It was the largest law firm on the east coast, and one of the biggest in the country. Forty to fifty junior and senior partners were spread out over four floors. The first floor was devoted to civil law while the second housed criminal law. The third and fourth floors respectively were devoted to business and international law. In addition to the many lawyers the law firm employed a great number of legal assistants whose job it was to research history and legal information to aid lawyers in their presentations. A few legal assistants were responsible for presentations which were highly sensitive, and demanded the utmost security.

Jocelyn Knight was a highly paid legal assistant who handled the most sensitive cases for lawyers who dealt with international law cases. At age 26 she had been with the firm for more than three years, and was considered one of the best in the business. In addition to her legal skills she was a ravishing beauty. At 5'6" with long platinum blonde hair she possessed a beautiful body topped off with 36C breasts, a slim waist, and shapely legs. At one time or another most of the younger lawyers who worked in international law tried to date her. She politely, but firmly declined every invitation. Somehow the conclusion was reached that she had a rule about not dating anyone who worked for the firm.

In reality Jocelyn preferred women over men, and in her private life had been a lesbian for many years. No one in the law firm was aware of her sexual preference, and gradually she was seen as a very skilled worker so no one ever questioned what she was like away from the job. She was considered the most beautiful woman working in the law firm. However, that was about to change.

Every workplace, regardless of how sophisticated, has its own rumor mill, and the law firm was no different than any place else. Word began to circulate that there was a new legal assistant working in the business law division who could rival Jocelyn in the looks department. Jocelyn heard the rumors, but didn't pay much attention to them. She was confident in her own sexuality, and wasn't particularly worried about how another woman looked. However, after a few weeks of hearing people talk about the new staff member Jocelyn became curious about this so-called rival, and was tempted to visit the third floor just to see how accurate the rumors had been.

Before Jocelyn could do this she was called into the office of one of the senior partners. He explained that the firm had just taken on a high profile case which would involve both the international and business divisions. He told Jocelyn she would be working with a new legal assistant from the business law section. He explained that while she was new to their firm she had been hired because she was experienced. As if on cue there was a knock on the door, and a woman appeared who Jocelyn immediately knew was the one everyone was talking about. Her name was Erica Allman, and she was a stunning woman.

Jocelyn knew why everyone was talking about the two of them being rivals in the looks department. It looked as though from the shoulders down they were clones. Erica also had long wavy blonde hair, but in her case it was honey colored as opposed to Jocelyn's platinum color. After the lawyer introduced the two women he explained what was expected from them. They would be working together on a case which involved the highest level of security, and they couldn't speak to anyone about it aside from him. He informed them that they would be working many hours together, and doing much of their work at night for which they would be well paid. They would work independently during the day, and then meet to combine resources. They were to begin the following day.

The next day the two women met in a conference room at 7 p.m. to begin putting their research together. For a few moments the two looked each other over. The law firm had a dress code for all employees. It applied to everyone whether a lawyer, clerk, legal assistant or secretary. Men were expected to wear a suit and tie while women had a few choices which included a business suit with jacket, blouse and skirt. Jocelyn always wore her skirts as short as possible without drawing a reprimand, and Erica, as a new staff member, had quickly picked up on the short skirt theme. Both women removed their jackets, and got ready to begin.

Jocelyn wasn't happy about working with Erica, but since she had no choice she was determined to make the best out of what she considered to be a bad situation. They began combining the information each had gathered during the day. Erica had the same feelings about working with Jocelyn. It was something she wanted to get over with as soon as possible. During the next few hours as they compiled part one of their research Jocelyn kept looking at Erica as if she were puzzled by something she couldn't put her finger on. As they were about to finish for the night Jocelyn finally remembered what had eluded her earlier. She looked at Erica and said, "I have been trying all night to remember where I have seen you before. Now I remember. I’ve seen you a number of times at the WildKat club."

The WildKat club had a reputation for catering solely to women, and in fact was a popular nightspot for the lesbian crowd. It was very large, and allowed women to be wild and uninhibited. Erica stared at Jocelyn for a moment and then replied, "I guess if you've seen me there that means you had to be there too. Now that we know each other's secret what happens next?"

The atmosphere surrounding both women suddenly changed. They knew if one got fired because of her sexual preference that it was likely that both would lose their jobs. In effect neither could identify the other as being a lesbian without incriminating herself. Erica continued, "Let’s be honest about it. We don't have to like each other in order to work together. We either both lose our jobs or we keep them. All we have to do is be quiet, and nothing will change."

Jocelyn agreed but didn't want it to end there. There was something she wanted to find out about Erica. She said, "You seem to be a very confident woman, but I wonder just how sure of yourself you really are. I will admit you’re hot and sexy, but I have seen beautiful women who aren't much of a challenge for me on a sexual basis. I love to test other women to see whether or not they have what it takes sexually to compete with me."

Erica stared at her for a few moments and then replied, "If you are challenging my sexual prowess to see whether or not I will back down you've made a mistake. I won't back down from any woman. I'll take you on anywhere any time. As a matter of fact we can settle this right now."

The two were standing only a few feet apart, and started to step toward one another. It looked as though they were going to go at it right there when Jocelyn suddenly stopped, and put one hand up to stop Erica. She said, "I'd love to take you on right now, but there's a problem. There are still staff members on this floor. If someone walks in and sees us we will both lose our jobs. I'm not willing to risk that, but I'm sure we can find some privacy somewhere else where no one will bother us."

Erica hated to agree with Jocelyn, but had to admit she was right. She replied, "Okay, but I want this settled tonight. Where would you suggest we go?"

The sexual tension between the two beauties would have been apparent to anyone who walked in the room and saw them. They decided to go to the apartment of whoever lived closest. They compared addresses, and although both lived fairly close to the firm Jocelyn’s apartment was closer. Erica agreed to follow Jocelyn home in her car. As the firm had its own parking garage the two women strictly by accident had parked fairly close together on the same floor. It took less than 10 minutes to reach Jocelyn's building. They left their cars and wordlessly walked together to her apartment.

When they were inside Jocelyn turned to Erica and said, "I'm glad you accepted my challenge. I'm going to fuck you up so bad you'll beg me to stop."

Erica's reply was short and to the point, "In your dreams bitch. You may be able to handle some of the bimbos who hang out at the WildKat club, but you've never tangled with someone like me."

The two glared at one another, and Jocelyn led Erica to her bedroom. They agreed to not have anything between them for their sex duel. The two looked at each other in anticipation as they began to strip. Everything including stockings was removed. However, both put her high heels back on because heels always made shapely legs look even better. As they undressed each one noticed the other was wearing nothing, not even a thong, under her skirt. Both women filed that little tidbit of information in their memories for future reference.

When they were naked the two faced one another. They posed for one another, and took a few seconds to openly look each other up and down. They were beautiful examples of the female species, and neither could ask for anything more in the looks department. With hands on hips the two circled each other slowly. Each was waiting for the other to make the first move. They came to a stop standing next to the bed facing one another.

Both women were highly aroused, and looked like two cats about to tangle. Jocelyn pushed her erect nipples into Erica's, and the battle began. With hands still on their hips they rubbed their nipples from side to side. They glared at one another while their nipples were dueling, but neither woman showed any signs of backing down. Wrapping their arms around one another they squeezed their magnificent breasts together. Jocelyn said, "Come on bitch! Show me what you've got."

Erica took that challenge, and started grinding her tits against those of her rival. They alternately relaxed their grips on one another, and then pulled tightly together. The resulting feelings made them moan with both pain and pleasure. Every time they relaxed their grip the two women muttered obscenities at each other only to cry out every time their breasts mashed together. Finally, after many minutes, they stopped their assault on each other's breasts.

The two women looked at each other intently as both wondered what would happen next. Jocelyn locked both hands in Erica's hair as if a hair pulling match was next on her agenda. Erica, acting almost on automatic reflex, quickly gripped Jocelyn's hair with her hands. However, Jocelyn wasn't looking for a catfight. She had something entirely different on her mind. She pulled Erica close to her, and slid her tongue toward Erica's mouth. Erica responded by meeting Jocelyn's tongue with her own, and the two of them began to tongue fight. Each stabbed her rival's tongue with her own, and they dueled this way for a long time.

They finally brought their open mouths together in their first sensual kiss. Each wanted the other to remember how passionately she could kiss, and so their first kiss was long and unforgettable. When they finally broke apart both were gasping from the raw lust and passion they felt. They continued their kissing, and each invaded the other's mouth with her tongue. Between kisses they taunted one another as to who kissed the best.

At this point Erica became very aggressive. While still kissing her rival she slid one of her legs between Jocelyn's. She pressed her thigh into Jocelyn's pussy and exclaimed, "Oh my! What a wet pussy you have. Why don't you dance against my thigh, and let yourself go?"

Jocelyn pressed her thigh into Erica's pussy and replied, "Since you have a wet pussy too I think we should dance together. Then we'll find out who the best dancer is."

The two women started to grind their thighs into one another's pussy. They reached around with both hands, and grabbed each other's ass. Firmly pulling each other closer both women moaned from the sensations. They did a slow undulating dance together as each tried to gain an advantage in this most sensual competition. They stopped kissing so they could look intently into each other's eyes to see any sign of weakness. What they saw instead were looks of total lust and desire.

As if both received the same message at the same time the two women let go of one another, and climbed onto the bed where they faced each other on their knees. Jocelyn quickly became the aggressor as she reached over with one hand and started to squeeze one of Erica's breasts. At the same time she reached down with the other hand, and began to stroke Erica's pussy. In an instant Erica did the same to Jocelyn as the two entered a new phase of their sex duel. They began to pull on each other's erect nipple, and the two cried out from the sensations.

By this point in their match each expected the other would have lost control and given in, but both women had exhibited enormous willpower. It was going to be decided by the ultimate woman to woman encounter, and both understood how it would be determined. They sat back, spread their legs and were ready to go pussy to pussy. Erica bragged, "This is where you lose bitch. My clit is long enough to get into your pussy. You'll know what it feels like to have another woman penetrate you."

Jocelyn quickly countered, "Welcome to my world cunt. My clit is big enough to out fuck yours. Let's see what you've got."

Each bent forward, spread her own pussy lips, and showed her rival an oversized clit. Privately each woman was surprised at what she saw. Neither had ever met anyone who could compete with her in this manner. Outwardly each expressed confidence at being able to dominate her rival. Jocelyn and Erica both claimed they would win, and couldn't wait to get started.

They moved their bodies and legs as to be in a perfect trib position. There would be no wild uncontrolled thrusting usually found in a pussy fucking contest. Instead they would slowly bring their pussies together to have just the right position for their clits to meet. As their clits rubbed together the resulting sensations almost made both women immediately go off. Neither could stifle her sounds of pleasure, and they both began to gasp and moan. They were slowly grinding their clits together when Erica gasped, "Your clit can't beat mine. I've never lost a clit fight."

Jocelyn breathlessly replied, "You'll never win. My clit loves being in your pussy, and fucking you this way."

The two continued to taunt one another until they could no longer speak because of the pleasurable sensations which overcame both of them. Simultaneously crying out in uncontrollable passion and animal like lust the two women's bodies began to shake as the feelings of erotic release ran through both. Still leaning back on their hands each watched the other scream out in pleasure. After they recovered enough to speak each claimed she had won. They argued over who had the best clit, and which one forced the other to orgasm first.

Their argument became heated as each tried to make the other believe she had lost their sexual duel. They were now head to head with their arms around each other, and it looked as though their sexfight was going to turn into a catfight. During a brief moment of silence Erica said, "If you don't think I won let's do it again. I'll prove to you I'm the better woman."

Jocelyn agreed and the two of them went at it once again. For the next hour the two drove one another over the edge time and time again. Neither would back down from the other. Jocelyn's apartment was on the first floor, and the bedroom window was open. Anyone walking by would have heard moaning and cries of pleasure. However people walking by a minute or two later would have heard the two women taunting and cursing one another.

It was after midnight when Erica emerged from Jocelyn's apartment and left for home. The following night Jocelyn and Erica once again met in a secure room at the firm to continue compiling information for the law firm's case. Neither mentioned their encounter from the previous night. When they finished their work they got ready to leave. When she was at the door Erica turned to Jocelyn and said, "Next time we fight it will be at my apartment bitch."

They left without exchanging any more words. A few days later they finished their project, and Erica returned to the business law division. The senior partners at the firm were so impressed with the work turned in by the two women they decided to permanently move Erica to the international division. The two women had done their work too well because it was the decision of the senior members they should work on projects together whenever necessary. They even gave Erica an office right next to Jocelyn's so it would be more convenient for them.

When word of the transfer reached staff members on the fourth floor everyone waited for an eruption between the two beauties. They would all be disappointed because on the surface it appeared that the two rivals actually got along. The reality was that Erica and Jocelyn were excellent actresses. What they showed to all who watched were two women who had no problems coexisting and working together. No one saw how the two women really felt about each other. It was an altogether different situation when no one else was around. When they were sure no one could hear them each had a name for the other. The term lesbian slut was used by each woman to describe her rival.

Their first sexfight was still very fresh in their minds, and both knew it was just a matter of time before they tangled again. Late one evening both women were in their own offices finishing up details on their latest assignments. Erica suddenly appeared in the doorway of Jocelyn's office. Jocelyn looked up to see what she wanted. After a few moments of staring Erica challenged Jocelyn saying, "We have been calling each other lesbian sluts for days. I'd like to find out which one of us is the best slut. Last time I went home with you, and now I'm challenging you to come home with me. Are you up to it bitch?"

Jocelyn smiled, told Erica she had been looking forward to a rematch, and would gladly go home with her. They followed the same procedure as in their first fight except this time Jocelyn was following Erica home. When they both reached Erica's apartment they stood and glared at one another for a few moments before going inside. Going straight to Erica's bedroom the two began to strip without exchanging any words. As they had done the first time they agreed to fight completely naked. They even discarded their high heels, and were getting ready to face one another for the second time within a few weeks.

Erica walked around to a night table next to the bed, took a small bottle of what turned out to be oil, and applied a light coating to her breasts. She then tossed the bottle to Jocelyn who did the same. The two women came together with looks of anticipation in their eyes. Erica reached out and grasped Jocelyn's hands with her own. They held hands down at their sides while bringing their breasts together. They began rubbing them from side to side while feeling even more aroused due to the effects of the oil. They had applied the oil to help fight the friction they would feel during their breast battle, but all it had done was make them feel more erotic.

Each one claimed to have the better and firmer breasts, and they promised to tit fight all night to prove it. Erica reached for Jocelyn's breasts to see how firm they really were, and naturally Jocelyn did the same to Erica. However, the oil once again stymied them as neither could maintain a firm grasp on the other's breasts. Jocelyn decided to try a different tact and with open hands started to rub Erica's nipples with her palms. Erica did the same to Jocelyn, and within a few moments both were moaning from these new sensations.

After attacking each other's nipples for awhile they slid their arms around one another, and found themselves in a mutual bear hug. Jocelyn challenged Erica to a kissing duel, and the two locked their mouths together so they could begin this phase of their sexfight. Erica wanted a tongue sucking contest, and Jocelyn was more than happy to accommodate her. Both were experts with their mouths and tongues, and attacked each other with wild abandon. They spent many minutes trying to out kiss one another, but neither could gain an advantage.

Erica suddenly grabbed Jocelyn around the waist, threw her down on the bed, and jumped on top of her. They rolled back and forth, but neither could stay on top for very long. Whoever was on top would press her thigh into her rival's pussy, and would grind into it for as long as she could stay there. This part of their fight took both women to a high level of eroticism and arousal. They completely entwined their legs, and started grinding harder. They're grinding became wild humping as neither could maintain any self-control. Their eyes were closed and they were laying cheek to cheek as they started to cry out in complete surrender. A flood of love juices engulfed both of their pussies as the wild sensations ravaged both women.

They held onto each other tightly as feelings of pleasure ran through both bodies. After a few minutes both women had significantly calmed down, and they began to look at one another to see what would happen next. Jocelyn said, "I don't care what happened. You're still a lesbian slut."

Erica quickly replied, "No cunt. You're the one who is the lesbian slut, and I don't care how many times you try to out fuck me I will always hate you."

Openly angry the two glared at one another. Then suddenly they began to kiss again. These were angry kisses, and one could hear their teeth click together. Neither would back down and they both knew they weren't through with each other for the night. They started pulling each other's hair, and they presented a very erotic picture as they alternately kissed and pulled hair. Doing this started to turn them on again, and their kisses were passionate rather than angry. When they stopped to look at each other Jocelyn challenged Erica to a 69 fight.

Erica accepted and the two women moved to a side by side position. They wrapped their legs around each other's body, and positioned their mouths to start licking and sucking. They softly cried out from the erotic feelings as they immediately found each other's large clit and began to attack it. They stayed in this position all-night getting each other off countless times. Although neither woman would admit it they liked the taste of each other's pussy and love juices. They only stopped when they were totally wiped out, and could no longer continue.