(by EAGLE)


There are two types of women who are part of the sex business in Japan. There are those who work as prostitutes or are part of the adult video world for a short period of time. They use the money to help pay for college or save for the future. Then there are those who are in the business for the long haul. Miko Sato, at age 26, had been part of this world since she was 18. She was considered to be one of the best in the adult business. She modeled for lingerie catalogs, adult magazines, and was considered one of the two or three most beautiful and talented actresses in the adult video industry.

One day she got a call from Kenny Shati who had produced many of her top-selling videos. He asked her to come to his office at 2 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, saying he had a job just for her. When she walked into his office she saw another woman sitting there. She immediately recognized Sumi Matsui, and was surprised to see her. Sumi was one of the few women on the same level as Miko. They had never met because Miko did most of her work in Tokyo while Sumi was normally based in Nagasaki. She was just as beautiful and popular as Miko. Kenny introduced the two women, and explained why he sent for both of them.

He told them that a man paid a large sum of money for a custom video, and he specifically requested these two actresses to make the story. Kenny further explained that the story the man wrote had the two women competing sexually against one another. Neither actress seemed surprised because, although they had never worked together, both had made this type of video before. Kenny went on to say he had obtained distribution rights from the man so the video would be made on both tape and DVD.

He handed each actress a copy of the script, and gave a brief outline of the story. One of the most popular adult storylines in Japan has actresses involved in cosplay. Cosplay is an abbreviation for costume sex play. The general outline of the story had the women as nurses working in the same hospital, but more importantly they were cheerleaders for rival soccer teams. He told them the taping would take place over two days, and would begin the following day. He made both women happy by telling them they would receive triple their normal rate of pay.

Both actresses expressed a little reluctance concerning the first part which involved boxing. Kenny told them not to worry because he would show them exactly what they had to do, and assured them neither would get hurt because there was no real boxing. He asked both to be there early Friday morning as he wanted to get the first two parts done before the end of the day. Miko left for home, and Sumi went to the hotel where she was staying.

Sex Fight-Part One

The following day the two actresses met at Kenny's studio, and started to prepare for the taping session. The story began as the two women met in the parking lot after a soccer game. Without realizing it they had parked next to each other. This part of the story line was shot in the parking lot next to the studio.

As the two women moved toward one another they looked very sexy in their cheerleading outfits. Miko had on a purple skirt with a gold stripe and skimpy top while Sumi was in a red skirt with a white stripe. As they approached each other it was easy to see the similarities between the two women. Japanese women as a rule are not tall, and the two actresses were barely 5'4". The only difference between the two was their hair. Miko had long straight black hair while Sumi was a very dark brunette. Unless they were surgically enhanced most Japanese women were not large breasted, but Sumi and Miko filled their skimpy tops quite nicely without being overly large. Following the script they were cordial as they came together, and started to talk.

Sumi started the conversation by greeting Miko, and told her just because they were rivals it did not mean they had to be enemies. Miko agreed, and told Sumi they should find a way to settle their differences. She said, "Each of us wants to prove we are the best at anything. I think we should get together, and compete to find out once and for all who is really the best."

As the conversation continued sex was not mentioned, but it was clear each woman thought she could dominate her rival in any test she might come up with. The discussion resulted in Sumi challenging Miko to a physical and sexual contest. Both women were so calm a passerby would have thought they were discussing the weather. After a few minutes each woman got into her own car, and Miko followed Sumi to her home. Once they arrived they went inside, sat down, and since it was Sumi's challenge discussed what they were going to do. Sumi had two pair of boxing gloves, and told Miko they would start out boxing. Both women stripped everything off except their cheerleading skirts.

Although neither of them had any experience boxing Kenny had given them some pointers so they looked the part. Both looked hot and sexy as they approached one another wearing nothing but the short cheerleading skirts. They were going to make it look as realistic as possible, and had agreed not to hit each other in the face. Sumi and Miko moved toward each other to begin. They peeked at one another over their gloves, and began to swing. Most of the blows hit each other in the gloves or on the shoulders as they protected their breasts to keep them from being hit. This wasn't slow motion, and after four or five minutes of vigorous action they began (according to the script) to tire. Miko and Sumi did what normal boxers do when they get tired. They got into a clinch. It was here the sexual competition was to begin.

As they clinched their breasts came together. After clinching for a few moments they hit each other on the back and the ass with their gloves. Then still following the script Miko jabbed one of her breasts into one of Sumi’s. Sumi jabbed back, and Miko did it again, this time using both breasts. Sumi smiled, and said, "So, you’d like to box me with your breasts. I enjoy competing that way."

So they began to tit fight. They jabbed, swung hard, and ground their tits together from side to side. After a few minutes they clinched again, and went down together to the floor. At this point everything was sexual. They pushed both skirts up with their boxing gloves, and assaulted each other’s pussy. The boxing gloves they were using were obviously too big to penetrate, but one part of the glove was perfect. The large thumb resembled a dildo, and was perfect for sliding up and down each other’s pussy.

They started to moan, and it wasn't all pretend. When two actresses attack each other sexually they get turned on whether there is a script or not. Each promised to force an orgasm from the other first. In between gasps and moans each told the other she was the better woman. They began to tongue kiss to excite each other even more. After a few minutes of pussy rubbing and kissing they heard Kenny in their earpiece tell them to finish. Following the script Miko faked a tremendous orgasm, and took Sumi over the edge with her. After they rolled apart and lay back for a few moments Sumi sat up, and triumphantly said, "I told you I would win and I did. You got me off, but I got you first and that's what counts."

According to the rules they set up before starting the loser had to please the winner by licking her pussy. Miko held up her end of the bargain by sucking Sumi’s pussy until she reached a loud moaning orgasm. After they were finished they stood up, and Miko told Sumi she should have the chance to get even. Sumi agreed, and Miko told her they would meet at the hospital the following day to set up the next round of their competition. That ended the first part of the Trilogy.