TRAINING DAY - Chapter 10


Alisha awoke at dawn, her stiff and aching body still tangled up with Judy’s. Their two bare, smooth pussies nestled up against each other between their interlocked thighs, glued together by a coating of dried sex, and every breath and movement set them tingling against one another in a reminder of the all-night battle they had waged. Alisha started to untangle herself in the darkness and for a moment Judy held onto her grimly. The two girls exchanged firm bites and for a moment Alisha thought it would start all over again. But she managed to slowly force Judy back down into the mattress and silently assert her dominance over the exhausted white girl. If there was any fight left in Judy she wouldn’t bring it on now.

She left Judy laying unconscious in bed and somehow found her clothes in the dim morning light, then skulked warily out of the dorm after catching a glimpse of her frightful appearance in the mirror. She didn’t want anyone seeing her leaving Judy’s room and fortunately no one was walking the dorm hallways this early in the morning. She made the long, cold walk back to her own dorm and managed to sneak past her sleeping roommate into her own bed.

It took Alisha days to recover from the fight although hard as she tried it was impossible to erase it from her memory. She tried to rationalize the bout with Judy as a harmless dorm fling, the kind of experimentation she was always hearing about girls in college doing. But she’d never heard of anyone she knew experimenting like this. Fortunately the self-defense class was over now and she didn’t have to see Judy ever again. The only time she saw the redheaded girl now was when she thought about their confrontations, touched herself and climaxed dreaming of Judy’s body tangling up with her own.

After a couple of weeks even those confusing feelings began to fade and life got back to normal for Alisha. She noted her fine black bush coming back in, masking her vulva in eight-inch long, stiff stubble, and she was happy to see that the last reminder of her ritualistic encounter with Judy was finally disappearing.

The white girl had almost disappeared from her mind as well as she adjusted to her new classes, including a late night accounting class in one of the campus’s older buildings. She always found herself walking down a dark hall in the lower level of the building after class toward a stairwell on the south end while most of the other students headed north. She’d been taught to be wary of those situations but the self-defense class and, she had to admit, her war with Judy Miller had made her far more confident about being alone in the dark. Still several times she had heard noises like the click of heels in that dark hallway and she had almost called out to see if some boy was scoping her out from the shadows, but she had put it down to mild paranoia.

It was a Thursday night when she was proven wrong. As she’d reached the halfway mark of the hall Alisha had definitely spied a shape moving in the darkness between her and the safety of the stairwell. She stopped, realizing the north staircase was now a long run to make in her high heels if someone truly dangerous lay ahead. Her eyes narrowed and she felt a mix of fear and outright anger at being put in this position.

“Who the fuck are you and what are you doing?” she said firmly, her voice echoing in the mostly empty old hallway.

“Come on and find out,” a horribly familiar, low voice replied from the shadows. Alisha froze, her eyes probing the darkness.

“You bitch,” she whispered. It had to be Judy, sounding like she was about twenty feet ahead. As if in answer she heard a click of heels, as loud as her own, coming from near the first step of the stairwell.

“Who are you calling a bitch, pussy?” the white girl’s voice came again.

“What the hell do you want?” Alisha said, although she already had a very good idea.

“Like I said, come here and find out,” Judy hissed quietly. Alisha’s eyes probed the darkness ahead but she was still unable to make out Judy as anything other than a slight variation in the blackness ahead of her. She unconsciously smoothed her silk blouse and skirt and began to walk forward slowly and carefully, every click of her pump heels ringing out like a gunshot in the high-ceilinged hallway. She heard Judy stepping forward to meet her, even more slowly as the white girl clearly was waiting for Alisha to come to her. She thought grimly that the redhead must be well-dressed for some class too as she was obviously wearing hard-heeled shoes. She documented her own clothing in her mind as if taking count of her weaponry: high heeled shoes and stockings, tight panties instead of the panty hose she’d worn when she’d met Judy at that bar, the silk blouse and a bra. She had no idea what to expect from Judy and she realized that if they somehow rushed each other and simply tore each other out of their clothes she would have to walk all the way home practically naked.

She closed to within a few feet of the sound of Judy’s slowly clicking heels until she could just barely make out the other girl in the darkness, a pale face and maybe a little cleavage contrasting against dark clothing. The girls stood in silent darkness for a few moments before Judy spoke in a hushed, threatening tone.

“If you want up that staircase you’ll have to go through me first,” she said.

“You’re fucking crazy,” Alisha said, matching her tone. “Girl, we already had it out and I came out on top of your white ass, and if you can’t handle that that’s your problem.”

“I’m not finished with you,” Judy said simply. “Not until we do one more match to settle things.”

“Why should I when I already beat your hard little body good?” Alisha argued. She realized that even as she was trying to talk her way out of another fight she was throwing language at Judy guaranteed to goad the redhead into wanting the tussle even more. But she couldn’t help talking to this sexy white bitch this way, she thought, her body warming to the realization. She and Judy had definitely found something together, something that had to be answered whenever they were in sight of each other. Maybe Judy was right and it hadn’t been settled yet, she thought to herself crazily even as she realized that she could be throwing away a victory over this girl and inviting a new, maybe more dangerous duel between them.

“I’ll bet that waxed pussy of yours is growing back a nice hard bush isn’t it?” Judy said. The question almost seemed to ignore Alisha’s query until Alisha suddenly realized, with a flush of excitement, that it was very much a response.

“You filthy white whore,” she whispered keenly.

“I still owe you for that bush beating you gave me in the locker room, honey,” Judy said. “And I can tell you I happen to have a very rough bush to fight back with right now.”

Alisha felt her pussy tingle at Judy’s words in spite of all her best instincts. Even as she moved her hips ever so slightly, shifting her weight from one leg to the other, she felt the stiff burr of her newly regrown bush crackle against the white cotton crotch of her panties. She well remembered the satisfaction of grinding down Judy’s soft corn silk bush in the locker room shower stall and she still remembered the sting of the white girl’s taunts that she would have beaten Alisha if the black girl hadn’t sported such a stiff, coarse pubic thatch. Still, she had beaten Judy where it counted in her dorm room and had considered this matter between them closed.

“You know I beat your pussy twice now, honey,” Alisha said, keeping her voice pitched low in the darkness as she heard the last rattle and slam of the other students and instructor from the class exiting the building. “I went up against you totally bare so why should I bother giving you another shot at me now?”

“Because I know you and you want to find out how it would come out between us the way we are now,” Judy said smoothly. “Stiff and tough.”

Alisha swallowed in a dry throat. As easy as it had been to beat Judy’s full bush she had to wonder now, knowing how stubbly and rough she herself was, just how savage it would be to put her bare pussy on the line against Judy’s now. It didn’t matter how soft Judy’s curls were fully grown; coming in new they would probably be just as stiff, hard and abrasive as her own black stubble was. When Alisha still didn’t answer Judy continued: “How about a deal? We feel each other out first and then if you’ve got the guts to fight we’ll do it.”

Alisha stared at the pale ghostly outline of Judy standing in front of her in the darkness as she felt an ugly heat gathering in the pit of her stomach. She had to admit to herself that she was impressed by this white girl bitch, the way she wouldn’t back down and the way she kept coming, long after Alisha thought she was beat. She would have never in a million years taken this pale white pixie of a girl to be this kind of fighter but now she had to deal with it and hold on to her own self respect somehow. If she backed down she might as well forget any victories she already had over Judy and admit this girl was the tougher bitch between the two of them.

She took a moment of still silence before speaking, then licked her lips and said “You want to feel what I got then go ahead; you’ll be the one who ain’t got the guts to match up with me.”

“Good,” Judy said, grabbing her wrist and pulling Alisha back into the pitch blackness underneath the stairwell.

“You crazy?” Alisha hissed. “We gonna do bitch business we ain’t doing it here!”

“Shut up you stupid cunt,” Judy said as she yanked Alisha close to her in the darkness. “Don’t you think I did my homework before I called your ass out down here? There are no other classes in the building after 10 and no custodians until midnight so it’s just you and me down here.”

“Yeah, you always so sure of everything, aren’t you, Miss Big Stuff?” Alisha growled angrily. “You’re not gonna order me around tonight.”

“I gave you my challenge; you can accept it or not,” Judy said simply. “Or just admit you know my rough snatch could just crush yours in a fair fight and walk away from me right now.”

“Oh you’d like that, wouldn’t you, bitch, so you could run and tell all your dyke friends that you beat my bush down here.”

“You don’t worry yourself about that, slut,” Judy said. “The only ones who are going to know about what happens here are you and me. But it’s going to feel real good after I’m finished beating you out once and for all.”

“Whatever,” Alisha snorted. “Fuck, girl, you want to feel me out and feel what you’re up against then come on.”

“Fine,” Judy said. “Take off that cute little skirt. You always dress so nice for your little accounting class, don’t you? Smart skirt and stockings and heels? I can dress up too.” Alisha heard the zipper on Judy’s skirt growl as she slid it off her hip. She cast a last nervous glance up the stairwell but apart from the two girls the building around them seemed still as death. She knew Judy was pushing her even on this point, trying to show her she was more daring by being the first one to strip. She quickly unzipped her own skirt and bent low as she stepped out of the garment and placed it on the stair railing next to Judy’s.

“Panties too,” Judy said firmly. “You can keep the stockings and shoes on though.”

“Fuck you, bitch,” Alisha whispered as she stripped her cotton panties off. She realized she could make out Judy’s legs and hips now; the white girl’s blouse seemed to make her head and cleavage float disembodied over her trunk in the darkness. She wondered if Judy could make out her body at all.

“Bring on what you’ve got, tramp,” Judy said quietly as she stepped forward and met Alisha nose to nose with a final, precise clicking of high-heeled shoes echoing in the darkness as the girls faced each other.

“You bring on yours, pretty cunt,” Alisha said gamely as she began to press hesitantly against Judy. She felt the redhead’s breath catch a little and she closed her eyes against her own reaction at the feeling of Judy’s soft body pressing into her own again. She realized that for all her satisfaction at having beaten this white enemy she had missed something in her life these past few lonely days, and that this might very well have been what. She had focused all her being on defeating Judy Miller these past few weeks, as if beating her meant beating every white girl who’d ever looked down at her, every so-called friend who’d made her feel like she didn’t measure up.

Judy’s arms encircled Alisha’s upper body and the two girls caressed each other close, hands gripping each other’s neck and shoulders lightly, and suddenly Judy’s delicious mouth was pressed down on Alisha’s open lips again and the two girls exchanged a long, exquisitely sensual kiss, their tongues dancing against each other inside the hotness of their closed off mouths. Alisha felt herself responding, her body tingling, nipples straining against her bra and hardening up against their rivals on Judy’s chest, bellies pressing against each other through the soft satin blouses. Then Judy pulled away and Alisha could see the white girl’s intense stare locking onto her eyes as she felt the white girl’s hands slide down her back and purposefully grip her two big, bare buns as Alisha spread her legs in invitation and reached down to fill her own dark hands with Judy’s meaty, pale ass. The smooth warm flesh felt fantastically supple under her fingers and the two girls’ high-heels rang out echoing, potent clicks as they repositioned themselves on the floor and each girl exposed herself openly to her opponent.
Judy’s ass twitched a little under her fingers and she suddenly felt the redhead’s bristling, rough pussy rubbing slowly and intently against her own furry sexual folds. She squeezed Judy’s buns and bravely thrust her pussy in tighter as she felt Judy out, blinking a little bit in discomfort as the stiff, dangerous brush of fur covering Judy’s vulva slowly clashed with her own. She could hear the crackle of stiff hairs crossing and popping like the taut strings of some exotic musical instrument as her black hairs matched up against Judy’s copper-colored stubble. The two girls cocked their hips, pivoting against each other with careful, measured movements as they each dragged their cunts across their rival’s and judged the stiffness and abrasive toughness of each other’s newly hairy snatches. Alisha pursed her lips and hissed a little as a few of Judy’s short pubes pricked her pussy, jabbing at the tender skin between hairs. She pressed forward a little more firmly and directed a few of her short hairs straight into Judy’s exposed sexual flesh in response and Judy trembled and winced against her body at the feel of her proud black fur.

“You think you could measure up against that?” Alisha said bravely.

“You think you could take a beating from what I’ve got down here?” Judy replied. “Don’t think we’re going to just rub each other soft. If we’re fighting rough cunts I want a rough fight.”

Alisha tried to glare back at Judy intently and fearlessly, even if she wasn’t sure the white girl could really make out her expression in all this darkness. “Then that’s just what you gonna get, girl,” she said firmly.

Judy didn’t wait. Her hands slapped down on Alisha’s ass and she pivoted against her black enemy with lightning speed. Alisha tried to counter but Judy struck first, jamming her bare cunt in hard against Alisha’s in a vicious punch. Alisha grunted and gripped Judy’s ass fiercely as she tried to buck and thrust back at the white girl’s bare, hairy cunt but somehow Judy’s thrusting ass rammed her vicious snatch in for two more rapid-fire blows before Alisha could get in a return punch.

Alisha snarled and hissed at the sting of Judy’s hot cunt as it beat against hers. She had expected discomfort from this contest but nothing like what she was already experiencing. The clack of the two girls’ heels on the floor tiles fired off like gunshots in the echo chamber of the stairwell now as they maneuvered and wrestled fiercely against each other, maneuvering in the seven foot square space beneath the stairs that formed a pitch black arena for their fight. Alisha thrashed against Judy heroically now and staggered the white girl back a little. She squeezed the redhead’s big creamy ass firmly between her fingers and jabbed her black cunt into Judy’s soft but prickly pussy with swift, repeated strokes, her own buns flexing mightily to deliver the blows. Judy grunted and twisted against her body as she absorbed the punishment, her soft face grimacing against Alisha’s.

“Is that the best you got, fucking porcupine pussy?” the white girl hissed at her.

“No—here’s some more!” Alisha snarled as she thrust forward and managed to jam Judy back against the stair banister. Her hands left the other girl’s ass to grab the iron banister rails that Judy lay pinned against like the bars of a jail cell and used the leverage to pound more pussy blows into the redhead’s waiting pelvis. “How’s that cold steel feel against your big ass, bitch?”

Judy moaned against her as Alisha’s body ground into her and their two cunts slashed against each other like two abrasive pieces of sandpaper. “You prickly black bitch!” the redhead squealed as Alisha jammed home her attack, bracing her thick brown thighs to flank her opponent’s.

“White cunt,” Alisha growled against Judy’s cheek as the redhead squirmed into her chest. “Now I’m gonna bring you down off your little throne once and for all.”

“Don’t count on it, honey,” Judy insisted hotly. “Not street trash like you.”

Alisha managed to bite at the redhead’s hot mouth and chin hungrily as she tried to wear down Judy’s cunt, but she found herself squealing too at the rough hotness of the other girl’s pussy clashing with her own. She felt like a hot flame was being applied to her cunt as their stiff wire brush bushes battled, raking across each other angrily and stabbing mercilessly into tender exposed pussy skin. She knew she was receiving as much pain as she was probably dealing out to Judy at that this war of attrition was far more dangerous and savage than any confrontation she’d had with this sexy white bitch so far.

Alisha flinched as one of Judy’s hands briefly left her ass only to return and deal it an open-handed smack that sent a thunderclap of sound rocketing down the empty hallway that briefly drowned out their groans and threats and the angry clicking of their heels. Judy used the surprise to jam Alisha’s body backwards and wrench her hands free of the banister bars and the two girls again skirmished at the center of their ring. Alisha angrily smacked one of her own free hands down on Judy’s bare ass and an answering detonation blew down the hallway at the whip crack sound of the slap. Anyone entering the building could have mistaken the sounds for a war zone, with the clatter of heels sounding like small arms fire and the thundering, smashing sounds of hands hitting asses heavy artillery.

Alisha’s lips curled into a vicious snarl as she and Judy circled and panted in the darkness. She wanted to lash out and pound Judy’s body with her fists now but the ritualistic rules had been set and their only true weapons against each other were their bristling cunts. She was still feeling the adrenaline and the sexual excitement that had flooded through her as she’d pinned Judy and pounded her rough pussy into the redhead’s, but she realized now how similar this battle was to their war in the dorm room, with one important difference. Back there each girl had had to inflict sexual pleasure on the other with the most sexually sensitive part of her body, and try to maintain control of themselves while they forced their opponent over the edge of ecstasy. Now the girls had to try to attack the most sensitive parts of each other’s bodies and inflict raw punishment with the most vulnerable, nerve-laden flesh they possessed themselves. Every blow and rub, every moment of contact with Judy’s pussy hurt Alisha too, and her naked cunt throbbed now not just with arousal but with raw agony. It would all come down to who could take more punishment and whose ass could deal more out.

“What are you waiting for, bitch?” Judy demanded hotly as they circled.

“I’m waiting for you to work up the guts to get back into the fight,” Alisha responded, shaking out her damp, sweaty hair. They had scuffled for only a few moments but she already felt as winded and sore as she had after hours of dueling Judy’s body in the dorm room, and her heart was pounding. She could only hope that she had done as much damage to Judy as the white girl had done to her.

Alisha swallowed and stepped forward, forcing herself back into the fight. Her body collided with Judy’s in the darkness and both girls threw their arms into a savage hair pull, gripping her enemy with one hand while her other grabbed the other girl’s blouse from below. Judy’s pelvis pounded into Alisha’s as the girls’ thighs spread for balance and loud, thick smacking sounds rocketed through the hallway as both girls jammed into each other, each finding a rhythm as they aimed their pussies, flexed bare, sweating ass cheeks and thrust their hips into vicious combat. Alisha grunted and hissed as Judy’s cunt found hers and the girls launched into a relentless volley of pussy pounding, fiery cunts ramming together savagely again and again. Alisha tried to aim for Judy’s pubic bone, cracking her firm mound down onto her enemy’s two or three times before Judy found a better stance and returned the blows, sending shocking impacts into Alisha’s pubic bone until she could feel herself bruising above her vulva. She smacked Judy’s bare ass vengefully and Judy returned the favor, and the level of violent sound in the hallway grew dramatically as pelvises slamming together vied with thunderous ass smacks and heel clicks to create a chaos of noise. Alisha almost couldn’t believe the sounds of the fight, magnified and drawn out by the hallway’s emptiness and high ceilings, weren’t being heard by the whole campus.

After a flurry of crazed violence Judy suddenly snaked her arms around Alisha’s waist, hugged her close and began dragging her superheated cunt across Alisha’s bare snatch in slow, cruel strokes. Alisha grunted against the other girl and flexed her ass in answer to the challenge, gasping into Judy’s open mouth as the two girls matched cunts in a sweat-drenched and sadistic slow dance.

“I’m going to tear your snatch off and grind your bare pussy raw you black cunt,” Judy growled at her viciously. Alisha squeezed tears out of her eyes at the agony between her legs and felt only a moment’s satisfaction as she tasted the salty wetness of tearstains coating Judy’s soft cheeks.

“I swear I’ll rub you raw first you lily white pussy,” Alisha gasped. “We could have settled this with a nice soft fuck but you wanted it rough.”

“That’s just how a gutter whore like you deserves it,” Judy groaned. “I’m going to fuck you right back into the ghetto where you belong.”

“Just you and your big white ghetto ass try to do it,” Alisha grunted, reaching down to grip Judy’s creamy, firm buns as she spoke. “I’ll fuck you and fight you all at once.”

Judy’s strong hands found Alisha’s ass too and the two girls crushed their fingers into each other’s big cheeks as they forced their cunts into even tighter and hotter conflict. “You’ll have to be a bigger woman than you’ll ever be to fuck and fight with me, baby,” Judy said confidently as she dragged her bristling cunt against Alisha’s. Alisha ground back against the white girl’s prickly pussy bravely, blinking back her tears as she felt Judy’s cruel, stiff bristles assaulting her tender labia and only hoping her own black stubble was doing the same savage damage to Judy. Her ass cheeks now seemed to hurt almost as much as her pussy as she tried to force more and more power out of those two sweat-drenched round muscles and meet Judy Miller’s pelvic thrusts pound for pound. She told herself over and over again that no creamy little white girl could beat a sister like this, just the two of them alone, muscle to muscle and pussy to pussy. She had to win this fight for every black girl that ever got looked down on by a snotty white bitch like Judy.

She crushed her body against Judy’s and Judy met her flesh for flesh, hot sweet breath kissing Alisha’s lips as the two girls gasped and panted into each other’s faces. The frenzy of pelvic thrusts even seemed to intensify as both girls sought the climax of the fight, thrashing against each other as if their lives depended on it.

Suddenly Alisha staggered back, balancing on her stiletto heels. She had never thought to remove her shoes and now even her silk blouse was so soaked with sweat that it felt like a wool coat weighing her down. She struck out wildly at Judy to keep the white girl at bay and in a flash tore off her blouse to give herself some maneuvering room. Judy’s fists found her bare stomach and she had to twist into the other girl and wildly shred at Judy’s blouse, tearing it off her body to even the score. Her eyes had adjusted enough to the darkness now that she could see Judy’s pale, perfect body dancing around hers now, clad only in a bra, the glistening of sweat visible in the dim light filtering down from the upper floors of the building. This was her white nemesis, a beautiful demon terrorizing her.

The two nearly nude coeds clashed a final time at the center of the landing and this time Alisha staggered back again as Judy’s hot body beat into hers in a flurry of arms and legs. Suddenly hard metal bars smashed into her back and ass as Judy forced her against the banister rails where she had pinned the white girl only moments before. But that moment seemed like an eternity away now as the redheaded vixen pinned her body to body and brutally forced Alisha’s brown thighs apart with her white marble legs. Alisha squealed as Judy’s hot, hairy cunt thrust down against her waiting pussy and twitched helplessly against the redhead as she consolidated her position and began to stroke into Alisha with bold, strengthening pelvic thrusts. Judy too was too exhausted to speak at this climactic point in the battle; she could only grunt in primitive effort as she quickened her strokes and Alisha instinctively clutched the white girl’s big ass, making it even worse for herself as she hugged Judy’s sweating hips in closer and took her punishment, allowing the terrible friction between their two dueling cunts to build to an explosive, terrible pitch. Alisha finally screamed as the pain became too much to handle and she felt herself collapsing against the banister behind her, her cunt leaving Judy’s as her ghetto ass slapped down to the floor tiles underneath her.

Judy stood victorious over her, her creamy thighs spread and her inflamed red cunt with its vicious auburn stubble clearly visible as her ragged, gasping breathing slowly started to subside and settle back to normal. Alisha sobbed below her, raw pain spreading out from between her thighs. “You fucking white cunt,” she managed to groan.

Judy leaned down and grabbed Alisha’s hair, hauling her face close to hers as she snarled into her. “Don’t you ever challenge my body again, bitch,” she growled.

“This ain’t over, bitch,” Alisha sobbed. “I’ll get my big bush back and I’ll come after you.”

“Fine,” Judy retorted, yanking Alisha’s hair roughly. She forced her hot mouth over Alisha’s, snaking her tongue into the black girl’s mouth for a violating, choking kiss. “You want me, you know where to find me.” She released her hold on Alisha’s hair with a rough jerk, slapping the black girl’s face for good measure. Alisha absorbed the blow helplessly and sagged back against the staircase, shame and exhaustion weighing her down equally. Somehow Judy had gotten her final revenge for Alisha grabbing her in class, Alisha realized. She couldn’t imagine going up against the white girl again. Not now. But as she watched Judy retrieve her skirt and panties and shrug back into the tattered remains of her blouse, she knew that someday she would have to find the courage to do so.