DARE PARTY - Chapter 21

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 21 - Joy and Angel Prelude

As exciting as the outcome was, Joy felt a shot of disappointment flood over her. She had ached for a 'public' rematch with Emily, and now, after Alicia had actually beaten her, it appeared that wouldn't be happening. Emily, aside from the instant gratification of her wonderful orgasm, also mourned the lost opportunity for Joy to meet her in sexual competition in front of the gathering. Somehow Alicia had upset the applecart. Neither girl had ever expected that to happen. Emily assumed that since she and Joy had ventured so far down the road of sexual contests and orgasm control, that she would be superior to any of her friends. Obviously, now, she had been brought back to reality with 'rookie' Alicia's stunning surprise (to her and Joy anyway). Joy was disappointed over the outcome, forgetting for just a moment that she was scheduled for her own semifinal with a woman 5 years older than herself in just a short while.

Angel, excited by the totally hot oral sex that resulted in Alicia's victory, was getting anxious to become part of the action again. She sensed her superiority over the other, younger girls, and assumed that Joy would be little competition. There was a distinct size differential between the two. Angel was only 5' 4" and Joy was 5' 9" and outweighed Angel by about 15 lbs. Angel wasn't thinking about that. She just wanted to get going.

Alicia, finally recovering from her succulent orgasm, peered out from under Emily's ass at the surrounding girls. A big smile crept across her face as she sucked in some badly needed air. "That was infuckingcredible. I won!"

She didn't need to say anymore. Emily showed her disappointment, but didn't sound bitter when she said, "Yes, you won. I can't believe it. I should have won but you did. Now you can relax and wait for Joy and Angel to decide which one gets a chance at you for the Dare Party Championship."

Emily rolled off and got up. Stretching her legs she smiled a little smile that concealed a touch of sadness. Oh, how she had ached to gather Joy in her clutches and prove her own sexual superiority. But it wasn't to be, not now.

Alicia got up and sat on the grass and looked at Angel. Her head turned towards Joy. Back and forth went her head and eyes. The other girls picked up on the intent and did the same. "Which one of you will be good enough to take me on in the final? Come on girls, what are you waiting for. Let's see some action."

Both Joy and Angel knew what she meant. Joy, pushing Emily's loss out of her mind, refocused on the woman approaching her right now. Just before Joy and Angel got close, Maria spoke up. "Hey, how about you add something spicy to this?" She paused as the girls turned their attention towards her. "I think you two ought to get a little wet. I noticed both of you earlier seemed to get pretty frisky in the water. Why don't we see who can really do the best job in the pool?"

Five other girls cheered the suggestion and didn't give the two babes about to war with each other much of a choice. They couldn't have backed down even if they wanted to.

Racine shouted her idea. She was addressing Angelica and Joy. "Why don't you both get on the end of the diving board, start kissing, and then jump into the pool? After that you're on your own to see who moves on to the finals."

"Yes!" echoed from the other mouths and it became fact that they would do as suggested.

Joy, recalling her episodes with Emily in the water, thought that it might be fun to take on Angel that way. It could be both sexy and scary.

Angel, even though not a super strong swimmer knew the opportunity for some kinkiness abounded, and she loved kink, so it was with pleasure that she angled across the yard towards the diving board. She got there first and stood with hands on hips waiting for Joy. The other girls followed and arranged their chairs around the deck of the pool so they could watch. A couple of them got snacks and drinks from the nearby table of goodies.