humiliated, and have somebody get off on your ass?"

Amber angrily replied, "You may have won this round, but this isn't over yet whore."

Amber then reached up with both hands, and pulled Ginger down to her. They were kissing as the picture faded, and the video ended. A sign appeared on screen advising viewers that part two of the sexual encounter between Amber and Ginger would be coming soon. Then the screen went black.

Brittany and Dawn had been mesmerized by what they had just seen. For a few moments neither of them said anything. Then Dawn exclaimed, "That was so hot! I want us to do everything they did."

Brittany was excited too, but had some reservations. She said, "I don't know if we want to do everything they did in the video. I don't think we need a hair pulling contest, and win or lose I'm not sure about doing the penalty Amber had pay."

Dawn agreed with Brittany saying, "You're right. I think we can leave those parts out. I think we'd both enjoy it if we had a little friendly competition to see who the hottest wrestler is between the two of us. I don't think it's necessarily about who makes the other go off first. It's really about who can hold out the longest."

They walked over to the bed, and agreed to emulate the two women they had watched. Dawn and Brittany stripped everything off until they were naked except for their cheerleading skirts. Both were excited about what they were going to do, and climbed on the bed facing one another on their knees. What was about to happen would take them to a higher level of eroticism than either had ever felt. They were going to do things to each other neither had done before.

They moved together and started to open mouth kiss. Each could feel the other's breasts and nipples pressing against her own. After a few minutes they stopped their passionate kissing, and started watching each other's breasts as they began rubbing them together. They moaned softly as they bent each other's nipples from side to side. During their past topless encounters they had pressed their breasts and nipples together many times, but this time they were going to do something new.

Following the script from the DVD they had watched Brittany reached over with both hands, and began to sensuously squeeze Dawn's breasts. Dawn did the same to Brittany, and both started to gasp from the sensations. They pulled each other's nipples out, and both were getting turned on even more from this new experience. Then Dawn lowered her head and attacked one of Brittany's breasts with her mouth, and started to kiss and suck it. Then she fastened her teeth to Brittany's nipple, and began to gently pull it out. Brittany pushed Dawn's head back so she could have a turn, and for a time the two took turns pleasuring each other's nipples.

Still following the example set by Ginger and Amber from the video the two girls were soon tongue kissing. Brittany and Dawn knew what they wanted to do next, but never having been this intimate before each waited for the other to start. Dawn moved first by reaching down with one hand, going under Brittany's skirt, and then started to stroke the very wet pussy she found. Brittany, not wanting to give Dawn too much of a head start, did some pussy stroking herself. The two girls were in a tongue fight, and stroking each other's pussy for the first time. Both were very wet, and sounds of pleasure were coming from the two cheerleaders as they enjoyed another new first time experience. After stroking one another they grappled and took each other down on the bed. They started to roll back and forth as each wanted to be in control. Dawn gained the top position, and licked Brittany's lips with her tongue. She said, "I love having you this way. I'm going to win because you're going off first."

Brittany rolled Dawn over so she was on top and replied, "You don't have me. I have you and I'll win because I can hold out longer than you. Now my pussy wants to wrestle with yours."

Dawn and Brittany moved apart so they could sit up and face one another. Each one placed her right leg over the other's left, and they slowly slid together. When their pussies were almost touching each pulled her cheerleading skirt up so it would be out of the way. Their eyes met and they saw looks of anticipation on each other's faces. They knew they were going to test one another in the most intimate type of competition. Without further delay they pressed their pussies together, and threw their heads back from the erotic sensations. Both gurgled sounds of pleasure from feelings they had never felt before.

Brittany and Dawn leaned back on their hands so they could push. They began to slowly grind their wet pussies together, and the moans coming from both grew louder. They began to thrust faster, and both knew they were very close to the ultimate thrill. Dawn thought she could get Brittany off faster if they kissed. She sat straight up and beckoned Brittany to meet her. The two young beauties met, slid their arms around one another and began to tongue kiss. Each one could feel the other's tongue, breasts, and pussy grinding into her own.

In reality neither one was going to last very long. This was their first encounter with this type of intimacy, and given their lack of experience in sensual competition neither had enough self control to last very long. Brittany cried out, "Oh God! I'm going off."

Dawn tried to hold out for a few moments longer, but joined Brittany and both were in the throes of ecstasy. Pleasurable sensations ran through the girl's bodies as their love juices flowed into each other. When they finally let go of one another both fell back collapsing on the bed. They stayed in this position gasping for breath and trying to regain their composure. After almost 5 minutes went by they sat up and looked at each other. Dawn scooted up and sat next to Brittany. They smiled at one another and then Brittany broke the silence saying, "That was fantastic. I guess it was only fitting that our first time pussy wrestling ended in a tie. I love it when we get each other all wet like that. I guess we can't keep calling what we're doing to each other wrestling."

Dawn replied, "Of course we can. We just have to put the word sex first, and we'll call it sex wrestling. Maybe someday we'll put out a DVD just like Ginger and Amber."

Both girls laughed at the thought of actually doing that. Things got serious for a few moments as they just looked at one another. They were seated side by side facing opposite directions. They both had the same thought at the same time. Each leaned over to her right, and they tenderly kissed. They put their arms around each other, and the kisses turned from tender to passionate. They took turns licking each other's lips and sucking each other's tongue. They were no longer 18 year old girls experimenting with each other. They were young women who knew exactly what they wanted. They moved their heads a little further down, and fastened their mouths to each other's breast. They began to kiss, lick and suck. They pulled on each other's nipples with their teeth. They were enjoying each other, and wanted more. Brittany looked deep into Dawn's eyes and said, "I want our pussies to wrestle again."

They went at each other many times during the next few hours. They would rest for awhile, and then go at it again. It was as though they had found a new toy, and we're going to play with it as long as they could. When both were finally exhausted they began to talk. Brittany promised Dawn she would buy the next edition of Sexfighting Cheerleaders as soon as it became available. They knew they had a lot to learn, and who better to learn it from than Ginger and Amber. The future was bright for Brittany and Dawn, and who knew how much they would learn.