(by EAGLE)

Meeting Stacey and Tracy at the twins festival had turned into a night of erotic play for all of us. We had gone to sleep together after each twin had tested both sisters. Sometime in the middle of the night something woke me up, but for a few moments I had no idea why I was suddenly awake. On my half of the bed I was sleeping on the outside, and Stacey, still asleep, was on the inside. Mindy and I always slept with a soft light on so we didn't run into anything if we got up during the night. I glanced at the clock, and saw it was 3 a.m. Then I looked over, and saw what caused the noise which awoke me.

For a few seconds I didn't believe what I was watching. Then I remembered who it was. My sister and Tracy were all wrapped up together going at it. Their legs were thoroughly entwined. They had their arms around each other, and were passionately kissing. They were grinding their bodies together in a sensual rhythm, and were oblivious to anything or anyone around them.

Stacey was asleep between me, and the passionate lovers. I couldn't believe the noise had not roused her. I gently pushed her shoulder until she awoke. It took her a few seconds to focus her eyes. When she looked at me I pointed to the two on the other side of the bed going at it. She watched them for a few moments then looked at me and said, "Why should they have all the fun?"

She reached up, grabbed me by the hair, pulled me down, and started to kiss me. I guess we were both turned on by watching our sisters lock up again because I kissed her back, and then we really got into it. We rocked back and forth unto we were all wrapped up together with our arms and legs around each other. I guess a few hours sleep invigorated us because the four of us were getting more passionate by the second. I could hear Mindy and Stacey promise one another each would win. In between kisses I told Stacey, "This time I win."

She told me to prove it, and we started grinding into each other faster and harder. Soon all four of us were wildly humping, and we enjoyed it so much we didn't care who went off first. Tracy and my sister had started first so they went off first. I could tell by the sound of her voice that Mindy lost this round. I heard a familiar cry and loud moaning sounds that meant my sister had gone over the edge. It was close because a few seconds later Tracy cried out in pleasure, but Mindy had lost this encounter.

In the meantime I found myself on top of Stacey. I pushed off a little so I could rub my tits from side to side banging against hers in the process. She had her eyes closed as I lowered myself, and fucked her as hard as I could. I could tell she was close, but trying as hard as she could to keep from losing it. When I kissed her again, and started sucking her tongue that did it. She stopped resisting, and wrapped her legs around my waist and she screamed her pleasure. It really turns me on when another woman wraps her legs around my waist. It tells me she really wants me. Realizing I had won I let myself go, and joined her in crying out in pleasure. We kept humping each other until the sensations passed. I looked over and Mindy and Tracy who were already apart, and getting ready to go back to sleep. Stacey and I went back to sleep wrapped up in each other's arms. A night filled with ecstasy was over.

We all slept very late the next morning. By the time we had all showered, and gathered in the kitchen for breakfast it was after 11 a.m. None of us were big breakfast eaters so we settled on toast and tea. We freely discussed what had transpired the night before. All of us had been excited over what happened. We spent the next few hours talking about past sexual relationships, but agreed our encounters were at the top of the list of experiences we had. Tracy put it into context when she said, "No matter how friendly the competition is it gets very intense because everyone wants to win."

Everyone agreed they not only enjoyed the previous night's sexual activity, but wondered when we were going to do it again. Stacey, who had been relatively quiet during the discussions said, "I have an idea how we can have some fun this afternoon, and do something different."

We all turned to her waiting to see what she had come up with. I have to admit what she said was a real turn on. She explained, "So far we have been doing everything individually, but we are really two teams of sisters competing against each other. I propose that we all get together on the bed, and find out which team loses. The first set of twins to go off loses, and pays a penalty.

I asked her what the penalty would be. She asked if we had ever watched identical twins have sex together. I answered we hadn't, and she told us they had never seen that either. Her idea was the losers would have to perform for the winners. Everyone at the table thought it was a great idea. The more she described it the more erotic it sounded. We spent the next few minutes setting some rules, and then quickly adjourned to the bedroom. We took off the tank tops we were wearing, and formed a foursome on our knees in the middle of the bed. Stacey was on my right, and Tracy was on my left. My sister was across from me.

The way we were situated made it easy to reach anyone, and do anything you wanted to do. We were all aroused at the idea of doing something we hadn't done before. For a few seconds I did not know who to start with, but I had that decided for me when Tracy reached over and squeezed one of my breasts. As I looked at her Stacey did the same thing from the other side. In a few seconds the four of us were squeezing and pulling breasts.

It was getting wild as we began to tongue kiss whoever was on the left, and then moved to the right to do the same thing. At this point something very erotic happened. All four tongues played together at the same time. I don't think any of the four of us had ever tongue kissed three other women at the same time. Then I started stroking both Stacey's and Tracy's pussies at the same time. I felt their fingers in my pussy, and all of a sudden each one of us was stroking the pussy of two other women at the same time. We were starting to gasp and moan from the pleasure produced by two other women. At the time I didn't care who was going to go off first. It felt so good. In the past I had been part of a threesome, but never a foursome.

Both Stacey and Tracy grabbed Mindy by the hair, and pulled her head back. They quickly bent over, and each one attacked one of Mindy's breasts with her mouth. I could hear Mindy squeal as they each pulled on one of her nipples with their teeth. I quickly grabbed Tracy, pulled her away, and started to tongue fight her. At the same time I was stroking Stacey's pussy with my fingers. In spite of what I did Stacey continued to drive her fingers deeper into Mindy's pussy. Even as she was kissing Stacey Mindy started to erupt. She was going off first, and cried out in pleasure from the sensations which seemed to take over her whole body.

This meant if I went off before both Stacey and Tracy our team would lose. However, according to the rules we set up just because someone went off first did not mean they were out all the competition. In a way this helped us because Mindy could still try to get either Stacey or Tracy off without worrying about herself. She seemed to want Stacey so I concentrated on Tracy. We kissed, pulled on each other's breasts, and started stroking one another's pussy. In the meantime I was still using one hand on Stacey. Mindy and I started stroking both women at the same time. Our motions got more frantic as they tried to get me off at the same time Mindy and I were working on them. All of a sudden Stacey erupted in a squealing gasping orgasm. She started to shake as the sensations engulfed her whole body. As this happened I quickly realized if I could get Tracy off before she got me my sister and I would be the winners. Tracy realized this at the same time, and we faced each other to find out who would win.

We started to kiss, and took turns sucking each other's tongue. We began to stroke each other's pussy, but were so aroused we were actually humping one another's hand. I will be the first to tell you that it was not a matter of skill. It was pure luck that made me, and in turn, my sister the winners. Tracy went over the edge first. It could have just as easily been me, but it wasn’t. As she went off she took me with her, and we started to moan and shake simultaneously. But there was no doubt that she had lost. We let go of each other, and fell back to a sitting position. For awhile the four of us just looked at each other. I was amazed at what all of us had done. It was one of the most erotic experiences of my life.

The four of us laid back until we calmed down. It was my sister who seemed to recover the quickest. She sat up, looked at the twins who lost, and reminded them they had to perform for us. Without any hesitation Stacey and Tracy got to their knees, and moved closer together. They acted as though no one else were in the room aside from the two of them. They smiled at one another, and began squeezing and pulling on each other's breasts. Then Tracy cupped her own breasts, and began moving them back and forth across Stacey's nipples. Stacey did the same, and they started to moan as they bent each others nipples from side to side.

They moved closer together, and started to open mouth kiss. We could see their tongues play together as they became more aroused. Tracy said something to Stacey which we could not hear, but they quickly sat back, spread their legs, and locked together in a scissors position. They continued to kiss as they started to grind their pussies together. Neither of them said anything, but they didn't have to because they were on the same wave length. After a few minutes of pussy banging both of them lay back. They were flat on their backs with their eyes closed, and we could tell by the sounds they were in ecstasy.

Mindy and I were sitting side by side watching the two of them. I looked at my sister, and could tell she was getting as turned on as I was. She leaned over, kissed me, and said, "This is really turning me on. I can't stand just watching. I think we should help them."

I nodded my head, and a she moved closer to Tracy I. went toward Stacey. I laid close to her, and wiggled to a position where I could kiss her breast. When I did that she was startled. She opened her eyes, saw it was me, and smiled. She pulled me closer so we could kiss. I licked her lips with my tongue, and at the same time started gently pulling on one of her nipples. As I did this she slid her hand between my legs, and started to stroke my already wet pussy. It was wild. She was grinding her pussy into her sisters, and at the same time was kissing and stroking me. I stopped for a brief second to peak at my sister and Tracy. Tracy was doing the same thing to Mindy as Stacey was doing to me.

The four of us were in ecstasy. In no particular order all of us went off, and cried out. My sister and I get pretty wild sometimes, but nothing was even close to what we were experiencing at that moment. Two sets of twins had taken each other over the edge, and it's hard to find the words to describe what had taken place. It was quiet for awhile, and when we all sat up and faced each other I told them how much my sister and I had enjoyed their performance. Stacey laughed, and told us they would win the next time, and get to watch us perform for them.

After talking for a few minutes we straightened things up, and Stacey and Tracy got ready to leave. My sister and I covered up with a coat so we could walk them to their car. We decided when and where we would get together again. We kissed them goodbye, watched them drive away, and then went back in the house. After we removed our coats we went to the bedroom, and decided to change the bedding. We exchanged green satin sheets for the red ones we had used, and as we finished tucking everything in Mindy and I found ourselves in the middle of the bed.

She looked at me, and said, "You seem as though you have something on your mind. What is it?"

I replied, "I was just thinking. You really seemed to have the hots for those two. You really got into it with them." Mindy looked at me for a moment to see if I was serious, and when she decided I was said, "I don't think I did anything any different than you did."

My answer was sarcastic, "Oh no? Who woke everybody up at three in the morning because she had to have another round of sex? Mindy glared at me replying, "I noticed it didn't take you long to join in. I think I know what your problem is. You're jealous."

I questioned, "What would I possibly be jealous about?" She quickly replied, "I think you're jealous because Stacey and Tracy think I'm a better lover then you are." I countered, "That couldn't possibly be true." She asked, "Why not?"

I smirked, "Because you are a common whore."

Her reaction came in two parts. First, she called me a bitch and then slapped me across the face. I slapped her back, and for a few seconds we glared at one another. Then we launched ourselves together, locked our
hands in each other's hair, and started to pull. In a couple of seconds we were screaming and cursing at each other.

It’s a good thing our house was isolated from the others on the block or everyone would have heard us. We sounded like two cats in the heat of battle. For almost five minutes we pulled and yanked on each other’s hair going back and forth and side to side. Then I switched from pulling her hair to reaching around her body with my hands, and squeezing her as hard and close to me as I could. She did the same thing, and in a few moments we were in a bear hug. We were still cursing at each other as we began a sensual and painful duel. We would loosen our grip on each other, and then quickly pull our bodies together as hard as we could. We both moaned from the pleasure and the pain as our breasts mashed together.

We could only do this for so long before we had to stop. We momentarily rested cheek to cheek as we caught our breath. After a few seconds I whispered in her ear, “You know you can’t beat me.” I expected her reply, “Go to hell bitch!”

I ran my tongue over her ear, and told her I could handle anything she did. Our hair is so long that even with our arms around each other we could get a good grip. And so we began a three-part erotic duel which was a real turn on. First, we tugged each other’s hair for a few seconds. As we let go we whispered curses at each other, and then locked our mouths together in snarling kisses. They were so hard our teeth banged together. As we repeated this it came down to two parts as we stopped cursing. Then it became one part as we stopped tugging on each other’s hair, and started to kiss very softly and passionately. Our tongues were playing deep inside each other’s mouth. I broke away for a second, and asked, “Are we through fighting?”

She smiled, shook her head, and answered, “Oh no! My pussy wants to wrestle and fight with yours.”

We kissed once more, sat back, and opened our legs for each other so we could get into a scissors position. We each promised the other we would win our pussy wrestling contest. As our pussies came together we began a slow grinding motion into each other. We began a contest we were both familiar with. It was as if we each tried to prove we could use slow love to get one another off. We moaned in pleasure as the slow grinding got to both of us. This one ended the way many of our encounters had. This time our screaming wasn’t from hair pulling. It was from an intense orgasm which took us over the edge. We sat up, and embraced until the sensations which had overtaken our bodies passed, and then we both fell back. It was a fantastic end to an unbelievable day.

She looked at me, and said, “I love it when we fight and fuck. I replied, “I know. I love it too.”

The following day we e-mailed all the pictures we had taken with the Bentleys over the weekend, and in return they e-mailed us all the ones they had. We now get together with Stacey and Tracy one weekend per month as we take turns driving to each other’s house. Our encounters seem to be more intense each time, and we always look forward to them. This New Year’s Eve four-day weekend they are coming to us, and they have a surprise. Recently we received an e-mail from them telling us they had found another set of identical twins who like the same things we do. They asked if they could invite them for the weekend, and when we received their pictures told the Bentleys to definitely bring them as our bed easily had room for six pillows. Their names are Carla and Darla. With long black hair, dark complexions and beautiful bodies they looked like they would fit in very well with us.

Maybe someday I will write about what is sure to be a very hot and sensual weekend. In the mean time the next time you see beautiful identical twin sisters whether in person, in a beer commercial, or in a men’s magazine you can wonder. Do they or don’t they?