THE PLAN - Part 2


Saturday the three women slept very late in the morning. Aki was the first one up, and after a few minutes she woke Reiko and Uri. Following a long shower the three went downstairs for a quick breakfast of tea and biscuits. Given their tryst in front of the fireplace in the middle of the night any hostility between Reiko and Uri seemed to have disappeared.

Aki had a surprise in store for both women which would take place Saturday night. First, however, it would be a day of relaxation. The three women made liberal use of the indoor swimming pool, sauna, and exercise room although not necessarily in that order. When it was time for dinner Aki provided a lavish feast for all three of them catered by a business she had used many times in the past. Champagne was the beverage of choice for the evening, and all three made generous use of its availability. By nine o'clock all three women were feeling very relaxed and mellow.

Aki looked at the other two women, and said, "Okay ladies. I want the truth. I believe what I saw you doing at 3 a.m. was a sex match. After you came back to bed you told me it wasn't. Just out of curiosity would you like to change your story?"

Uri and Reiko looked at one another for a moment, and then Reiko replied, "The truth is we were competing with one another. If you remember I told Uri she could have another chance to compete sexually with me anytime. She woke me up, told me she wanted a rematch, and we went down to the living room to do it. We agreed on a 69 fight. When you saw us we were in the middle of our fight. However, we were telling the truth when we said nobody won. It really was a tie, and we decided to leave it that way and go back to bed."

Aki accepted Reiko's story, and in fact told the two women she was sorry she hadn't seen the whole thing. Then they went into the huge living room where Aki started a fire and turned on the music. Reiko and Uri started to dance, and were shortly joined by Aki. The three of them were barefoot, and all were wearing simple skirts and loose fitting tank tops. In spite of the fact they didn't look particularly sexy the sight of all three dancing together painted an erotic picture. The effect of many glasses of champagne, and dancing was starting to turn them on. They began to exchange kisses, and every few moments changed partners. Then all three tongues mingled and played together.

The music was still playing but no one was dancing. They all began playing with one another's breasts. Each woman had her hands on the other two squeezing and pulling on breasts and nipples. All three were feeling very erotic, and each one wanted the other two. They squeezed together, and continued their three-way tongue kissing. Then Uri moved behind Aki, and Reiko stepped in front of her. Uri slid her arms around Aki, lifted her tank top, and started to fondle her breasts. Reiko lifted Aki’s skirt, reached down, and began to stroke her pussy.

Even though Aki was becoming aroused she protested what the two women were doing to her. Reiko told her, "Last night you made us fight over you so tonight we decided to gang up on you. It's only fair."

Aki replied, "I'd love to take on the two of you, but now isn't the right time. I'm expecting someone to join us at any moment. I think we should calm down so we are ready for company."

As the three of them separated the doorbell rang as if on cue. Aki left the two of them to answer the door. As she opened it Aki smiled at the woman who was standing there. Then she stepped aside so the woman could enter. She put down the bag she was carrying, and the two of them embraced. They looked at one another for a moment and then kissed. They allowed their tongues to play together for a few seconds and then moved apart. Aki took her guest by the hand, and led her to the living room where the other two women were waiting.

Aki introduced her to Reiko and Uri saying, "I would like you to meet Tamiko, and tell you a few things about her. She is the director of our cosmetics operation in China, and has spent many years developing our business there from her office in Hong Kong. If she looks Chinese it's because she is, and if she looks Japanese she is that too. Her father is Japanese and her mother is Chinese, and as you can see the combination has produced a beautiful woman."

"We have been close friends and lovers since our days together at the University. Reiko, when you heard me on the phone with another woman you assumed it was Uri because you met her last night. In reality it was Tamiko not Uri. Tamiko and I have not been together as much as we would like because with me in Tokyo and her in Hong Kong we could only see each other a few weekends every month. That is going to change because with the advancements in computers and communication she can supervise her part of the business from here. As a matter of fact Uri I don't think you should be alone here all day. I would like to move the foundation to my office complex. Then the four of us can work together, and we will also be able to play together."

As Tamiko was being introduced to Reiko and Uri she hugged both, kissed each one lightly on the lips, and said, "I am very pleased to meet both of you. Aki has told me much about you, and I am looking forward to knowing you as well as she does."

What Uri and Reiko saw when they looked at Tamiko was a woman who looked beautiful in a simple black dress, black stockings and high heels. In a very unusual combination Tamiko had the body of a woman, but the face of an 18-year-old. She fooled a lot of people into thinking she was very young when in reality she was the same age as Aki. Her dark hair which barely touched her shoulders, and wide eyes gave the appearance of youthful innocence. In fact, the opposite was true. Aki could give testament to Tamiko's smoldering sexuality. Over the years they had many sexual encounters in which each tried to outdo the other. They always enjoyed competing with one another because they believed it enhanced their sex lives together.

Aki looked at the other three women, and told them she wanted everyone to go to her bedroom. Tamiko picked up the package she brought, and all four women went upstairs. Aki brought with her more bottles of champagne which she put in the small refrigerator she kept in her bedroom. When they were all gathered together Aki said to the other women, "We are all going to have some friendly but intense sexual competition. I have it all figured out, and was just waiting for Tamiko to complete our foursome."

A feeling of anticipation and excitement ran through everyone. Both Reiko and Uri wanted to lock up with Tamiko, and for a moment thoughts of the two of them sex fighting again ran through Aki's mind. However, she had a plan which would let all four of them enjoy competing at the same time. The first part of her plan had each of them dressing for the part. Tamiko knew ahead of time what Aki wanted to do. She reached in her large shopping bag, and handed each of the other three women a large box. Aki directed Reiko and Uri to take their boxes, go across the hall to one of the guest bedrooms, and change into what ever they found in the box.

What Reiko and Uri found was a very sexy outfit. They took off their clothes, and started to put on what they found in their boxes. The first piece was a satin peek-a-boo bra which both pushed up and completely exposed their breasts. This was followed by a garter belt, thigh top stockings, and matching high heels. After putting everything on they found in the boxes Reiko and Uri looked at each other, and saw that the only difference between the two of them was the color. Reiko's outfit was emerald green while Uri's was purple.

Both women were instantly turned on by what they were looking at. They moved closer to each other so they were almost touching. Uri said, "I don't know what Aki has in mind for the four of us, but I think you and I should come back here later so we can sexually attack each other again."

Reiko smiled and replied, "I agree. I'd love to compete with you later tonight. Let's seal our pact with a kiss."

They moved together, and as their breasts pressed together they started to kiss. However, just as their tongues were about to invade each other’s mouth they were interrupted by Aki who called out to them from her room. They reluctantly broke apart, and walked across to Aki's bedroom. When they walked in they saw Aki and Tamiko standing side-by-side with champagne glasses in their hands. They were wearing the same thing as Reiko and Uri except Aki was in red and Tamiko was dressed in black. For a few moments all four women admired one another. Then Aki told Reiko and Uri to help themselves to some champagne. When all four of them had a full glass Aki indicated she wanted the four of them to sit down. As her bedroom suite was the size of a small house there was plenty of room for all of them on the plush carpeting.

Aki had a deck of cards in her hand. After thoroughly shuffling them she announced to everyone that she was going to use the cards to determine how the four women would spend the next few hours. She said, "This deck of cards will decide how the four of us will compete sexually. I will deal the cards out face up to one person at a time. Whoever gets the first two aces will compete against one another. That will leave the other two women to take each other on. After the first two matches are over we'll all take a champagne break. The second matches will have the two losers sexfighting along with the two winners competing against one another. When we finish only one of us will win two matches. I'm very curious to see who that will be."

Aki started to deal the cards clockwise one person at a time. It took three rotations before the first ace came out. Reiko got the first ace, and the anticipation among the other three women grew as they all wanted to know who would be competing against her. Two more rotations and the question was answered as Tamiko drew the second ace. This meant that Uri would be taking on Aki in the other match. The four women stood up, put their glasses on a table, and each turned to face off with her first sex rival.

Reiko and Tamiko embraced, and started to kiss. At the same time Uri and Aki came together, and also began kissing. For the next 10 minutes the two couples passionately kissed as each woman tried to prove she was the better kisser. Each one used her tongue to attack her rival. Tongue kissing duels were arousing all four women. They licked and sucked each other's tongue hoping to gain an advantage. Locking their open mouths together, and deep kissing was causing all of them to softly moan. They enjoyed the feelings of lust that were overcoming each of them.

Tamiko took Reiko by the hand, and led her over to the bed. When they were on the bed they faced each other on their knees, and resumed their passionate kissing. After a few minutes Reiko moved her head down to one of Tamiko's breasts, and began to kiss it. Then she lightly clamped her teeth on Tamiko's nipple, and pulled it out. Tamiko squealed in delight, and then took her turn attacking Reiko's breast the same way. They took turns making each other moan in pleasure then began once again to open mouth kiss.

Suddenly Reiko grabbed Tamiko, threw her down on the bad, and tried to get on top so she would be in control. Tamiko resisted, and the two of them rolled back and forth as each tried to gain the advantage. What took place next could best be described as sexual wrestling because as they rolled back and forth each took any opportunity to squeeze breasts, pull nipples or quickly finger a pussy.

While Tamiko and Reiko created a very erotic picture rolling around on the bed Uri and Aki were thoroughly wrapped up together still on their feet, and still passionately kissing. Uri became the aggressor when she pushed Aki up against the wall, and began to rub her breasts from side to side against Aki's. Aki replied in kind, and the two of them engaged in a very erotic duel with their breasts and nipples. When they stopped for a moment Uri pushed one leg between Aki's and pressed her thigh into Aki's pussy. Using the wall for balance Aki did the same to Uri, and within the few seconds the two of them were grinding into each other's pussy which by now had become very wet. Both women were moaning from the pleasure as they looked deeply into each other's eyes.

As good as it felt the two of them could not continue without losing their balance, and they slowly slid to the floor. Uri spoke for the first time and said, "Last night after Reiko and I had finished our sexfight you told us how much you enjoyed watching the love contest we had with our legs. I want you to know how that feels."

Aki was up to the challenge, and very quickly purple and red legs entwined as each wanted to prove she could take this part of their sexfight without losing control. For a few minutes all that could be heard from the two women was the sound of stocking covered legs squeezing together and rubbing. Aki said, "I love locking thighs and legs with you. I'm going to make you feel so erotic you'll lose it."

Uri assured Aki that she was the one who would be going off first. With their arms around one another they once again began to deep kiss. Neither one attempted to gain control by being on top as they were content to compete side by side. With their legs still wrapped up together each began to push her thigh into the other's pussy. They began grinding into one another. Neither one thought this was the way their sex match would be decided, but at this point both had come too far to be able to change what they were doing. Their level of arousal was very intense as their grinding became wild humping, and both women were gasping from the pleasure. Aki couldn't hold out any longer, and she cried out as she erupted. Feelings of extreme pleasure ran through her body as she went over the edge. Uri, knowing she had won, allowed herself the sexual release which comes from passionate sex, and she loudly moaned as she went off. The two were still kissing as the pleasurable sensations ran through their bodies.

There was still one match to be decided as Tamiko and Reiko were still going at it on the bed. When they were still for a moment Tamiko whispered something to Reiko, and she responded by nodding her head. They had decided to settle their duel with a 69 fight. They moved to a position side by side, and attacked each other's pussy with their mouths. Each was very skillful with her mouth and tongue as they licked and sucked each other. Both women began to moan as they got closer to reaching a peak and going off. Tamiko gained the advantage when she found Reiko's clit with her lips, and attacked it with her tongue. Reiko was able to respond by finding and attacking Tamiko's clit, but she was a few moments too late. Gasping and squealing Reiko reached an intense orgasm. As the pleasurable feelings ran through Reiko's body she inserted two fingers in Tamiko's pussy, and stroked her clit. Reiko may have lost, but she wanted the satisfaction of getting Tamiko off. She accomplished her goal as Tamiko cried out in ecstasy reaching her own shattering orgasm.

The two women hugged each other until the sensations passed. Then they sat up, and smiled at each other knowing how much pleasure they got regardless of who won or lost. While Tamiko and Reiko finished their sex fight Aki and Uri sat on the edge of the bed watching. Both women had more than a passing interest in who won because it would determine who they would fight in the second round. Tamiko and Reiko had been so intent on their own competition they didn't realize who won the other match until Uri told them. Following Aki's plan they took a break, and enjoyed more champagne. The four women were pleased with how their evening had progressed to this point, and all were looking forward to what was to come.

When it was time they once again paired off, and this time it was with a new rival. Before they started the next round four women stripped because they had decided to compete with one another totally naked. This round of sexual competition would take place on the bed, and they paired off ready to begin. The four of them made another decision aside from competing naked. They agreed to start their competition in a scissors position so the ones who turned their rivals on the quickest would be the winners.

Uri and Tamiko turned to face each other, and each one slid her right leg over the other's left so they could bring their pussies together. A few feet away Reiko and Aki were doing the same thing. The four of them presented a highly erotic picture as they got ready to compete sexually. All of them had looks of lust and anticipation on their faces as they looked forward to what was about to take place.

Tamiko moved closer to Uri so their pussies were almost touching. They put their arms around each other, and began kissing. Their open mouths were locked together in a sensual duel, and each one could feel the other's nipples pushing into her breasts. They started to tongue fight, and their kissing contest went on for several minutes. Sounds of pleasure came from both and they enjoyed testing each other's sexual prowess. When they stopped kissing for a moment Uri reached down with one hand, and started to rub Tamiko‘s pussy. Tamiko quickly responded by doing the same thing, and as the two women were stroking one another's pussy each could feel how wet they both had gotten.

In the meantime Aki and Reiko were having an intense competition of their own. They both realized whoever lost would be the only woman to lose twice during the night's sexfights. After kissing for awhile they started competing with their breasts. What started as a nipple duel turned quickly into a full breast battle as they first banged them together, and then rubbed them from side to side. The erotic feelings aroused them even more, and they started to use their hands on one another. Each woman grabbed the other's breasts, and lightly squeezed and pulled on them. They moaned when each pulled the other's nipples out.

They started to kiss and lick each other's face and throat as their feelings of lust became more intense. They brought their pussies together, and began the most intimate part of their duel. Both gasped from the sensations they felt when their pussies locked together. Aki looked at Reiko and said, "I love competing with another woman like this. Let's find out who can hold out the longest."

They began grinding their pussies together. Each promised the other she would win, and both knew it wasn't going to last much longer. They pressed their pussies together thinking if they were still for a while they could hold out longer. They pushed so hard into each other their bodies actually came up off the bed for a few seconds. When they came back down both women were flat on their backs. From this position they began thrusting into each other faster. Reiko was so aroused she began to squeeze her own breasts. Aki knew both of them were feeling so erotic that one or possibly both would go off sooner rather than later. For Reiko it was sooner, and she began to cry out in ecstasy as the orgasmic sensations ran through her body. Aki had won, but just barely as a few seconds later she joined Reiko in going off. The room was filled with sounds of two women reaching a sexual peak, and crying out in pleasure.

Those sounds, only a few feet away from Uri and Tamiko, turned them both on even more. They stopped stroking one another's pussy, and brought their wet fingers to each other's lips. Sucking the pussy juice from each other's fingers made them feel even more erotic. Each stared at the other wondering what was going to happen next. Uri answered that question by thrusting her pussy into Tamiko's. Tamiko returned that thrust with one of her own, and the final chapter of their love match began.

Both women moaned softly as their pussy fight brought them to a higher level of eroticism. They embraced tightly, and brought their mouths closer together as if they were going to kiss. Instead of kissing they looked deeply into one another's eyes as their pussies were grinding together more forcefully. Each one promised to bring the other to the ultimate ecstasy first. They begin to wildly kiss trying to drive one another over the edge. Of the two women Uri was the more aggressive, but in the end that only served to help her lose. She totally lost control, but continued her passionate kissing with Tamiko even as she was going off. Even though Uri lost this encounter with Tamiko she loved the sensations running through her body. She squealed and loudly moaned as a wave of pleasure seemed to run through her entire body from head to toe. Uri never stopped grinding her pussy into Tamiko's, and after a few seconds went by Tamiko joined her in a pulsating sexual release.

Uri and Tamiko didn't let go of one another until the sensations had passed, and only then did they realize that Reiko and Aki had finished their match. Four sex fights had taken place, and at the end the only one who won both of her matches was Tamiko. After everyone had calmed down they shared some more champagne, and while they were drinking Aki whispered something first to Uri and then Reiko. The three women smiled, and all looked at Tamiko who said to Aki, "I have seen that look before. What are you planning?"

Aki didn't answer. Instead she took the glass from Tamiko's hand, and put it on the table along with her own. The three women had Tamiko surrounded, and they pulled her down on the bed. Aki smiled and said, "You are the only one who won both of her sex matches. We are going to show you the prize you win for being the best lover."

All three women started to make love to Tamiko at the same time. From one side Reiko began to kiss, lick, and suck Tamiko’s breasts and nipples while from the other side Aki begin to passionately tongue kiss her. Uri brought her mouth down to Tamiko's pussy, and started to use her tongue to pleasure her. It didn't take long for Tamiko to feel the effects of three beautiful women sexually pleasing her at the same time. After a few minutes Tamiko began to cry out as she experienced an intense and pulsating orgasm. The three women who caused her to go off enjoyed watching Tamiko as the waves of pleasures ran through her body.

After the sensations passed Tamiko sat up, looked at the other three women, and with a smile on her face said, "Shame on you for picking on a poor helpless defenseless woman like me."

Everyone laughed, and Aki reminded her that she hadn't been helpless or defenseless since she was 16. They laughed some more, and decided to have one more glass of champagne before going to bed. It was after 1 a.m. when everyone was ready to settle down for the night. Reiko and Uri asked Aki if they could use the bedroom across the hall to sleep. Aki, knowing it would give her a chance to be alone with Tamiko, said they were welcome to use the other bedroom. As they started to leave the bedroom to go across the hall Aki called out to them. When they turned around to see what she wanted Aki said to them, "Now, fight nice ladies."

Without any further comment Reiko and Uri walked across to the other bedroom. After closing the door they walked over to the bed, pulled back the covers, and lay down together facing each other. They moved together, embraced, and looked deeply into one another's eyes as if each was trying to read the other's mind. They shared a tender open mouth kiss which listed for many moments. When they broke apart neither one wanted to speak. Finally Uri broke the silence by saying, "I think we both feel the same way. Earlier tonight we promised to test each other sexually. As much as I would like to keep my promise I don't have any energy left, and I'm not sure why. More than once Aki and I have gotten each other off many times in one night without getting exhausted."

Reiko looked relieved at what Uri said. She shared Uri's feelings, but didn't want to be the first to admit it. She replied, "I'm happy to say I agree with you because I feel the same way. I don't think it was the sex fighting even though I'm sure the sense of competition caused us to spend a lot of extra energy. I think it was all the champagne we had. Whatever it was I really enjoyed the night. Like you, I don't think I'm up to another sexual competition tonight. I'm sure we'll find another time to do it."

The two hugged, and shared a few more kisses. They pulled the covers up, and started to talk. They compared notes particularly about Tamiko since they both had sexual encounters with her. They agreed she was just as hot as Aki, and both wanted another try to beat either or both of them. But what Reiko and Uri really wanted was to test each other again.

In the master bedroom Aki and Tamiko found themselves in exactly the same position as Reiko and Uri. They wanted another sexual encounter, this time with each other. However, their desire for any competition was overcome by fatigue, and after talking for awhile they went to sleep in each other's arms. Of the four women only Aki knew what lay in store for them the following day.