April locked her arms around Lisa and tried to pull her closer. “Lisa, Lisa,” April moaned as she kissed along Lisa’s neck.

Lisa rocked her hips, her wetness against April’s. The feel of April’s hair was intoxicating. April’s wetness inspired Lisa’s passion again and she locked her lips on April’s throat. Her tongue traced a trail down past the hollow of April’s neck and continued down between April’s breasts. When Lisa’s tongue reached April’s stomach, she pressed her tongue hard against April’s skin until she reached April’s belly button. April’s belly button was deep, a sexy and erotic sight for Lisa’s eyes. Lisa lovingly caressed it, her tongue entering as it would with a kiss. Lisa’s breasts came to rest against the wetness of April’s sex as her tongue delved deeper into the hollow of April’s stomach.

Knowing what she was about to do would send April to new heights of excitement, Lisa rose up and placed her breast against April’s opening. Holding her breast in her hand, Lisa guided her hardened nipple into April’s mound. Dipping the nipple into April’s wetness, Lisa said, “Like the feeling of my breast inside of you, baby?”

“Yes…yes…right there…Lisa, oh…rub harder.” The feeling of Lisa’s breast inside of her sent April’s lust to a higher place, a place she had never been before. She ground her hips against Lisa’s breast, her mind willing Lisa to push harder. “Please…Lisa.” she whispered.

Lisa held her breast steady against the writhing of April’s hips. Lisa could tell the girl was lost in ecstasy; her eyes closed tightly, her breasts heaving. The sight of April in the throes of bliss heightened Lisa’s desire and she felt the beginnings of her own orgasm gather within her.

April’s hips continued their bucking against Lisa’s breast as April’s moans became louder and she grasped the sheets, her fists closing, jerking and pulling as she came. She felt her wetness flow from her onto Lisa’s breast and she imagined her mouth on Lisa’s breast, sucking and licking her own juices from Lisa’s nipple as her sexual excitement took control of her. Her body trembled as her orgasms washed over her in waves, one after another.

Lisa gazed up at April as April thrust her hips higher and higher. April’s moans became groans and Lisa felt April’s wetness cover her nipple and ease its way over her breast. Lisa kept her nipple hard against April’s clitoris while April’s moans became louder. Lisa continued to watch as April shuddered again and again, orgasms wracking her body. She saw April bite her lip as she came, and Lisa felt the shudder within April’s body as her stomach tightened and she groaned again.

“Lisa…oh…Lisa…oh, God, Lisa.” April heatedly whispered.

Her breast still inside of April, Lisa watched April come down from her orgasm. When April’s hips settled against the sheets, Lisa guided her nipple down April’s opening, soaking up more of April’s juices. Putting her breast into April’s sex, Lisa pushed her breast farther into April until it felt as if her whole breast was inside. Lisa held her breast there, watching April’s breasts rise and fall as April’s breathing slowed. When Lisa was sure April’s orgasm had subsided, she said, “Put your legs over my shoulder, baby. Feel my breast inside of you.”

April felt Lisa’s breast enter her and the thought of her beautiful Lisa wanting her breast to be inside of her thrilled April, her desire flaming again. Lisa’s words finally registered in April’s mind and April lifted her feet and put her legs over Lisa’s shoulders. She felt her center open to Lisa’s breast and she watched as Lisa pushed her breast even further into her waiting wetness. Wondering what Lisa had in mind now, April looked down at Lisa. The sight of Lisa’s hair hanging loose over April’s thighs caused April to sigh. Lisa raised her eyes to April’s and smiled wickedly.

“I wish my breast could stay inside of you forever. The feeling of your wetness on me makes me want you even more.” Lisa looked back down at April’s flooding wetness and whispered, “April, fuck my breast again…come on, baby…rub against my nipple.”

Lisa’s obscene words stiffened April’s clitoris and she began thrusting her hips, trying to again feel Lisa’s nipple against her aching clitoris.

Lisa brought her nipple to April’s clitoris again and rubbed her nipple up and down, the hardness of her nipple flicking against the hardness of April’s sexual need.

Feeling her orgasm rising within her, April tried to pull Lisa even closer; driving her heels into Lisa’s back, wishing Lisa could climb into her womb. Knowing the sight of Lisa would drive her over the edge, April glanced down and saw Lisa looking up at her, Lisa’s eyes wanton with lust. “Oh, baby, …Lisa…Lisa…, Lisa.” April continually moaned as all at once another orgasm wracked her body. Her hips kept thrusting against Lisa’s breast, April unable to control them as they pushed harder and harder. Her clitoris extremely sensitive now, April felt Lisa’s breast withdraw from her, Lisa using her fingers to dip into the wetness. “Look at me,” Lisa whispered. Slowly April’s eyes opened to see Lisa holding two fingers up, the fingers coated with April’s juices. “I love when you come,” Lisa said. “I love to watch you come…to watch your breasts heave as you reach the very sexual peak of your orgasm…I love the feel of you.”

Lisa’s words were having the desired effect on April. Lisa took April’s feet from her shoulders, placing them down on the sheets. Lisa held herself up with her left hand and brought her fingers to April’s mouth. “Taste yourself, darling…lick my fingers.” The wantonness in Lisa’s eyes seemed to travel to April’s core as April grabbed Lisa’s fingers and greedily thrust them into her mouth. April’s lips closed hard around Lisa’s fingers as she sucked the juices from them. Her hands holding Lisa’s fingers captive in her mouth, April watched as Lisa closed her eyes and trembled.

“April…you…” with just those words Lisa fell upon April, her lips devouring April’s right breast. Lisa’s lips sucked ferociously on April’s nipple, Lisa’s tongue flicking the nipple again and again. With her right hand, Lisa pinched April’s other nipple, making April gasp. Lisa continued her sucking…harder she sucked…wishing she could draw milk out of April’s breast…she heard April sigh and felt April’s legs open wider again…April’s wetness a lake. Lisa’s breasts mashed against April’s stomach, Lisa reveling in the feel of her skin against April’s.

“Lisa…” April moaned. “Lisa…please…touch me…please.” April begged. Lisa took her right hand from April’s breast and brought her lips over to that breast. Lisa’s lips drew April’s breast deep into her mouth. April moaned again, her voice pleading. ”Lisa…please…touch me.” Then Lisa felt April’s body quake as she sucked on April’s breast. Lisa intensified her sucking, her tongue moving faster against April’s nipple. Lisa felt April’s hand behind her head as April tried to bring Lisa’s face even closer. April’s hand tightened in Lisa’s hair and April held on as her orgasm shook her body. Lisa felt as if she was within April’s body as she heard the hard beating of April’s heart. Lisa’s lips clung to April’s hardened nipple as April’s fingers tightened again and again in Lisa’s hair. April wanted Lisa’s lips forever on her breast. Her orgasm now subsiding, April let go of Lisa’s hair and her hand fell to the sheets.

Lisa drew her lips away from April’s breast and inched her body up so that she was looking directly down into April’s eyes. “Oh…my.” April said. “I…came this afternoon… just imagining your lips sucking on my breasts…I never thought…” April stopped talking as Lisa’s lips captured her own.

April brought her legs up and around Lisa’s waist. “I want you to stay this way…I want you near me…your skin against mine…our breasts kissing like they are now …please…just stay this way.” Lisa could feel April’s abundant juices against her own, their wetness a shared joy. Lisa closed her eyes and rested her lips against the side of April’s neck.

“Is this what you wanted when you kissed me in the office this afternoon?” Lisa said, her mouth against April’s neck.

“Yes, baby.” April said. “I was so out of control…Mary France had me in such a state…I knew I liked you…I liked the way you talked to me…the way you looked…the way you smiled…the sexiness of what you said to me…I wanted to let you know I was interested…and I wanted some control back…so I went in and kissed you.” April’s hand gently stroked Lisa’s neck. “I hoped that the evening would end this way…with you in my arms.” April moved her head to the side and pulled Lisa’s lips to hers. The kiss was gentle and forceful at the same time. April felt Lisa’s tongue begin to trace her lips.

“I love the way you kiss, the way your lips feel against mine, the way your tongue feels when I take it in my mouth,” April whispered. “Lisa,…I want you to lie next to me… on your stomach.” Lisa looked into April’s eyes. “I want to look at you…at all of you.” Lisa smiled as she crawled off of her. April lifted herself up on one elbow and watched as Lisa’s flushed body moved over beside her. “You are so beautiful.” April said.

“You keep saying that,” Lisa said. Supporting herself on her elbows, Lisa looked back at April, her hair falling around her face.

“Well, it’s true. Your hair…your body…your skin so creamy white…you are so full a woman.” April’s voice trailed off.

April lifted herself up and placed her lips at the nape of Lisa’s neck, her lips feeling the wisp of fine hairs growing there. Lisa moaned a gentle sigh and April straddled Lisa’s body, the roundness of her hips resting against the fullness of Lisa’s. April’s lips began tracing a sensual trail between Lisa’s shoulder blades. With her hands, April gently massaged Lisa’s back, her fingers lightly gliding across the beauty that was Lisa.

As April’s lips neared the hollow of Lisa’s back, she heard Lisa breathe a deep sigh and felt Lisa’s hips rise against her lips. The light dusting of hair near Lisa’s hips brushed April’s lips and April forced her tongue into the hollow there. Lisa’s moans came more often, her hips rising again to meet April’s lips.

Her hands grasping the roundness of Lisa’s hips, April guided her lips to the sensitive crevice, her tongue probing, kissing, and searching. April’s hands softly massaged Lisa’s globes and Lisa raised her hips high as April’s lips and tongue savored the forbidden area. Lisa’s hips began rising and falling in a rhythm as April’s fingers explored Lisa’s wetness. Her fingers lightly brushed Lisa’s clitoris and Lisa’s sighs became pleas, her hips following the lead of April’s fingers.

April savored the scent of Lisa’s essence and she was overwhelmed with the desire to taste Lisa’s sexual juices.

“Turn over,” April said. April heard Lisa sigh as she slowly turned over and spread her legs open. April’s lips found Lisa’s wantonness. Now she was fulfilled. The scent and feel of Lisa’s sex, the wetness against her face was real. She had been denied until now. Now she was tasting another woman, now she was making another woman orgasm with her mouth. Lisa’s juices flowed as April’s tongue gently flicked her clitoris again and again. April held on to Lisa’s hips, lifting them up, bringing the feast of Lisa’s sex to her lips. April drove her tongue deep within Lisa, thrusting, then capturing Lisa’s clitoris with her lips. Her fingers replaced her tongue, curling within, finding Lisa’s special spot.

“God, April…God!” Lisa moaned, her hips bucking, her hands curling around April’s hair. April reveled in the taste of Lisa, so salty, so sweet. Lisa’s thighs shook. Lisa’s pleas spurred April on, her lips sucking, her fingers deftly working inside of Lisa, working on the spot she knew would drive Lisa into higher throes of orgasm. The feel of Lisa’s juices on her face, the bucking of Lisa’s hips, the feeling of having control over Lisa, all combined to drive April’s lust. Lisa’s begging heightened April’s pleasure, the feeling of control over another woman’s lust a new experience. Until now, April had been the one controlled, even with the bartender she had been told what to do. Now her lips were doing the controlling, her hands and fingers playing Lisa like a fine musical instrument. April lifted her lips from Lisa’s clitoris and blew slight puffs of air against it. “April…please…oh, oh, April…” Lisa’s cries louder now.

Lisa’s hands reached for April’s hair again as April’s lips returned to Lisa’s clitoris. Closing around the nub, April’s lips sucked it into her mouth and held it there, her tongue rapidly flicking as Lisa’s hips thrashed uncontrollably in orgasmic release.

As Lisa’s hips slowed in their rhythm, April left her tongue inside of her and licked her. Lisa started to beg her to stop, but April’s tongue kept on. Then Lisa was begging her again…this time not to stop…April drank from Lisa as if from a fountain, taking Lisa’s juices into her, making them part of her. As her lips closed upon Lisa’s clitoris again, April climaxed, her body quaking, her control evaporating. Lisa’s hands were guiding April’s head now, bringing April’s face deeper into her. Now Lisa was moving April’s head up and down and Lisa was commanding her. “Like that…just like that…don’t stop…you are so good…so good…” April felt her desire flare as Lisa took control. She had to keep sucking Lisa, she couldn’t stop; Lisa wouldn’t let her.

April surrendered herself to her desire as Lisa guided her lips, holding them in place against her clit. “Suck me, baby,” Lisa whispered, her voice husky with sexual want. April planted her lips on Lisa’s clit, its hardness sending chills through April’s body. I’m going to make her come again, April thought, but April felt her own orgasm rising as she sucked Lisa’s sex, her climax building as Lisa pulled her hair, pinning April’s lips against her. April clung to Lisa’s thighs as her orgasm overtook her. Lisa’s fingers entwined in her hair, April felt herself overwhelmed with ecstasy. April groaned aloud into Lisa’s sex. She felt the flow of Lisa’s orgasm and drank her fill from Lisa’s well of desire.

April’s mouth clung to Lisa and April savored the taste of her lover. April did not want to leave Lisa’s wetness as it had now become a part of her. She spread her fingers into Lisa’s hair as she sucked the last juices of Lisa’s emotion. April let her lips play in Lisa’s hair, tasting the wetness, drawing Lisa’s hair into her mouth. The softness of Lisa’s hair against her cheeks and the muskiness of Lisa’s sex inflamed April’s lust and she began to rub her face back and forth in the wetness. She grasped Lisa’s ass cheeks and barely heard Lisa’s breathy plea from above. “Come up here, my love,” Lisa said.

April slowly crawled up Lisa’s body, tasting the saltiness of Lisa’s sweat-soaked skin. When she reached Lisa’s breasts, she paused, taking each nipple into her mouth, slowly sucking until each nipple was erect. “You would come all night, wouldn’t you?” April whispered.

“Yes….” Lisa answered.

April removed her lips from Lisa’s breasts and brought her lips to Lisa’s, the saltiness of Lisa’s sweat and the sweetness of Lisa’s wetness igniting the passion of both girls as they crushed their lips together. “Open your lips, Lisa,” April said. As Lisa did as April wished, April let her spit run into Lisa’s mouth. “That’s a part of you that I am giving back to you, baby,” April said.

Lisa grabbed April’s head and brought her lips down onto hers, kissing April fiercely. She easily flipped April onto her back and pinned April’s arms against the mattress. “I want to taste all of me,” Lisa said. She lazily began licking April’s lips, moving around April’s face, her lips returning to April’s to savor the taste of her love.

They lay side by side, April’s head in the crook of Lisa’s arm, the sheets tangled. Lisa’s right hand reached down and caressed April’s breast, her fingers pulling the nipple to erectness.

“You excite me no matter where you touch me or what you do to me,” April sighed. She looked up at Lisa, finding Lisa’s face hard, almost stern. She watched as Lisa closed her eyes. “April,” Lisa whispered, her voice straining. April saw Lisa swallow and watched with fascination as Lisa held her breath, her fingers now pinching April’s nipple, twisting it, squeezing it. April felt pain, but the pleasure of Lisa’s touch overwhelmed the pain. She watched as Lisa used her other hand to touch herself, her fingers finding her clit, her hips rising once to meet her hand as she came, her voice a whimper, her body shuddering.

April turned, burying her face in Lisa’s armpit, feeling the slight roughness of Lisa’s stubble. April kissed the hollow of Lisa’s armpit and traced her lips up to Lisa’s shoulder and on to her neck.

"I love when you touch me. It doesn’t matter where or how,” April whispered. “ I love knowing you came while you were touching me. It made me wet to watch you masturbate.” She brought her lips to Lisa’s and slowly kissed her. Lisa felt the silkiness of April’s hair brush against her shoulders and neck and she broke the kiss and looked up into April’s emerald eyes. Lisa ran her fingers through April’s hair and twirled it around her fingers, bringing it into her mouth. She smelled jasmine and lost herself in April’s raven hair. April watched, fascinated as Lisa closed her eyes and sucked.

When Lisa opened her eyes, April lifted up and let her hair fall down upon Lisa’s face. April swung her head to and fro and moved her leg over Lisa’s thigh. She could see the sexual excitement building within Lisa as she watched Lisa revel in the feel of her hair against her face. Slowly April let her hair move lightly down toward Lisa’s breasts, like a feather. April moved her knee up against Lisa’s sex mound and felt Lisa begin to move against her. Brushing Lisa’s breasts with her hair, April gazed down at Lisa’s nipples and watched them harden. Lisa’s hips were moving against her knee now, harder and faster, almost wantonly, and April felt Lisa’s thighs open wider to try to draw her knee farther in. Lisa was pushing and thrusting, her eyes still closed as she let herself go, her wetness spreading onto April’s knee and thigh. April pressed her knee harder against Lisa to try to match Lisa’s passion.

April leaned down and mashed her lips to Lisa’s. Lisa opened her mouth and searched for April’s tongue, finding it, sucking it in, making it her own. April could feel her own wetness and lowered herself onto Lisa’s thigh, moving with Lisa, trying to match her movements. They moved in perfect rhythm as their passion carried them into a mutual climax. Lisa sucked harder on April’s tongue as she came, not wanting to let go, groaning into April’s mouth with abandon. April felt herself being drawn into Lisa as she orgasmed, her breasts mashed into Lisa’s, her tongue in Lisa’s mouth as far as it could go. April felt as if Lisa was drawing the orgasm out of her and making it a part of her April gave in and let her orgasm flow into Lisa through their clinging mouths. April felt Lisa’s groans travel up through her body, passing through her like an electrical charge, passing out of her through her clitoris as she orgasmed.

They lay there, lips clinging to each other, out of breath. Lisa finally broke their kiss.

“Hi,” Lisa said.

“Hi,” April answered.

“That was the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had,” Lisa whispered her voice raspy with emotion.

April buried her face in Lisa’s neck. “I’ve never had an orgasm at the same time…what am I saying? I’ve never had an orgasm until today…now it seems I have one every ten minutes.”

“Five,” Lisa laughed.

“Okay, five,” April kissed Lisa’s chin.

April could still feel her wetness against Lisa’s thigh and Lisa’s wetness against hers. She moved her hips against Lisa, sliding her wetness up and down Lisa’s thigh.

“What are you doing, you naughty girl?” Lisa said.

“I love the feel of your thigh against my clitoris,” April said.

“You just came, darling,” Lisa whispered against April’s ear.

“I know, but I feel like I could make love to you all night!” April pushed herself up with her hands and looked down at Lisa. Her breasts kissed Lisa’s.

“I won’t argue with you about that,” Lisa said. She looked over at the clock on April’s nightstand. “We’ve already made love half the night. It’s four o’clock.”

“Are you saying you need some beauty sleep before you go back to work in the morning?” April brought her lips down to encircle one of Lisa’s nipples. She sucked it into her mouth and quickly released it.

“I don’t want to sleep, but I think I better get some. Maybe I should go.” Lisa saw the disappointment in April’s eyes.

“No, stay here. You brought an overnight bag. I saw it.” April smiled down at Lisa.

“You notice everything, don’t you?”

“When it comes to you, I do.”

“Okay, I’ll stay. But I have to be to work at ten, and I need at least five hours sleep or I am a wreck the next day.” Lisa pulled April down to her and kissed her.

“That gives us another hour,” April murmured into Lisa’s lips.

To Be Continued?