DARE PARTY - Chapter 10

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 10 - Dares Get Hotter

Maria's shyness was certainly not something that was going to leave her after a couple of hours of gentle dares, but that didn't stop her from having the same intense reaction to all the sexy goings-on as any of the others. She had noticed her blood flowing hotter through her veins. Her loins absorbed the warm glow of generous pleasure caused by the continued surges of hormones. "Now its my turn to see if one of you will squirm or not." She smiled a big smile, undaunted by having to choose a dare appropriate for the new round to begin. She had some very wild dares that she wished upon herself, but felt that at this point at least a small amount of restraint might be the best tact.

She turned towards Carmen. "I see there are still a few items of food on the table. I was wondering if you might find a good use for this." She held up one of the hard cock sculpture carrots from Emily's collection. "Most of us have had a chance to taste one of these, but I want to see you use it a bit differently. I dare you to work yourself into a real lather and then fuck yourself with this cock." That last word was given an emphatic emphasis as she flourished it like a wand in front of her. With one quick motion she opened her mouth and pushed the carrot-cock inside her wet lips, coating the outer portion with plenty of saliva.

"Here." She held out the phallic vegetable towards Carmen.

Carmen flinched at the idea of fucking herself with that carrot in front of the others, but she knew that she would be unmercifully teased if she didn't manage to live up to the dare. Another thing that entered her mind was the fact that if she did complete the dare, she would be next to choose who and what the dare would be. It only took a moment of contemplation for her to decide that the best course of action would be to just do it, as the Nike commercial says. She stood up and grabbed the cock-carrot from Maria.

"You mean like this?" She immediately plunged the orange rod into her own mouth and gobbled it deep. Wrapping her lips around it she demonstrated a passable fellatio for a few moments. The other girls hooted and hollered a bit as she downed the carrot. Undaunted her face turned into a bit of a snarl (she was thinking about the bitch Angelica), she slid it from her lips as she sat back down on her chair and leaned back. Her fingers reached low and rubbed the carrot across the soft shiny gold fabric of her bikini bottom. It pressed firmly into the fabric, denting it inward enough to reveal the slit beneath. With a real gusto she began to rub it feverishly across her pussy and clit, right through the fabric. She kept it up non-stop for five or ten minutes as the others spied on her progress, encouraging her from time to time and enjoying the show. Of course Maria was waiting for some penetrating action and she mentioned it aloud. "Don't worry bitch," snarled Carmen, "You'll get everything you asked for." And no sooner were the words out of her mouth than she pulled aside the crotch of her bikini panties and revealed a moist pink cleft, plump and ready for some action. Positioning the carrot at the entrance to her hole she wiggled both her hips and the carrot until it found its way inside. Jab, poke, jab. She thrust the object in, inch by inch until only a half-inch protruded. She twisted it back and forth and then began a rapid plunging fuck. In and out she went, her hips rocking and wiggling to enhance the lush friction the orange vegetable provided. While the voters had appreciated Emily's handiwork earlier, it was now much more appreciated now, especially by Carmen. While her right hand controlled the carrot in its plunging escapade, her left hand reached for her clit and began to rub. The gyrations of her torso turned erratic. She began to moan and jerk. Her self-ministrations had been quite effective. She hit a plateau of intense pleasure that lasted for a minute or so and then she finished herself completely with the most violent fucking and rubbing combination. Her orgasm rolled spasmodically through her body, shaking and jerking for 30 seconds. Her cries of pleasure wafted across the pool and yard, bringing smiles to the other's faces.

The orgasm faded away and Carmen opened her eyes to see grins splashed across the other's faces. She had obviously passed the test. Maria, gaining verbal confidence, congratulated her, "Wow! You sure didn't hold back that time."

"Good job." "Well done." "Hoooeeeeey." A generous helping of compliments flowed, including one from Angel, "Not bad. Not bad."

With the bitterness Carmen felt towards Angel, the 'not bad' comment represented a distinct slap in the face. She had a plan to make Angel eat her words. In fact when she pulled the carrot from her twat, she made sure to hold it up in the bright sunlight to show the glistening juices coating the entire carrot.

"All right, Carmen. I'll bet you have a dare for someone. What will it be?" Lori had affirmed Carmen's success and passed the torch to her for the next dare.

"Oh you bet your sweet ass I do." She pulled her gold bikini bottoms back in place over her crotch and stood up. Walking directly to Angel she stood in front of her, hands on her hips, the carrot clenched in her right fist at her side. The scowl returned to her face, which by now the other girls had become plainly aware of the motive behind that look. She held out the carrot. "Eat it." She spoke as a demand, not as a question or a dare. But the implication was clear. She wanted Angel to eat the carrot along with all her slimy juices that still plainly coated the orange phallus.

Carmen hadn't forgotten about Angel owning the right to pass. She had considered that she might, in fact, use it. But she felt that the humiliation of passing that would be felt by Angel could well overpower the humiliation she might feel from being 'forced' to eat the slimy-coated carrot.

Angel paused a moment, gathered her thoughts, and responded, "I'll bet you thought I'd pass on this dare. But let me tell you something." She spoke directly to Carmen, as though the others weren't present. "No 'little girl' can make a dare for me that I can't handle." The reference to Carmen as a little girl was figurative and not literal, since Carmen was actually an inch taller than Angel. A sneer crept across Angel's face as she spoke. "Give me that greasy thing!"

She stood up, facing Carmen. The two were practically toe-to-toe and their faces grew increasingly ugly as they stared daggers of bitterness into each other's eyes. "Here, eat the tastiest morsel you've had today."

"In your dreams. Give it here bitch." The angry words and body language generated considerable tension in the air that the others accepted as part of the game. They knew that such friction might happen, and they just watched to see what would play out. It almost seemed like they would come to blows. None would have been surprised if they had. But somehow enough restraint remained to avoid that possibility (for now at least).

Carmen held out the carrot in front of Angelica's face. "All for you cunt!"

Angel snatched it from Carmen and bit off the tip in one bite. She stood her ground in front of Carmen and Carmen only stepped back about a foot. They still faced each other as Angel gobbled down the carrot in record time. "Satisfied?" She aimed the pointed question at Carmen.

"Not by a long shot, sweety!" Carmen's sour response wasn't a rejection of Angel having passed the dare, but an admission that in her mind there was much more she had planned for Angel. An awkward silence hung over them for a moment before Emily tried to ease the tension. "All right, good show. Angel, now it's your turn. Come up with another good one, ok."

Gingerly, Carmen stepped back from Angel. They glared at each other for a few moments before the distance between them increased enough for Angel to feel like she could maintain 'face' by looking away. Finally when Carmen sat back down, Angel let the glare leave her eyes, and she took a few deep breaths before she summoned up the wherewithal to speak. She didn't speak of the event that had just happened but of the next. It took some moments, but her calm voice finally came out with a dare for them all. "I dare you all." She paused. "I hate an empty pool on a hot day. I dare you all to a skinny dip in the pool."

She followed her dare by immediately shedding the stringy concoction that barely covered her assets anyway. As the others glanced about at each other she shredded the string until in was nothing more than a pile in her hand. Even considering that this dare wasn't for a particular girl, they all felt that the time had come to get wet and so first one and then another, until all of them had complied, ripped off the tiny adornments and were headed to the water.

When it was apparent that all were taking the dare, Angel added some directions. "Lets all stand on the side together and then hold hands and jump in all at once. After that, who cares?"

"Who gets the next dare if we all do it?" Joy wondered aloud about the sequence that would follow. "Shouldn't somebody be 'appointed'?"

"Maybe, but why don't we just play around for a while and then someone can be chosen?" It was Lori who ventured to just let things happen. Then she jumped. The others were right next to the pool and even though they weren't expecting her to jump just then they all followed immediately. Splash! Splash!

They were all in the pool, naked as babies, and the frolicking began. It must be noted that Carmen and Angel avoided each other as did Alicia and Racine, but somehow they all managed to have a good time swimming, splashing, diving, and just generally enjoying the water. It appeared to be all good clean fun, but occasionally a stray word, hand, foot, or knee found a way to remind the girls that there was more going on than just childish water fun.

Maria felt a knee ride up between her legs from behind, nestling for a moment at the juncture of her ass and thighs. It departed quickly, but it happened a second time a few minutes later, and Maria couldn't help but detect the non-randomness of its presence.

Emily noted occasional bumps, feeling breasts press against her arm or back and even once briefly against her own breasts.

Racine enjoyed a tingling sensation when a hand slid down her shoulder and back but didn't leave until it had wedged briefly between her ass cheeks.

Angel bristled whenever Carmen was close, but she relished the detection of fingers following the contours of her leg. Tracing long loops across her knee and thigh she shivered at the delicate wet touch.

Carmen's anger was hard to keep stifled, but a toe raking circles around her tummy, teasing with the possibility of heading lower, but never fulfilling, made the transformation to erotic thoughts gradually happen.

Alicia expected some horseplay, of course, but she was quite surprised by the added dimension of eroticism that she felt by being naked in the pool with seven other girls. She found some opportunities to engage in a few discreet, but not so anonymous touches. She came up out of an underwater dive once at the shallow end of the pool to find another coming up right in front of her. She slipped a bit as she tried to catch herself her hands went out. She felt another pair of hands catch themselves on her body. So it was that they found themselves with four hands holding four handsome breasts. Their eyes met and slowly their hands melted away from their chests. As the other girl fell back in the water on her back, her leg came up and brushed inside Alicia's thigh until she felt the top of a foot nestle briefly into her soft wet crotch. It didn't stay and probe, but it lingered just for a couple of seconds, long enough to pass the message that it wasn't an accident. She shivered at the delicious touch, only to feel disappointed when the other girl glided away on her back, a smile plainly visible on her soft-featured face.

Blissfully splashing around in the pool, reminded of earlier encounters with Emily, Joy was overwhelmed by the wicked tension between childish water play with womanly eroticism, fueled even further by evident tension and anger between some of the girls. Her own months-long feud with Emily was still very strong inside her veins. It permeated her tissues and was never far from her mind. But somehow the sexy competition between them had risen to a higher plane, less based on its original chesty confrontation in peasant dresses, but more based on the inner fulfillment each felt by pitting her body, mind, and instincts against the other. Today's episodes were only fueling a broader array of possibilities in the relationship. Other girls' sexy contributions to the erotically angry atmosphere just heightened her horny feelings. She was sure it was the same for Emily. She took the pool play as a personal challenge to sample the wares, much like a kid with $20 in a candy store. Her foot, her knee, and her hands managed to wind their way into the consciousness of several feminine friends. She enjoyed a bit of reciprocity as one finger 'accidentally' brushed across her nipple. Another finger squirmed between her ass cheeks and rested bare centimeters from her anus. Wickedly delicious thoughts permeated her mind when another digit probed between her legs. Teasing the short, soft, brown curls that announced her pubic mound, the toe would have ventured lower if Joy hadn't been grabbed from behind and tossed headfirst into the water.

The play became more physical as the minutes passed. A personal dare or two had been shared, and under the circumstances, each was fulfilled. The first watery dares were benign enough. "Go touch so-and-so in her________." "See if you can get so-and-so to ________." But after 15 minutes of energetic fun, punctuated with the frequent horny action, the dares evolved a bit into more physical form.

After enough dares that were privately spoken had occurred, the obvious accumulation of daring actions caused the group as a whole to begin listening to the issuing challenges. Some were athletically oriented; others were focused on the erotically sexy possibilities apparent from 8 naked girls in a pool. Angelica ended up offering a clever dare to two girls at a time. She dared Emily and Alicia to race two laps of the pool, with the loser forced to suck the titties of the winner. As luck would have it the two of them were the two best swimmers in the bunch. Neither had ever raced against the other before, but both felt strong and neither balked at the possibility of losing.

The other six girls cleared off to one side of the water while Alicia and Emily climbed up to the west end of the pool. "Ready, set, Go!" Angelica shouted the start and the two dove strong into the pool, their flat tummies and full breasts snaking into the water and their arms churning in powerful crawl-strokes. Alicia's quick start and strength put her in the lead for the first lap, but as the turn was made, and Emily's long arms and legs powered through the water with their long strokes, it appeared she was catching Alicia. There was enough pool left for her to overtake Alicia and win the race, but either she lost energy or Alicia's resolve was more, because at the end it was actually Alicia that touched the wall a couple of feet in front of Emily.

Joy had watched closely the finish and in her mind it appeared that Emily had lost on purpose. She knew how strong a swimmer she was, and no other explanation existed for what she had just witnessed, other than Emily 'wanted' to lose. She wanted to lose just so she could suck Alicia's pretty titties and rub Joy's nose in it (figuratively). Joy was sure of her perception when Emily cast a quick glance her way, revealing a definite wink. "Raising the bar," She admitted to admiring Emily for the way she managed to provoke a rise out of her and at the same time 'win' the right to suck another nice pair of tits. "Oh how powerful jealousy is." She reminded herself.

The west end of the pool was the shallower end and Alicia stood up beaming from ear to ear. The other girls clapped and congratulated her on the win and instantly prodded Emily to pay the winner her due. Briefly Emily acted upset that she had lost and disinclined to live up to the rules. But in only a minute or so she relented and bent low towards the pretty brunette beside her. The chlorine taste didn't prevent Emily from enjoying her first 'public' sex-play with another girl. She sucked first one nipple into her mouth and then the other. Her fingers found ample flesh to knead and massage, alternating her mouth from nipple to nipple.

Alicia responded to Emily's action with a big smile. At first her eyes were closed from a dose of embarrassment, but soon she opened them and watched Emily intently. Emily's eyes were open and she found Alicia's pretty brown eyes in a melting stare. Alicia felt her nipples pucker and grow at the first contact. The cool water had already forced them into little nubs, but Emily's tonguing fueled the fires inside her and they grew larger and larger to full extension and width. Her wide areolas, usually light tan, had condensed towards the center, little tiny nubs of prickly goose bumps covering the darker skin surrounding each expanded nipple. Emily relished the sensation of Alicia's nipples growing in her mouth in response to the lovely sucking. Emily noted the length, which seemed quite impressive. When she stared into Emily's eyes she felt a rush of lustful urges, less playful, and more intense than the tingly nice and naughty feelings before now. She caught herself in a sigh, unable to hold it nonchalantly from the others. She vaguely heard some of the other girls urging remarks. She noticed her legs become a little wobbly as Emily continued the special attention to her nipples. She put her hands on Emily's head for balance and pulled her face hard into her chest. She felt her breasts mash inwards from the force and she loved it. Emily's tongue was wondrously lavishing oral enjoyment that had spread well beyond the local breast tissues and engaged nerve endings far from the source.

The rising heat in her breast was abruptly altered when Emily stood up, leaving Alicia's boobs dangling in the air. But the rush she felt wouldn't be completely stifled just yet. As Emily stood up she made eye contact once again with her 'victim' and grabbed her towards herself. She pulled tightly. Their bodies crushed gently together and Emily kissed Alicia full on the lips; not long, not wet, not forceful, but sweet, firm, and nice. As Emily pulled away Alicia longed for the contact to continue. She ached for more fulfillment than was awarded by this brief excursion into feminine sexuality.

Jarred back to reality by the cheers and hoots of the others she grinned an embarrassed smile. "Ahhh, the benefits of being a fast swimmer." She laughed, as did most of the others.