THE PLAN - Part 1


The women of Japan, like the women in the United States, have for many years attempted to gain equality with men on many levels. However, Japan is a country of tradition, and its values and beliefs are deeply ingrained. This makes it more difficult for the average Japanese woman to make gains in a man's world. Very few Japanese women can be found at the top of the corporate ladder. Aki Amato is the exception. She owns the largest cosmetics firm in Asia.

Aki, at age 34, was wealthy beyond the average person's understanding. She inherited from her mother her good looks, and is considered to be very beautiful. As a very dark haired brunette, and a sensuous Asian face along with a great body, she was the target of the attentions of both men and women. She also inherited her father's business acumen, and had started working in the cosmetics business at age 16. Her mother and father were killed in a plane crash when she was 26, and she inherited the business. During her first eight years of operating the business she had increased profits many times over, and was now considered one of the best business minds, male or female, in Japan.

Her business was located in Tokyo, and was housed in a modern four-story building. She leased the first floor to a restaurant. The second floor contained the laboratory for developing and testing new products. The corporate business offices were located on the third floor, and Aki had turned the fourth floor into a beautiful apartment because there were nights during the week when she didn't go home.

When she did go home she went to a large estate outside of Tokyo which contained a huge mansion, and spacious grounds along with a number of guest houses. This too, she had inherited from her parents along with a large staff whose sole purpose was to take care of the mansion as well as meet Aki's personal needs. Among them was a couple who had been with her parents for many years, and lived in one of the guest houses. The husband served as Aki's chauffeur and his wife was the cook. Aki was doing quite well, and she had a plan to improve the business as well as her personal life.

Aki had recently hired a new office manager. As she was looking to fill this position she had two requirements. First, from a business standpoint she was looking for the best qualified woman. Secondly, for purely personal reasons, she wanted an attractive woman. She found exactly what she was looking for in a 28 year-old woman who was not only qualified to serve as office manager, but was extremely beautiful. Her name was Reiko who with shoulder length black hair and a well defined shape was going to fit in very well with Aki. As she was single she could put in the long hours necessary to do the job. More importantly, as far as Aki was concerned, she quite often stayed to work after everyone else had gone home for the day.

One Wednesday after work Aki made her move on Reiko. Reiko was working in her office when Aki appeared in the doorway. As Reiko looked up Aki said to her, "I know you are trying to catch up, and work late every day. I know how you feel. I stay here some nights because it's easier than going home. I don't want you to make yourself sick by working long hours all the time. If you come up to my apartment with me we can order dinner from the restaurant downstairs, and sit and relax while we get to know each other better."

Reiko gave Aki a look of appreciation, and said she'd be happy to accept the invitation. After they took the elevator to Aki's suite they ordered dinner from a menu Aki kept on hand. When they finished dinner Aki and Reiko adjourned to the living room, sat down on the couch, and started to talk. Over some good Saki Reiko started to tell Aki about some of her life experiences. After listening for a while Aki asked, "You are working long hours almost every day. Isn't your boyfriend angry about your spending so much time here?"

Reiko hesitated for a few moments, and then replied, "I don't have a boyfriend. I don't know if I should say this to you, but I prefer my relationships to be with women. I hope you're not angry because of my choice of lifestyle, and I don't want to lose my job because you find it distasteful."

Aki was pleased at what she heard, but rather than say anything she thought actions would speak louder than words. She leaned over, brought her face close to Reiko's, and softly kissed her. Reiko drew back in surprise, but after a few seconds returned Aki's kiss. The kiss lasted for quite some time as the two of them enjoyed each other's warm lips. Aki whispered, "I hope I answered your question. You are a beautiful woman, and I enjoy being with you."

They kissed again, but this was not a soft tender kiss. Their open mouths met in a passion that both women knew was just the beginning. They put their arms around one another, and embraced tightly as they passionately kissed. When they stopped kissing for a moment Aki took Reiko by the hand, and led her to the bedroom. As they reached the bottom of the bed they again embraced. But before they continued their passionate interlude Aki took Reiko’s face in both hands, and said, "I want us to do this because we are two women who desire one another. I don't want you to do this because you work for me and think I expect it."

Reiko assured Aki she wasn't doing it because it was expected. She was doing it because each one wanted the other. Having said that she started to lick Aki's lips with her tongue. Then the two started to tongue kiss. They licked each other's tongue, and then took turns tongue sucking one another. They backed away from one another for a few moments, and each very quickly removed her clothes. Totally naked they climbed on the bed, and resumed their passionate kissing. As they kissed they pressed their bodies together, and the erotic feelings caused both to moan in pleasure.

They went down together, and rolled back and forth while grinding their bodies into one another. They tasted each other's pussy in an erotic 69 encounter. For much of the night they made passionate love. As they curled up together under the covers to go to sleep Aki smiled and thought to herself, "The first part of my plan has been a wonderful success."

Two days later Aki began to put the second part of her plan in motion. There was a part of Aki's financial world which was not located at her place of business. Oddly enough it was in her home. Many years ago Aki's father operated a large charitable foundation from within the mansion. He gave millions of dollars away to various charities and educational institutions. After Aki took over the business she continued the foundation, and kept it within the confines of her large estate. An entire wing of the mansion housed the foundation. It had living quarters and an office from which the entire operation was directed.

A replacement for the foundation director had to be found as the old one had retired after many years of service. The Board of Directors, which acted strictly in an advisory role, had narrowed the candidates down to three. Aki had final approval. After interviewing all three the choice was easy. She hired a 30-year-old woman who had two excellent qualifications. First, she had experience in the field, and secondly she was a very attractive and shapely woman. Like many Japanese women Uri had long black hair. In her case it went along with a pretty face and a beautiful body.

Aki came home on Friday, and began to get acquainted with her new foundation director. She found out Uri had been divorced for a number of years, and was not presently in a relationship. She told Aki the real reason she left her previous job was because of sexual harassment by a man in his 50s who had been her boss. She felt very much at ease talking with Aki, and told her she was looking forward to a close relationship.

When their meeting in Uri's office finished the two women adjourned to her living room. Uri offered Aki a glass of wine. As time went by one glass of wine turned into two bottles, and the two began to lose their inhibitions. When Uri ran out of wine Aki invited her over to the main section of the house. She brought up more wine from the wine cellar, and the two of them took up where they left off. With the flip of a switch Aki turned on the sound system, and a second switch started a fire in the fireplace.

Aki stood up in front of Uri, and while still holding her glass she started to perform a provocative dance to the music. She beckoned Uri to join her, and in a few seconds the two were performing for each other only a few feet apart. Wearing short tight sexy dresses the two were starting to turn each other on. Then Aki took Uri's glass from her and put both glasses down on a table. She asked Uri to dance with her, and the two moved together to begin. Locked together the two began to move sensuously while in each other's arms.

They looked deeply into each other's eyes as if they were looking for a message. Whatever they saw they must have liked because suddenly they were deep kissing. As their kissing continued both women were becoming very aroused. Their pretense at dancing was long gone, and all they wanted to do was get into each other. Aki didn't even take the time to bring Uri to her bedroom. The two began undressing one another in front of the fireplace. They pulled each other down to the floor, and began exploring each other's bodies. Each told the other how beautiful and sexy she was. In a short time they were in a scissors position, grinding their pussies together. Sounds of ecstasy and gasps of pleasure were coming from both women.

They took each other for hours, and in the morning neither remembered how they made it to Aki's bed. The two women spent a passion filled weekend, and when it was over Aki wasn't sure which one did the seducing. She was sure of one thing however, and that was part two of her plan was well underway.

Aki spent the next few months splitting her personal time evenly between Reiko and Uri. It was easy to keep them apart. Her relationship with Reiko always took place at her apartment while her time with Uri was spent at the mansion. In addition to the fact that she had a master plan for the two of them she thoroughly enjoyed her sexual relationship with both women. As she approached her three month anniversary with the two women Aki decided to take the final step, and bring them together.

One Thursday she spoke with Reiko after work. She said to her, "You and I have been together for almost three months, and I have never invited you home with me. I'd like to correct that oversight this weekend. Why don't you pack a few things, and come home with me tomorrow. I can promise you a great time and sexual experiences you may have never had before."

Reiko happily accepted the invitation, and Friday night after work she went home with Aki. Earlier in the day Aki called Uri to let her know she would be bringing a guest home with her that night. As her limousine pulled up to the mansion Aki reminded the driver she would not need him until Monday. His wife had prepared some meals which only had to be heated before being eaten. Aki had carefully planned the weekend, and made sure all staff members understood they were not to return until Monday.

After they entered the house Aki gave Reiko a tour of her immense home. She saved for last the wing which contained her charitable foundation along with Uri who was waiting for both women. When they all came together Aki introduced the two women to one another, and gave each one a brief explanation as to what part they both played within the business. Reiko and Uri greeted each other cordially, but both immediately wondered if there was more to each one's relationship with Aki other than just business. Aki asked both women to come upstairs with her to her master bedroom suite.

When they arrived in the bedroom Aki took both women by the hand, and led them to a spot near the bed. She said, "I had planned on telling both of you something important, but after thinking about it I have decided that showing you would be more fun than explaining things."

Reiko and Uri were standing about a few feet apart when Aki moved close to Reiko, put her arms around her, pulled her close, and started to kiss her. For a few moments Reiko didn't respond, but then embraced Aki and began to return the kiss. As Uri watched them the kiss became very passionate. As Aki and Reiko finally broke apart Reiko looked at Uri with a pleased look on her face as if to say, "She belongs to me."

However, her triumphant look disappeared as Aki moved to Uri, embraced her, and began to kiss her in the same manner as she kissed Reiko. Uri quickly responded as passionately as possible to let Aki know she could compete with Reiko, and kiss just as well. Aki was just beginning, and for a time moved back and forth between the two women kissing each passionately. Aki had two purposes for kissing them. First, she wanted each one to be jealous of the other. She also wanted to arouse both women. When she finally stopped kissing both women Aki said, "Both of you have spent a lot of time with me during the past few months, and I thought it was time each of you became aware of the other's existence. You are both beautiful, sexy, and passionate lovers. I have been planning this meeting for a long time. I've enjoyed being with each of you separately, but I also have fantasies which involves having the two of you together with me. I have always wanted two beautiful women to make love to me at the same time. I hope neither of you will disappoint me."

Aki got her desired effect because neither of the two women had any intention of allowing the other to outdo her as Aki's lover. All three women took a few moments to remove their clothes. With the three of them completely naked except for their black thigh top stockings it was easy to make a comparison between them. The three were about the same height and weight, and anyone who looked would come to the conclusion all were beautiful women. As typical Japanese women they did not have overly large breasts, but what they had was beautifully shaped with prominent nipples.

Aki got up on the bed, and beckoned to Reiko and Uri to join her. With all three on their knees Aki took up where she left off, and started kissing first Reiko and then Uri. Then Aki lay back on the bed, and pulled the other two down with her. Reiko was on one side of Aki and Uri was on the other, and they started to kiss Aki’s body all over. The first competitive encounter took place when both Reiko and Uri tried to tongue kiss Aki. Their tongues came together and not only pushed against Aki's, but slid against each other. Reiko and Uri quickly moved their tongues away from each other, and for a few moments the two glared at one another.

Their second encounter came as both women tried to stroke Aki's pussy. Their hands came together, and each tried to push the other's hand away. Once again Uri and Reiko glared at one another. Aki took charge of the situation by telling Reiko to play with her breasts and tongue kiss her, and having Uri lick and suck her pussy. As she came close to going off Aki had the two women change places. After a few more minutes Aki exploded in ecstasy, and reached an intense orgasm. She closed her eyes, and lay there enjoying the sensations running through her body. Although they didn't say anything to one another Uri and Reiko glared at each other for the third time. It looked for a moment as if the two were going to attack one another.

Aki sat up, looked at the two women and said, "That was wonderful. I always wondered how it would feel to have two beautiful women get me off, and now I know."

There was a moment of silence, and then Uri asked, "Before we did this it sounded like you have more than one fantasy. Is another fantasy having us catfight over you?"

Aki quickly replied, "No! I have seen the way you two have been glaring at one another, but if you catfight all that's going to happen is you'll scratch, claw, and leave nasty marks all over each other. I have a different type of competition in mind for you. I would like you to compete sexually with one another. After all, both of you believes the same thing, and that is that you are the best lover. If you win you will get not one, but two rewards. The loser will have to satisfy the winner any way she wants to be pleased. Then I will give myself to the winner any way she wants me. When you compete there will be no ties allowed. If you tie you must continue until a winner is determined. Are you up for the challenge?"

Both Reiko and Uri quickly accepted. Even if one of them had not wanted to do it she would never have backed down from the other. The two faced each other on their knees while Aki propped herself up on her pillow so she could watch. They moved closer to one another, and each believed she would win this sexfight. They stopped when they were almost touching, and each waited for the other to make the first move. Their sexual duel was going to be everything Aki wanted and more.

Uri made the first move, and pressed her right breast against Reiko's left one. Reiko pushed back, and soon the two were pressing both breasts together. They had their arms lightly around each other as they were rubbing their breasts from side to side. As they did this they were bending each other's nipples back and forth. Both women were becoming more aroused not only from what they were doing to each other, but because neither one had gone off when they were satisfying Aki. The erotic feelings carried over, and both women started being more aggressive as each tried to dominate the other.

Neither spoke, but words were unnecessary. They embraced each other tightly, and began to kiss. The kissing duel went on for many minutes, and each enjoyed using her tongue in trying to out kiss her rival. They licked each other's tongue as if it was a lollipop, and their tongue fight took them to a new level of arousal. When they brought their open mouths together it presented a picture of eroticism and lust that would have turned on anyone watching. Aki was not immune, and watching her two lovers in a sexfight was beginning to stir up erotic feelings which she couldn't ignore.

While Reiko and Uri were kissing each one invaded the other's mouth with her tongue. Then while still passionately kissing Uri reached down with one hand, found Reiko's pussy, and began to stroke her. Reiko replied in kind, and in a few seconds each one had penetrated the other's pussy with her fingers. As they stroked one another each one began to softly moan. It was the first sign either had given that her rival was getting to her.

Each one found the other to have a wet pussy, and they were getting wetter with each stroke. They stopped kissing, and looked at each other trying to read one another's eyes. Reiko removed her wet hand from Uri's pussy, and wiped it across Uri's breasts. Uri took this as an insult, and her response was twofold. First, she did the same to Reiko, and then she wrapped both arms around Reiko and took her down on the bed. They rolled back and forth as each tried to control the other. Soon they were side by side with their arms around each other, and their legs thoroughly entwined.

Each woman's long hair provided an inviting target, and suddenly it became a hair pulling fight. Each one had her hands thoroughly locked in her rival's hair, and for a few moments it looked as if the sexfight had become a catfight. Just as Aki was about to yell at them to stop they abandoned their hair pulling, and returned to their sexual competition. They stared at each other, and once again began to kiss. For a few minutes all that could be heard were the sounds of heavy breathing, and stocking covered legs squeezing and rubbing together. It looked like very erotic leg wrestling.

They started to grind their bodies together, and push their thighs into each other's pussy. Both were starting to lose control, and they realized they were close to erupting. Their grinding became wild humping, and each attacked the other's tongue with her own. Their moans became loud cries of ecstasy as both women reached a sexual peak, and reached an almost violent orgasm. They hugged each other as tightly as they could while the sensations ran through their bodies. They held each other until they calmed down, and as soon as they let go they rolled apart coming to rest on their backs.

Aki broke the silence saying, "Ladies, that was fantastic. I enjoyed watching you, and I especially liked it when your legs had their own little love contest. However, I said your sexfight could not end in a tie. It's easy to get a woman off the first time, but it takes a really hot lover to go at each other and win in round two. Remember, the winner gets two rewards including me anyway she wants me. You've rested for a couple of minutes. I think it's time to go again."

Reiko and Uri rolled over, got up on their hands and knees, and looked at one another. After what just happened each had respect for the other, but each also believed she would win in the end. Uri said, "You're good, but after we finish I will have both you and then Aki."

Reiko told her to prove it, and on all fours they began to stalk one another looking for an opening. They looked like two cats ready to do battle. Finally when they were almost touching they rose up on their knees ready to take each other on again. Uri started by slightly bending, and moving her mouth to one of Reiko's breasts. She kissed and then licked it. Then she went for the target she really wanted. She fastened her teeth on Reiko's nipple, lightly clamped down, and pulled it out. She got her desired effect when Reiko moaned from the pleasure.

Then it was Reiko's turn. She grabbed one of Uri's nipples with her teeth, and did the same to her. Soon they were taking turns attacking each other's breast with their lips and teeth. The purpose was to arouse each other, and soon they had accomplished their goal as both were moaning from the pleasure. Then with both hands they squeezed and pulled on each other's breasts. Neither tried to stop the other from doing whatever she wanted to do as if each was saying ‘give me your best shot’. Soon they slid their arms around each other, and began to passionately kiss. Reiko challenged Uri to a tongue sucking contest. Uri accepted, and they were soon taking turns sliding their lips back and forth over each other's tongue.

In the first round of their sex fight neither woman said much. They made up for it this time around. In between kisses each promised the other she was the best lover and would win. Finally after one kiss Uri said to Reiko, "I think it's time we found out who can pussy fuck the best. Let's go pussy to pussy. Are you ready to take me on?"

Reiko quickly answered, "Of course I'm ready. When we're finished both you and Aki will be my love slaves."

The two women sat back, and opened their legs to each other. When they moved together they were in a scissors position and ready for their sexual showdown. Both Reiko and Uri gasped when their wet pussies came together. They pushed harder into each other, and started to slowly grind together. As they were thrusting both women started to gasp and moan from the pleasure. As the feeling of eroticism grew more intense each one was looking for any advantage she could find. Uri grabbed Reiko's leg and started to lick and kiss it. Reiko joined her, and in a few moments both women were hugging and kissing each other's leg. All this served to do was arouse both of them even more.

Trying to maintain her self-control Uri turned on her side, and started pumping her pussy into Reiko's even faster. Reiko turned on her side to match Uri. For a few minutes the two women matched one another stroke for stroke. Then Reiko did Uri one better, and turned over on her stomach. She leaned on her hands and drove her pussy more forcefully into Uri's. Uri turned over to match her, and their scissors position now felt even more erotic than before. It felt like both their pussies and their asses were competing. Uri was the first one who felt she was losing control. In an emotion filled voice she said to Reiko, "Face me woman to woman."

Reiko complied, and the two women turned over to face one another. Their pussies were so wet they were sliding back and forth, and the two rivals stared intently at one another knowing the end was near. With a loud cry of ecstasy Uri exploded in a shattering orgasm, and she fell back as the sensations ran through her body.

In the meantime Aki was so aroused from watching the two beauties sex fight she began to stroke her own pussy. As Uri began to moan and squeal in ecstasy there were actually two women crying out. Aki got herself off at the same time as Uri, and was loudly moaning from the pleasure. Reiko looked over at Aki, who was only a few feet away, and realized she was going off at the same time as Uri. She had never seen two women go off at the same time without touching one another. Reiko had been close to losing to Uri, and was so aroused by watching both women reach an orgasm at the same time that she erupted and cried out in a complete sexual release. She knew she had won, and didn't fight the pleasurable sensations running through her body.

After all three women calmed down Aki gave Reiko a victory kiss. Then she moved to Uri, and kissed her also saying, "You were fantastic too. You just as easily could have won."

She turned her attention back to Reiko, and reminded her that her victory brought two rewards. She wanted to know what Reiko would choose to do to both women. Reiko thought for a few moments, then looked at Uri and said, "You are a great kisser. You use your mouth and tongue very well. I want you to please me by using them on my pussy."

Reiko turned her attention to Aki and said, "I think I'm going to surprise you a little. You made a promise to us saying the winner could have you anyway she wanted you. Well, I don't want you in the normal way two women have sex. Since you have to please me in any manner I desire, I have come up with something a little different. What Uri and I have done tonight is make your fantasies come true. However, you're not the only one who has fantasies. You see, about a month ago after you and I finished speaking to each other on the intercom you didn't shut yours off. I heard you make a phone call to another woman, and I could tell from your end of the conversation that you were talking to your lover. I didn't know who it was, but I knew I wasn't the only woman in your life.

Rather than getting angry I began thinking about what it would be like to have all three of us together. I fantasized about different things all of us could do to one another. I kept thinking about one fantasy in particular, and now you're going to help make it come true."

Reiko then moved over, and for a minute whispered something in Aki's ear. Aki looked surprised, but nodded her head in agreement. The next thing Reiko did was to lie down next to Uri. She placed her head on a pillow, and told Uri to start by saying, "Kiss me, and then suck my pussy until I go off."

Uri gave Reiko a long passionate tongue kiss. When she finished Reiko spread her legs open to allow Uri to start on her pussy. Uri moved between Reiko's legs, and then bent over to start licking and sucking. She expertly used her tongue to begin pleasing Reiko. Since Uri was concentrating on what she was doing to Reiko she didn't see Aki move behind her. All of a sudden Uri felt Aki grinding her pussy into her ass. Uri was in the middle of two women who were getting sexual satisfaction from her. In an instant she knew what Reiko's fantasy was. Uri was getting her ass fucked by Aki while she was getting Reiko off by sucking her pussy.

The three way sex was exactly what Reiko wanted. It made an erotic picture, and Reiko thoroughly enjoyed what she was watching and feeling. Aki loved the feeling she was getting from Uri's ass, and started grinding her pussy even harder and faster. Even though Uri was the source of pleasure for the other two women she was beginning to feel very aroused. She liked the feeling of Aki's wet pussy grinding into her ass, and at the same time enjoyed the reaction she was getting from Reiko who was beginning to gasp and moan from the pleasure. Uri thought it was time to finish Reiko, and bring her to a climax. She found Reiko's clit, and began caressing it with her teeth and tongue. In a few moments Reiko began to reach a peak, and cried out from the pleasure. She felt like her entire body was shaking from the sensations.

In the meantime Aki grabbed Uri's hips with both hands so she could pull herself in more forcefully. Uri began to wiggle her ass to get Aki off quicker. It worked because in less than a minute Aki, with her eyes closed and a look of ecstasy on her face, loudly moaned from the erotic feelings running through her body. She collapsed to one side taking Uri with her. Uri, although enjoying the feelings she got from pleasing both women, was somewhat frustrated because she became aroused but not satisfied. Aki was the first one to realize what had happened, and she whispered in Uri's ear, "Lover, I know what's wrong. Reiko and I got off and you didn't. I'll fix that."

She rolled Uri over on her back, and moved so she was on top of her. She moved her lips very close to Uri's as though she were going to kiss her, and said, "Wrap those beautiful legs around my waist so I can fuck you."

Uri did as she was told, and Aki did as promised. She and Uri passionately tongue kissed, and she began thrusting into Uri. Reiko watched as Aki literally fucked Uri to a shattering orgasm. After Uri went off she embraced Aki, and hugged her closely until the sensations passed. After a few minutes the two of them separated, and when Uri sat up she looked at Reiko and said, "The next time we fight I'll win."

Reiko told Uri that she looked forward to their next sexfight, and promised her a rematch whenever she wanted it. At this point all three women removed their stockings, curled up together under the covers, and went to sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night Aki woke up, and realized she was all alone. She didn't know what happened to Reiko and Uri, and got up to look for them. She couldn't figure out what they would be doing at 3 a.m. When she left the bedroom, and walked to the top of the stairs she heard sounds coming from downstairs. She quietly walked down the steps until she could see what was going on. She couldn't believe her eyes. The fireplace was on, and she could see Reiko and Uri in front of it on the plush carpeting. They were lying side by side with their legs wrapped loosely around one another, and were in a 69 position sucking each other's pussy. Aki just shook her head, and said to herself, "Where the hell did they get all that energy? I'm only a few years older than they are, and I'm not sure I could do that after the night we had."

She went back up to bed, but was still awake later when Reiko and Uri came in, and tried to quietly get back under the covers. Aki startled them when she asked, "Well, who won?"

They assured her that neither of them had won because they weren't really fighting. Aki wasn't sure she believed them, but didn't say anything right away. After a minute or two went by she said, "Ladies, all of us need a good night's sleep. This was just one night, and we have the whole weekend left. There are still fantasies left to explore.”

Aki said no more, and left the other two women to use their imaginations. Just before she fell asleep Aki congratulated herself on a perfect plan that had worked out beautifully. She couldn't wait for the rest of the weekend to see what happened.