(by JACK)

Sharon was happy and excited as she walked out of the Convention Center.  She had just seen the President speak in person for the first time and had actually managed to shake his hand.  His speech had been moving, thought provoking, and motivational.  Sharon felt driven and for the first time optimistic about the upcoming election.  She practically skipped in front of her husband, Jack.  For his part, Jack was more excited about watching his happy wife than the President's speech.  They had been married 14 years now and he still marveled at how beautiful she was, especially when she was happy.  She had short brownish blonde smartly styled hair (it didn't bother Jack at all that she was a bottle blonde), a little taller than average at 5'5", and a busty 36DD-25-37.  She wouldn't tell Jack how much she weighed as she kept saying she was "Fat", but he guessed she was about 145 lbs.  He did know for sure that she was 35 years old.  But at least in Jack's mind, her finest feature was her beautiful face.  She took good care of herself, and Jack was always proud to be seen with her.  He especially liked the way she looked in little conservative dress.  It was a stunning black dress with small spaghetti straps.  The front was fairly low cut and really showed off her cleavage well without being gaudy or sleazy.

Suddenly Jack and Sharon's revelry was shattered.  "BUSH LIED!!!" a woman screamed shoving a sign in Sharon's face.  Sharon hadn't even seen the woman approach.  While the sign didn't actually strike Sharon, it was so close she couldn't possibly read it and she sprang back in surprise.  Her antagonist pursued her, again shoving the sign in Sharon's face and screaming shrilly "BUSH LIED!!!"  Sharon was pissed.  She had expected some protestors, but not this.  She tried to move around the offending sign that for the first time she could actually read ("NO WAR FOR OIL!!!" it read in a ridiculous huge orange font).  Her antagonist still wouldn't let her escape and dodged to the side again thrusting the sign in her face.  "BUSH LIED!!!" she screamed again.

Sharon's blood was boiling and she couldn't take it any longer.  She shoved the offending sign out of her way and went to walk past.  She had a little satisfaction as the offensive woman stumbled back, Sharon thought exaggeratedly so.  For the first time, she could actually see her tormentor.  She was a 20 something red head.  Her hair was braided into small pig tails on either side of her head.  Her hair had the frazzled look of hair that hadn't been washed in a while and perhaps had been kept in the braids too long.  She wore dirty jeans with holes in them and a muscle shirt that also looked like it hadn't been properly washed in a while.  From the look of her, Sharon was a little surprised that she was wearing a bra as evidenced by exposed straps, but she supposed she had to as she appeared as busty as Sharon.  In fact she could have been a body double for Sharon except she was just a little shorter at 5'4".  She was probably pretty if she ever bothered to put make up on, but Sharon doubted that had ever occurred.  The absurd thought in Sharon's mind was "I am being attacked by Pippi Longstocking".

As Sharon observed her tormentors exaggerated stumble she was grabbed by the arm suddenly from the other side.  Sharon spun around furious and ready to fight off this new attack when she realized it was a police officer.  Immediately her blood cooled and she was actually a little afraid.  "Ma'am," the officer intoned, "you can't touch her."  Then she noticed the TV news crew.  Sharon was flabbergasted.  The entire thing had been a set up.  And as she looked around she saw her little scene being played over and over again as people left the building.  As people left the convention center they were accosted by frantic protestors forcing their signs into their bewildered foes faces and pressing them until they reacted.  Of course, shoving the sign in somebody’s face wasn't illegal, but reacting by pushing the sign away technically was.  The officer moved off toward another protester/victim to repeat his little mantra "Sir, you can't touch his sign."  Sharon looked back to her protestor just to see her doing what could be best described as a mini victory jig.  The red head grinned mischievously at Sharon pushing her blood even further toward the boiling point.

It is hard to say exactly what started the rumble.  The protestors claimed it was all the republican's fault.  A republican gentleman near the center of the brawl later admitted that a protestor smacked him in the face with a sign and he had lost his temper.  Of course all the protestors exclaimed loud and long that they were pacifists and would never deliberately strike another human being.  Regardless the brawl spread like wild fire.  As soon as she saw the fight happening, Sharon’s antagonist immediately attacked Sharon like this was something she had been waiting for.  Sharon was already ready to fight and this bitch's assault just gave her the excuse.  Both women swung away wildly at each other.  Both were obviously not skilled fighters, but what they lacked in skill they tried to make up for with enthusiasm.  Their large breasts bobbled up and down from the exertion of each swing as they tried to connect with their foe, but few blows actually connected.

For his part, despite an inner voice yelling in his brain for him to just enjoy what he was seeing, Jack worked feverishly through the crowd trying to reach his wife and her foe to break them up.  Jack could easily see that his wife was not dressed for the battle and was worried about his wife being humiliated by her opponent.  Unfortunately, Sharon's foe saw this weakness as well.  She reached into Sharon's low cut dress and yanked down.  Of course, unlike most of Jack's fantasies, real clothing doesn't just tear away.  The dress held and all her rival managed to expose was some of Sharon's strapless bra.  She also managed to piss off Sharon even more than she had been if that were possible.  Sharon's adrenalin kicked in even higher.  Sharon would later describe it as if everything slowed down.  Instead of continuing her blind attack, Sharon was able to form an attack strategy and implement it.  Instead of trying to remove her foe's fingers from her dress, Sharon's left hand shot out and gripped her opponents left braid.  With a sharp yank downward at the same time she stepped backward, Sharon managed to pull her opponent off balance and double her over.  This left the red-head completely exposed and blind to blows from Sharon’s right hand.  Sharon balled up a fist and blasted three haymaker upper-cuts into the red-head's mid section.  The red-head released Sharon's dress and flailed her hands out between her and Sharon trying blindly to block the painful blows.  Sharon aimed another blow at her rivals back, and then another at her left breast sinking her fist deep into the heavy breast.  The red-head howled in pain thrashing and trying to get loose.  Sharon was just lining up another punch this time aiming at the red-head's freckled face, when a hand grabbed her wrist and spun her away from the red-head.  Expecting to see a police officer, Sharon was surprised to see another protester.  This one was a skinny man, approximately the same age as the red-head.  He had tiny round glasses and a scraggily blond-red goatee.  He wore a large floppy hat, ragged jeans and a dirty old Vietnam era Army Jacket that was probably older than he was.  He was maybe 6'2" and weighed about 150 lbs.  Again an absurd thought flashed into Sharon's mind... "Now I am being attacked by Shaggy".

Sharon's momentary surprise was doubled as this scraggily man punched her square in the nose.  Sharon had grown up in a time and place where a man wouldn't dream of hitting a woman, especially in public.  Sharon tumbled over backwards still holding the red-head's braid and pulling her down to the concrete after Sharon.  The disheveled man also followed crouching over Sharon.  He grabbed her by the hair pulling her up slightly from the concrete and prepared to strike her again.  Sharon was dazed by the first blow, still unbelieving she prepared for the second releasing the red-head's hair and putting both hands out in front of her to ward off the impending blow.

Sharon saw a sudden flash of an arm from above her as a fist slammed into her attackers face.  'Shaggy' peeled backwards like a tree snapping over in a hurricane.  Unfortunately he took a little of Sharon’s beautiful hair with him.  Sharon's beautiful face filled with gratitude as she saw Jack towering above her.  Jack was a big man at 6'1" tall and weighing 240lbs.  He wasn't as trim as he once was, but he could still easily bench press his weight.  Sharon had seen him angry many times before (they were happily married which meant they fought from time to time in spite of their love for each other), but never like this.  As the red head scrambled to her knees and went to attack Sharon again, Jack grabbed the bitch by the back of her pants and flung her away from his wife like a rag doll.  She sprawled to the concrete, tumbled over once and was immediately looking at Jack and Sharon with pure hatred in her eyes.  She could have attacked again, but waited as her boyfriend attacked the big man screaming like a wild savage.  'Shaggy' managed to land several punches to Jack's upper body before Jack refocused from 'Pippi' and blasted Shaggy in the face three times as hard as he could.  The skinny man crumpled to the ground.

The red-head attacked now aiming her fury at Jack.  Jack had grown up in a similar environment to Sharon and wouldn't hit a woman even if she were attacking him.  But he didn't let her just go after him either.  He simply strong armed the red-head putting a hand out alternately on her head and chest keeping her from reaching him with her blows.  By the time the police arrived at the battling couples, the red head was ridiculously jumping into the air lurching at Jack as he blocked each leap.  For his part Jack was laughing at the woman driving her to even greater fury.  The police grabbed the red-head, slapped her into cuffs and dragged her away.  Seeing that Jack was not interested in continuing the fight the police moved on to other combatants.  Jack knelt down tenderly to his wife.  Sharon sobbed openly more from humiliation and tumbling adrenaline than any pain.  Her nose was bleeding and throbbing and she had a few scratches from her battle with the red-head as well as a scrape on her tush from her tumble to the concrete.  Jack removed his button down shirt and tie.  Underneath he wore a t-shirt.  He used his pure white shirt to dab his wife's bloody nose and brush away her tears.  The tie he simply left on the ground.  It was still several minutes before the police returned to Sharon and Jack.  When questioned, Jack pointed out that his wife had been attacked first by both the red-head and her "boyfriend", but he did admit that he had punched the other man in the face to protect his wife.  The officers were a little sheepish as they admitted that they would have to arrest the couple regardless.  Jack nodded his agreement but asked that he and his wife be allowed to ride to the police station in the same squad car.  Both Jack and Sharon felt fortunate that by then the officers were low on handcuffs and allowed them to simply walk to the squad car.  They ignored the protestor’s chants of police brutality as they passed the large 'paddy wagon'.  They were in the squad car for almost a half hour before the police had time to really question them.  At that point they were separated and questioned individually. They re-entered the squad car and were taken to the police station where they were again separated.  By then Sharon was back to being calm although she was still furious with the whole incident.

Sharon's fury was re-stoked a little as she saw the scuffle had made national news.  She was a little humiliated that her battle with the red-head was so prominently featured as she saw the report on the 5 O'clock national news on a TV in the squad room.  Basically the national news outlets were reporting that the exiting Republicans who outnumbered the protestors 10 to 1 had attacked the "peaceful" protestors.  Some of the officers regarded her and her red-headed opponent on opposite sides of the squad room, mumbled to each other, and chuckled.

Sharon was still in the in-processing when the 6 O'clock news rolled around.  By now the story had changed dramatically.  Apparently a reporter from Fox 23 undercover "I-Team" had managed to infiltrate the protestors group days before the battle.  The station had released footage of the protestors planning the entire battle.  Their goal, as a leader instructed the protestors was to incite a riot.  "Whatever you do, make sure this ends in a fist fight.  Then everybody will know how violent these Nazi’s are.  Get in their face with your signs, insult them, and insult that bastard Bush.  If that doesn't work, hit one of them in the face with your sign when the pigs aren't looking."  Even with the breaking expose Sharon was again humiliated to see that her battle with the red-head continued to be prominent in the news.  In spite of the looks and murmurs between the male officers in the in-processing area, all Sharon could think about was returning to work on Monday with this in the news.

When she arrived in a cell in the women’s area of the Jail, the officers placed the protestors in one cell and the republicans in another cell with an empty cell between them.  The distance may have prevented any direct brawls, but it certainly didn't stop the hurled insults from reaching between the cells.  While there were only seven republican women in their cell and nearly 20 in the protestor cell, neither side flinched one bit.  Cries of "Slut", "Whore", "Bitch", etc. flew back and forth in the echoing cells.  Sharon spotted her red-headed rival and immediately laid into her with her venom.  The red head of course returned with help from all her friends.  Sharon was actually fairly proud of some of the zingers she leveled at the bitch.  Her best was something about noting that the bitch’s wimpy boyfriend never marrying a skank like her because "Your little blonde friend there is a hell of a lot better in the sack than you are".   Sharon could tell from the crest fallen look in one blonde's face and the fury that her comment drew from the red head that she had hit pretty close to home.  Never mind that Sharon had aimed the comment at a different blonde, she laid in double with the help of all her new republican friends/cell mates.  Both groups were getting hoarse as the officers returned to escort the republican ladies away 2 hours later to see the Judge.

The hearing with the Judge was brief.  One of the women had her attorney present and the rest agreed to let him represent the group.  The Judge had seen the news story and concluded that the women had probably been ambushed.  He elected to let the entire group go with a stern warning and a $200 fine each for disturbing the peace.  Jack was waiting when Sharon got out.  She was surprised to hear that he hadn't been charged at all.  One of Jack's brother's good friends had seen his name on the arrest list, talked to Jack briefly, and had pulled a few strings to get charges dropped.  Jack hustled Sharon out the door to a waiting cab.  Only then did he let her know he had been very worried about her.  He had overheard a few of the officers joking about putting "the Blonde and the Red head in a cell and seeing what happened."  He had assumed it was only good natured guy trash talk about two beautiful women, but was worried as he heard a few wagering on one or the other.  While Sharon could tell he was worried, Sharon could also tell that the idea turned Jack on.  She had gotten used to his little obsession and for once was flattered that it focused on her.

They took the cab to recover their car from the Convention center parking lot, and then drove to a luxury hotel for the night.  The entire journey, Sharon couldn't shake the feeling they were being followed.  She even commented on it to Jack, but he pretty much attributed it to the wildness of the entire day.  Sharon was a little surprised when they got to their room.  Jack had privately "upgraded" to a luxury two room suite with a huge Jacuzzi in the living room section and a giant big screen TV in both the living room and the Bedroom.  As they unpacked, they turned on the TV to CNN.  Again, they were treated to 30 full seconds of Sharon's battle with the red-head.  The footage was the same that had been featured the whole night was of the beginning of the fight with both women swinging away wildly with neither really connecting.  Sharon murmured to herself "Why the hell is that the only footage they seemed to catch of everything that was going on."  Sharon stood still watching the report her fury again rising as they reported that most of the Protestors were still in jail after being charged with Assault, Battery and attempting to incite a riot.  Their bail had been set at $25,000 each and most refused to pay it.  A couple of the protesters had paid the bail.  The camera focused on her red-headed rival trying to brush past the cameras.  She felt flushed and angry when she felt Jack slide up behind her.

He whispered quietly in her ear as he gripped each of her breasts with his large hands "Forgive me honey... but seeing you fight that bitch was the hottest thing I have ever seen."  For a moment, Sharon was pissed about her husband's obsession, but as she felt his huge erection between the cheeks of her buttocks, she was again pleased that his obsession focused on her.  They stripped off their clothes hastily and made love on the huge king sized bed.

Their fourth love making session occurred that evening when they watched the fight again on the Giant TV in the living room. While fucking in the Hot Tub, Jack whispered in Sharon's ear, "I got to get me a full copy of that tape."

Sharon was actually surprised to hear herself sigh back into Jack's ear, "Absolutely."  Her confession was quickly followed by both of their moans and groans as they both came again.


It was 1:30am when the phone calls began.  The first call was from a Man whose voice Sharon didn't recognize saying "We're going to get you, you fat whore" then hanging up.

The next call was from a woman.  Sharon recognized her voice as the red-head.  "When do you have to fuck the Judge for payment, you whore?"  Click.

Jack suggested calling the police or just disconnecting the phone, but Sharon's blood was already on fire.  When the bitch called back again, 15 minutes later, Sharon snapped the phone up.  As the bitch started to talk, Jack heard Sharon snap back "You FUCKING DOPE SMOKING WHORE!!!  Really fucking brave calling me on the phone here.... yah.... yah... that's right you bitch... is your boyfriend busy fucking your little blonde friend again?  .... of course he is... yah... yah... well she has better tits than you too... not that that is hard to see... I bet she even bathes.... fuck you... I'd destroy you... oh yah?  Oh Yes?  Yah... I'll fight you... You know what room we're in... Yah we'll be waiting."  Sharon slammed down the phone huffing.

Jack was stunned.  Sharon finally turned to Jack... "I just agreed to titfight that bitch.  What the hell is a titfight?"

Jack suppressed a little laugh at his wife.  She always did have a temper.  "Well...” he began slowly, "there are a couple of flavors of titfight.  There is hands on or titmauling where basically you squeeze, twist, and scratch, each other's tits until one of you gives... there is titboxing where you basically punch each other in the tits until one of you gives... or there is tit to tit where basically you bang your tits together until one of you gives... which one did you agree to?"

Sharon was a little deflated..."I am not sure."

Jack sensed his wife losing her courage.  "Honey... I think you should go for tit to tit... your tits are way better than hers... you are in great physical shape... and you have a pretty high pain tolerance.  You can take her."

Sharon perked up a little.  "You think so... she is a lot younger than me."

Jack hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear "You are just as big as she is and you have the firmest tits I have ever felt... I am not just saying that.  And you know I am a tit man... it isn't like yours are the first I have ever felt.  You can take her, Honey."

"What if she wants to 'maul'?"  Sharon asked nervously.

Jack spent the next couple minutes coaching his wife on how to make sure their battle would be tit to tit as they both put their underwear on and Jack pushed the coffee table and couch back against the wall preparing for the battle.  They both started a little bit as there was a knock at the door.  Sharon nervously approached the door wearing only her sexiest black strapless bra and matching silky black panties.  She nervously looked over at Jack who nodded assuring her and letting her know they both were ready.  Sharon stood as straight as she could flexing her chest muscles and forcing her breasts to their maximum bra straining size.  Then she swung the door open.

There stood 'Shaggy' and 'Pippi'.  Sharon was pleased how 'Shaggy's' eyes immediately locked on Sharon's bulging chest.  He forced them away as his girlfriend fixed a glare on him.  'Pippi' angrily pushed by Sharon into the room, 'Shaggy' sheepishly in tow with a huge ridiculous bandage on his nose and heavily blackened eyes.  As he entered he glared at Jack and growled "You broke my fucking nose man."

Jack growled back "You're lucky I didn't break your mother fucking neck, you little prick."  Sharon could tell that Jack actually meant it.  No man hit his wife.  Sharon was pleased at Jack's self control not even glancing at the red-head.

'Pippi' moved to the center of the living room and tossed her backpack on the Couch.  "Nice fucking room bitch."  She turned and glared at Sharon.  "Ready to have your tits torn off bitch?"

"I thought we'd go tit to tit, like real women, cunt," Sharon replied smoothly.

"Afraid to have your precious tits scarred," 'Pippi purred.

"Afraid to have your boyfriend know how pathetic your tits really are?" Sharon purred back.  "Besides, “Sharon continued, "what does mauling prove... my hands are stronger than yours... my nails are sharper???  The point is to show who has the better tits, right?  Tit to tit is the only way."  Jack was proud of Sharon.  She sounded so confident; he would swear she was the undefeated titfight champion of North America instead of having only heard of it for the first time 10 minutes earlier.

"Fine you chicken ass cow... my tits are going to crush yours."  Pippi turned to start rummaging through her back pack.

"We'll see, little girl," Sharon hissed back.

Pippi emerged from her Back pack with two sets of hand-cuffs.  She tossed one set to Jack saying "Put these on her."

Jack was a little surprised, but managed to reply "Ummm, key first."  Pippi smiled venomously then tossed Jack the key.  He tested it out to be sure it fit the cuffs.  'Pippi' then handed Shaggy her cuffs and a bottle of baby oil.  Jack stepped into the bathroom and returned with a bottle of massage oil.

"You’re going to destroy her, Kyla", 'Shaggy' intoned while licking his lips.  So that was her name.  Kyla locked her gaze on SharonSharon glared back.  Kyla reached down and pulled her dingy white muscle shirt over her head and tossed it on the couch.  Kyla's bra was a plain white job, but she filled it amply.  Then she pulled off her pants.  Kyla wore rather plain white "Hanes for her" panties.  'Shaggy' Slipped in behind Kyla, and unhooked Kyla's bra.  She hunched her back and let the bra slide down her arms to the floor.  After she was free of the bra, Kyla arched her back inflating her chest as much as she could.  For a red-head, Kyla was surprisingly tan with no obvious tan lines anywhere on her body.  Like most red-heads she did have a fair number of freckles . As hard as Jack tried, he couldn't completely ignore the now nearly naked Red Head.  To distract himself, he busied himself with preparing Sharon... besides he couldn't wait to see them both exposed so he could really compare them.

Jack slid up behind Sharon again placing his engorged cock between her butt cheeks.  He whispered into Sharon’s ear as he reached around between Sharon’s massive breasts to unhinge her bra from the front.  "You can take her, honey... watch his eyes."  Click.  The bra came free.  Sharon's massive chest sprang forth from the bra.  Immediately Shaggy's eyes locked on Sharon's chest.  Like Kyla, Sharon had no tan lines simply because she never tanned as demonstrated by her smooth milky white skin.  "He knows you are better," Jack whispered.  Then he pulled the bra backwards as Sharon arched her arms backwards to allow the bra to slide free inflating her chest even further.  Sharon was pleased to see 'Shaggy's eyes practically bulge out of his head.  She could also make out the rising bulge in his dirty jeans.

Both women never pulled their eyes from their rival.  Shaggy tore his eyes away from Sharon to focus on placing the hand cuffs on Kyla.  Jack also bent to the task snapping the cuffs on Sharon with an audible click.  Shaggy went to pour some baby oil on his hands.  Jack spread an ample amount of the massage oil on his hands.  Both men reached around their respective women and began to coat their massive breasts with the slippery substance.  For the first time, Jack allowed himself to contemplate his wife's opponent.  In many ways, Kyla had a body very similar to Sharon's.  Obviously younger, maybe slightly more toned, much like Sharon's body when they first met.  Although the years had been very kind to Sharon, she was probably 10-15 years or older than Kyla.  Jack estimated Kyla was a 34D-25-35 very close to what Sharon had been before 14 years of marriage and the birth of one child.  He knew Sharon was now a 36DD-25-37.  The other most noticeable difference between the two women's breasts, other than Kyla's many freckles and their tans, were their nipples.  Kyla's 3/4 inch nipples, were about as big around as a man's pinky and sat on smallish areola's about the size of a quarter and stretched out long and hard almost as it if to challenge Sharon's nipples.  Sharon's nipples rose quickly to counter (surprising Sharon somewhat), but were obviously smaller at a little less than half an inch, but were just as thick as Kyla's and sat on areolas slightly larger than a silver dollar.  Both men paid special attention to the women's nipples urging them to their maximum size not knowing if this would have any impact on the battle, but definitely enjoying the effect.

Kyla purred to Sharon "Is that a camcorder in that bag?"  Sharon nodded affirmative.  "How about this... our men cam cord us while they are naked... winner gets both tapes and to fuck the loser’s man."

Sharon never missed a beat, "I don't care how desperate 'Shaggy' is for a real fuck... I'm not going to fuck his stinky ass."

Kyla eyes flashed with anger, "His Name is Darren....  Fine... fine... winner gets the tapes and the room for the night."

Sharon thought it was a little unfair that they were gambling with her room as the stakes, but she wanted to get off the topic of fucking the loser’s man.  Sharon was already worried about her chances against a younger and apparently more experienced foe.  The last thing she wanted to worry about was Kyla fucking Jack if she were defeated.  Sharon nodded and said "Done."  Both men moved to their respective bags and pulled out their camcorders and got them ready to record the battle.

Kyla's eyes were a little mischievous.  "Naked..."  Sharon looked a little suspicious.  "Hey, they get to see our equipment... only fair we get to see theirs."  Sharon agreed that was only fair and nodded her affirmation to Jack.  Both men quickly stripped naked and prepared to film the battle.  They both looked a little ridiculous naked with their Cocks waving like flags at a pep rally each facing each other with a camcorder trained on their respective women.  Sharon couldn't help but check out the equipment of both men.  Jack's 7" cock was slightly longer than Darren's and definitely thicker, but on his much larger frame it actually looked smaller than Darren's tool.  For just a moment Sharon wondered what it would be like to fuck Darren while a defeated Kyla watched... then noticed Kyla hungrily checking out Jack's package and angrily pushed the thought from her mind.

"Are you ready, Bitch?" Sharon's sharp tone snapped Kyla's eyes away from Jack's cock.

Kyla regarded Sharon, arching her back slightly and thrusting her breasts forward.  "My girls are going to destroy your flabby old bitches, you Nazi whore"

Sharon hissed back "These bitches are going to crush your little girls, Commie slut."  She also arched her back slightly forcing her tits to their maximum dick stiffening size.

Both women started to slowly circle, swinging their tits back and forth menacingly, hissing insults at each other. "Cunt."

"Fucking Cow."




"Lezzy Liberal."

"Dried up Goose-stepping ho."

"Red Head Whore"

"Fucking Blonde Bimbo"

When they were less than a foot apart, Kyla attacked.  Kyla lunged forward plunging both her breasts into Sharon’s.  Their breasts collided with a loud smack and Sharon stumbled backward a step.  Two things about their first contact surprised Sharon.  First just how loud the smack sound was.  Second, how much Kyla's nipples driving into her breasts hurt.  Sharon had never thought of nipples being painful to another woman.  But here, it felt like somebody poking her in the chest with their finger.

Sharon stumbled back a step, but quickly stepped into Kyla slapping their breasts together again.  The sound wasn't as great, but the stabbing pain from Kyla's nipples was just as powerful.  Sharon silently hoped that her smaller nipples were having a similar impact on Kyla.

Both women lunged this time at the same moment with a tremendous smack.  Sharon thought Kyla's nipples were going to punch a hole right through her chest.  Sharon desperately tried to think of a way to overcome Kyla's Nipple advantage.

Smack.  Smack.  Smack.  Smack.  Both huge sets of breasts collided again and again with terrific force.  Jack and Darren both maneuvered to either side of their battling woman trying to get the best camera angle and footage they possibly could, both verbally cheering his champion on to victory.

"Your doing great Sharon.  You got her that time Hon... Oh GOOD ONE!!!"

"You’re destroying her Kyla... Get her... Crush her... Slap her tits silly..."

Sharon was getting a little scared.  Each collision, Kyla's nipples seemed to Sharon to be plunging deeper and deeper into her breasts which Sharon could already feel swelling slightly.  She really didn't mind loosing their room, but she sure didn't want to loose in front of Jack and definitely didn't want this bitch to have the whole thing on tape!

Smack.  Smack.  Smack. Smack.  Smack.  Sharon's mind was racing.  Then it happened.  On their next bump, Sharon felt her nipples directly come into contact with Kyla's.  The pain was even greater than before, but Sharon was acutely aware that her nipples continued to stay erect while Kyla's bent over to the side and more importantly, Sharon noticed a pained grimace cross Kyla's face.  So that was her weakness.  Both women had firm nipples, but because Kyla's were longer they seemed to "Stab" deeper.  However, they also made better levers so that Sharon’s shorter stubby nipples could easily bend them over to the side.

Sharon immediately changed her attack.  Instead of attacking Kyla's breasts straight on with her own, she began aiming her nipples for Kyla's nipples.  In addition, just as their ponderous breasts were about to collide, Sharon would twist her torso slightly to either the left or the right.  The net affect was to allow Sharon's Nipples to rip across Kyla's folding them to the side.  The motion then allowed their breasts to collide adding the full weight of both women's breasts to the folding motion.  Of course the motion somewhat folded Sharon's Nipples adding to her own pain, but with the pained look on Kyla's face, Sharon's adrenalin swelled allowing her to completely ignore her own pain and she redoubled her attack.

(Left Twist) Smack!  (Right Twist) Smack!  (Right Twist) Smack!  (Left Twist) Smack!  Each pained look on Kyla's face drove Sharon on further.  Suddenly it was Kyla's turn to change the attack.  She bowed slightly and bent her knees then drove both breasts directly into Sharon’s.  For lack of a better description, it was a double breast upper cut.  While it really didn't cause any additional pain at this point, Sharon felt herself gripped with an insane sort of sexual rage.  Sharon let out a little primal scream and again attacked with a full fury.  Kyla replied in kind and also redoubled her attack.

Left, Smack, Right, Smack, Left, Smack, Upper Cut, Smack, Left, Smack, Right Smack, Left Smack, Right Smack.  Both women swung their breasts furiously at each other determined to finish off her rival.  The men continued their cheering almost unaware of the "strategy" occurring in the fight.

"Go Sharon... Yes... She is yours... destroy her Hon..."

"Smack those tits... show her who the Queen is... you are the greatest KY..."

The women had been battling almost 15 minutes now.  They were both tiring, but they continued to battle on.  The pace had slowed a little with each woman leaning in a little bit more.  Both women's breasts had swollen nearly a full cup size, but at the same time, Sharon was convinced that Kyla's breasts were getting softer with each blow.  Of course it was hard to tell as her own breasts were practically on fire with pain.  With each blow both women grunted with the effort.

"Ugghh!" Smack, "Ugghh!" Smack, "Ugghh!" Smack, "Ugghh!" Smack.

It was Kyla who again changed the attack.  This time, instead of pulling back to prepare for another tit lunge, Kyla leaned into Sharon driving her breasts into Sharon’s.  Sharon was unprepared for the sudden change in position and stumbled backward nearly tumbling to the ground before striking the wall with her back.  Kyla kept on driving pushing Sharon into the wall by her tits.    Once Sharon got her balance back, she used the leverage from the wall to suddenly shove Kyla backwards and away from the wall.  Both women charged back into each other.  "UUUGGGGGHHH!!!!"  This time they didn't back up one bit.  They leaned in pressing their breasts together as hard as they could.  Sharon tried extra hard to keep her chest muscles flexed keeping her breasts as rigid as possible.  Jack video taping was zoomed in on the women's bulging breast flesh.  He sensed this would be the decisive end game of the battle.  One woman's breasts would have to surrender to this constant pressure.  Both men were completely silent now concentrating entirely on the women.  The women swayed back and forth like two football linemen driving each other, each trying to control her opponent.  Their titflesh bulged out from between the two women, the skin pulled as tight as it would go.  Both women leaned in such that their faces were only an inch apart.  Their eyes were closed.  Their mouths drawn tight in determined.

Finally Sharon’s size advantage shown through.  With a primal scream, Sharon drove her rival backwards into the wall quite forcefully.  While the blow into the wall didn't really hurt Kyla, it threw her off balance and eliminated her ability to press back.  Sharon took advantage of the pause in Kyla's attack to pull back and again slam her breasts forcefully into Kyla's.  "UGGGHHH!  UGHHHHH!!!  UGGGHHHHH!!!"  Sharon grunted loudly with the exertion of each attack.  After the third attack, Sharon leaned in with all her might grinding her tits into Kyla's.  The force of Sharon's tit to tit press was multiplied by the unyielding wall behind Kyla.  However, this also increased the pressure on Sharon's breasts.  Deep in her mind she thought her tits might just explode with the strain, but she was determined to finish Kyla off once and for all.

Both women were groaning now... willing her tits alone to destroy her rival... determined to outlast her enemy... to hear her submission.  For three minutes they pressed directly into each other.  Their groans subsided into heavy breathing.  Sharon was sure she couldn't take it any more, but she pressed on... she was not going to lose now... not in front of her husband... not to this bitch... not on video tape... but she wasn't sure... it hurt... oh it hurt... the pressure... oh the....

"Stop... Stop... I give..." for a moment Sharon thought it was her voice betraying her thoughts... but then realized it was Kyla.  "Please... let me go... Oh my tits...."

Sharon was relieved and wanted to just pull away.  But Jack had prepared her for this... for it to be over, Kyla had to say it.  "Whose tits are best?" Sharon hissed to Kyla her face an inch away from her rival.  Kyla said nothing.  Sharon surged forward plunging her tits again into Kyla who moaned in pain.  Kyla's tits practically melted away from Sharon's.  "Say it!!!"

"Your tits are best... Your tits are best..." Kyla moaned.

Sharon pulled away from Kyla and moved quickly over to Jack.  "Uncuff me honey," she whispered to him.  Jack recovered the key from his pants and quickly unlocked the cuffs.  Sharon moved back over to Darren who was still taping his sobbing girlfriend, his cock stiffer than ever.  Sharon snapped the camera out of his hands.  "Uncuff her, Moron" Sharon barked at the stunned man.  His eyes again locked on Sharon's breasts.  For just a moment, Sharon had a vision of fucking the skinny man while his sobbing defeated girlfriend looked on.  She quickly overcame the urge.  "Now!" she said shoving him toward Kyla.

As Darren uncuffed Kyla, Sharon pulled the tape out of the camcorder and tossed it to Jack.  She then moved over to Kyla and Darren's clothes.  She picked up a bundle of the clothes and threw them to Kyla and Darren.  "Put your clothes on".  Sharon withheld Kyla's bra.  She walked over to Jack and asked him to help her put the bra on (she hated these rear clasp bra's).  Kyla looked up and watched sadly as Sharon put the bra on.  Sharon's swollen breasts absolutely overflowed the bra.  "This I'm keeping... as a trophy!!!"

Darren looked like he was going to protest, but Jack stepped partially in front of Sharon and growled "Now get out!!!"

Sharon moved up behind Jack, wrapped her arms around him and firmly grabbed his cock, stroking it.  "We have something important to take care of."  Sharon enjoyed the little look of envy Kyla gave to Sharon as the couple skulked into the hallway outside the room.  Jack closed the door solidly behind them locking it.

The couple made love for the rest of the night.  Every time they started talking about the battle they had to make love again.  Never, however for the rest of the night did Sharon remove Kyla's undersized bra.   Both Jack and Sharon loved the way her breasts strained against the fabric of the bra.  Over the next couple weeks, Jack created a custom Compilation DVD from the two video tapes.  Nearly every night for a month, the two watched the DVD as they made love.  Often Sharon wore her trophy bra.  Two months later, as the couple basked in the afterglow of another marathon lovemaking session, Sharon again shocked Jack.  "Honey," Sharon whispered.

"Yes, Sweetheart?" Jack replied.

"Do you think my tits could take Debs?"  Deb was one of Sharon's good friends and one of the few people that knew about Jack's obsession.  Her husband, Rob, also knew about Jack's interest and had privately confessed to Jack that he thought women’s fighting was also sexy and often commented on Sharon's very public TV battle with Kyla.  Deb was a brunette, 5'7" probably 150 lbs.  She wasn't as pretty as Sharon, but she did have a nice body.  Jack would have guessed she was a 38DD-28-37.

Jack was stunned and stumbled a little with his answer.  "Ummm....she's pretty strong... but ummmm... I think your tits are better... ummm.... ummm..."

"I want to find out... do you mind if I challenge her to a titfight?"  Sharon asked with a wry grin.

Jack never replied.  The couple accepted his rapidly rising cock as answer enough and certainly not an answer to waste on words.