The road ahead looked completely clear. Jan could only hope the road on which her relationship with Marc was traveling would be the same. Tonight she hoped the biggest obstacle would be removed. Tonight she was going to settle this thing with Tara once and for all. This morning, when she answered the phone and heard "her" voice on the other end, she could immediately tell from the tone that the moment of truth was imminent. Tara said "Be at my apartment tonight at seven. We need to put an end to this!" Jan felt every tiny hair on her body bristle and after a few seconds answered," I know. I'll be there."

Throughout the fifteen minute drive to Tara's place, Jan drifted between feelings of anxiety, doubt, and resolve. She knew what she wanted, but just how far would she go to get it, and for that matter, how far would Tara go? Each time she felt her courage level decreasing, she thought of Marc and how much she wanted him to herself, and of who stood in her way. She pictured him holding Tara and she stiffened slightly in her seat and put a bit more pressure on the accelerator.

She was introduced to Marc at a party two years ago and they hit it off instantly. He was all she ever wanted in a man; handsome, witty, caring and sensitive. He knew how to make a woman feel good. The sex was the best she ever had and the passion was still there. The only problem was that two weeks before meeting Jan, Marc had begun dating Tara. He was honest with each woman about the presence of the other in his life. He did not string them along or make false promises. He had genuine feelings for each of them, and for a while, each woman quietly tolerated the existence of the other, but as time went on, they all began to show the strain of trying to balance the relationships. The triangle could no longer sustain itself. Both women feared that if they pressured him to give up the other, that might push him into the arms of her rival. Both of them sensed that Marc also would be happier if he settled on one, but they knew he could not muster the nerve to make the choice and hurt one of the women he loved. No. It was up to them. The time for wishing each other away had passed. The time for confrontation and resolution was at hand.

As Jan pulled into the parking lot in front of Tara's garden apartment, she could see someone peeking out from behind the blinds. She turned off the engine and the lights, checked herself in the mirror, got out of her car and walked up the short concrete path to the door. The eyes behind the blinds had disappeared. She took a brief moment to ask herself one more time if she was willing to put herself in this situation and if Marc was worth it. The answer came from deep within her, a resounding "Yes!" She took a deep breath to steady herself and knocked on the door.

"It's open!" The voice from inside said. Jan turned the knob and entered, closing the door behind her with the back of her foot. The door opened into the den of the small apartment. In the center of the carpeted floor stood Tara. She was eying Jan up and down. A few seconds passed that seemed like an hour. "Lock it!" ordered Tara. "I don't want us to be interrupted!"

Jan turned and momentarily fumbled with the dead bolt before sliding it into place. "Nervous?" asked Tara with a touch of sarcasm.

"A little." answered Jan. "And so are you!"

"Fair enough" Tara said with a slight nod of her head. "Well, come on in."

Jan walked to the middle of the room and stood facing Tara only a few feet away. Both women felt their hearts pounding. Each was a dark haired beauty of twenty seven. Jan stood five feet five inches tall and weighed about 125lbs. Tara was an inch or so taller but weighed about the same. Each could see what Marc saw in the other, and that only added to the urgency of the moment.

"Well," said Jan with as much of a threatening tone as she was able to work up.

"Well what?" asked Tara.

"Are you willing to stop seeing Marc? That's what!" Jan only had to wait a second for the answer she knew was coming.

"No! But you are!" spat Tara defiantly.

"Look" said Jan, staring into Tara's eyes. "You didn't ask me here to find out if I still wanted Marc, and I know that you still do too. So, what's next?"

Tara glared right back. "Help me move this coffee table into the other room so we won't bang our heads into it."

"Doing what?" asked Jan smugly. "Are you suggesting we fight to see who leaves Marc?"

Tara snapped, "Don't give me that phony innocence shit and try to pretend you're too much of a lady for this. You know damn well we weren't going to have this out over a game of scrabble. Now come on and pick up the other end of this thing, or don't you think he's worth fighting for?"

Jan reached down and picked up one end of the table and the two women carried it into the bedroom. As they walked back into the den, Jan felt as though she had already lost the first round. Tara had seen right through her feeble attempt at outclassing her. She was determined not to lose any more of these preliminary exchanges, but she could not hide her look of dismay when she turned and found Tara had removed her sundress and was facing her, hands on hips, in bra and panties.

Tara looked at Jan with a nasty half smile and said, "Well," and after a brief pause added, "When I tear them to shreds, you won't have anything to crawl home in."

This display on Tara's part was meant to intimidate, but instead any reluctance that remained in Jan was replaced almost instantly with a determined calm. She unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it just past Tara's head. Then she undid her denim shorts and tantalizingly shimmied them to the floor, stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Then, with a defiant glare, slowly reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. She slowly removed it, and then, still clutching it, she slid out of her cotton brief panties and threw both undergarments at the feet of her adversary.

For the first time Tara felt she was not in control of the situation and that she may have underestimated the resolve of her opponent. Although no physical contact had taken place, the opening salvos had certainly been fired and each had gained some measure of success. Tara didn't speak. She just nodded her head in consent, removed her remaining clothing, added them to the pile at her feet, and kicked them into the corner.

Both women now took a moment to visually explore the other. They eyed each other's full firm breasts and thick patches of dark pubic hair. Each owned a flat toned stomach and shapely legs. They were a magnificent sight as they faced each other. Jan's mouth was bone dry and she licked her lips as Tara impatiently flexed and unflexed her fingers. Their goose flesh and erect nipples belied the steamy heat of the August evening.

Tara broke the silence. "Anything goes!" she said looking squarely at Jan. "Loser surrenders or can't continue."

"And is out of the other's and Marc's life permanently!" Jan added.

They both took a moment to digest the full meaning of that last statement. As they slowly approached each other, both realized that although they had denied it to themselves, they had both expected and wanted this for a long time. They could feel the electricity in the space between them as they got within an arms length of each other, their rock hard nipples protruding as if probing for a soft spot to attack. Then, as though responding to some signal only they could hear, they simultaneously lunged forward and buried both hands in each other's hair.

They jerked each other's head violently from side to side while trying to maintain their own balance. It was painful, but not enough to let the other know. They turned each other around the room, fingers still entwined in dark locks. Arm, leg, and neck muscles strained visibly as their desperate "battle dance" raged on. They seemed somewhat reluctant to let their bodies come into full contact, perhaps because neither had ever experienced the feel of female flesh against her own, but as their breasts, at times, slightly brushed the other's during the struggle, sensitive nipples that seemed to be at their fullest, actually swelled further.

After about five minutes of this, Jan managed to hook her right leg behind Tara's left and pushed forward with enough force to send them both toppling to the plush red carpet floor. They each let out a little "yelp" as they hit the ground. Tara was on her back with Jan on one knee beside her. Neither had relinquished her grip on the hair of the other. Before Jan could take advantage of her position, Tara brought her leg back, placed her foot in Jan's side and pushed her back so she landed with a thud on her ass about six feet away.

Each got to her feet, refusing to rub their aching scalps and giving the other the satisfaction of knowing she inflicted injury. They were starting to breath hard and perspiration was beginning to form, making their beautiful bodies glisten. They again silently approached each other. As they did, Jan noticed Tara's eyes shift down towards her breasts, giving away her intended target. As Tara's right hand reached for Jan's left tit, Jan fended it off and threw herself fully into Tara. Any inhibitions were now gone.

Their bodies met with a smacking sound. Jan's momentum carried them both across the room and they fell together on the sofa. Tara, after being momentarily stunned, wrapped her arms around Jan's middle and Jan once more took a firm grip on Tara's hair. Straining against each other, they rolled off the sofa onto the floor. They wrestled for position on the carpet, rolling over several times without either gaining a clear advantage. Their
bodies were now wet with perspiration as they pulled each other closer. They were on their sides now, with their heads resting on each other's shoulder. Each could feel the hot breath of her rival in her ear as they began to trade ineffectual short slaps to each other's back. Jan started to pinch anything soft she could find with the hand that was pinned to the floor. Tara was frustrated at not being able to get her hands on Jan's tits. She tried to reach inside their angry embrace and grab at them but Jan locked on to her wrist and again thwarted the attempt. Tara would have to settle for trying to crush Jan's tits with her own. She pulled back and thrust forward but Jan met this challenge and did the same. Pain shot through their bodies as breast crashed against full breast, two three, four times. Each time both combatants letting out a cry of agony.

They began grinding sweat covered bodies from head to toe. A series of battles were going on at once. Hands were pinching and grabbing, breasts fought against breasts and legs were intertwined looking for leverage. At this point a new front opened in the war. They began to tighten their buttocks and press their now soaking wet bushes together. Without interrupting the other action, each ground her pussy against the other's.

They could each feel the sensations building in their self and their opponent. For the moment this was a sex fight and if one could make the other come she would have a clear advantage. A precious moment of weakness. All energy turned to bringing the other to climax while trying to quell the rising tide in themselves. Because their pussies were dripping with a mixture of sweat and juices, as they rhythmically ground together a suction formed. They became locked in a sort of vaginal kiss.

They began to exchange soft moans and curses. "Miserable cunt!" Jan hissed.

"Fucking whore!" Tara breathed. The combination of growing passion and hate was intoxicating to them both. The tide of sexual energy in them swelled and swelled until controlling it was impossible. Then, just as Jan
thought she would explode, she felt Tara stiffen, arch her back, and begin to quake with orgasm. Feeling this, pushed Jan over the edge also, as waves of unwanted ecstasy took over her body. Nothing else could have felt so good and so bad at once.

They stayed entwined for a moment and then rolled back away from each other. They cursed themselves for losing control and letting a golden opportunity to conquer the other slip away. They were trying to regain their composure and catch their breath as they laid a few feet apart, neither taking her eyes off the other. After being locked in combat for nearly twenty minutes, nothing had been settled.

Tara was the first to get to her knees. She looked down at her rival and challenged , "Get up bitch. Let's finish this!" Jan's gaze hardened as she rose to meet the call. They now faced each other on their knees about two feet apart. Breasts that once pointed proudly and defiantly, now hung like half empty sacks. Hair was in strings and matted against their backs and shoulders. Sweat was pouring off them and their chests slowly heaved up and down.

Jan balled up both her hands into fists and raised them to what she felt was a boxing position. Tara's eyes narrowed as she accepted the silent challenge and did the same. Jan struck first, landing a jab that caught Tara on the breast bone. Tara answered with a punch to Jan's left tit.

They now began to trade blows. Neither knew how to punch with power but they were doing damage none the less. Bare knuckles slammed into arms, shoulders and breasts. Each connection brought a grunt from the recipient. Straight jabs would flatten a sagging tit and roundhouses would send sprays of perspiration flying off breasts that were being violently sent flopping sideways.

Both women were in pain throughout their torso and after several minutes of relentless onslaught their arms began to tire. Grunts and muffled curses were replaced by sobs. Realizing her blows were no longer effective, Jan sat backwards to break off the battle. Tara, still on her knees asked between sobs and gulps of air, "Had enough?"

Jan shook her head slowly from side to side. She was battered and bruised but not yet beaten. Jan pushed herself forward with her arms while still in a sitting position. Tara still wanted to get her hands on Jan's tits and now was her chance. She sprang at her foe with outstretched arms and pushed both Jan's shoulders backwards. Jan went down on her back as Tara kneeled over her and quickly grabbed an aching breast in each hand. This mode of attack, which she had sought to employ since the beginning of the struggle, would prove to be her undoing.

A brief look of panic in Jan's eyes quickly faded. The damage that sweat covered hands could do to sweat covered tits was not as great as Tara hoped or Jan feared, and because she was on her knees with her legs straddling Jan's hips, she was left open for a decisive blow. Jan brought up her knee and it landed with a "crack" right between Tara's exposed ass and pussy.

Pain shot through every part of her in an instant. She released Jan's tits and Jan grabbed her hair and threw her off sideways. She landed sprawled on her stomach. Jan crawled over to her and plopped herself face down on her back in a full body press. Jan reached around under Tara's neck and applied a choke hold with her right arm. She pulled upward with all the strength she could find remaining. Tara began to buck but Jan spread her legs wide for stability so her wet body would not slide off.

"Give up!" Jan demanded. There was no reply from below. Jan did not know how long she could keep this hold in place. She was near exhaustion and felt she would collapse any moment. She could still feel Tara's ass cheeks bouncing up and down against her spread open pussy, but suddenly the struggling stopped and a weak cry of "No more. I quit" came from underneath. Jan was so spent herself, she could barely release her grip but she gradually loosened it and rolled off the now limp Tara. Both of them just laid there for a few minutes; Jan collecting herself and Tara crying uncontrollably. Eventually, Jan crawled after her clothes and slowly got dressed. She could not put her tender breasts into her bra so she put it in her pocket. Her wobbly legs carried her out to her car as she left her beaten foe behind without saying a word. She was the victor and was now free to collect her spoils.

The End