DARE PARTY - Chapter 22

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 22 - Joy and Angel Get Wet

The diving board jiggled some as they gingerly approached. A little trashy banter heated up the beginning of their 'let's get acquainted' sexfight. Joy had met Angel once earlier, but did not know her very well. Most of what she knew about her came from her conversations with Emily and what she had seen today during her rough and catty treatment of Carmen. Joy didn't have any pretense that the older woman would be an easy mark, but her words were crafted as though that was what she thought. "Angelica," she drawled out her name very slowly, using a singsong childish voice. "I hope you appreciate a good orgasm, because you are about to have two of them."

Sounding a little perturbed, and rightly so, Angelica retorted back, "I'm surprised you can count that high. Are you going to ask the girls," she nodded at the others, "to keep track for you? Oh, never mind. That won't be necessary because I'll make damn sure you are the one howling your climaxes for all of us to recognize."

"Why are you just standing there, then? Afraid to give me some of your tongue?" Joy smiled as she licked her lips, teasing Angel to come closer. Come closer she did. Licking her own lips in anticipation she put her arms around Joy as Joy did the same to her. Facing up towards the taller girl, Angel stuck out her tongue and licked it across Joy's chin in one quick pass. The quick jerky action seemed more like a darting slice than a tender love lick. She pulled her face back just a bit to gauge Joy's reaction. Angel arched her eyebrows and stared into Joy's eyes.

Angel's fiery battle with Carmen was fresh in Joy's mind. She wondered if that was the only way Angel 'got off'? If that was the road Angel wanted to take, Joy felt more than up to the task. After all, she was considerably larger. But the twinkle in Angel's eyes seemed to come from a purely lusty spot inside. Joy squeezed her hug just a little bit harder and slashed a quick lick across Angel's forehead. Now it was her turn to pull back and take a look into Angel's eyes. The answer seemed to come from lower. They had shared a mutual hug that up to now had seemed void of desire. Like a moth trying to escape from its cocoon, Angel began to squirm just a tiny bit. She let her body twist a bit, push forward a bit, slide sideways a bit, all to impart just a minute shred of horny arousal. Joy squirmed in return and offered her tongue to Angel. Angel accepted in reciprocity. Her tongue came out and danced awhile with Joy's slick tongue. Extending far out of their mouths, they dueled like little fencers, testing, teasing, toying, and tempting each other with their juicy tongues.

The tonguing evolved quickly into an open mouth kiss where their tongues continued to dance and dart around each other's mouth in daring fashion. Their bodies continued to squirm against each other, Joy's big breasts pressing across the upper portion of Angel's slightly smaller boobs. Their tummies snuggled tightly together and their legs intertwined a bit before some of the girls on the deck began chanting, "In the water, in the water, in the water."

Acknowledging the chants, Joy began to bounce the board a bit and then with Angel's help they both leaped into the deep end of the pool, still in each other's clutches. Their kiss broke only long enough for each to snatch a quick breath of air and then the cool water engulfed them.

Joy had a flash of Deja Vu, her birthday party struggle with Emily vividly entrenched in her mind. This wasn't exactly the same, since she wasn't actually fighting with Angel, but they were locked together in a firm embrace as they sunk towards the bottom of the 12' deep pool. Their churning legs stopped long enough for them to prepare to shove off from the concrete bottom. Shove! Up they rose together. They broke their kiss on the way up in order to suck in some air. While not dangerously low on oxygen they indeed were grateful for the surface when they burst through.

Just as they broke the surface, Joy turned her body obliquely, and with her hands firmly holding Angel, she began to kick towards the shallow end of the pool. Angel, cooperating fully, followed suit, and soon they were able to stand in the water with their heads above the surface. They stopped in about 4 feet of water, just a short ways from the west end of the pool. They were dripping wet of course, their hair hanging in strands across their faces. The big blonde and the older blonde began their explorations simultaneously. Angel's right hand squirmed between their bodies and found a tempting target beneath the water's surface. Joy snaked her hand into a similar crevice to be found between Angel's legs. The water forced some of their motions to be a little slower and a little less forceful than otherwise might have been the case, but nonetheless, they seemed to find and probe their respective pussies with satisfying results.

Angel found herself in somewhat of a new situation. She had several lusty female lovers over the last few years and she loved it. She had been forced to be submissive by some. She had forced others to submit to her. She had a few violent episodes where the sex was a fantastic culmination of the energy used in fighting with another girl. But somehow this was different. It was different from her battle with Carmen, because that battle had a powerful motivation that extended beyond the structure of the little tournament she found herself in. Her hatred and anger with Carmen had been a huge reservoir of energy from which to draw on when the going got tough, as it surely had. Losing to Carmen seemed unthinkable to her, but it was different with Joy. She had no real beef with the big-titted sexy blonde whose fingers were playing with her pussy. What she just felt like doing was foregoing the battle and just going after her with as much gusto as possible for her own satisfaction. She really did appreciate the fine body that she was hungrily exploring with her hands. She knew she wanted to win and she suspected Joy wanted to win just as much. Could she persevere and dominate the larger girl? Only time would tell.