DARE PARTY - Chapter 20

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 20 - Alicia and Emily Make Advances

The whole episode with their nipples had taken only about five minutes, but both were loath to part; such was the erotic power and potential that they felt. But after a few seconds of staring at the equality of their nipples, relishing the feel, still, of hard nipples waging their tingly little war, Emily yanked Alicia to her, kissing her hard on the mouth as one hand flew between her legs and the other grabbed her ass. Alicia glowed with the nipple success she had and was captivated by the gentle eroticism of their conflict. She wasn't ready for the powerful clutches of Emily's strong feminine form. She submissively responded, not kissing back at first, nor grabbing any part of Emily.

Emily quickly slid her hand between Alicia's legs to discover her wetness. That wetness had been anticipated, since her gentle but pungent aroma had already wafted up to Emily's nose, mixing with Emily's own musky scent to produce generous activity within the olfactory nerves of their brains.

Emily took Alicia's submissiveness as a signal to carry on and she did. Her fingers found Alicia's wispy beard and played with it for a moment before delving lower to discover her groovejet to be sopping wet and ripe for some action. Coating her fingers in as much cunt juice as she could gather she rubbed Alicia's clit for several seconds before Alicia figured out that maybe she ought to respond with something herself. Her targets were those sexy nipples that she had been tangling with just a minute earlier. But this time she attacked with her tongue and mouth. This was payback for the nice sucking she had received earlier from Emily. She wanted to repay her and now was her chance. It was her very first time to actually suck another girl's titties and she seemed to have the instinct for proficiency.

Emily shivered a delightful shiver as soon as Alicia's mouth latched onto her right tit. She felt her hard-as-a-rock nipple sucked with incredible vigor from the rookie's mouth. "No need to teach this girl how to suck titty," she thought. Emily interrupted the clitoris rubbing for a few moments during Alicia's initial foray at her breasts, but she resumed in seconds, this time diving lower and guiding two fingers between her whiskered labia. The soft silky hairs exquisitely adorned both sides of Alicia's cunt; just two narrow strips left from the shaving done to eliminate the more adventurous hairs that grew farther away from 'home'. Emily not only felt, but also heard her fingers invade Alicia's gushing hole. Her juiced dripped and lubricated the way home for Emily. First one knuckle, then two, slowly penetrated Alicia's warmness with two fingers as far as they could reach. Her invasion generated an almost continuous squishy noise; her supple fingers probing in and out, around and around, fast then slow, teasing then hard fucking.

Alicia couldn't help herself. The long buildup of erotic motivation with her nipples just exploded almost as soon as Emily's fingers hit home. It took only about 45 seconds of finger plunging action to set off Alicia's orgasm. It hit hard, forcing her to stop sucking Emily's tits. Low moans escaped her lips. Her hips bucked hard against Emily's hand and her knees weakened a bit.

Emily was thrilled for two reasons. First was the thrill of impending dominance that she fully expected to complete in short order, and second was the sexy thrill of exploring her long time friend in such an intimate and sexy way. Alicia was one exciting brunette, and now she was realizing one of her relatively recent fantasies.

The swiftness of Alicia's orgasm seemed to shake the cobwebs from her head a bit. Aware that she now needed to bring Emily off twice before she herself had another seemed to motivate her a bit more. Her orgasm subsided just as Emily picked Alicia up and sat her on the ground. Emily seated herself beside Alicia and bent over to begin sucking Alicia's tits again. As soon as Alicia fully recuperated she pivoted her body around so that her head was near Emily's chest as Emily's head was near her own. Recognizing the symmetry of the situation Emily let Alicia return to sucking her titties as she gave Alicia's tempting hooters some lush oral acrobatics.

They lay across the grass, side by side, sucking titties together. Back and forth went Alicia from Emily's right to left and back again. Her hands fondled Emily's great boobs and toyed with the vacant nipple, pulling, twisting gently, pinching, and rolling it between thumb and fingers. Alicia knew that Emily was hot and horny and that with deft handling she should be able to bring her off. She knew her own libido could be quickly recharged and that Emily was already accomplishing the initial stages. So Alicia steeled herself to her task and sucked Emily's nipples with a vengeance. Her own nipples were being expertly tongued as Emily returned the favor. Just as Alicia made up her mind to suppress her own arousal, Emily changed the venue, so to speak.

She quickly rolled Alicia a little bit so that she was on her back and then quickly slid over her with her knees straddling Alicia's head and her own head diving down between Alicia's legs to her honey cove. Emily had no compunction at all about munching muff, Alicia had never done such a thing and she recognized the challenge in Emily's maneuver. Emily opened her legs invitingly as her tongue dove for the cove between Alicia's legs. Alicia, for the first time, felt a foreign tongue lick her slicker. Her surprise prevented her from returning the favor at first, but after 20 seconds of feeling her juicy slit so wonderfully on the receiving end of Emily's tonguing, she decided that if she wanted a chance to win that she had better return the favor and do it soon. Her own hips already were wiggling in harmony with Emily's wet mouth. Alicia took the plunge.

She raised her head just a bit, her nose gathering up the powerful pungency wafting out from Emily's horny twat. She let her nose probe gently between Emily's lips. She sucked in a full lungful of air from right between Emily's parted labia and then plunged her pretty nose hard and firmly into Emily's cunt. Emily's lips parted and accepted the nosey invasion easily and happily. With both hands wrapping around Emily's ass she pulled her twat lips far apart and smashed her face even further into the great maw of an opening. Letting go of Emily's labia lips caused them to spring back against the sides of Alicia's face. The wet, slick juicy tissues clung to the side of her face and nose as she wiggled her nose in small circles.

Alicia LOVED it. It seemed so kinky and dirty to be plunging her face inside Emily's pussy. The whole of her being was becoming alert and sensitized to the sexy coupling. She maintained her awareness of the racy aspect of their linkage, still intent on trying to hold off her own orgasm to avoid losing to Emily. She especially didn't want to lose 2-0. She knew her efforts were making progress when, without warning Emily stopped eating her pussy. Emily shifted her body up and then pushed backwards and down with her hips. She was plastering her cunt on Alicia's face with an almost wicked pressure. As Alicia continued to rotate her nose around inside Emily's cunt, Emily swiveled her groin in the opposite direction. Harder and harder she ground out her circles, condemning Alicia's face to a drenching gush of pussy juices. Emily had gotten so worked up she couldn't concentrate on Alicia's pussy. She recognized what she was doing, but figured that since she had a 1-orgasm lead that she could afford to accept the wonderful face fucking she was getting from the pretty brunette.

Alicia had yet to use her mouth or tongue. Her mouth felt the grinding gash plaster down as Emily's gyrations became more volatile and wide ranging, and often she would recognize the feel of Emily's clit as it pressed downward onto her lips. Once again she pulled Emily's lips wide open and ground her face at the soft, pink, wet, warm gash with every ounce of muscle power she could summon from her neck. Then, just as Emily began to hump her face forward and back, Alicia opened her mouth and latched onto Emily's clitoris with her lips. She twirled her tongue around it just one time and then sucked it into her mouth like there was no tomorrow. Emily's reaction was forceful and immediate. Her orgasm exploded through her while she pushed her pussy down onto Alicia's pretty face with all the force she could muster. She wasn't trying to specifically smother Alicia, but certainly the airflow got cut off for almost a minute as Emily pleasured herself on her nose, mouth and face.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. FUCK!" Emily repeated herself five or six times as she glorified in the wicked sensuality from receiving all this pleasure from her longtime friend.

"God, that was good!" Emily slowed her wiggling ass long enough to let Alicia suck in a few breaths. Alicia gulped some badly needed air and even though her face was contorted in apparent agony from the need to replenish her oxygen supply, she was in heaven. Never having performed cunnilingus before and having been able to set off her friend so powerfully and so soon, seemed to energize her for the real goal: bringing her off again before she succumbed for the second time. Grateful for the break Emily had taken, because it allowed her pussy to fall away from its surging arousal, Alicia went back directly to eating her friend's humid hole.

The score was 1 orgasm for Alicia and 1 for Emily. Whatever advantage Emily had early on had evaporated away and she knew it. Her orgasm had felt so wonderful and scrumptious that at first she didn't seem to care much. But when Alicia's tongue, after her breather, wandered around her labia seeking something to nibble on, Emily snapped out of her lethargy.

The six spectators really enjoyed the last few minutes, after the decidedly slow-paced but yet erotic nipple play had been replaced by much more energetic love-making. Now that the girls were tied 1-1, they recognized the stakes and watched excitedly for who might be gaining an advantage. Clearly now to the onlookers, both girls went at each other from their mutual sixty-nine position for all they were worth. Mouths explored cunny-holes. Tongues teased clitoris. Lips sucked on lower luscious labia lips. Teeth chewed on sensitive organ tissues, pubic hairs, the joint between leg and crotch. Noses plowed furrows between succulent folds of femininity. Juices flowed and coated their faces with shiny, glistening, and stringy liquid. Hands grasped ass cheeks and pulled them apart, stretching and opening their vaginas to as much juicy, friction-packed sucking and chewing and licking as possible.

Within just a minute Alicia began writhing and pushing her muff at Emily's hungry mouth but she just bored straight ahead, plunging her tongue deep, deep, deep inside Emily's lovely vagina. Slurping and sucking she prayed that Emily would replenish her nervous system quickly enough to burst across her orgasmic barrier in just a couple more minutes. Alicia knew her own orgasm was likely within two or three minutes as well. She recognized Emily probing her depths with her tongue and then would focus on her clitoris for a while. "Emily certainly knows how to suck clit," thought Alicia to herself. Emily's tongue ran rough circles all around Alicia's clit, pressing hard enough to force it right, then left, then up, and then down. The exquisite pleasure rolled through her, slowly building from gentle swells, to choppy waves, to serious waves crashing the beach to....

Their bodies were plastered together across their torsos. Emily was on top with her tits dangling down and pressing into Alicia's tummy. She had an easy time feeling Alicia's hooters tickling her tummy as well. But in their current alignment there was only one focus: Pussy, pussy, pussy, eating pussy, loving pussy, and making pussy come. Ignoring the burning that sparked through her own pussy, Emily really got into what she was doing. She adjusted her head to the rocking thrusts pounding at her face from below. If she slowed for even just a second to take a breath or give her tongue a slight rest, she got a firm face full of pussy humping up at her, demanding she return to the job at hand. "Good," she thought, "Alicia is just about ready to come." Neither girl even took a moment to speak, or hardly even to moan. A few small groans of pleasure were heard, but for the most part the only noise was that of slurpy sucking from between one pair of legs or the other. Emily felt in her glory. She was really discovering that she not only liked to showoff on stage in theatrical productions, but she thrilled at showing off her sexy body, her sexual prowess, and her intimacy for the other girls. Her romp with Maria hadn't been much of a spectator event, but this most surely was. It was all the more exciting, she thought, to be risking her self-perception as a powerful sex-fighter with another girl who seemed fully intent on proving herself superior. "Mmmmm," she thought, "I sure love this." Even as her own pussy started to clutch and grab at Alicia's face and mouth she wasn't worried. The involuntary humping and fucking couldn't be stopped. Emily ached to control her body, but a greater power was at work. She tongue-fucked Alicia's tasty slit with every ounce of sexual energy she could muster. Would it be enough?

Alicia sensed the closeness of their battle, unlike the first two orgasms, she was sure the next would be very close together. Her rotating hips, practically glued to Emily's mouth were cycling by themselves. It almost seemed like the two 'beings' weren't Alicia and Emily at all. Their merged organs were practically a 'being'. Alicia's cunt merged with Emily's mouth and the two had become one. Sharing and merging and pleasuring each other, almost without any outside will in evidence. Similarly, Alicia's mouth and Emily's cunt perfectly complemented each other. Pretty blonde hair covered the conjunction at the joining of Alicia's legs and lovely brunette hair lay on the grass beneath Alicia's head as she bored her tongue inside Emily's love nest. Alicia felt her loins lurch with an uncontrollable thrust. Responding to the intensity and skillful oral love, she tried to hold back the building momentum. Another wave of increased arousal washed over her. She chewed and tongued on Emily's clit. Again a wave rushed through her body from her center outward. She sucked Emily's engorged labia into her mouth. A bigger wave bounded from head to toe. She buried her nose deep inside Emily's vagina. She knew the next wave would come soon. She pulled Emily's ass cheeks far apart, allowing the most penetration yet with her nose buried even farther inside Emily's cunt. Keeping the pressure on with her nose buried totally inside her, she sucked Emily's clit into her mouth with a force of a brand new Kirby. Afraid that the next wave would be the big one and send her over the edge, she let just the tip of her pinky finger wander into the snug confines of Emily's puckered asshole. Her fingers had been close and tempted all along, but not until now did she gather the nerve to push her way inside Emily's ass. Nearly out of breath from the exertion she began to sense the impending tidal wave.

Joy and the others were glued to the edge of their seats as they held their breath. The tempo was frenetic as Emily and Alicia, glued together, mouth to pussy at either end, and drove each other crazy with lust. The big one came. The wave blasted over her with a force of a thousand freight trains: the power unrelenting and overwhelming. Then just after the peak of her orgasm, Emily felt another tidal wave blast through her. It wasn't inside her body exactly, but she felt as though it was her own. Alicia came 40 seconds after Emily, her own orgasm catapulting the sexual excitement through her body and then like a boomerang, it bounced back at Emily who, without control or awareness of any sort, went through a second orgasm in less than a minute. The second was less powerful but it lasted longer. Her orgiastic shivers lasted for nearly another ninety seconds, finally releasing their power over her as Alicia let the last echoes of her orgasm subside and fall away. There had been no doubt about who had come first. Even with the proximity of their initial orgasm, Emily had lost control so badly that her body shook like an entire football team's worth of grand mal seizures had arrested her body. Her eyes closed, her head thrown back, and violent shaking and groaning and moaning only to be blasted into orbit again from Alicia's unrelenting oral attack. In the end, Alicia had been so close to orgasm that even with Emily's mouth unhinged from her pussy, the power of Emily's orgasm was enough to send Alicia over the edge too. Clearly Alicia had won, if only by the slenderest thread of pussy juice.