TRAINING DAY - Chapter 9


“What’s the matter, you hard little bitch?” Judy asked after an ugly silence. “No one ever get you that hot before?”

“You fucking white tramp,” Alisha breathed. “I’m not the only one who’s all hard.”

“That’s ‘cause I like beating down big-ass bitches like you,” Judy taunted her, pushing herself away from the wall a little as she tried to return to a confrontational stance. “It turns me on.” Alisha straightened a little too but the effort it took was sobering. She could see Judy was exhausted and weak too but she refused to back down from this high and mighty white princess.

“I’ll bet it turns you on,” Alisha said angrily. “I’ll bet you and your lez friends play that game all the time.”

“You don’t know what kind of games we play, girl,” Judy snapped. “And if I’m a lez so are you by the look of that big clit of yours.”

“Maybe beating a big white girl’s ass like yours gets me hot too, so what?” Alisha replied hotly. “Looks to me like one more touch on that sensitive white skin of yours and you gonna just melt underneath me.”

“You’re full of it,” Judy said. “You’re the one ready to go off again; I can tell just by looking at you.” She shot a challenging look at Alisha’s bare cunt and Alisha returned the glare instinctively, glancing down sharply at Judy’s naked sex and that stuck up clit of hers. She swallowed as she struggled to catch her breath, realizing just how truthful both girls’ words were right now. At the moment she couldn’t imagine crossing nipples with this hot, white, bare-assed bitch again, let alone doing what they’d spent the past thirty minutes doing with their pussies now that both girls’ big pink hard-ons were out there and exposed. Alisha wanted to shrink back inside herself and hide that aroused clitoris from Judy’s hungry eyes but the more she thought about the frightening possibility of matching up with the other girl one more time the stiffer and more insistent her little erection became.

“You think you could make me go off before you with that pink hard-on of yours?” she found herself saying. She put her hands on her hips slowly, whipping the wet black bangs off her head in a movement that sent a few drops of sweat flying across the room. She set her chest, which was already proudly showing off her hard boobs, a little bit higher, thrusting out her set and pointing them at Judy’s chest dangerously.

Judy gave her own wet hair a shake as she stood away from the wall and copied Alisha’s challenging posture. “If you dared touch clits with me, honey, I could make you come in one second.”

Alisha licked her lips appraisingly as she tried to maintain her cool, composed look and stare the redhead down. She knew all along that Judy must have done everything they had already engaged in with other girls, and she must have put that bare, hard clit of hers on the line against other bitches and probably right here in this room, too. The idea seemed both terrifying and compelling to Alisha. She had sure never done anything like it with anyone else, but so far she had kept pace with Judy in every dirty contest they’d had together and she could still see the flicker of uncertainty in Judy’s eyes and the obvious signs of inflamed, hardened arousal on her bare, creamy body. The other girl’s rose red nipples and aureoles were almost crimson now and clearly stimulated to their very limits, while Alisha’s black nipples had taken on a cruel, purple edge to them. The longer they stood without touching each other the harder her breasts and pussy throbbed as the circulation returned to them and the full realization of what they had been doing to one another shattered through every nerve ending. Alisha felt the damp air in the room caressing her bare ass and even the hidden channel of flesh between her pussy and her anus. She truly didn’t know if she could tolerate another grind-down with this redheaded tormentor but she also knew that neither girl could walk away from each other now having exposed themselves to one another and brandished hard clits in front of each other like this. If it was going to be ended they would have to test themselves against each other like this, in the ultimate showdown of sex against sex.

“Come on then, white girl,” Alisha said, throwing down the final gauntlet. “You bring that fat little clit on if you think you bad enough.”

Judy took a breath, extending one leg in an experimental, half-step towards Alisha. “Are you challenging me to fight you clit to clit, girl?” she said huskily, and Alisha immediately wondered if this was some ritual response that had to be made, something Judy had said before wading in with her clit against a dozen other girls.

“Yeah, I’ll clit fight with you if you want it bad enough.”

“You want it pretty bad, honey, I can sure tell that,” Judy growled.

Alisha took her own tentative step forward as the girls slowly moved back to the middle of the room. “You’re the one who’s wanted to pussy fight ever since you first came after me, slut,” she said. “You been dying to rub me off until you could get my big girl out to fight.”

“My big girl’s out too so why don’t we just see who’s stiffer,” Judy said.

“Why don’t I break down those stiff tits of yours first, bitch,” Alisha said with a sudden rush of feeling. She stepped forward and flashed her tits across Judy’s. The four soft glands brushed and glanced off each other at first but Judy quickly thrust herself forward until both girls’ throbbing nipples jammed together fiercely again, bending, twisting and gouging against each other and forcing loud, keening groans of pain and excitement from both girls. Alisha pressed her forehead against Judy’s as the girls slapped their breasts together sadistically, giving and receiving punishment in some unholy prelude to the real battle gathering within their pelvises below. Alisha adjusted her position against Judy, wincing against the pain in her boobs as she thrust and parried Judy’s hard breasts viciously. Finally the two girls pinned each other in a final, ugly slap, smashing their firm boobs together hotly as they pressed in tight.

Judy’s snarling face loomed in front of her and Alisha twisted and hissed at the redhead’s pretty features, now ugly with lust and hate. Judy’s belly slapped Alisha’s and their legs cleaved and braced themselves as the girls brought their hips into alignment and Alisha felt her bare cunt throbbing next to Judy’s.

Judy’s strong arms encircled her waist again and she hugged the white girl to her too, nuzzling her face while the girls stared warningly into each other’s eyes. Alisha’s ass was cocked backward so that anyone standing behind her would have gotten a full view of her splayed vulva squeezing out from between her two big, brown, quivering ass cheeks, and Judy too had her pelvis thrust out behind her as the girls readied themselves to sexually duel one more time.

“You ready, bitch?” Alisha purred into Judy’s face. “Cause I’m ready to beat your big clit good.”

“I’ve been ready for you ever since I first laid eyes on your big ass, honey, so you just bring that pink stiffie on if you’re woman enough.” She felt Judy’s hand slip down and grasp one of her buns firmly, squeezing the firm, tingling flesh, and she reached for one of Judy’s big buns herself as both girls urged each other’s pelvises forward into fighting position.

“I’m more than woman enough for a weak white pussy like you, believe me, honey,” Alisha growled against Judy’s face.

“You just prove it, you big black slut,” Judy replied, squeezing her ass nastily. Both girls straightened a little, again spreading their thighs wide as they positioned their exposed, swollen cunts next to one another. This time Alisha felt the shocking touch of Judy’s clit against hers well before her vulva caressed their counterparts on the white girl’s crotch. Muscles groaned all over her body as she struggled to maintain her erotic, wide-legged stance against Judy as the two girls began to engage in a fantastically delicate sword fight with their two inch-long, tingling clits. Judy flicked her pink bud across Alisha’s and feinted away with Alisha’s clit in hot pursuit, only to double back and slash wetly across her glistening gland and force a gasp of pleasure out of Alisha’s lush, open mouth.

Alisha reversed the pursuit, flicking away repeatedly at Judy’s little rod until the white girl retreated with a flexing of her superb ass muscles. For a few seconds they danced around each other, clits separated by fractions of an inch, before engaging full-on again in minute, gasping strokes.

“You little bitch clit,” Judy hissed. “I’ll beat that fat thing off you.”

“You hot little white cunt,” Alisha gasped back as she struggled to control the spasms of wicked pleasure flooding off her crotch. “Quit running away from my clit and come here and fight!”

“You want a big clit fight, whore, I’ll give you more than you can handle,” Judy snarled.

“I can handle anything your white ass can dish out, baby,” Alisha shot back. “You really think those pasty buns can control your little clit enough to match up against mine, then bring it on!”

With that Judy slapped her slick pussy up against Alisha hard, jamming their aroused clits into tight, throbbing conflict. Alisha immediately locked her arms around Judy’s waist hard, reaching down to grip both of Judy’s sweating buttocks and gluing her pussy to the redhead’s soft cunt flesh to prevent her from escaping. But Judy seemed to have no intention of avoiding Alisha’s clit and she felt the redhead’s strong fingers squeezing both of her own buns and forcing her hot cunt in closer. The girls squealed and snarled against each other as their dueling clits were compacted inside tight, hot pussy flesh, licking around each other in searing circles as the fighters’ superbly toned gluteus muscles twitched and guided the two heat-seeking missiles into hard erotic contact. Judy and Alisha grunted and gasped as they wrestled, fighting hard while still on the edge of exhaustion as each strove to beat down and over stimulate her rival’s clitoris before she was overcome by erotic feelings of her own. Alisha felt the wall smack into her back and ass again as Judy suddenly wrestled her against it, pinning her grinding pelvis down onto Alisha’s and sliding her clitoris off of her black rival’s to slowly penetrate the long pink channel of Alisha’s exposed labia, splitting her exquisitely before sliding upward to lock up with her tingling clit again in a deadly skirmish.

“Now you’ll see what it’s like to be fucked by someone like me, girly,” she growled into Alisha’s face as she slipped her clit in and out of Alisha’s labial folds and finally jammed the stiff gland just underneath Alisha’s, sliding its length along Alisha’s aroused pink shaft while still violating the tender outer reaches of her vagina in hard, penetrating strokes.

“You fucking stiff little bitch!” Alisha squealed against Judy’s clit as she took the white girl into herself, absorbing the enemy strokes before she managed to reposition her own clit and jab back into Judy’s soft, slippery sexual opening too. From her superior position Judy controlled the duel and she managed to continue to lick her clit against Alisha’s and pierce her in humiliating sexual thrusts until Alisha furiously reversed their positions. “Let’s see how your white ass likes getting fucked!” she snarled, her buttocks twitching in tight, controlled movements as she gave Judy exactly the same treatment as she’d received, sliding her big clit up and down Judy’s slick pinkness and jamming her hot little shaft against her rival’s, drilling in circular motions underneath the sensitive rod of Judy’s clitoris to penetrate her at the most stimulating possible spot. Judy roared and moaned against her and Alisha glared at the other girl’s hot, sensuous mouth before clamping her own open and panting lips against it and grinding against Judy’s delicious softness as if she would kiss the life out of the other girl.

She felt Judy’s sweet soft tongue plunge into her mouth just as the white girl’s clit managed a last stand of its own, bracing and sliding erotically back against Alisha’s pink shaft, and she made sure to thrust her own long tongue back against Judy’s in erotic duplication of their dueling clits below. The two girls pumped in and out of each other with tongue and clit, both sets of sensitized hot glands challenging each other while their tingling tits mashed and pressed hotly together. Judy writhed and bucked against the wall as Alisha violently smashed her pussy into Judy’s in a show of furious dominance until the white girl grabbed her hair, landed a hard punch in her belly and threw her backward until she fell onto her back in one of the room’s shallow beds.

Alisha managed to pull herself back up into a crouch and perched like a black panther on the bed while Judy gasped and panted over her, her sweat-drenched, naked body fully displayed to her brown-skinned enemy. Alisha’s dark eyes flashed over Judy’s curves, eyeing her wicked pink nipples that still stood like erect, cocked weapons on her battered breasts, down across the ab muscles still flexing on her smooth belly and the inflamed and swollen pussy that had been hotly tussling with Alisha’s sex only seconds earlier.

“You don’t know when you’re beat, bitch,” Judy gasped as she glared down at the waiting Alisha.

“I’ll be done when I’m done beating you, cunt,” Alisha panted. Judy seemed to totter on her long dancer’s legs before she leaned down and yanked Alisha’s soft red-streaked hair and cracked a slap across her cheek. Alisha winced, her head ringing from the blow, but she managed to thrust upward and grab hold of Judy’s damp red locks too and both girls yanked each other’s grimacing faces in close to each other. “I’m glad you want to keep fighting because I’m so not finished whipping your white ass, baby,” Alisha growled into Judy’s face as she hauled the white girl’s upper body down to her level.

“If you want to go all night with this thing I’ll be there with you every second of the way, honey,” Judy hissed back at Alisha, her warm damp breath caressing the black girl’s face as they snarled against each other. Alisha felt Judy’s free arm reach down underneath her to where her throbbing black breasts hung jiggling off her chest. She tugged at one long, erect nipple cruelly before twisting the rubbery shaft upward, kneading it into Alisha’s breast until her fingers grabbed the full, exposed gland and began to knead and squeeze it. Alisha groaned and furiously sought out Judy’s free-swinging, pert white boobs and began to give the white girl the same treatment, tugging her rose red nipples and pumping and squeezing at the redhead’s soft, supple breast.

“Now I’m going to milk you just like the big black cow you are, whore,” Judy groaned against Alisha.

“Just try it, slut, because I plan to squeeze every drop of your white milk out of you, girlfriend,” Alisha snarled hotly. She braced against Judy’s shoulder and felt an answering thrust of power from Judy’s upper body as her white enemy began to slowly shove herself onto the bed with Alisha. The black girl’s lower position gave her a bit more leverage at first but Judy also had gravity on her side and after a few moments of panting, grunting effort Judy managed to get both her legs down onto the mattress so she could brace her feet against the buckboard and force Alisha backward a foot or two. Alisha groaned against the white girl as she was forced back and then managed to regroup and stop Judy’s advance so that they were both crouched down on their haunches, fingers buried in each other’s hair while their other hands mercilessly worked over each other’s vulnerable breasts. Alisha moaned into the stalemate as her fingers sought out the most vulnerable flesh in Judy’s supple breasts and she winced against the vicious, probing fingers Judy forced into her own soft dark boob.

“You fucking cunt,” Judy moaned exhaustedly as Alisha managed a particularly cruel nipple twist that sent her white opponent squirming against her.

“You big sweaty bitch,” Alisha snarled back as Judy retaliated by tugging her black nipple straight down, stretching it out unmercifully. “I’m going to squeeze these white tits of yours dry!” She braced against Judy’s shoulder, twisting her head into Judy’s neck and almost locking them together, then released Judy’s hair after a final, spiteful tug and let her hand slide down Judy’s sweat-drenched back and flank and finally up her damp belly before grabbing the white girl’s other tit and digging her dark fingers deep into the soft, yielding white titflesh until Judy moaned in furious agony. The redhead immediately released her death grip on Alisha’s hair and felt her way underneath Alisha’s ribcage until she found the black girl’s free breast and she now clenched both of Alisha’s boobs in her hands and began to knead and squeeze them with slow, angry power.

“If you want a milking contest I’m going to give you a good one, cunt,” Judy growled exhaustedly into Alisha’s ear. “I’m gonna squirt your chocolate milk all over these sheets.”

“I’ll squeeze every drop out of your fat ones, you hot little white bitch,” Alisha snarled back at her. “I’m glad you like fighting dirty, whore—I’m just sorry now I didn’t get into it like this with you first time out.”

“I should have stripped your chocolate bod bare and took care of you the first night you touched me, gutter whore,” Judy groaned against her. “Maybe next time you’ll remember, you start something dirty with me and I’ll finish you good and hard.”

“You ain’t finished me yet, bitch,” Alisha hissed. “I’ll wind up on top of this sweaty white body of yours before we’re done, that’s for sure.”

“You’re going to be on the bottom where you belong, cunt,” Judy replied hotly. “I finish my battles and I’m going to finish you.”

Alisha closed her eyes tightly and squeezed, exulting as she felt Judy’s answering moan as Alisha twisted and kneaded the other girl’s bare, hot breasts. She felt humbled for a moment by how far she and this white bitch had sunk as they struggled to one-up and humiliate one another. Alisha knew fighting dirty was an expected part of any heated showdown between two women, but ‘fighting dirty’ didn’t begin to describe what she and Judy were doing to each other. At least she could comfort herself that what they were doing now seemed a little bit more like fighting than fucking. Judy’s fingers twisted her throbbing brown breasts and raw nipples as if she’d been born to the task and Alisha could only hold on and hope that she was inflicting as much punishment on this white princess as Judy was inflicting on her. The two girls gasped and hissed, barely able to curse each other now as they fought to ride the waves of pain coursing through their exposed chests. With her eyes squeezed shut Alisha could see the faces of her posse almost as if they were witnessing the battle, eyeing her moves critically just the way they always judged the way she dressed, walked and talked. Of course they knew nothing about this brutal little duel but somehow Alisha felt like she’d never be able to face them again if she knew herself that she’d been beaten by this cute, creamy white pixie of a girl when it had come down to just the two of them fighting woman against woman. She had to win this, she thought to herself; whatever Judy threw at her she had to take it and throw it right back in this white cunt’s face and prove to her that no matter what kind of dirty game she wanted to play, Alisha could play it better.

Her back, shoulders and thigh muscles were groaning now as she slowly wrestled Judy shoulder to shoulder on the bed as each girl continued to grip her opponent’s bare breasts viciously. Both girls were on their haunches, straining against each other for advantage. Judy still had her feet braced against the footboard of the bed and that was giving her superior leverage in the struggle, but Alisha had managed to hold the redhead off and keep her off her game with her own attack on Judy’s tits. But the muscle in the pale girl’s body was undeniable and though she could look across Judy’s long, smooth back from where her head was perched on the white girl’s shoulder, her rival was continuing to push and strain against Alisha, forcing both girls slowly upright. Every muscle in Alisha’s body protested as she fought to halt Judy’s advance and she could tell from the redhead’s grunts and gasps that it was taking a terrible effort on her part to keep pressing into Alisha, but Judy was accomplishing her goal. The two girls were now pressed almost chest to chest as they gasped against each other’s shoulders, and Alisha felt Judy’s strong fingers leave one of her breasts to slowly pry at Alisha’s hands while the other reached up slowly behind Alisha to grab her soaking wet, crimson-hued hair. Alisha hissed as she felt her thick black locks gathered into a knot at the back of her skull, and then Judy’s trembling arm slowly pulled Alisha’s head backward, dragging her soaking cheek along Judy’s until their mouths were gasping next to one another. Judy’s left hand crushed into Alisha’s right and Alisha managed a final, cruel twist of Judy’s right breast before she managed to quickly reach around and grab Judy’s hair too. Their foreheads brushed one another as each girl strained against the hair pull, and then Judy’s gasping mouth twisted to engulf Alisha’s soft, dry lips. She grimaced against the alluring kiss, still gasping for precious air as Judy’s yielding mouth closed off around her own, forcing her to breathe through her nose. Judy’s tongue plunged into her and she bit at it weakly, trying to ward off the choking pink taste gland before she was asphyxiated. She thrust her own hot tongue back against Judy’s and both girls moaned agonizingly as they took each other on tongue to tongue. Judy managed several powerful, dominating thrusts as she continued to bend Alisha backward and force herself onto her black opponent.

Alisha could feel herself growing dizzy and numb as Judy controlled her. Somehow the white girl decided to show some mercy and let Alisha’s mouth pop out of the kiss, leaving her gasping raggedly but still yanking her head back with vicious force. She still held Alisha’s hand in a death grip and while Alisha tugged on the redhead’s hair with all her remaining strength Judy was still lunging forward until Alisha could only see the top of her head. Alisha’s bare brown chest was thrust forward as Judy yanked her hair back, her proud breasts thrust upward, nipples still hard and stiff and exposed. Judy’s snarling mouth descended on one bare breast and her teeth snagged one rubber black nipple and began to tear and twist the raw, throbbing shaft in a cruel bite.

“Go ahead and bite and suck me if that’s what you want so bad, white bitch!” Alisha hissed furiously as she writhed against Judy’s body. “I swear I’ll do the same to those sweet tits of yours soon enough!” With her mouth full of Alisha’s aching tit Judy could only moan in reply. She left one aching breast after several long moments of biting and sucking only to turn her attention to the other, giving Alisha’s tingling nipple a long lick before sinking her teeth into the abraded, throbbing rod and worrying it as savagely as she had attacked its counterpart.

Somehow Alisha managed to twist her hand out of Judy’s grip and she threw both hands into the redhead’s hair, carefully consolidating her hold before throwing all her might into tearing Judy’s head away from her violated boobs. She managed to haul the other girl’s snarling face in front of her own and sink her teeth into Judy’s soft mouth. Judy’s smooth teeth twisted against her own lips as both girls attacked each other orally, hot breath and spit sizzling against each other’s lips as they exchanged long, spiteful bites, feasting on the soft flesh of each other’s mouths and cheeks. Then Alisha tugged hard at Judy’s hair and bent her pale body backward until her two creamy, red-nippled breasts were thrust up in front of her, open targets for her hungry, vengeful mouth and teeth. She bent down, pulling against Judy’s grip in her hair, and glared up spitefully into Judy’s eyes as she too extended her tongue and flicked it across Judy’s stiff nipple and felt the other girl twitch against her at the touch. Then, still staring up into Judy’s eyes, she seized the rubbery red rod in her teeth and jerked it back and forth as Judy squealed and hissed against her. She licked the tip of the nipple furiously while she held it between her teeth, torturing the white girl with both pain and pleasure as her powerful arms braced into Judy’s back and her fingers remained locked on the white girl’s soft wet hair.

“You better work my tits over good and hard, cunt,” Judy growled even as her face twisted in pain. “I’ll have yours back in my mouth before you know it.” In response Alisha’s yawning mouth descended on the rest of Judy’s bare breast and she began to feast on the tender, sweat-slick flesh, thrashing her tongue around Judy’s nipple while she sank her teeth into the redhead’s pert, firm mammary gland. She bit, sucked and licked at the quivering boob until she had teased every inch of it before turning her attention to the redhead’s other breast, biting and sucking at it like a hungry child. As she consolidated her grip on Judy’s hair she now forced the redhead backward and she felt her belly pressing against the other girl’s hips as they squirmed against each other in near exhaustion. Alisha drank in Judy’s moans of agony as she bit at the other girl’s breasts, well aware that she was operating at the final reserves of her energy. Her arms were on fire, every tendon and muscle strained to their limits as she struggled to hold Judy beneath her. As Judy’s legs gave way and her back hit the mattress the white girl suddenly locked her powerful thighs around Alisha’s waist, gripping her like a vise.

“You fucking white trash,” she groaned as she was forced to abandon her attack on Judy’s breasts and suck in precious air.

“I’m going to crush the life out of you, whore,” Judy snarled, tugging viciously on Alisha’s hair for good measure. Alisha elected to push with the force of the other girl’s arms as Judy tried to drag her face in close. She managed to squirm forward onto Judy’s body despite the crushing grip of the redhead’s creamy thighs, taking advantage of the tart sweat that soaked both of the girls now to wriggle out of some of Judy’s thigh lock. Judy glared up at her as she settled on top of her and suddenly released her leg hold, bucking up underneath Alisha and bridging so that Alisha’s pelvis and ass was now thrust almost a foot off the mattress with Judy’s flexing hips underneath them.

She felt Judy’s slick vulva under her own again and snarled as she gripped Judy’s hair and began to flex her ass muscles to slide her cunt back against the white girl’s smooth, bulging sex.

“You just made a big mistake, white girl, ‘cause now I’m gonna pump your big pussy good and hard!” Alisha growled as her pelvis thrust down onto Judy’s. Judy glared keenly into her eyes, face to face with Alisha now. Instead of maintaining the bridge she relaxed her clenched buns and lowered both of their pelvises downward, allowing her smooth thighs to even spread a little bit as if inviting Alisha in.

“Go ahead and pump me if you’ve got any muscle left in that big brown ass of yours,” Judy said huskily as their mouths brushed together. Alisha nipped at Judy’s lips angrily, her ass twitching as she thrust her pussy across Judy’s swollen, waiting cunt. Her body was sliding slickly across Judy’s now, breasts and bellies matted against one another, slick with sweet girl sweat. With all that wetness between them Alisha could barely tell the difference between the perspiration and the slippery coating of sex juices that lubricated their warring cunts and clits now, and she moaned out a keening purr as Judy’s delicate, slick labial folds embraced Alisha’s and their still erect and throbbing clits cut across each other’s slits and clashed together. Judy’s fingers again found her ass after wiping their sweaty way down Alisha’s muscular back and Alisha welcomed the firm grip on her gluteus as she flicked and pumped her pussy across Judy’s. The two girls squealed as they took each other in, superheated cunts opening up to one another ravenously now. Judy had already taken Alisha farther than any man ever had, as her slippery labial folds slid back and forth across Alisha’s hardened clit, and she managed to contract her cunt muscles enough to squeeze Judy’s inch-long sex rod as it too invaded her pussy.

“Think you’re all tough down there with that hot pink gash of yours?” Judy hissed into her mouth. “You’re not tough enough to do me hard.”

“I’ll put my pink against your pink any time you want it, bitch,” Alisha growled against Judy’s lips. “You called my pussy out and now we’re gonna settle this hot and hard.”

“Then let’s settle it!” Judy snarled. “You’ve been shaking that ghetto ass in my face all along so show me if you know how to use it”

“I know how to use every inch of what I’ve got on this body, girl,” Alisha said as she squirmed down onto Judy’s yielding flesh. “You want to put your ghetto ass on the line against mine then let’s get down to it.”

Judy’s fingers clenched Alisha’s flexing buns hard and Alisha concentrated on ravaging the supple cunt pressed up tightly against her own, searing her smooth sex across Judy’s with ever bolder strokes despite the burning cramps gathering deep in her pelvic muscles and ass cheeks. “Is that as hard as you can fuck, little girl?” Judy taunted her as their faces glowered at one another nose to nose. “The fact is this is a bitch fight and you’re not bitch enough.”

“I’m plenty bitch enough to wear you down, lady,” Alisha moaned from her superior perch atop Judy’s writhing body. “I hope you feel my hot cunt wearing yours down because you’re finally on the bottom where you belonged all along, right underneath my black ass!” She felt the heat of their racial conflict burning inside her as she vented all her class hatred on this arrogant white bitch underneath her.

Judy’s powerful thighs wrapped around Alisha’s and her heels dug into the back of the black girl’s knees as Alisha’s pelvis pumped into Judy’s waiting hips. “You’ll be on the bottom before long, girlfriend,” Judy hissed. “Call mine a ghetto ass all you want but all that means is I’ve got all the meat and all the muscle down there where it counts to take your cocoa butter bod on so don’t get too comfy up there.”

“Don’t make me laugh, girl,” Alisha said, tugging Judy’s hair to emphasize her words spitefully. “Don’t forget how I made your pale little body jerk and come just by pressing my hot body up against you only a little while ago.”

“If you want a hot body contest right here on this bed then bring it on,” Judy gasped as she bucked under Alisha and added crushing power to her thigh lock on the black girl. “Leg to leg, belly to belly, tit to tit or pussy to pussy I’ll still come out on top.”

Suddenly Alisha felt her lower body wrenched to the left and she found herself on her side with Judy’s sweat-drenched muscles thrashing against her. The two girls’ pelvises dueled violently, smacking together with thighs spread as they wrestled to dominate one another. Alisha winced as her back found the mattress and her proud ass followed quickly with Judy’s creamy, pulsing hips smashing down on top of her pelvis. She managed to yank Judy’s red hair back, lean up and catch one of the white girl’s stiff nipples in her teeth for a savage bite before Judy smacked her hard across the cheek and buried her fingers in Alisha’s hair as she consolidated her pin. Now it was Alisha’s turn to bridge wildly under Judy’s thrusting pelvis as she frantically tried to buck the white girl off of her, but gravity was on Judy’s side now and Alisha felt the weight of the other girl’s thick pelvis crush down on top of her heated loins as Judy slowly pressed her ass back down. Instinctively Alisha’s hands slipped down to grip Judy’s two big, porcelain-skinned buttocks as they began to twitch and pulse and maneuver the simmering heat of her soft, slippery sex across Alisha’s splayed labia.

Judy pressed down onto Alisha’s belly and chest and Alisha hissed as their bitten and abraded boobs nestled together roughly and sweatily. Judy thrust down with her stiff pink pair of still aroused nipples and Alisha’s black shafts met them savagely, the four burning shafts raking against one another hard enough to produce agonized groans from both dueling coeds. Alisha managed to arch her back and hold her black beauties against Judy’s red rods as the two girls slowly crushed their pounding glands against one another, trembling at the sensations of raw, erotic pain that throbbed off each mammary as it mashed against its soft counterpart. Maybe their breast fighting had been mostly ritualized before but now, after squeezing, clawing, tugging, biting and sucking those sensitive orbs for what seemed like an hour now, their bare boobs really were cruel weapons, more than capable of both giving and receiving pain.

“How’s it feel to have those chocolate tits of yours crushed under my cream, baby?” Judy growled on top of her as Alisha squirmed up against her soft body tightly.

“How’s it feel when my black hard-ons stab those weak white tits of yours, bitch?” Alisha taunted back. In reply Judy slapped her breasts down on Alisha and she felt a spray of sweat splatter off the four quivering orbs as they smacked together and mushroomed, two creamy white globes against two hard brown hemispheres. Alisha groaned in spite of herself, well aware that Judy could jam her boobs down onto Alisha’s as hard as she pleased from her superior position. The soft, warm and sweaty weight of the white girl’s body was beginning to take its own toll as Alisha struggled to hang on to the last remaining shreds of energy left in her tiring body. If only she’d kept this white cunt underneath her she could have worn her down the same way, just let her damp hot weight crush Judy into submission. Now the dead weight of Judy’s exhausted, supple body seemed the only weapon the white girl needed to defeat Alisha.

She wriggled slowly under the redhead’s torso and caught a glimpse of the tableau in the door mirror, Judy’s creamy bod glistening with sweat as it pressed down on top of Alisha’s dark skin. The white girl’s big round buns quivered and flexed underneath Alisha’s brown fingers, her pelvis moving with slow, assured strokes as she laid her cunt across Alisha’s burning pussy confidently.

“Now who’s gonna jerk and come against my hot little body, huh, Alisha?” Judy taunted as she stroked Alisha’s cunt with her own. “Now you’re gonna find out what it’s like to be fucked by me and fucked good.”

“Suck my tits, bitch,” Alisha cried, writhing against Judy in growing desperation. “I waxed my pussy for this so let’s just get it over with and do it with our bare cunts.”

“I should have torn your ugly bush hair off with my own hands, honey, so you should just feel lucky it’s just your soft little pussy against mine tonight,” Judy snarled over her mouth.

“Fuck you, Little Miss Big Stuff,” Alisha growled as she matched her throbbing cunt against Judy’s. “So what if you’ve got a great big hot snatch for a white girl. You still have to outfuck what I got and I don’t think you can do it.”

Judy’s thrusts seemed to quicken at that taunt and Alisha grunted as the white girl’s pubic bone found hers and rammed down onto it twice, then three times, cunt punching Alisha hard as if to put her in her place. “I’ll show you what I can do and you’ll take it, you little black tramp!

Alisha snarled underneath Judy, her body throbbing with hate for this white princess. She had felt the redhead dancing around the N-word a few times during the fight, always choosing something just a little less offensive as they traded gutter talk and racial insults. She didn’t know whether she respected the redhead for maintaining that last morsel of civilization or hated her all the more for not being honest enough to dish it out. Judy’s ass continued to pulse and flex under her gripping nails and as both girls gasped into each other’s faces they began to lick spitefully at each other’s open mouths, tasting each other’s thirsty, salt-flavored lips and occasionally straining forward enough to thrust their long tongue into their opponents gasping, waiting mouth and lick around inside maddeningly. Alisha thrust her breasts back against Judy as Judy’s tongue invaded her and thrashed inside her hot dry mouth, and as she panted she jammed her own tongue back, sometimes tangling with Judy’s hot taste gland and sometimes violating the white girl’s soft hot mouth like a thrashing snake, licking hard against the redhead’s lips and teeth or lashing against her tongue when Judy tried to thrust back inside her. She realized that they were now fighting with their last desperate reserves of strength and that despite Judy’s confident sexual thrusts as she beat down on Alisha’s pussy, the angry tongue fight was almost the only remaining duel the two enemies could now engage in.

Judy groaned and sent one deep tongue thrust into Alisha and Alisha squealed exhaustedly as she managed to sink her teeth into the white girl’s soft tongue and bite down on it hard enough to force an answering high-pitched moan from Judy. She twisted underneath the white girl as Judy struggled and somehow managed to force her back on her side.

Alisha’s thighs split wide as she tried to balance herself and her up thrust leg locked up with Judy’s just as Judy’s other thigh pinned Alisha’s to the mattress. The girls’ arms crushed around each other’s waists as they held each other in a sweat-drenched embrace and Judy managed to twist her hot open mouth against Alisha’s. The black girl shuddered as she tried to draw panicked breaths through her nose and she felt Judy’s big tongue enter her as if it would choke the life out of her. She winced and thrust her own tongue deep into Judy’s mouth and felt Judy moan against her as she began to counter the white girl’s continuing pelvic thrusts with her own tongue as it plunged like a piston repeatedly into Judy’s mouth.

Braced together between their splayed, spread thighs, Alisha’s brown pelvis caressed Judy’s creamy white hips and their outthrust, brazenly displayed cunts bit into one another softly as labia countered labia and vulva paralleled vulva, the two enemies matching sexual anatomies in intimate, provocative combat. Alisha felt her pussy kiss Judy’s wetly and she clenched her ass tightly and stroked back in hot, slippery thrusts against Judy’s cunt. Judy grunted and jerked against her, her smooth, sweating belly flexing powerfully against Alisha’s brown stomach. She quivered as Judy’s vulva clenched together expertly, softly clamping down on her own sexual lips with a firm, exquisitely arousing grip and she squirmed against this sensuous pussy bite and felt a fiery storm of newfound excitement tingling across her back and buns at the unexpected sensation. She remembered now how she had learned to squeeze the muscles deep in her pelvis and grip the boys who had entered her tightly and she concentrated, squeezing her eyes shut and flexing those secret muscles now to tighten her own pussy lips around Judy’s and squeeze the white girl’s cunt back in an answering challenge. Both girls moaned as they cunt wrestled and each pressed and squeezed her rival’s sex between her throbbing vulva with all their sexual might as they fought to overwhelm and drain their rival before the incredible sensations of caressing soft flesh drove them crazy. Judy pulled her tongue out of Alisha’s mouth and Alisha too withdrew after a final thrust and both girls gasped against each other’s mouths as their pussies slid and squeezed against each other.

“You feel me squeezing your big cunt dry, bitch?” Judy taunted her roughly as she breathed hard against Alisha’s body.

“I’m the one gonna wring that fat white pussy of yours out, you whore,” Alisha gasped back into the redhead’s beautiful, sweat-drenched face.

“I swear I’ll crush your cunt you dirty piece of street trash,” Judy continued. “I’ll make you so sorry you ever crossed clits with a girl like me.”

“You gonna be sore for a week when I’m done with you, girlfriend,” Alisha snarled. “You better ask me right now to stop before I pound the life out of your weak white snatch.”

Both girls backed up their threats with electrifyingly erotic, firm cunt grips as they warmed to this new combat and Alisha closed her eyes and focused all her energy on feeling Judy out, guiding her sex against Judy’s, and pulling just the right grip on her big sex lips while Judy squeezed Alisha’s. The pussy biting, which had seemed foreign and difficult to wrap her mind around in those first sizzling seconds, became easier as she found her bearings and soon she was forcing squeals and gasps out of Judy as she took firm, fierce bites and her vulva matched Judy’s squeeze for squeeze, each girl clamping her cunt onto her rival’s with all the sexual strength she could muster.

Their clits were out of the game in this struggle but Alisha could still feel hers throbbing for attention and she felt Judy hiss every time her own erect pink rod thrust closer to Judy’s. She could feel her cunt muscles beginning to ache and tire and she knew there was only one final confrontation to be had with this white bitch. As if reading her mind Judy hissed “Fight my clit” against Alisha’s hot mouth.

“You want it like that?” Alisha whispered huskily as she repositioned her pelvis slightly against Judy and felt the white girl’s lush hips respond and twitch a little bit to adjust their angle against Alisha’s.

“I’ve wanted to beat your clit for a long time now,” Judy assured her.

“Then you gonna get the beating of your life, bitch,” Alisha said. The two girls breathed into each other’s mouths in quivering, anxious gasps as their soft mouths closed on each other again and Alisha again marveled at the tender warmth of Judy’s full lips as they closed around her own. As they positioned their clits against each other both girls began to shake, muscles rippling in each other’s tight grips as they fought to control themselves for this final fuck. Again Alisha guided her swollen clit against Judy’s in expert strokes along its full length just as her tongue slid alongside Judy’s and corkscrewed around it, their taste glands warring like hot serpents inside their interlocked mouths.

Their pussies smacked and slid together obscenely as the girls’ pelvises danced against one another and Alisha felt every muscle in her body protest against the inhuman strain. She had never imagined two girls could make war like this and push their bodies to these kinds of limits, and she felt a keen, hot pride in herself that she was meeting this white princess who bragged about all her other hot sexy fights and meeting her on her own level, sex against sex.

Somehow she managed to pull out of the probing, deeply licking kiss so that both girls gasped against each other’s cheeks for long moments before she gathered herself together and uttered her final challenge to Judy Miller. “Now you just press that pink clit of yours against mine good and hard you white whore,” she growled. “I’m going to be the last bitch to come out of this little whorehouse of yours and you gonna remember my ass as the best you ever fucked.”

“Bring it on, you cheap black trash,” Judy said as her throbbing clit targeted Alisha’s and she began to throw down hot, expert flicks and thrusts of her hard pink sex rod against Alisha’s erect clit. “My ass is the one you’ll remember and I’m gonna love every fucking stroke I give that fat clit of yours.”

“You bring it on, Little Miss Big Stuff!” Alisha snarled as her body bucked against Judy’s. “You bring your white clit and your big white ass on!”

The two coeds bucked and thrashed and Alisha’s teeth found Judy’s soft face and mouth just as Judy seemed to bite and devour her as they fucked in hot, final combat. Alisha felt an explosion of white flame overtake her and her enemy became a thrashing tangle of arms, legs and teeth as the two girls battered against each other in the final throes of combat. She had come, there was no doubt about that, and the noises and cold sweat on Judy’s body told her the white girl had come too. She bore her breasts against Judy and was rewarded by the feeling of the redhead’s long nipples softening to yielding rubber against Alisha’s still stiff black shafts and she slowly stabbed her long erect rods into Judy’s pale breasts as the girls slid against each other’s slippery bare bodies.

Somehow it wasn’t over and both coeds held onto one another, fingers exploring each other as they gasped and moaned in an exhausted embrace. Alisha quivered as she felt Judy’s fingers dig down between her ass cheeks to touch the smooth, secret flesh between her two buns and her cunt.

“You still want it, whore?” she murmured as Judy’s lips found hers again. It was no longer clear who was on top, who was dominating who. The evening had faded into deep night and Judy and Alisha still twisted and gripped one another even as Alisha felt there was no more strength left in her wracked body. But she determined as Judy’s fingers probed and violated her that she would not go down easy even in this final, intimate war in the darkness. Maybe Judy had done this before but she was still only another woman and her body was as vulnerable and sensitive as any other bitch black or white, and Alisha knew there was a way to beat her. She simply thought of every secret dirty thing she’d ever wanted done to her and did it to Judy all night.

To be continued