SIBLING RIVALRY: The Second Encounter (New Beginnings)

(By Andrea)

Ever since our first encounter to our new experience, Cathy and I had developed an unspoken relationship…. Even to each other. We were still jealous of one another at times, but we also lusted for each other at the same time. It always seemed that we would find any excuse to get into an argument just so we could settle our disagreements in our own way.

Many nights Cathy would crawl into my bed wanting to settle our disagreement (Just as many nights that I have crawled into her bed). We would whisper harshly to one another, to insure our parents would not awaken and discover us. Very quickly our whispering argument would become nothing more than trash talking and cursing. It wouldn’t take long for the exchange of slaps to begin, and soon we would be rolling around on the bed (sometimes even the floor), attacking each other with slaps, pulling hair, and cursing.

It always ended the same way. We would end up grinding our hips against one another. We would hump one another with passion while we still continued our fight. Sometimes we would reach our peaks at the same time, and if one peaked before the other, it would continue till we both were satisfied.

A lot of times we would have an argument in the early morning, like when walking to school. We both seemed to enjoy the tension it would bring us, especially knowing we both would have to wait until that night, or try to rush home to settle it before our father got home. Sometimes we would cross paths when walking in the hallway to our next class. On those rare occasions, I could almost feel myself holding back the desire to attack Cathy right in the hallway.

Our fights were sexual to a point, but not in a “lovers” sort of way. We both knew it was wrong to be lovers since we were sisters. Although our fights would end with orgasms from us humping one another, we never kissed each other (except for each other’s earlobe), never felt each other’s breast, and we never fought nude. There was never a bare womanhood connection. We always wore panties, or at least at times we made sure one of us would.

Since we were both unable to date boys due to our father’s strictness and rules; I guess our sexual frustrations came out in our fights. This might also be the reason as to why we would always fight first before grinding our womanhoods against one another. Starting it off as a fight just seemed to justify the ending results.

There were a few times when it was very hard for me to control myself from kissing Cathy. During the heat of the moment, it seemed so right. However, after everything cooled off and my logic returned to me, I would secretly yell in thought to myself, “What was I thinking?!?”

Cathy and I finally graduated high school. Cathy decided to work for a year while living at home. She wanted to save up more money before going off to college. I was ready for college and ready for my freedom away from the strictness of mom and dad.

About a week before going off to college, Cathy told me that she was starting to date another girl. Cathy said that she never found men desirable, and that it finally felt good to truly accept that she was a lesbian. Cathy wouldn’t tell me her girlfriend’s name because I knew her and have expressed in the past that I did not like her. While Cathy was talking about her relationship, I kept trying to think of other girls who I disliked that Cathy might be dating. I couldn’t come up with a single name.

That night Cathy crawled into my bed to settle an argument that we had early that day. For the life of me, I could not remember what our argument was about. My mind was still distracted from Cathy’s news about her new girlfriend.

I was happy for Cathy’s acceptance in her sexual preference with other woman. I was also happy that Cathy found someone else to share her desires with. However, there was another side of me that felt jealous. Needless to say, that night the slaps were harder, the hair pulling was more intense than usual, and the grinding was done with more force. Neither one of us slept well that night, because we kept waking one another for a rematch.


I went to Boston College and was majoring in business management. I was living in one of the dorms on the campus. I was actually surprised at the spaciousness of the room. The room was actually bigger than the room that Cathy and I shared back at home. It could have easily fit four students, but it only had my roommate Nina and I.

Nina was from New Jersey, and was going to major in physical therapy. She was clearly of Spanish decent. She had very dark thick wavy hair which flowed down to her mid back. Her skin had a light olive complexion which seemed to enhance her dark brown eyes. Nina was my equal in height, five foot-eight inches tall. She weighed 132 pounds, which was four pounds less than I. Her breasts were 36C, as I am a 36D. However her waist and hips were exact in measurements, 28-34. It was obvious she can easily turn the heads of both men and women with her beauty.

Nina was also very down to earth. We seemed to have a friendship bond almost instantly. At first glance of her, I must admit that I thought to myself she was going to be a stuck-up, high society, glamour bitch, but I was very wrong. Nina knew she was beautiful, but she wasn’t one who had an attitude about it.

Nina was also into the same outdoor activities. We both smiled a lot when we learned we had a lot in common. Nina loves to go hiking, camping, biking, and swimming. She considered herself to be a “secret tom-boy”.

We talked a lot while we unpacked and compared our schedules to see how much free time we will have. We even made plans to go for a “walk-a-bout” around campus early tomorrow morning to get familiar with the area.

Finally, Nina asked me the question I knew would eventually come up in our discussions, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

I explained to her how my father was very strict and forbade Cathy and I to date boys. I told her that I did have a few experiences, but nothing steady.

Then she asked, “What about a girlfriend?”

I just stopped and stared at her in shock by her bluntness. My mind was racing. I had a quick memory flash of Cathy and I pulling at each other’s hair while humping one another, both moaning loudly in pleasure. Then another image flashed before me. I snuck off one night with my friend Beth to a dance club. When we got to the club, we hung out with mostly her friends, and I met this girl Susan. I didn’t know her, but we ended up dancing together with a few people we both knew, like one of those small group dance circles that friends always do. I went to the bathroom and she followed. The second we entered, she locked the door, and we kissed. We kissed for almost eight minutes straight before someone knocked at the door. I never saw her again after that, but I will never forget it. That encounter was both strange and wonderful.

I was lost in my own thoughts and trying to think of a way to answer. However, Nina broke the silence, “I have been with a few men, but I mainly prefer women.”

I smiled at Nina and finally said, “I enjoy the company of women also.”

Nina smiled. For a moment we just stared, smiling at one another. I almost felt the urge to walk towards her and kiss her. The silence between us seemed like this action was necessary to do so. Instead, I forced myself to break off the stare between us and look out the window.

“Andrea…. Do you have a girlfriend now?”

I looked back at Nina, I took a deep breath, trying to figure best how to explain my situation, “I have a girl that I share some experiences with, but nothing serious. Our relationship is unique….. I guess we depend on one another for sexual frustrations since her father has almost the same strictness about dating boys as mine does.”

Nina seemed quite satisfied with my answer. She then informed me, “I do have a girlfriend. Her name is Tess, but she is going to another college, so I won’t be seeing too much of her.” Nina then gave me a little wink.

I gave a little laugh, winked back at Nina and said, “Well, I hope she isn’t the jealous type.”

Nina said, “I’m more of the jealous type. One time I got into a fight with another girl just because she asked Tess for directions. Tess tried, but couldn’t even get us separated.”

My heart suddenly began to pound with excitement. I acted as cool as I possibly could, “I have a few experiences in fighting also…. I have a sister.”

Nina answered, “Well, I’m Spanish, I think that says enough.” It was quite obvious to me that her comment meant she had a few experiences.

We both laughed. There was a gleam in her eye that I hadn’t noticed before. Nina intrigued me in everyway. I suddenly got the same flash as before of Cathy and I pulling at each other’s hair while humping one another, both moaning loudly in pleasure. However, the image of Cathy was replaced with Nina. My body shivered with goose bumps.

Nina’s cell phone rang, breaking me away from my thoughts. It was Nina’s father. Nina began filling him in on her experiences with the campus so far. She said, “Dad, I’m going outside to get better reception, so if I lose you, I’ll call you back.” As Nina walked out the door, she quickly said, “When I come back, lets go out and get dinner.” Nina shut the door to our room and I could hear her voice fading as she walked away.

I knew my new found friendship with Nina was going to be very special.

Then something changed; this one night in early October, Nina and I stayed up late having a few wine coolers and watching “In the Mouth of Madness”. It was quite a scary movie. To top it off, about an hour after the movie ended while I was trying to go to sleep in my bed; a huge thunder and lightning storm rolled in with gusting winds. I laid in my bed, eyes wide open, staring out the window. I was scared, and kept looking out the window; hoping signs of the storm passing would show soon.

I heard Nina whispering from her bed in a low tone, “Andrea, are you asleep?” Her voice was so low that if I was asleep I would have never heard it.

“I’m still awake.” I answered in a soft tone.

Nina let out a slight laugh, trying to make a joke, “I’m scared.” However, I could tell there was a hint of seriousness to it also.

“Same here.” I confessed to Nina. My eyes still looked out the window, “We picked a bad night to watch that movie.”

Both of us laughed, but it was quickly cut off by a loud crack of thunder. As the rumble faded off in the distance, Nina asked, “Can I sleep in your bed with you tonight? At least until this storm passes?”

I raised the covers to the bed. Nina could tell by my actions what my answer was. I turned to face her. A flash of lightning lit the room and I could see Nina in her typical sleepwear. She was wearing her unmarked, dark green football jersey, grey- almost one size too big shorts, and socks. Nina was suddenly startled by the flash of lightning, but then quickly slid herself into my bed.

For a moment I felt our bare legs make contact. I was suddenly aware of my own sleepwear, a large oversized, red t-shirt, and a pair of white panties. I slightly felt underdressed and uncomfortable. However, Nina was quick to adjust herself so that our bodies were not touching.

I was facing Nina, about to tell her, “Goodnight”. Suddenly, another bolt of lightning struck. This time it was very close since the thunder was almost as instant as the lightning. The thunder was loud and sharp. Both of us were badly startled and let out a short scream, we grabbed onto one another for security.

Still holding onto one another, we both began to laugh at each others reactions. Before I could attempt to say goodnight once again, Nina leaned closer towards me, our lips touched and we were in a deep kiss.

We quickly embraced tightly; our kiss was hard and intense. Thunder exploded once again, but it did not distract us. We kissed faster and harder.

Nina yelped. Our kissing suddenly stopped. Nina slightly pushed herself away from me, looking at me in shock, “ANDREA!?!”

I was confused, “What?”

Nina let out a little laugh, to let me know she wasn’t too upset as she said, “You were pulling on my hair.”

I was not aware of my actions, “I was?” I looked at Nina with sorrow, “I’m sorry I didn’t know….. I guess I just got lost in the moment.”

Nina caressed my face, “You like pulling hair?”

I answered softly, looking down at the pillow, “Yes.” I then confessed, “I love it.”

Through the sound of her voice, I could tell Nina was smiling, “What about having your hair pulled?”

I looked back up at Nina, “I love that also.”

Nina began to gently stroke my hair. It was soothing and relaxing. Nina then asked, “You like to get rough?”

“Yes.” I confessed to her.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pull on my hair. Nina said in a harsh whisper, “Come here bitch!” Her sharp pull on my hair guided me once again to her lips. We kissed deep and hard again. My hands reached into her thick, long, wavy hair. I began to give her hair a long steady hard pull. Our kissing intensified.

I pushed myself forward as I gripped her hair. Nina was forced to lie on her back. I broke off our kiss and reached for her shorts. Nina kept her grip in my hair, as I pulled her shorts off.

Just as I got her shorts off and threw them to the floor, a sharp pull at my hair came once again. This time Nina’s control on my hair forced me to lie on my back. Nina grabbed my panties quickly, practically ripping them off of me. Nina just as quickly moved her head between my legs. I felt her tongue begin to explore my womanhood. Both of my hands gripped the top of her head as shivers of delight went through my body.

I was shocked to realize Nina was so close to bringing me to orgasm so quickly. Maybe it was due to the built up tension and desire between Nina and I. Or maybe Nina was just that good. I began to pull on her hair, trying to get her to kiss me again. I wanted to press my womanhood against hers.

Nina wouldn’t move. I pulled on her hair with more force. Nina only responded with, “Harder bitch.”

That response alone almost sent me over the edge. I pulled on her hair harder. Nina moved herself slightly to one side, her left knee rising in the air. Nina’s left hand began to pleasure her own pussy. Her right hand reached up to my left breast while still exploring my moist womanhood with her tongue.

A loud moan of delight escaped me. The sounds of Nina’s wetness as her hand quickly rubbed her moist pussy were rhythmic. I continued to pull on Nina’s hair. Nina’s hand on my left breast closed, squeezing it.

I then slid my right barefoot between her legs. The ball of my foot began to rub against her wetness. Nina moved her hand away from herself and placed it around my ankle. She let out a low steady moan of pleasure as I began to fuck her pussy with my foot. I asked between deep breaths, “You like that you Spanish slut?” as my hips began to give small thrusts into her face.

Nina holding onto my ankle tighter began to quickly shake at it, causing my foot to fuck her pussy at a speed I could not do on my own. Another moan escaped Nina. Her right hand then gave my breast a quick slap. She then stopped tasting my own wetness to answer, “Just as much as you like this you Italian cunt.” Nina quickly placed her mouth onto my heated pussy one again.

I pushed my foot harder against Nina’s womanhood. Both of my hands dug in deeper to her thick hair, my short nails slightly scratching against her scalp. I pulled on her hair with more force.

Nina’s body began to quiver. Her right hand let go of my breast, reached up and grabbed onto a handful of my hair. She pulled sharply at it. I cried out, “Uuungh!” as my head was twisted to one side. Nina began to take small sucks on my peaking pussy as my hips began to uncontrollably fuck her face.

The sounds of my orgasm were very quickly followed Nina’s own delight. My body squirmed and quivered as my own orgasm overcame me. Sweat was suddenly running down my face. I felt so weak. I could barley move.

Nina must have sensed my losing strength. Her hand still wrapped around my ankle moved with great speed. Nina was masturbating herself to delight with my foot. Her hard deep breathing cooled my overheated pussy. Every few seconds Nina would give my pussy another lick, causing a slight squirm in my overtired body. Nina’s hand on my ankle moved faster and harder. Her hand became the only motion as the rest of her body suddenly stiffened, even her breathing stopped. Then quite loudly, Nina reached her orgasm. She thrust her hips against my foot as she still shook at it. After several thrusts and moans her body was almost motionless. Both of our deep panting was the only sounds in the room.

Still holding onto my foot, Nina raised it to her mouth where she kissed and licked at it briefly. Another moan weakly escaped me. Nina released her grip on my foot, and crawled on top of me. Both of our top articles of clothing were drenched in sweat. The heat of our bodies was high as Nina laid herself completely on top of me, it felt good. Both of my arms rested over her back. Nina then looked at me and whispered, “The storm passed.”

I kissed her softly for a moment and responded, “I know…. But you’re still staying with me tonight.” We then kissed once more and both relaxed, quickly fading off to sleep.


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