TRAINING DAY - Chapter 8


Alisha’s nipples suddenly flicked Judy’s away from them as they jumped back to erect, hard shafts and Judy glanced down at the black rods smugly. “I think I’ve got you so turned on that if I touched my pussy against that cocoa butter smooth pussy skin of yours down there you’d just come all over me.”

“Then why don’t you bring it on and we’ll see if maybe you don’t explode first,” Alisha snapped. “I don’t think that creamy fat snatch of yours has ever pressed up against a fine, smooth sister’s sex before so I really don’t think you can take it.”

“You don’t think so?” Judy replied. “I don’t think your big cunt has ever touched another girl’s, black or white, so you don’t even know what you’re getting into.”

Alisha bumped into Judy breast first and Judy met her, and the two girls mashed into each other slowly, flattening their bare breasts against one another until their bellies touched and pressed too. As Alisha talked her thick lips brushed Judy’s bee-stung mouth. “Then why don’t you get your hands on my fine black ass and press that big white cunt of yours into mine if you’re woman enough?”

“First you touch my big ass and you feel what you’re gonna be up against, girl,” Judy growled into her face. “I think I’ve proved over and over again I’ve got more muscle in my behind than you do in that big ghetto ass of yours.”

“Yeah, so your ass is just as ghetto as mine, honey, so you feel mine and I’ll feel yours and maybe we’ll settle this my ghetto ass against yours.”

“That’s just the way I like it,” Judy said. “I’ve been dying to see what those big cocoa butter buns of yours can really do and if they’ve got as much muscle in them as mine.”

“And I’ve been dying to see if those creamy mud flaps you been shaking are as strong as mine too,” Alisha growled. Both girls got their hands on each other’s buns and began to caress, feel and squeeze from top to bottom, exploring their enemy’s firm behind and measuring it against her own.

“I hope you know how to use what you’ve got back there, girl,” Judy hissed as she danced against Alisha. “I know all you black girls think you know how to fuck good but I think I’m going to show you who’s really the best in that department.”

“Oh, I’ll put my fucking power up against yours any day or night,” Alisha said. “And I guarantee no white girl fucks as long and as hard as a black girl does and you and me can prove that right now.”

“We can prove it if you’ve got the guts to touch that soft naked pussy against mine, you pretty black bitch,” Judy growled.

Alisha’s mouth twisted against Judy’s as she dug her fingers deep into Judy’s bare, creamy ass flesh and felt Judy’s nails dig into her own firm muscle as the girls urged each other’s pelvises forward. “You wanna touch pussies just skin to skin, that’s fine with me,” Alisha said. “Let’s see who’s biggest and softest down there once and for all.”

“Yeah, let’s see how good you are with that cunt when you don’t have some thick black hot bush covering it up.”

“I’ll do better than you ever did with your frail little pussy hair, that’s for sure, honey.”

“I’m gonna make you worship me, girlfriend,” Judy purred. “I’m gonna make you beg me to finish you.”

“You fucking bitch,” Alisha whispered, dizzy with lust yet infuriated by Judy’s insults and comparisons. “You act all high and mighty but you as low as any ghetto whore I ever met. But I swear I’m gonna wind up on top of you listening to you scream for mercy.”

Judy’s fingers dug into Alisha’s ass hard and Alisha immediately returned the rough squeeze, kneading the big gluteus muscles in Judy’s buns as both girls forced their pelvises into the final fighting position.

“Spread your legs,” Judy ordered tersely.

“I’ll spread mine when you spread yours!” Alisha snapped back, enraged at being ordered around like some house servant. Judy glared at her but her smooth, silky thighs obeyed as she took a wider stance, thrusting her firm sex out toward Alisha. Alisha glanced down at Judy’s bare, smooth mound and the two impressive vulva below it that squeezed a thick tangle of pink labial folds between them. She spread her own brown thighs and presented her dark sexual region shockingly split by the intricate nest of pink labia pressed between her to firm vulva. Barely a quarter of an inch separated the two inflamed sexual organs as both girls looked up from the building sexual confrontation into each other’s eyes. Alisha tried to make her stare as cold as she could even though her own feelings of nervousness and anticipation were nearly overwhelming.

Judy’s sparkling blue eyes locked on to her own with what seemed like a cool, defiant fury, but the redheaded girl blinked a little bit and licked her lips in what looked to Alisha like nervous gestures. Suddenly it seemed as if all the violence and passion that had passed between them over the past few weeks had never happened and they were facing each other, naked and vulnerable, for their first confrontation. Alisha knew that they would be entering bold new territory now as neither girl had matched up against each other in this most intimate of body parts truly bare and exposed like this, with every nerve ending open to stimulation and no underwear, leotards, nylons or pubic hair between them. They were totally exposed, totally vulnerable to one another.

“Touch your pussy against mine,” Judy whispered. Alisha bristled as again this sounded like a command and she didn’t like it one bit.

“You,” she replied simply.

“Bitch,” Judy muttered. “You afraid of me?”

Alisha shook her head slowly. “Huh uh. You afraid of what I got waiting for you?”

Judy too shook her head slowly as she stared into Alisha’s dark coffee eyes. “Bring it on, big pussy.”

“You bring your big pussy on, Miss Big Stuff,” Alisha said huskily.

A warm tingling spread across Alisha’s back as the enormity of what she was about to do with Judy impressed itself on her. She felt her defeated nipples that had been shriveled and dormant at the center of her black aureoles suddenly spring back to life and throb with arousal. She twisted a little as they quickly lengthened and hardened to rigid, proud black shafts that rubbed defiantly along the length of Judy’s answering pink rods in renewed conflict. Judy adjusted her stance, seeming surprised and annoyed at first, then defiant herself as she made sure her own stiff nipples stayed pressed right back against Alisha’s. Alisha gave Judy’s hard nipples a nudge with her own erect black shafts and Judy firmly returned the nudge, and for a moment both girls distracted each other with a brief contest as they crossed their rubbery, stiff rods together and measured their hardness against one another.

“Guess I’m getting you so hot even those weak nipples of yours are getting hard again,” Judy sneered as she glared down at their renewed nipple duel.

Alisha glanced up from their pressed breasts and met Judy’s eyes. “Maybe I’m hot because I’m thinking about what I’m gonna do to that big soft white pussy of yours, honey girl.”

A firm squeeze on Alisha’s ass reminded her of where the battle was really headed and she returned her attention to their facing crotches and took a last second to adjust her stance so her vulva and labia lined up precisely against Judy’s exposed sex.

Somehow she and Judy pressed their hips forward simultaneously and Alisha’s eyes widened as she felt first Judy’s smooth mound, then her hot, sleek creamy vulva connect with her own bare sexual anatomy. The touch was incredibly tentative, the faintest glide of baby smooth flesh against flesh, barely brushing their two thick sex lips across each other side to side, allowing their curved vulvas faces to catch one another, and then up and down as they alternated pivoting their pelvises in an incrementally slow pumping motion, measuring the full length of each other’s vulva before each girl’s lips would reach the top and collide softly with the other girl’s pubic mound.

Alisha marveled at the smooth softness of Judy’s intimate skin as it caressed her own. She knew how smooth her own bare pussy had felt after the irritation from the waxing had subsided, and now to have that hairless, private softness gliding across firm flesh of equal smoothness was almost more than she could bear even at this early stage of the game.

Judy pressed into her a little more, guiding her breasts into full contact with Alisha’s and gripping Alisha’s big, dark buttocks more firmly with her pale fingers. Alisha snuggled in closer too until their flat, smooth bellies touched and she felt the first tickle of Judy’s tender, rose petal labia intermingling with the soft folds of her own secret sexual entry way. Both girls’ breaths deepened as they quivered gently against one another, staring intently into one another’s eyes as they probed each other’s cold poker faces for signs of weakness and arousal. Alisha wriggled slightly at the feel of Judy’s fingers on her ass, gliding over the soft skin there, squeezing experimentally here and there on those two big, brown buns as she felt Alisha out, nudging her pelvis into the position she wanted them in and gauging her enemy’s responses to her touch. Alisha felt Judy’s ass carefully as well, as much from the pleasurable feeling of the white girl’s firm, creamy muscles and baby smooth skin under her fingers as the tactical advantage of holding Judy firmly against her and seeking out the grip that would exact the most intolerable feelings from the redhead.

She fought the urge to close her eyes and luxuriate in the feeling of Judy’s tender pussy caressing her own. No boy had ever touched her like this and the erotic impact of Judy’s vulva gliding against her own was making her whole naked body tingle with arousal. She liked sex as much as any girl but she was feeling for the first time the pleasure of truly being explored with the delicate touch of another woman, and somehow her growing hatred of Judy and the pride and jealousy of their bitter rivalry only enhanced the hot pleasure radiating out from between her legs. She glanced down at Judy’s lush, bee-stung mouth for a second before staring back spitefully into the white girl’s eyes. She’d heard once that a woman’s lips were supposed to reflect the shape and thickness of her vulva and labia, and as she concentrated on the sensations of her own sex measuring itself against Judy’s she wondered how she’d wound up in a contest like this with the one white girl who seemed to sport a mouth and a pussy that would be the envy of any sister. Judy’s lush vulva felt just as phat as her own, a big lush cooch pressing up against Alisha’s pussy just like they were two sisters kissing each other down there.

The delicate feather comb of each girl’s labia now tangled slowly and with even more exquisite sensitivity as the two trembling girls nudged their pussies into even deeper and more intimate contact. Alisha gripped Judy’s ass firmly and felt an answering squeeze from Judy’s fingers as the two girls pressed their bodies together. She realized that her feet had not left the carpet and that despite the growing intensity of this new, erotic little duel the two combatants had barely moved an inch since their pussy confrontation had begun. An observer would only have seen two coeds pressed nude front to front, hands gripping each other’s ass cheeks, engaged in a simmering stare down, but moving in only the slightest, almost imperceptible ways against each other’s bodies.

A slow, insistent motion had begun as the two girls firmly stroked their pussies across each other from top to bottom, measuring each other’s full length, firmness and thickness as each girl calculated her rival’s sexual anatomy against her own. The slow stroking continued in heated silence for what seemed like endless, simmering moments as their stare down intensified. Alisha’s body was on fire as she poured all her concentration into this tingling cunt rubbing duel, as if the force of her thoughts and feelings could focus on Judy’s hot vulva and stimulate them just as much as the touch of her own fine brown pussy lips were doing.

“Bitch, I’m bigger than you and you know it,” Judy whispered over short, shallow breaths.

“Oh, you big all right, girl,” Alisha purred back. “You got a big creamy snatch down there but it ain’t all that and I got more than you do.”

“I’m big enough to swallow you, whore,” Judy breathed.

“I’m big enough to wring your cunt dry, baby,” Alisha responded. She thought again about Judy’s mouth and how her vulva felt just as meltingly soft against Alisha’s as Judy’s tender soft mouth had felt when they’d kissed, and that erotic thought gave her an idea. She leaned forward, tilting her head a little as she brushed her mouth against Judy’s. The redhead immediately responded, touching her yielding, delicious mouth against Alisha’s until they had each sealed one another in a sliding, tender kiss. Alisha began to move her mouth in unison with her vulva, slowly sawing her lips from side to side against Judy’s while she slid her velvety smooth vulva up and down across Judy’s big throbbing pussy. Judy responded to the idea immediately, urging her own bee-stung mouth back against Alisha’s with increasing pressure as both girls added muscle and thrust to their dueling cunts. Even with this renewed, implacable force, the touch of pussy against pussy was still delicate and silent, a war of pure sensuality. Now that they were kissing Alisha could close her eyes and focus all her awareness on the tender touch of her cunt against Judy’s, absorbing every curve and every contour of that creamy smooth pussy as the white girl guided her sex against Alisha’s. She could feel Judy wiggle and twitch delicately against her as she probed, caressed and stroked against the white girl’s cunt and she fought to control her own body’s arousal and involuntary spasms of pleasure as Judy’s sex explored hers. She managed to steal a glance at the mirror to see her chocolate body locked in an almost motionless embrace with Judy’s, the only hint of conflict in their tilting heads slowly pivoting against one another in the kiss and the flicker of muscular movement in their buttocks and thighs as they delicately adjusted their dueling pelvises against one another.

She felt Judy’s breathing quickening as she added more muscle to the stroking that was occurring between them and fought a wave of pleasure as Judy’s vulva thrust and rubbed more firmly against her own. Even with this new escalation their pussy movements were still delicate and measured, and only quiet murmurs of arousal and effort vibrated from each other’s sealed mouths as they slowly danced together.

Alisha felt something in Judy’s movements, an almost imperceptible trembling, and experimentally she dug her fingers deeper into the white girl’s big ass and then pressed her pussy firmly into Judy’s with all her strength.
Judy jerked against her suddenly, popped her mouth out of the kiss and twisted against Alisha’s sweaty upper body until a low, anguished groan forced its way out of the redhead’s throat. Alisha tightened her grip on the other woman, locking her elbows into Judy’s waist and hugging the other girl’s warm, struggling body in close. Judy gripped her with equal power and the white girl’s firm cunt pressed into Alisha’s with gathering force as both girls’ breathing accelerated in excitement and effort. Alisha focused all her concentration on feeling out Judy’s delicate labia as they intermingled with her own. She had forced their pussies into contact so close that their flower petal labia were now clamped between their dueling vulva and compressed hotly against each other, their pink folds interweaving like shuffled cards so that the slightest movement from either girl tugged and squeezed the tender tissue and sent a riot of sensation through the over stimulated nerve endings concentrated there. Alisha felt Judy’s chest quivering against hers as the white girl panted in her arms and she struggled to control her own excitement and arousal as the redhead’s pussy squeezed and caressed her own.

She slipped her tongue out just slightly between her lips, mirroring the pink labia pressed between her brown vulva and Judy obligingly met her tongue as the two girls trembled against each other. Then Alisha made her move. She compressed her lips, sucking against Judy’s soft wet mouth, and contracted the muscles at the base of her pelvis, drawing her vulva together and impressing an erotic, insistent pinching of her vulva as they grabbed and held Judy’s.

Judy squealed against Alisha, air blasting from her nose as she bucked her pelvis furiously into her black rival’s waiting hips. Alisha could see Judy’s creamy ass flexing wildly as her brown arms held the white girl, noting that her enemy’s hips still flicked against her own with just the bare minimum of movement—yet she knew what this miniature explosion meant all the same. Judy sagged in her arms, popping out of the kiss and gasping wetly against Alisha.

“You fucking sexy bitch!” she snarled furiously.

“How’d you like that, girl?” Alisha said triumphantly. “I told you I’d wring that white cunt of yours out.”

“We’re not finished, witch,” Judy said suddenly, grabbing Alisha by the hair and forcing her soft mouth back onto the black girl’s. Judy crushed Alisha back into their embrace and in seconds her searing pussy had moved back into close contact with Alisha’s. Her strong arms crushed against Alisha’s body and Alisha groaned as she felt her nipples thrust back against Judy’s and the fiery heat of the white girl’s soft sex rubbing back against her own. Alisha braced herself against Judy and the two girls threw themselves into another incredibly intimate pussy duel as Judy’s vulva clamped onto Alisha’s and crushed their feathery labia against each other once again. Judy’s movements were more insistent and powerful this time and Alisha felt herself quickly losing control as the white girl’s delicate soft snatch explored and touched her most sensitive body part and urged her closer and closer to coming. She knew she had barely held onto her self control while she’d pushed Judy over the edge and now it was short work on the white girl’s part to bring Alisha to the edge of an orgasm.

She squeezed her eyes shut against Judy’s kiss as the two girls crushed against each other, trying to think of anything but the sexy feeling of this creamy white bitch grinding against her in tight little flicks and working her pink nipples around Alisha’s hard rods in slow, sadistic circles. But she quickly felt the tingling warmth in the small of her back burn up into her shoulder blades and neck and her naked pussy explode in unwanted ecstasy under Judy’s erotic attack.

Alisha jerked back against Judy and for the final seconds of the fuck their big hips slapped fleshly against one another, pussies smacking roughly until Alisha moaned wildly in Judy’s arms and sagged against the white girl’s body in a brief moment of exhaustion.

“If you think you’re going to whip me in a pussy fight you’ve got another think coming you little black bitch,” Judy’s low, threatening voice growled into her ear. Alisha managed to pull her head away from Judy’s and glared at her sullenly as she took the measure of this soft white girl’s body against hers. Once again she found herself stunned by how even this match was, how Judy’s full hips blazed against her own with exactly the same mix of soft girl flesh and hard muscle, how that soft belly yielded against her own until each girl could feel the other’s strong abs challenging her beneath that girlish fat, and how their contrasting breasts, bare white skin against cocoa butter brown flesh, mashed supply together in equal measure.

“I whipped that white cunt of yours once and I’ll do it again, honey,” Alisha sneered as she eyed Judy’s hot mouth snarling close to her own.

“You haven’t got the body to beat mine, baby,” Judy said. “I can take whatever that ghetto ass of yours can pump and I’ll prove it.”

“You big-assed bitch,” Alisha said. “You wanna shake that white rump of yours for real? Let’s do this the way we were finishing a few seconds ago, hot and hard.” She was still a little furious at herself for letting Judy seduce her into that soft little fuck contest, she thought to herself, and she was eager to get this confrontation back on real fighting terms. Yet she still resisted the urge to launch herself at this white bitch and tear her apart, as much as she wanted to. They had turned this whole thing into a ritual and there were still rules to be followed. This whole war had started when she’d touched Judy’s puss and now it seemed things between them had to be settled just her black cunt against Judy’s white one. Still, if they were going to fight she wanted to fight, and beating Judy’s big pussy down hard instead of playing soft was exactly what she wanted.

“Don’t worry, I can come down hard on that big slut cunt of yours if you want to do it that way, Alisha,” Judy said, jerking her hips against Alisha’s and smacking her warm cunt into Alisha’s to prove the point. Alisha grunted at the pussy blow but quickly matched Judy’s move and smacked her bare pussy skin into Judy’s in response.

“Then let’s do it that way, big girl,” she hissed as she jerked into Judy’s cunt one more time for good measure.

“You sure you know how to fight rough without that black brillo pad push of yours, baby?” Judy taunted her.

“Oh I can beat down with bare cunts just fine, Miss Big Stuff, and I can beat your hot little bare snatch down with no trouble.”

“Spread your fucking long legs then and let’s get at each other for real, whore,” Judy said, widening her stance and adjusting her pelvis firmly against Alisha’s. The girls’ eyes narrowed as they took hold of each other, gripping one another by the waist now to leave their hips free to move. Alisha spread her thighs, breathing lightly against Judy’s chest as she stared unflinchingly into Judy’s dazzling eyes. “Bring it on you creamy bitch,” she said, flipping her long black bangs out of her eyes. She kept her left hand on one of Judy’s love handles and reached up to grasp the back of Judy’s neck lightly and Judy did the same as the girls positioned themselves together almost like two ballroom dancers. Alisha braced her pubic bone against Judy’s and crushed against Judy’s warm mound for a second as both girls gauged the strength in each other’s hips.

“I’m going to pound your big soft pussy down hard, lady,” Judy said firmly as she pressed into Alisha.

“Not before I beat you down, girl,” Alisha replied, glaring at her rival. Without warning Judy’s pussy shoved at Alisha’s, pushing her back a little, then smacking wickedly into Alisha’s vulnerable sexual flesh. Alisha winced but forced her hips back against Judy’s instantly, smacking her bare pussy back hard. Her mouth flashed across Judy’s and both girls snapped at each other with warning bites that failed to connect before their pelvises began to jerk and big buttocks flexed and shook as the two enemies began to thrust and ram together cunt against cunt. Alisha grunted and snarled as her pussy collided with Judy’s, quickly generating an uncomfortable friction and heat as their soft flesh became two battering rams engaging one another. She wrestled against Judy, adjusting the angle of attack to pound at the other girl’s pubic bone while Judy smacked upward at her, jamming and tangling her softer labial flesh into Alisha’s. The two girls danced around each other, each trying to pound the hardest pussy blows into her enemy and jerk her own pelvis in the most rapid succession to rain down more hits on her rival’s cunt than her enemy could pound into hers. With her legs spread this far Alisha’s big sex was thrust out and fully exposed, her curving vulva bulging out between her legs to make a ripe, inviting target for Judy’s creamy white pussy as it slapped, smacked and thudded against hers. Grunts and moans escaped both girls’ mouths as they jammed cunt to cunt in a growing war of attrition.

“Yeah, you all phat and tough down there but you ain’t come up against a real woman like me yet!” Alisha found herself saying as she rammed her pelvis into Judy’s.

“You’re going to find out big cunts like yours don’t intimidate me, you ghetto trash,” Judy taunted her as her lush hips thrust back against Alisha’s. The fight began to seesaw back and forth as each girl managed to drive the other one back with her body only to find stiff resistance as her enemy managed to smack and thrust forward. Alisha locked her left arm all the way around the back of Judy’s waist and forced the other girl’s white thighs apart further with her own before jamming into her cunt to cunt and smashing down hard onto her pubic bone again and again as Judy grunted and sweated against her. The white girl smacked back and Alisha winced as her own pubic bone took several crushing, brutal blows from Judy’s. The fighters consolidated their positions, bracing hard against each other as each focused on ratcheting up the brutality of the fight, focusing everything on that hard bone beneath their fleshy mounds until Alisha was dead sure they were bruising each other down there. Still they managed to continue to pound together and Alisha’s buttocks began to ache and tire from the effort while her belly burned from the tension her abs were holding against Judy’s. After what seemed like an eternity both girls began to tire too much to continue the hard bucking and the pace of the struggle slowed a little as they held their pussy blows longer and longer, gathering strength in between blows and letting their inflamed and swollen cunts rub slowly against each other.

“Fucking whore, you still want to fuck around, don’t you?” Alisha growled into Judy’s ear as they dueled.

“If you think you’re going to jerk me off all soft like you did before you’re wrong,” Judy snarled back. “You just got lucky so don’t be so full of yourself.”

“Maybe I’ll just have to rub your soft little cunt raw before I finish you all over,” Alisha threatened as she increased the pressure on the slow grind building between their pussies. She began to force her upper body against Judy’s, forcing her back towards one of the dorm room walls. Judy stumbled back a little and it only took a few seconds before she was on top of the white girl, pinning her against the hard plaster behind her. Now Judy’s legs were split and braced by Alisha’s and she could force her throbbing cunt down even harder onto Judy’s waiting pussy flesh. “Let’s see how you like some real hard fucking, girl,” she said huskily as she began to grind up and down furiously against Judy’s pussy.

“I’ll hard fuck with you any time you want, you black cunt,” Judy gasped as Alisha pressed down onto her. The white girl managed to keep her lush pussy cocked up and pressed hard against Alisha as she ground down onto her but Judy’s throaty, anguished groans told Alisha that she was still doing her good. She could feel the redhead’s abs squirming against her belly and the redhead’s rubbery, stiff nipples still dueled roughly against Alisha’s black, erect shafts as she forced her breasts down onto Judy’s creamy boobs almost as hard as she was forcing her cunt against the white girl’s. Judy’s fist smacked into the side of Alisha’s ass and then both of the white girl’s hands slapped down on her brown buns and gripped the big cheeks hard as they quivered and flexed with the effort of Alisha’s thrusts.

“Is that as hard as you can pump me you weak little bitch?” Judy snarled huskily against Alisha’s mouth. Alisha pinned her face and sank her teeth into Judy’s lush lower lip spitefully before replying.

“I’m just getting started pumping your big hot snatch, Miss Big Stuff, don’t worry.” The friction of their two dueling cunts was growing unbearable but Alisha was determined to keep thrusting down onto Judy’s pussy until she cried out for mercy. But suddenly Judy twisted against her and threw the weight of her rival off of her and for a second they grappled side to side against the wall until Judy gained some leverage and threw Alisha backward. In a flash her back and ass smacked against the wall and Judy was up against her, prying her brown thighs apart and smashing her hot pelvis into Alisha’s yielding flesh.

“Let’s see how you like getting fucked against the wall, big snatch,” Judy growled as she pinned Alisha body to body, her bare breasts battering against Alisha’s brown ones as her belly smacked down onto her enemy’s. Alisha felt Judy’s soft cunt grind down onto her own, pulling and distorting the pliant bare flesh down there as their pussies intermingled and tangled in an intimate wrestling match of their own. She began long, vicious strokes up and down the length of Alisha’s vulva and labia and Alisha helplessly gripped the white girl’s big, pulsing ass as she worked Alisha over. She twisted and squealed against the hot friction of Judy’s pussy on hers but determinedly kept her cunt up in position to grind against her rival’s, refusing to cede any of the fight to Judy. “That all you can do to me, girlfriend?” she demanded hotly as she twisted against Judy’s mouth. “You gonna have to pump harder than that!”

Judy began to jerk her ass in hot, sharp thrusts and Alisha moaned under the assault, her pussy throbbing and burning as Judy’s raked across it. Just when she thought she couldn’t possibly take any more the sensation of friction began to subside and another, more insidious feeling started to replace it. At some point in each thrust Alisha could feel Judy’s labia slip against her own, and very quickly the sensation began to spread across the entire surface of her labia, then her vulva. Her body was becoming slick with sweat in the struggle, true enough, but this was something more, and soon Alisha realized that she and Judy were smearing each other with sexual lubrication. The white girl’s pussy now slid and glided over her own and while she groaned with obvious effort Judy managed to accelerate the pace of her attack until both girls were sliding across each other’s vulva with frenzied speed. After reaching a lightning pace Judy faltered and Alisha immediately thrust back against her, using her pelvis to push the white girl back until they were again side to side against each other’s sweat slick bodies.

“Come on, you slippery bitch!” Alisha snarled, forcing her slippery cunt back against Judy’s. The two girls began to buck and thrust together on equal terms as those same wild feelings of arousal began to crash across Alisha’s body. She felt Judy bucking and twitching in her arms as the girls began a wild frenzy of cunt rubbing, twirling and sliding their aroused pussies until two fiery, quaking orgasms shook both girls and Judy cried out into Alisha’s open mouth while the black girl jerked into her own climax.

Alisha stumbled backward as Judy released her and both girls gasped and panted, eyes closed as if in their own private universes until they struggled into recovery. Alisha’s pussy was on fire, tingling as if every nerve ending had been electrified by Judy’s furious cunt to cunt massage. Her breasts were painfully erect, nipples alert and stiffer than ever, so sensitized now that the damp air in the room alone seemed to be urging them into agonizing hardness.

Judy lay against the wall next to her, her pale body glistening with sweat, jagged red hairdo matted against her forehead, gasping for breath. Like Alisha’s, her breasts and nipples were hard with gooseflesh, rose red nipple shafts pointing upward at an obscene angle. But as Alisha’s gaze traveled down the other girl’s pale, flat stomach down to her crotch she saw that a new factor in the battle had literally emerged from the upper reaches of her swollen pink labia. A thick, erect clitoris like a pink grape poked out from the hood of Judy’s pussy, matching the twin red erections that tipped her sweat-soaked breasts. Alisha glared at Judy’s obvious, dirty arousal in disgust as Judy’s eyes studied her black opponent with as much lust as hatred. When her arresting blue eyes stared down between Alisha’s parted thighs the black girl hesitated, well aware of how slick and tingling her bare pussy was. She glanced past Judy at the full-length mirror on the dorm room’s door and was startled to see her own inflamed pussy, pink inner lips swollen and splayed by their heated and intimate fight and tipped at the very top of that pink channel by an erect pink clitoris as hard and aroused as the one Judy displayed.

To be continued