(by EAGLE)

Sex Fight-Part 2

They took a break for lunch, and spent some time going over the script for part two which they were going to do that afternoon. The morning had gone pretty well with very few breaks, and they hoped the afternoon would go just as well. During the lunch break Sumi and Miko spent a little more time getting acquainted. They appeared to enjoy working together, and seemed to have none of the usual jealousies beautiful women
have when trying to star in the same feature.

By two o'clock they were ready to begin the second part. According to the script the two worked as nurses on different floors of the hospital. Miko sent a message to Sumi to meet her in an unused room near the end of their shift. When Sumi got there she found Miko waiting for her. They were dressed in very formfitting white nurse’s uniforms with white caps. Miko wanted Sumi to come to her apartment late that night so they could resume their sexual competition. Miko said, "I want you to come dressed just as you are now, but wear nothing under your uniform."

Sumi agreed, and told Miko she was looking forward to the second part of their sexual encounter. As Sumi turned to leave the room Miko grabbed her by the wrist, and spun her around. She put her arms around Sumi, pulled her close, and said, "This is just a sample of what I'm going to do to you tonight." With that she passionately kissed Sumi, and the two women started grinding into each other as their open mouths locked together and their tongues played. The kiss lasted a long time, and when they finally broke apart there was heavy breathing. Miko let go, and Sumi left the room.

At nine o'clock that night Sumi knocked on the door of Miko's apartment. Miko answered the door to let Sumi in. The two of them still had on their white caps and nurse’s uniforms. They smiled, and briefly kissed to show there were no hard feelings. It is common in many Japanese videos when women are competing for them to display friendship and respect for one another. Miko took Sumi by the hand, and led her to the bedroom. Standing very close together they agreed to follow the same rules as they had in part one. They slid their arms around each other, and pulled each other close taking up where they had left off in the hospital that afternoon. They began to passionately kiss. Both women looked exactly the way they were supposed to. They were hot and sexy in their nurse’s costumes.

It should be noted here that kissing is an important part of a Japanese woman's approach to sex of any kind especially with another woman. Many Japanese tapes and DVDs are solely devoted to women kissing, and having kissing contests with other women. The feeling is that one woman can arouse another quickly if she is a good kisser.

As a result Miko and Sumi engaged in a kissing duel which went on for a long time. They took turns sucking each other’s tongue, stopping only long enough to catch their breaths. They were grinding their bodies together at the same time they were grinding their mouths together. The kissing was getting to both of them, and they began to gasp and moan. They stopped only long enough to move a few inches apart so they could unsnap each other’s uniform. As they spread the uniforms apart both women were wearing nothing underneath except white thigh top stockings. Both women gasped as their naked bodies came together. Each woman pressed a thigh into her rival's pussy, and the two women rocked back and forth getting more aroused as time passed.

They stopped for a moment, and Miko took Sumi by the hand over to the bed. As soon as they came together on their knees they began passionately kissing again. A pause in their kissing allowed them to grasp each other’s breasts so they could squeeze and pull on their very erect nipples. They took turns lightly biting and sucking one another's breasts and nipples. Miko then took Sumi's face in both hands, drawing her close, and whispered something to her.

It was obvious what she said because in a few moments both women sat back, and then slid together in a scissors position. As their very wet pussies came together it was a question of which woman would get the other off first. Both women moaned as they started to grind their pussies together. Rather than taunt one another each woman described how good she felt, and each wanted to please the other so long as she could win. The same thing happened to both actresses that happened in the first part. Miko and Sumi were getting turned on regardless of the script. Once again they heard from Kenny in their earpiece saying that it was time to finish. Sumi started to go off, and squealed in delight as sensations racked her body. Her wild movements took Miko to her own feeling of ecstasy, and she joined Sumi in erupting.

It was Miko's turn to win, and she exacted the same payment from Sumi as they had performed in the first part. Sumi sucked and licked Miko's pussy until she went off. When they were finished both women agreed to meet one more time to break the tie. It was decided they would meet back at Miko's apartment the next night. Each promised the other a night to remember. This ended the second part of their competition. Kenny
told them he was very pleased with their performances, and reminded them to be early the next day. Miko and Sumi then left the studio for the day.