Dragon Business Women Club Part 3

The Players

Copyright Aussie Greg 2003

An explanation of how Mai found herself in Hong Kong and experiencing her ordeal in part 1.

As the plane circled Lantau Island Airport Hong Kong I almost felt sorry for what lay ahead of the woman sitting next to me in first class. Almost, and only for one thousandth of a second. The woman was Mai a 24 year old Vietnamese Australian who had come to Australia as a refugee aged 5, She was tall slim attractive with a perfect face and longhaired with that upward swish of hair at the front that Vietnamese women often prefer, and she was the most arrogant selfish and conceited person you could meet. A person who drove a red BMW while her parents when they were still alive (having died last year) still lived in Government housing and did piece rate sewing at home, a person who had backstabbed anybody she saw as a threat to her upward rise in the company, a person who thought I was so infatuated with her flirting and teasing I would do anything she asked, a person whose life revolved around herself, the person I had selected to go to Hong Kong to take control of our operations there. A person who was unaware of what Mei Ling and I had planned for her in Hong Kong.

The plane landed and we were whisked away by Mei Ling in her chauffeured Merc to her house on the Stanley Road on the island itself. As a person who judged people by their material possessions Mai could not help but be overwhelmed by Mei Ling. She was perfectly expensively groomed and made up, her tailored fitted jacket and the ultra short skirt beneath that didn’t reach the jacket’s hem, the shoes and handbag were all European genuine not Hong Kong fakes. Even the stockings encasing her shapely legs were USD$50. She exuded class. Without speaking she had made Mai feel inadequate.

Immediately we arrived we met her two business partners Wei a size 14 squeezed into expensive size 10 outfit with tits and thigh expansively exposed surmounted by a gorgeous face and lion’s mane of permed hair, and Li Jing a petite size 6 with a high necked cream silk skin tight traditional Chinese top and even tighter Italian silk black slacks and 6 inch heels. Both her nipples, which were surprisingly large and the shape of each breast (definitely not size 6) and her prominent cunt were highlighted by the extreme tight fit. Both seemed pleased to see her and all of them took her off for proper shopping to replace her clothes – as they agreed her clothes were not suitable for business in Hong Kong which again made her feel out of place in their company right from the start.

That night we played poker and Mai won about USD F4000Z, and again regained her confidence. “Its like taking money from babies,” she boasted. “They don’t know how to play.” “They might have money but I’m smarter than them, and within 6 months I’ll be showing them fashion and money.”

On the surface to an outsider the girls seemed friendly, but they were continually putting her down subtlety making her feel inadequate compared to them.

“Don’t talk to servants like that, you control them not them you.”

“That cosmetic ruins your skin.”

“We can’t go shopping looking like this. This is Hong Kong, not Singapore. We don’t show the outline of our briefs. Her use a pair of my G-Strings” and so on. When they went shopping again the 3 girls paid as the clothes they selected were out of her price bracket causing Mai great embarrassment. Only when she again won at cards in the afternoon did she feel good and confident. This time over $7000.

As we sat down for dinner that night Mei Ling called out and two Filipina servants entered the room. She put a bundle of bank notes on the table.

“As you know I pay you 4 times the normal Hong Kong wage. After tonight only one of you will work here, but she will also have this bonus of $250USD, the other will be returned to the Employment Agency as unsuitable and probably returned back to the Philippines.” Smiling she softly said, “All you have to do to stay in my employment is fistfuck the other. There will be no biting, scratching or tit or cunt grabbing for the first fifteen minutes then anything is allowed.” “Do you understand?”

Both girls nodded and stripped off their work clothes. Tess was younger about 28 and had the tall, lean, slimmer build that a minority of Filipinas have. Her hair was long and permed and her body, stomach and legs had nice muscle tone. Her tits were smallish, but stood firm and proud with a nice dark areola and short nipples. She was obviously proud of her looks and body. Helenita was typical Filipina: short and stubby, thick waisted, full thighed and with a moon face surrounded by short hair which if anything emphasized her roundness. Slightly overweight she had a noticeable stomach, small breasts with huge areola and nipples and thick pubic hair. She looked to be about 35. Both were true examples of the exodus of Filipinas taking servant work for a few years overseas to send money back to their families and perhaps trap a husband.

We were like Romans sitting in their villas 2000 years earlier. The two women circled each other. As though in a kung fu movie Tess spun and lashed out with a long leg catching Helenita in the thigh causing her to stumble. Five times she lashed out making contact another three times. I could hear the slap of impact and the grunt of pain from Helenita each time contact was made. Finally with a bellow of rage and frustration Helenita charged Tess and forced her to the ground, grabbed her hair and shook and banged her head into the ground momentarily stunning her. Standing up Helenita executed 3 knee drops into Tess’s stomach before she sat on Tess’s stomach facing her feet and forced her fingers into her opponent’s cunt. She managed to get four fingers into the shaved cunt before Tess recovered her senses and crossed her legs imprisoning Helenita’s fingers in her cunt and her wrist between her tightly crossed legs.

Mai’s eyes almost popped out at what she saw. This was totally new to her and she couldn’t stop looking as the trapped Helenita could do nothing to stop Tess forcing one of her arms behind her back, inching it closer and closer to the top of her shoulder blade, causing her to wince and cry out. The pain forced her to almost bend double before Tess quickly slipped a full nelson around her neck and wrapped her legs around her waist in a scissors and applied full pressure on both holds. After about 5 minutes she rolled Helenita on to her stomach, sat on her rival’s back facing her feet, grasped both Helenita’s ankles, locked them under her armpits by thrusting her arms under the calves and forward again to the front so that her hands were at Helenita’s cunt and sought to enter her rival.

As I was to find out Japanese are technically skilled fighters who delight in inflicting pain to weaker opponents, Chinese are like tennis players who never lose to lesser players but who lack the flair to be truly great, most Vietnamese prefer sexfights rather than catfights but will attack 3 or 4 against 1, while Filipinas lack skill, fight like wildcats and even when taking severe punishment never give in and will still manage to inflict damage to the other woman. In fact, educated or villager it matters not if two Filipinas are together They will gossip and trash talk about another Filipina behind her back and will willingly fight to settle the matter when the gossip reaches the third.

No matter how Helenita struggled she could not shift the sitting Tess or free her trapped legs. Deliberately Tess pried open the exposed cunt and inserted one finger fully, then two then three and four. Screaming in a mixture of Tagalog and English she told her rival she would be catching the next plane back to Manilla. Her cries of triumph were interrupted by Mai Ling announcing 15 minutes were up and her own screams of pain as the hand of Helenita reached back and up, found and squeezed one of her nipples. Writhing in pain she released her hold and tore free.

Both women faced each other, Helenita massaging her shoulder and knees, Tess cradling her nipple. Again Helenita rushed her adversary giving her no chance to use her superior wresting skills or greater fitness and agility. Knocking her to the ground she gained top position and pinned her shoulders with her knees while her weight on Tess’s stomach kept her beneath her. Reaching down with her free hands she brutally seized both of Tess’s nipples and tightened her grip till her knuckles whitened. Tess bucked like a rodeo horse and managed to dislodge Helenita, but she could not break the grip on her nipples and was soon sobbing in pain.

As interesting as the match was the 3 women were more interested in Mai’s reaction. Sly glances revealed the hardness of her nipples and they could hear the unevenness of her breathing as she watched the two nude women 2 meters from her seat.

Helenita pulled one of the prostrate Tess’s legs at right angles and lay on it imprisoning her. One hand raked at a tit leaving scratch marks, and with an animal like growl she fastened her teeth into the other nipple until Tess’s was no longer capable of resisting. Only then did she allow her free hand to touch her opponent’s cunt opening it and displaying it to us as she filled it with her fingers, stretching it preparing it to receive her fist. Next she withdrew the other hand from Tess's nipple still maintaining her grip with her teeth on the other nipple and proceeded to touch and masturbate her own clit. Her breathing became ragged and disjointed and as her moans announced her cumming she drove her fist fully into Tess.

Mei Ling spoke to the gloating Helenita and the tearful Tess. “ Lets make it more interesting for our guests. Tess if you can make Helenita cum 3 times in the next 10 minutes you get $500USD keep your job and get Helenita for 2 hours, 2 times $500 and your job, once $500 and finally no times Helenita gets you for 2 hours and you’re back home to Manilla. Helenita the opposite 3 times no cash and you belong to Tess, 2 times no cash, once $500 and no times $500 and Tess.”

“That’s if you don’t mind Mai, we will stop if you want” said Mei Ling.

Trying to sound nonchalant “Of course its ok, do you think I’m a prude?” replied Mai though her reddened face betrayed her act of coolness.

Tess laid Helenita on the couch, spread her legs open and opened her cunt lips exposing the pink inner still wet from cumming. Reaching in with her finger she fondled Helenita’s clit hood and taunted her when her slug sized clit emerged instantly from its protection and her thick nipples stiffened. Instantly she went down on her victim her tongue encircling and arousing the large clit. When she rose for breath we could see the wetness of Helenita’s juices on her face. When she drew breath again two minutes later the sofa under Helenita’s cunt was soaked and the anticipation of victory had Tess’s own juices leaving trails down her inner thighs. After 6 minutes Helenita’s body was twitching uncontrollably in response to Tess’s tongue, her breathing was uncontrolled and noisy. A minute later she was moaning loudly and fucking Tess’s face – a prelude to a chain of orgasms. Finger fucking both Helenita’s holes Tess increased the speed of her attack sucking bending eating the fully responsive clit.

“Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” screamed Helenita, but at the same time she dug her long nails into her palms and bit her lips so hard that both her palms and lips bled. The last two minutes seemed to pass in slow motion. Veins stood out distended in her forehead; they stood out like cords in her neck, perspiration poured from her as her body continued to fuck Tess’s face.

But when Mei Ling called time she still hadn’t climaxed, but immediately after her prolonged shriek: half ecstasy, quarter relief and quarter triumph announced she had.

As we ate we watched Helenita control and guide Tess as she made Tess eat her. Her hands played with her own large tits, areolas and nipples magnifying her pleasure and intensity of her orgasms. As she climaxed she would use all of Tess’s face taking her by the hair and rubbing her face against the length of her cunt. I personally had never seen a woman take that much stimulation or cum as often. As we finished desert Helenita changed tactics not because she was satiated but because she only had two hours.

Reversing positions she went down on Tess and soon had the lithe body writhing at her touch. No part was immune from her tongue: - cunt, nipples, ear anus all were explored but she held off making Tess cum. Soon Tess was pleading for Helenita to finish her, but Helenita maintained her arousal without relief. Bending her over the table she fucked her with a banana before arousing her again so close to orgasm that tears of frustration ran from Tess’s eyes.

Turning to Mei Ling Helenita asked “Can I do anything?”

“Of course,” said Mei Ling.

“Ask me to fuck you and you can cum” she said to Tess as she manipulated her clit with one hand while her the fingers of her other hand and simultaneously aroused Tess’s G spot.

“Please fuck me” pleaded Tess her body quivering with expectation of cumming.

Effortlessly Helenita took her over the top, Tess’s breathless high pitched screams and sobs revealing the length of her cumming. Still maintaining control over Tess by fondling her clit, Helenita blindfolded Tess with a serviette, placed a mandarin in her mouth to gag her, and then bent her over the table. Taking the bread knife off the table she inserted the hilt into her cunt and looked at Wei who smiled in approval and held Tess’s wrist on the other side of the table, Li Jing taking and holding the other.

Slowly she placed the tip of the blade at Tess’s cunt entrance. Reaching around she found her rival’s clit. “When you cum I fuck” she said, and slowly deliberately aroused Tess. No stopping short this time: she felt the shudder of her fellow servant’s climax and fucked her deeply. Collecting her winnings and an extra bonus she left for her quarters while the chauffeur took Tess to a doctor. Ten minutes later the three of us watched Mai through the two way mirror that made up half of one wall of her room, as she rolled on the bed her fingers caressing her love box to orgasm.

“Tomorrow night I take her,” said Mei Ling, “and we’ll completely destroy the stuck up bitch as a woman over the next 6 months.” Leaving and opening my bedroom door I was greeted by Helenita lying in bed pulling down the sheet.

God, Hong Kong is the place to be I thought.