(by EAGLE)

My name is Mandy Willison, and I have a story to tell you. First I would like to paint you a quick picture so you will know a little about me. I am 26 years of age, around 5 ft. 8 in. tall, and have very long straight straw colored blond hair which comes well below my shoulders. Without exaggerating I can say I have a beautiful body with large breasts, and great legs. What makes me a little different is that I have an identical twin sister named Mindy. We live together in a large house, and have good jobs with different companies.

It was a typical late August day in New England which meant warm days and cool nights. It was a Saturday, and we were attending a twins festival. These festivals are held all over the country, and feature many sets of twins who come together once a year to have fun and get to know other sets of twins. No one knows the joys and problems twins experience except other twins. By coincidence this year's festival was being held only about 25 miles from our home. When we arrived in the afternoon there were many sets of twins ages 6 to 76 already there. We were joined by a few sets of triplets as well as some fraternal twins.

There were games for the kids, and other activities for adults along with many tables of goodies to eat. Almost everyone had a camera so pictures of other twins could be taken. We spent some time chatting with people we had gotten to know in previous years when we happened to notice a set of identical twins we had not seen before. My sister and I looked at each other and were thinking the same thing. They were gorgeous, and we immediately realized we wanted to get to know them. As we walked closer to them we saw how beautiful they were. They had long wavy golden blond hair which came down to their shoulders. From the neck down we were clones, but of course they had different facial features from Mindy and I.

We approached them, and introduced ourselves. One of them said, "We are the Bentleys. I am Stacey, and this is my sister Tracy."

They told us they were fairly new to the area, and lived about 100 miles away. At age 25 this was their first twins festival, and they were enjoying it very much. We spent most of the next two hours talking and becoming acquainted with one another. Toward the end of the day as the festival was winding down they expressed some concern over the long drive home in light of the fact they were new to the area, and did not know the roads too well. When they asked us to recommend a motel we insisted they follow us to our home where they could spend the night. I said to them, "We have an extra bedroom, and would be more than happy to have you stay with us."

When Stacey mentioned they hadn't packed anything Mindy told them we had plenty of clothes, and could easily share them because all four of us were the same size. We traded cell phone numbers in case we got separated, and they followed us home in their car. When we arrived at our house we took them inside, and showed them to the guest bedroom. Mindy disappeared for a few moments, and returned with two hangers in her hand. She said, "While you get changed into these Mandy and I will also get changed. Then we can relax, and get better acquainted in front of a warm fire."

My sister and I went to our bedroom where we also got changed. We moved to the living room where Mindy started a fire in the fireplace while I went to the kitchen to get some brandy for all of us. As I returned to the living room Tracy and Stacey walked in from their bedroom, and for a few moments each of us compared ourselves with everyone else in the room to see how we stacked up. Mindy had chosen well. We were all wearing beautiful camisoles which made us look hot and sexy. They were daring and short, and left nothing to the imagination. While they were solid from the waist down they were semi-transparent from the waist up. They barely covered our nipples, and were held up by very thin spaghetti straps which had tiny snaps in the front. The only difference was the Bentleys were wearing green and black while Mindy and I were in silver and black.

After admiring one another we decided to take pictures, and for the next 20 minutes using both cameras we took every possible combination of four women we could think of. We had a lot of fun making sure the poses were sexy and provocative. After we finished taking pictures we sat together in front of the fireplace, and started talking. For the next two hours we compared our lives, and told each other intimate details none of us had ever spoken about before.

During this time we consumed a large amount of brandy, and started to feel very relaxed and mellow. I walked over to our sound system, and put on a CD which played sensual music. It was probably a combination of the brandy, and the fact that Stacey and Tracy looked so inviting that I wanted to dance. I asked Tracy to dance with me, and Mindy pulled Stacey to her feet. The four of us were dancing to the slow provocative music. Our dancing left nothing to the imagination. We were pressed together as closely as possible, and as I looked into our wall mirror I saw four beautiful women wearing very little enjoying themselves. After five minutes I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was my sister, and I knew what she wanted. We changed partners so we could dance with both sisters.

After almost 10 minutes of very turned-on dancing we took a break, and sat down near the fireplace again. Stacey then wanted to know if she could ask a personal question. I told her it was okay, and after a little hesitation asked, "Do the two of you have an intimate sexual relationship?"

I answered, "Yes, we have a very sexual relationship with one another. We know what many people would think, but we only share part of their opinions. There is definitely something wrong if there is a sexual relationship between a parent and a child or a there is a male-female relationship within the same family. However, we have never had a problem with two sisters being involved together."

Mindy chimed in, "We have been involved with men and other women, but our relationship is very special to us. We also have a friendly rivalry, and sometimes challenge each other as to who is the best lover. Our sexual competition takes us to a higher level of passion."

Stacey looked at her sister, and said, "See, I told you on the way over here they were just like us. We do the same things you do. I'm happy to know there are other twins who are just like us."

At that point I noticed everyone's glass was empty so I headed to the kitchen to get everyone a refill. Tracy came along to help, and as I poured the brandy we started to talk. She told me how pleased she was that we had met, and told me she thought we would be close friends. As we spoke she moved closer to me, and I thought by the look in her eye she wanted to do more than just talk. I knew after the dancing I felt the same way, but thought this wasn't the time or place. With four glasses of brandy we walked back to the living room. As we approached the fireplace we came to a grinding halt. I think we were both surprised at what we saw. Our sisters were on their knees facing each other, and locked together in a passionate open mouth kiss.

Tracy and I looked at each other, and didn't know what to say or do. So we watched as the two women in front of us started grinding their bodies together. I had to admit it looked sexy as hell. When they finally broke the kiss Mindy looked at us and said, "Just testing each other in some friendly competition. You two should try it. You'll like it."

Tracy and I didn't need a second invitation. We put the glasses down on a nearby table, and without any words slid into each others arms. We started what we both wanted to do in the kitchen, and began to passionately kiss as our bodies came together. I pulled her down on the floor next to our sisters. She said, “I think I’m going to very much enjoy competing with you.”

I licked her lips with my tongue, and told her, "We are both going to enjoy this very much. The only question is who is going to win."

We attacked each other with wild abandon. We kissed and kissed, and after we stopped to catch our breath we kissed some more. Our tongues had a contest of their own, and then we took turns sucking each other's tongue. I reached under her camisole, grabbed her ass with both hands, and pulled her into me. She did the same, and our grinding bodies began to do a sex dance. By now we were both very wet, and gasping and moaning from the sensations.

She pulled slightly away from me, and in one motion unsnapped my spaghetti straps. My top fell, and she grabbed my breasts with both hands saying, "I just love playing with big breasts like yours."

I gasped, "You bitch! Two can play that game. I like grabbing big breasts too."

I did the same to her, and in a few seconds we were squeezing and pulling each other's breasts. I took a quick glance at my sister. She and Stacey were holding hands down at their sides, and they were having their own version of a tit fight. They were grinding and banging their tits together. Both were saying, "My tits are better than yours."

I turned my attention back to Tracy. While still holding on to one another's breasts we moved closer together, and began a nipple duel. We moved our breasts from side to side bending each others nipples back and forth. Soon we began kissing and tongue fighting again. After a few minutes of this I whispered in her ear, "I want to pussy fight you."

She nodded, and we let go of one another so we could sit back to get ready to lock our pussies in the ultimate sex fight position. In a moment we were in a scissors position, and brought our wet pussies together. We both moaned at the contact, and quickly started grinding our wet pussies into each other. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Mindy and Stacey doing the same thing. Both of them had their eyes closed, and were making sounds of pleasure. I wanted my sister to win, but I knew I had to concentrate on what I was doing or I would lose. I reached over with one hand, and started to pull one of Tracy's nipples. She did the same thing to me, and at the same time we started banging our pussies together even harder.

No matter how much I think about it I can't really describe what happened next because there was really no way to tell who won between all four of us. All I know is I reached for Tracy so we could meet in an upright position, mash our breasts together, and passionately kiss until one of us went off. It was wild. We started pulling each other's hair at the same time we were kissing and pussy banging. We started squealing loudly as we both reached an orgasm. I don't know what happened with my sister and Stacey because at the same time we were screaming in passion they started to cry out in pleasure. I can tell you the four of us went off at approximately the same time, but I have no clue who won.

We clutched each other tightly until the sensations passed. Mindy and Stacey were still kissing each other all over their faces and necks as their bodies were still shaking from their intense feelings. In a short time the four of us laid back on the floor still trying to recover from our sexual encounters. I think we stayed in that position for almost 10 minutes before we sat up, and looked at each other. No one said anything for a while so I got up, and handed brandy glasses to everyone. Finally Mindy said, "Let’s drink to the first of many hot times. There's nothing like friendly competitive sex between four hot women. Everyone loves four on the floor when it’s done our way."

That broke the ice, and we relaxed. The camisoles we were wearing were a mess so I left for a few moments, went to the bedroom, and brought out something we could change into. What I selected was not a sexy as what we were wearing, but it suited the purpose at least for the time being. I brought out four shorty robes, and we changed right there in the living room. I handed Tracy and Stacey red robes while Mindy and I had black ones. They were waist length, and just provocative enough to keep our attention on one another.

A little more brandy combined with the heat from a roaring fire made everyone loosen their belts, and open their robes. Mindy now gave her attention to Tracy, and Stacey slid a little closer to me. I thought I knew what everyone, including me, was thinking. It was as though we all received the same signal which said, "Now that I've locked up with one sister I wonder what the other one is like."

It was as though locking up with both sisters had been preprogrammed in our minds. Without any words the four of us stood up. My sister and I led Tracy and Stacey to our bedroom. When we got there, and walked in Stacey looked and exclaimed, "Wow! That isn't a bed. It's a playground."

Mindy and I didn't just have a king sized bed. We had a super king sized bed made from two queen-size mattresses pushed together. It looked huge partly because it was, and partly because our bedroom wasn't overly large. It was covered with red satin sheets which always adds to the atmosphere. My sister and I had a lot of fun on that bed, and we were about to have more. We all got up on the bed and faced off. Mindy was on one side facing Tracy, and I was on the other side facing Stacey. I wanted to take her on as badly as I wanted to lock up with her sister, and I could tell by the look in her eyes she felt the same way about me. I looked at her, and quietly said, "I hope you are as good as your sister."

She smiled, and replied, "You can never tell. I might be better."

We moved closer together, and as an invitation to begin opened our robes as wide as we could. Each of us accepted the invitation, and we quickly came together. I could feel my breasts mashing into hers, and we put our arms around each other so we could pull our bodies as close together as possible. We were in a gentle bear hug, and looking intently into each other's eyes to see what effect we were having. She smiled and said, "I'm just like my sister. I like to play with big breasts too."

I replied, "Lover, we have four women on this bed with size 38s. It isn't just how big we are. It's how well we use them."

We squeezed together even harder, and locked our open mouths together in our first kiss. Then we started to play using our tongues. It was one of the best tongue fights I've ever had with another woman. She was wild, and I did my best to hold my own. The tongue kissing went on for quite a while. When we stopped she grabbed me and threw me down on the bed. She immediately jumped on top of me. We rolled back and forth a few times with each of us trying to stay on top.

I grabbed her around the waist, and tried to throw or off. Somehow we ended up in a position where we could attack each other's breasts with our mouth. We kissed, licked, and sucked one another's breasts. I pulled on one of her nipples with my teeth. She moaned, returned the favor, and for a few minutes we were attacking each other's nipples. From where I was positioned I could see my sister and Tracy. They had their hands locked in each other's hair, but not to do any hair pulling. It was to hold each other's head steady while they were tongue fighting. At the same time each of them had one hand stroking the other's pussy. They were both gasping from the pleasure.

Stacey told me she wanted to taste me. Knowing what she wanted I pushed her over so I had the top position as we began a 69 fight. I reached for her pussy with my mouth, and started to lick and suck. As I inserted my tongue into her pussy I could feel her attacking my pussy with her mouth. We were both very wet, and I knew neither one of us would last too long before going off. I decided to use my fingers along with my mouth to try to get her off faster. I guess we both thought of it at the same time because I could feel her fingers going into my pussy along with her tongue. I glanced over at Mindy, and saw them get into a position similar to ours.

I thought I was winning, but Stacey found a way to get me off quicker. She found my clit, and gently took it in her teeth. Then she jabbed at it with her tongue, and that did it. With a loud squeal I went off, and my whole body felt like it was vibrating. I loved what she did to me, but was disappointed that I lost. She had won, but I wanted to get her off too. So even though I lost some of my composure I knew enough to keep going. Thirty or forty seconds later my persistence paid off, and Stacey came into my mouth. We relaxed for a few seconds, and then I turned around so we could kiss and lick the pussy juice from each other's lips.

I looked over at the two on the other half of the bed. They were in a 69 position side-by-side while Stacey and I watched to see who would go off first. It didn't take long because with a loud gasp and moan Tracy reached an intense orgasm. As she was going off she slid her fingers faster and deeper into Mindy's pussy. With a loud exclamation of "Oh God" Mindy went off, and screeched in happy passion. Then just as Stacey and I had done the two of them kissed and licked each other's face.

We all looked at one another, and realized we were pretty well spent. We arranged ourselves on the bed, pulled up the sheets, and went to sleep. What I didn't realize at the time was the best was yet to come.