(by EAGLE)

Sex Fight-Part 3

The next day Miko and Sumi arrived early for their taping session. The plan was to finish it by the end of the day. The third part of the trilogy was to contain both traditional costumes, and today’s technology advances. The setting for this part was again Miko's make-believe apartment. To begin Sumi knocked on Miko's door. After Miko opened the door, and let Sumi enter, the women admired one another. They looked beautiful in the traditional Japanese dresses. They were sleeveless satin dresses with the high collar which went all around the neck, and came down to slightly above the knee. Miko was wearing a green dress with black markings while Sumi's dress was silver, and also had black markings. The dresses were so tight and formfitting that the only way they could comfortably walk was that each dress had a slit up the side.

After complimenting one another the two of them moved to Miko's bedroom. They stood next to the bed a few feet apart, and honoring the tradition of respecting your rival bowed to one another. Then they quickly came together, slid their arms around each other, and started to passionately kiss. In between kisses they licked each other all over the face and neck. In spite of being separated by the dresses they were wearing they started to grind their bodies together. The kissing and grinding went on for almost 10 minutes. When they finally separated they took turns undressing one another. They removed everything, and when they were completely naked got on the bed. They took up where they left off, and started to kiss and grind again. While on their knees they began to squeeze and jiggle each others' breasts. Then they reached down, and started to slide their fingers in and out of each others' pussy. By now both had their eyes closed, and were moaning in pleasure. Miko said to Sumi, "I am ready. Are you ready?" Sumi answered, "Of course."

The Japanese are well-known for their electronic and technical expertise. Kenny had been using a microphone and tiny receivers were placed in each woman's ear. That way he could give directions without having to stop them. Advanced electronics had also reached the world of sex toys. When the women told each other they were ready Miko reached for a small box at the end of the bed. She removed two dildos from the box, and handed one to Sumi. What made this different was the two remote controls which accompanied the dildos.

What happened next was a contest of will power and self-control. Miko and Sumi got in a position side by side facing one another. They were very close, but were not touching. Each woman slid a dildo into her rival's pussy. These dildos were unusual in that they did not slide in and out. When the start button on the remote controls was pressed the part inside the woman started to make an oval motion. That motion would reach every sensitive part of a woman's pussy. By prior agreement Miko and Sumi pressed the lowest level of speed. The idea, of course, was not to be the first woman to go off. This was to be a battle of wills.

They were propped up on one elbow as the two women looked deeply into each others' eyes. After almost five minutes they started to gasp and moan. Each was doing her best not to give in and cry out in ecstasy. They started to reach for each other, but heard Kenny's voice in their earpieces telling them not to touch. The plan right from the beginning was to have this part end in a tie. That way each woman would have won one part, lost one, and tied one. After three parts the reasoning behind a tie was very simple. It would cause a sequel to be written. Hearing Kenny's voice cue in their earpiece Miko and Sumi cried out in ecstasy at the same time. Then they came together, and kissed. This marked (almost) the end of the trilogy.

Many people who buy either video tapes or DVDs realize that DVDs are more expensive. The incentive to buy a DVD is that it normally will have extra parts or a bonus section which cannot be found on a video tape. It was now time to complete the DVD by filming the two women acting out a segment which would not be found on the video tape edition.

Sex Fight DVD Bonus

The scene had them waking up together the next morning after they had done the last part of the trilogy. It took place in a large double shower. Miko and Sumi got in the shower together, and used the two bars of soap to lather themselves up. Then they took turns soaping up each other’s back. They were giggling like little girls as their bodies were covered in white soapy lather. At this point they moved together, and Miko pulled Sumi close to her. They started to enjoy each other’s body as they began rubbing their breasts together. Because both were covered with slippery soap they felt erotic sliding from side to side. They started to kiss, and Sumi grabbed Miko forcing her back and pinning her hands against the wall. She forced her thigh between Miko's legs, and pressed it against her pussy. They started to kiss again as the water rinsed the soap from their bodies.

Miko said, "We could fall, and get hurt if we keep this up in here. Let's get out."

Sumi nodded her head, and pulled Miko out of the shower. Their hair and bodies were soaked, but both were so aroused they didn't even bother to dry off as Miko pulled Sumi down to the floor. They quickly entwined their legs, wrapped their arms tightly around each other, and began to kiss as they rolled slowly back and forth on the carpet. After a few minutes of deep kissing the two women broke apart for just a moment. Miko swung her body around, and attacked Sumi's pussy with her mouth. Sumi did the same, and the two were locked together in a 69 position. In addition to using their tongues the two started to slide their fingers in and out of each others' pussy. It didn't take long for both women to cry out in complete rapture. It was never made clear whether or not they had been competing, but the bonus was enjoyable to watch in any case.

The trilogy was now complete. Kenny told the women how pleased he was with them. Just before they left the studio he handed each of them a box, and told them it was a little gift as a reward for how well they had performed. Miko had told Sumi to check out of the hotel, and to stay at Miko's apartment with her. After leaving the studio they stopped at a restaurant for dinner. They had enjoyed working together, and were enjoying each other’s company. By the time they finished eating, and arrived at Miko's apartment it was well into the evening hours. Neither knew what the future would bring, but both women expressed hope there would be a sequel.


For a time Miko and Sumi sat and talked. They had forgotten about the gift Kenny had given them until Sumi wondered aloud what was in the boxes. They opened them up, and held the contents up for each other to see. They both had the same thing. It was a red sheer mesh baby doll. The only part not transparent was the thin spaghetti straps holding it up. It barely came down to their waists, and was going to be very sexy. Seeing what they both had Sumi exclaimed, "This is very nice. Kenny has good taste."

Miko laughed, and replied, "Not really. He does this sometimes for his actresses after they finish doing their parts. He admitted to me once that his wife is actually the one who buys the gifts for him to give. She is the one with good taste. Let's try them on to see how we look."

Sumi nodded, and the two moved to Miko's bedroom to get changed. Miko used her bathroom while Sumi changed in the bedroom. When Miko returned to the bedroom Sumi had already finished. They came close together, and took turns doing a little pirouette to show each other how they looked. Sumi said, "I think we're beautiful and sexy. Any man or woman would love to have us right now."

Miko agreed, took Sumi by the hand over to the bed, and they lay down together. They put their heads on a large pillow, and lay side-by-side facing each other. Both women were curious and each asked the other about women with whom they had worked. It turned out there were a few actresses they had both worked with. In the end each told the other what she wanted to hear. Each assured the other she was the most passionate and sexy woman either had ever worked with.

As they talked they both seemed oblivious to the fact they were moving closer together. Only when their legs, and then their breasts touched did either acknowledge the other as they were coming together. Miko moved her lips very close to Sumi's, and asked, "What do you want?"

Sumi whispered, "You are the most beautiful and sexy woman I have ever been with. I want to possess you."

Miko replied, "Thank you for the compliment. I think you are beautiful, too, but you can't just possess me. I am like a prize in a contest. You must win me. While you are trying to win me I am going to try to win you."

Sumi nodded her head in agreement. The two then entwined their legs, put their arms around one other, and pulled their bodies as close together as possible. The baby dolls were so thin each woman could easily feel the others' breasts pressing into her own. They brought their open mouths together, and started to tongue kiss. They took turns stabbing each others' tongue with their own. They slowly started to rock back and forth while at the same time grinding into each other. Both women were making sounds of pleasure, and each told the other she would win the prize.

Miko let go, and beckoned Sumi to get up on her knees. They faced one another on their knees, and reached up under the baby dolls so they could pinch each others' nipples. Then they brought their nipples together, and began to rub. They reached around one another so they could grab each other’s ass. As they pulled each other closer by the ass they moaned at the pleasure. They were kissing and humping at the same time. The humping became so wild they fell to one side, and each started to scream as she went off.

Each women lay back trying to catch her breath. They turned to face each other, and shared a tender kiss. Each one was amazed at what the other had done to her. Sumi exclaimed, "That was fantastic! However, since neither of us won I think we should continue after a short rest. If I have to lose I would rather it be to you rather than anyone else."

Miko agreed, saying, "I feel as you do. I have a way we will both enjoy, and at the same time find out which one of us will claim the other as a prize.”

Miko stood up, walked over to her large handbag, and removed a small box. Inside were the electronic dildos they had used in the third part of the trilogy. As she walked back to the bed she said, "I borrowed these from the studio. This time when we use them there will be no one speaking in our ears. There is no script. There will be two beautiful women testing each other’s willpower and self-control. We will use them until there is a winner. If you agree the winner will then have her way with the loser."

Sumi agreed, and each promised the other ecstasy beyond her wildest dreams. They carefully inserted the dildos in each other's pussy. They looked deeply into each other's eyes as both pressed the slow button on the remote. Each saw the look of arousal, and sensuality on the face of her rival. This time there were no rules about touching or kissing. Sumi squeezed Miko's breasts, and the two slowly moved together so they could attack each other with their tongues. The dildos were arousing the two of them as they made oval motions inside their very wet pussies.

Miko pushed Sumi's face slightly away from hers, and said, "I want to watch the look on your face when you come for me. I love doing this to you."

Sumi smiled, and in a voice flush with excitement replied, "I love it too. If we kiss one more time I will make you go off first. Take my challenge!"

Miko took the challenge, and the two began to deep kiss. As they broke apart Miko couldn't take any more. The dildo slid over her clit one too many times, and she lost the battle of wills. Her body started to vibrate, and she cried out as she reached extreme pleasure. She knew she had lost, but wanted some satisfaction before she had to please Sumi. She grabbed her remote, and quickly pressed high. Sumi, having already won, did not protest what Miko was doing. In a few moments she reached an intense orgasm, and squealed in delight.

After a few minutes Sumi told Miko, "That was incredible, and before I have my way with you there is something I want us to do first."

Sumi told Miko what she wanted. The two of them slowly removed the dildos from each other's pussy. They held them up to each other's mouth, and started to lick them clean. They lips were covered with pussy juice as Sumi pulled Miko close to her. They started to kiss, and once again became aroused with what they were doing to each other. After almost five minutes of tongue kissing Miko asked Sumi, "What do you want me to do?"

Sumi was ready with her answer. She said, "I have never seen a woman as beautiful as you are get herself off. I want to watch while you make yourself happy. It will give me great pleasure to make you do this."

Miko was only too happy to follow Sumi's wishes. The two of them were on their knees close together as Miko began to stroke her own pussy. Her eyes were closed, and she began to feel more and more erotic. Miko was not the only one feeling aroused. As Sumi watched she began to feel very turned on. A few more minutes passed, and as Miko started to moan Sumi could no longer just watch. She grabbed Miko's free hand, and pushed it into her own wet pussy. Miko opened her eyes and smiled. She was now stroking two pussies, and both women started to gasp. Sumi put her arms around Miko, and they started to kiss. In a few more seconds it was all over as both women squealed and cried out in pleasure. Sumi pulled Miko down on the bed, and the two of them held each other tightly until the sensations passed.

Miko told Sumi she deserved a rematch. Sumi agreed, and the two promised one another many nights of sexual competition. They shared a tender kiss, curled up together, and went to sleep. In the end it made no difference whether Kenny's studio would have a sequel to their trilogy. The two beauties were going to have many sequels of their own.