THE PLAN - Part 3



All four women slept very late on Sunday. By the time they got themselves together and ate it was after one o'clock. They gathered in the living room in front of the fireplace and talked for awhile. Tamiko told everyone how she was looking forward to moving from Hong Kong to the main offices. Since Uri was going to be directing the foundation from the business center in Tokyo she announced she was going to take advantage of an offer from Reiko, and move in with her. After talking a little longer the four admitted there was no further sexual activity the night before when they occupied separate bedrooms.

Aki finally told everyone what she had in mind to complete their fantasy weekend. She disappeared for awhile, and when she came back she explained what she wanted to do. Aki had always loved costume play as part of sex, and decided all four of them would have fun participating in this type of activity. She directed Uri and Reiko to go to Uri's bedroom in the wing, and to put on whatever they found on the bed. When the two left the living room Aki took Tamiko up to her bedroom so they could get changed. Tamiko smiled at Aki's choice of costume for it was something they had done many times in the past.

There on the bed was a nurse's uniform complete with sheer white stockings, and a nurse's cap. Also included were white high heels which, while not part of a real nurse's uniform, helped make them even sexier. They quickly changed, and turned to face each other. The white uniforms were very short, and were held closed with a number of large white buttons. Each told the other how beautiful she looked. As they moved closer together Aki said, "I think you should know I'm jealous of what happened last night. You had both Reiko and Uri in hot sexfights, and I never got to lock up with you the way I wanted to."

Tamiko replied, "I could look at it the same way. You also had both of them, and as a result you and I never got together. I will admit they are both hot lovers, but you already knew that or they wouldn't be here. No matter what happens with those two women nothing will replace the way we love and test each other."

Aki agreed and the two of them left the bedroom to go downstairs. As they came down the wide staircase they saw Uri and Reiko already in the living room. They were standing near the fireplace, holding each other's hands down at their sides, and kissing. As Aki approached the two of them she said, "No fair getting a head start."

When they broke apart both were smiling at Aki and Tamiko. As the four women came together they exchanged comments about how hot and sexy each looked in her nurse's uniform. They formed a tight group coming as close together as they could. Aki knew the three other women wondered what they were going to do next. She explained, "We are going to find out who the sexiest nurses are in the next few hours. We are going to have passion and competition in a wild orgy of sex. The four of us will pair off and sexfight. However, these are not teams. No matter who we're competing with the first two women who reach an orgasm will be the losers. Then the losers will entertain the winners by getting each other off using one of the sex toys I have in a box. I also have in the same box two strap-on dildos. The winners will get to use them on the losers."

Uri commented, "It sounds like the losers will have more fun than the winners. How do we decide who we are competing against?"

Aki replied, "I don't think the losers will have more fun than the winners. They will have no choice which means they are not in control. The winners will be in control. Last night the four of us fell asleep without competing for the third time. So we'll finish what we wanted to do last night, and Reiko will sexfight with Uri while Tamiko and I lock up together. But first I think we should all warm up together."

Having said all that Aki turned to the left, and kissed Reiko while at the same time Tamiko was kissing Uri. The kissing continued and became passionate as everyone traded partners. Tongues danced together, and all were becoming aroused. The four women squeezed even tighter, and for a time their tongues all mingled together. Sounds of pleasure were coming from all of them, and the four-way kissing went on for many minutes. Finally Aki told everyone to break apart and start competing.

Aki and Tamiko separated from Reiko and Uri. Each pair started deep kissing which aroused all four of them even more. Reiko and Uri eagerly and passionately began to grind their open mouths together as if they were two very thirsty women sharing a drink. They squeezed their bodies together, and ran their hands up and down each other's back. Then they reached under each other's short nurse's uniform, and grabbed one another's ass with both hands. They began to squeeze and caress each other's ass cheeks as they started to tongue fight.

A few feet away Aki and Tamiko took a different approach to their sexual duel. They embraced and began kissing, but their open mouth kisses were tender and sensual rather than kisses of uncontrolled lust. Even though they couldn't be seen their tongues were playing together, and the two beauties were feeling more erotic as time went by.

After many minutes of sensual tongue play Aki pushed Tamiko away, unbuttoned her own nurse's uniform, opened it as wide as it would go, and invited Tamiko to come in and play. Tamiko smiled, unbuttoned her uniform, opened it up, and moved her body into Aki's. They mashed their almost naked bodies together, slid their arms around one another, and began once again to passionately kiss. After a few minutes they pulled each other's uniforms off, and let them fall to the floor.

They stepped back a few inches from one another, and each began to fondle and squeeze her rival's breasts. It was only when they lightly pinched each other's nipples did they softly cry out from the pleasure. Then each one cupped her own breasts, and as though they were aiming them brought their nipples together so they could begin a nipple fucking contest. They banged their nipples together for awhile before dueling with their full breasts. By now both women were highly aroused, and were ready to take it one step further.

Aki slid her right thigh between Tamiko’s legs, and up against her pussy. She reached around Tamiko, grabbed her ass with both hands, and pulled her as close as possible. Tamiko matched Aki move for move, and in a few seconds the two were grinding their thighs into each other's pussy. As they rocked together their sighs and moans were becoming louder. They were going faster, and both realized they couldn't keep this up for too long without losing their balance. They pulled each other down to the floor, and started to roll back and forth as each tried to gain control. When they stopped Tamiko was on top. She kissed Aki, and told her she wanted to go pussy to pussy.

Aki eagerly accepted, and the two quickly moved to a trib position. A few feet away Reiko and Uri had stripped each other's uniform off, and were already in a scissors position grinding their pussies together. After missing their chance to compete the night before the two had the hots for each other, and were making up for lost time. Dressed in only sheer white thigh top stockings, white high-heels, and a white nurse’s cap the four women painted a very erotic picture locked together in the ultimate sexfight position.

In this case the problem with getting a head start meant finishing first, and finishing first meant losing. Making gurgling sounds of joy both Reiko and Uri screeched, and took each other over the top. Trying to figure out who had gone off first made no difference because the four women had found the two losers. Any two of the four could have gone off, but in this case it was a pair of women fighting each other who had erupted first. Aki was the first to realize what happened. However, knowing she and Tamiko had won didn't change anything. She still wanted to win her match, and beckoned to Tamiko to sit up so they could hug and kiss while they were pussy fucking each other. Less than a minute later Aki got her wish as Tamiko erupted in a mind blowing orgasm. As she went off Tamiko’s wild thrusting and humping took Aki over the top, and she joined Tamiko as waves of pleasure engulfed her body.

After they calmed down the four women sat, and looked at one another. Aki informed Reiko and Uri that they were the first ones to go off. Neither seemed to mind losing, and both assured Aki and Tamiko they would accept any penalties that resulted from them being the losers. The way they said it gave the impression they were looking forward to whatever was next, and it didn't sound like they considered them penalties. In any case Aki decided there would be a little break in the action, and left the room to get a little Saki for everyone. A half-hour later all four women were feeling a little mellow from sipping the potent liquor, and everyone wanted to continue where they left off.

At Aki's direction Reiko and Uri moved together on their knees, and started to deep kiss. They became oblivious to anyone else in the room as they charged each other up with their wild kissing. After watching for a few minutes Aki went to a box she had in a corner of the room. She removed a red double headed dildo, and brought it over to where the two women were kissing. Aki and Tamiko were to be entertained while Uri and Reiko used it together, and they moved to the couch to watch.

Reiko and Uri sat back in a scissors position, and came together while slowly inserting the dildo into their wet pussies. When the dildo completely disappeared into both of them the two beauties began to move their pussies back and forth. Almost immediately they started to moan from the sensations. Watching the two women share a red dildo was a real turn on for Aki and Tamiko. Being spectators was difficult for them because the more they watched the more aroused they became.

Finally Aki and Tamiko turned to face each other. They slid their legs together, and began an almost animal like kissing. Their open mouths locked together, and their bodies began to grind against each other. As they kissed they began to squeeze and pull on each other's breasts. The two women on the floor didn't realize what was happening on the couch or they might have stopped to watch. Aki and Tamiko were aroused beyond the point of no return. They moved their legs so they could spread them apart inviting each to attack the other's pussy with busy hands and fingers. They were penetrating each other with two fingers, and sliding them deeper with each stroke. Between kisses Aki pleaded with Tamiko whispering, "Lover, cum for me."

Tamiko answered, "I'll be happy to cum for you right after you show me how much you love me by going off first."

Tamiko got her wish. With loud cries Aki erupted, and waves of pleasure engulfed her body. As she was going off she stroked Tamiko even faster, and Tamiko joined her in a mutual orgasm. Their wild motions caused them to slide off the couch. As they hit the floor the two entwined their legs, and continued to roll back and forth while grinding into each other until the sensations passed. When they came to a stop Tamiko said with a smile, "You know this was all your fault. You just dragged me off the couch so you could attack my legs with yours."

Aki defended herself and told Tamiko it was all her fault because she was the one who liked leg wrestling. They argued good-naturedly for a few moments, but in the end they did what they had done so many times before. Each kissed and licked the pussy juice from the other's hand. Then they shared a tender open mouth kiss, and allowed their tongues to play together.

In the meantime, less than 10 feet away, Reiko and Uri had no idea what had gone on with Aki and Tamiko. They were so wrapped up in sharing the dildo they weren’t aware of anything else. If someone had set off a firecracker they probably wouldn't have reacted to it. They were in the throes of ecstasy as each time they stroked back and forth their pussies would meet. Their eyes were closed as they leaned back on their hands so they could stroke even deeper. Their loud moans of pleasure gave a strong indication of what was about to happen.

Aki and Tamiko turned to watch as both women cried out from the sensations which were now driving them crazy. Reiko and Uri screamed out in ecstasy as they rode the sexual roller coaster of pleasurable feelings running through their bodies. For almost a full minute they loudly moaned from the intensity of their orgasm. Finally both women seemed to calm down, and carefully removed the dildo from their pussies. Perhaps sensing what Aki or Tamiko might tell them Reiko and Uri moved closer to each other on their knees. Reiko held up the dildo, and both she and Uri started to lick and suck it as each wanted to taste the other's pussy juice. Their heads began bobbing back and forth, and they were greatly enjoying what they were doing.

Aki didn't waste any time. She went back to the box, and removed two strap on dildos. She knew Reiko and Uri were turning each other on all over again, and she wanted to take full advantage of the opportunity. She handed one to Tamiko, and the two women quickly put them on. They moved toward Reiko and Uri, and pushed them down on the soft carpet. Everyone knew what was going to happen next. Aki was paired with Reiko while Tamiko approached Uri. The dildo wearing beauties got their targets ready by spreading their legs open. They were both poised to begin when Aki introduced a new type of competition, and said to Tamiko, "I'll bet you I can get my woman off first."

Tamiko looked at Aki and replied, "I'll take that challenge. What do I get if I win?"

Aki answered, "If you win you can have me anyway you want me, but if I win it will be my choice with you."

Tamiko accepted those terms, and the two women were ready to slide their dildos into the waiting pussies of Uri and Reiko. They were in an inverted V with their heads and shoulders fairly close to one another while both sets of legs were much further apart. Both Aki and Tamiko noticed that Uri had extended her right arm to the side, and was holding hands with Reiko while they were waiting to be mounted. For whatever reason it was a turn on for Aki and Tamiko, and they began to quickly slide their dildos into two ready and very wet pussies.

It was no longer just a case of two women fucking two others with dildos. Aki and Tamiko were in this strange competition, and naturally each wanted to outdo the other. When her dildo was all the way in Aki said to Reiko, "Wrap those beautiful legs around me and show how much you want me."

Reiko needed no further prompting, and immediately wrapped her legs around Aki's waist. She let go of Uri's hand, embraced Aki, and pulled her down so they could passionately kiss. Aki took a quick glance over to the side, and saw that Tamiko and Uri were in a similar position. Tamiko was locked in an open mouth kiss with Uri, and quickly sliding her dildo in and out. Aki began to pump her dildo in and out of Reiko even faster hoping to get her off first. Both Reiko and Uri were loudly moaning in ecstasy from the deep feelings of pleasure each was getting from the dildo.

Then Tamiko made a subtle change which proved to be the difference. She stopped thrusting her dildo, and pushed it into Uri's pussy as far as it would go. Then she began wiggling from side to side. It produced the desired effect as Uri began to cry out into Tamiko’s open mouth as she reached an earth shattering orgasm. As she went off Uri began to thrust her hips into Tamiko trying to make the dildo produce even more pleasure.

Meanwhile Reiko was greatly enjoying what Aki was doing to her with the dildo. She wanted to reach the same level of passion she heard from Uri, but was a few seconds too late to make Aki the winner. She pleaded with Aki to go faster and deeper, and when she went off Reiko squealed and moaned crying out, "More, more, more!"

Both Reiko and Uri had reached shattering body shaking orgasms from the dildos. It took them many minutes to recover and calm down. Aki and Tamiko removed the dildos from both women, and then looked at each other. Aki knew she had lost this unique competition because Uri had gone off first. As they unstrapped the dildos from their bodies Aki and Tamiko looked at one another. Aki wondered what Tamiko was going to ask from her sexually. She knew that Tamiko, as the winner, could demand anything.

Aki and Tamiko moved together on their knees. After they slid their arms around one another and warmly kissed Tamiko told Aki what she wanted to do. Aki was pleasantly surprised because it was something they could do together rather than having Tamiko dominate her. Tamiko knew it would be easier if they had help so she told Uri what she and Aki were about to do. Then Aki and Tamiko faced each other on their hands and knees. They started to kiss, and their tongues danced together. After a few minutes of passionate kissing while on all fours they moved so their heads were next to each other's ass. They reached for each other's pussy so they could finger and stroke one another. However, it really wasn't necessary because both pussies were already wet. Aki and Tamiko had become both aroused and frustrated while they were using the dildos on Reiko and Uri. They had gotten the two women off, but were left feeling unsatisfied because they had not reached an orgasm. So they were more than ready for what was to come next.

Still on all fours Aki and Tamiko moved so they were ass to ass. They spent some time grinding their asses together which made them feel even more erotic. Then they moved apart so Uri could do her part. She took the red double headed dildo, and positioned it so Aki and Tamiko each took half of it in their waiting pussies. As soon as they began stroking the two women began to moan from the erotic feelings. They were taking short quick strokes, and their asses banged together on each one.

Reiko and Uri were about 10 feet away watching. They were side by side on their knees watching Aki and Tamiko share the dildo. An hour earlier Aki and Tamiko were sitting on the couch getting aroused watching Reiko and Uri share the same red dildo. Now their positions were reversed, and Reiko and Uri were getting turned on watching Aki and Tamiko. With an arm around each other's back Reiko and Uri pulled each other closer and started to kiss. They would kiss for awhile, and between kisses they would look at the two sensual women pleasuring one another. Then Uri had an idea. She looked at Reiko and said, "When Aki and Tamiko were using the strap on dildos on us they turned it into a competition betting which one of them would get us off first. I think we should do the same thing, and bet on them. Whoever loses has to suck the winner's pussy. Who would you like to bet on?

Reiko replied, "I think Aki has more self-control. Tamiko will go off first."

Now each had someone to cheer for, but they decided not to say anything out loud to Aki or Tamiko. They were willing to let nature take its course. The fact that they were betting on someone didn't keep Reiko and Uri from doing their own tongue dance. As time went by they were becoming more aroused from watching Aki and Tamiko go ass to ass with the dildo. They were getting so turned on that along with their passionate kissing Reiko and Uri began stroking each other's pussy. As they stroked they paid less attention to Aki and Tamiko, and started to concentrate on what they were doing to one another. Uri pulled Reiko down so they were lying side by side. They were passionately kissing, and with their probing fingers both were searching for the ultimate prize.

In the meantime Aki and Tamiko were becoming wild with passion as they stroked faster. Neither was going to last much longer. Then they stopped their stroking motions, and with their asses in full contact they began to wiggle from side to side. At this point their sounds of ecstasy reached a fever pitch, and with sounds of pure carnal lust both women cried out as wave after wave of pleasure wracked their bodies.

A few feet away Uri and Reiko were attacking one another with their tongues and fingers. Each one found the other's clit at almost the same moment, and eagerly stroked it. Both women knew how it was going to end, but neither had any control over what was to come. They started to cry out in ecstasy, and their love juices flowed over each other's fingers. They were humping each other's hand, and wildly kissing as they went off. At that moment the room was filled with the sounds of all four women reaching their sexual peak.

Aki and Tamiko were so overwhelmed they both collapsed, and neither could move for many minutes. Uri and Reiko were so overcome by the extreme feelings ravaging their bodies that they were sobbing. They hugged each other until the feelings passed, and they calmed down. Uri looked at Reiko and said, "I can't wait until we move in together so we can do this all the time."

Reiko happily agreed with Uri, and then they both looked over at Aki and Tamiko, and asked which one of them had gone off first. Neither woman could answer that question, and it appeared as if all four of them had cried out at the same time. After a few moments of silence Aki told everyone to pick out one of the many showers in the mansion to use, and asked everyone to meet in her bedroom after they were finished.

Almost 45 minutes later Reiko and Uri walked into Aki's bedroom hand in hand and completely naked. They came to a grinding halt, and were surprised at what they saw. Aki and Tamiko were in a passionate embrace, and their naked bodies were locked together. Aki, sensing the presence of Reiko and Uri, looked up and said, "I have to take Tamiko to the airport, and we're just saying goodbye. There's a lot of room on the bed. Why don't you join us?"

Reiko and Uri happily complied. In a few moments all of them were rolling around on the bed kissing and grinding their bodies together. A half-hour later everyone had calmed down, and they were sitting together on the bed. Aki said, "In a few weeks the four of us will be working together in our main offices. All of us have to remember one thing. Sex should never interfere with our work, and our work should never interfere with sex."

Everyone knew what Aki meant, and the four women all looked forward to the wild ride ahead of them.